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    "This place is Terrible"

    Berenguer Sauniere - "This Place is Terrible":


    “This Place is Terrible”

    By Robert Bruce Baird:


    “Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who writes the laws.” – Mayer Amschel Rothschild.

    Bucky Fuller said these most important words in 1981:
    ‘The U.S.A. is not run by its would-be 'democratic' government. All the latter can do is try to adjust to the initiatives already taken by [the] great corporations. Nothing can be more pathetic than the role that has been played by the President of the United States, whose power is approximately zero. Nevertheless, the news media and most over-thirty-years-of-age U.S.A. citizens carry on as if the president had supreme power.’

    “The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education.” - Albert Einstein

    "The Lord Buddha has said that we must not believe in a thing said merely because it is said; nor traditions because they have been handed down from antiquity; nor rumors, as such; nor writings by sages, because sages wrote them; nor fancies that we may suspect to have been inspired in us by a Deva (that is, in presumed spiritual inspiration); nor from inferences drawn from some haphazard assumption we may have made; nor because of what seems an analogical necessity; nor on the mere authority of our teachers or masters. But we are to believe when the writing, doctrine, or saying is corroborated by our own reason and consciousness. ‘For this,’ says he in concluding, ‘I taught you not to believe merely because you have heard, but when you believed of your consciousness, then to act accordingly and abundantly.’” - Secret Doctrine, Vol. III, page 401. [vii]

    “We have it in our power to begin the world over again.” -- Paine, Common Sense, 1776.


    Is there a more mysterious man in recent history than the priest who built Tour Magdala and spent enough money to terraform sixty planets? The fabulously best-selling book called The Da Vinci Code is just the tip of the iceberg. The real issues will be addressed in this book but do not expect to learn all there is about all that must be contemplated if we are to have any idea why Saunière received this money. That takes many more books and some things I am not fully cognizant of. I may know a lot but I do not know everything and in the sciences involved in these contemplations (including even Time Travel or Viewing) I doubt there is anyone who knows it all. Despite those caveats I am pretty sure this book will give the most comprehensive insight that anyone has done.

    There is even the possibility that Rennes is named after the ‘spider’ symbol of very ancient esoteric cults which include other many headed and armed creatures that make it difficult to ascertain what is really going on. ‘A’ in French is ‘to’ and araignee is spider. But all good Green Language codes have other meanings. So you have ‘To Rennes’ or the symbol of the inner sanctum nobles – and both have meaning. One of those meanings has to do with gold as Vincent Bridges notes. There is the material gold as well as the gold of the ‘Great Work’ or Philosopher’s Stone which we must consider in these matters. The ‘Stone’ is more involved at Rennes than most authors can imagine. Other many tentacled or many-headed creatures or symbols include the octopus and Medusa.

    The Masonic octopus’ many-headed Medusa has a code or secret group greeting called ‘The Sons of the Widow’ and this could be Miriam they say. Miriam seems to have been the equal in terms of good counsel to her brother Moses in a book that was taken out of the Bible and yet the great Holy Roman Emperor Charlemagne (a Merovingian once removed through illegitimacy is Charles Martel) paid a heavy price to get the original scroll of Jasher that tells Miriam's story. I think the original ‘widow’ and much of the feminine goddess or Mary myth relates to Isis and the progression of the seasons. We have the octopus symbol under the Alpha Galates and Plantard heading with a description but here it is for your immediate and easy viewing.


    CHAPTER ONE: Why did the Hapsburg’s attend his funeral?

    Cathar Corporate Clan?:
    Catholic Payoff?:
    Franz Joseph and the Rothschilds:
    Dominus Iesoos:

    CHAPTER TWO: Rennes and the Pentagram:
    The Sun:
    Druidic University: The region around Rennes that brought us Nostradamus has a vital vortex on the Earth Energy Grid which I refer people to look up on their search function here. The ways energy flows are important as these links give evidence.
    The Founding of Massalia:
    The Basque:

    CHAPTER THREE: Time will tell?

    Father Ernetti:
    Pierre Plantard de St. Clair:
    Cecil Rhodes and the Illuminati:

    CHAPTER FOUR: “Est terrible”:

    Napoleon Blanched:
    Nostradamus ‘Saw’:
    Goethe and Carlyle are Illuminized:

    CHAPTER FIVE: The Holy Alliance:

    Divine Right of Kings:
    The Rising Roman Empire:

    CHAPTER SIX: Did he have the goods on Synarchy?:

    The Drug Trade:
    Slavery and Jean Lafitte:
    Adam Weishaupt:

    CHAPTER SEVEN: Genetic Manipulation:

    Abraham and The Leather Scroll:
    Star-Fire Ceremony and a World of Slaves:
    Charles Martel and Hitler:

    CHAPTER EIGHT: The Priory of Sion:

    Bishop of Carcassonne:
    The Red Cross and Sion:
    DE BRIX:

    CHAPTER NINE: Zionism:

    The Ashkenazi and Khazars:

    CHAPTER TEN: It Was Not These Things:

    Jesus the Pharisee:
    The Emerald Tablet of Hermes:
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    Here is a very simple way to get up to speed on Futurescape, which is amazingly open considering what black ops usually does.

