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Thread: Pyramids - battery?

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    Pyramids - battery?

    In the Madre de Dios region of Brazil near Peru there are twelve battery laid out pyramids with berms of earth piled around to reflect energy (perhaps). I think Berlitz covered them or David Hatcher Childress - who ever it was said the foreign investigations were stopped and it isn't a case of being unreachable as many links will say as they talk about Colonel Percy Fawcett. My nephew did the headwaters of the Amazon as an early extreme sports adventure and he would happily go here for a TV show.

    Could they have added energy to the Earth Energy Grid for the benefit of all in megalithic power eras?

    Please read a lot of the comments as well as the article - note especially how the government destroyed evidence that still will put an end to nationalist land grabs (I hope) and Manifest Destiny garbage.

    Here is an interesting numerological insight that ties in with the Universal Harmonic.


    I asked Munck to decode the simplest of the pyramids for illustration in this article. He chose the Kukulkan Pyramid at Chichen Itza in the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico:

    Like the other pyramids of the Western Hemisphere, the Kukulkan Pyramid at Chichen Itza is a terraced monument, as opposed to being a true pyramid form such as we see in Egypt.

    In the picture above notice that the pyramid shows us nine terraces. This is the first number we use to assemble our formula for the decoding process.

    The second number is 365, Kukulkan has four staircases, one on each side of the monument, on each staircase are 91 steps. For the four, that totals 364 steps with the top platform of the pyramid being the 365th step, giving us our second number, 365. There are four sides, and four staircases. We now have all the numbers shown by the architect and can put the decoding formula together: 9 terraces x 365 steps x 4 sides x 4 stairways = 52,560; 52,560 is also arrived at by multiplying the numbers given in the ancient grid coordinates for Kukulkan: 119 degrees x 42 minutes x 10.51620648 seconds = 52,560.

    When the world's pyramids were built, their longitudes were reckoned from a very ancient Prime Meridian (0/360 ° longitude) that ran from pole to pole across the Great Pyramid at Giza. This a full 31 degrees, 08 minutes, 00.8 seconds to the east or our modern Greenwich Prime Meridian. (Factor in the 31 ° 08 00.8" longitudinal variance.)

    Hence, those other three numbers of 119, 42, and 10.51620648 shown above, are the elements of Kukulkan's original longitude which multiply to its GRID longitude which was left to us in the 4-4-9-365 message conveyed by the Kukulkan itself. Kukulkan shows us where it is.

    And if Munck is right, so do a number of other pyramids and earthen mounds. So far, he's decoded 270 earth mounds and pyramids, some of which require factoring in multiples of Pi and numerical constants.” (9)

    Further thought from the above treatise dovetails with much of what I have written here about mind control.

    "Dr. Thelma Moss at UCLA determined the brainwave patterns for
    various emotional and physical states. These patterns, recorded on a
    chart recorder in two dimensions, can be projected into a subject to
    produce a desired effect. The projected pattern is again three
    dimensional and thus a structured Shape. Dr. Michael Persinger has
    found that thoughts occur in the brain as three dimensional forms, which
    are reduced by instrumentation to two dimensional patterns.
    The Egyptian god Thoth was keeper of the Words of Power, used to
    produce controlled phenomena when spoken with the correct intonation
    and pronunciation. In the case of Isis healing her child of a fatal
    scorpion bite, the use of a specific word of power caused the poison to
    be expelled from the body and the lifeforce to return. Other legends and
    myths also refer to the use of such words of power.

    The words of power produced a three dimensional pattern which would resonate with the
    aether to produce a desired effect or reality in matter or energy.
    Edward Leedskalnin, builder of the famous Coral Castle in Homestead,
    Florida claimed he had rediscovered how the Egyptians built the
    pyramids. We must take him seriously because he left the entire castle
    as a physical proof of his ability to move large stones without the use of
    equipment. Neighbors said he 'sang' to the stones, but there was never
    an eyewitness to testify to this technique. Perhaps he discovered the
    words of power that could be used to produce an aether and gravity
    deflection pattern leading to levitation.

    One of the greatest problems with Shape Power at its current stage, is
    the lack of instrumentation that can directly detect quantified changes in
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    The Caral pyramids are older than the ones on Giza's Plateau according to some academics. The mummies found in the Hebrides and Canary Islands have similar interment procedures to those in Peru. There are many things that show advanced technology started in Peru and it is hard to know when it all began or what kind of culture may have taught the white people known as the Chachapoyas who were still the leaders of the Incas even though history tells us they were defeated a short time before Pizarro arrived.

