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Thread: Bible Frauds

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    Bible Frauds

    I especially like the quote from Edgar Allen Poe in beginning this treatise on the Apocrypha; which I think deserve the equal place that the Catholics are said to have given them since the 1600s.

    Here is a quote from this Catholic propaganda which seeks to maintain they are the judges of what is inspired or from G_d.

    "Both Judith and Tobit contain historical, chronological and geographical errors. The books justify falsehood and deception and make salvation to depend upon works of merit... Ecclesiasticus teaches that giving of alms makes atonement for sin (3:3), and in I Maccabees there are historical and geographical errors." 3

    The apocryphal books neither make the claim that they are inspired of God, nor is there evidence that Christ or any of the apostles regarded the writings with such authority:"

    YES! There it is in black and white we have the salvation deceit fostered in Pauline Christology or Roman empire building. YOU must turn over to your priesthood all hope of Salvation and not perform "good acts" or what they call "works of merit". As to other errors - the historical and geographical - come on! Don't give them your alms either. If you feel the need give to a worthwhile venture like treatment for pedophilia victims or women raped by priesthoods (the numbers are staggering in every sect of this cult).

    "[I often get] the feeling that the very concept of objective truth is fading out of the world... I am willing to believe that history is for the most part inaccurate and biased, but what is peculiar to our age is the abandonment of the idea that history could be truthfully written. In the past people deliberately lied, or they unconsciously coloured what they wrote, or they struggled after the truth, well knowing that they must make many mistakes; but in each case they believed that 'the facts' existed and were more or less discoverable."
    - George Orwell from Looking Back on the Spanish War

    I can argue that it isn't just esoteric knowledge or black ops and spy rings that are keeping knowledge away from the citizens of this world. I can even go so far as to say most knowledge is kept away from people on purpose. The Family Compact in Ontario flat out admitted they did not want people to really be educated, because it makes it harder to govern them. That was in the nineteenth century when it was not so easy to fleece people for their taxes and corporations did not have their present immortal status and greater rights than people. We are experiencing something far beyond the Literary Theory that Professor Graham Good talks about or what Marshall McLuhan knew about secret societies running the world. It is more than just the Knowledge Filter that Professor Philip Johnson speaks about. Zinn, Parenti and many more know that academia is like the Emperor that has no clothes. I have experienced the matter first hand in many more ways than the nit-picking racist fundamentalists who are always trying to beat back the truth.

    A web site called Undernet has this introduction to a few books including my first book Diverse Druids after placing a number of positively portrayed normative Bible Narrative histories in various segments or genres of study. "Pseudo-Archaeology and Pseudo-Science (Buyer Beware: All of the following books have been placed in this pseudo-section because they offering alternative views of science or archaeology which irreconcilably conflict with standard scientific thought. Do not be surprised by bad science, bad sources, poor reasoning or all of the above.)" (1)

    This is my response to a person asking if I read Cremo's masterwork which is also put under the same heading. He is in a group of open-minded people who are interested in what is called paranormal.

    I did not read Forbidden Archaeology but I read Hidden History completely - it is the shorter version. His facts are from the actual scientific record and there may be a couple that are wrong but he has a valid point of view; albeit one that is backed by Hindu propaganda.

    This Undernet place is a Euro-centric and Xian mindset.

    It has books that promote the Cradle of Civilization or Bible Narrative in all the top sections. Then it has the attack on Michael Moore mixed in - George W. Bush would be proud. I posted this on Machine Gun [email protected] communities and explained the way psy-ops affects the herd mentality through this kind of Perception Management. The denizens of that site did the lynch mob thing to me. It is little different than what was done to people supporting emancipation ideology for blacks in recent decades. They are afraid to think for themselves or they say they don't have time to inform themselves. Will mankind start questioning their leaders in the near future?
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    Thomas Paine and The Gospels

    "Paine knew that Christianity was not a new or unique religion, and declared that if Jesus had intended to found a new religion he would have written the system himself. He was willing to admit that Jesus might have been an actual character, although he had found no historical corroboration of the fact. When he compared the conflicting accounts of the genealogy of Jesus by Matthew and Luke, their discrepancies convinced him that this genealogy, instead of being a solemn truth, "is not even a reasonable lie." If these two Apostles started the history of Jesus with a palpable falsehood, "what authority is there for believing the strange things they tell us afterwards?" As for the four Gospels, he was convinced that they were not written by the persons to whom they are ascribed, as not even the names of their authors were known at the time the New Testament was assembled.

