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Thread: Hitler was a Catholic?

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    The oldest date for a First Reich would seem related to Himmler's main occultist at Wewelsburg where they built a complex occult system. This man thought 12,500 BCE was how far back he could take his Teutonic line and I would be able to give them 15,000 more years to brag about (Dolni Vestonici).

    The man in charge or runes meister had been committed by his wife to a nut house for a few years before he met the chicken farmer Himmler. Here is a little about him from Wikipedia. He claimed to be from an ancient German Royal bloodline and you can see one book about him says Wiligut was the Secret King. How much influence he had on Hitler I do not know.

    "Irminenschaft (or, Irminism, Irminenreligion) is a current of Ariosophy based on a Germanic deity Irmin which is supposedly reconstructed from literaric, linguistic and onomastic sources. Among other sources the Prefix "Irmin" is well documented in the from Irminsul "great pillar that supports all"/"Columna Universalis Sustenans Omni", as described in Einhards 'Vita Karoli Magni', and informed by Tacitus (~1st century) via a mentioned Germanic tribe name of Hermiones; The Old Saxon adjective irmin being synonymous to "great, strong". As such it may also have been an epithet of later deities like Ziu (Týr) or Wodan (Odin)). Purported evidence also stems from the occurrence of the word "Irmingot", found in the Old High German "Hildebrandslied". Notably the Nazi occultist Karl Maria Wiligut claimed a historical Irminism, established in 12,500 BC, later ousted by Wotanism.

    Wiligut, Karl Maria (2001). The Secret King: Karl Maria Wiligut, Himmler's Lord of the Runes. Dominion. ISBN 1-885972-21-0.
    Goodrick-Clarke, Nicholas (2003). The Occult Roots of Nazism: Secret Aryan Cults and Their Influence on Nazi Ideology. Gardners Books. ISBN 1-86064-973-4.; originally published as Goodrick-Clarke, Nicholas (1992). The Occult Roots of Nazism: Secret Aryan Cults and Their Influence on Nazi Ideology; The Ariosophists of Austria and Germany, 1890-1935. New York University Press. ISBN 0-8147-3060-4.
    Mund, Rudolf. 1982. Der Rasputin Himmlers: Die Wiligut Saga.
    Lange, Hans-Jürgen. 1998. Karl Maria Wiligut - Himmlers Rasputin und seine Erben."

    To compare this man's influence to Rasputin might have merit in the SS of Himmler but not outside that very powerful circle. To say they actually had a lineage of Jesus or the Grail Kings to 12,500 BCE is very possible. Wewelsburg Castle was their Grail Castle and they had done researches to get whatever was of value at Rennes-le-Chateau. The book Occult Roots of Nazism tells us these things about Himmler's warlock as he was known. Given the fact that Hitler was a channeller of sorts (Trance) and this man impressed Himmler in that regard I could easily surmise he also influenced Hitler greatly.

    ""In September 1933, Wiligut joined the SS under the pseudonym 'Karl Maria Weisthor.'" Wiligut and Himmler became fast friends. Himmler never tired of hearing the old man talk about "the hidden history of Atlantis," as revealed in his visions, or reading Wiligut's endless magazine articles on European prehistory.

    Wiligut designed the dreaded SS Totenkopf ring and hat badge, plus the runic symbols used on black SS uniforms and flags. With his newest disciple, Gunther Kirchhoff, he sent archaeological teams to investigate prehistoric sites at Gaggenau in 1934, Germany's Murg valley in 1936 and Glozel, France in 1940.

    Money was no obstacle. Himmler created the SS-Ahnenerbe in 1936, promoted his elderly mentor-in-magick to SS-Brigadefuhrer (General), and turned him loose on several dozen crackpot projects. First prize undoubtedly goes to "Wiligut's Tunnel." This was a vertical tunnel 16 kilometers (10 miles) deep begun in Hungary in 1941, designed to carry an elevator car that would lower Himmler and Wiligut into "the Inner World of Agharti" (Better known to readers of Edgar Rice Burroughs as Pellucidar--J.T.) Millions were spent on the tunnel, and work continued until November 1944, when the lack of supplies forced the SS project to close.