    You can listen to Michio Kaku describe the use of Black Holes to travel; through time and folding space or a wormhole to distant parts of universe. Obviously the first step is the use of robots, sentient and otherwise. Personally it would not surprise me if something like the movie Contact (Which also had James Woods playing a different role than on Futurescape.) is already underway. Stealthskater once said Unitel had a wormhole. Maybe someone already did it and that is why we have all the explosion in technology. It is said by many mystics like Vivekananda that they travel soulfully through space.
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    The Second World War was the continuation of World War One and a plan to break down the existing structures in order to make this part of the One World plan come to fruition. They had tried this with the Merovingian Napoleon in a more direct fashion in the century before they put this refined plan in motion. Prince Bernhard was part of the Thulean Gestapo and I think Plantard was his equal on the apparent other side. Bernhard became the CIA man to head the Bilderberg founding and Plantard went on to be the Nautonnier of the Priory which even if it was new they both have been around in some way under some name since the Trojan War as I have demonstrated. Saunière as a top Priory official would have been part of the planning of this effort to unite the world beginning with Europe. Metternich, Czar Alexander II and others had seen the importance of uniting Europe. This Czar was assassinated for trying to create a real democracy or for his efforts on behalf of the US against the Rothschild plan. Clearly the Rothschilds had a change of heart after trying to break the US into many warring factions.

    Hitler, Stalin and the Churchills who were in the pocket of the Rothschilds as well as other visible characters or 'fronts' were for public consumption and served their purpose well. This first quote is the reaction of a Canadian military attaché to the Allied government shortly after the second war to end all wars, when Bradley presented his book for comment. I take this a lot further than any book Bradley has written.

    "He wasn't surprised at the contents. He knew the story already, and said that everyone at appropriately high levels in Europe and North America knew it too. He advised us not to publish any of it."

    I will give the reader the names of the families and a few more historical insights that include names of people who are very well known and alive today. The whole mess is purposefully confusing as Bradley notes on pages 338-9 of [B]Holy Grail across the Atlantic:

    [/B]"..And we may recall that other nonsensical fragment from the Dossiers secrets deposited sometime in the 1950s for researchers to find. ONE DAY THE DESCENDANTS OF BENJAMINE LEFT THEIR COUNTRY {With the help of their Phoenician 'brothers'.}; CERTAIN REMAINED; TWO THOUSAND YEARS LATER GODFROI VI(DE BOUILLON) BECAME KING OF JERUSALEM AND FOUNDED THE ORDER OF SION {And the French Masons don't accept SOUL.} Certain researchers had, by 1956, concluded that this Order of Sion had been THE super-secret organization behind the more overt Templars, Knights of St. John (Maltese Knights), Compagnie du Saint-Sacrement, etc. In short, this Order of Sion seemed to be THE Grail Dynasty's core group. Was this new 'Prieure de Sion' registered in 1956 a legitimate descendant of the medieval Order of Sion?

    The Prieure de Sion did not reveal the name of its leader, or Nautonnier, but it did list some officers and its Secretary-General, one Pierre Plantard de Saint-Clair. A Saint-Clair again...

    Researchers quickly discovered that the Plantards were an ancient lineage originating from the Pyrenees while, of course, it had long been appreciated that the Saint-Clairs were age-long paladins of the de Bouillon bloodline. The Prieure de Sion claimed a house organ, or 'newsletter', called Circuit, but the addresses given for both the Prieure de Sion and for Circuit's offices did not exist... (pg.342)

    The magazine also published a character sketch written by Plantard's first wife, Anne Lea Hisler. According to this, Plantard was ---the friend of personages as diverse as Comte Israel Monti, one of the brothers of the Holy Vehm, Gabriel Trarieux, one of thirteen members of the Rose-Croix, Paul Lecour, the philosopher on Atlantis, the Abbé Hoffet of the Service of Documentation of the Vatican {If this is not the same young man that Sauniere met who is in the same position it was someone of the same inner sanctum.}, Th. Moreaux, the director of the Conservatory at Bourges, etc. Let us remember that during the Occupation, he was arrested, and suffered torture, by the Gestapo and was interned as a political prisoner for long months. In his capacity of doctor of arcane sciences, he learned to appreciate the value of secret information, which no doubt led to his receiving the title of honorary member in several hermetic societies,....

