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Thread: Introduction to The Life of Nikola Tesla

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    Wink Introduction to The Life of Nikola Tesla

    The Life Of Nikola Tesla Intro

    "Ere many generations pass, our machinery will be driven by power obtainable at any point in the universe. . .it is a mere question of time when men will succeed in attaching their machinery to the very wheelwork of nature."
    - Nikola Tesla

    It is not my purpose to claim to know all the wonders of the life of this great man who is acknowledged as one of the great inventors of all time. Those who give him that kind of acknowledgement on TV or elsewhere are not telling the whole story. There are secret projects underway that he was involved with. HAARP is just one example; it is an extension of his radio antennae that he spent a fortune trying to develop. These technologies are potentially able to destroy all life on earth; as they are kept by war-mongers and those who might leave earth for a while and then return to take over and start anew. Or maybe it will simply be a case of successful social engineering as the mind control uses get ramped out on space platforms to accentuate the ground carrier thought cloning already done by the likes of Michael Persinger. There was a time when Tesla was hood-winked by the power elite and despite him being a good person he was not politically as wise as we all must become if things are to really change.

    You will hear him describe how he developed his own ESP and Dimensional travel long before he was in New York when another mystery man named Aleister Crowley was opening a portal in the Amalantrah working that some say led to the Babalon working done by Jack Parsons (Jet Propulsion Lab's alchemist founding member) and L. Ron Hubbard. These things are also integrated with worm-holes and even more fantastic things but Tesla did not know his father had initiated him into the Orphic or Pythagorean Harmonic octaves very early in his life. I will also have to consider some of the things Tesla said which relate to aliens and other things deemed weird that even he may not have fully understood. Thus I will be taking a speculative journey and you are totally correct to speculate that I am wrong: just as I say Seen Casteel goes too far in saying a secret fraternal order got scientists who knew anti-gravity and went to Mars in the period when Tesla was born. Tesla gave up his man as a machine ideas and moved towards the great Yogi Vivekananda in later life and I agree with him that this Yogi's thoughts are scientific.

    HAARP is a furtherance of Tesla's training that included the Lost Chord and direct cognition of the Druids through one of three different sources I can align with he and Von Neumann (all three may apply). There are people who have used lesser technology including Hitler and the tepaphone that the Borgia/De Medici/Rothschilds used to 'remotely poison? (Kill) people.

    You might want to look up Frequency Fence, Persinger, and Bearden ( as well. Bearden says they will have to develop a better pulse weapon than they have said they are working with to make SDI work - and Tesla had that too. There are sites that ridicule Bearden and there is a neutral paper on Tesla and Bearden that examines claims of free energy or ZPF and energy in vacuum or deep space. I side with Tesla over de-bunkers any day. You will have to look many things up as you proceed through this book. I will give summaries or my thoughts but all knowledge relating to the subject of Tesla can not possibly be contained in one book.

    "Spirit is beyond the void of space. This realm, beyond the void, is not an empty nothingness; it is the womb of creation. -- Nature goes to the same place to create a galaxy of stars, a cluster of nebulas, a rain forest, a human body, or a thought... That place is Spirit." (1)

    The idea of thought coming from Spirit is a little general and not something I agree with unless he means REAL thought rather than regurgitated thought. Deepak Chopra is a great and wonderful human being who escaped the material competitive focused world and the 'expertise' that was his, as a doctor. However we have shown that science is getting dangerously close to finding templates or forms that mirror this kind of philosophy and it can be machine replicated. The church felt science was philosophy and that all things came from this kind of godhead in the 'Dark Ages'; and scientists have justifiably thought any mention of a bridge to religion is fraught with these kinds of intellectual authoritarian terrors. Perhaps now we can re-evaluate our belief in godly forces and not involve religious or priestly interpreters who ask us to 'follow' like sheep. To replace one set of interpreters with another form of 'expertise' is not good. Surely there is a balance that harmonizes with purpose and true knowingness. I like the thought expressed by James Watson in his foreword to Discovering the Brain. He said, 'The brain boggles the mind.'. It is also true that a lot of the 'boggling? has been done by those saying they seek God.