    But age had finally caught up with the old warlock. He resigned from active duty in the SS in August 1939 and moved to his "beloved Goslar" the following year. Himmler sent Elsa Baltrusch, a member of his household staff, to look after Wiligut, who spent his declining years with his runes and spells and ancient artifacts.

    Evacuated to Austria in 1943, Wiligut was there when the war ended. He was briefly detained and questioned by the British Army at Velden, but then was allowed to return to Germany. He fell ill during the trip in December 1945. "The journey proved too much for the old man and he was hospitalized on arrival. Karl Maria Wiligut died on 3 January 1946, the last of his secret line.""

    Mary Settegast and others at metahistory have traced the Magians to a Lake Urmin which I think this Wiligut character's Irminism is related to. Hitler was similarly influenced by Haushofer who was influenced by Gurdjieff and his disciple Idries Shah takes these Iranian Magian or people the Persians came from back 40,000 years to the Altaic where I have the D'Ainu or Sidhe ancient wise people.

    Since this is before white people came to exist we can be pretty sure the knowledge of these Illuminized or enlightened people affected all white people and it is even possible they interbred hominids causing the recently found Denisovan Man found right where the DNN or Ainu have always been for at least 200,000 years. I have read some DNA researchers are suggesting Denisovan Man is a cross breed Neanderthal. The Ainu are not Asian or Europod and look like a cross breed themselves. I am pretty sure people or humans will enjoy sex with each other even when they are not the same race - how about you?
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    In discourse at the Truth Zone a person brought up a name very similar to that of my father who was a transcriber/typist and even possibly did it in German language although he never told me he spoke the language. Perhaps someone translated and he typed. My father likely felt very strongly about what he saw going on there, and also he certainly felt strongly about Kurt Mayer shooting almost a hundred of his own regiment in a highly politicized extermination. I would call it understandable to kill prisoners you cannot afford to feed or transport when you cannot even feed your own men. There are so many lies in history and many more in war. He did speak to friendly fire and British officers he detested for their class war against their own men. He could be said to have hated Montgomery but respected Wavell who Montgomery replaced in North Africa - it is all very difficult to determine what my father did in the war - just little statements here and there.

    In any event the Jay W. Baird is not likely my father James Wesley Baird. I have searched many sources and see that person is credited as an author or editor of a book on atrocities from Nuremberg to My Lai. Here is one of those sources - well worth reading but one sided. Yes, the Allies lied, tortured and exterminated many (Millions if you include the Russians) defenseless prisoners. Yes, the wartime exploits of many highly regarded heroes are utter BS.

    My father told me Eisenhower was the head of the Black Market for the US and Georges Vanier for Canada. Eisenhower threw big parties with Omaha steaks flown in for the Black Market leaders and men. I overheard a conversation near Langley which confirmed this in the mid-70s. I know the same crap went on in Vietnam and have met the person shown in Air America as a Vietnamese (South) General involved in the drug operations. Bush daddy - to Delanos etc. - see thread on China and the Celestial Kingdom.

    One person remarked I must be biased because I spelled a name wrong. Maybe this was it - from wiki we have.

    Baudouin's full name was Baudouin Albert Charles Léopold Axel Marie Gustave de Belgique (pronounced: [bodwɛ̃ albɛʁ ʃaʁl leopɔld aksɛl maʁi ɡystav də bɛlʒik]) in French and Boudewijn Albert Karel Leopold Axel Marie Gustaaf van België (pronounced [ˈbʌu̯dəˌʋɛi̯n ˈɑlbərt ˈkaːrəl ˈleːjoːˌpɔlt ˈɑksəl maːˈri ɣʏsˈtaːf vɑn ˈbɛlɣijə]) in Dutch.

    Or maybe it was my spelling of Meyer (Mayer) and how I said it had Jewish origins. Here is wiki again.

    Meyer is a surname of English, German and Jewish origin, many branches of the Meyer(s) family trace their origins to ancient Anglo-Saxon culture. The name is derived from the Old English name maire, meaning Mayor, or an officer in charge of legal matters.[1] The surname is also of German and Jewish origin deriving from the German word "meiger", meaning Mayor, the name likely traces its origins to a wealthy landholder. Among German Jews, "Meyer" converged with the etymologically unconnected name "Meir", which means "one who shines" in Hebrew.

    Here we have Hitler praising his kinfolk or "chosen ones".