    On the other hand (pg.343), maybe we of the democratic and mechanistic world-view should not snicker loudly at all. The Marshall Plan, the financial and political plan for the reconstruction of Europe, was thrashed out at Lake Leman {Where Plantard de Saint-Clair had been brought by the Swiss Government, after his time with the Illuminati inspired Gestapo.} in Switzerland {The HQ of the Rothschild/Merovingians, where a town named Sion has an interesting statue.}. The American President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, had approved this plan, and two of his closest friends and advisors had backgrounds and interests as disreputable as Pierre Plantard's. One such advisor, the financial wizard Bernard Baruch, was a graduate of a French 'hermetic' school and was the financial architect of the so-called Marshall Plan {Kissinger was here too.}. He visited Lake Leman frequently in the immediate post-war years. FDR's other close friend and advisor was the architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, whose estate, 'Taliesin', was named in honour of that boasting Welsh bard we have already (pg. 344) referred to in the section about evidence that Joseph of Arimathaea may have come to the Glastonbury area...

    And we may recall that FDR was the most notable shareholder in the 'Old Gold Salvage and Wrecking Company' which was engaged in delving for 'pirate' treasure on Oak Island. What did they wreck?

    No, we dare not snicker. Because we do not have the faintest idea what has been going on beneath the comfortable blanket of history, the kind of history that Will and Ariel Durant have dealt with, and Barbara W. Tuchman... Who was the leader? Could he be the actual heir of the Dynasty? Reporters got onto that, too:

    ... 'On February 13 (1973) the 'Midi Libre' published a lengthy feature on Sion, Sauniere and the mystery of Rennes-le-Chateau. This feature specifically linked Sion with a possible survival of the Merovingian bloodline into the twentieth century. It also suggested that the Merovingian descendants included 'a true pretender to the throne of France', whom it identified as M. Alain Poher.

    While not especially well known in Britain or the United States Poher was (and still is) a household name in France. During the Second World War he won the Resistance Medal and the Croix de Guerre. Following the resignation of de Gaulle, he was provisional President of France from April 28th to June 19th, 1969. He occupied the same position on the death of Georges Pompidou, from April 2nd to May 27th, 1974. In 1973... M. Poher was President of the French Senate. As far as we know, M. Poher never commented, one way or the other, on his alleged connections with the Prieure de Sion and/or the Merovingian bloodline. (3)

    As early as 1966 the French author, Saint-Loup, noted the birth of a new mass-movement in Europe. It has not yet spread to North America. Some people had begun to put together what they considered to be the truth about human history. They became 'Cathars' and began to make pilgrimages to the monuments of the great struggle, Camelot and Montsegur."

    My given names Robert Bruce are in honour of our supposed connections with the Douglas clan and Robert de Bruges or the Scottish King Robert the Bruce. The grandfather of 'Prince' Henry Sinclair is reported by Bradley to have fought and died beside Sir James Douglas while attempting to bury the silver casket with the heart of Robert the Bruce in the Holy Land. This bloodline of Jesus is not the 'terrible secret' of Saunière, that kind of history is not earth-shaking enough to make all these people do the things they have done. We will present much more of them and reasons or possibilities before we present the answer that we think fits the facts - ALL or at least many of the facts. It will not be 'terrible' but it is earth-shaking and in line with what Napoleon saw when he sat alone in the King's Chamber of the Great Pyramid. He had been told by the genealogists of the Masons that Josephine Beauharnais was a true Merovingian carrier of the blood of Jesus. He was probably directed or encouraged to marry her (a Creole from the Indies) as well as to go to Egypt and begin the uncovering of the secrets in the Pyramid.
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    For those who wonder about the baby Jesus in Rennes le-Chateau's stained glass art; who is wrapped in swaddling clothes including plaid (Scots- Irish or Keltic).

    In the following account of archaeology we have a copper censer from the eastern Mediterranean which the academics say means there was still contact with the region from whence Jesus and Mary came with Mary's father who also brought the Glastonbury famous thorn tree from Palestine. The crown of thorns was still owned by the Byzantine rulers at this time (5th or 6th C. AD).

    We also see reference to a church honoring Mary which pre-dates Glastonbury Abbey. Together these are substantive evidences of fact. Then there is the high probability that Joseph of Arimathaea who we know was a member of the Sanhedrin and Roman Minister of Mines was in a position to arrange a fraudulent crucifixion or one that included the use of digitalis like effects from Belladonna to give the appearance of death for his son-in-law. On the matter of their marriage there are rabbinical scholars and real research to have great confidence - Mary was both Mary of Bethany and Mary Magdalene. Joseph owned homes in many places including those cities, Canae and Alexandria. His mining ops included the tin trade in nearby Cornwall (se Penrith). I believe he also had mining ops in the Americas and his family had been doing this since the time of Ophir whose workers are said to have built edifices for David - in the Bible. The Arthurian legend also has Golden Apples which are likely a reference to apples from Nova Scotia (see Scota and Scythia or Persian influences) - called Avalon.