    Alfred North Whitehead is a panentheist luminary and philosophical genius with the heart of a true mystic like the great sages and alchemists of the dark and hidden past. I especially like these brief words of his.

    "Mathematical physics presumes in the first place an electromagnetic field of activity pervading space and time. The laws which condition this field are nothing else than the conditions observed by the general activity of the flux of the world, as it individualises itself in the events."
    This is low level black ops compared to other things I deal with that Tesla got involved with.

    Here we have a mystic who knew a lot about the Harmonic and Light.
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    This site emphasises the commonly held knowledge and not what Tesla's efforts include in totality or even (I can argue) the most important things. They are important, for sure.

    Tesla maintained a belief in Christianity that included the alien involvements promoted in the Bible. At times he said he was an alien and this site for which I now provide a link talks about his flying machine - I do address the whole matter in my book on him which includes the Montauk Experiment that has some interesting proof of unavailable technology which some make a case for alien intervention seem plausible. Lots of things are possible and hard to explain if you are not a true researcher and spend what seems like lifetimes studying.

    Montauk Project (book) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The Montauk Project: Experiments in Time first edition cover ... Experiments began in earnest in the early 1970s and during this time one, ... Nikola Tesla, whose death was faked in a conspiracy, was the chief director of operations at the base.

    In this link we see Tesla may have had access to orgone or cosmic forces used by Reich and Leedskalnin. There are many other technologies which I demonstrate were used in building the Great Pyramid. You wouldn't build a building today using only one method would you? Here is the best answer to moving the obelisks that are proven to have been quarried. But many of them could be moved by other means. The risk of fractures in such moves would be far less if they had this method. I have read where the US government seized records of Leedskalnin and Wilhelm Reich, whose orgone is very similar to the cosmic force at work in this description. I have proposed they used this knowledge in affecting the weather on the Roswell balloons.
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    The concept of Lucifer being the Devil is no more true than many other fictions created in relatively recent times. Hel is nothing like the Hell of Dante and the rest of the sins and demons social engineering game.


    Rather than include one of my excerpts that prove the worldwide influence of sun (or 'son') worship which stands at the root of Heliopolitanism or 'light-bringers' in the Luciferian mythology - let me include a little of the ancient sciences which might convey some similarities to String Theory and thus allow the reader room to research some more into such things as the tepaphone used by people like the Borgia or De Medicis to 'remotely poison' those they found stood in the way of them getting all they wanted (which is more than anyone should have).

    "The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift." -Einstein.

    My Ogham scholars told me that Einstein went to County Cork after he left Germany. In the time he was there he learned Druidic Math and knowledge Georges Boole had incorporated into his binary digitized ideas that form the basis of our modern computer age. They said that Einstein tried to give credit for much of what he learned there, but the media was determined to report it as solely his own design. I cannot confirm this from other evidence. However, I am fairly certain that the I O Torus and Ha Qabala or Table of Destiny incorporates much of the Quantum World knowledge. It has been part of the esoteric advanced learning for over 5,000 years. Here is a little quote that might relate. "In the dialectic between nature and socially constructed world, the human organism is transformed. In this dialectic man produces reality and thereby produces himself --Berger Luckman, The Social Creation of Reality."

    De Anna Emerson has written much on the subject and she includes Paris quantum physicists' confirmations to her little story. The artifact known as the Antikythera found in a ship-wreck off the Greek islands dated to pre-Pythagorean times is a calendrical computer. I have seen many pictures in various books including 'Atlantis' by Berlitz. It won a worldwide award and has some merit, even though it doesn't incorporate the real history of the Phoenicians. Harmonics is still not understood by our scientists of today, to the extent of the focused energy available in the Druidic Lost Chord. It may be that the harps were not important, and merely a guise, I cannot say.

    In his early thirties Tesla was a man who had a genuine desire to do what the Aspen Institute claims to want to achieve. He was being abused by Edison and others but his machines were able to actually perform and the world took heed.

