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Thread: The Afterlife and Scientology

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    Tablet magazine brings us this.

    "A woman holds a sign that reads “Brainwashing, No thank you!” in front of the Scientology Church and center on its official opening day Jan. 13, 2007, in Berlin. (Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

    “In the 1930s it was the Jews. Today it is the Scientologists.” So read a full-page open letter, published in the International Herald Tribune on Jan. 9, 1997, to then-German Chancellor Helmut Kohl. Signed by 34 prominent figures in the entertainment industry—none of them Scientologists and many of them Jews—the letter went on to accuse the German government of “repeating the deplorable tactics” of Nazi Germany against the self-proclaimed religion started in 1952 by science-fiction author L. Ron Hubbard.

    This initiative, endorsed by the likes of Goldie Hawn, Larry King, Dustin Hoffman, and Oliver Stone, was orchestrated not by the Church of Scientology but by Bertram Fields, lawyer to the sect’s most famous member, Tom Cruise. Yet it conformed to the Church’s campaign, started several years earlier, to brand modern Germany as akin to the Third Reich. A Scientology-sponsored ad that ran on Sept. 29, 1994, in the Washington Post, for instance, declared that 50 years after the Holocaust “neo-Nazi extremism is on the march in a reunited Germany.” In 1996, a Scientology advertisement in the New York Times stated, “You may wonder why German officials discriminate against Scientologists. There is no legitimate reason but then there was none that justified the persecution of the Jewish people either.”

    By likening the German government’s treatment of Scientologists to Nazi barbarism, the Church of Scientology didn’t just draw a vulgar comparison: It turned the country’s official anti-Scientology posture on its head. Since the Church established itself here in 1970, the German government has waged a long-running legal and political battle against it. The government makes its logic plain: Because of its history of Nazism, Germany believes it has an obligation to root out extremists, and not just those of a political flavor. In the eyes of most Germans, Scientology is nothing more than a cult with authoritarian designs on the country’s hard-won pluralistic democracy.

    While several governments around the world have set up commissions to study Scientology in order to determine whether it qualifies as a religion, Germany broke new ground when, in 1992, the city of Hamburg set up a “Scientology Task Force” to monitor the group, assist members who have left the Church and are thus cut off from their families, and discourage citizens from joining it in the first place. (That office, which maintained a vast and extensive archive of official Scientology documents, many of them classified by the Church, was closed due to government budget cuts in 2010.)

    The former head of the Task Force, Ursula Caberta, has labeled Cruise “an enemy of [the German] constitution” and has not so subtly likened the Church to the Third Reich, calling it a “totalitarian organization that seeks to control everybody else, a dictatorship.” Hers is a view that an overwhelming number of Germans seem to share: A 2007 poll found that 74 percent favor banning Scientology. The German equivalent of the FBI, the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (the Bundesamt für Verfassungshutz, or BfV), has been monitoring Scientology since 1997. On the BfV’s homepage, Scientology is listed alongside “Right-wing extremism,” “Islamism,” and “Espionage” as one of its focus areas. (The Hamburg government has even printed pamphlets warning about the dangers of Scientology in Turkish for the country’s sizable Turkish minority.)"

    Then we have people with a little knowledge beating each other over the head about narcissism and covert psychotics. The retired author of the constant updating of the psychiatrist handbook and nosology of diseases says it was all for big pharm and dangerous crap. Patch Adams offered to test Shrub when he was going to test every American.
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    Do not feel abnormal if you find yourself wondering what a Scientologist means. The words have totally different meanings and there are codes you will not know until you get into higher status they will tell you is advanced. It is only 'advanced' in terms of how much money you get or have to give. As of this time I do not know when you get to be a screwor rather than a screwee - my younger brother was once a screwor but after 35 more years he is a screwee - go figure.

    "From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Scientology terminology consists of a complex assortment of jargon used by Scientologists in conjunction with the practice of Scientology and in their everyday lives. It is difficult if not impossible to understand Scientology without understanding its terminology the way Hubbard defines it.[1]

    L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of the Church of Scientology, created a large number of jargon terms or Scientologese to refer to various concepts in Scientology and the related practice of Dianetics. By the time he died in 1986, he had devised a thicket of language or nomenclature by means of which one and all are indoctrinated in Scientology religious lore.[2]

