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Thread: Are you ready for posthumanity

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    "Toot, TooT, Tootsie, goodbye!!!"

    And will people really keep having kids they don't know how to care for, don't have money to pay for said care, live longer, etc.?

    I really don't need to comment, do I.

    "We are still a decade or two away from the next industrial revolution—one that will brought on by advances in molecular manufacturing, sophisticated AI and advanced robotics—but the early signs are already starting to be felt. According to GOOD magazine, the middle class is disappearing on account of increasing automation. The article quotes MIT economist David Autor who argues that:

    ...a leading explanation for the disappearance of the middle class is "ongoing automation and off-shoring of middle-skilled 'routine' tasks that were formerly performed primarily by workers with moderate education (a high school diploma but less than a four-year college degree)." Routine tasks, he explains, are ones that "can be carried out successfully by either a computer executing a program or, alternatively, by a comparatively less-educated worker in a developing country."

    The culprit, in other words, is technology. The hard truth-and you don't see it addressed in news reports-is that the middle class is disappearing in large part because technology is rendering middle-class skills obsolete.

    People say America doesn't make anything anymore, but that's not true. With the exception of a few short lapses, manufacturing output has been on the rise since the 1980s. What is true is that industrial robots have been carrying ever more of the manufacturing burden on their steely shoulders since they appeared in the 1950s. Today, a Japanese company called Fanuc, Ltd., has industrial robots making other industrial robots in a "lights out" factory. (That's the somewhat unsettling term for a fully automated production facility where you don't need lights because you don't need humans.) That's where we're headed.

    It's not just manufacturing, either. Automated call centers are replacing customer-service agents. Automated checkout stations are replacing grocery-store clerks. When the science of computer vision advances sufficiently, we'll have algorithms, not humans, evaluating X-rays at airport security checkpoints and screening user-generated content for sites like Facebook."

    Good thinking is more relevant than bad prophecies when one looks into the mirror or down the rabbit hole. This author is totally correct about Mayan 2012 not being anything more than more Christian fear-mongering. He raises interesting conjectures based on archetypes and how our thought energy coalesces to create common perspectives in and out of dream state. I see more manipulation of this common perspective or World Mind than he does. I wonder if he would see some of what he says could be done - has already been done by Persinger and the people we see working on these things in Futurescape? His article is dated but he has different sources and does not know the research or philosophical origins of Teilhard's 'templates' and Bucky's 'creative realization'.

    " As we come to see and understand the Singularity Archetype as a roughly formed template of our likely future and not a specific culture-bound prophecy, we find our free will enhanced. We need to be aware of the formed elements of our future–death, taxes, evolutionary transformation–but we also need to recognize the unformed aspects which give us the room to make choices. Recognizing that the future has both formed and unformed elements, we step out of the deterministic world of prophecy and its linear countdown calendars. We also stop getting dazzled and bedazzled by what was chiseled in stone or written in sacred books long ago and far away about a primordial image we can find reflected in our own eyes right now.

    I don’'t claim that my vision and understanding of the Singularity Archetype is the definitive one, or that my mind is entirely free of distorting projections. My request is that you do what you would no doubt do anyway: scan every aspect of what I present about the Singularity Archetype with your penetrating inner truth sense. I believe your inner truth will reveal a holographic image already inside of you. You may discover aspects of the Singularity Archetype I have distorted or failed to locate. If so, your understanding can contribute to bringing the image into sharper focus, an added clarity for which I will be forever grateful.

    The Intensifying Metabolism of Evolution

    The metabolism of the species, and therefore the metabolism of events on this planet, has heated up to a feverish intensity. According to some estimates there are more human beings alive right now than all the human beings that have ever died. The evolutionary process of our species seems to be heading rapidly toward critical mass. Consider how much change has occurred in just the last fifty or one hundred years. The most conservative of predictions is that we are hurtling toward dramatic changes on every level. But how can we contemplate the future development of our own species in a planetary situation that boils over with an infinite array of variables? And how can we possibly transcend the inherent subjectivity of being fully vested members of the species we're trying to contemplate?

    To use the imperfect hologram analogy again, if the whole species is a hologram, the most logical subdivision is the single individual. Each of us is one of six and a half billion pixels comprising the species hologram. But unlike the pixels of a 2D image, each pixel, like each part of a fractal, recapitulates the whole. Switching metaphors to Russian nesting dolls–the largest doll is the species, the next smallest doll would be a single individual and if we open that doll up we find the smallest doll, a single strand of double helix DNA.

    So if an entire species seems like an unwieldy object of contemplation, and DNA seems a bit too minute and hard to unravel in a single book, let'’s speculate about a much more manageable sample, the future of a single individual. One rich source of information about our individual would be biometrics–we could have his DNA analyzed, and ask him to submit to MRIs and every sort of scan and medical test. Maybe we could even get him to accept wearing all sorts of sensors, astronaut style, so we could see how his blood pressure, heart rate, galvanic skin response and so forth fluctuate moment-by-moment. We might find out something very relevant about our individual’'s future, especially if we found something drastically wrong–a terminal disease or a misfiring brain perhaps. However, for reasons we'll discuss later, I am not of the persuasion that believes a human being is reducible to wetware. If I were limited to a single source of information about an individual, I would not consider biometrics to be the most primary. A source of information I would consider primary would be our individual'’s dreams."