    "He was at one with the environment itself and had a compelling, restless urge to pry all the secrets from nature and harness them, in order to help his fellow man progress towards a higher level of being. He had a vision of the cosmos as consisting of myriad octaves of electrical vibration. {Unlike Faraday who had the same vision, Tesla was able to create the machines to prove the magic. There are books that credit all his work to one fifteen minute vision he had after a near death experience. I recommend his biography White Dove.} It was his desire to be able to understand the interplay of harmonic oscillations that formed the basis of the universe. The lower octaves he had already explored with his 60 cycle per second alternating current. He was now ready to reach into the unknown and probe into the regions of ultra high frequency of light and beyond.

    For these experiments he constructed a great range of electrical oscillators to produce high-frequency currents, and coils tuned to set frequencies or wavelengths in order to discover the characteristics of each energy level and the particular uses to which each could be applied. He found that the interlocking harmonics were similar to the musical scale {Like Pythagoras and his 'Singing of the Spheres' which he credited to his study of the Great Pyramid.} and that his coils responded not only to the transmissions of the original waveforms, but resonated at harmonic intervals above and below the original frequency. He had discovered the harmonic nature of matter.

    He felt ready to take the next step in the practical application of his theoretical discoveries. During an interview in 1894 he said:

    "You will think me a dreamer and very far gone if I should tell you what I really hope for. But I can tell you that I look forward with absolute confidence to sending messages through the earth without any wires. I have also great hopes of transmitting electrical force in the same way without waste. Concerning the transmission of messages through the earth I have no hesitation in predicting success: I must first ascertain exactly how many vibrations to the second are caused by disturbing the mass of electricity which the earth contains. My machine for transmitting must vibrate as often to put itself in accord with the electricity in the earth." (3)

    Most people still think Marconi invented the radio. Tesla was given due credit for this invention by the U.S. Patent Office, 25 years after his death. Tesla worked on the Philadelphia Experiment. There are two movies on the subject that surprisingly has a National Historic Plaque to commemorate it. One of these movies is a subterfuge and the other has only minor merit. You could say they fictionalize and ridicule the reality of why Tesla quit the project. He knew they were engaged in creating rifts through time! Who really runs things?

    Higgs boson find makes time travel “feasible” | Technology ...

    Apr 1, 2013 - Ground-breaking research has emerged this morning, as scientists from the LHC released verified data that proves the existence (and therefore ... Despite this being a small April fools joke the content is correct - just not major matter time travel.
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    Russia's massive impulse generator that can shoot deadly 500 to 650-foot lightning bolts isn't exactly off limits, but it is tucked away near a forest, far from the usual tourist traps... for obvious reasons. Thankfully, Russia Today got permission to film the Tesla Tower-inspired complex, giving us a complete view of the whole facility from up high. The Marx generator, also called the "Tesla Tower" like the early 1900s New York facility that inspired it, was built during the 1970s 25 miles west of Moscow. It's so powerful, it can emit energy equivalent to the electricity produced by all the power plants in Russia for 100 microseconds. The tower's original purpose was to serve as a testing ground during the USSR's quest to weaponize electromagnetic pulses, but these days, the country's using it to test its superjets' lightning protection. If you'd rather not risk going near a structure that fires out bolts of lightning, you can see the Soviet era Tesla Tower for yourself in the video below the fold.

    Drone Footage: Tesla Tower in Russian winter - YouTube

    Video for Tesla Tower "Russia Today"▶ 1:50

    Feb 11, 2015 - Uploaded by RT
    ... drone footage of the stunning 'Tesla Tower' in the Moscow region. ... RT (Russia Today) is a global ...

    Via: Gizmodo

    Source: Russia Today

    Mr. Connolly and I agree Tesla technologies are being withheld. I buy this.

    Tesla said he had a death ray and a unified force field was used over Korea during a downing of a Korean Airliner. This was in the 1980s and the Chicago Tribune indicated a suddenly cold area occurred first. Tesla had a way of taking energy from one area and sending it elsewhere.