    Thomas Paine was also a deep student of astronomy. When he considered the immensity of space and the vast number of worlds and solar systems encompassed therein, he failed to understand how "the Almighty, who had millions of worlds equally dependent upon His protection, should quit the care of all the rest, and come to die in our world because, they say, one man and one woman had eaten one apple." Although he was unable to accept the Jewish or Christian concept of God, he still called himself a Deist. But the God he worshipped was the "First Cause eternally existing, of a nature totally different to any material existence we know of, and by the power of which all things exist." As Space is beginningless and endless, could God be less than Space? As Time is beginningless and endless, could God be less than Time? The Christian faith, in which God is presented as a limited Being, seemed to him to be a "species of Atheism -- a sort of religious denial of God."

    Thomas Paine believed that this Universe is governed by immutable Law. A miracle, therefore, was inconceivable. "Unless we know the whole extent of nature's laws," he argued, "we are not able to judge whether anything that may appear miraculous to us be within, or contrary to her natural power of acting." Hence the "miraculous birth" of Jesus appeared to him as an "obscene humbug," and he decried the sort of faith built upon such a premise.

    Thomas Paine's own faith was centered in the belief of a First Cause eternally existing and of a Universe governed by Law, while his religion was summarized in his famous sentence: My country is the world, and my religion is to do good. As his religion transcended the formal professions of any cult or sect, he refused to accept the creed of any Church. "My mind is my church," he said, "and churches are but human inventions, set up to enslave mankind and monopolize power and profit."

    The expression of such thoughts as these caused Thomas Paine to be called an infidel. Christian writers have claimed that he died a drunkard, that on his death-bed he confessed his error in attacking religious dogma, but these lies have long since been disproved. A splendid vindication of Paine as a temperate man to the day of his death, and as one who maintained his philosophic convictions to the last, is to be found in the works of Robert G. Ingersoll. Paine maintained that infidelity "does not consist in believing, or in disbelieving." It consists in professing to believe what one does not actually believe. Paine showed from history the record of the Christian Church and boldly asserted that 'however unwilling the partisans of the Christian system may be to believe or acknowledge it, it is nevertheless true that the age of ignorance commenced with the Christian system. There was more knowledge in the world before that period than for many centuries afterward.'" (1)

    Paine was an alchemist and inventor like Count Rumford. He is claimed as a leading light now by three countries but Rumford is claimed by none except perhaps Bavaria which is no more. I rue the day that this kind of lying became the norm. And there is only one way that Theosophy (From whom the above quote comes.) can claim he was one of their members or lineage and that is through alchemy as I see it. They talk about adepts behind the scenes and claim these adepts were part of their secret group but they did not even exist (Unless you believe they are part of the Chain of Ascended Masters).
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    Religion as a tool of commerce and the elite is well established in the oppressive doctrine called Manifest Destiny as well as the more recent Rerum Novarum. It makes me chuckle to see the complaint of Roger Williams who founded Rhode Island to get 'away from' the kind of thing the Indians suffered under - far, far and indeed the farthest imaginable 'away from' from is what we all should strive to allow. It raises mercantile progress above all else and the Yanomami in Brazil are being genocidally dealt with under this doctrine to this very day. Here is a little from a book titled Manifest Destiny and the words of Roger Williams to see if you can find humor in the situation.

    "... the primary test for full citizenship became membership in the Puritan church. Within these limits-and they were narrow, for the Puritans did not tolerate differences of religious opinion-Massachusetts practiced self-government free from outside control... More important, such access gave energetic Puritan merchants an opportunity to join in the profitable trade which grew up between America, the West Indies and Great Britain. {Which included slavery and other immoral rip-offs of natives who had helped them.}

    Not everyone found the tight Puritan rule of Massachusetts to his liking. Roger Williams was one of those who resisted the strict standards of religious orthodoxy for citizenship... After a bitter dispute with the ruling oligarchy {Eastern Establishment of today.} in Massachusetts, Williams was forced to flee and he organized a new colony at Providence, Rhode Island. In 1644 Williams obtained a charter for the colony of Rhode Island, The new colony's liberality was well described in the vigorous seventeenth-century prose of Williams himself: 'We have long drunk the cup of as great liberties as any people we can hear of under the whole of heaven. We have not only been long free... from the iron yoke of wolfish bishops, and Popish ceremonies... We have not felt the new chains of Presbyterian tyrants, nor in this colony have we been consumed with the over-zealous fire of (so-called) godly Christian Magistrates.'" (3)

    I will stifle my disgust at the way power-mongers indulge ego and immoral duplicity in their constant need to dominate.

    "In order to properly grasp the spirit in which this book is written, it is necessary to remember that though it is not altogether an Indian story, it has an Indian background. The considering attitude towards all nature which appears throughout the work, is best explained by a quotation from John G. Guilford's Story of the Seminole War.

