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  1. Michio Kaku and Deepak Chopra

    Started by R_Baird, 02-14-2016 07:36 AM
    "men are from mars", "way of the wizard", action-at-a-distance, alienation, ayurveda, brihaspati dev triguna, carlos castaneda, deepak chopra, denial, dr. gray, empathy, eykis, hugh everitt, lahey clinic, merlin, michio kaku, photograph a dream, psychic drain, quantum reality, san diego clinic, telekinesis, telepathy, transcendental meditation, uploading memories, wayne dyer
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    Last Post: 02-14-2016 12:15 PM
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  2. Powers of Mind

    Started by R_Baird, 02-27-2015 04:49 AM
    adam smith, alternative medicine, carlos castaneda, chiropractry, empathy, gestalt, hare krishna cult, healing, jimmy carter, logotherapy, martin gardner, medical lobby, narrative therapy, nlp and npl, richard bach, rolfing, self awareness, transactional analysis, wayne dyer, werner erhardt, wisdom of the ages, yoga, zen
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    Last Post: 06-18-2015 11:31 PM
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  3. ECT - a miracle cure

    Started by R_Baird, 06-05-2015 08:01 PM
    alienation, chuff-chuff, dan millman, dr. r. e. kendell, drs. cohen and breggin, drugging for dollars, ect therapy, electroshock is violence, ice pick lobotomies, labeling, like a pacemaker, lobotomies, malpractice, old age targets, papering-over, torture, wayne dyer, what about the victim, women's abuse
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    Last Post: 06-06-2015 07:40 AM
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  4. Carlos Castaneda

    Started by R_Baird, 07-25-2015 05:38 PM
    assemblage point, brujho, carlos castaneda, centering, dimensional travel, don gennaro, don juan, esoterics, feeling more than knowing, herbalist, hole in the soul, impeccable warrior, mystics are more right, ovates, pelota, quantum jumping, real sensory perception, self v. "self", shamanism, sorcerer's walk, spiritual work, time viewing, toltecs are druids, wayne dyer, wholism
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    Last Post: 07-11-2016 08:06 AM
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  5. Quantum Medicine and Positive Thinking

    Started by R_Baird, 02-16-2015 12:22 PM
    andrew weil, david bohm, decrees, deepak chopra, empathy, horizontal gene transfer, la petite mort, mr. cowan miracle, portaling, sai baba, seven steps, sleep study, steven covey, visualizations, wayne dyer
    • Replies: 5
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    Last Post: 09-05-2015 10:23 PM
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