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Thread: Hitler was a Catholic?

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    Hitler was a Catholic?


    You might say Wagner was an Ultra-Christian and yet his 'Ring' tells of the people that also created Valhalla in legend. You have to go on a search as Hitler had his archaeologists do - looking for Agarthe. There the Valkyrie of Wagner speak to channelers or trance orators like Hitler. I will reproduce a poem he wrote after years of study in Vienna where his father had studied near their benefactor and relative named Rothschild. I will try to do in 2,000 words what takes three volumes with lots of quotes and references. The need to play two sides against the middle to keep the common people in fear is still part of the Illuminized Skull & Bones agenda to this very day as a War on Terra continues while people argue about the evils of Islam or Zionists. There is a big difference between Zionists and Sionists. Illuminati are not bad because they try to make a better world. Sometimes they do bad things and there are hangers on who do bad things all the time. This is the nature of greed.

    Did you know Hitler called himself the torch-bearer of Jesus? He was referring to the Keltic/Aryan Iesa that Jesus (Yeshua bar Joseph is the historical Jesus but Yeshua does not translate to Jesus - Jesus is Iesa a title) was named after, but he let other people run with the idea of his near messianic status for political reasons. Here is a poem he wrote after over five years of study in Vienna where St. Germain and Kabbalists reigned supreme. Actually I cannot say St. Germain was a Kabbalist or Cabalist even though he was in the highest cabal of all. I have done a book on him, and Gurdjieff too. I suspect both deserve to be called Qabalists.

    "I often go on bitter nights
    To Wotan's oak in the quiet glade
    With dark powers to weave a union -
    The runic letter the moon makes with its magic spell
    And all who are full of impudence during the day
    Are made small by the magic formula."

    The Druids could talk to God through the leaves of the oak. This use of the word 'God' is debatable because the Druids or at least the High Druids knew nature and reality was more than just some anthropomorphed God. In this poem we see a man who makes pacts with "dark powers" to make those he meets "full of impudence" into a lesser soul or "made small by the magic" he believes he was empowered with through the "runic letter" (Ogham) of the force effects of the moon. The moon has made the cycles of emotions and the menstrual cycle, it is a powerful cosmic force that those who know how to meditate and direct their own power through or with that of the moon, may achieve great things. The person who wrote this in 1915 clearly had some study in the arts of what the Grand Master of Hitler's Freemasonic Order of the Golden Centurion knew. He was not a real Catholic as historians galore tell us, despite the fact that he would say he was. He wasn't even ex-communicated by the Pope and a church who studied the man thoroughly. Yes, this Adolf Hitler (Schiklgruber) was more than many give him credit for. Here is a little quote from Hitler to give some insight into how he and Mussolini worked with the Vatican.

    "Secular schools can never be tolerated because such schools have no religious instruction, and a general moral instruction without a religious foundation is built on air; consequently, all character training and religion must be derived from faith... we need believing people." [Adolf Hitler, April 26, 1933, from a speech made during negotiations leading to the Nazi-Vatican Concordant of 1933]
    When I say Hitler was not a real Catholic, I do so knowing that many Catholic leaders are Luciferians and they are well aware of the ancient Brotherhood and the trading secrets or drug-running and other tools used by the Merovingian 'octopus'. At certain periods the battle within the Catholic inner sanctums has been intense as any student who sees how often the Jesuits were banned or worse, would know. When I first began delving deeply into the hegemony I was of the opinion that Constantine deserved the Peabody Award for marketing and especially editing. He still does, but he was one of the occultists or esoteric brethren in the genetic schooling of the power-brokers going back to at least the time of the 'Perpetual Sailors' who met once a year off the coast of Miletus shortly after the last major Trojan War which had taken place in 18 other theatres of operation throughout the world.

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    Nautonnier is a title still used in recent times by these people. It is the leader of the Priory of Sion or at least the titular head of it. Nautonnier means pretty much the same thing as Perpetual Sailor. Respected historians like Michael Grant would say this yearly meeting drew together the most important people or power-brokers of the Anatolian region or maybe also including Greece and some of the nearby islands like Rhodes where the Colossus would welcome the traders and pirates into its safe harbor. I think these yearly meetings are just like the Bilderberg meetings of recent date which are held mostly at Rothschild Hotels from around the world. The current meetings are arranged by ex-Fed Chairman Paul Volcker's staff. The Yale influence that includes many CIA or OSS people including Bush number one is credited as having started the Bilderberg group under the titular leadership of Prince Bernhard of the Royal family in the Netherlands.

    Prince Bernhard is on record as saying he 'had a lot of fun' in the Thulean Gestapo steering group during World War II. His family had oil wells in Russia and was part of the machinations or funding of Hitler and the Hegelian playing of Russia and Germany (thus the world) against each other. I personally believe the Thuleans used or were directed by the likes of Pierre Plantard de St. Clair but that requires a lot more research and will be discussed in the next book. The Thule name hearkens back to the pre-Trojan War Reich that Hitler sought to re-build in league with his British Royal cousins. He was genuinely surprised that the British went against him, I think. But at some level the international bankers love to have these wars and though they work closely with their Royal cousins they play them against each other. It allows a long term certainty of collecting on their debts and doing the kind of thing that the British King allowed Nathan Rothschild to do in trading British Treasury stock at the conclusion of the Battle of Waterloo.