    "A team of archaeologists, led by Dr Mike Parker Pearson of Sheffield University, has recently found the remains of what are believed to be two mummified Bronze Age bodies, buried under the floor of a prehistoric house at Cladh Hallan on the Hebridean Island of South Uist. The house in which the mummy skeletons were buried was part of a unique Bronze Age complex, which is as mysterious as the preserved corpses that were buried there.

    'The skeletons looked very Peruvian mummies'." (1)
    This book will explore two separate aspects or eras of the development of what Europeans think was all done in the Old World. Those eras will be post-Christianity and pre-Christianity. In both cases there will be elite white people with advanced technology and in some cases this technology seems to have originated in Peru. When we go even further back we will not be talking about white people. There are some Polynesian roots to this real history which will seem even more fantastic than the apparent outlandish claim that Peru (Puma Puncu, Tiahuanaco and the even more intriguing Pyramid complex in the Madre de Dios region that form a battery) is at least the equal of Egypt and Sumer in terms of contributing real original technology and culture. In fact the Brotherhood that colonized Sumer and Egypt might be these very people. We will try to pierce the veils of antiquity and overcome the destruction of records and evidences practiced upon South America by Empire Builders.

    Our temerity and gall will fly in the face of 'experts' who decry postmodernized supposedly unsubstantiated assertions that seek to integrate the facts. These 'experts' continue their discovery by proclamation approaches to science and deny all facts in cases like the Kensington Rune Stone. You can and should decide for yourself, rather than accept the often disproven 'experts' whose arrogance knows few bounds. Consider the Scale of Nature that justified prejudice by putting the Hottentot and North American Indian just above the gorilla and far beneath many other supposedly civilized humans. This science was part of the basis for 'Manifest Destiny' and the genocidal treatment of Indians while dispossessing them in order to civilize them. The disgust I feel knows no bounds!

    The Pope has asked for 'forgiveness and renewal'. We think his academic henchmen and political mercenaries from the time of Columbus and the Treaty of Tordesillas have much to learn from him.

    Pottery and sweat houses from NW Europe, skull shaping and trepanning among the elite, Parcheesi, rubber, the wheel, gold laminating, stone masonry that is earthquake resistant, and the royal purple dye of the Phoenicians may have originated in Aztlan and its colonies throughout America. The mathematical and astronomical knowledge enhanced by telescopes seems important when one knows La Venta, Mexico has brought lenses to archaeologists' hands. The Mayans discovered the mathematical concept of zero and a decimal system that nonetheless relegated them to a low position on the Scale of Nature, even after the Pope declared the North American was human some three decades after Columbus. Long before that and back to the time of Goliath the American people were traveling to the Middle East.

    The list of inventions and cultural impacts on the whole world that originate in America are seemingly never-ending yet the Canadian Museum of Civilization and all conservative emissaries of oppression maintain there was no cultural impact! Recently it was discovered that the Mayan language was both phonetic and pictographic but Bishop Landa had clearly stated this was the case while he burned their libraries and librarians. What do you think about a map traced five hundred years ago that identifies the Bering Strait as it was 12,500 years ago? We only achieved this level of detail in 1958.

    Rituals and government like Pelota as an international court of justice and symbol of the movement of the planets around the sun originated in pre-Columbian America. Columbus's interpreters did not speak Chinese or any Asiatic tongue and we know he was an agent of a Templar group like his brethren including Vasco da Gama who flew their red cross on the sails above their heads. We are nearly certain he had maps showing the way to North America and even the Britannica ridicules the Queen Isabella story about the funding of his expedition. I am sorry for the perpetual run-on sentences when I list a few of the achievements of these courageous people we have relegated to the dung heap of history and heresy.

    Aristotle referred to happiness as the most we can achieve.

    It is easy to be happy without all the things we obsess over. The balance of our constituent selves and the possibility of participation in creating a whole or in conjunction with that WHOLE is going to be hard to beat for enlightenment. But most people over the last little blip of human existence have bought into systems that deny the whole or any sense of ONENESS. We have seen a 5000 year 'nightmare' as James Joyce wisely stated. The thoroughly amazing thing about this - it is those elites who have told us they speak for God or are Divine Kings who in fact have used or led us into this soulful wasteland. We find a similar paradigm exists in scientism which denies the observable outcomes or effects of the soul and ESP.