    Hubbard's Scientology terminology consists of two types of terms:
    Existing English terms given an additional Scientology definition. For instance, the word valence has various existing meanings in chemistry, linguistics, psychology and mathematics, generally referring to the capacity or value of something. Hubbard redefines it to mean "an identity complete with bank mass or mental image picture mass of somebody other than the identity selected by oneself." Thus the new member is immersed in the new doctrine and gradually placed under control with the help of a new vocabulary in which the terms are exactly defined with no shades of grey allowed or personal interpretations as is usual in ordinary language.[3]
    Neologisms. Hubbard invented many wholly new terms, such as thetan to refer to his conception of a spiritual being.[4]

    Scientology terminology is defined in the Dianetics and Scientology Technical Dictionary (ISBN 0-88404-037-2) and Modern Management Technology Defined (ISBN 0-88404-040-2). The latter is known colloquially within Scientology as the "Admin Dictionary". Between them, the two volumes reportedly define."

    Notice the word 'reportedly' - the author may have had some difficulty reading the crap.

    Though you will find many of the above links have issues (Guess why?) you will find many more such as these in the Village Voice link.

    Scientology Scuffle Over Xenu: When a Protester is Attacked!

    4 years ago by Tony Ortega

    Tommy Gorman has a pretty in-your-face way of protesting the Church of Scientology. He positions himself outside the entrance to San Francisco's Scientology "org" holding a video camera and another device that plays an audio recording. As workers at the org arrive or leave, Gorman plays for them the recording,...

    When Scientologists Attack!

    5 years ago by Tony Ortega

    After the jump, an update: Marty Rathbun tells the Voice about his strange encounter. SECOND UPDATE: The Video from the other side. The saga of Marty Rathbun just keeps getting stranger and stranger. At one time, Rathbun was one of the highest ranking members of Scientology, privy to its innermost...

    Death of a Scientologist: Why Annie Broeker, Famous in the Church, Had to Die in Secret

    4 years ago by Tony Ortega

    Last June, a 55-year-old woman named Ann Tidman died in an apartment in Hollywood. Her own sisters, who suspected that she was ill, did not learn about Tidman's death until just a few weeks ago. They had tried to get information about her, but Tidman herself -- and the church...

    In this link you will find Hubbard had fake war medals and more.

    "The IRS revoked the Church of Scientology’s tax exemption in 1967 after finding the Church of Scientology of California (CSC) – the original Mother Church – existed for the private financial benefit (inurement) of Founder L. Ron Hubbard. The IRS objected to Hubbard ordering the church pay him lavish royalties on the sale of his books, tapes, and auditing services. The IRS further took exception to Hubbard and his family living aboard a church-financed private yacht that sailed the Mediterranean at Hubbard’s will and pleasure, this while Ron and Mary Sue Hubbard were waited upon hand and foot by church staff.

    Hubbard could have cleaned up his finances and those of the church in a way that would have allowed the church to file a new application for tax exemption. However, Hubbard chose not to clean things up financially or morally. Rather, in 1966 Hubbard created the Sea Project and purchased a small flotilla of ships. In 1967 L. Ron Hubbard morphed the Sea Project into the Sea Org and appointed himself Commodore of the Sea Org. Hubbard took to international waters to avoid lawsuits, the service of summons, and the scrutiny of the taxing authorities in those countries where Scientology operated. Hubbard used the Sea Org and a global system of land and sea based telexes to run his empire.

    Sea Org members signed billion-year contracts to serve Scientology and devote themselves to L. Ron Hubbard. Sea Org members had no other purpose than to serve where needed. No case on post was allowed. The Sea Org embodied the unquestioning fanaticism and the wanton disregard for “wog laws and customs” Hubbard required."
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    Be sure your stomach is relaxed and your sphincter tight.

    Hitler gets some bad news from the Church of Scientology

    Hitler gets some bad news from the Church of Scientology ...

    Video for scientology on hitler▶ 4:14

    Jan 23, 2009 - Uploaded by LeakedScientologyDox
    Now that Tom Cruises' film Valkyrie is now on general release I thought this would be a good time to revive ...

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    Of course I have read the $cientology outreaches from CCHR (just one fake way of generating money by pointing fingers at others in the Nazi manner of ignorance). I agree with many of the opinions ex[pressed about psychiatry - and of course psychiatry was a very bad thing for a very long time with almost nothing of value (so it was easy for them to produce a history with Fichte and other early authors looking bad to outright horrific).

    And if I can see Scientology as a mental health self help promotion or scam you can be sure others do as well. Diamondgeezer's post with the doctor whose son committed suicide with their HELP is a good example.