    So when you hear Richard Wagner was an ultra-Christian you must ask if it is real or not - just like George Bush II who says he 'gets instruction from a higher authority' as he intimates he talks to God like Hitler. The involvement of the CIA in the Vietnam era drug trade is no new thing even if the CIA or others had not been around just like the Bilderberg name was not around. The founders of Skull & Bones at Yale are the Russell family who included a British Prime Minister that started the Opium Wars. This is the same thing that was happening before Moses as they used potions with Peruvian cocaine to hook the leaders of Egypt as shown in forensic analysis of Egyptian mummies. The Onassis Merovingian family of Smyrna in a city near Miletus where the Perpetual Sailors met had probably been doing the same kind of thing with hallucinogenic potions including the native Blue Lotus even before the use of Peruvian cocaine.

    We know Mayer Amschel Rothschild and his front man William of Hesse were major backers of the founding of the Illuminati (just a renewal of the Alumbrados name which are the founders of the Jesuits) by the Bavarians like Adam Weishaupt in a time when the Jesuits had been outlawed. We know Goethe was part of this and that Richard Wagner supplied them with harmonic attunement symbology to add to the Grimm brother's tales of the ancient Teutonic (Thulean) legends which built a powerful pride in the people. Hitler describes how useful this occult order was in guiding the political agenda in many of his writings. Hitler is a Rothschild 'bastard' of the same genetic schooling which includes the use of mind-fogging demons or appearance of demons. We know Houston Stewart Chamberlain openly discussed his 'writing demon'. I have written to David Icke and told him he was similarly mind-fogged in seeing the 'reptoids' that allow the elite to make him appear ridiculous. Needless to say people don't want to believe they are duped by such occult sorcery or techniques. They prefer to think they are being visited by God as is the case of George Bush II.

    In the case of Nietzsche going insane I agree with the 'experts' that he did not have a genetic disorder and I wonder more than a little about the use of the tepaphone by the rogue or demonic FOGC which I have briefly mentioned. I am near to certain that Spartacus (This is the nickname taken by Adam Weisthaupt.) was one of them in an earlier era, and that this demonic group which says they have one demon in every group making the final member - thus it is sometimes called a '99' group and might explain the 99 degree title used by Crowley- was part of history long before Weishaupt and even the Borgia. I can see why they would do this to Nietzsche and then use his works to support something other than what he intended. His 'superman' was not racist but in their gentle 'spin' it became so. I can well imagine many people who have not delved deeply into my well-researched books with quotes from top scholars and knowledgeable people, will have a very hard time stomaching some of this speculative excursion.
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    Then there was another posting from someone not wishing to be identified on the neuroscience forum. I had given a list of mystics which largely focused on alchemists without saying they were alchemists and that list included Hitler who really does not rise to that level despite his claim to being the "torch-bearer for Jesus" and his gifts in Trance Channeling. This person used the Aryan word and knew that there was a high likelihood that charges of anti-Semitism would result while they noted I had included Hitler alongside great scientists like Thomas Jefferson, Jung, Da Vinci and Newton."

    Dear Unknown

    The fiction of Hitler is still a major mainstay in the media which demonizes him and the German people who tried to create a place for their Jews. The rest of the world was far more anti-Semitic. Why did Arizona not become their home? It was one of the places proposed by the likes of Adolph Eichmann before the war. These Jews hate and create Holocausts for other Jews. They once were thrown out of Israel as noted in the Bible. In fact few Jews know what a Jew is and few people really care to study the hatreds they ignorantly espouse. The all too apparent use of religion to hide other motives is a great part of our history of manipulation by leaders who often were engaging sorcerers or trying to become alchemists themselves. A friend of mine puts these thoughts before you as he reflects on his ancestry which is like my own.

    “My own maternal ancestors spent the better part of a cold and dreary thousand years playing a little game called: 'Storm the Castle,' in which they dressed up in unwieldy metal suits and pounded each other senseless with a variety of sharp and not so sharp objects. (Of course with nutrition not being quite up to par with today's standards and with daily rations of wine being something in the neighborhood of five liters, we are left with the sobering fact that most of us who trace our ancestry to Europe are in fact descended from short, drunken psychopaths who whiled away their time bludgeoning each other with hammers, maces and cudgels, hacking each other to pieces with swords, and scalding each other to death with boiling oil.)"

    Hitler was a Jew and a Rothschild bastard as were many other vilified leaders including Charles Martel and maybe even Napoleon who almost certainly was a bastard. Hitler lived and dressed as a Jew with Jewish friends as he studied the mystical arts of the Rothschilds in Vienna for over five years as had his father before him. They studied in a place where the De Medicis/Rothschilds top esotericist by the name of St. Germain set up many outreach and educational schools or groups - Vienna.

    Prince Bernhardt was so connected to the war-mongering industrialists that it is possible to say he (Like Prescott Bush and Brown Bros. Harriman who were found guilty of 'trading with the enemy' by the US courts) arranged the war to their benefit as they funded Hitler who was doing their bidding. In fact this link puts him near the Harriman Bushes doing a deal on the day the assassination attempt on Hitler failed. You should also know Hitler would have been assassinated or arrested by the German military if Chamberlain had honored his treaty with the Czechs (according to a letter sent to Churchill by them). And you should know if Switzerland (origin of the Priory of Sion - the city there by that name - and bankers like the Battenberg cousins called Rothschild) had stopped manufacturing bearings and the like or laundering stolen art and Jewish fortunes, the war would never have gotten off the ground or would have ended in two weeks.

