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    Information: Peculiar pictures

    Is there a pattern in nature that can be observed and defined without necessitating mathematics? In other words: Can relevant patterns be discerned in nature that would lead to a fuller understanding of the funtionings and processes of the universe..both cosmologically and terrestrial? Would these patterns ( with profound mathematical implications) be discerned purely through the process of observation and spatial cognizance? If these patterns could be perceived and understood in lucid ways ( utilizing: spatial temporal reasoning; thinking in pictures,); would these discoveries lead to a solidified understanding of how INFORMATION can be transferred from one place to another with "seemingly" no constraints( not even the speed of light)? What would this "nature information" reveal as to the human experience as well with regard to how the universe ( and everything within it) functions? Can one gain a deeper understanding, all inclusively, into the sciences ( physics, astronomy, mathematics, etc.) through an awareness of the VISUAL patterns produced throughout all flora and fauna ( and "beyond")? How does one acquire the ability to realize these consistent patterns? After acquiring such spatial information, as demonstrative throughout all creation, will this lead to a more transparent ( reconciliatory) understanding of the universe and all that exists within it? Does the ability to comprehend these relevancies relating to the "exchange of information" as occurant ( and recurrent) ..have something to do with RELATIVITY? It is the purpose of this thread to "show and tell" of these insights. It is the intent of the author to introduce things that can be OBSERVED that are occurring all around us, both in the things perceived ( "mass") and the things unperceived ( "energy"). It is possible to extract solid principles and laws from these discoveries ( observations speaking volumes in and of themselves) and through a consistent application of such "patterns of information" one will discover that these principles and laws are constant and reliable in answering many of the questions in the realm of physics, astronomy, linguistics,... and many more applications.
    It is INFORMATION that is the key to this puzzle we call the human gnostic experience. It is INFORMATION that has been lying dormant within the many ambiguities resulting from “orthodox” scientific methodologies. It is INFORMATION (consistent, predictive as well as ...predicative) that has been "hiding out" within language systems and that has been enshrouded by the ever-evolution of speech syntax, language alphabets ( pictorial, rebus, pictograph). It is INFORMATION that, if comprehended and deciphered ( as existing relative to all animate and inanimate being(s))…speaks on all universal phenomenon and mystery. It is INFORMATION that has been disguised due to so much fanciful theorizing ( though the scientific principles of "theory" are many times effectual).
    We need to magnify our view of all information systems spread throughout the universe. All information received by: The human mind( computer) , ears( sound) , eyes( light photon), nose (aromatic information), mouth ( palatable/unpalatable..information)....originates from "somewhere." This information has been disseminated throughout the universe creating a beautiful and melodious orchestra of knowledge and understanding. The information has many times been relegated due to the imaginations of mankind. This information has been obscured due to a typical overanalyzing( hyper-interpretation of: FUNDEMENTALS). We must be simple and lucid in our approach to trying to realize what “this” information “is” and how it is consistently communicated throughout the universe. We must be determined to allow OBSERVATION to trump fanciful theorizing. We must then take the solid principles that we "see" as patterned throughout all flora and fauna( Extension: Nebula, Galaxy and Universe) and apply them...through experimentation. Only then can we see the brilliance of "the" system . A system that seems designed to send information from one point to another ( and every point in witnessed in nature) so as to allow all entities the ability to communicate and be communicated to.
    This thread will present irrefutable patterns of information( primarily ..vivid pictures) that when seen and explained relative to the discovery of universal principles and laws,...will begin to unravel many mysteries. This will prove to be delightful and unique approach to understanding the information existing all around us ( both what we see...and that which is extra-dimensional). I encourage all who visit to remain involved in the discussion, ask all the challenging questions and view the images and commentary with an open mind. It may be that unified "theory" has been staring us in the face all along. Indeed! A tightly compacted( and interwoven) plethora of information… stored within every micro/macro space of the perceivable universe. How does one magnify their "relativity" so as to witness these splendid information "bits?" After understanding these "pixels” of information, how then can one arrange them into an organized system of thought and cognizance? We shall discover how to EXACTLY do this ..with the purpose of changing( and challenging) the opaqueness of human thought. This superior approach will allow one to , with clarity, view the principles so derrived. The result will be more transparency; as an understanding of the modem of aperandi of information will become clearer. The “open book”( Idiom: very well known and understood) that is : Information! The “book” as qualitatively unfolded and explained throughout( and relative to ) all “beings” in the universe. I will begin this thread with an image of ..."something":

    What do you think this picture is? What does it look like to you? You may be surprised when we discover what "template" this image was derrived from. ( with hundreds upon hundreds of more to follow.)
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    Oh my god! Do you know something about beauty?? When I see this, I have nothing to say. But after a while, I think I need to give a kindful suggestion. Please pay more attention to sense of vision.

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