    "In hardly any people in the world is the instinct of self-preservation developed more strongly than in the so called "chosen."…What people, finally, has gone through greater upheavals than this one – and nevertheless issued from the mightiest catastrophes of mankind unchanged? What an infinitely tough will to live and preserve the species from these facts."
    Adolf Hitler3 – Mein Kampf4
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    Of course any real researcher into the life of Hitler will find a lot of proof he was targeted and useful to certain groups that the average person thinks he outlawed. He clearly said the things he used were taken from occult practices and they obviously are. One of the things assholes tell me is the old line about him outlawing Masonry. Sure he outlawed any of what he did not want people to know but that does not mean he and his pal Himmler as well as many others did not use these things as much as they could. And they did do it well!

    The following link will discuss Franz Bardon and a 99 Lodge Hitler belonged to. A top Rosicrucian Baron of Swiss nationality gave me the book Frabato the Magician. Partially in thanks I re-wrote the book or did a wrap-around including things from my life. He read it and said I "made Bardon credible". He asked me to teach people at an ashram he had north east of Toronto, I told him I might after I finished writing all I had to do. That took another couple of years and when I went back to his bookstore (Orion Books) it was closed.

    Bardon is used by AMORC and dragon feeder groups such as Wicca. Clearly this review or article is not very informed but he did ask some fake students who were surprised to find their teacher had ripped Bardon off - such is the way of the world.

    There are people extolling Hitler and denying he was occult or handled, and others are all around the web proving Hitler did not know Lanz von Liebenfels or have any teenage interest in the occult. The extent of disinformation is enormous and it is a long and arduous effort of checking and cross-checking to make sure of each bit of information . which cannot be done by those who know little to nothing about the occult. Many of these people are dupes and drones of the occult and do not even know their churches use it against them - and that all of the Nazi symbology is occult born and bred. This is a fine example of half-truths which anyone could tear apart, but that does not mean there is no validity in every part of what he says.

    But drilling into the main Eckart and Hitler thread on Wikipedia we see how influential Thule was in his life. I am convinced Hitler's father was in Vienna taking the same initiations Hitler later did and he past on this knowledge before Hitler was a teen, but Hitler was smart and had read The Secret Doctrine, and let things develop. And why not when the very first time Eckart met him he was ready to declare him as a Messiah?

    "Eckart met Adolf Hitler when Hitler gave a speech before the DAP members in 1919. Eckart was involved with the Thule Society, although not a member. The Society was a secretive group of occultists who believed in the coming of a “German Messiah” who would redeem Germany after its defeat in World War I.[9] Eckart expressed his anticipation in a poem he wrote months before he first met Hitler. In the poem, Eckart refers to ‘the Great One’, ‘the Nameless One’, ‘Whom all can sense but no one saw’. When Eckart met Hitler, Eckart was convinced that he had encountered the prophesied redeemer.[10] Eckart exerted considerable influence on Hitler in the following years and is strongly believed to have helped establish the theories and beliefs of the Nazi Party. Few other people had as much influence on Hitler in his lifetime.

    It was Eckart who introduced Alfred Rosenberg to Adolf Hitler. Between 1920 and 1923, Eckart and Rosenberg labored tirelessly in the service of Hitler and the party. Through Rosenberg, Hitler was introduced to the writings of Houston Stewart Chamberlain, Rosenberg's inspiration. Rosenberg edited the Münchener Beobachter, a party newspaper, originally owned by the Thule Society. Rosenberg published the Protocols of the Elders of Zion in the Beobachter. Historian Hannah Newman has stated that Eckart was a follower of Helena Blavatsky's ideas and had introduced The Secret Doctrine of Theosophy to Hitler.[11]

    To raise funds for the Party, Eckart introduced Hitler into influential circles. While staying in the house of a wealthy manufacturer in Berlin, Hitler was given instruction in public speaking by a teacher of drama, Erik Jan Hanussen.[citation needed]

    On 9 November 1923, Eckart participated in the failed Beer Hall Putsch. He was arrested and placed in Landsberg Prison along with Hitler and other party officials, but was released shortly thereafter due to illness. He died of a heart attack in Berchtesgaden on 26 December 1923. He was buried in Berchtesgaden's old cemetery, not far from the eventual graves of Nazi Party official Hans Lammers and his wife and daughter."
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    For any fool to suggest Hitler had no interest in the occult is tantamount to insanity which there are many who say he was. But if you know Jules Verne introduced people to all these matters BEFORE Hitler was a teenager and his work was all over the continent it is hard to buy, even if Hitler never read his actual books. Needless to say the same can be said about The Secret Doctrine and many other writings of that era.