    Mottos are powerful communicators and memory aides. I could say brainwashing triggers and memes. The motto of all governing bodies and ecclesiasties should be 'say one thing, do the other'. In the lobby of the CIA you have what some say is their motto, I say it is more than that. It is a shared lie showing earlier liars as what they are. Here is a brief descriptive note about that saying, You can look into the Dulles and Bush family Skull and Bones Christians if you wish.

    "and a bas-relief of Allen Dulles, who was CIA Director for nine years.

    Etched into the wall of the original building's main lobby is a biblical verse which also characterizes the intelligence mission in a free society. It reads:

    ""And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.""
    John VIII-XXXII "
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    Churchill spent much of his last days on earth with Ari Onassis who is part of the Merovingian 'octopus' in a big way as are the Randolphs his father carried proudly in his name.

    There is so much about Hitler and his occult handlers which one must understand in order to see why the Germans tried at Nuremberg were not allowed to talk about occult programming and esoteric mind control. Here is something important that includes the Cistercians and some of Hitler's handlers. I do indeed include the Dulles Skull & Bones family with the Bushes who were named in the funding of Hitler court proceedings and trading with the enemy issues surrounding Prescott Bush. There is a great deal in the following
    quote from a Holocaust site which we must deal with in this book.

    "1893 February 24 Guido von List lectures on the ancient cult of Wotan and
    its priesthood to the nationalist Verein, "Deusche Geschichte." List claims
    that this extinct religion was the national religion of the Teutons before
    it was destroyed by Christianity. In time, this ancient priesthood will form
    the basis of his entire political mythology.
    1893 April 7 Allen Welsh Dulles is born in Watertown, New York.
    1893 July 31 Adolf Josef Lanz, age 19, becomes a novice at the Cistercian
    monastery in Heiligenkreuz on the present Austrian-Hungarian border. Lanz
    was born in Vienna on July 19, 1874, but later claimed to have been born at
    Messina, Sicily, on May 1, 1872. To mislead astrologers, he said.
    1895 January 24 Sir Randolph Churchill (1849-95), father of Winston
    Churchill, dies. At the time of his death, his estate owes Nathaniel "Natty"
    Rothschild and Rothschild's Bank more than 66,000 pounds, a huge sum at that
    time. Had this been generally known, it would have caused a major scandal
    since he had always shown great favor to the Rothschild family and its
    various business interests. (The Churchills)
    1895 The Sphinx, one of the most powerful advocates of the Germanic occult
    revival, ceases publication. It had been published since 1886 by Wilhelm
    Hubbe-Schleiden, founder of the first German Theosophical Society at
    Elberfeld in July 1884." (1)

    Conor Cruise O'Brien gave a speech to a group of international performing
    artists which I hope the readers of this book will be encouraged to find. In
    it he notes the influence of the Wagnerian cult that is pre-Christian and
    yet might be true Christianity as Hitler would have argued. We will have to
    maintain an open-mind if we are going to understand rather than trivialize
    the forces at work that still run this world. I hope we can improve on it
    because I fear the lack of ethics in an age of rampant technological power
    capable of ending all life on earth is soon (if not already) upon us. Here
    is a little of that speech.

    "In the case of Hitler, the phrase 'the cult of Wagner' is not a mere figure
    of speech. This was a cult in which he believed as fanatically as any
    devotee has ever believed in supernatural revelation. The depth of his
    commitment to the cult is apparent from what he did early in 1923 on the eve
    of the most important decision of his life to date: that of whether or not
    to head a rebellion against Versailles, in Munich. In preparation for that
    decision the daemonic devotee repaired to the great shrine of his faith, at
    Bayreuth, in northern Bavaria. There he consulted the oracles, custodians of
    the shrine, Winifred Wagner and Houston Stewart Chamberlain. Winifred was
    the composer's daughter-in-law; Chamberlain the great English apologist for
    imperial Germany. Both were passionate nationalists; Chamberlain had been
    one of the first proponents in the service of the generals of the myth of
    the Dolchstoss, in the closing months of the First World War. Both warmly
    encouraged the project Hitler was considering. Hitler returned from Bayreuth
    with his mind made up.

    The Bierkeller Putsch of 1923 has been trivialised in retrospect, like so
    much in Hitler's career. It has been depicted as a ludicrous failure. This
    is to misunderstand its nature which falls within the performing arts, in
    their larger sense, and is also near to those arts in their narrower sense.
    It was never intended as a serious revolt in the literal and military sense.
    It was a symbolic revolt, resembling to that extent, and in that respect,
    the Easter Rising seven years before in Dublin, Ireland and indeed it also
    resembled that earlier and distinct revolt in being closely linked to the
    performing arts. The Wagner of Dublin's Easter Rising was W. B. Yeats (A
    near alchemist of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn who became its head
    man after Crowley was booted for his purposeful conflicts.}. His virulently
    nationalist play, Cathleen Ni Houlihan, performed in 1902 by Maud Gonne, had
    been an inspiration for the generation of the rebels of 1916. This was a
    thought that troubled Yeats on his deathbed when he wrote: Did that play of
    mine send out / Certain men the English shot?" (2)
    1. http://www.humanitas-international.o...t/1889-99t.htm

