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    Have they existed as long as they say or are they just a few centuries old? I really don't care but they claim they are in contact (Through Time or soulfully) with very ancient Egyptian practitioners of Necromancy and the like. In fact I don't know if Crowley is someone some of their members will openly say was one of them. He was the head of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn for a while and at that time they were nowhere near as important as he was. (IMHO) I really can't do a thorough job in a thread of laying out the OTO, HOGD, Martinists and other offshoots or the Paris working such as someone recently revived in the Forbidden Letters. But I am a fool and I do try to do impossible things. I should also say I was a member of an MSN Group about ten years ago that promoted Rosicrucianity and they disgusted me as I saw them representing things beyond their ken. They banned me just as Wiccans and others did on the web - because I tell too much truth and won't conscience harming sheople.

    Since HRH De Vere talks about us being food for their table and Vlad being one of their Sarkeny Rend Rosicrucian membership it behooves us to examine a number of misconceptions about Rosicrucians. I am also tired of seeing ads for their spiritual courses here, and I know they are more than willing to say they are Christians or whatever else (like the Augustinian Credo) might bring believers and their money into the fold or to fold (the money and the flock). I will provide a link to one of the Rosicrucian Orders shortly and in the first introductory paragraph you will see Abraham Lincoln was a member of their Council of Three along with Paschal Beverly Randolph. Is this Randolph of the Royal Randolphs including Peyton who was a President of the United States before George Washington (The Continental Congress)? Is he the one who is said to be part of a soul-continuance in the same way Aleister Crowley (Perdurabo and the self-proclaimed triple six) was? A Thelemic who claimed he was a highly decorated member who joined Masonry when I met him on the web; said The Council of Three was unimportant. A Thelemic is never anything if not studious but that doesn't mean they are correct. He was proud of Crowley despite "do what thou wilt". It is not Magian to do whatever you can or want - true it is important to learn Will and Intent. The Council of Three that was responsible for so much of the founding of the US included Ben Franklin, Thomas Paine and George Clymer. Yes, they reported to the Stuart or Hibernian royals but I am not clear where the Dragon Court fit in the Royal retinue at that time - today I would say it is a weak and futile egomaniacal group. Often they are found to tout the same heroes and members as the Martinists who assert they have 25,000 years experience leading us. Crowley and Jack Parsons along with L. Ron Hubbard were Thelemics. Since Rosicrucians aspire to know Alchemy (which I will grant Jack Parsons was an alchemist) and because high Rosicrucians say I am an alchemist or as knowledgeable - I feel it is incumbent on me to expose any dissonance between them and myself. I will start a thread to focus upon that. I will not cover all the same things I have covered elsewhere - including the story of the mother who was killed by her daughter because the mother was trying to extend her life by taking over the life of her daughter.

    -"According to the Supreme Grand Lodge of the Ancient and Mystical Order Rosae Crucis, there were thirty-nine men and women on the High Council of the Brotherhood, who sat at the Temple of Karnak in Luxor. (2) A branch of this Order became more generally known as the Egyptian Therapeutae, who in Heliopolis and Judaea, were identified as the Essenes. (3)...Jesus was later initiated..."

    I would not be surprised to find evidence that some kind of Rosicrucianity is behind this venture.

    Many videos and theories to look into; here.

    Great Pyramids of Giza in Egypt - YouTube

    Video for Great Pyramid "Iesa"▶ 2:29

    Dec 27, 2011 - Uploaded by AirPano com
    The Great Pyramid of Iesa was used as a Temple of Initiation for inculcating the mysteries of nature and the ..."

    Jesse James had more than a gun. Cecil Rhodes' had more than a psychic vision. You will probably think this group you read about is some form of evil, or bad act. It may have been a very important group in the final analysis, and you will have to go a lot further than these words I give you before you will know why that is true.

    Was Colonel House a member of the FOGC? You can judge. Is it just an American Rosicrucian group? No, it operated (maybe still does in Thelemic societies) in 99 places around the world. It may have had a presence in the Golden Dawn and certainly it had an influence there.

    This link does not know a great deal but what it says is important.

    Much of what Henry Makow is all about I oppose. He does tell some truth and you should read this. He does not seem to know that Lincoln was a member of the Rosicrucian Council of Three which was a major part of the formation of groups like the FOGC. All of them are collectively known as the Freemasonic Order of the Golden Centurion - a centurion is derivative from one hundred, but the final member of these '99' groups is a demon. In order to have one hundred groups you would have all these demons with one final demon or boogeyman.
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    This link is a good introduction to the conspiratorial side of the illuminati. I don't agree with all the claims to antiquity and I expect to see them claim greater antiquity when the things of history I have proven (along with many others) become more widely accepted. I hope people read my post An Illuminatus speaks (*softly). The Rosicrucians are part of this feeder organization or Pyramid but they seem to be protected by Christian cloaking.

    This link recommends one of my books as an expose of Rosicrucianity and other secret societies.