    Now it is possible in some way that Hitler could not read and was as stupid as a box of rocks just like the people who take one side or the other without investigating him, but to think people like Eckart and others in the Thule Society had not known everything Verne wrote (And knew or helped Verne) is pure idiocy. You will see this site on Verne says he foresaw Hitler's Rise and Fall.

    If you want to learn about reality you might wonder why a woman in the mid-19th Century was encouraged by her father to learn so much and why he gave so many people a library of ancient books. She translated every quote from the original source in this book. It was no simple thing for a woman to learn so much in an era full of stereotyping and brainwashing - nor is it really as different today as most people say or believe. Is he the founder of philosophies like Theosophy and anthroposophy? Why did they burn most copies of this book and take up a "radical Christian" flag? Could it be they knew people needed to be herded like sheep toward some Luciferian goal like Blavatsky and Alice Bailey did - now Lucis Trust due to ignorance about Luciferianism.

    Correction to Editorial Review
    By Aubrey Wade on June 26, 2006
    Format: Hardcover
    This book is indeed an extremely important one; a distillation of decades of study of the ancient Hermetic Arts. Mary Ann South Atwood wrote it, and her father, who taught her full-time from girlhood, had it published in London in 1850. He also owned a significant library of ageless wisdom texts, that he later gave to the newly developing Theosophist movement blossoming in London, New York and India.

    Far more than a simple description of "hieophants", (hierophant - teacher) this detailed and stunningly erudite tome is packed with information about the transmutation of spirit into matter and vice versa. Its historical and geographical spread are phenomenal. The funny thing is, soon after they'd had it published, she and her father had extreme misgivings about allowing out such precious wisdom. That opinion combined with a "conversion" of sorts to a radical Christianity caused them to gather up all the books they'd printed. They then burned these on their lawn. Only a few remained, enough for a complete copy to be re-released. Mine is published by Julian Press of New York, in 1960. "

    I believe I browsed this book some forty years ago. I know I read a lot (if not all) of Blavatsky and her friendly fiend Gurdjieff who both document this knowledge pre-dates history or what little remains after the doctoring, lying and outright theft of earlier cultures. The Aryan philosophers including Houston Stewart Chamberlain were inspired by the insights to Thule and the ancient First Reich.
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    To be in touch with the spirit world is no easy thing, and Hitler had many reasons in his life to believe he was chosen (Yes, it was more than Eckart saying he was a messiah). If you were to have a dream and in that dream see yourself dying under the rubble of a building or trench falling on you - I dare say you would pay greater heed to what you had learned about these matters. That dream saved Hitler's life in 1917 not long after he had left five years of study in Vienna - in occult associations set up by St. Germain who had passed the de Medicis spy network and usury monopoly to the House of Rothschild. This is the Benjaminite monopoly written into the Bible.

    He was a trance orator and if you ever see this or a person talking in tongues you will know it is a dreamlike state. But many academics will tell you Hitler had no specialness or occult training - which I have to say is the greatest lunacy of all. These academics point to a professor teaching him how to give public speeches. If that professor was this good Germany should have had enough great public speakers to fill a few stadiums or sell some to other parts of the world. Alois Hitler was in Vienna for the same five years - even closer to the original founding of the schools for occult instruction set up by St. Germain. You can read about it in Wikipedia to some extent.

    In continuing that search I find substantiation of what I wrote in my book on St. Germain and an explanation for his close association with the Hessians who were instrumental in the American Revolution and in creating a fortune for Mayer Amschel Rothschild. His mother was a Hessian!

    "Many researchers believe that St. Germain was the son of Francis II of Transylvania. Francis II's second wife was Charlotte Amalie of the House of Hesse. Princess Charlotte Amalie Wanfried-Hesse (German Prinzessin Charlotte Amalie von Hessen-Eschwege, Wanfried; Wanfried , 1679 . March 8 - Paris , 1722 . February 8 ), Transylvania Princess by marriage to II. Rákóczi, a nun after her husband's exile....