    "There are two areas of interest in Glastonbury, namely the Abbey (ST 500388) and the Tor (ST 512386). Ralegh Radford's excavations at the Abbey in the 1960s aimed to discover the earliest religious activity on the site, and they uncovered an ancient cemetery of stone-lined graves near traces of a small timber structure thought to be the original church of St Mary (C. A. Ralegh Radford, 'Glastonbury Abbey', in G. Ashe (ed.) The Quest for Arthur's Britain (London, 1971), pp. 97-110). Along with this building were found post-holes interpreted as traces of wattled oratories and all of this was bounded on the east by a great bank and ditch interpreted as a monastic vallum. While there was no dating evidence these features, all lay below later Anglo-Saxon features and thus it seemed likely that they were 'Celtic' in date. More recent excavations on the precinct ditch uncovered wooden stakes which yielded radiocarbon dates centred on the late sixth and seventh centuries. Also found in this area was an eastern Mediterranean copper censer, again of late sixth- or seventh-century date, which has been taken to suggest that Glastonbury was a British Christian site which maintained Byzantine ecclesiastical contacts (C. Snyder, 'A Gazetteer of Sub-Roman Britain (AD 400-600): The British sites', Internet Archaeology, 3 (1997))."

    In this link to a serious study of Rennes le Chateau we have a Masonic code - Sons of the Widow - and more plaid.
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    And one of (if not the) most important thing in my book on Rennes and Saunière is Dominus Iesus (Iesa being the Brotherhood of Man which the Great pyramid was built to honour). Ecumenicism or the coming together of all religions is what this world must soon achieve if we are ever to address the issues including war and slavery (Including the treatment of women). Here is an analysis from academics or theologians

    "Analysis of Dominus Iesus

    Read Dominus Iesus>>

    Brief History

    Many of you are now familiar with a flurry of ecumenical endeavours on the part of Catholic and Protestant churchmen. One document that recently caused lively debate is "Evangelicals and Catholics Together" (1994), a document signed by such leading Evangelicals as J.I. Packer and Charles Colson in which past differences between the divided communions were verbally minimized so that steps toward ultimate unity might be accomplished. Recently, the Vatican has responded to these ecumenical efforts, indirectly, with a document entitled "Declaration Dominus Iesus" (DI) (September 5, 2000) presented by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger {Later made Pope and a very bad cover-up artist of Pedophilia.} and approved by the "magisterium" of the Roman Church. This document outlines the direction in which Rome intends to proceed in ongoing dialogue with those outside the Roman Church. It re-affirms Rome's so called supremacy in matters of salvation, faith and practice. Timothy George, who is Dean of Beeson Divinity School at Samford University and the executive editor of Christianity Today, welcomes the document on the grounds that, "In an unusual way it is an encouragement to the kind of ecumenism we ought to be engaged in." As George goes on to explain, "In some ecumenical circles, the barometer of conviction has fallen so low that it no longer registers the temperature of truth." Clearly then, Dominus Iesus has presented itself with conviction and certainty.

    What then is the conviction that the document is seeking to express? The answer is the necessity mentioned by Paul in I Cor. 9:16, to preach the Gospel! (The Gospel here would not be what Paul, or we, would understand by the Gospel but rather how the Roman Catholic Church perceives the Gospel according to her own peculiar tenets). To quote from Para. 2 of DI, "This explains the Magisterium's particular attention to giving reasons for and supporting the evangelizing mission of the Church, above all in connection with the religious traditions of the world." In other words, the document is primarily addressed not to recent attempts at ecumenism but rather to a desire to confront modern society, awash in relativism, with the absolute claims of the Christ of the Roman Catholic Church. While recognizing faint glints of "truth" in other religions, the document claims that the full truth is confined to the Roman Church. It closes on this note, "We believe the one true religion continues to exist in the Catholic and Apostolic Church, to which our Lord Jesus Christ entrusted the task of spreading it among all the people."

    Now, no one can quarrel with the intent of the document, as Catholics are certainly entitled to their convictions and to challenge the world to examine them. As has been mentioned, the document says little about the status of present ecumenical endeavours and inter-church relationships. Further, we can be thankful for DI because it sets out in no uncertain terms how Rome perceives herself in relation to other religions and other Christian expressions. With no pretence at dissembling, Rome explicitly declares her estimation of other Christian Churches. Under the section heading "Unicity and Unity of the Church", DI states that,

    ...the Church of Christ, despite the divisions which exist among Christians, continues to exist fully only in the Catholic Church, and on the other hand, that 'outside of her structure, many elements can be found of sanctification and truth' (1) that is, in those Churches and ecclesial communities which are not yet in full communion with the Catholic Church. But with respect to these, it needs to be stated that 'they derive their efficacy from the very fullness of grace and truth entrusted to the Catholic Church.

