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Thread: Shakespeare's Cosmogony of the Spheres

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    Shakespeare's Cosmogony of the Spheres

    Shakespeare's Cosmogony of the Spheres and the Tao combine with the chakras to give the Tree of Life or Norse and Indian of America - Yggdrasil.

    The Triune Nature of Man is the Tao plus Divine Spirit and together can become Providential especially when a true union (Yoga means union) is achieved. Thus as Victor Hugo noted in his evaluation of Shakespeare
    "One is drawn back again and again to the cliff over-looking the waves of the marvellous, and each time taking one step further down or towards the precipice".
    But when you lose yourself fully in the 'marvelous' you will find PURPOSE and that Divine Providence you are part and parcel of. We are all Gods in Training and God requires all energy to harmonize and thus another phrase for Shakespeare's Cosmogony (a paper I did a real study for in grade 11) is 'Harmony of the Spheres'. Each sphere or sephirah has much to offer the seeker.

    The tragedy of it all is this - man and his ego will not allow him to listen to the music of the spheres. Man seeks affirmation and avoids the unknown or unknowable. He rages at the 'sound and fury' and will not simply 'BE'. He chooses the stage and acts his parts as laid out by other men and the material world of hierarchy. He gives to Caesar more than what Caesar deserves and has lost his center or soul (Collective is God). Could we begin all over again and cause our brain to evolve differently - can we creatively manifest a new paradigm through controlling the World Mind - through more than NLP or brainwashing techniques used in history. Yes, we can use machines to make it so. This paper deals with the effect we can have on how large our brain will be, how our species adapts and the interplay with genetic structure to generate the ability to speak.

    "There are more things 'tween heaven and Earth than you or I have ever dreamed of." The following report from a friend is in that category.

    Did you know there are such things in space as space lightning, gigantic rain clouds, planets that are solid diamond, stars that are a comfortable 80 degrees F. and of course the 200 million light year wide Newfound Blob?

    That's right, lightning bolts that stretch out 150,000 light years into space from their source.

    Check it out...

    Oh, and the Newfound Blob aint so new any more. The biggest object is space is now the LOG... it's 4 billion light years across... and yes, I attached an image just for fun!

    Hahaha... it's actually LQG, not LOG, but LOG sounded funnier.

    This cluster of 74 quasars actually breaks the rules of standard astrophysics, since the maximum size of any cosmic structure should be only 1.2 billion light years across.

    Hmmm, I read that somewhere... LOL.

    The author of this piece would make a better argument for secular humanism and Marxist rapprochement if he knew Lafitte funded Marx and was an alchemist of the Socratian Dialectic persuasion. But schools don't teach any truth about alchemy so I must hold my tongue and say it is a good and worthwhile autodidactic approach for people to learn from, and I hope people share it around.

    Then we can look to the Renaissance starting with Shak-hes-spear who was involved in alchemy to see a sea change away from the feudal controls and enslavement of people under Christianity. I do not agree that Greece was most compassionate but I also have to take into consideration that in the time of T. S. Eliot or even in my own youth there was next to no truth told about prior cultures, and there still is not a lot. Of course you can say that is because scholars have to get past the book burning perversity of what is called Classical history and Empire. I got past it, and they can too if they were incented to do so.
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    In many years of reading Wikipedia I have abhorred their censorship of alchemy and spiritualism. A person working with me on my book Mystical Physicists was unable to get the Introduction to it on Wikipedia because of the word Mystical in relation to physics despite a veritable treasure trove of direct quotes from hard scientists and Nobel Laureates supporting my contentions.

    I apologize for saying so many negative things about them (for the moment) because of these things addressing alchemy or hermeticism.

    Collectively, these three concepts [As Above, So Below, the Golden Ratio and the Golden Triangle] have formed a golden thread that connects the modern era to the ancient philosophers.

    Isaac Newton placed great faith in the concept of an unadulterated, pure, ancient doctrine, which he studied vigorously to aid his understanding of the physical world.

    Many of Newton’s manuscripts – most of which are still unpublished – detail his thorough study of the Corpus Hermeticum, writings said to have been transmitted from ancient times, in which the secrets and techniques of influencing the stars and the forces of nature were revealed.