    Barthold Niebuhr said that bringing something back from the past or discovering anything, is a high that is akin to the greatest creativity. It is so wonderful to learn and see the way of those we have denigrated as barbarian or primitive as they frolic in the joy of adventure and oneness with Nature as they nurtured each other.

    The Heliopolitan religion or 'sun-worship' which is all over the entire world is revisited by the people like Gene Savoy who found it was well developed in Peru. He also built craft in the design of the Phoenicians from records found there. Here is a little about the nature of 'sun-worship' to think upon.

    "Long before the advent of Jesus, Mithra was said to have been born of a virgin mother, in a cave, at the time of Christmas, and died on a cross at Easter. Baptism was practised, and the sign of the cross was made on the foreheads of all newly-baptised converts. Mithra was considered to be the saviour of the world, conferring on his followers an eternal life in Heaven, and, similar to the story of Jesus, he died to save all others, provided that they were his followers." (2)
    Genetics will be a difficult thing for various historians who ardently support their tenured 'me-too think' to overcome. I get support almost every week for my history from just this one discipline of science. The claim that Australia or S. E. Asia is the origin of the first Americans has just hit the airwaves in September 2004 after I had finished writing this book. This is where I posit that pygmy people like Mungo Man who had chanting harmonic science came from and Churchward would love to see what is being shown from all so many disciplines today. Reuters carried this information -
    "We want to make headlines from heads," said Professor Clive Gamble of Southampton University. "DNA will give us a completely new map of the world and how we peopled it." (3)

    When the Incas refused to raise their arms to defend their lives against the arm-weary Spanish who hacked them to death (to kill 7,000 in one day); were they operating in 'RIGHT THOUGHT'? Were they more 'civilized' or simply heathen believers who were duped by some astrological stupidity? We think the 177 Spanish were allowed to do this by wiser people who knew the immortal soul and our part in a grander scheme of things. But it might also be a case of the Chachapoyas (white men who led the Incas) making a deal with the Spanish and allowing this to happen; then they were betrayed. I propose they were willing to courageously face the forces of Evil and greedy religious oppressors; much as the Cathars who sang hymns while walking hand in hand with their children into the fires set for them by the Dominican Catholics. We are similarly STUPID! Because we know we are like a grain of sand on John Donne's beach; and we know 'for whom the Bell TOLLS!'

    Therefore this book will not hesitate to raise questions; I have no clear and definitive or closed-minded perception about most things I hope. We are not trying to interpret GOD for you - we know we are mere amazed gazers witnessing the majesty of something far greater. The result will enable our critics or enemies to ridicule us and demean our perspectives as 'absurd'. For myself, I've often said 'The only thing I'm prejudiced about - is PREJUDICE!' I still abjure and despise such elitist empowerment of divisiveness between lifeforms. There is no room for a closed 'mind' (certainly 'soul') in LOVE, or any true pursuit of GOD (nature, reality).
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    After you read this and click on the link's home page to listen to the video you should ask who are the people who went first to South America as Guidon says her dig shows at least 60,000 years ago in the area closest to Africa - YES! Africa and africans had been a foundation in the Brotherhood of Man (Iesa) and Olmecs etc.

    Hold on to your hat! No kidding this could actually knock your hat off. Outside your body (in your aura or part of your solar body) you have five chakras to go with the seven in your body that co-ordinate the inner chhi and nerve energies (Which Eastern thought knew thousands of years before modern neuroscience.). The people who built the stupas and temples knew a thing or two about these energies also. The Irish and Keltic menhirs and megaliths we have said have piezo electric charges also act as antennae as the Pyramid collects solar and earth grid energy. And we have many threads on the cultural to mind-body evolution and at -one -ments where this will apply. It will also apply to the psychotronic generation through the ankh in the Pavlita generator and the caduceus coiled Kundalini serpent on staffs like the medical groups have and which staffs of ancient esoteric adepts had that were enhanced into the Tepaphone. The shem-an-na conical stones also have similar design.

    "The cosmic energies of the heavens above are sometimes channeled into the buildings and megalithic structures of earth using an antenna-like conical structure (i.e. a Spire). On ancient religious architectural buildings like the stupa or pagoda, the mast/yasti/horin is the conical structure that functions as the antenna of the building....