    The Athenians at Mars' Hill should have felt cheated, had this been true. Nonetheless, is this not what Rome has always taught?" And the answer is yes. While we may marvel at "the mystery of iniquity", we also marvel at how slow present day evangelicals are to admit the totalitarian nature of the Roman Church. The Roman Church has by and large made herself into a substitute for God. As B. B. Warfield puts it in his treatise, The Plan of Salvation,
    "In a word, the Church in this system is conceived to be Jesus Christ himself in his earthly form, and it is therefore substituted for him as the proximate object of the faith of Christians" (Warfield, 54).
    Warfield reminds us that in Catholic thought the God of salvation is largely deistic. He, God, has provided the means of salvation and then has given the whole matter of salvation over to the Church to offer salvation to all men through the mediatorial role entrusted to the Roman Catholic Church. The difference between Biblical Christianity and the Roman system needs to be clearly understood. In the Roman system salvation is found only through the mediation of the Church and the various things she has to offer for lost sinners. God has provided a way of salvation for all men but it is up to the Church to administer the means to as many men as she can reach. On the other hand, classic Protestantism in the form of pure evangelicalism, as Warfield so succinctly states, "...suspends the welfare of the soul directly, without any intermediaries at all, upon the grace of God alone."

    A failure to understand this fundamental difference will mean that all ecumenical talks will fail or Evangelicals will capitulate completely to Rome, which is Rome's avowed aim. The only other course would be for Rome to recognize its error and dismantle its whole superstructure, along with its vaunted claims, something that would be most unlikely.
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    "The Jesuit priest John H. Surratt, proven to be the ring leader in the death of President Lincoln was untouchable. In the affidavit of Henri De Sainte Marie, Aims Report, House of Representatives, 39th Session Congress, Page 15, Ex. Document No. 9., he says: 'I believe he is protected by the clergy and that the murder is the result of a deep laid plot, not only against the life of President Lincoln but against the existence of the republic, as we are aware that priesthood and royalty are and always have been opposed to liberty.'(Henri De Sainte Marie, Rufus King, Minister Resident)

    Al, as you know in the Secret Treaty of Verona it says in Article 1: 'The high contracting powers being convinced that the system of representative government is equally as incompatible with the monarchical principles as the maxim of the sovereignty of the people with the divine right, engage mutually, to the system of representative governments, in whatever country it may exist in Europe, and to prevent its being introduced in those countries where it is not yet known.'

    After the 1213 Charter made the Pope Contracting party, he and the monarchs of Europe declared in this treaty that representative governments were an enemy to the Catholic Church and the monarchies of the earth. As we know the monarchy of England retains its claim to America, but not without intervening and destroying the 1787 Constitution. The third prong of their attack was the Bank of England, taken over by the Rothschilds money after Britain's bankruptcy. The Rothschilds put in place the Bank of the United States and later the Federal Reserve, which was born in the Bank of England. Where did the Rothschilds get their huge gold reserve? {Nathan Rothschild supplied the King of England with the good news that Wellington had won at Waterloo. The Rothschild/De Medicis/Templar Papal passport of old had built the best spy network. He was then allowed by his Royal cousin to William of Hesse [Illuminati founding member] to trade with this inside knowledge and make an ENORMOUS fortune while bankrupting many other good lords and ladies.}It seems like their banking house just suddenly appeared in the 1700's. In 1850 in the preface of The Negation Of God, M. About said: '....the Rothschilds who would borrow money from the Pope at six per cent interest'...

    The tremendous amount of capital it took to bankroll many of the countries the Rothschilds loaned to only existed in Rome. The above is a matter of history, but is never taught and is allowed to disappear from all but old history books, lost forever, thanks to the advent of television." (7)

    Rufus King was Ambassador to England and attached to the British Royal Court after that term was over. I guess some of his family came north to Canada around this time and called themselves United Empire Loyalists as my Aunt Ruth used to tell us about her grandmother's family. Yes, they are Kings and related to Rufus. After his time in England he then returned to the US and ran for President. I believe he would have learned a great deal during his time with Pierre Dupont de Nemours but I was shocked to see his name mentioned in conjunction with the Treaty of Verona. I can not for the life of me understand why the Rothschilds (Who were the De Medicis Popes) are so convinced there is only One Pie and why the Physiocrats like Dupont and then Jefferson worked so hard to make a total free market that advantaged only the few who already had huge capital from ancient times.

