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  1. Frank Steiger Pyramid Costruction Look Alike?

    I personally found this webpage bearing a strikingly similar way of construction that I absolutely agree with as did the late Frank Steiger. and is now justified...
  2. Please decide on an explaination for this!

    ​I just had a few unexplained questions about Jean-Pierre's Internal Ramp Theory also. Mostly regarding these photos that he has created using Dassault Systemes computer animated pictures including...
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    Saterday Morning Cartoon

    New data about the rope configurations and weight distribution that would've been used to operate the counterweights that were used when constructing the relieving chambers above The King's Burial...
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    Not so fast!

    The inner workings of French Architect Jean Pierre Houdin's counterweight theory to build The King's Burial Chamber in The Great Pyramid of Khufu are debunked for posterity at ...
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