    "'The meaning of sovereignty is not very clear to primitive peoples, especially to the Indian. He rarely dominated the things around him; he was a part of nature and not its boss.' Hewitt says of the Indian:'

    'In his own country... he is a harmonious element in a landscape that is incomparable in its nobility of colour and mass and feeling of the Unchangeable. He never dominates it as does the European his environment, but belongs there as do the mesas, skies, sunshine, spaces and the other living creatures. He takes his part in it with the clouds, winds, rocks, plants, birds and beasts, with drum beat and chant and symbolic gesture, keeping time with the seasons, moving in orderly procession with nature, holding to the unity of life in all things, seeking no superior place for himself but merely a state of harmony with all created things... the most rhythmic life... that is lived among the races of men.' This viewpoint is not peculiar to people of native blood but it is often found in those other races who have resided for many years in the wilderness." (4)

    The behind the scenes brokers of power like Pierre DuPont de Nemours and Eli Lilly or the Rothschilds and Rockefellers of the Merovingians are seen as supporters of much of the alternative history and humanistic efforts made in various times or eras of our history. DuPont arranged the Armistice to satisfy his relative King George who some say financed the US War of Independence and needed to get his debt repaid. My brother Russ tells me the Queen's Rangers who became the Queen's York Rangers he was part of in Toronto; felt they could have beaten Washington's army who they outnumbered even without British troops. Then we saw the DuPonts start the armaments industry in America and the rest, as they say, is history. This is what Manifest Destiny is really all about and it has little to do with the theological ideology of Divine Providence and the ascending nature of man's evolution. You might know Sam Houston retired to live with the Cherokee after his stint in the halls of political intrigue.
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    ABRAHAM: - The Biblical character Abraham is of primary importance in a complex of religions lead by the Judaeo/Christian/Islamic labels. He has been attributed with great wisdom and yet he behaved in atrocious ways. It is likely that there was more than one Abraham who made up this truly awesome fable. Abraham Eleazor may have had great wisdom and some of his feats may have been incorporated into the persona or image of Abraham the Patriarch of a large family of Ur/Chaldean people who moved and later conquered other territories due (in part) to the baby-factory or harems he initiated.

    There was a time when many Europeans took it as fact that humanity had almost no real ability or value before the Sumerian culture and these patristic animals became ascendant. The truth is clear now, yet most people cling to the old paradigm in one of its regenerations. The cave man ideology was founded on improper reassembling of bones that archaeologists found in the Neanderthal Valley. Alley Oop and all the images of these cavemen beating women with clubs was really a projection of the kind of unsoulful and disgusting behavior Abraham and his progeny have foisted upon society-at-large for about 5,000 years of what James Joyce properly calls a 'nightmare'.

    I think the 'Dark Ages' began shortly after the Trojan World War and has been ascendant throughout the world for the last 3,000 years. It is time to re-evaluate our collective behavior and value systems to the point where we realize the 'cave men' of the egalitarian roots of mankind when women were the equal of men, were actually our ethical superior. It is time to throw off the shackles of ego that made Euro-centric or other Scales of Nature and historical 'realities'. Is it time to recognize the cycles of human existence have included those who were even more advanced than we are today? Technologically, it is possible, and we have already touched upon why we think it is no more absurd to suggest this than the paradigm's insistence on our ascendant science that is often proven wrong. We've touched upon the isolated and highly certain DNA of the Mungo Man, who is not related to any others on earth among the human family today. Where did they come from, or go to? Why did they teach us and then leave us to be lead along this path of misogynistic war and prejudice? Was the Hobbit that is shown on nearby Flores Island as much capable of modern thought as a recent research report indicates? (1)

    The Use and Abuse of Mysticism in the Song of Songs:

    The incorporation of Aristotelian thought into the dogma of Catholicism was not the first attempt to have alchemy co-opted or hermeneutically imbued into the whole system of thought. The fact that Aquinas did this under the tutelage of a Dominican Bishop who is regarded as the forbear of Goethe and Illuminized thought has not escaped me. Frater Albertus Magnus is a name still to be reckoned with in the present day as a person by that name heads the International Alchemical group in Salt Lake City. The fact that Melchizedek and Solomon or others in the family of Jesus are adept esotericists and alchemists should not surprise any real scholar. But let us assume Jesus had good intentions and later scriptural or priestly manipulators sought to bring his real and deep understanding more completely into the Christian model of spiritual growth. Here is a report from Pelikan about a fraud or attempt to do this which was accepted as church dogma for a millennium until the Thomist ideologues made the great furtherance of this under the Jesuit teaching system.

    "... can all be traced to Proclus, the great systematizer of Neoplatonism in the fifth century C.E.; and through him much of it goes back to Plotinus, and ultimately even to Plato himself. Although both Plotinus and Proclus were critics of Christianity, they also owed much to it; {Which might have to do with Christianity having borrowed much from the school of thought they were part of.} and, in turn, their Christian opponents shared much of their Neoplatonism with them, especially these very elements of the mystical vision.