    Now comes the hard part. Are all high Rosicrucians also Alchemists? No. Are all high Hermeticists. Reservedly No. Are Hermeticists inside the Inner Sanctum or Thelemics? No. Was Crowley as the head of the Golden Dawn? Maybe a case can be made for him but he was a bad act and did not follow my own personal focused saying of the Magi - Right Thought = Right Action. But I would put the person who founded the Golden Dawn into the league of Alchemists. He is William Wynn Westcott and here is a book worth reading.

    I also would put every high Cathar or perfecti and parfait in that mythical League.

    It was far more reasonable to talk about limiting the population on Earth to half a billion in the time of Thomas Paine than it is today. We are totally capable of feeding and taking care of more than ten billion people on this planet as I see it. But it will require a plan. Paine and others in Rosicrucian Councils of Three or the Royal Society did make a plan - and we MUST attempt such a far-reaching plan again in the present. The VigilantCitizen website has a slogan which reads "Symbols rules the world, not words nor laws". I suppose most people find this ludicrous but I don't. The information on the Georgia Guideposts and Rosicrucianity going back to Thomas Paine dovetails with many threads I have posted.
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    That Christian cloaking doesn't stand the test of examination if you study the origins of Christianity fully - (IMHO). But you certainly can make a good argument that the Rosy Cross and Rose Lines (remember the Da Vinci Code) are part of the Earth Energy Grid and the knowledge Melchizedek passed on from others before him who I suspect are DNN and Sarmoung who are also Johnny-come-lately but names still remaining despite all the destroying of written words and stelae that new Empires sought to erase and claim for themselves.

    The graven image exclusion as told in the Bible certainly wasn't followed by the Popery people. Never has there been a system with so many icons and such a multitude of a Heavenly Host. Yet they call it monotheism. There are well over 1500 saints, archangels, and the other godly cretins including Laddio, Daddio and Spook. Soon there will be many more as the current regime of Luciferians is having many more canonized, including the Pope who did not ex-communicate Hitler (even as they shortly thereafter did so to Ivan Illich). There is only one God if there is any at all.

    I see the borders and Manifest Destiny doctrines were useful to these Divine Kings, but those borders are not merely physical or drawn on maps. The borders that separate man and woman, or made races and 'chosen ones' are the borders that promote war and genocidal rages of all sorts. The Scale of Nature or Chain of Ascended Beings which saw the European at the top of the chart and promoted ideas like the North American Indian being just up from the orangutan still echo in the halls of justice. The laws we follow are laws and morays established with foul intent to diminish our souls.

    The Mormon Melchizedek Society of Salt Lake City is situated where Frater Albertus Magnus and the International Society of Alchemists is located. Melchizedek is the advisor to Abraham in the cults of these peoples who devised a very invasive control that set man against man and made women chattel. He is a father of the House of Judah/David and Jesus. Years ago another Frater Albertus Magnus mentored Aquinas (The Dumb Ox) and thus a later Alumbrados group or Illuminati created the Jesuits in another purely Luciferian intrigue. If I sound angry or disgusted I am not really that way - I actually can argue for what they try to do in a lot of circumstances. The great unwashed are pretty much ignorant and unwilling to work just as the lady says in An Illuminatus Speaks. But that is a failure of transparency and our education system that doesn't teach comparative religion (The Jesuits do) or address the moral issues like The Cycle of Violence.

    Marriage once was flexible and protected the rights of children first and foremost, as valued assets or members of the tribe and clans: and women - it has been a virtual War on our dual energy or psycho-spiritual makeup! Arranged marriages as economic or political intrigue are not more than prostitution and slavery. Who benefits from the polygamy that saw Abraham and his baby-factories re-energized under the 33rd degree Masons like Smith and Young? The Ur-stories or Judaeo/Christian/Islamic cult complex has wrought more pain and abortion of soul than any other structure devised by man. The people behind religion are people who may have tried to improve mankind and manage the future in some decent way at one point of another. Sure there are some today that you could say are naïve enough to make a good case for them being great and loving people. It is not just amusing to see the incessant bitch-slapping of interdenominational fighting over the souls of sheople. It sickens me deep in my soul.

    It gets worse as you research more deeply into the creation of these constructs that separate us from each other and the collective or oversoul that might be what we call God. Scientology or the Mormons, surely have people who act without the usual hypocrisy; and you can say they have become totally under a near hypnotic control. In fact the Scientologists have created a slave robot culture. But when compared to so many other cultures that have war at the top of the actual agenda – who knows – maybe we should all join these new religions which were started by the Masonic ‘Octopussy’.

    In this link you will see a word pronounced as Rose (reaux) and learn more about how they aspire to alchemy and use Kabballah. I will allow Qabala (is this the spelling Dion Fortune said wasn't twisted?) or the Verbal Tradition does go all the way back - a million years and more. The BRDS (my last name) kept this verbal tradition alive just as the Troubadours did in Cathar times see thread on them and the Brotherhood of Man (Iesa) as well as Iesa in a thread under religion.