    The bending of the spine of the pagoda is derived from the knowledge that came to the Far East from India and India derived it from the Egyptians/Aryan Scythians/Israelites. The spine of the pagoda and the pagoda itself move in a very serpentine manner, which hints at the presence of the Danites {DN?} among the founders of this style of architectural design....

    Jacob’s ladder is the spine/axis mundi of the Earth and the human bodies of the Israelite and gentile followers of Christ, who yield their vessels to the influence of the spirit of the Most High God, I AM. According to scripture, God does not dwell in temples made by the hands of men but his church is the human bodies of those same Israelites and gentiles who yield their will to his, and Christ is the cornerstone of the temple (Ephesians 2:20). However, for pagan temples and the bodies of those who yield their mind’s to the Anti-Christ, the keystone/cornerstone or spine of their build is the backbone of the god Ptah/Osiris....

    The energies of specific celestial bodies that are channeled into the temple of Osiris/Baal effectively transform the minds and bodies of the individuals exposed to the energy. The shape of the building, in this example, a stupa or gab H1354, magnifies that energy inside of the temple chamber and quickens the process of “enlightenment”. This enlightenment can be defined as a unification of the mind and body of man (the human/physical temple) with the mind and body of the spirit/god/energy of the temple. These temples are typically built in specific locations that align with particular energies that aid the process of transformation and enlightenment....

    By chance or design some people, due to their proximity to the alignments, are more influenced by its energies. Perhaps in the distant past this was planned for spiritual leaders, like druidic priests – key occurrences of their lives such as conception, birth and spiritual initiation occurred at strategic locations along the alignments, such as Avebury, during times of peak energy activity. For them, their body’s cells are exposed to a maximum level of energy. The very liquid crystal structure of billions of cells within their bodies resonates with the energy emanating from the fault lines....

    “The Laver of Water of Purification refers to the Waters of Binah, the Female Power refelcted in the Waters of Creation.” (p. 61 GD Second Knowledge Lecture) In the Practicus Ritual, the symbolism of the Stolistes, the Cup of Water is discussed:

    The Cup of the Stolistes partakes in part of the Symbolism of the Laver of Moses and the Sea of Solomon. On the Tree of Life, it embraces nine of the Sephiroth, exclusive of Kether. Yesod and Malkuth form the triangle below, the former the apex, the latter the base. Like Caduceus, it further represents the Three Elements of Water, Air and Fire. The Crescent is the Water which is above the Firmament, and the Triangle the consuming Fire below, which is opposed to the Celestial Fire symbolized by the upper part of the Caduceus....

    The conical crown channels the energy of energy frequency of Nimrod/Osiris/Baal/Buddha and the wearer becomes the embodiment/temple of the god. The knowledge of how to unite/resonate with a god/energy was guard secret and perhaps adds another aspect to the idea of “divine right” of rulership. In the Hindu/Buddhist practice of Vastu Shastra, it is believed that the temple not only is symbolic of the house of the deity on earth but it is the actual deity itself. The human body is a temple, so, adorning it in certain regalia will change the shape/reception of the antenna and temple/body. This will allow the body to channel a particular energy frequency, through oscillation, transforming the human bod/temple into the deity. This is one way that god-kings ruled by divine right or divine rite, for on certain people possessed the divine knowledge/mysteries of metaphysics and occult rites."


    So you can see form has it's place in the memes and icons of all things. The Pharaoh's hats, the Witch's hat and your dunce cap all focus energy to your Third Eye or Pineal gland we have said was also in the caduceus and looks like a pine cone. Your pineal gland has crystals and acts like a crystal radio set of old as the book The Wonder Child told us people like Gazzaniga and Edelman are researching. Any pressure or energy approaching the Thalami are processed and used by the adept. It was so effective that the Chanes of Central America boarded their kids head to make it separate the brain hemispheres to allow the cosmic energy direct access to the Thalami and Third Eye. Dagobert's trepanning was for this reason and not what academics tell you, he was a Merovingian King of France. One of the reasons laid out by Sir Laurence Gardner for the need of the fresh human thalami is those crystalline structures including Rhodium and Iridium. Thus you have the psychic supermen like the Bush Family who do the Bonesmen Obscene Rituals. I believe it wears off in short order and was just kidding about the Bush family being super.
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    Then you might know about a Royal Astronomer who saw things in the Great Pyramid long before the horde of recent profiteers. His name was Charles Smyth. This report also credits a person who noticed Pi was in the Pyramid - did any of the authors know about Pythagoras going there and learning the Pythagorean Theorem from an earlier source? Really I ask you seriously - what is going on?