    Therefore it did not come as a shock when, in the sixth century, there appeared a corpus of Greek writings that seemed to have blended Christian and Neoplatonic elements almost indiscriminately and that bore the name of Dionysius the Areopagite. This Dionysius was, in the report of the Acts of the Apostles, the only man named together with the women who 'joined and believed' {Thus it is likely that the Dianistic or people who saw what was happening to women in the behemoth of Constantinism were motivated to try to correct things a little.} at Athens in response to the preaching of the apostle Paul; {Today there are many scholars who say the Epistles to Timothy once thought to be the work of Paul are not the work of Paul.} by the second century he seems to have been known as the first bishop of the Christian church at Athens; in the sixth century he suddenly produced this massive collection of Christian Neoplatonic speculations; and in the ninth century he came to be identified with Saint Denis, patron saint of France and third-century bishop of Paris.(5) {Eusebius is mentioned in his Biblio. Eusebius is a merchant and purchaser of the bishopric of Paris, I believe. The matter of intrigue from far away Turkey and the Basilidae there who are part of the Semites like Sargon requires more research on my part but I suspect this is another example of the Benjaminite/Maccobean/Elephantine/Rothschild/De Medicis continuum and their desires at work.} Certified as it was with such impressive and all-but-apostolic credentials, the thought of Pseudo-Dionysius was accepted as authentic almost without dissent in the sixth century, and it retained its authoritative position, again almost without dissent, for an entire millennium, not being seriously challenged until the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries." (6)

    There is no question as to Plato being a noble and an alchemist. The matter of his connection to the Sargon lineage and Hyksos in Egypt where his relative Critias was a priest is interesting. For a certainty I do find the esoteric precursor to Hegelian dialectic by these alchemists does exist. I would refer a serious researcher to the chortling done by Fulcanelli about the inculcation of alchemic rituals and symbols into Christendom that can be found in his book on the Cathedrals which the Templars did build atop Druidic or pagan sites.

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    "Although Pseudo-Dionysius was undoubtedly the source for much of it, a major inspiration of Christ-mysticism was the interpretation of the Song of Songs (or Song of Solomon{Key to study by Masons today}) as a Christian allegory. As most scholars would agree today, be they Jewish or Roman Catholic or Protestant, the Song was originally a poem celebrating the love between man and woman. But throughout its history it has in fact been read allegorically, and it may even be that it came into the Jewish canon that way. Defending its canonicity at the council of Jamnia in 90 C.E., which stabilized the canon of the Hebrew Bible, the celebrated Rabbi Aqiba declared: 'The whole world is not worth the day on which the Song of Songs was given to Israel, for all the Scriptures are holy, but the Song of Songs is the Holy of Holies.' From this interpretation comes the rule promulgated by the rabbis: 'He who trills his voice in chanting the Song of Songs in the banquet house and treats it as a sort of song has no part in the world to come." (7)
    Such is the nature of exclusionary elitism so prevalent in this foul cultus along with its fellow Judaeo/Christian/Islamic kin that continue to breed Armageddon and Rapture end games and wars, as if that is somehow what G-d might want.

    The Occultation or Usurpation of Religion and the Zohar:

    "An English version of the Zohar, a guiding text of Jewish mysticism, offers new insights.
    - By David van Biema
    -TIME Magazine: April 19, 2004 issue

    The road winds like a Talmudic discourse, first one way and then another, up toward Daniel Matt's home in the Berkeley, California, hills. 'There's a more direct route that my wife likes', admits Matt, 53. 'But I find this one more interesting.'

    That's not surprising. Matt is embarked on a solo journey through one of the most influential - and maddeningly difficult - works in the history of religious literature. After six years of his labor, Stanford University Press has published the first two books of his translation of the Zohar, the wellspring of Jewish mysticism, or Cabala. He will do nine more volumes, all rendered from the Zohar's original Aramaic. The work has received ecstatic advance reviews ('A superbly fashioned translation and a commentary that opens up the Zohar to the English-speaking world', blurbed lit-crit colossus Harold Bloom), and two weeks ago it won a $10,000 Koret Jewish Book Award for 'monumental contribution to the history of Jewish thought'. Beneath the praise runs an undercurrent of awe that someone was crazy enough to take on the job.

    The Zohar's elusiveness dates to its appearance in the Spanish region of Castile around 1280. Written in Aramaic, a language Jews had not composed in for centuries, the book was attributed to a great rabbi of a millennium earlier. But in fact, in the 1930s scholars determined that it was penned by one Moses de Leon and his associates in the 13th century.

    De Leon had every reason to fake his work's pedigree: the Zohar was far too radical to be accepted without a fabricated imprimatur. An utterly original 1,800-page mix of Torah commentary, parody, erotic poetry, numerology and experimental narrative devices, it crams some 400 subplots into a Chaucer-like {Chaucer is an alchemist too.} tale of a band of traveling sages. The book's form alone, says Matt, is 'a challenge to the normal workings of consciousness.'