    Did you know The King James version of the Bible is infected or permeated with Rosicrucianity? Actually Bacon would more correctly be called a Stuart spy master or Hibernian.

    [PDF]bacon and the rosicrucian-masonic treasure trail - The Lost ...

    1611, Michael Maier, the German Rosicrucian Master, who in earlier years had become .... Hence, the “Bacon Bible” would forever be known as the King James. Version by virtue ... In the Simple Cipher that number matches the name Francis.
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    There are problems when you tell truth about what you have experienced or hear from others. Sometimes people are proud of the people you expose or can't believe the image you convey is correct when they have been fed an entirely different image. It used to be that way when I told people about JFK's sexual proclivities and J. Edgar Hoover. The recent movie about J. Edgar played by Leonardo sure shows what he was. Here are some more.

    The Rat Pack

    I cannot expect the truth about the Rat Pack and JFK to ever become known. There are lots of first hand accounts that detail Peter Lawford's involvement with JFK in doing cocaine and all sorts of women. The truth is far more horrific than the dalliances with 14-year old sex slaves in Florida who I met years later when she was a dedicated lesbian. It goes beyond the likes of Satanic leader Anton LaVey or the people above him who were High Priestesses in a hierarchy that includes the Dragons of HRH Nicholas de Vere. One of those High Priestesses told the spies she had working on me that I was "a Machiavellian Prince sent to overturn her Temple". I did not discover this until a year had passed after I left my short-term membership and research effort in her coven during 1994. This High Priestess had been the last consort for Gary Cooper and she had been sexually active or a leader in the Rat Pack sex rituals in both Vegas and LA.

    I was thunderstruck when I heard I was 'a Machiavellian Prince'. I had no idea! But as time passes I can see she was right about my purpose to 'overturn her Temple'. My books on history and our governing forces or people have certainly got the potential to do just that if people ever get around to reading all ninety or so of them.

    When it comes to media manipulation - there was none better than the white-wash of the singer or crooner of tunes like White Christmas. Bing Crosby enjoyed his sex and these rituals as much as Dean Martin. The drugs they all took lead many of them to a wretched end. Here is a little part of my discourse with my fellow researcher on this particular book.

    'Portuguese Point is the location of the drug-using (Like his brother-in-law JFK) Peter Lawford's home or cottage that a relative of my sister-in-law lives or lived in. The Earth Energy here is something special and the land moves from time to time. There are so many peacocks that you would be amazed. Frank Vanderlip's widow lived next to them. He is of supreme importance to the FED, Jekyll Island and other such things. I suspect also a Bohemian Grove connection as well as this most important connection - the lady I talked with in great detail who married the naïve man who is related to my sister-in-law - is a secret consultant for JPL.

    She got this job after talking to me about all these things. She was working there before that - but not in this important consultant position, to Hollywood and much more.

    You know about Jack Parsons and Ron Hubbard I presume.

    So - here is what my Vegas Dragon High Priestess told me about Errol Flynn and others she had sex with who swung both ways.

    Flynn and Hubbard were sexually involved in rituals with each other. She spoke well of Forrest Tucker having a large penis to rival Errol Flynn who I believe J. Edgar Hoover had the 'hots' for as well. I presume the same is true with Sammy Davis and all the rest of the Rat Pack she was involved with.'

    I suppose a reader will have to look up my articles like 'They Eat Your Brains', 'The Star-Fire Ceremony' (which is displayed on a Dragon website of an official nature); and do a lot of research into things like Aleister Crowley and the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn which was the Rothschild personal coven before they could possibly have a clue as to what I am rambling about at this juncture. If the reader chooses to do this I suggest they put 'Paris-working' into their browser alongside Crowley's name.

    I doubt Marilyn Monroe was anything but a confused star-struck drug-using individual with some gifts and talents that the Kennedy boys enjoyed. But she may have been so obsessed with them that she would have threatened to tell some of what she knew and she did have the attention of the people and media. There was a general lack of knowledge about the nature of JFK's drug use and sexual shenanigans even after his death. It would not surprise me if this was managed and agreed to, or asked for by the Kennedy clan. They still value their image even though Old Joe has been exposed on Arts & Entertainment. Maybe Maria Shriver and Arnold will make a run for the Presidency. It is important to note that Mary Jo Kopechne figures into the issue in a big way however. Maybe she intended to leak a lot more about the Kennedy clan.

    "Smathers also betrayed JFK over Marilyn Monroe. According to Sarah Churchill's recently published book, The Many Lives of Marilyn Monroe (2004), it was Smathers who first leaked the story to the press about the affair. The story first appeared in an article by Dorothy Kilgallen the day before Monroe died (Kilgallen was herself to die in similar circumstances as Monroe on 8th November, 1965).

    Why should Smathers do this? One possibility is that Smathers was trying to link JFK with Monroe's death. According to Matthew Smith's Victim: The Secret Tapes of Marilyn Monroe (2003) the CIA was involved in a plot to implicate the Kennedys in Monroe's death as punishment for the Bay of Pigs disaster.