    I think it is Bill Moyers who wonders out loud in the Royal Bush Corporate world of the 21st Century about how it is that the people are putting up with no capital gains taxes or reductions thereof; while the arms, drugs and corporate behemoths of all types grasp government handouts or legal loopholes absolving them of responsibility for crimes they commit. The observation B. F. Skinner made about 'positive reinforcement' like Medicare and other bureaucratic boondoggles that take us away from helping each other, are actually reducing the freedoms or rights from the days when we were mere serfs or sharecroppers, deserves consideration even if he was a pervert and control freak.

    So few people care as they enjoy their Veuve Cliquot and Gucci. The funny thing is this - if we threw off the One Pie of Malthus and started resource utilization with full technology and no nations or armies we would all be richer and no one (other than a few criminals) would have to give up their ill-gotten gains. I included the Treaty of Verona in the book on Saunière so people would know any suggestion of him having some knowledge of Papal trickery of a financial nature would not be the cause of him getting paid off. This Treaty and other canons or encyclicals like Rerum Novarum (which lays the groundwork for corporatism today) are always known to academics or researchers.
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    BISHOP OF CARCASSONNE: - There are so many exemplars of deceit and greed who have worn the mantle of Bishop or Arch-Bishop. It continues to the present day to say the least but fortunately some of these men of the cloth are being exposed in court and not just in the hiding places of their fine churches where they have conducted all manner of ghastly and abusive acts throughout the ages. Bishop Ussher of Armaugh is one who comes to mind but I will put another place and person forward for your consideration.

    Huge amounts of money can be made by priests who recognize rich people lose their faculties as they near death and feel guilty for acts they have been part of in their life. The Catholic Church had instituted celibacy for the express reason of making it so no priest could pass his fortune to any offspring (and they treated illegitimates as if they had no legal standing while also making any adoptees the subject of rumor or charges about sexual impropriety). This meant that the priest or cleric would in fact have to leave his estate to the church. I like reading the reports of Gregory of Tours. Make no mistake about it, there are financial opportunities galore in these spiritual high places, and some of the good priests found ways to circumvent the Church even after the celibacy laws were made. There are two Bishops of Carcassonne that deserve our inspection. It is possible that Saunière was especially gifted in getting old people's money but I doubt he could have raised the amounts he spent and whatever amount he left with his concubine Marie, through such efforts. The first Bishop may have taught Sauniere some things about these illicit affairs and they may have had a public fight to keep attention away from some of their mutual hanky-panky.

    "In Saunière's garden is a statue erected to commemorate the visit of the Bishop of Carcassonne, Mgr. Billard.

    Mgr. Billard had an affinity for very rich families, especially the older members of those families. He was brought to court by members of a family from Coursan for having coerced their matriarch into signing over all her belongings to the Bishop. She was declared of 'Unsound' mind. Curiously, Mgr. Billard arranged to have the will signed over to himself as Monsieur Billard, not Monseigneur (Mgr.) Billard. His Notary was from Rouen; where the actual execution of the will took place. (Jarnac, Archives, p. 464 to 468).

    Apparently, Billard conducted himself in this fashion with several families and their patrons. It is certainly not inconceivable that Billard may have shown Sauniere how to do this for himself, as well as others. One priest in particular accused the Bishop of Simony and having stolen over 1 Million Francs from the Diocese pension fund. After an investigation by the Vatican, it found that Billard had seriously mismanaged his diocese and was forced to give 200 000 francs to the monastery of Prouille. (Jarnac, Archives, p. 464) He passed away on December 3rd, 1901.

    Mgr Billard's replacement, Paul-Felix Beauvain de Beausejour was named Bishop of Carcassonne on May 13th 1902. Mgr. Beausejour found a diocese that was close to ruin due to Mgr. Billard's mismanagement. Mgr Billard had let subordinate priests administer their parishes as they saw fit as long as they stayed out of trouble and did not undermine his authority.

    It was 4 years before the newly appointed Bishop asked Sauniere to explain his source of income. Apparently, several complaints had been lodged against Berenger Sauniere locally but their origins were never revealed; and some were simply inquiries into Sauniere's character from other countries such as Italy, France, Belgium and Switzerland. (Jarnac, Histoire, p. 193)

    The Bishop's first move was to transfer Saunière to Coustouge parish as of January 22nd, 1909. In retaliation, Beranger Saunière tendered his resignation ten days later, on February 1st, 1909.