    The following link will take you to a discussion most valuable including debate with semi-scientists about ego and As Above, So Below. It includes the Table of Contents to my book Mystical Physicists (not available for many years).

    Here is a critical review of Shakespeare's friend Ben Jonson's book The Alchemist - enjoy learning!

    Welcome to another rabbit hole.
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    It may serve any student well to really study what Plato says about myth in Timaeos and Critias in opposition to what he wrote in Phaedros - I say he wrote for many separate purposes and audiences or was what we today would call a social engineer or theocrat.

    There are many valuable excerpts on language, Homer, and Plutarch. I choose just this one to illustrate it is no simple analysis.

    1. Introduction Many analysts have entirely rejected Timaeos and Critias as a possible source of any useful historical information. These experts did not really take into account that Plato defined science in his dialogue Phaedros (Phaedros 277.b.5 - 277.c.3) and mythology in his dialogue Timaeos (Criti 110.a.3-110.a.4.). Besides, he has divided the myths in genuine (Tim 26.e.4-26.e.5) and in fabricated ones (Resp 377.b.5377.b.6.). He made great use of the latter in all his dialogues sending messages to his readers for morality, philosophy, politics and sometimes he encrypted, for his own reasons, mathematical theorems or relations within paramythical (fabricated myths) stories. A good example is what Vardulakis and Pugh (2008) found in the Laws in connection with the prime numbers.

    2. Plato and Science Plato initially defined science for first time in the world in Phaedros as follows: Phaedr 277.b.5-277.c.3 {ΣΩ} Πρὶν ἄν τις τό τε ἀληθὲς ἑκάστων εἰδῇ πέρι ὧν λέγει ἢ γράφει, κατ᾽ αὐτό τε πᾶν ὁρίζεσθαι δυνατὸς γένηται, ὁρισάμενὸς τε πάλιν κατ᾽ είδη μέχρι τοῦ ἀτμήτου τέμνειν ἐπιστηθῆ, περί τε ψυχῆς φύσεως διιδὼν κατὰ ταὐτά, τὸ προσαρμόττον ἑκάστῃ φύσει εἶδος ἀνευρίσκων, οὕτω τιθῇ καὶ διακοσμῇ τὸν λόγον, ποκίλῃ μὲν ποικίλους ψυχῇ καὶ παναρμονίους διδοὺς λόγους, ἁπλοῦς δὲ ἁπλῆ,

    Socrates: “First you must know the truth about the subject that you speak or write about, that is to say, you must be able to isolate it in definition, and having so defined it you must next understand how to divide it into kinds, until you reach the limit of division, secondly, you must have a corresponding discernment of the nature of the soul, discover the type of speech appropriate to each nature, and order and arrange your discourse accordingly, express the nature of the complex and simple soul with panarmonic and simple analogies ”

    I do not know the meaning of panarmonic. Contextually I hope it means the sum total of wisdom from all sources in a harmonic balance one acts upon soulfully. It appears there should be an aspirant "h" in it - but probably not needed when he spoke the word. I suspect there is a lot of code in what follows discussing men and women in harmony and how they differ by location such as Lydia versus elsewhere.

    Further research on that word lead me to these thoughts of great importance.

    I find Isaac Newton seeing Pythagoras understood Newtonian gravity and many other scholars including Copernicus realized they were just reviving old knowledge. This author agrees. Just as important is the issue of numbers relating to harmony, music, Schumann's Resonance and Pythagorean octaves which earlier bards were able to focus in The Lost Chord, and the Harmony of the Spheres.

    Number to Sound: The Musical Way to the Scientific Revolution

    Is there anything more in balance or harmonized than something identical on either side of the mirror (WITHIN and WITHOUT) or universe? Science used to say you could not have co-existing matter and anti-matter. Some still say only for a brief moment - NOW we have this. They may MIRROR each other. And that is what mystics have said about our universe associating with another which energy passes back and forth in - like we now know is the case with Black Holes. Penrose and Hawking thought not - until about a decade ago.
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