    But here is a lower form of expose that probably would appeal to the likes of P and P brain - a VIDEO!!! Note the cute use of amalgam racist words and jargon to appeal to the truly or monumentally ignorant who either cannot now think or never could.

    I just finished an investigative report on Scientology's CCHR and
    how they are just as bad as the Psychiatrists that they are against.
    Both Ziontology and Psychiatry are used to throw out Human Gentiles
    in America. This is a must see video that has real footage outside of
    CCHR headquarters in Hollywood and also outside the Hollywood
    CNN building. You might be surprised that America is being taken
    over by a super race of Nazi scumbags and that they are throwing out
    Human Gentiles under the guise of Mental Illness. The world must
    wake up against the ZionNakki race.
    U2B address:

    Look me up! I have the best sites dealing with the ZionNakki
    invasion of America. If you think its science fiction, think again.

    From the ZionNakki Area of LA and Hollywood,

    Wayne E. Manzo, PhD
    The most censored and hated man in America!

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    Jonathan Gray is also promoting L. Ron Hubbard as something more than the power-hungry, money-grubbing druggie he was. This goes well with his alien hallucinations and open mind about man co-existing with dinosaurs and almost anything appealing to the so-called lunatic fringe. Needless to say he won't be telling you about eating aborted babies either.


    L.Ron Hubbard and the Church of Scientology

    "Another personality with an interesting background is now deceased L.Ron Hubbard, the founder of the Scientology church. Since this book here is dealing with background knowledge, perhaps we should look at the background of L.Ron Hubbard whose organisation is really victimised in public.

    In the early days of MK ULTRA, the consciousness control program in the US, the former naval officer Hubbard had researched the mechanism of human thinking, knowing about what secretly went on in the Navy. After refusing to comply with government research and to joint he control psychiatrists, he published the book DIANETICS -- the Modern Science of Mental Health. The book proclaimed mental freedom and integrity as the birth right of humanity. The book made the bestseller lists and Hubbard's "auditing techniques" were described as very successful. Some of the processes that Hubbard offered to reach mental freedom were secretly used by the government to try and enslave the people. Other techniques described by Hubbard were indeed antidotes to the MK ULTRA methods of consciousness control.

    The US government then started a devilish slander campaign against Hubbard that was led by the section for mental control at the CIA. The still young author had -- probably inadvertently -- revealed the key of one of the best-kept secrets of the cold war. His office was broken into and a protocol was stolen that described the mind control techniques now known as PSYCHOTRONICS. Hubbard and his colleagues were physically attacked and only narrowly escaped a kidnap attempt. But the enormous influence by the Scientology churches shows that Hubbard was not just an innocent victim. And L.Ron surely knew a thing or two about some important events of this world because he not only spent his "magician years" in Aleister Crowley's Thelema Church in California, but he had also risen to the 33rd degree in the Scottish Rite Masonry (perhaps even to the Illuminati degrees). But let's get to the "real" stuff now. What I just told you so far can be found in other books, too.

    So now I will tell you something about L.Ron Hubbard and his Church of Scientology which you won't find in any other book on this planet.

    The so-called "auditing" techniques of Hubbard are a very handy way to regress somebody into his past as well as into his past lives. So Hubbard was very busily regressing thousands and thousands of people further and further back into their past lives, and he discovered the same strange incident in all of his clients. This happened absolutely independently from all other sources I mentioned so far. He discovered information stored in every client's subconscious and came upw ith the exact same story on every client.

    In the constellation Pegasus there is a solar system called MARCAB, a sun surrounded by seven planets. But the sun is going to die. So the humanoid Marcabians who, in our terms would be "evil" in nature, looked about for another planet to move to. Well, having good taste, they finally decided to take the planet Earth. But there were people on this planet who were in the way for them to settle down here with all their people. But on the other hand these people could be used as slaves, freeing the Marcabians from having to work. So they made up a plan and contacted one race down here, with whom they made a deal that, if they would help them to undermine every nation and take them over silently, they would make them the ruling people of earth. Well guess which people the Marcabians made the deal with? Bingo! -- the Hebrews!

    L.Ron Hubbard found out what the Sumerian records, the Gilgamesh epic, the Christian Bible and other books describe as well, that Marcabian "god-like" beings came down from heaven with flying saucers. The ancient people not knowing about machines, described them as something they could relate to: a flying cloud or a "flying wheel that came from heaven" with noise and steam, or the "eye of God" (surely it must be an accident that the eye on the Illuminati sign on the one-dollar bill has the shape of a saucer?).