    If Smathers was involved in any conspiracy to kill JFK one would expect those close to him like Grant Stockdale {Mobbed-up vending-machine owner who was in a position to expose many things after JFK's death and who was eliminated.} to find out about it. One person who might have discovered what was going on was his secretary, Mary Jo Kopechne, and her flat mate, Nancy Carole Tyler, who was Bobby Baker's secretary. According to Penn Jones, it was Kopechne and Tyler who leaked the story about JFK replacing LBJ by Smathers as vice president. {I have no doubt about LBJ's involvement in the assassination of JFK.}

    Nancy Carole Tyler died in a plane crash, near Ocean City, Maryland, on 10th May, 1965.

    Kopechne went on to become Robert Kennedy's secretary. She was to die in Edward Kennedy's car on 18th July, 1969." (1)

    The story Edward Kennedy told after the event was not the same story told by his lawyer friends who also did not inform the police in a timely fashion. Mark Furman of the O. J. Simpson trial is involved with another old murder case which involves a Kennedy clan member - and I wonder why JFK Jr. wasn't allowed to continue exposing skeletons in their closet.
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    A. M. O. R. C. is a Rosicrucian group headquartered near San Jose, California. It is a very nice estate west of the highway a good distance south of the city. Franz Bardon is a mainstay of what they promote and he was also what the Wiccans used to teach alchemy. When a top Rosicrucian gave me his book without knowing much about me, I re-wrote the book and gave it to him. He said I made Bardon credible. I have placed a link to that book on Scrib'd here. I get no money from them and I was not the one who gave it to them. Someone got it at W-M and placed it there. It addresses a heavenly host of consciousnesses leading up the pyramid to Urgaya -chief local or Earth deity (if you will). In this link you find (translate it first) that Bardon has an Urantia Christian cultus building around him - now that he is dead. The Rosicrucians use every discipline and religion to milk money from sheople but maybe they give value for the entertainment they provide losers. I suppose once I am dead they will ramp up the use of my work on the Dragon website too.

    I just went away to check on my suspicions that the promoters of Bardon are also the promoters of Urantia and I also saw a trail back to Blavatsky and Leadbetter (Unity Church is an outgrowth too). Alice Bailey and Lucis Trust which was Luciferian in name not long ago - all these things and even Annie Besant who was one of a very few female Masons. She and Blavatsky heralded a new Messiah and went to India to educate him - at the age of six he wrote under the name of Alcyon and rejected that Messiah status. Yep- Jiddhu Krishnamurti - another book of mine covers him. Imagine he grew up that young, and saw it all as ego. It sure is a trail of tears as people think they learn a lot for many years and then wake up - it might be when they join the collective unfortunately. So we have Scientology and Urantia selling this alien crud extensions from the Annunaki and enslaving people - g_d almighty!!!

    Maybe someone can cut through any computer issues I have and see if the Ark book has my work and what else is being said. I hope the Rosicrucians aren't contriving to usurp StealthSkater's and my work.
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    Thomas Jefferson wrote a letter to Lafayette in 1823 that went as follows:
    "I do not believe with the Rochefoucaults and Montaignes, that fourteen of fifteen men are rogue. I believe a great abatement from that proportion may be made in favor of general honesty. But I have always found that rogues would be uppermost, and I do not know that the proportion is to strong for the higher orders... These set out with stealing the people's good opinion, and then steal from them the right of withdrawing it by contriving laws and associations against the power of the people themselves."

    "… the archetypal Roman shouldered the White Man's Burden, the arduous but fabulously profitable task of governing those whom, despite all evidence to the contrary, the Romans judged incapable of governing themselves." (Lucy Hughes-Hallett from 'Cleopatra')

    "We have it in our power to begin the world over again." -- Paine, Common Sense, 1776.

    "Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies a theft from those who hunger and are not fed; those who are cold and are not clothed. This world in arms is not spending money alone. It is spending the sweat of its labourers, the genius of its scientists, the hopes of its children. This is not a way of life at all in any true sense. Under the clouds of war, it is humanity hanging on a cross of iron." - Dwight D. Eisenhower, April 16, 1953

    "... our mode of teaching the principles of our profession [Masonry] is derived from the Druids... and our chief emblems originally came from Egypt..." [William Hutchinson, Mason, The Spirit of Masonry, revised by George Oliver, New York, Bell Publishing, originally published in 1775, p. 195]

    "I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country.
    As a result of the war, corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until all wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed." - President Abraham Lincoln, 1865

    The President John Adams and his dragons are mentioned in this excerpt from a book dealing with The Ark of the Covenant. In a couple of pages we get an integrating insight to a number of threads including cults, religions in general and anything to do with the founding of the US and so-called Enlightenment Experiment which included Napoleon and France - as well as the Priory of Sion and its Protocols.