    It was John Taylor who first proposed the idea that the number &pi might have been intentionally incorporated into the design of the Great Pyramid of Khufu at Giza. He discovered that if one divides the perimeter of the Pyramid by its height, one obtains a close approximation to 2&pi. He compared this to the fact that if one divides the circumference of a circle by its radius, one obtains 2&pi. He suggested that perhaps the Great Pyramid was intended to be a representation of the spherical Earth, the height corresponding to the radius joining the center of the Earth to the North Pole and the perimeter corresponding to the Earth's circumference at the Equator. Taylor's ideas were presented in his book The Great Pyramid: Why Was It Built? And Who Built It?, published in 1859. These ideas were further promulgated and elaborated by Charles Piazzi Smyth - Professor of Astronomy at Edinburgh University and Astronomer Royal of Scotland - in his book Inheritance in the Great Pyramid, published in 1864. In more recent times, books such as Secrets of the Great Pyramid by Peter Tompkins discuss the relationship between &pi and the Great Pyramid and also another relationship involving the number φ (the famous Golden Mean) at considerable length, almost seeming to take it for granted that those relationships are really intentional.

    It is true that if one divides the Great Pyramid's perimeter by its height, one indeed obtains a very good approximation to 2&pi. An equivalent statement is that the slope of each face of the Great Pyramid is very close to 4/&pi=1.273239.... This relationship is accurate to within .04% or better (depending on the data that one uses). That level of accuracy seems very impressive and is certainly the reason that Taylor's idea has been widely promoted and believed. Could such an accurate and elegant relationship be just a mere coincidence?

    The main point that I will make in this essay is that when one takes into account what we know about ancient Egyptian mathematics (based primarily on the Rhind Papyrus), especially their ways of representing lengths and slopes, then the relationship between &pi and the Great Pyramid no longer seems very remarkable. The essential point is that the measurement system which the ancient Egyptians used would lead the architects to use certain slopes in the design of pyramids. One of those slopes just happens to be an excellent approximation to the number 4/&pi, and if the architect chooses that slope, then the pyramid would exhibit the famous &pi relationship. From this point of view, the probability that the architect might choose that particular slope for at least one of the pyramids is actually rather high. It then becomes quite reasonable to believe that the relationship between &pi and the Great Pyramid is just an accidental consequence of their Mathematics.

    How can one calculate the probability that an architect building a pyramid would choose a slope which is so close to 4/&pi? This is actually a very tricky question. It is impossible to do such a calculation without making some assumptions. The answer will depend crucially on those assumptions. I will discuss a number of hypothetical sets of assumptions to illustrate this important point.

    Suppose that an architect is designing a pyramidal structure and has decided that the base should be a perfect square and that the apex should be directly above the center of the square base. This would mean that the pyramid would be very symmetrical. All of the faces would be isosceles triangles and slanted at the same angle. The architect would then have to choose that angle. For this discussion, I will assume that the builders will be able to carry out the architect's design with perfect precision. The architect would have to somehow specify his choice of angle to those builders. One could imagine many different ways in which this could be done, but I will consider five illustrative examples.

    1. For example, let's assume that the architect decides to chose an angle between 43o and 55o. (The Egyptian pyramids built during the 4th dynasty and still standing have the angles of their faces in that range.) Let's also assume that the architect will specify the angle with the familiar notation AoB'C", where B and C are integers in the range 0 to 59, and that it is equally likely for the architect to pick any of the angles so represented. The architect would then have more than 43,000 possible choices for the angle. To achieve a slope of 4/&pi with an accuracy of at least .04%, the angle would have to be chosen in the range 51o50'34" to 51o51'54"- a total of only 81 possibilities. Under all of the above assumptions, the probability that the architect will choose one of those angles is about 1/530. That is, the odds that the face of the pyramid would turn out to have a slope of 4/&pi with at least an accuracy of .04% are 530 to 1.