    Its theology is wilder still - nothing less than the division of God's personality, which Judaism had always seen as a unity, into 10 interacting emanations, two of them female. One of these, the Shekhinah, was the Zohar's obsession, the portal through which it pulled believers willy-nilly into the divine drama. Only their prayer and good deeds could save her from hordes of demons and effect her mystic marriage to God's male aspect, a reunion described in sometimes erotic detail. 'Without arousal below', de Leon noted, 'there is no arousal above.'

    Remarkably, his book caught on. By 1600 the Jewish world saw the Zohar as its third holiest text, preceded only by the Bible and the Talmud. Cabalistic study and meditation flourished, and zoharic principles formed the basis of Hasidic Judaism. The Zohar's use faded as Judaism absorbed the just-the-facts influence of the European Enlightenment, but it left behind dramatic mementos such as the Bar Mitzvah coming-of-age celebration and the gorgeous Friday-evening song welcoming God's "Sabbath bride". The Zohar also informs the current Cabalistic resurgence, so fascinating to Jews and spiritual adventurers like Madonna. And this created new demand for an authoritative English version.

    Enter Matt. By 1995 he had taught Jewish mysticism at the university level, written a book comparing Cabala and scientific cosmology, and translated some Zohar excerpts. Nevertheless he was stunned when Margot Pritzker, wife of the chairman of the Hyatt Corp., who was studying the book, offered to bankroll a full translation. 'I told her, optimistically, that it might take 18 years', Matt says. 'And she said, 'You're not scaring me.''

    The result is not for everybody. From its opening, an extended discourse on the image of a rose in the Song of Songs ("Just as a rose has 13 petals, so Assembly of Israel has 13 qualities of compassion on every side"), the first volume only plunges further into esoterica. Matt's commentary, which offers tidbits about ancient water clocks and the silkworm's arrival in Spain, along with his exegesis of mystical concepts, is often twice as long as his translation. Yet there are those eager to use it. Says Samuel Cohon, a Tucson, Arizona, rabbi who has ordered 40 copies at his congregants' request: 'I thought; 'It'll be too hard'. But there's a great desire to get at the source. If this is a profound text, then let's see why.'

    Matt still has the slightly dazed look of an Ahab whose white whale has arrived un-hunted. He hopes to finish his task by age 70. It's not time that he will regret. 'When I wake up, it's all I want to do', he says. 'I feel like I'm inside De Leon's mind now. I know the tricks he's up to. And he's a genius. This is the most astounding book in Judaism.' It is a judgment his own work makes even clearer." (7)

    I am open to the possibility that the knowledge or tricks he finds are in the Zohar and De Leon's mind are long-standing knowledge systems which had been kept secret by the likes of the Tartessians of Spain and Southern France in a line of schools going back to pre-Christian eras. I have many inter-connections which have been made in other books and we have again touched a few of them in regards to the Templars and Rennes-le-Chateau in this book.
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    Jesus said: "If your leaders say to you, 'Look, the kingdom is in heaven, then the birds of heaven will precede you. If they say to you, 'It is in the sea,' then the fish will precede you. Rather, the kingdom is inside you and it is outside you. When you know yourselves, then you will be known, and you will understand that you are the children of the living father. But if you do not know yourselves, then you dwell in poverty, and you are poverty.’” (From The Gospel of Thomas found in Dag Hammadi in the postwar period.)

    “Do not put yourself in front of your Self.” – Mayan saying.

    "All of us are born for a reason, but all of us don't discover why. Success in life has nothing to do with what you gain in life or accomplish for yourself. It's what you do for others." - Danny Thomas

    "I'm sorry, but I don't want to be an emperor. That's not my business. I don't want to rule or conquer anyone. I should like to help everyone if possible - Jew, Gentile - black man - white." - Charlie Chaplin, born the same year as Hitler.

    "The other shape, If shape it might be call'd, that shape had none, Distinguishable in member, joint, or limb; Or substance might be call'd that shadow seem'd; For each seem'd either; black it stood as night, Fierce as ten furies, terrible as Hell, And shook a dreadful dart; what seem'd his head The likeness of a kingly crown had on. Satan was now at hand; and from his seat The monster, moving onward, came as fast With horrid strides; Hell trembled as he strode." -- John Milton

    “Reality is a shared Hallucination.” – Howard Bloom

    "I have had dreams, and I have had nightmares. I overcame the nightmares because of my dreams." - Dr. Jonas Salk Discovered The First Vaccine Against Polio

    “Fear not, nor be dismayed at the appearance that is darkness, at the disguise that is evil, at the empty cloak that is death, for you have picked these for your challenges. They are the stones on which you choose to whet the keen edge of your spirit. Know that ever about you stands the reality of love, and each moment you have the power to transform your world by what you have learned.”One by Richard Bach who is the son of Marcus Bach and the erudite knowledge which came therefrom is in all of his books.