    His son John Quincy Adams had a falling out with his father over correspondences for many years with Thomas Jefferson including spiritual matters, the Tao and all things political. John Q. understood the nature of Druidic godnarian Welsh dragons and the burning of people (some say they engaged in cannibalism on the Isle of Man). The Adams and Jeffersons are Welsh but Thomas never joined Masonry or Rosicrucian dragons. He did real study but was impacted by a Newtonian Professor named Short for a full year of tutelage.

    Thomas was in effect above the Masons and they welcomed him at their meetings. Yes, I have done a book on him as well as Druids.
    So I see Thomas as a key inspiration to the anti-Masonic Party and his letter to Lafayette which is in many places quoted here - tells us about the rogues he was against. This takes us to The Whigs and the Republican Party.

    "Mr. Baird has a real talent for spotting the blindingly obvious that most people miss." - Philip Gardiner; author of The Serpent Grail.

    Philip has gone on to write many more books. Here is an article of his from the Dragon Court website. He also wrote a book on Gnostics after we were in touch, I think.

    In this link you will see some truth about how it is possible to expose agendas and yet point the finger somewhere else - even back on those who claim the agenda does not exist.
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    The Dragons was another name for Druids and we know Thomas Paine said Masonry was derived from the sun-worship of the Druids. In fact sun-worship goes far deeper than druids and is most likely the 'son' of g-d and many other religious institutions' egis or beginning touchstone.

    Thus leading us to "Illuminized ones" in general and more specifically to an over-arching clearing house of those who have watched over humanity into the dark and deep times of recorded history. Some of that history was kept away from us and there might even be records kept by some of them which originate as long ago as 25,000 years I am told by Inner Sanctum dragons. Much of this history was kept in the Senchus Mor which was destroyed by Empire builders including priests and bishops like St. Patrick.

    "Masters of Learning

    Iraniologists have found the problem of the Magi to be one of the most compelling, as well as one of the most difficult, in the history of the ancient world (Settegast, p. 215).

    Within the Order, Gnostics were given the title of vaedemna, “seer, wise one,” as distinguished from the priest, the zoatar, who officiated openly in society and advised Middle Eastern theocrats on matters of statecraft and social morality, not to mention agricultural planning — for Zoroaster was by all accounts responsible for the introduction of planned, large-scale agriculture.

    Iraniologists consider the problem of the Magi to be one of the most compelling, as well as one of the most difficult, in the history of the ancient world. I maintain that the problem can be elucidated, although not entirely solved, by distinguishing the Magians who remained commited to education and enlightenment from those who became involved in statecraft and social managemen —those later to be known as the Illuminati.

    The Parsi word zoatar is the origin of the Greek word soter, “savior.” Judeo-Christian-Islamic tradition presents various permutations of the soter or redeemer figure. Redemptive religion, based on a superhuman agent who implements the will of the paternal deity, is termed soteriological. In Hebrew religion, this agent is the messiah, conceived either as a human person, the King of the Jews, or a superhuman entity such as Melchizedek (Zaddikim cult). In Christianity, it is Jesus as the incarnation of Christ, the only-begotten Son of God, following the hybrid theology of Saint Paul. In Islam, the redeemer figure is plural, assuming the form of various Imams and hidden masters. The Sunni-Shi'ite conflict is about the succession of Imans after Mohammed. In all cases the soter is a patriarchal figure, the central authority in a theocratic cult whose ultimate aim, make no mistake, is to dominate the entire world by imposing a social-spiritual order based on the dictates of an off-planet father god who speaks exclusively to white male demagogues (WMDs).

    Persian soteriology is the origin of the One World Order shared today by neocon schemers and New Age fantatists alike Over centuries, it produced the master plan of the Magians who went into social engineering, "the Illuminati," by contrast to the telestai or Gnostics who restricted their work to educational and spiritual guidance. In the Coptic codices soter occurs frequently to designate the Gnostic master or teacher. But another term, phoster, is closer to the meaning of vaedemna, a wise or illuminated person (cognates: veda, vidya, wisdom, wit). Lest the reader despair, believing that I am unduly quibbling over terms, I must point out that a huge problem for humanity hinges on the difference between a seer and a priest, especially a state-sponsored priest. Mary Settegast astutely notes that Iraniologists “hold conflicting views regarding the historical milieu of the prophet.” The crucial problem is this:

    At one extreme Zarathustra has been described as a primitive ecstatic, a kind of ‘shaman,’; at the other, as a worldly familiar of Chorasmian kings and court politics (p. 215 ff).

    Here is that distinction that has baffled all scholars: between the shaman-seer and the sacerdotal priest who plays a hand in court politics. For the latter, agriculture was part of a sacred vocation. Since the cultivation of the earth was central to Zoroaster’s message, “missionary priests would presumably have been as well-versed in agricultural technique as in religious dogma… Irrigation, fertilization, cattle breeding, would have been part of a missionary’s wisdom” (p. 220). Does this sound creepily familiar? In the mission of the Zoroastrian Magi who took control of social organization under the theocratic paradigm, we have the ancient model of invasive colonialism and all it entails, a model still in operation today.
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    New Dawn Magazine brings us another great article which touches on all so many threads.