    “The estate of (Illuminatus) Landgrave Karl von Hessen-Kassel (1744-1836) was an occult-masonic initiatory retreat. The world’s foremost expert on the 18th-Century Golden and Rosy Cross, Dr. Christopher McIntosh: The head of the Asiatic Brethren in the 1780s and 1790s was the Landgrave Carl von Hessen-Kassel, one of the most fascinating and influential figures at the time in the world of Masonry, Rosicrucianism and hermetic studies. He not only belonged to innumerable orders and rites, but he was a practicing alchemist and was a friend of the mysterious French alchemist, the Comte de St. Germain, whom he harbored during the last years of St. Germain’s life on his estate Louisenlund in what is now Schleswig-Holstein, which he turned into a great center of Masonic and esoteric activity.” (Sursa)"

    Thus when she went into the convent he was adopted by distant cousins named De Medicis. I previously had no explanation for why he was adopted as a near teenager or aged 12. There were people who feared he would lead a Revolution against the Austro-Hungarian Empire who had forced his father into exile. We also find he is related to the Royal Dragon bloodline through Europe. The fact that Sauniere had the top Hapsburg at his funeral and enforcing his end at that time per an agreement of some kind, makes me wonder of Sauniere might have been able to put the Royals in a better position against the Holy Roman Empire.

    Scrib'd has an author whose extensive searches for answers might yield (at a minimum) a great number of inter-relationships and intrigues. There are so many intrigues and players in these games it can be hard to name which ones are winning at any time. The author of what follows is Hamad Subani who along with his thesis advisor has suffered the pains of disinfo and marginalization. I have read enough to know he is an honest seeker but I am not sure his information is complete enough to draw any conclusions from. We all have limits to how much we can research but he points out many university people have been let go or worse when they do anti-establishment work and research. I recommend his work on esoteric German or Nazi symbology and the people behind it. He has extensive research on US officials which include Woodrow Wilson creating the present sate of American domination of the world as we know it. I saw no reference to him being a mere puppet for Colonel House and other bankers I have connected the whole matter with.

    I will continue trying to read it (I am not allowed to copy it. The gibberish that results looks intentionally corrupted.) as relates to many entries on Japan and intrigues therewith. He documents Chamberlain worked with Roosevelt to bait the Japanese into attacking Pearl Harbor - I do not think Chamberlain was all that involved as I have made clear the importance of other players including Churchill and Mountbatten, who I do not think would have told Chamberlain much of anything. But he was an excellent puppet and all parties were concerned about the British King who was pro-Nazi which he demonstrates (like Russian Bolshevism) was an Illuminati (read Rothschild) effort. But he does not paint all Jews as culpable - like me he demonstrates there are more Jews being used as fall guys and patsies. In short there are intrigues within intrigues and you should never assume you are smarter than those who make these intrigues.

    I heartily endorse his whole book - you will learn a great deal no matter how much you think you know about either side of any issue relating to the first 50 years of the 20th Century.

    He mentions the following book and says it is well -researched. I have seen the TV shows and I always doubted that Hitler (like most of those helped to South America by the Pope and his top people - which has been proven and confessed to) did not escape.

    "We now have a serious and well researched book by H. D. Baumann and Ron T. Hansig entitled "Hitler's Escape" in which he makes a very convincing case that Stalin was correct in his statements to his western Allies in 1945, telling them that Hitler (and Eva Braun) were still alive. One of the authors' startling revelations is, that the man present in the last days of April inside the bunker was, in reality, a double of Hitler. There even is a photograph of the corpse of the double taken by Russian investigators.

    Hitler's death, at the end of World War II, assumed to be by his own hand, remains unproven. This assumption was the result of, what many conceive as, a conspiracy by the Western Powers, bowing to political pressures and to fight nazism, to come up with Hitler's suicide story. This then would explain Hitler's disappearance from Nazi Germany after Germany's defeat.

    Even if one takes the years later submitted Russian report on Hitler's autopsy at face value, there still remains the fact that there was no trace of the corpse of Eva Braun, Hitler's mistress and later wife. This alone disproves the double-suicide theory now part of German history.

    Based on the well-documented revelations, this book can rightfully be called "the biggest detective story of the twentieth century". "
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