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Thread: Elon Musk should worry - because you are not doing anything

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    Angry Elon Musk should worry - because you are not doing anything

    Are they more at risk of being targets for mind control as one can see Futurescape technology will allow lots of people like Nik Bostrom to engage in? Are they just saying they are worried about superintelligent robots to make us think that someone really cares - in the usual Hegelian Dialectic of playing both ends against the middle?

    First of all we must evaluate whether the World Mind machinery is real and to what degree it will overcome the attempts of others who have been doing this manipulation for millennia. Lamaseries in Thailand and Tibet have thousands of focused people sending good thoughts to influence the collective mind. Hassidim and Catholic projections of exorcist level experts fall on the dark side of these matters from antiquity. I say energy forms like demons are man made but that doesn't mean they can't affect people - see my book Demonology. It is necessary to see the first Futurescape show with the man lying in bed and them saying they will use the soul energy to "Creatively|" manifest reality and stuff like that. You can go on-line to see descriptions of tapping the mind technology through use of energy affecting the nerve ends and such.

    First of all - I don't think consciousness research is so certain about what it or the soul is all about. Read my small article Mind-Machine Interfacing and you will see that doesn't mean they aren't using technology in these ways for many years. Also look up Persinger's God Helmet. I warned people a decade ago about his helmets when he was working for Jack Verona at the DIA to gather enough mental patterns to affect large groups of people. Yes, his doctorate in Geophysics allows him to know the Earth Energy Grid as well as Tesla did when he lit up the whole town of Colorado Springs from where the Cheyenne Mountain military complex now sits on the EEG. I could be an expert on the EEG but I am not a mathematician like Bruce Cathie and Coleman whose work I have included in books like Oak Island - Templars in America.

    Does Elon study Tesla? I think he does but he has not used his wireless energy as Russia is doing and HAARP probably is. It can also connect to Unified Force Fields and taking energy away from one area to use for other purposes. Tesla knew the EEG better than anyone and if I know these things other people do as well.

    The proliferation of icons, saints, relics and similar ritual paraphernalia in Christianity belies any truth about a monotheistic ecclesiasty. It has more gods than any other religion even if you think Laddio, Daddio and Spook are supreme deities that differ from others which Christianity stole those concepts from.

    Many people say archetypes or symbols have little application in their thought processes. They think they came to believe what they believe through some great intellectual process unique to themself, I guess. Some will say they got it all from God or another lie and fraud. Those people need serious introspection if not incarceration.

    "Memetics is the study of ideas and concepts viewed as "living" organisms, capable of reproduction and evolution in an "Ideosphere" (similar to the Biosphere) consisting of the collective of human minds. Memes reproduce by spreading to new hosts, who will spread them further (typical examples are jokes, catchphrases or politicial ideas).

    At present memetics is somewhat controversial. Partly this is due to misunderstandings about what it means, leading to claims that it excludes human free will, creativity and progress, and that it is bad science. This will likely change in time, as the field matures."

    It was far more reasonable to talk about limiting the population on Earth to half a billion in the time of Thomas Paine than it is today. We are totally capable of feeding and taking care of more than ten billion people on this planet as I see it. But it will require a plan. Paine and others in Rosicrucian Councils of Three or the Royal Society did make a plan - and we MUST attempt such a far-reaching plan again in the present. The VigilantCitizen website has a slogan which reads "Symbols rules the world, not words nor laws". I suppose most people find this ludicrous but I don't. The information on the Georgia Guideposts and Rosicrucianity going back to Thomas Paine dovetails with many threads I have posted.
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