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Thread: Rosicrucians

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    Just as busy as the alchemists are the journalists and academics who refuse to learn anything about alchemy and get paid to lie about it. In this book you find a real scholar asking some important questions who learned a lot from Rulon who spent years researching the Voynich MS. I draw your attention to Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz who it appears was a Rosicrucian and maybe even an alchemist.

    Damn Google with their bait and switch marketing of books. Sorry that book is not visible there now.

    The archetype to avatar issue is hard to disassemble because a person becomes obsessed and to some degree possessed by the knowledge they gain. I do not regard Hitler as an avatar like Devi did or Eckart with his Messiah implant, but I suppose there were times (for some people) when he was at that level.

    The blogspot which follows is very good, I am glad there is so much more addressing these things I dealt with in my books and involvement on the web for five years over a decade ago. It has many other quotes from Hitler and addresses what Jung wrote about Hitler as an archetype or avatar of Wotan.

    "Julius Evola who was critical of the Third Reich states in Notes on the Third Reich[1964]:

    "Everything gravitated around a man with exceptional abilities for captivating, transporting, arousing and fanaticising the people, while he himself presented under more than one aspect the traits of a possessed person, as if an extraordinary force were acting through him, giving him lucidity and iron logic in action, but depriving him of every sense of limit."
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    The research I did for a book on Bacon and Shakespeare was extensive. I read every book related to Bacon and there was a lot of uncertainty about major issues such as when he was Knighted. It was ten years between the various accounts. I did find the will of Shakespeare and it was highly instructive to my other findings relating to a young woman Bacon brought back from France in his very early life as a spy.

    What should strike any reader of his life is the excessive number of titles he garnered or had showered upon him, and you will see some of these titles had not existed before his time. One may wonder about his threat to a half brother King who feared witches if one sees all the occult things Francis was engaged in also.

    When someone says he planned the invasion of America I say it was already planned just as he was not the first to form a Rosicrucian order or club. But he was indeed involved in carrying out the adjustments to the plan after the viral weapons of mass destruction had done most of what they were intended to achieve. The following book from AMORC includes other groups of Rosicrucians and makes may wild claims. It is not the Inner Sanctum advanced courses of better and more ancient groups or societies. But it is a good insight for novitiates.


    Baron Verulam, Viscount St. Albans, Eminent Imperator of the Rosicrucians

    BECAUSE OF THE increasing interest in the life and works of Francis Bacon, we introduce his portrait (on page 9) {And because he is dead and they can put words in his mouth and make claims about his being the author of many things (sometimes even including the Scientific Method which another Bacon who was a real alchemist deserves more credit for.} and a few brief remarks about him. He was born in London on January 22, 1561. He attained very high positions in the British government, and was a secret representative of many high officials, and was often forced to assume the responsibility and guilt of those whose reputations he would save. {I am sure these claims are true.} For years those unfriendly to him believed the evil that was said of him, and which he cared not to deny in order to save further explanations. But within the past fifty years certain unquestioned records have proved the Rosicrucian contention that he was one of England’s noble men—in heart, soul, and deed. As a pioneer in the revolution of methods of education he stands without a peer, and the effect of his “secret society” upon mankind in Europe was ever a puzzle to the multitude until it Was discovered that the secret society to which much of his correspondence seemed to refer, was the Rosicrucian Order. Then it was found that some of his literary co-workers were his official emissaries or deputies of the Rosicrucian Order, making periodical journeys to foreign jurisdictions.

    It was Bacon, who, as Imperator of the Rosicrucian Order, wrote the now internationally famous book called the Fama Fraternitatis, and to which the fictitious name of Christian Rosenkreutz was signed — meaning Rosy Cross. Through the discovery of the secret Code in this manuscript, and the several acknowledged writings on secret codes, it was further discovered that Bacon wrote the famous plays attributed to the one who produced them, Shakespeare. An examination of the pages of the original plays shows not only the name and titles of Bacon concealed in the strangely arranged lines of text, but the Rosicrucian and Bacon symbols are found as water-marks in the paper. The writing and production of plays at that time was considered a low, mean, and sordid occupation, and while the “Shakespeare Plays” were of a very high type and quite different from all previous plays, the very nature of their intimate revelations would forbid the author from admitting his connection with them under penalty of having them destroyed. It was a most fortunate circumstance for civilization that Bacon conceived his wonderful plan of writing and issuing the plays under the name of the principal actor, yet preserving within their text the name of the real author.
    {Total bull crap!}

    It was Bacon who first planned the Rosicrucian invasion of America. He published a book called the New Atlantis (often referred to as “The House of Solomon”) in which the whole scheme is given in fascinating symbolism. Many years later, in 1693, a specially selected army of Rosicrucians, with their families, gathered from all parts of Europe at one port, and set sail for America in their own chartered boat. They arrived at what is now Philadelphia in the early part of 1694, and established many of the first educational institutions in the United States. Their record, well preserved in the archives of this country, testifies to the magnificent influence of the Rosicrucians in the foundation of this great Republic. Bacon’s transition occurred April 9, 1626, in the very height of his Rosicrucian work and while he was making some important scientific tests. The full-page illustration of Bacon, shown elsewhere, accompanied by many of the symbols used in reference to him, was made by our Imperator, Dr. H. Spencer Lewis, in 1919, as a frontispiece to a book he was compiling on Bacon’s Mystic Symbolism. It has been reproduced a number of times and is drawn from the best known portrait of Bacon, with other decorations and features known so well to Rosicrucians. It is unlike any page to be found in any of Bacon’s books in entire composition, but duplicating parts of many. Thus our members have an excellent souvenir of the eminent Rosicrucian Imperator of the seventeenth century."