    That tower you see above could alter earth tectonics and cause earthquakes. HAARP is probably using similar technology and the jet stream or air movements pressure earth movement. Basically all things inter-react. Nature is very powerful.

    Bruce Cathie is a worthwhile study in harmonics and I cover him too.
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    Deflexions can absorb huge amounts of energy and might even be useful in testing atomic bombs. Can you see New Grange as a solar suction site for energy diffusion through the Earth Energy Grid into pyramidal structures allowing people to use energy beyond our present ability to send energy through power lines? Tesla demonstrated wireless energy transfer and believed it could even power huge industrial uses. David Hatcher Childress is not an academic so he is allowed to think. I can imagine Dr. Robins contributed to this developing science after he disappeared from normal academia.

    Einstein was ridiculed for proposing negative gravity and schools certainly weren't talking about it (or any real science to speak of) when my nephews were in school.

    In this video you have a Muslim creationist using what I described above to prove creationism - What NONsense!

    [PDF]ANGELS DON'T PLAY THIS HAARP Advances in Tesla ...

    by N Begich - ‎Cited by 47 - ‎Related articles
    The U.S. military calls its zapper HAARP (High-frequency Active Auroral Research ..... the ionosphere, to alter weather and may be used as an anti-satellite weapon. .... the banner of ―non-lethal‖ weaponry for crowd control and other purposes. ..... Woodpecker signal was a Tesla-type weapon for mind control, because the ...
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    Kaku has addressed scientists who are almost always wrong (The majority of professors and teachers.) as "know nothing scientists".

    Here is a very simple way to get up to speed on Futurescape, which is amazingly open considering what black ops usually does.

    You can listen to Michio Kaku describe the use of Black Holes to travel; through time and folding space or a wormhole to distant parts of universe. Obviously the first step is the use of robots, sentient and otherwise. Personally it would not surprise me if something like the movie Contact (Which also had James Woods playing a different role than on Futurescape.) is already underway. Stealthskater once said Unitel had a wormhole. Maybe someone already did it and that is why we have all the explosion in technology. It is said by many mystics like Vivekananda that they travel soulfully through space.

    I don't blame Tesla for the uses made of his science - even though he worked in Black Ops like Montauk. But I do wonder if Pine Gap is the same as Omega Stations and more able to do what Russia's Tesla Tower can do. Russia never had this kind of money.

    “The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.” Tesla. Brings us this paragraph to consider.

    "Q. Is Robert Pearson primarily a composer or is he really a writer? A person can't be a professional author and a professional composer, right?

    A. This question shows a dilemma that has occured to Pearson for most of his adult life. In fact, there are many well-known professional artists who do two arts equally as well. Pearson does not see himself as a better writer than he is a composer. In fact, many professional classical composers consider him an excellent composer. Many professional authors consider him an excellent non-fiction author and poet. These artists who do more than one art are sometimes called polyartists, or sometimes they are called "Renaissance men." Pearson is a bit unique in that he is also a theorist -- he has been actively contributing to world theory since the young age of 22 when he released the first versions of Virtuism and ParaMind Theory in self-published books and journals. An art magazine published in N.Y. called Artitude published the first version in 1986. Such a situation is considered by him more as much a burden as a blessing -- some think such a person is a bit crazy unless they are already well respected by many people. Creativity is seen as a virtue unless a person is too creative! Such people are the inventors Buckminster Fuller and Nicola Tesla, the television celebrity Steve Allen, and rock stars Brian Eno and David Byrne. Even "philosophers" like G.I. Gurdjieff and Rudolph Steiner, if they didn't have the strange metaphysical element (which cancel them out academically), would be considered polyartists and poly-theorists. In fact, today interdisciplinary studies are very popular in almost every university and many artists are similar to Pearson in some way of taking their work seriously in the theoretical level."

    Force Fields were being developed by Tesla using Unified Force Theory despite what this report says. They might be right about this particular use of the Tesla Coil. To travel in space we might need this technology if the Alcubierre space/time bubble is not going to happen. I presume what can attract can also repeal with altered polarity.