    Hubbard found out who EL SHADDAI was and still is -- the extraterrestrial race that made the original deal with the Hebrews.

    And from then on this was taught in the Scientology Church, from the grade OT3 in the hierarchy upwards. You think this is nonsense? Then read the following sentences carefully! If this was nonsensical, nothing more would have happened besides some ridiculing and sneering. But you will always recognise by the severity something is treated whether it is in somebody's way.

    Of course the Khazar-Jewish Illuminati and the "Hebrew Blood Alliance" (the descendants of those Hebrews who had made the deal with the Marcabians, another Secret Lodge) soon found out about Hubbard's discovery, but his organisation was already too powerful to fight. So the ruling Khazar-Illuminati started, as the Marcabians told them to (already in the Old Testament), undermining and infiltrating the organisation and taking it over. So guess what happened!

    In 1981 the complete Church of Scientology in every nation on the planet had been bought by the biggest WHISKEY producer on Earth, the Canadian Jew Bronfman.

    Now you will understand why the most important people in Scientology as well as all the original founders had left the Church at that time. Because since then the Church of Scientology is a Khazar-Jewish Illuminati organisation. Surprised?

    I got this information from the founder of Scientology in Germany, as well as from people in the US who worked with Hubbard until he died. (These people do not wish to be named, as they have a difficult life already.)

    Does all this make sense?


    The manipulators are shrewd and you who get lost in your own ego-trappings are EASY PREY. The lies give away the culprits but the blind keep on their blindfolds to suit their own "rather believe" - and the wheels spin until they fall apart.] ""
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    Senior has son killed and other horror stories (none new to me).

    For any person concerned about listening to or watching $cientology movies, and there are many more than just Cruise and Travolta, you should know they use triggers for effect in many of their tapes and seminars. I think they were onto icons and symbology even more than Hitler, and that is one reason they act as if Hitler was the horrible cult he was - because they know how he used the occult.

    You can say $cientology began with publishing and the hypnotic writing science. You need to study NLP (NPL) and MKULTRA as well.

    "Their research said it did not. There was no evidence to support it. None. While people wanted to believe in subliminals, they could not prove it worked to even the slightest degree.

    Hypnotic Writing, on the other hand, is not devious. It is not hidden. It is not illegal. It is designed to influence people with words---obvious words, seen consciously right on the page or the screen. It uses stories, active writing, strategic sentence structure, and more, to achieve results.

    Subliminal advertising doesn't increase sales. Hypnotic Writing does. Subliminal advertising allegedly works below your conscious level of awareness. Hypnotic Writing works on your subconscious mind by using your conscious mind to get there.

    Look at it this way:

    An example of subliminal advertising might be the famous claim that "images" in ice cubes in a liquor ad look like naked women. Well, you have to treat the ice cubes like Rosarch Test ink-blots in order to come to that conclusion. And even if there were faint images of naked women in the ice cubes, would that really influence anyone to buy more booze?

    An example of Hypnotic Writing might be a story-oriented sales letter, such as the famous one I wrote that people are using as a template for their own letters. My letter began, "I'm nearly in tears..." It then told a story of how my latest book was influencing people to go for, and get, their dreams. The story let the sales message get into the readers. More importantly, more copies of my book sold. Hypnotic Writing works.

    In short, subliminal advertising is not only questionable, it's illegal. Hypnotic Writing, on the other hand, is legit and it gets results.

    Dr. Joe Vitale is the author of way too many books to list here. His latest title is "The Attractor Factor: 5 Easy Steps for Creating Wealth (or anything else) From the Inside Out." Register for his monthly complimentary ezine at

    His Executive Mentoring Program is described at"

    One of many sources for Hubbard - was the Book(s) of the Dead. This video is his kind of science fiction, sprinkled with truth.
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    Now we get another cross over in threads - Captain Robertson mentioned here was the Infiltrator numero uno named by Scientology in the 1980s. I always wondered where the infiltration came from - and here we have it - aliens. Perhaps even from the place at the last part of the Dragon Court website this article comes from after the biblioteca - is Pleaides or a variation.


    The Fake Second Coming

    By Christi Verismo.

    Part 5 of 16



    Bill Hamilton did OT 3 in Scientology about 1970 and he's been expelled. A few years ago Bill Robertson took him the very first Sector 9 issues, so his viewpoint is more from a planetary and intergalactic scenario. Hamilton summarizes everything that he found out as follows: The Dulce New Mexico underground base has UFOs seen in the area every night. Cattle have been mutilated, cut with a laser-knife.