    Not only was there no Diaspora in the time of Nebuchadnezzar as recent tablets found by archaeology prove; the Benjaminite satrap overlords are documented doing perverse things to the people of Israel in the Bible.
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    To say Hitler was a Catholic just because it was politically expedient for him - his concordat with them helped both parties; is nonsense. But so what, most Christians don't live the life of Jesus or even study the man. Even if Yeshua would have accepted the moniker Christos (I do not think he would - it means Messiah and any adept student knows that is what it is - ego!) there was no such thing as Christian while he lived. He never wrote a word of the Bible and his disciples who Rome put words in the mouths of - were dead (except perhaps Luke) when the Gospels were written to blame Jews for doing what Rome did. Remember the Second Reich which Hitler knew well was Roman and that Empire grew ever more powerful every time it "fell". Hitler was in the first world war with Hapsburg Roman Emperors. The Death's Head SS (Gestapo) are a Tibetan cultus and Hitler had his people searching for Agarthe in Tibet. This link covers Green Dragons and Karl Haushofer who was almost the co-author of Mein Kampf.

    If you read nothing more this week - this could be what changes all of your beliefs. Whatever you believe about the US Empire, the power of the Masons and Hassidim who project images into people and the ether, any religion, what technology will soon do to the World Mind, how to advance your own interests, and maybe even your soul (not meaning by doing what Rhodes did but you could do it an opposing way).

    Cecil Rhodes had a 'Vision'

    In an attempt to tie together Napoleon and others including Hitler, I offer these thoughts from and an author named Vincent Leroux.

    “This idea came to him at the age of 24 with the force of a religious revelation. What is interesting is that it struck him in the hours immediately following his initiation into the Masonic Order while at Oxford University.

    Although Rhodes was slightly contemptuous of the organisation he had just joined - `I wonder that a large body of men can devote themselves to what at times appear the most ridiculous and absurd rites without an object and without an end' - the fact remains that whatever the Masonic induction he had gone through, it would appear to have triggered something of an epiphany in the young student.

    On the evening after the ceremony, Rhodes sat pondering what had happened that day. Then, as he puts it, the 'idea gleaming and dancing before one's eyes like a will-of-the-wisp at last frames itself into a plan'. He proceeded to pen his `Confession of Faith' in which he outlined his ambition: to establish a secret society whose objective would be the furtherance of the British Empire and the uniting of the entire Anglo-Saxon race, including America, into one single empire.

    From that day, June 2, 1877, Rhodes was a man with a mission, with his `Confession of Faith' his guiding star and inspiration. When he had grown to trust anybody, he would confidentially reveal his 'idea' to him and expect the man's life to be changed immediately.

    Historians and biographers have criticised his naivety, but the fact remains that when Rhodes did reveal his 'idea' to others, it often had the same effect, resulting in them devoting themselves from then on to helping him achieve his lofty aims. There was an event in Rhodes' life, soon after his `illumination' at Oxford {Site of a Druidic pheryllt or alchemical school in the time before Rome. Therefore it is on an important part of the Earth Energy Grid.} that is hardly mentioned by his biographers, but which may well provide a key to how Rhodes acquired the personal magnetism and power that he displayed from then on.

    Three months after his Masonic induction at Oxford, Rhodes was back at the diamond diggings of Kimberley, in South Africa. One night, while staying in his bachelor quarters, a very strange thing happened. `His friends', according to his biographer Sir Lewis Michell, `found him in his room, blue with fright, his door barricaded with a chest of drawers and other furniture; he insisted that he had seen a ghost.' Immediately after this pivotal crisis, Rhodes had his previously penned `Confession of Faith' (which also contained his last will and testament) legally formalised by a Kimberley attorney. From then on, his star was in the ascendant.

    What exactly happened to him alone in his room that night? No one will ever know, except that exactly the same thing happened to another man, in the following century, who also went on to become one of the most powerful men the world has ever known - Adolf Hitler.

    In his book, ‘Hitler Speaks', published in 1939, Hermann Rauschning writes of an event that took place at the beginning of the 1930's prior to Hitler's seizure of power and his ascent to fame and infamy. Says Rauschning: `My informant described to me in full detail a remarkable scene - I should not have credited the story if it had not come from such a source. Hitler stood swaying in his room, looking wildly about him. `He! He! He's been here!' He gasped. His lips were blue. Sweat streamed down his face. Suddenly he began to reel off figures, and odd words and broken phrases, entirely devoid of sense. It sounded horrible. He used strangely composed and entirely un-German word formations. Then he stood quite still, only his lips moving.... gradually he grew calm. After that he lay asleep for many hours.'

    In 1933, soon after this strange event, Hitler seized power and the rest, as they say, is history. A clue to exactly what fearsome thing Hitler had witnessed is given by Hitler himself, who said to his circle of intimate friends, of which Rauschning was a part: `The new man is among us! He is here! I will tell you a secret. I have seen the vision of the new man - fearless and formidable. I shrank from him!'

    On another occasion, reported by Rauschning, Hitler remarked: `I will tell you a secret. I am founding an Order.' Which is pretty well exactly what Rhodes had set out to do after his illumination. How strange that Rhodes' secret society dedicated to ruling the world should have ultimately become a living reality in the next century in Hitler's SS (Schutzstaffel).