    "Every Cause has its Effect; every Effect has its Cause; everything happens according to Law; Chance is but a name for Law not recognized; there are many planes of causation, but nothing escapes the Law." - The Kybalion

    “What things soever ye desire, when ye pray believe that ye received them, and ye shall have them.” – Mark 11: 24 quoting Jesus see also Psalms 82: 6 and John 10: 34

    Speaking at the meeting of the IMF in the year 2000, Vaclav Havel emphasised that the “the crucial task is to fundamentally strengthen a system of universally shared moral standards that will make it impossible, on a truly global scale, for the various rules to be time and again circumvented with still more ingenuity than had gone into their invention.”

    “Art is a dialogue we have always carried out with the unknown. We have come to distinguish the contours of the unknown through the unconscious, through religion and magic and we may soon begin to understand such totally modern emotions as the feeling that we belong to the future, that our civilization is the sum of others.” – Andre Malraux.

    The urge to save humanity is almost always a false front for the urge to rule. - H.L. Mencken

    "The clergy converted the simple teachings of Jesus into an engine for enslaving mankind and adulterated by artificial constructions into a contrivance to filch wealth and power to themselves...these clergy, in fact, constitute the real Anti-Christ.” – Thomas Jefferson

    Aristotle referred to happiness as the most we can achieve. Demons and gods were interchangeable in the time of Homer when people had far less institutionalized manipulation of their thoughts and soulful understandings. If mankind doesn't get these hallucinations or CONstructs out of the ether and away from the dreams that ordinary people can be affected by - will mankind ever shake the hold of cults and religion? The supposed quote from Jesus above is what Futurescape says machines can allow us to do now. We can "manifest" reality or "creatively realize" what occurs. The people controlling the machines will have more power than all the priests of antiquity.
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    And as Paine said Christianity is a limited belief or faith in God. So maybe Brenda and others of her "limited" ego-driven anthropormophing appeal to ignorance might better understand why those who know All that IS - nature; can only cringe to hear the phrase don't YOU believe in G-d?

    Even funnier is the so-called MONO-theism with over 2,000 in the Heavenly Host and getting more populated every day it seems. Do we have the Pope who admitted supporting Hitler as a saint yet? It is more pantheistic than any major religion.

    Then we have the immaculate conception fraud. It was a fraud 300 and more years earlier when another member of the elite families was declared the 'only begotten' - Plato.

    We have Hittite tablets telling the Moses (another mere title - it means leader) baby in the bulrushes story from a millennium before his arrival. There sure is a lot of Bull. The Catholic (actually it is just Rome and Empire) legacy denied the existence of an older brother when they sell that stuff. Their agent Paul (a gay man) is fingered as the main plotter in an assassination attempt on James who may also have had a twin named Thomas. They did not know we would find the Gospel of Thomas and were counting on their agents to get rid of all things which did not fit their lie. But in any event Mother Mary had many children before virgin birthing.

    That brings us to Mithras and the date we see Christmas being celebrated. So turn that other cheek as you take out your knife to get the person next to you to give up their eye. I don't want to show the faithful (Leviticus) passages that recommend eating babies and other human sacrifices by Abraham's Lot. OOPS - then there is dear old Lot. Damned sinners! Sin = Self Inflicted Nonsense. Can you imagine having fun in Sodom and Gomorrah was forbidden by your leaders and considered blasphemy or worse? I think England finally removed the Blasphemy Laws in 1955 or thereabouts. Spain was still doing Inquisitions in the 19th C. And the sexual tools of that trade were numerous with lots of peeping Toms.

    Believe me there is nothing stated in the Bible which is not contradicted in the Bible. New to New and Old to Old. I could carry on this stuff for weeks. What a waste of time - studying that vile and pornographic woman hating book! But as a study of human gullibility and mind control - it is THE best.

    It will behoove anyone to learn about the term Christian and study IXOYE and other matters.

    The extent of idiocy and lack of research or the abuse of myths does astound me occasionally. Yes, the Nephilim and Elohim et al can be connected to the Illuminati - the illuminati wrote the Bible when the so-called Diaspora was going on. See recent archaeology disproving that myth. Yes, they probably used the alien origin all over the place on numerous occasions and whatever else worked too. But those who need to believe in the Bible and these myths are now saying the Illuminati want to re-create Giant Nephilim through some genetic program and that they have proof. Yes, I have dealt with the genetic programs throughout history but that does not make the giants into aliens. Did you know science will soon be able to transfer or replace your head? Jesus H Christ these people need a head transplant!

    The Lost Tribes of Israel | Terrorism and the Illuminati

    ... other, and have included among them many of the leading figures of history. ... as the Nephilim, or “Sons of God”, and were said to have descended to earth ..."