    The mayor of Rennes-le-Chateau complained to the Bishop in a letter dated February 6th, 1909, that Rennes-le-Chateau supported it's priest, Berenger Saunière, and that in the event the priest was moved, the villages of Esperaza and Rennes-le-Chateau would 'desert the Church,' (Jarnac, Histoire, p. 194) Saunière's replacement would be met with empty seats. The Mayor also mentioned to the Bishop that the Presbytery had been leased for another 5 years therefore, his replacement would have to seek shelter elsewhere. He could not refuse the new priest but he could make it so that the outsider would not have an easy time of it. (Jarnac, Histoire, p. 196)" (10)
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    The True Da Vinci Code


    There are numerous researchers who show the connections of the Illuminati to the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn (Yeats after Crowley and Regardie). Because the Rothschilds include esotericists just as the De Medicis adopted son named St. Germain had set up the schooling system in Vienna for them, as he passed the spy network and financial monopoly (These things are most connected.) to the Rothschilds. Most of these researchers do not get the esoterics behind the acts and organizations or see the Corpus Hermeticum translated and called De Brix for what this means. De Brix is like De Bruges, and I am related to Robert de Bruges aka Robert the Bruce. It is another translation of the Bruttii and a family that founded Rome and Britain which has been ruling and building sophisticated means of control or Empire ever since. These BEES include more than the 'bees' of Childeric which the Merovingian Napoleon put upon his Holy Roman Emperor's investiture robe. They were in Egypt and are the Royal House of Mallia on Crete in 2200 BC. Archaeology is the source for these statements - not publicists now passing for historians.

    There are some researchers who are cluing in to the inner sanctum of esoteric Heliopolitan or Luciferian (Druidic) Vatican types who are Hibernian double agents like St. Bernard or Robespierre, Rumford, Lafitte, Da Vinci, Dee, Columbus and all the rest.

    It would appear I am the only researcher who has connected Hoffet to both Saunière and Plantard de St. Clair (Sinclair BEE) who both were leaders of The Priory of Sion like Da Vinci. This is the major reason I wrote a book on Saunière. Because I am called an alchemist by high Rosicrucians I have known, I am in a position to know what Hoffet studied and one or more of the techniques he used in his position in the Documentation branch for the Vatican. Bibliomancy and genetic encoded information are just part of the arts and artifices in alchemy for many millennia.

    So when you read about Saunière being introduced around the esoteric salons of Paris by this man you are getting close to the true Da Vinci Code. It is all about Synarchy! But that does not mean George Bernard Shaw and his London School of Economics venture was not well-intentioned, anymore than it means Annie Besant (One of a very few female Masons) did no good work with Krishnamurti or in establishing India. It does not mean Yeats or Stein knew the role they played in this Hegelian Dialectic that truly is 'Charmed'. But I am pretty sure Hoffet and his ilk have used The Charm of Making on these people just as it has been used on me. It does make me wonder what role Plantard played at Lake Leman with Kissinger, Baruch and the Rat Lines reconstruction of Europe as well as what he was doing with the Gestapo before they returned him to his role in the French underground during the war. It does make me want to know more about Plantard and Prince Bernhardt of the Thulean Gestapo who founded the Bilderbergs with the aid of the OSS/CIA. Yes, there is a wide-ranging 'Charmed Circle' to say the least.
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    Plantard de St. Clair has probably been proven to be a fraud, but I still wonder why the Gestapo let him go after months of de-briefing and returned him to the underground resistance.. What is surprising about any Royal or politico using and abusing anything at all? Some people think that means there never was a secret society of Royals and Stuarts which had the name Priory of Sion. In the first post you see people quoting me as if I believed in some limited Atlantis fiction and then going on to support some of what Plantard said while proving he ripped off others. AGAIN - who is a liar? Can you call all people who knowingly mislead and deceive others who are not willing to do years of research, by the designation liar?

    Yes, it takes years to pierce all the societies and names and then you start throwing them in with all the religions in their never-ending rehashing of names, concepts and lies which they knowingly put in dead people's mouths. You can even seem to be a debunker of esotericism in some cases while you are trying to make a point about some little part of a far larger issue. I do think that esoteric groups and families have maintained secrets a far longer time than people say Atlantis was on Earth. I am certain the Stuart Royals I call Hibernians have been actively engaged in such Priories and Illuminized efforts including the likes of Leonardo Da Vinci. He is an alchemist mentored by an alchemist and whose DNA shows his blood came from the Middle East region of the Merovingians just as DNA shows Thomas Jefferson was recently proven to have. Thank god for DNA! Otherwise I would have to admit authors on Wikipedia are probably right about everything they say in these matters. I would have to admit I wasted over 50 years of research and a life dedicated to understanding my own roots.

    Did I see an explanation for where the money spent by this town priest of Rennes came from? It was more money in real terms after inflation than you will see in any person's control.

    Hitler was not the only person trained in schools set up by St. Germain. I was invited to speak to such a school/ashram by a top Rosicrucian who had St. Germain's masonic texts for sale in his bookstore around 2007.

    In continuing that search I find substantiation of what I wrote in my book on St. Germain and an explanation for his close association with the Hessians who were instrumental in the American Revolution and in creating a fortune for Mayer Amschel Rothschild. His mother was a Hessian!

