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Thread: Yoga is no Yoke

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    Is it weird to see Russia under Putin (Far more tyranny than ever) say Yoga is a cult they seek to ban?

    The book Autobiography of a Yogi made a big impression on me and many people in the Love Child or Hippie movement of the 60s. It is now available to read online for free. It is so silly to say there is much of value in it. Some people compare it to getting a chance to read the innermost thoughts of an adept like Jesus or the Buddha.

    "“I was pleased that you got my telepathic message.” Master’s voice was calm, entirely normal. “I have now finished my business in Calcutta, and shall arrive in Serampore by the ten o’clock train.”

    As I still stared mutely, Sri Yukteswar went on, “This is not an apparition, but my flesh and blood form. I have been divinely commanded to give you this experience, rare to achieve on earth. Meet me at the station; you and Dijen will see me coming toward you, dressed as I am now. I shall be preceded by a fellow passenger—a little boy carrying a silver jug.”

    My guru placed both hands on my head, with a murmured blessing. As he concluded with the words, “Taba asi,” 1 I heard a peculiar rumbling sound.2 His body began to melt gradually within the piercing light. First his feet and legs vanished, then his torso and head, like a scroll being rolled up. To the very last, I could feel his fingers resting lightly on my hair. The effulgence faded; nothing remained before me but the barred window and a pale stream of sunlight.

    I remained in a half-stupor of confusion, questioning whether I had not been the victim of a hallucination. A crestfallen Dijen soon entered the room.

    “Master was not on the nine o’clock train, nor even the nine-thirty.” My friend made his announcement with a slightly apologetic air.

    “Come then; I know he will arrive at ten o’clock.” I took Dijen’s hand and rushed him forcibly along with me, heedless of his protests. In about ten minutes we entered the station, where the train was already puffing to a halt.

    “The whole train is filled with the light of Master’s aura! He is there!” I exclaimed joyfully.

    “You dream so?” Dijen laughed mockingly.

    “Let us wait here.” I told my friend details of the way in which our guru would approach us. As I finished my description, Sri Yukteswar came into view, wearing the same clothes I had seen a short time earlier. He walked slowly in the wake of a small lad bearing a silver jug.

    For a moment a wave of cold fear passed through me, at the unprecedented strangeness of my experience. I felt the materialistic, twentieth-century world slipping from me; was I back in the ancient days when Jesus appeared before Peter on the sea?

    As Sri Yukteswar, a modern Yogi-Christ, reached the spot where Dijen and I were speechlessly rooted, Master smiled at my friend and remarked:

    “I sent you a message too, but you were unable to grasp it.”

    Dijen was silent, but glared at me suspiciously. After we had escorted our guru to his hermitage, my friend and I proceeded toward Serampore College. Dijen halted in the street, indignation streaming from his every pore.

    “So! Master sent me a message! Yet you concealed it! I demand an explanation!”

    “Can I help it if your mental mirror oscillates with such restlessness that you cannot register our guru’s instructions?” I retorted.

    The anger vanished from Dijen’s face. “I see what you mean,” he said ruefully. “But please explain how you could know about the child with the jug.”

    By the time I had finished the story of Master’s phenomenal appearance at the boardinghouse that morning, my friend and I had reached Serampore College.

    “The account I have just heard of our guru’s powers,” Dijen said, “makes me feel that any university in the world is only a kindergarten.”

    1.The Bengali “Good-by”; literally, it is a hopeful paradox: “Then I come.”

    2.The characteristic sound of dematerialization of bodily atoms."
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    A good video to watch.

    "I set forth with the zest of my twelve years (though time has never dimmed my delight in new scenes and strange faces). Reaching Benares, I proceeded immediately to the swami’s residence. The front door was open; I made my way to a long, hall-like room on the second floor. A rather stout man, wearing only a loincloth, was seated in lotus posture on a slightly raised platform. His head and unwrinkled face were clean-shaven; a beatific smile played about his lips. To dispel my thought that I had intruded, he greeted me as an old friend.

    “Baba anand (bliss to my dear one).” His welcome was given heartily in a childlike voice. I knelt and touched his feet.

    “Are you Swami Pranabananda?”

    He nodded. “Are you Bhagabati’s son?” His words were out before I had had time to get Father’s letter from my pocket. In astonishment, I handed him the note of introduction, which now seemed superfluous.

    “Of course I will locate Kedar Nath Babu for you.” The saint again surprised me by his clairvoyance. He glanced at the letter, and made a few affectionate references to my parent.

    “You know, I am enjoying two pensions. One is by the recommendation of your father, for whom I once worked in the railroad office. The other is by the recommendation of my Heavenly Father, for whom I have conscientiously finished my earthly duties in life.”

    I found this remark very obscure. “What kind of pension, sir, do you receive from the Heavenly Father? Does He drop money in your lap?”

    He laughed. “I mean a pension of fathomless peace—a reward for many years of deep meditation. I never crave money now. My few material needs are amply provided for. Later you will understand the significance of a second pension.”