    Secret Mysteries of the Sun Revealed

    February 15, 2014 By davidjones

    PP 41-45 Sun WPurdin_FIG10


    From 1209-1249 one of the worst genocides in history was conducted against the Cathars, a heretical sect in southern France. Pope Innocent III, promising gold and indulgences (the remission of punishment due for sins) in exchange for the blood of the Cathars, sent 30,000 crusaders into France to massacre the Cathars and their supporters.

    The Cathars were hunted, tortured, burned at the stake and savagely murdered by the Church’s hired killers. Estimates place the total number of Cathars and sympathisers murdered between 300,000 and 1,000,000 men, women and children. Throughout this bloodbath, an amazing phenomenon was witnessed. The Cathars did not express fear, anger or pain, but only bliss, despite the most horrendous atrocities committed against them. What were they on?

    According to William Henry in Mary Magdalene: The Illuminator, it was a psychoactive substance produced by the brain – the Cathars had learned the techniques necessary to produce it from the secret teachings of Jesus. It was called Christos (anointing oil) by the Essenes, who passed on their secrets to Jesus from Moses, who had obtained them in Egypt from descendants of the banished Atonite priests of Akhenaton.

    These teachings involve the power of the sun and the power of the spoken word and constitute what I call “the mysteries of the sun.” They were part of the Egyptian, Babylonian and Greek mysteries, and the Gnostic teachings of the early Christians and secret societies. They have been given to every culture by great adepts as means of enlightening the minds of the people and freeing them from the darkness of ignorance and superstition.

    In this article, I will briefly examine the life and teachings of the founders of various mystery schools in the Middle East and Mediterranean area from the Pharaoh Thutmose III to Omraam Mikhail Aivanhov. There were other mystery schools in India, China, Peru and elsewhere, but the ones I have chosen represent a continuity that spanned millennia and formed the spiritual roots of the Judeo-Christian heritage.

    The story of the mysteries of the sun is as old as mankind and as new as the latest scientific breakthrough. In 1882, Ignatius Donnelly published Atlantis: The Antediluvian World. In this book, he argued convincingly that Atlantis had established colonies in Peru, Egypt and elsewhere and that the mythologies and mysteries of these peoples represented the original religion of the Atlanteans, which was a form of sun worship.

    He wrote, “The religion of the Atlanteans, as Plato tells us, was pure and simple; they made no regular sacrifices but fruits and flowers; they worshipped the sun. In Peru a single deity was worshipped, and the sun, his most glorious work, was honoured as his representative. Quetzalcoatl, the founder of the Aztecs, condemned all sacrifice but that of fruits and flowers. [We can see how far the Aztec religion degenerated over the centuries to the low point of human sacrifice by the time of the Conquest.] The first religion of Egypt also was pure and simple; its sacrifices were fruits and flowers; temples were erected to the sun, Ra, throughout Egypt. In Peru the great festival of the sun was called Ra-mi.”

    Between pre-dynastic Egypt and the eighteenth dynasty, the “pure and simple” solar religion of Egypt became very corrupt and complicated. There were several sun gods and a whole host of minor gods. The priesthood was rich and powerful and the people depended on them for magic amulets, praying to the gods on their behalf and giving them a proper elaborate send-off into the afterlife. Fruits and flowers were no longer fitting sacrifices; animals took their place.

    Enter Pharaoh Thutmose III. A younger son of Amenhotep I, he owed his rule to the intervention of the priesthood of Amen-Ra who, in a religious ritual invoking the will of Amen-Ra, appointed him pharaoh, even though he was not in line for the succession. Thutmose realised that the priesthood was becoming too powerful and sought to curb their power by outwardly paying obeisance to Amen-*Ra, but secretly worshipping Aton and supporting a separate priesthood of Aton at Heliopolis who were loyal to the throne.

    Under his rule, Thutmose III permitted the common people to indulge in all their fanciful beliefs and superstition such as magic amulets. He believed that a gradual change in the existing religious beliefs could be more easily and permanently accomplished by establishing a secret mystery school, the students of which would put into practice higher standards. He wanted to gradually infuse into Egyptian religion from the top down those mysteries, myths and rites that would raise the people to a higher understanding and morality.

    Thus, in 1489 BCE he founded a secret mystery school, the Order of the Rose Cross, which the Rosicrucians claim descent from and which still exists today. Members of this mystery school were called the Therapeutea, meaning “physicians of the soul.” The sungazing Essene sect of Alexandria later adopted this name and the rosy-cross symbol.

    William Henry, in The Healing Sun Code, linked the rosy-cross and the Rosicrucian secrets with the “rising of the Healing Sun, the source of life and wisdom.” I recently talked to a woman who studied Egyptology for 25 years and knew about Thutmose III and the Rosicrucians. She told me that she once knew a Rosicrucian lady, who every time she felt ill would face the sun and do a special breathing exercise in which she would breath in the fire of the sun to burn impurities in her body. She lived to be very old. This technique was part of the secret teachings of the Rosicrucians, which they were very careful not to reveal to the uninitiated.