    This information comes from people working at the base, who were kidnapped or abducted and taken there and then released. Also people who helped to construct it and people who were working with the intelligence community there. The facility is a bio-genetics lab and is connected to Los Alamos by underground, the first site of the atom bombs experiments. It's always been a high security research area for the US Government.

    He says there's an underground connection by subway or tube shuttle to the Los Alamos. OK. The research there is about genetics and research into also other intelligent species and the comparison between human and alien biology. Hamilton says that their research indicates centuries ago, that the aliens that entered into a contract with a secret group called the Illuminati.

    The Sector 9 Scientology book names one of the chief implanters: someone that works in secret to control you mentally was Adam Weishaupt - the founder of the Illuminati in Germany. {Hubbard if you recall started out as a science fiction writer using old religions as a source.}


    The United States Government entered into a contract with the aliens in the 40's/50's or earlier, to exchange high technology research with to give animals and humans to the aliens. At the end of the 40's the alien operations shifted from South America, to the United States west, because of this agreement that was made with the US Government. The aliens wanted these underground bases and because of the magnetic and plasma effects of some of the minerals of the rocks in that area were vital for them.

    They have to have something that produces a high electromagnetic energy field for their saucers, so they need the raw materials for that to keep things going. Hamilton says these people who worked there said that the aliens themselves regard themselves as an old people who originally came from Earth - they were human/reptilian hybrids. They told the US government this and are representatives of an alien nation and are returning to earth to use it for a staging/operations area but didn't reveal what for exactly. But other aliens do not agree about this.

    They built in alien bases in Dulce, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada others in US, others in the rest of the world, maybe in Antarctica, Russia, Pyrenees, upper Norway etc.. There have been some very strange underground projects being done costing billions. In 1947 the residents of Dulce saw many many troops going in and out of the area, many many trucks and construction equipment and that the signs on the trucks were from a non existent lumber company in Colorado.

    The bases were constructed by the Rand Corporation with a tunnelboring machine that melts the rock and then makes a smooth wall out of it for high speed shuttles to be put in. Hamilton says that there are over 100 of these secret underground places that have been constructed including one on the back of the Moon, another on Mars.


    This is from the people who worked there. A construction man was asked to work at Dulce but needed to agree to chemical erasure of memory first when he finished, so he refused. Hamilton said other construction companies involved were Aerospace Companies and Bagtell Corporation - well connected with the CIA.

    They are linked up with the Trilateral Commission, the power behind the government, with Kissinger and the Illuminati and also the Council of Foreign Relation people in Europe, known as the Bilderbergers. They tell elected officials what to do. Dulce has at least 7 different underground levels, and there are about 18,000 aliens down there and probably 10,000 or so humans. Level one has the control room with security and communications. There are over 3000 televisions and spy cameras around this. Then human staff housing.

    Executive offices and laboratories for scientists etc.. Level 4 has mind control experiments on humans. Level 5 is the alien housing for the grays etc Level 6 has genetic large scale experiments to change human beings genetically to enable work in dangerous environments such as radioactivity, outer space and maybe even under water and that is also a zoo. They have the experiments, the results of the experiments in cages down there. On level 7 they have cryogenic laboratories - cold storage vats for the failed experiments.


    Robertson said everything was apparently as written by L Ron Hubbard and as revealed by their Scientology auditing. An implanter is a person who tries to control you mentally or by inserting things into your body to control you. Genetic manipulations, but all secret. The Trilateral insignia, a black triangle on a red background, is for the Andromedans, because the gray aliens that the nations of the world have made an agreement with, including the USA are from Andromeda, the next galaxy.

    The pyramid with the eye in it is the Illuminati symbol and is the Dulce base symbol. Genetic experiments have been perfected to the degree that we already have a disposable slave race of clones. From a small foetus, they make many copies of the same thing and have no parents so the Government owns them. Adult human beings looking exactly alike Maybe 6 or 7 of them all together have been seen all the same. "

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    The connection of Hubbard with Rosicrucianity is somewhat tenuous though it is certain. I do wonder if he really only ripped it off and went full tilt along the path Crowley had ended up with. One thing we know is he supported authors and magian wanna-bes like Gareth Knight who still defends Scientology.