    The German scientist, Oswald Spengler, in his ‘Decline and Fall of Civilisation in the West', described the spirit of colonial expansion which possessed Rhodes as something, `daemonic and immense, which grips, forces into service and uses up mankind.' And herein lies the clue to the careers of both Rhodes and Hitler, that at a point in their lives, they both encountered something `daemonic'.

    In the years after the end of the First World War, Rhodes began to receive attention from the European political right wing precisely because his career showed such an elemental will to power. In 1918 the intellectual prophet of German Nazism, Oswald Spengler, published the first volume his famous work, The Decline of the West. In this book, Spengler regards Rhodes with almost mystical awe, as a prototype of a new sort of leader. 'Rhodes is to be regarded as the first precursor of a western type of Caesar. He stands midway between Napoleon and the force-men of the next centuries... in our Germanic world, the spirits of Alaric and Theodoric will come again - there is a first hint of them in Cecil Rhodes.'

    Hitler himself appears to have made only one reference to Rhodes: at a dinner on April 18, 1942, he discussed Britain's failure to maintain the world position it had held in the Victorian age and commented that the only person who had understood the historical conditions for continuing British supremacy was Cecil Rhodes, whom the British had ignored.

    'Mr. Rhodes aspired to be the creator of one of those vast semi-religious, quasi-political associations which, like the Jesuits have played so large a part in the history of the world. To be more strictly accurate, he wished to found an Order ... and while he lived, he dreamed of being both its Caesar and its Loyola.' - W.T. Stead”
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    Nietzsche - Mein Fuhrer!

    "The first picture is from the final scene of Richard Wagner's Parsifal as it was first performed at the Bayreuth Festival in 1882. The second picture is a poster showing Hitler as a Parsifal-like figure. The third picture is from the final scene of Lyric Opera's new production of Parsifal.

    At the end of this opera, Parsifal has become the prophesied savior--the innocent fool who has been "made wise through compassion"--who restores the ceremony of the Holy Grail. As the Grail knights declare "redemption to the redeemer," the Grail begins to glow and a white dove descends.

    Nietzsche was disgusted by Parsifal because it showed that Wagner had become a Christian, and thus he had betrayed his earlier promise to use his art to form a new German culture free from Christian values. And yet Nietzsche was ambivalent about this, because he also wanted to create a new religion that would satisfy his own religious longings for redemption. {I say Wagner or Hitler's Christianity is far different - and hearkens to the First Reich or Vaner people you see best in Conan the Barbarian.}

    "In the art of seduction," Nietzsche confessed, "Parsifal will always retain its rank--as the stroke of genius in seduction.--I admire this work; I wish I had written it myself; failing that, I understand it." In its religious language and imagery, and in its quest for religious redemption, Nietzsche's Thus Spoke Zarathustra is his alternative to Parsifal. In his later writings, Nietzsche presents himself as the disciple of Dionysus and of a new Dionysian religion that will satisfy his religious longing for some eternal meaning to life. {Thus Spake Zarathustra and Siddhartha by Herman Hesse were a part of my early introduction to what is real in religion - little and lots - both.}

    It was only in Human, All Too Human, in the middle period of his career, that Nietzsche was free from the Wagnerian seduction of musical art appealing to religious longings for redemption. As shaped by his devotion to Darwinian science in Human, All Too Human, Nietzsche suggested that the religious need for redemption might be an artificial need created by thousands of years of Platonic and Biblical culture, a need that might now be disappearing through the influence of modern liberalism and modern science.

    In Human, All Too Human, Nietzsche warned that the delusional expectation of redemptive leadership could make people receptive to tyrants. And that's what happened with the rise of Hitler. 1933 was the fiftieth anniversary of Wagner's death and the year that Hitler came to power. In that same year, Alfred Lorenz's book on Parsifal was published; and in his preface, Lorenz declared that Parsifal was Wagner's prophecy of Hitler: "Wagner conveyed his prophetic thoughts about leadership of the Fuhrer and redemption in his work and bequeathed thereby an exalted mission." Lorenz explained that the end of Parsifal shows "not a reactionary reestablishment of the old, but a unity of the people, helmet-clad and confident in their future, with a religiously anchored merciful kingship at the radiant peak."

    Indeed, beginning in the early 1920s, Cosima Wagner and others in the Bayreuth Circle of Wagnerites had looked to Hitler as the Parsifal-like redeemer of Germany. Hitler was reported to have said: "From Parsifal I build my religion, a sacred service in ceremonial form without theological trappings. With a brotherly foundation of genuine love without any theatrical show of humility and empty formalistic babbling. Without those disgusting gowns and effeminate attire. Only in heroic dress can one serve God."

    Not all the Nazis agreed with this, however. In The Myth of the 20th Century (1930), Alfred Rosenberg generally praised Wagner as a mythmaker for the Nazis, but he criticized Parsifal because of its teaching about the primacy of compassion. He complained that "Parsifal represents a church-influenced enfeeblement in favor of the value of renunciation."