    I have no doubt AI and epigenetics and a whole host of integrated systems including Holography or Virtual Reality will get to where they are headed. Question is, does anyone care to make a plan for us redundant lifeforms?

    Soon our brain will grow and we will die much older which more than any other factor including robotics will change humanity according to one line of thought. I see little evidence of this happening as soon as they predict, and I know robotics and other technology can do more than they seem to think.

    "Are we evolving into a NEW type of human? 'Different' species will have evolved by 2050, scientist claims
    This is according to Cadell Last, a researcher at the Global Brain Institute
    Mr. Last claims we will live longer, have kids in old age and rely on robots
    We may also end up spending a large amount of our time in virtual reality
    Huge shift is comparable to the change from apes to humans, he says
    'Your 80 or 100 is going to be so radically different than your grandparents,' he argues. 'The biological clock isn't going to be around forever'."
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    From a friend who read the new research above.

    Technology will allow us to evolve into pollution eating cyborgs that are full time connected to a network of "computers" that are the brains running everything on the planet. That network will BE the New World Order. These pollution eating (us) cyborgs will have technological filters over the respiratory system to filter out and capture impurities and chemicals in the air and convert them into other chemicals these new and "improved" bodies, half man and half machine, can use in their daily function.

    We will also have filters over the eyes and eyes to filter out the dirty and loud noises so prevalent in this new environment in which we will find ourselves. Perhaps we will have technological gills to help us breathe, and webs between our toes and fingers to help us navigate the ever increasing amount of our environment that will be under water.

    As far as a religion goes, it could get worse before it gets better. I have no reason to assume robots will now use the same methods as man of the past to incorporate total control over the masses, and what better method than religion. Perhaps this new religion will have us convinced these robots are the second coming and part of the bigger biblical picture coming to fruition.

    Especially after the Network has poisoned our food and water and air even further than we have poisoned it ourselves.

    Once again, I see a future where we sit like fish in an aquarium looking out into the pseudo world in which we live, a world experienced through our interface with the Network. Much like Skynet in the Terminator... so no, there will be no end to war as a result of the robots taking over the world.

    They will in turn evolve into inter galactic machines much like the cyborg race in Star Trek that travelled the universe assimilating all live in its path... the mechanical collective with a mechanical consciousness programed for survival much like army ants.

    There are possible ways to ensure the aggression or stress does not genetically transfer as the following science assures us; if we make love only when we have been stress free, perhaps. Does this mean aggression in our kinks or ways of making love is not good? Would gestation in gravity free environments for a few hours a week help? When does the information get embedded? Clearly our robots will have genetic or information transfer as they replicate.

    "A father’s stress may directly affect his son’s health.

    In mice, males exposed to repeated psychological stress developed high blood sugar — and so did their unstressed male offspring, researchers report online February 18 in Cell Metabolism. Stress appeared to alter chemical tags on the DNA in a male’s sperm. These epigenetic tweaks were then passed onto male pups, which produced higher levels of blood sugar-generating proteins in their livers than mice sired by unstressed fathers. If the frazzled fathers received daily doses of a drug that blocked stress hormones before mating, their sons’ increased blood sugar was mostly prevented, the team found.

    The results call for further exploration of how a father’s experiences or actions — for example, smoking or exposure to toxins — may impact his children’s health, the scientists say."
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    A friend just sent me this. It is something we have discussed would happen and part of why Jacob's Ladder and the Manchurian Candidate movies are prophetic. Golems were used a couple of millennia ago, and maybe far longer ago what Gene Steinberg is calling hybrids were fact. I say it is likely true but it was not extraterrestrial in origin (except by attunement perhaps). It was the DNN.

    Britain prepared to develop 'killer robots'...

    Killer robots a small step away and must be outlawed, says top UN official...

    I like how they call for a world wide ban, but say Britain reserves the right to have them to defend their troops in the field... LOL.

    From a friend we have this.

    "Have you seen the new AMC series Humans yet?

    I haven't so don't know if its any good or not but AMC original series generally are good. They did Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Walking Dead and other award winning series.

    'Humans' tackles the question of how artificial intelligence will change the way we live, especially if it looks just like us. And how we frame ethical and moral consequences when dealing with technology.

    Here is a link to some blog posts about the series the discuss the deep societal issues that could effect our world if Synths – the highly advanced machines that look exactly like people in AMC’s new drama HUMANS – were a reality.

    You can watch the premiere episode online here...

    Sounds like I'm promoting the program... well, I'm not. It's just I know you're interested in the topic and although this is fiction it still provides some insight into how we think about it societally and culturally.

    There is a new episode on later this evening. Not sure if I'm going to watch it or not being as I've not seen the first two.

    They also do Turn: Washington Spies."

    I did tune in to Humans briefly and saw a real lame act mother jealous of the beautiful Synth and saying "You really are a stupid machine.". The Synth then made a taped robotic spiel about not crossing boundaries or touching a human until commanded to by the master in a specific protocol. If they actually cover something meaningful after that JUMPING OF THE SHARK, I'll be surprised.

    I have tuned in to Turn from time to time, and it seems all the actor guys are hunks playing to the same shitty jealous and sex starved audience. Maybe I am the problem here - eh? I would prefer to see actual issues of the time, rather than the so-called history used as a platform for modern projections of issues. If they used Howard Zinn's history of America and made it more of a documentary or more like Gangs of New York - that would be cool.
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    Would you believe a robot learning the language telling you robots will some day keep humans in a people Zoo?

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