    "THE ROSE CROSS AND THE GODDESS by Gareth Knight Aquarian Press, 1985, pb, 192 pp, £5.95

    The world is currently in a dilemma. Pollution, overpopulation and the nuclear arms race reflect the psychic unbalance of mankind, which can only be resolved when the Rose of the Spirit is encouraged to bloom again on the Golden Cross of the elements. Gareth Knight shows how the individual can conduct the quest for the Eternal Feminine Principle at its many levels, {Including trying to enslave Babalon as Hubbard was wont to do.} through a series of examples. Part one concentrates on The Magic Circle Maze Dance, a step-by- step guide showing how to build up a magic circle; from a central focus of inner consciousness, as balanced by the principles of the positive and negative pillars of life expression. The remainder of the book demonstrates how the Feminine Spirit of the Rose has been realised in various major systems of esoteric practice including The Heroic quest for the Hesperides, the quest for the feminine principle by the ancient Greeks, and The Tibetan Experience: An Eastern Perspective. Finally The Return of the Goddess analyses the legendary opinions and growth of the cult of the Virgin, and The Initiation of the Earth, gives a pattern for those who want to put into effect the expression of the feminine principle. - from the publisher's publicity"

    On the other side of the road you might find a chicken looking at you.

    Balance is a good thing. Harmony is a great thing. When you find a place selling courses on balance - run!

    Unfortunately there are so many self-help approaches for every issue in your life. AA is well known as a feeder group for Christian cults and it brings sheep together for the shearing processes. You can find them in the eating disorder genre and most of all wherever people want more money through fellowship and giving. In the course of your life you might enjoy these fellowship endeavours and get what you need from them, don't get me wrong. I enjoy giving as much as anyone.

    "Here is a question for you. What does Christianity have to do with the popular and constantly growing industry of Self Improvement? Don’t be afraid, it’s not some religious fanatic post that is supposed to make you repent your sins and go into exile. We are all intelligent and smart people who are looking for ways to grow in life, to develop in a balanced and harmonious way.

    So what does the Bible have to do with self improvement (and balance for that matter)? The Bible really is the ultimate guide towards personal growth. I confess, I am very partial towards this topic because I am a Christian (even though I haven’t always been one.) But even if you do not share my beliefs open up your brilliant mind to the new concepts that I am about to reveal here. If you love life balance articles and tips that I give on this blog please stick around to see what is really inside my mind and soul. Because faith is really the base of life balance in my life.

    Personal development field and the Christian religion seem to be living in two completely different worlds. But in reality they have much more in common than any of us could ever imagine. Here is the ultimate 9-step self improvement guide that will help you achieve the peace, balance and happiness that you are looking for.

    1. Find your mentors

    You need to have good teachers to grow in life. Learning from these teachers expands your knowledge, opens up your mind to new possibilities and lets you avoid painful mistakes (at least some of them.)"
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    The author of Sherlock Holmes was a trained MD and a champion of Spiritualism and the Gypsies. Some of what goes on in these circles is pure fraud. Some of what goes on in all areas of life is also PURE FRAUD! This is part of an interview with his last surviving child.

    "CR: We frequently hear it stated that Bignell Wood became something of a Spiritualists' retreat, and that the outside world was excluded. To what extent is that true?

    JCD: This is absolute nonsense! Bignell Wood was a birthday present from my father to my mother, because they both loved the New Forest so much. The idea of it was that they should both have a break from their usual very busy life at Crowborough and in London, and get away and just relax. It's true that, once or twice, mediums did come and stay at Bignell Wood, but that was fairly rare, and really our life down there was the fun of seeing our neighbours—it was a most friendly place—people used to just pop in from breakfast time onwards. It was open house. They'd come in and say, 'Oh, we heard from the grocers,' or 'we heard from the postman that you were back', and we had a wonderful friendly time in the New Forest. There's nothing more ridiculous than to think it was some sort of retreat in which my father held his séances and so on.

    We had a very interesting life at Bignell Wood. My father was very friendly towards the gypsies, and used to go off in the forest and talk with them; it was such a wonderful holiday home. Lots of fun. So I do hope that people will stop writing such nonsense about Bignell Wood.

    CR: How was Conan Doyle, the man, affected by the ridicule to which he was subjected over the affair of the Cottingley Fairies?

    JCD: Well, obviously it's not pleasant to be ridiculed; but he was very well aware that he was laying himself open to it, as he was in his mission regarding Spiritualism. This is one of the proudest feelings I have when I remember my father: he had such great moral courage. As had men like Sir Oliver Lodge and, later on, Lord Dowding: they all knew that the World would ridicule them, but they had the guts to stand by what they believed in. So, as far as my father was concerned, I'm sure he thought that it was just too bad if the rest of the world ridiculed him—it was what he believed was true."
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