    Another technique used by Thutmose III and members of his order was the use of healing rods while sungazing (see Figure 1). These were copper and zinc tubes that contained hardened coal and magnetite respectively. They were reintroduced to the world by the Russian mystic Count Stefan Colonn Walewski, who was a member of a sungazing mystery school in the Caucasian Mountains. They amplify the current that passes through the body between the sun and earth while sungazing, enhancing meditation and quickening healing and the development of psychic powers.

    Thutmose III’s son and grandson continued with the mystery school and the cult of Aton, but it wasn’t until his great grandson, Akhenaton, took the throne that things came to a head."
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    So what are the Illuminati - the next author asks while fairly presenting a plethora of tired ideas and rehashes about an unfinished New World Order on the US greenback. Clearly if it is what he says - ancient and secret then it has little of anything new but yes, it has always been interested in Order. He addresses Weishaupt and the Jesuits (I have a book written called The Jesuits.) but he does not mention the Alumbrados whose name is Italian for Illuminati. They included the De Medicis who bought and held Papal power before handing over the secret spy networks of the Templars to the Rothschilds - while designing the Rothschild crest and name. The De Medicis who did this is St. Germain (I have written a book on him.). Earlier than that they founded the Jesuits and protected Nostradamus as well and his book from the Inquisition. The Borgias married into the De Medicis and donated the first University for the Jesuits to teach Aquinas and Aristotelian logic worked into the Catholic dogma by him - under threat of his and his mentor's life. Most assuredly that is Hermetics and coded esotericism as this author addresses in a weak manner.

    The Illuminati of Weishaupt (Magical name - Spartacus - specialty Tantric sex like Crowley) included William of Hesse who employed Mayer Amschel the father of the banksters named Rothschild who are given the monopoly on usury in the Bible. Yes, they are ancient as this author says; without any proof. Yes, the name of Rothschild was Bauer or farmer as was the name of De Medicis before them - equestrian class in Rome. They are all Benjaminites or Merovingians but that does not make Fritz Springmeier who he mentions very insightful either. These Bavarian Illuminized ones also included St. Germain and Goethe. Goethe influenced Carlyle who influenced Ruskin who molded Rhodes etc..

    He mentions the horror-show French revolution but not the American Revolution. Both were part of the same Enlightenment Experiment that the Stuart Royal Society or what I (and others) call Hibernians fostered. Their agents included the Irishman Robespierre and Thomas Paine. Are the Hibernians less than the Illuminati or are the Pilgrims in Boston's Beacon Hill? I say no! He has Knigge's structure with the Scots who could be feeders to the Hibernians. My own namesake and illegitimate ancestor founded the Societas Rosicrucianus en Englia (commonly called Soc Ros). The Templar fleet was under his control as they fought beside him at Bannockburn.

    Thomas Jefferson called Weishaupt a Philanthropist and he knew him. Jefferson also owed a large sum of money to the Rothschilds when he died.

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    A human statue or even a Gothic building representing the Temple of Solomon such as the Templars built into European cathedrals, does not convey the same representation of the 'Universe' or cosmos that runs through the veins of all living things. Many ancient beliefs were aware that spirit was within minerals and plants too: we are not this attuned and it is hard for us to see the vectors and lattices of energy in all things. Those who have read the 'Tao te Ching' or 'I Ching' understand a little of these energies that interact and CHANGE or grow with purpose. The 'Wheel of Life' in the Tarot is meant to capture some of this magic just as the dreams of North American Indians have been captured in the circular artistic wheels that sell in all so many souvenir stands. But it will be a long time before man again understands his exquisite interconnectiveness. We know too much to see such elegant simplicity of the spirit that is all around us. The Buddhists say 'All is Within' and the completion of the phrase is "the UNIVERSE!" I honour all myths that assist the 'oneness' in respect of the creative or intelligent design that so many insist is GOD. Here is an excerpt from my book Cherokee People (will return) to consume or cogitate upon.

    In a moment we will return to my encyclopedia for more on the Zodiac because the mounds are a way of connecting to the cosmic energy which comes to earth and through which it passes and is part of. For the moment let us re-visit our present book's early academic (Kenyon) as he actually (surprisingly) opens doors to the trepanning, skull deformation and 'Obscene Ritual' (Skull & Bones and the Bush family of Nazi leanings) of the Dragons and other Illuminized cults of elites.

    "Let us return, finally, to the burial mounds of Ontario. These appear to be related in some complex fashion to the neolithic revolution. Their primary function, in all probability, was to mark the locations of sacred places and to establish territorial occupation. The sites they occupied were used as ceremonial centres for the loosely organized bands that occupied the surrounding areas (cf. Speck 1915). After spending the winter scattered throughout the band territory in small family groups, the people would assemble at a traditional spot, probably in the spring when fish were spawning or in the fall when beds of wild rice would be ready for harvesting. Only at those periods would food resources have been sufficiently abundant to maintain the entire band at one place.