    2. Let's assume instead that the architect decides to make it easier for the builders by choosing an angle in the above range, but with B=0 and C=0. That means that the architect is restricting the choice to just the thirteen angles 43o, 44o, ...,54o, 55o. Assume again that any one of these choices is equally likely. It would then be impossible for the architect to achieve a slope of 4/&pi to within .04%. The probability is 0!! The closest that the slope could come to 4/&pi would occur if the architect chooses an angle of 52o. Then the slope would be TAN(52o)=1.279941...., which is approximately 4/&pi, but the error is more than .5%.

    3. Now let's assume instead that the architect decides to specify the angle by its slope. Since TAN(43o)=.932515... and Tan(55o)=1.428148..., I will assume that the architect decides to choose the slope between .932515 and 1.428148 and that any number in that range is equally likely to be chosen. The probability that the architect would choose a slope which is close to 4/&pi with an accuracy of at least .04% now turns out to be about 1/490.

    4. Let's again vary the assumption by imagining that the architect would (perhaps more realistically) represent the slope by a number with just two decimal places. (That is, the slope will be a fraction with a denominator dividing 100.) Thus the slope could be any of the following numbers .94, .95, .96,..., 1.41, or 1.42, allowing 49 possibilities for the architect to choose from. The closest that the architect could come to a slope of 4/&pi=1.273239... is by choosing the slope to be 1.27. That would be an approximation to 4/&pi which is only accurate to about .25%. It would again be impossible for the architect to achieve a slope of 4/&pi to within .04%. That is, the probability for that to happen would be 0 under the above assumption.

    5. The final example is a variation on the preceding example. Let's assume that the architect decides to specify the angle by the inverse of its slope and also decides to represent that inverse-slope by a fraction with a denominator which divides 28. Let's continue to assume that the architect wants the angle to be between 43o and 55o. The smallest possible value for that inverse-slope would then be 20/28=5/7. That corresponds to the angle ARCTAN(7/5)=54o27'44". The largest possible value for the inverse-slope is 30/28=15/14, corresponding to the angle ARCTAN(14/15)=43o01'30". Thus, under the above assumptions, the inverse-slope would be chosen as one of the fractions 20/28, 21/28, ..., 30/28. There are 11 possible choices. Let's assume that the architect is equally likely to choose any of these possibilities. Thus, with a probability of 1/11, the architect might choose 22/28=11/14 as the inverse-slope. The faces of the resulting pyramid built with that specification would have a slope of 14/11. This turns out to be extremely close to 4/&pi. In fact, 4/&pi=1.273239... and 14/11=1.272727... and the approximation of 4/&pi by 14/11 is accurate to within .04%. Under this scenario, which might seem rather strange at first, the probability that the architect's pyramid would have a slope of 4/&pi with the same accuracy as that exhibited by the Great Pyramid of Khufu is 1/11. The probability is even higher if one assumes that the architect wants to make the angle rather steep. That would correspond to choosing a smaller value for the inverse-slope and therefore make 22/28 a more likely choice.

    The scenario in the last example may actually be fairly close to the truth. It is strikingly supported by the measurements of a number of the pyramids built during the 4th dynasty. Also, it is strongly suggested by what we know about Egyptian mathematics from the Rhind Papyrus - specifically, the fact that they used a system of measuring lengths in terms of "cubits," "palms," and "fingers." A cubit is equal to seven palms and a palm is equal to four fingers. Thus one cubit is equal to 28 fingers, and that is where denominators dividing 28 would come from. I will discuss this in more detail later, after reviewing the measurements of the pyramids from the 4th dynasty."
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    Wikipedia says these pyramids are natural landforms. I guess that could be another of those co-incidences academia says are responsible for all the things they will not be honest about, or it could be true. I have a hard time seeing it as true given the facts about how they lie and destroy artifacts.

    The Amazon - Page 9 - Google Books Result

    Roger Harris, ‎Peter Hutchison - 2007 - ‎Travel
    The recent discovery of pyramids on satellite images of the Madre de Dios regions correlates precisely with the location of the Lost City of Akakor. The pyramids ...

    Explorations in South America 2006-2011

    Yuri Leveratto
    Pyramids. of. Pantiacolla. Even now, in the twenty-first century, there are places ... of the Amazon jungle on the border between Peru and Brazil is almost unexplored. ... The fact that the area of Madre de Dios has been defined by many as the

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