    Now it is precisely this theme of universal human compassion that is emphasized in many of today's productions of Parsifal, which move the opera away from its Christian teaching about the need for religious redemption and towards a liberal democratic teaching about the need for humanitarian sympathy. This is evident in Lyric Opera's production, which ends with the entire cast of men, women, and children coming together in and around a giant golden hand, apparently as an expression of universal care for one another.

    John Caird, the Director of Lyric's production, has said that for him the opera's message is that "one human being's compassion for another is in the end all we have." He has also said that he and the costume and set designer (Johan Engels) decided "let's not do crucifixes," because that would exclude half of the audience. As a consequence, the distinctly religious theme of redemption fades away, and we are left with a purely human morality of mutual sympathy and tolerance. This moves us towards the teaching of Nietzsche's Human, All Too Human and Wagner's Die Meistersinger."


    The following link takes you to a good insight to what impacted Hitler during the first "War to end all War". The cult of Germanic heroes and the first Reich's Vaner or Atlantean (Thulean) forbears is not of Hitler or even Wagner's creation it includes Bismarck and many before them all. It includes the Teuton Knights who spread Catholicism for Rome, by any method possible, including the sword.

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    From Listverse's 10 UFO origins weirder than aliens we have this. I disagree that Pauwels and Bergier claimed the Vril Society made contact with aliens. I say they reported that this is what the Thulean SS and Vril were promoting. Yes, the Nazis used what is tried and true propaganda methods just as the Bible does. Zundel is a freak but he is held up as the reason to not investigate what happened in Germany. At the end of the second world war a large number of people died in concentration camps as the Nazis had no food even to feed themselves. The 6,000,000 you hear about is thus not all the fault of the Nazis. The Allied efforts at genocide in Dresden and Tokyo are seldom equated with what went on all over this war. Nor is it discussed that ghettos are concentration camps that cost more to manage and the Germans were following what others had recently done to the Armenians or Irish. Stalin killed far more Ukrainians - some estimates are as high as 32,000,000.

    Then you need to look for what happened to captured Germans. Some didn't even get a barracks to house them as they were left to die in bad weather with little food - maybe a million Waffen and Hitler Youth. Then there are those killed by Russians - and it is a fact Stalin forced the killing of his own troops in order not to waste funds on medical care or to enforce attacks and defenses that were horrific. One encyclopedia I saw had 11,000,000 Russians dying in that war and not one listed as wounded.

    That is hard to believe but it is not hard to believe they wasted no time or money keeping up with what went on. Stalin was far worse than Hitler, and the Pope at that time knew this. It is part of a rationale promoted by Catholics today who wish to expunge their guilt about not taking action to protect the Jew, Poles, Gypsies and others killed in concentration camps.

    "Ernst Zundel is most famous for his Holocaust denial, but he was also famous for theorizing that UFOs are actually advanced craft created by the Third Reich. He was preceded by the work of Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier, who claimed the Vril Society, an occult Nazi conspiracy, made contact with Aryan aliens living in the Aldebaran system. The strange “foo fighters” reported by Allied pilots were actually the first prototypes of anti-gravity craft designed by the society, incorporated into the SS. The craft was allegedly powered by an electromagnetic-gravitic engine known as the Thule Triebwerk. After the war, the surviving Nazis regrouped to Antarctica to continue development. Bulgarian physicist Vladimir Terziski went even further, asserting that the Nazis had by 1942 landed on the Moon and later established bases there, which he claims has an atmosphere, water, and vegetation despite NASA’s propaganda to the contrary.

    But it was Zundel, working off the success of von Daniken’s Chariots of the Gods and other UFOlogy books, who truly popularized the idea. Writing under the pseudonym Christof Friedrich, he claimed a secret Nazi expedition to Antarctica discovered an almost tropical area the size of Germany where they established bases and withdrew in a massive convoy in 1945 with their secret weapons in tow. The CIA and KGB collaborated to keep the truth of the UFO phenomenon secret while they plotted to destroy the Nazis and establish a global dictatorship. Thankfully, an investigation of the evidence by UFOlogist Kevin McClure concluded the Nazi UFO mythos, like Holocaust denial, is nothing more than bigoted delusion."
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    This post says Bulwer-Lytton's Vril society which Hitler was a member of was the first to use the Swastika. Not true - there are about two thousand mandalas known as Swastikas - all over the world for millennia. That in itself shows Brotherhood over this whole world did exist. The Swastika is a powerful mandala for Brotherhood and Peace. Hitler's handler who visited him (dictated parts) while he wrote Mein Kampf in prison. That is Karl Haushofer - and Professor Horbiger was also part of this. Haushofer is one of the men in Gurdjieff's book Meetings With Remarkable Men. Gurdjieff gave Haushofer the Swastika design Hitler copied (Hitler was an artist or painter).

    This is what I can confirm lead to Hitler saying his duty and given purpose was to unite Europe which the first World War was also part of the plan to achieve. I say it finally happened with the Treaty of Lisbon recently. See threads addressing Hitler and Rhodes here.

    The Aquarian Conspiracy | Conspiracy School

    In 1886, Crowley, William Butler Yeats, and several other Bulwer-Lytton proteges ... around the 1877 manuscript "Isis Unveiled" by Madame Helena Blavatsky, ..... Elisabeth Mann Borghese, and some Rhodes Scholars who had originally been .... Neo-Cons' Muse · Synarchy: The Hidden Hand Behind the European Union ...

