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    Ancient Medicine

    The matter of from whence cometh the knowledge in Egypt - out of the blue; is rife with ridiculous scholarship about aliens and other means to hide the truth. When you learn that Hawass likes to attribute aliens as a possibility and that leaves most people giving credit to Egyptians you are starting to grasp how things work - all over the world. He was educated with funds from the Edgar Cayce people - Edgar and his father were both high Masons. Masons are not all bad even though they are willing to do whatever works for their members. The Edwin Smith Codex includes prosthetics and many things not even available during recent times. We were told anaesthetics and basic anatomy needed study in the 19th Century as a reason for the cadavers found in the basement of Ben Franklin's London home - with no mention of his involvement with Rosicrucians and their trepanning interest in thalami which he benefitted from as he maintained sexual potency throughout his life. An archaeological dig in Scotland found anaesthetics being used in the 1200s. Hypnosis was ridiculed as quackery until the 1970s or later. Same with electricity and its uses in medicine - all these things make me think - what else was 'discovered' which was available to some people for many millennia. Churchward sued Bethlehem Stell for stealing what he found on 9000 year old bronze tablets - he won. Later, however he was not able to answer the appeals court proceedings to the satisfaction of the court (Government not wanting it to seem ancients had the knowledge to make better steel than any modern scientist.).

    The caduceus was more than just a staff or emblem of power. I think it focused energy and was useful in healing. You will see some of it's more ancient designs in this thread.

    The Gaedhils like Simon Magus were with the Gnostics. They are from Hyperborean regions where the Megaliths are older in underwater Carnac than Karnac in Egypt. In fact the elites of all white people are to be found in cahoots or corporate ventures to this day. Philip Gardiner's The Shining Ones documents some of this and he wrote that shortly before I contacted him.


    Sins and demons were proffered as the cause of many diseases and some people made a load of money giving relief through confessionals - guess who.
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    Psychology is a vital part of healing and always has been.

    "Plato used storytelling {The Troubadours and Bards again. The teaching of Abaris the Druid for Pythagoras is evident here.}and literature to illustrate points about the psyche, as did Homer. In his story of the charioteer in Phaedrus, Plato likened the human being to a chariot team.

    "[As part of the team] there is a powerful, unrully horse intent on having its own way at all costs (appetite). The other horse is a thoroughbred, spirited but manageable (spirit). On catching sight of his beloved, the charioteer (reason) attempts with some difficulty to direct the two horses toward the goal, which he alone (not they) can comprehend." (Watson, p.62)

    This is an illustration of Plato's theory about conflict based on reason,emotion and drive.

    Plato also made early contributions to motivational psychology with his delineation of the drive characteristics of the psyche--that drives have a striving toward attainment of a goal and an affective coloring of pleasure and pain.

    In Plato's Symposium, he presents a dialogue on the meaning of Eros or love, in which each participant offers their interpretations. He discusses 2 kinds of love: profane and sacred. The first is concerned with the body and the second with the psyche, mind and character. Physical sexual desire is not merely concerned with sex, but a masked deisre for parenthood, an attempt to perpetuate oneself. Plato believed this passion for physical parenthood was the most rudimentary fruition of the good and the eternal. He also believed that only higher love could lead to happiness. For Plato, the love of wisdom is the highest form of love. Love can be equated with life force, as it is akin to the biological will to live and the life energy.

    Many scholars have used Plato's notions to draw conclusions about human nature. Freud's notions about the personality being dependent on the id, ego and superego are similar to Plato's 3 aspects of the psyche. Carl Jung's notions about the libido and its general nonspecialized drive character seem to stem from the early drive theories of Plato. Evolutionary psychologists discuss humans' need to reproduce copies of themselves and their gene pool. In the psychology of emotion and social psychology, psychologists have studied and outlined the different forms of love. Personality psychologists define the core form of energy residing in man, most frequently, as "psychic energy." The field of energy medicine discusses the relationship of energy centers in the body to the mental state and nature of humans."
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    Maybe you are aware of this old medicine now coming to our Western world. Says a friend who is prone to grasping at straws.

    "Sudeva Hawkes

    Tibetan Pulsing is still fairly new to the Western world and the intent of this article is to give you a little understanding of what it is. More information can be found by using the link at the bottom of the page.

