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    Quantum Jumping

    I just saw an ad here for another use or abuse of Occult techniques. I agree with the person in the following blog who compares it with The Secret. More insane it may seem but it might help (or it will hurt) in some cases.

    There is an element of new technology in Futurescape where Kaku talks about things which these guys are misappropriating or lying when they say Kaku uses it I think. Remember Tony Robbins gets $100,000 for a week or so of Firewalking training. If they actually taught what Don Juan taught Carlos and Nestor I might see it another way and I confess I have little more than the web research to go on.

    There is a person talking about an alternate universe type of occurrence and I admit I had occasion to hear a believable story which would fit that person's illustration - either that or Time dimensional shifting by miraculous intervention.
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