    "Many researchers believe that St. Germain was the son of Francis II of Transylvania. Francis II's second wife was Charlotte Amalie of the House of Hesse. Princess Charlotte Amalie Wanfried-Hesse (German Prinzessin Charlotte Amalie von Hessen-Eschwege, Wanfried; Wanfried , 1679 . March 8 - Paris , 1722 . February 8 ), Transylvania Princess by marriage to II. Rákóczi, a nun after her husband's exile....

    “The estate of (Illuminatus) Landgrave Karl von Hessen-Kassel (1744-1836) was an occult-masonic initiatory retreat. The world’s foremost expert on the 18th-Century Golden and Rosy Cross, Dr. Christopher McIntosh: The head of the Asiatic Brethren in the 1780s and 1790s was the Landgrave Carl von Hessen-Kassel, one of the most fascinating and influential figures at the time in the world of Masonry, Rosicrucianism and hermetic studies. He not only belonged to innumerable orders and rites, but he was a practicing alchemist and was a friend of the mysterious French alchemist, the Comte de St. Germain, whom he harbored during the last years of St. Germain’s life on his estate Louisenlund in what is now Schleswig-Holstein, which he turned into a great center of Masonic and esoteric activity.” (Sursa)"

    Thus when she went into the convent he was adopted by distant cousins named De Medicis. I previously had no explanation for why he was adopted as a near teenager or aged 12. There were people who feared he would lead a Revolution against the Austro-Hungarian Empire who had forced his father into exile. We also find he is related to the Royal Dragon bloodline through Europe. The fact that Sauniere had the top Hapsburg at his funeral and enforcing his end at that time per an agreement of some kind, makes me wonder of Sauniere might have been able to put the Royals in a better position against the Holy Roman Empire.

    Scrib'd has an author whose extensive searches for answers might yield (at a minimum) a great number of inter-relationships and intrigues. There are so many intrigues and players in these games it can be hard to name which ones are winning at any time. The author of what follows is Hamad Subani who along with his thesis advisor has suffered the pains of disinfo and marginalization. I have read enough to know he is an honest seeker but I am not sure his information is complete enough to draw any conclusions from. We all have limits to how much we can research but he points out many university people have been let go or worse when they do anti-establishment work and research. I recommend his work on esoteric German or Nazi symbology and the people behind it. He has extensive research on US officials which include Woodrow Wilson creating the present sate of American domination of the world as we know it. I saw no reference to him being a mere puppet for Colonel House and other bankers I have connected the whole matter with.

    I will continue trying to read it (I am not allowed to copy it. The gibberish that results looks intentionally corrupted.) as relates to many entries on Japan and intrigues therewith. He documents Chamberlain worked with Roosevelt to bait the Japanese into attacking Pearl Harbor - I do not think Chamberlain was all that involved as I have made clear the importance of other players including Churchill and Mountbatten, who I do not think would have told Chamberlain much of anything. But he was an excellent puppet and all parties were concerned about the British King who was pro-Nazi which he demonstrates (like Russian Bolshevism) was an Illuminati (read Rothschild) effort. But he does not paint all Jews as culpable - like me he demonstrates there are more Jews being used as fall guys and patsies. In short there are intrigues within intrigues and you should never assume you are smarter than those who make these intrigues.

    I heartily endorse his whole book - you will learn a great deal no matter how much you think you know about either side of any issue relating to the first 50 years of the 20th Century.

    He mentions the following book and says it is well researched. I have seen the TV shows and I always doubted that Hitler (like most of those helped to South America by the Pope and his top people - which has been proven and confessed to) did not escape.

    "We now have a serious and well researched book by H. D. Baumann and Ron T. Hansig entitled "Hitler's Escape" in which he makes a very convincing case that Stalin was correct in his statements to his western Allies in 1945, telling them that Hitler (and Eva Braun) were still alive. One of the authors' startling revelations is, that the man present in the last days of April inside the bunker was, in reality, a double of Hitler. There even is a photograph of the corpse of the double taken by Russian investigators.

    Hitler's death, at the end of World War II, assumed to be by his own hand, remains unproven. This assumption was the result of, what many conceive as, a conspiracy by the Western Powers, bowing to political pressures and to fight nazism, to come up with Hitler's suicide story. This then would explain Hitler's disappearance from Nazi Germany after Germany's defeat.

    Even if one takes the years later submitted Russian report on Hitler's autopsy at face value, there still remains the fact that there was no trace of the corpse of Eva Braun, Hitler's mistress and later wife. This alone disproves the double-suicide theory now part of German history.

    Based on the well-documented revelations, this book can rightfully be called "the biggest detective story of the twentieth century". "
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