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Thread: Quantum Jumping

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    Quantum Jumping

    I just saw an ad here for another use or abuse of Occult techniques. I agree with the person in the following blog who compares it with The Secret. More insane it may seem but it might help (or it will hurt) in some cases.

    There is an element of new technology in Futurescape where Kaku talks about things which these guys are misappropriating or lying when they say Kaku uses it I think. Remember Tony Robbins gets $100,000 for a week or so of Firewalking training. If they actually taught what Don Juan taught Carlos and Nestor I might see it another way and I confess I have little more than the web research to go on.

    There is a person talking about an alternate universe type of occurrence and I admit I had occasion to hear a believable story which would fit that person's illustration - either that or Time dimensional shifting by miraculous intervention.
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    Noam Chomsky's 'Manufacturing Consent':

    When Chomsky speaks about "thought control in a democratic society" is he properly called a Conspiracy Theorist? Is there a real plan that our leaders have? Does it go as far as what FDR said when he noticed 'If it happened, it was planned'? As I often say throughout all my books - 'If there is no plan; we need one. Let's make it a plan or conspiracy based on Love.' Chomsky was the educational and psychological guru for many years before he got a conscience after seeing the way his Neuro-Linguistic-Programming was used by government agencies and the medical model. He may not yet be telling the truth of what he knows about these things. Maybe he is not aware of the applications in conjunction with the work of Dr. Michael Persinger but in listening to his speeches a couple of times I say he is very much aware of the underlying ethos that rules our world.


    This is an entry from one volume of my Encyclopedia. The mind and the soul have ways of integrating that we have carried on a great length about under diverse entries such as Thalami, Aum (Om) and wholistic medical advances or Cancer cures. Under magnetism we mentioned Mesmer who is considered the 'Father of Hypnosis' by many. Hypnosis is just another way to achieve an altered state of consciousness like meditation or good sex. Like many avenues to the soul and away from the control of those who would keep us in the dark and treat us like mushrooms (feeding us the excrement of animals they think are as low as 'they' truly are); hypnotism has suffered the attacks of many well-respected 'experts'. It has shown it has validity and value despite this often frontal assault on what actually 'works'! The power of positive thinking became a major part of the culture and self-help genre in the 70s and it is a form of hypnosis sometimes.

    "Hypnosis is a level of consciousness that is being neither awake nor asleep. Hypnosis is a state of heightened suggestibility normally characterized by focused or concentrated attention and often bodily relaxation. Music, focusing on deep breathing, isolation tanks, meditation, focusing on a word such as 'calm' over and over, running, massage, saunas, even warm baths can alter consciousness. {Fasting can accentuate any INTENT, as well.}

    Any atmosphere that encourages imagery can alter consciousness. This may include:
    *The scent of burning incense
    *Lighting effects with flickering candles in darkness, stained glass windows
    *Emotion-arousing music, repetitive sounds, chanting
    *Symbolism with specific architectural designs, decor with pictures and ornate carvings, robes, etc.
    *Point of fixation such as an altar, picture, candle flame, or cross
    *Ceremony with certain rituals
    *Sermon with repetitive ideas or sounds and specific voice inflections
    *Silent meditation with eyes closed, focusing attention away from the outer world to the inner world of the mind

    Any and all of these factors {Plus repetitive propaganda and peer expectation.} may aid the creation of an altered state of consciousness, which some people call the superconscious state of a 'higher self' state. The unfortunate fact is that this state also is capitalized on by more than 5,000 cults in America, which exploit followers under the guise of healing, personal growth, and self-actualization.

    My most memorable show of the eighties was at the Pacific National Exhibition (PNE) in Vancouver, British Columbia. We held 33 evening concerts in 17 days. More than 50,000 people saw our presentations with up to 5,000 spectators at a single performance. The shows were done on a huge stage that was often over-crowded even though it could hold more than 200 people.

    The expectancy of the crowd reached the point where I could walk on stage and within
    seconds have 50 to 100 people collapse in seconds and fall to the floor. All I had to do was go to the center of the stage, look over the entire crowd, raise my right hand and simultaneously drop it, and in a commanding voice shout 'Sleep'. This was a quick way to get the show moving, and that was important for full entertainment impact. The audience couldn't get enough of the show and enjoyed the humor the volunteers' antics created much more than how the actual hypnosis worked." (7)
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    Is a flash of illumination also a dimensional information link? If so maybe this poem inspired by a cat I met after learning I could experience mind-reading while in jail for a couple of days at age 20 might apply. I was serving time in order not to pay huge sums of parking tickets. In Toronto that option no longer exists - government needs money to pay for all those great benefits they bestow on us. I had written this poem a long time before I met my most adept lady and she re-drafted the poem with a few changes addressing a re-make I had done after meeting her. She had developed a mountain-climbing sutra.

    Truth is stranger than fiction according to many people who have seen what happens around me and to them, on many occasions. Sometimes I have had others affect me in the same way. This is part of the story told in my article The Man who Loved Jail.

    The Cat:

    the cat meowed and moved slowly out of his way

    he knew it wanted something

    but it didn't come to his outstretched hand

    so he meowed

    she winked

    he felt

    they parted friends

    perhaps never to meet again

    the Earth was pliant under foot

    the trees engulfed his heart

    and took his mind to the tree tops

    so his soul could feel, forever

    the timeless beauty and purpose of life

    ~ the relative unimportance of his human fears

    and frailty

    she stood next to him

    in a place far away from the cat and the trees

    in a town where spirituality is raised to a new low

    he felt the cat's friendship and wisdom

    he knew how unimportant his worries were, and the roots

    of the tree...

    seemed to tie their feet

    entwined; lovingly

    with certainty and timelessness

    he awaits the mountain top with excited anticipation

    still fearful, he might fall

    ~yet fully confident

    in its rightness
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    This story comes to me from a spy expert in linguistics and code breaking who is finding my work to be the best glimpse of truth he has ever seen.

    His grandmother and father arrived 15 minutes after the accident which took place many hours away.

    In 1943ish my grandmother called my father at work leaving a message with the receptionist that my brother, Fred, had been hurt in an accident and that he should return home and pick her up immediately. When he got there she was sitting on the stoop with her purse in her lap wearing her formal hat. She reached the car before it completely stopped and got in facing forward and saying nothing as my dad started on the six hour trek to the farm where Fred was spending his summer.

    He tried to engage her in conversation querying who had called her... the farm? The hospital? Her only answer was to drive to the farm and HURRY!

    Five plus hours later they turned into the lane that led through acres of farmland separated by deep ditches on either side of the dirt road. She screamed to stop the car!

    Fred was pinned under a tractor in the ditch to their left, his pelvis crushed, unconscious and bleeding out from a severed femoral artery. They took him to the emergency room of the nearby hospital, my grandmother keeping pressure on the wound.

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    Chris and I have spent a week communicating about reality versus ego and power. He has been a scientist and open minded. In short I find a kindred spirit. Here is what he has to say.

    I agree... and the most current thought concurs that there is no constant... nor is one needed... dimensional manipulation IS the key to effectively traveling beyond our light speed limits. These limits are local to our dimension...

    You may be the most fascinating individual I've run across, on-line or anywhere else...

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