    These assemblies provided an opportunity for social interaction on a broader scale than would have been possible throughout most of the year. It was during such periods, too, that the chiefs and other leaders of the group would discuss band affairs with the various family heads and elders. But above all, such occasions provided an opportunity for all of the band members to participate in those rituals and ceremonies that reaffirmed and sustained community sentiments.

    The nature of the ceremonies themselves cannot be determined at present, although we are offered a few tantalizing clues as to the subject matter around which they revolved. Most of the available data are derived, of course, from the burials found within the mounds and in submound pits.

    In Northwestern Ontario, {Site of the Nipissing magi and Mediwiwin group who are influenced by Masons of the Christian Mystery School Complex or Rosicrucian Dragons.} the skulls that have openings in their occipital regions are reasonably clear evidence of power transfer. The individuals whose skulls were opened would have had some unusual and highly valued personal characteristics; the occipital openings made it possible to remove their brains and to transfer those characteristics from the dead to the living. This would have been accomplished through a religious ceremony that included eating the brain that was the seat of such wondrous powers. {I detail this in many books - and the modern Thalami research that is showing merit to the Cosmic Thought Field.} The eating, of course, could have been either actual or symbolic. {The Communion and Eucharist is derived from the earlier rituals of this sort. Only the most powerful elites get to eat the thalami for the much needed melatonin, iridium and rhodium.} In either event, the highly valued qualities would not be lost to the band through death but would be preserved through reincarnation. {The living cells as close to still living as possible are most needed and some of the old seers would end their lives during this ritual as they would have known throughout their life - it would happen.}

    Such practices were probably much more widespread that the archaeological evidence would suggest at first glance; for we know that highly valued characteristics are often located in organs other than the brain. {Thus the Biblical 'Devoted Ones' shown in Cahill's Gifts of the Jews were harvested for hearts too - as in the Aztec rituals and Moshe who also became impacted by these Dragons like the Prince of Palenque.} Our own western European culture, for example, locates many of its most highly prized characteristics in the heart. The point is that power transfer was probably much more widespread than current data suggest, simply because the removal of most organs for this purpose would have left no skeletal evidence...

    One of the major ritual acts of the people, however, was the building of the mounds themselves. For it is almost certainly an error to look upon mound-building primarily in terms of engineering. {Especially the lesser and more mundane imitations of the period he is focused upon.} We must see it, rather, as a by-product of sociological processes; that is, we should look upon mound-building as we look upon the performance of a ballet or drama in our own society. Theatres may arise as a result of our interest in such cultural pursuits but the significance of a ballet or drama resides, surely, in the performance itself. The play's the thing! Once the mound was built, of course, it would have served, as it does a theatre, as a backdrop for other rituals. For once again, it is through such rituals and ceremonies that human groups are bound together and that individual lives are shaped to ancestral patterns.

    The masked and painted skulls from Hungry Hall were part of one such ritual. And when it was over, the skulls, like the props of a drama that had run its course, were tossed rather carelessly into the corner of a grave." (14)

    Quoting a top scholar of the paradigm who led the archaeological expedition.

    Cayce was doing what his secret society knowledge demonstrated worked. He built his Association for Research and Enlightenment on the Earth Energy Grid's most appropriate vortex or center point. Many priests appeared to be great diviners because of their astronomical knowledge of events including eclipses. This kind of fake out was still being done in the last century and you could even say all the apocalypse crap of Christians talking about Mayans predicting the 2012 spiritual re-alignment as the 'end of days' is the same thing. But it often had ghastly results as in the case of Pizarro's men hacking and hewing thousands to death because their leader told his army that could easily have killed all the Spaniards to lay down their arms. History seldom tells you about the written agreement between this leader and Pizarro done about a year earlier on the occasion of Pizarro arriving in South America. The leader had used the Cosmic serpent astronomy as his reason for predicting the arrival of a new age. Sometimes this was done over a century in advance as in the case of the Holy Romans who worked with Aztecs to alter the Mayan calendar to predict the arrival of what Cortez brought to fruition on the first day of wheat - the return of the white g-ds.

    The Greek oracles were often in an hallucinatory state due to gases coming up from the earth according to recent archaeology. They really didn't heed to hallucinate to repeat what they had been paid to say in order to assist getting people to venture out in new expeditions to colonize or defeat some other place.

    If you go back a lot further you find priesthoods attuned to helping people and improving many conditions. The trust developed by ancient shamans was usurped by religions with interpreters running nations. The currently running Expedition show on TV had the Atacama giant and Nazca Lines mystery on a recent episode. It said what I said - lines over water aquifers and people using spiritual rituals to draw energy to bring water to the surface. The rituals include alignment of the designs to the sun and stars (like Venus or the morning star) and the Earth Energy Grid like all other megaliths.
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