    Abruptly terminating our conversation, the saint became gravely motionless. A sphinxlike air enveloped him. At first his eyes sparkled, as if observing something of interest, then grew dull. I felt abashed at his pauciloquy; he had not yet told me how I could meet Father’s friend. A trifle restlessly, I looked about me in the bare room, empty except for us two. My idle gaze took in his wooden sandals, lying under the platform seat.

    “Little sir,1 don’t get worried. The man you wish to see will be with you in half an hour.” The yogi was reading my mind—a feat not too difficult at the moment!"
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    The meaning of God and the potential of your soul can come to you through Qabala. The following explains the cults surrounding a later version of Qabala more accurately than any I have seen. Does that make any of it correct or true? No, it does not. I regard Qabala as knowledge that was maintained by the bards or story-tellers; it began before writing and probably before spoken language.

    "The word Qabalah (lit. receiving, also "welcoming of God") alludes to a dynamic state of direct communication and mystical union of the individual soul with the Divine. In that sense, it is synonymous with the Sanskrit word Yoga (lit. union with or absorption in the Divine). The word "Qabalah" is often seen transliterated as "Kabbalah" or "Cabala." However, the word begins with a Qof, and not a Kaf, and only has one Beyt, not two. Hence, the Work of the Chariot uses the spelling "Qabalah" in referring to the universal mystical spirituality of the Mystical Qabalah. The spelling "Kabbalah" is generally used to designate the religious-based Jewish Kabbalah of the Pharisaic Rabbinical tradition. The spelling "Cabala" is generally used to designate the Christian Cabala that evolved to portray elements of Roman Catholic dogma as the fulfillment of the Jewish Kabbalah."

    The letter "h" is a phonetic sound known as an aspirant and did not exist in most alphabets until recent times.

    "The universal mystical spirituality of the children of Abraham is a robust, precious, and little known heritage upon which the fabric of the Judaic, Christian, Islamic, and perhaps even the Tantric religions are woven. In this book, that heritage is called the Mystical Qabalah."

    Few who profess to know God will ever come close to s/h/it.
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    There is much to contemplate in every discipline of yoga and it can help to view it through other disciplines and the eyes of those who have done these things. I think getting an honest input when no money is involved is most beneficial. Gurus and instructors can abuse knowledge.

    Ben has a good background in various spiritual disciplines and sees energy flowing through universal chakras to potentially manifest anything in love and balance as I see Teilhard de Chardin calling for in a "Conspiracy of Love" which requires as many people or learning styles as there are chakras, and perhaps more. I think it would be nice to try.

    "Over the years I have studied and been initiated into other esoteric, spiritual, and occult practices… These other traditions all reinforce the same universal principals I learned through the practice of Kriya Yoga. "Truth is one... Humanity gives it different names" In particular the popular emergence of Tantric Yoga, comes from the same Shakti tradition as Pranayama comes from. The practices are the same thing in essence coming from different schools…

    Many westerners are attracted to Tantra because they think it will improve their sex lives. It will in fact do that, but to remain focused on sex is a tragic road block to so much more potential! Sex is connected with our natural human survival DNA coding to procreate our species but it goes no further to do anything beyond that initial first step. Many of our religions do nothing to help that situation either...

    The bible teaches we have an unlimited potential to move mountains, and more… But the majority of humankind is not ready for anything more powerful than the ability to make babies. At least that was the case before the ten year evolutionary shift we experienced leading up to 2012. Now many are experiencing spontaneous initiations and experiences that took years of rigorous formal practice to attain in former ages. This trend is accelerating even more now in 2014

    There are many circuit breakers installed within us to stop at sex and go no further. This is for our own self protection because the act of sex turns the life force gasoline valve way up for a short period of time, sufficient enough to spawn a new independent life during conception. This is a natural ability and limitation built into us all from birth… If there were no limitations we would soon burn to a crisp as a species in the resulting chaos due to our inability to consciously handle and control the sudden increase of infinite power at any given time we may be in the mood for sex.

    Through regular practice of meditation, focused on absolute love, we will evolve and learn to develop responsibility, credibility, and a deep love and respect for everything. When that happens we begin to experience gift states of ecstasy far beyond a simple sexual orgasm, accompanied by powerful insights of knowledge and abilities to open the valve even more and focus more and more pranic energy without fear, for the purpose of healing, age reversal, sustenance without the need for physical food, and many other wonderful gifts of the spirit.

    A growing internal cosmic love provides a safe platform for this powerful transformation and growth. Continue to nurture and stay focused on that love, (Bhakti Yoga) and all will be fine! It is an easy path… You will learn to handle everything when the time comes and you are ready. Don’t push… let it flow, while gently holding back at the same time, not out of fear, but rather through knowledge, wisdom, awareness, love, and powerful intention… That’s the secret! Accompany that with lots of singing, blowing the shofar, dancing, and making love with everything in the universe. Ketivah VaChatimah Tovah!!"

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