    "The system works by remotely oscillating positive and negative charges in each nanotube, causing them to chain together into long wires. Cherukuri's specially designed Tesla coil even generates a tractor beam-like effect as nanotube wires are pulled toward the coil over long distances.

    This force-field effect on matter had never been observed on such a large scale, Cherukuri said, and the phenomenon was unknown to Nikola Tesla, who invented the coil in 1891 with the intention of delivering wireless electrical energy.

    "Electric fields have been used to move small objects, but only over ultrashort distances," Cherukuri said. "With Teslaphoresis, we have the ability to massively scale up force fields to move matter remotely."

    The researchers discovered that the phenomenon simultaneously assembles and powers circuits that harvest energy from the field. In one experiment, nanotubes assembled themselves into wires, formed a circuit connecting two LEDs and then absorbed energy from the Tesla coil's field to light them."

    Read more at:
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    There is an unpublished autobiography of Tesla available for free on the web. It details how Tesla's father became a cleric after having been a military person. This father then tried to make Tesla into a cleric. I see the Bairdic and minstrel training was part of what young Tesla was required to do by his father. The brain is now proven to have about 350,000 connections and many of them atrophy if not properly used or activated early in life. His father was a great spiritual orator and may even have spoken tongues because he often seemed to have a room full of participants according to Tesla as he recalled his father talking to himself. Rhetoric, mime and performance arts as well as languages were central to early education for Kelts in the Bairdic Tradition. There are those today who say Tesla got his knowledge from a book found at Glastonbury in the eleventh century that had only two surviving copies before the First World War. They call this book The Kolbrin but I know it relates to Druidic knowledge that was Christianized or Romanized from the Coelbren. (1) It is possible that Napoleon had this book due to his Hibernian or Merovingian connections and that Tesla's grandfather received it from Napoleon. The reverse is also possible.

    I suspect that Napoleon would have sought out the officer in his army who would have demonstrated this knowledge system which Tesla's father indoctrinated his children into. Napoleon himself claimed a Tuscan noble lineage that was unprovable and might have been unprovable due to the Cathar Crusade they supported. David Chandler is a noted military historian from Sandhurst who says he thinks General Marbouef was actually Napoleon's father but that alone does not explain his efforts or interests in Napoleon. We know Napoleon was an ardent admirer of Alexander and they both had 'direct cognition' events in the Great Pyramid. I guess you would have to read a lot of my other books to see what I am saying about this Magian direct cognition of the Bairds or Druids. I think this is one of the sources of Tesla's great ability to see machinery from a near futuristic 'viewing'.

    "Although I must trace to my mother's influence whatever inventiveness I possess, the training he gave me must have been helpful. It comprised of all sorts of exercises, as guessing one another's thoughts, discovering the defects of some form of expression, repeating long sentences or performing mental calculations. These daily lessons were intended to strengthen memory and reason and especially to develop the critical sense, and undoubtedly were very beneficial." (2)

    I will refer to this autobiography frequently throughout this book as I try to show many things about Tesla and myself or his father that are related with my own experiences in life.

    Confirmation of my research is all over the work of Tesla. This Guyot in the following quote is a Hibernian like Bernard of Clairvaux. Part of the Cathar treasures has to do with their trade to the Americas and I have tried to provide many proofs of that in other books. The Huguenots brought to America by the prime Merovingian Astor in a later time are also connected to the remains of the Cathars after the bulk of them were wiped out in a Roman Crusade of mania and power. I suspect Tesla's father was related to the Bogomil remnants of the Cathars and their Luciferian or Alumbrados Jesuit lineage. He was a Serbian-Orthodox priest of great renown and the teaching techniques he used with Tesla and his brother are the techniques of the Bairds or Bards who were called Troubadours in Southern France during the Cathar era.



    I say the reason Napoleon "blanched" when he was inside the King's Chamber of the Great Pyramid relates to Time Viewing, and maybe even Time Travel (see my book Chichen Itza: Time).