    I have not read the following but it looks like it does explore a lot of relevant matters to our attempt to bring all religion under one roof.

    This is indeed an open-minded and scientific although humorous road to peek into. It includes DNA studies and a skull some want to say is Jesus.
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    Is it fraud when a priest who has studied for many years and knows the Bible is borrowed myths doesn't tell his sheople?

    The figure of Eve is based upon much older mythology and may be traced back to the ancient Mother Goddess or World Mother and the serpent cults of the pre-biblical period. Closer examination of the name ‘Eve’ revealed her serpent origins, for the Hebrew for Eve is havvah, meaning ‘mother of all things,’ but also ‘serpent.’ Likewise, the Arabic words for ‘snake,’ ‘life,’ and ‘teaching,’ are closely related to the word or name “Eve.’

    — Philip Gardiner and Gary Osborn / The Serpent Grail (quoted by Michael Tsarion)

    Here we have words from the author of The Jefferson Bible who counted his separation of church and state initiative as his greatest act or joy. Unfortunately he also understood how it would be circumvented and abused - so he did not get a whole lot of joy.

    Single acts of tyranny may be ascribed to the accidental opinion of a day; but a series of oppressions, begun at a distinguished period and pursued unalterably through every change of ministers, too plainly prove a deliberate, systematic plan of reducing [a people] to slavery.
    Thomas Jefferson

    Now we get input from a very different source - but telling much truth. The Nazis used the occult for nefarious purposes but they would not have had that kind of success if people were knowledgeable. Here it is highlighted but please consider reading more of this vast site.

    "The entire Bible is an extremely powerful subliminal tool full of occult numbers, messages, allegories, and stolen material, which has been corrupted from ancient religions. In addition, this book has been infused with psychic energy and power to instill fear and to make it believable. When one's eyes are opened and one has the necessary knowledge, the *spell* will no longer be effective. The entire underlying theme of the Judeo/Christian Bible is the establishment of the fictitious history of the Jewish people in the mass mind. What the mass mind believes has power and the energy to make manifest in reality as thoughts are energy

    There are vacuum-sealed vaults in the Vatican library containing thousands upon thousands of ancient esoteric books from around the world that have been stolen and hoarded over the years and kept out of public circulation. The Catholic Church, which is the root of the Christian religion, is controlled by a secret society that has abused occult power to enslave the masses. The end goal is the total enslavement of humanity, which they have worked towards relentlessly and ruthlessly.

    All of this has directly affected each and every one of us. Humanity has suffered unnecessarily because of the denial of this knowledge. People have been coerced over the centuries into paying for their own damnation to the tune of billions and billions of dollars to keep this lie prospering and continuing strong. The survival and prosperity of this vicious hoax on humanity requires only ONE thing- A LACK OF KNOWLEDGE!

    Contrary to what most people have been indoctrinated with, Judaism, Christianity and Islam are relatively new religions. Humanity goes back tens of thousands of years. These three have worked relentlessly to keep us from spiritual/occult knowledge and using this power, of which all of us have.

    These so-called "religions" are built upon murder, torture, and lies and the only way any lie of this magnitude can survive is to create more and more lies and destroy the peoples who know the truth. Christianity is nothing more than a program. There is nothing religious or spiritual about it. Millions of people suffer depression, hopelessness, and confusion about life. The soul needs light and very few know this or actively practice the power meditation that will literally "save" their own souls. Because of a lack of knowledge and ignorance of the occult, Humanity as a whole has been placed under a powerful spell using occult power and indoctrinated not to question, concerning these three so-called "religions." This has been reinforced by centuries of Christians being duped into supplying their psychic energy and souls to be channeled into perpetuating this lie, which in the end, will only benefit a select few."

    As this author says (somewhat tongue in cheek) all books of the Bible and this cult are corrupt. Savior = save your ($$)
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    Goliath Gates: Entrance to Famous Biblical Metropolis Uncovered

    Sure They found a marker saying it was Gath or told someone who has lived there since he was a child to say his grandfather said it was what the Bible Narrative says. There have been so many proven frauds (Abraham's Leather Scroll was forged before the first century AD when they did not know about modern dating methods) it is hard to recall any that are not frauds/

    The Egypt Exploration Fund Articles and Memoranda of Incorporation, specified no site would be excavated (meaning it was ok to destroy or pillage) if it did not show promise as proof of the Bible Narrative.

    Thus the probable real Mt. Sinai (an alchemical production site for white powder) was left by Flinders-Petrie - it is Mt. Serabit.

    Thus the main center of Egypt was built over - Memphis.