    Osho Tibetan Pulsing is a process of transformation that heals on many levels. It was practiced in the monasteries of Tibet for thousands of years in its original form. Since the Chinese invasion so many problems have arisen in Tibet. However, the positive effect has been that these Tibetan teachings are now spreading all over the world. These secret processes have been translated into a form more suited to western consciousness than were the traditional methods. It was Sw Shantam Dheeraj who brought them to the West.

    If you like to look, you will see that in our everyday life it is the mind that is running the show and telling us what to do. The mind is a wonderful tool, but not so good when it takes the role of master, for it loves to attach itself to problems and to polarise situations. The mind always functions in polarities. Because of those attachments of the mind, we cannot truly experience our joy, love and pleasure. In Tibetan Pulsing the heart becomes the force that moves us and has the opportunity to give us a sense of direction. The heart has an innocence; it knows no separation and lives only in the moment. It doesn't know about good and bad or black and white. It only wants to unify and melt with other hearts.

    When two or more people join hands and tune into the same pulse-beat, they become one heart. This life-energy we then feel is bio-electrical energy, tantric energy. This is the same energy we experience in love-making. We can actually feel it all over our body and it is the strongest tool we have to free ourselves from pain, emotional suffering and psychological problems.

    Our personal difficulties manifest in our nervous system as bio-electrical blockages. The power to dissolve those blockages comes from a meditative combination of our life energy, our tantric energy, with the pulse-beat of our hearts. The flowing current of life energy melts down tension and the energy that was used to maintain that tension transforms into silence and bliss. Meditation becomes so pleasurable that people start meditating just for the pleasure of it. A 'cool fire' arises, which activates our internal healing forces and the whole organism relaxes. Pain is transformed into pleasure, suffering into relief and fear into bliss.

    The healing potential of the sessions is incredible, taking one through many layers of exploration, self-discovery and healing. It goes so deep because are working with the pulse beat of our own hearts. The power of the heart is the power of transformation. It is the electromagnetic pulse that is recorded on a heart monitor. This is the electrical energy we are using to release the blockages held in the nervous system. One is aware of the pulse beat throughout the sessions, transforming old patterns and bringing in the new.

    During a healing session, these blocks in the nervous system are melted, dis-ease is dissolved and the body's natural energy flow is restored. Working through the body, it is possible to reach areas of emotional and mental tension that are otherwise unavailable. Stress disappears and a feeling of well being, freedom and vitality arises. Acceptance of each moment becomes simpler.

    Diagnosis is done through a reading of the eyes. In the eye reading we are focusing not so much on symptoms as on the underlying causes, not only on health but also on our emotional and spiritual well being. Looking into the eye we see where and when the shocks to the nervous system, which lock us into our present personality structure, happened. To read the eye takes a combination of technique and intuition aided by the willingness of the recipient to be seen. The markings in the iris, the jewels and the pools, are the blueprint of the personality. When they lose their power the ego is dissolved.

    Tibetan Pulsing can be understood as one more path with a goal at the end of it, or as a blissful way to be in the moment, enjoying the healing which comes along with that. Its beauty lies in its ability to drop us into the present, into the experience of meditation and a willingness to be with what is. To learn more about Tibetan Pulsing Healing please go to

    Sudeva is now based in Fremantle, Perth, Western Australia, where he works with Tibetan Pulsing and Counselling from the Heart. Before that, he lived at the Osho Commune in India. Living in the commune of this master has been the greatest blessing. There, he met Dheeraj (who originated Tibetan Pulsing) and studied with him.

    - See more at: PULSING HEALING - WHAT IS IT?#sthash.7EnCp0KH.dpuf

    Yes, I am aware of Osho (Bhagwan Rajneesh) and all the bad things he did - it does not mean the techniques he used cannot be learned from, or that they do not work. A knowledgeable friend who has issues with heart arrhythmia has tried all the right things and is trying to find a good healer in this technique. Here is my response to what he wrote me - Osho ripped off the real adepts so be careful. I do think you are doing a lot of the right things but your stress issues prevent a lot of the proper nutritional uptake too. It does not surprise me that the ablation and prescriptions only serve a short term purpose and I suspect the drugs have long term effects that are not helpful.

    Centering and losing ego is not easy for most humans. Osho never got there.
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