    Even now we have researchers saying faster-than-light speeds are not contemplated by Einstein's Theory of Relativity. This nonsense exists despite CERN proving neutrinos do it; and NEC labs at Princeton showing 300X light speed in a cesium chamber in the early part of the last decade; and optical bending of light in Italy showing 1.25X light speed in the early part of the previous decade; and action-at-a-distance being known for many millennia; etc.. It all reminds me of why Einstein had to tell his publisher that Bucky was one of ONLY seven people on Earth who understood his theory.

    It is beyond comprehension for most people to imagine! I mean - how stupid do some people have to be? Is the hiring process for university types really tilted against thinking to this extent? No wonder Gödel is called a Mystic and Bucky had to quit school even when they pleaded with him to let them push him along towards their sheepskins.

    "In 1895, while conducting research with his step-up transformer, Nikola Tesla had his first indications that time and space could be influenced by using highly charged, rotating magnetic fields. Part of this revelation came about from Tesla’s experimentation with radio frequencies and the transmission of electrical energy through the atmosphere. Tesla’s simple discovery would, years later, lead to the infamous Philadelphia Experiment and the Montauk time travel projects. But even before these highly top-secret military programs came about, Tesla made some fascinating discoveries on the nature of time and the real possibilities of time travel.

    With these experiments in high-voltage electricity and magnetic fields, Tesla discovered that time and space could be breached, or warped, creating a "doorway" that could lead to other time frames. But with this monumental discovery, Tesla also discovered, through personal experience, the very real dangers inherent with time travel.

    Tesla’s first brush with time travel came in March 1895. A reporter for the New York Herald wrote on March 13 that he came across the inventor in a small café, looking shaken after being hit by 3.5 million volts,

    "I am afraid," said Tesla, "that you won’t find me a pleasant companion tonight. The fact is I was almost killed today. The spark jumped three feet through the air and struck me here on the right shoulder. If my assistant had not turned off the current instantly in might have been the end of me."

    Tesla, on contact with the resonating electromagnetic charge, found himself outside his time-frame reference. He reported that he could see the immediate past, present and future, all at once. But he was paralyzed within the electromagnetic field, unable to help himself. His assistant, by turning off the current, released Tesla before any permanent damage was done. A repeat of this very incident would occur years later during the Philadelphia Experiment. Unfortunately, the sailors involved were left outside their time-frame reference for too long with disastrous results.

    Tesla’s secret time travel experiments would continue on in the hands of others who were not as concerned with humanity as Tesla."

    PBS interviewed four experts on Tesla in 2000, here is a way to learn from them.
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    The Ark of the Covenant was an arc transmitter developed for the purpose of making maps of the whole world and an ancient Morse code system. The Hadji Ahmed map from over 12,500 years ago may not be the best proof but you should know about it. I think it has parts that are the ancient secrets of the North American traders but is weak in other areas. It shows the Bering Land Bridge as it was and yet we didn’t know this until 1958. It has been around for 500 years or so and is traced from earlier maps. Given the receptivity of quartz on sceptres in electrical storms I can easily see the piezo electric flashes therefrom would have led to what the engineers can reconstruct using the Bible as their guide. Such harmonic or etheric events would have been great magic in the distant reaches of human cultural evolution. The Field Theory of Faraday and Tesla is a verdant open and welcoming minefield for science to explore today. Cathie deals with a little of Tesla in the next work that is also researchable in Christopher Dunn’s book titled Giza Power Plant.

    “The whole system acted as a gigantic electrical pump, and enabled Tesla to cause massive discharges of energy to oscillate between the earth and the surrounding atmosphere. During his experiments with this fantastic piece of equipment he caused bolts of lightning to issue forth from the copper ball {Numa had electrical devices in Roman times that are in the British Museum} into the air, and manmade thunder to scare the living daylights out of the populace for miles around. He finally succeeded in burning out the generating plant at Colorado Springs due to electrical overload placed upon it. This did not, of course, make him too popular with the local council, and he had to carry out extensive repairs to the plant before he was able to continue with his work.

    He discovered that a rate of 150,000 oscillations a second, which produced electrical pulsations with a wavelength of 2000 metres, was necessary to produce the effects he required in the transmission of usable power through the earth.