    Thus Ashkelon which like this site had such large walls and was home to all those people (and they were all related) called Philistine, Pharisee, Ugarite, Phoenician, Palestinian, Levantine, Israelite, Benjaminite, Merovingian, Arimathaean, Milesian, Shardana etc. lived and traded with Hittites (Hatti, Persians, Babylonians, Parthians, Egyptians, Trojans, Hyksos). Fortunately a furniture store (Levitz) owner funded the research that proves what I just wrote and dovetails with research on other sites like Amarna and all along the Way of Horus. There never was an Exodus of all Israelites. There always were new colonial and expeditionary or political ventures.
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    This is a far more important proof than the article authors yet grasp; or media know; and should be heralded on every street corner. It proves the lies of the Bible. In fact all religions do the same thing. They write stories to make people hate some mythical people other than the actual authors of the Scriptures or Gospels. These priests and Popes are the continuing interpreters and liars seeking to gain power and are the elites we should be wary about or careful to challenge on all their lies in history. Again I thank Leon Levy for his courage - and Harvard for keeping it away from the Bible myth making destroyers of facts.

    In an edit on this post about a year and a half after having written it and about a decade after writing far more on point of who the Philistines are and why the Bible Narrative and funds were directed away from the archaeological reality which would prove the Bible wrong in a major way. We have this article on MSN and I draw your attention to the title saying it solves a Bible myth. The title says that but the body of the article makes it clear the Bible authors were scapegoating the Philistines. Ashkelon is a site proving peoples from all over the region (if not the world) met and traded. Rather than the 'uncultured' they are the elite and most cultured. But they did not wish to tell people the elites included among the Jews are smart and wealthy - they tell the story of some poor shepherds to make the poor people they ask alms from and tell lies to - to accept the Philistines were bad and you can trust the priests who warn you about them.The Pharisees get the same bad rap, but they were protectors of the poor and of women throughout both Parthia and the Roman Empire.

    This probably should be placed in the threads about the Phoenicians and Carthage and many other threads.

    Notice the mention of Greece who scholars know was founded by the Danaus or DNN (not just because of Homer). Make special notice of the proof of what i say about bible extremists and their lack of interest in having the truth get out. I knew enough before I started writing about 20 years ago. I had followed this from the first announcement made thirty years ago.

    "Archaeologists appear to have found a cemetery belonging to the Philistines for the first time ever, along with the remains of 200 people who were buried there. And together they might help shed light on one the Bible’s most mysterious people.

    The scientists have said that the members of the Biblical nation didn’t appear to be “philistines” – finding the people buried alongside jewellery and perfumed oil. They will now conduct further tests that could shed yet more light on the maligned people.

    Those discoveries might be enough to make us rethink today’s use of the word philistine, which tends to refer to uncultured people who don’t know enough about the arts.

    "The Philistines have had some bad press, and this will dispel a lot of myths," said Lawrence Stager, an architect who has led the expedition that found the cemetery since 1985.

    Until now, most of our understanding of the Philistines came from the things that they have left behind. But now for the first time we have found their remains.

    "After decades of studying what Philistines left behind, we have finally come face to face with the people themselves," said Daniel M. Master, professor of archaeology at Wheaton College and one of the leaders of the excavation. "With this discovery we are close to unlocking the secrets of their origins."

    The discovery was finally unveiled Sunday at the close of a 30-year excavation by the Leon Levy Expedition, a team of archaeologists from Harvard University, Boston College, Wheaton College in Illinois and Troy University in Alabama.

    The archaeologists kept the discovery a secret for three years until the end of their dig because of a unique hazard of archaeology in modern-day Israel: they did not want to attract ultra-Orthodox Jewish protesters, Mr Master said.

    "We had to bite our tongues for a long time," he said.

    In the past, the ultra-Orthodox have staged demonstrations at excavations where human remains are found, arguing that the remains could be Jewish and that disturbing them would violate a religious prohibition.

    Mr Stager's team dug down about 3 metres (10 feet) to uncover the cemetery, which they found to have been used centuries later as a Roman vineyard.

    Ancient Roman texts shed light first Londoners 2000 years on

    On hands and knees, workers brushed away layers of dusty earth to reveal the brittle white bones of entire Philistine skeletons reposed as they were three millennia ago.

    Decorated juglets believed to have contained perfumed oil were found in graves. Some bodies were still wearing bracelets and earrings. Others had weapons.

    The archeologists also discovered some cremations, which the team say were rare and expensive for the period, and some larger jugs contained the bones of infants.

    "The cosmopolitan life here is so much more elegant and worldly and connected with other parts of the eastern Mediterranean," Stager said, adding that this was in contrast to the more modest village lifestyle of the Israelites who lived in the hills to the east.

    Archaeologists and biblical scholars have long believed the Philistines came from the Aegean region, based on pottery found in excavations of Philistine sites.

    But scholars have debated where exactly in the Aegean region the Philistines came from: mainland Greece, the islands of Crete or Cyprus, or even Anatolia, in modern-day Turkey."
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