    Churchill said he would make history because he would write it. He won a Nobel Prize for writing it - and his history is as good as any lie in history. Would our culture today be any the worse if some dead man named Hitler wrote the lies? See Campbell's Permanent Human Values.

    Here is a seldom told story of pre-war collaboration with Hitler, You should also know Congress had many Nazi supporters and the Trading with the Enemy conviction of Prescott Bush and other Brown Bros/Harriman people. I have covered it much more elsewhere,

    There are two and more sides to really big issues - and some of those sides may seem ludicrous - it serves no good purpose to get emotional and fly off based on brainwashed ideology.

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    In this time of scapegoating and denial of truth in history, as evidenced by the middle east and lack of acceptance given to western acts which caused the matter to fester and grow through at least 150 years and perhaps can be traced all the way back to the Crusades.

    In this era of egotistical self-congratulating Americans whose nation is built on the genocide of those we call natives and aboriginals today - and not long ago (see Diamond Jenness supported by the Canadian Government) called savages and worse.

    In this era when truth is the bedmate of incestuous deprecation and alienation, can we begin a new approach like Herr Hitler did not so long ago?

    "The regime’s new leaders also succeeded in persuading formerly skeptical and even hostile Germans of their sincerity, resolve and ability. This fostered trust and confidence, which in turn encouraged businessmen to hire and invest, and consumers to spend with an eye to the future.

    As he had promised, Hitler and his National Socialist government banished unemployment within four years. The number of jobless was cut from six million at the beginning of 1933, when he took power, to one million by 1936. / 7 So rapidly was the jobless rate reduced that by 1937-38 there was a national labor shortage. / 8

    .... By 1943 average hourly earnings of German workers had risen by 25 percent, and weekly earnings by 41 percent. / 9

    The “normal” work day for most Germans was eight hours, and pay for overtime work was generous. / 10 In addition to higher wages, benefits included markedly improved working conditions, such as better health and safety conditions, canteens with subsidized hot meals, athletic fields, parks, subsidized theater performances and concerts, exhibitions, sports and hiking groups, dances, adult education courses, and subsidized tourism. / 11 An already extensive network of social welfare programs, including old age insurance and a national health care program, was expanded.

    Hitler wanted Germans to have “the highest possible standard of living,” he said in an interview with an American journalist in early 1934. “In my opinion, the Americans are right in not wanting to make everyone the same but rather in upholding the principle of the ladder. However, every single person must be granted the opportunity to climb up the ladder.” / 12 In keeping with this outlook, Hitler’s government promoted social mobility, with wide opportunities to improve and advance. As Prof. Garraty notes: “It is beyond argument that the Nazis encouraged working-class social and economic mobility.” To encourage acquisition of new skills, the government greatly expanded vocational training programs, and offered generous incentives for further advancement of efficient workers. / 13

    Both National Socialist ideology and Hitler’s basic outlook, writes historian John Garraty, “inclined the regime to favor the ordinary German over any elite group. Workers … had an honored place in the system.” In accord with this, the regime provided substantive fringe benefits for workers that included subsidized housing, low-cost excursions, sports programs, and more pleasing factory facilities. / 14

    In his detailed and critical biography of Hitler, historian Joachim Fest acknowledged: “The regime insisted that it was not the rule of one social class above all others, and by granting everyone opportunities to rise, it in fact demonstrated class neutrality … These measures did indeed break through the old, petrified social structures. They tangibly improved the material condition of much of the population.” / 15

    A few figures give an idea of how the quality of life improved. Between 1932, the last year of the pre-Hitler era, and 1938, the last full year before the outbreak of war, food consumption increased by one sixth, while clothing and textile turnover increased by more than a quarter, and of furniture and household goods by 50 percent. / 16 During the Third Reich’s peacetime years, wine consumption rose by 50 percent, and champagne consumption increased five-fold. / 17 Between 1932 and 1938, the volume of tourism more than doubled, while automobile ownership during the 1930s tripled. / 18 German motor vehicle production, which included cars made by the US-owned Ford and General Motors (Opel) works, doubled in the five years of 1932 to 1937, while Germany’s motor vehicle exports increased eight-fold. Air passenger traffic in Germany more than tripled from 1933 to 1937. / 19

    German business revived and prospered. During the first four years of the National Socialist era, net profits of large corporations quadrupled, and managerial and entrepreneurial income rose by nearly 50 percent. / 20 Between 1933 and 1938, notes historian Niall Ferguson, Germany's "gross domestic product grew, on average, by a remarkable eleven percent a year," with no significant increase in the rate of inflation. / 21 “Things were to get even better,” writes Jewish historian Richard Grunberger in his detailed study, The Twelve-Year Reich. “In the three years between 1939 and 1942 German industry expanded as much as it had during the preceding fifty years.” / 20

    Although German businesses flourished, profits were controlled and by law were kept within moderate limits. / 21 Beginning in 1934, dividends for stockholders of German corporations were limited to six percent annually. Undistributed profits were invested in Reich government bonds, which had an annual interest yield of six percent, and then, after 1935, of four and a half percent. This policy had the predictable effect of encouraging corporate reinvestment and self-financing, and thereby of reducing borrowing from banks and, more generally, of diminishing the influence of commercial capital. / 22