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    I am embarrassed for the good intentions of people who get sucked in to such scams even though they probably learn a great deal. Needless to say AMORC people do not like me, and Theosophists also can rise to the level of other Christian fakirs who hate me. It is imperative that you read their manual for many reasons, you are lucky to get it so easily - it took me a decade to get it when I was looking high and low from the late 60s onwards.

    "Attainment of some success in psychic matters through the teachings in other systems does not indicate any special preparedness for the Rosicrucian work. Very often we hear the remark made: "Before I took up your Rosicrucian teachings and exercises I had visions that were prophetic, could at times see other persons at a distance, and make them sense me, and could even heed by laying my hands on others; but now all of these things have stopped, and I find I have gone backward in my development. What is wrong?" Without being unkind in our intentions we say to these persons: "Yes, and you may be able to play several pieces of music quite well on the piano without knowing anything of music, and after taking up the study of music for a while you will find you cannot play the old pieces at all. But would this indicate that you had gone backward in your talent?"


    Many persons do have unusual experiences of a psychic nature before they ever take up any course of practical, psychic development. This is because they attained some degree of development in a previous incarnation and those faculties are striving to manifest, and DO MANIFEST AT TIMES, but without control and direction by the person. What must be done is to learn how to control and direct the faculties and develop them to a more perfect state of functioning. To do this, the spasmodic action of these faculties must cease for a time; and nature stops them until the time comes to use them UNDER CONTROL after the laws and principles have been learned.

    So our members are guided and directed in their individual development. And, in addition to the study and practice of the lessons, the one who is truly on the Path will give the utmost of devotion to the Order, to assist it and its other members, that the Masters may be helped by the very ones who will later on seek help and guidance from the Masters.


    Always ready to render some service to the Order, through the Order, or because of the Order, is a form of devotion that pays each member the greatest dividends in development; for by such service he obligates the Order and the Cosmic to him, and from the Cosmic he can expect compensation. That is why the Keynote of the Rosicrucian Order is SERVICE. All through the graded work in the Temples of our Order the student is impressed with the fact that SERVICE is the duty he owes to it and all mankind. Few new members realize, of course, the many ramifications of the Rosicrucian Order, and in its public literature it says very little of this phase of its Great Work. But it is a fact that not only has AMORC in North America, for instance, three or four very definite associate organizations under its direction, but it has twelve definite avenues of service and labor in behalf of its members, and about the same number in behalf of mankind generally. All of these activities—often carried on to a high degree without being known except to a few hundred of America's foremost newspaper editors, scientists, judges, lawyers, physicians, and educators—require trained experts to do the work in secret, funds to meet emergencies, secretaries to keep records, and space for the preservation of the work in our national organization. Perhaps one of the greatest services rendered to our members is through the personal correspondence to and from Headquarters. Do our members ever think of the nature of that correspondence and the cost—the tremendous cost—to maintain such a service department?"

    Right! They have the cost of keeping enough drugs to make themselves calm enough not to break out laughing when they go to the bank. But I am not averse to learning what some real Rosicrucians have learned.

    Now you will have reason to say Jesus was a Vampire and even a Nos Feratu or one level less than a person who can shares his knowledge with apostles through his touch. Yes, an enlightenment can occur occasionally without a touch or bite (kidding - sort of). I have known the Goth types who think they are vampires and spoke with them about what I know. I chuckle thinking about it. I have written a book (semi-fiction) called The Nos Feratu. One time the person almost turned as white as a succubus just from talking to me, we had met many times before, and I think word went around because a bunch of these people started coming around like I was an attraction.

    If a person is perfect it is like a hologram and the knowledge in every atom is also perfect - but even the people who can de-materialize are not 100% perfect -though they are as close as it gets if they can take every atom to another dimension or level of consciousness. This site (like most Christian or religious sites) calls it Divine. That is fine if they mean something which I call Divine. You might see Divine as a personality - I do not. But an entity with the ability to think - that is at the end of growth in the next realm - as I see it. We have numerous threads here where science broaches consciousness in this realm as well as harnessing the collective. These things are real! But you are right to think you'll believe it when you see it, to paraphrase a book by Wayne Dyer.

    "The Divine by Aurora's Son

    All of our rituals, practices, and studies are intended to lead us to one thing: Communion with the Divine. There are many ways of looking at both of these terms but through the rituals I see a valid praxis, of actually seeing these terms in a spiritual technology, a way of recognition with All That Is. So how does one teach a concept that there is no physical proof or corollary to? (Notice I did not say any physical manifestation of.) How does an Initiate begin to understand the subtle communication between what is called The One and the Individual? And what is the practical value of this Communion?"
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