    If we convert the wavelength of 2000 metres to a minute of arc, or nautical mile equivalent on the earth’s surface the result is 1.0792237. The experimental value was therefore very close to 1.08 minutes of arc, or one twenty thousandth of the circumference of the earth, 21600 minutes divided by 1.08.

    The exact number of cycles to obtain a 1.08 minute wavelength would be 149892.18 per second. This would tune the transmitter in harmony with the world grid system.

    In the early stages of my work I wondered why I could not obtain pure harmonics from all my calculations when dealing with physical substance – that is, exactly 144 for the light harmonic etc. Tesla stated that it was not possible to obtain pure resonance or harmonic vibrations, because if this were so than matter itself would disintegrate. A certain amount of resistance must be allowed for it to prevent complete destruction of physical substance.

    He tested his theory of power transmission by lighting 200 incandescent lamps at a distance of twenty-six miles from the laboratory while the oscillator was operating – the energy being extracted directly from the earth. Each lamp required about 50 Watts of power – a total of 13 hp. The claimed efficiency was 95 percent.

    THE CENTURY MAGAZINE ran an article in the June edition of 1900 stating comments made by Tesla regarding his Colorado experiments: ‘However extraordinary the results shown may appear, they are but trifling compared with those obtainable by apparatus designed on these same principles. I have produced electrical discharges the actual path of which, from end to end, was probably more than 100 feet long; but it would not be difficult to reach lengths 100 times as great. I have produced electrical movements occurring at the rate of approximately 100,000 horsepower, but rates of one, five or ten million horsepower are easily practicable. In these experiments, effects were developed incomparably greater than ever produced by any human agencies and yet these results are but an embryo of what is to be.’

    Tesla now had all the information he required to set up a station to transmit power to any point in the world, but before we move on to discuss his later activities let us have a closer look at the site he chose in Colorado where he tested all his theories and found positive proof of the harmonic structure of nature. In one of his unpublished articles he had stated in part that: ‘Long ago he (man) recognized that all perceptible matter comes from a primary substance, of a tenuity beyond conception, filling all space, the Akasa or Luminiferous Ether, which is acted upon by all life-giving prana or creative force, called into existence, in never-ending cycles, all things and phenomena. THE PRIMARY SUBSTANCE, THROWN INTO INFINITESIMAL WHIRLS OF PRODIGIOUS VELOCITY, BECOMES GROSS MATTER; THE FORCE SUBSIDING. THE MOTION CEASES AND MATTER DISAPPEARS, REVERTING TO THE PRIMARY SUBSTANCE.’

    His experiments had shown him (as I had found in my own bumbling way) that matter was nothing more than a complex matrix of wave-forms locked together by harmonic resonance. The energy inherent in matter could be tapped if the secret of the geometric structure of the wave-forms could be broken….

    So: for the theoretical latitude position we have:

    Distance to the North Pole = 51.174548 degrees

    Distance from the equator = 38.825453 “ “

    Difference = 12.349095 “ “

    Divided by 6 = 2.05818225 units

    Multiplied by 2 = 4.116365 “ “

    Squared = 16.9444 “ “

    The harmonic 169444 is related to MASS, Gravity and COMMUNICATION and is demonstrated many times in my later works. The method of calculation also follows a regular pattern. The great circle displacement between longitude 104◦ 52’ 22” west and 90◦ 00’ 00” west, at the same latitude, also sets up an important harmonic. The value: 694.44 minutes of arc. This is the reciprocal harmonic of the Grid speed of light, 144000 minutes of arc per Grid second, in free space.

    Tesla must have been well aware of the importance of the position he chose, but kept the reasons a closely guarded secret.

    It is interesting to note that in this same area the military have chosen to set up the greatest electrical complex in the world – the North American Defence Command, NORAD. I am not telling tales out of school here because other publications have already pointed this fact out.

    … From a public point of view though, one of the reasons becomes clear why the work and discoveries of Tesla remain suppressed: ‘the military application of his discoveries has been considered far more important than the welfare of the ordinary citizen of the world.’” (13)

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