    Corporation tax rates were steadily raised, from 20 percent in 1934 to 25 percent in 1936, and to 40 percent in 1939-40. Directors of German companies could grant bonuses to managers, but only if these were directly proportionate to profits and they also authorized corresponding bonuses or “voluntary social contributions” to employees. / 23

    Between 1934 and 1938, the gross taxable income of German businessmen increased by 148 percent, and overall tax volume increased during this period by 232 percent. The number of taxpayers in the highest income tax bracket -- those earning more than 100,000 marks annually -- increased during this period by 445 percent. (By contrast, the number of taxpayers in the lowest income bracket -- those earning less than 1500 marks yearly -- increased by only five percent.) / 24

    Taxation in National Socialist Germany was sharply “progressive,” with those of higher income paying proportionately more than those in the lower income brackets. Between 1934 and 1938, the average tax rate on incomes of more than 100,000 marks rose from 37.4 percent to 38.2 percent. In 1938 Germans in the lowest tax brackets were 49 percent of the population and had 14 percent of the national income, but paid only 4.7 percent of the tax burden. Those in the highest income category, who were just one percent of the population but with 21 percent of the income, paid 45 percent of the tax burden. / 25

    Jews made up about one percent of Germany’s total population when Hitler came to power. While the new government moved quickly to remove them from the nation’s political and cultural life, Jews were permitted to carry on in economic life, at least for several years. In fact, many Jews benefited from the regime’s recovery measures and the general economic revival. In June 1933, for example, Hitler approved a large-scale government investment of 14.5 million marks in the Jewish-owned firm Hertie, a Berlin department store chain. This “bail out” was done to prevent the ruin of the large firm’s suppliers, financiers, and, above all, its 14,000 employees. / 26

    Prof. Gordon Craig, who for years taught history at Stanford University, points out: “In the clothing and retail trades, Jewish firms continued to operate profitably until 1938, and in Berlin and Hamburg, in particular, establishments of known reputation and taste continued to attract their old customers despite their ownership by Jews. In the world of finance, no restrictions were placed upon the activities of Jewish firms in the Berlin Bourse [stock market], and until 1937 the banking houses of Mendelssohn, Bleichröder, Arnhold, Dreyfuss, Straus, Warburg, Aufhäuser, and Behrens were still active.” / 27 Five years after Hitler had come to power, the Jewish role in business life was still a significant one, and Jews still held considerable real estate holdings, especially in Berlin. This changed markedly in 1938, however, and by the end of 1939 Jews had been largely removed from German economic life.

    Germany’s crime rate fell during the Hitler years, with significant drops in the rates of murder, robbery, theft, embezzlement and petty larceny. / 28 Improvement in the health and outlook of Germans impressed many foreigners. “Infant mortality has been greatly reduced and is considerably inferior to that in Great Britain,” wrote Sir Arnold Wilson, a British M.P. who visited Germany seven times after Hitler had come to power. “Tuberculosis and other diseases have noticeably diminished. The criminal courts have never had so little to do and the prisons have never had so few occupants. It is a pleasure to observe the physical aptitude of the German youth. Even the poorest persons are better clothed than was formerly the case, and their cheerful faces testify to the psychological improvement that has been wrought within them.” / 29"

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    Yes, I admit I do not off the top of my head recall if I posted Hitler's own words about his studies including a poem he wrote detailing his worship or ritual regarding Wotan. Did you search for it? Did you ask in a reasonable tone for me to provide that? Did you look for Rhawn Joseph's work I posted here detailing Hitler is a Jew and many ways to reach that conclusion, did you ask anything? No, you pontificated nonsense.

    Did I raise an interesting question about whether Jung learned any of what St. Germain set up in groups and esoteric circles in Vienna where other students of Freud also developed the same interests? Yes, I mentioned Silberer and in other places here I have no doubt raised Wilhelm Reich as well. Then there is the name Neumann which I have questions about - and voiced the sources.

    Here are some other sources for you. Morning of the Magicians by Pauwels and Bergier. It was a book I read before you were born probably. They had a hundred pages addressing Hitler and his influential occult handlers. I have checked them all out many times. There is Haushofer a General who went to the prison to help write Mein Kampf along with Professor Horbiger. You will find controversy surrounds this book which has been proven right enough - so it scares the paradigm liars I think. My father was at Nuremberg with the Judge Advocate and I know the German's were not allowed to defend themselves on the occult brainwashing defense - because it was being used by the Allies who still use it on everyday people - more so than ever as technology now allows. The authors of that book included a member of Heisenberg's team of physicists and an editor of Earth Magazine.

    Then there is Gurdjieff's Meetings With Remarkable Men - a favorite of mine. Haushofer is one of those remarkable men - you will not find Wiki types telling you this is where Hitler got the altered Swastika. Nor will you get good insight on what a mandala is in most places. Now I could go through Eckhart, Linz, Cistercians and guesses about St. Bernard too; and others of even less certain associations or cover matters regarding Himmler who was even more into the occult than Hitler - but why give you things you would not grasp? I have yet to see any person on this site who knows what the Dragons have infiltrated including things those same people think they know and use the research of that site - which has my stuff and I use theirs. You see there is no NWO or new Illuminati or any of the rest of your Jewish conspiracy stuff that is even close. Read the Halakah and start from there.

    Maybe when you demonstrate a little thinking and elbow grease I will give you more.

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