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Thread: FREE READ of 1st Chapter. "Final Revelation. It's Time!" by Daniel Samson.

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    FREE READ of 1st Chapter. "Final Revelation. It's Time!" by Daniel Samson.

    READ BOOK INTRODUCTION AND 1st CHAPTER FREE! “Final Revelation, It's Time!” DISASTERS are INCREASING in the world, DESTRUCTION is coming, we are nearing the completion of a universal cycle, previous civilizations have experienced total destruction, it is now our turn, this is meant to happen. Understand why it's time!

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    I am so busy I thought the 2012 threat was over. I read an article today that it is still on, BIG TIME. I book marked the article if anyone is interested: It's a good read and real eye opener. I am now busy doing research on this all over the web.

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    2013 has come.

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    uhm, I smile,,,,a thousand years is as a ''day'', and a day as a ''thousand'' years,,,after 2 days he will revive us and in the 3rd raise us up,,, start from the time yeshua ascended, add 2 days or ''2,000'' years,,,and you got it,,,

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    Quote Originally Posted by ark1960 View Post
    uhm, I smile,,,,a thousand years is as a ''day'', and a day as a ''thousand'' years,,,after 2 days he will revive us and in the 3rd raise us up,,, start from the time yeshua ascended, add 2 days or ''2,000'' years,,,and you got it,,,
    In a few words this thread illustrates many insane behaviours which are allowed to continue and are even supported by many aspects of media including the education system.

    1. Yeshua does not translate as Jesus. Jesus is a title which means the Brotherhood of Man and has no connection to a boogeyman who has power over our destiny. John 10:34 says "Ye are Gods". But so few people study the Bible as a coded vessel of Gnosis and even the Gnostics are into aliens and apocalyptic fear mongering.

    2. The prophecy of the Mayan calendar is not Christian and it would be good if those putting words in these beautiful people's mouths were saying Jesus (The Pale Prophet) was in the Americas. Why did all the TV shows go along with this purely fear-oriented Christian apocalyptic control of stupid people? Actually the Christian cult is more correctly called the Judaeo/Christian/Islamic complex. They all use the same 'God-given scriptures'.

    3. The actual prophecy has to do with the Mayan long count part of their calendar which is similar to the Hindu and prior culture of Ilavarta or Mohenjo-Daro Yugas but more accurate by far. The Mayans likely came originally from the Indian continent around the time their calendar begins (4th Millennium BCE). The Mayans gave their 'brothers' the math we use today in reference to the numerical value zero - around 550 AD. Our history still credits Indians with this discovery around 700 AD and those that do mention the Mayans had it earlier often say that is not evidence of contact in pre-Columbus time. Like thousands of other such proofs from every science and discipline they say these facts are 'anomalous' or purely co-incidental. They say these things they were taught and those before them were taught because it is central to the ascendance of Empire over Brotherhood and the existence of Empire which continues to the present day.

    4. The historical lie saying ancients believed in a Flat Earth demeans ancients when in fact the promoters of this tripe were in Rome at the center of the universe represented by just one "Infallible" mortal - a Pope. The Catholic Encyclopedia still has this Papal Infallibility crud in it today. God is (if anything) not infallible and is "everything" or a collective consciousness. The monsters depicted at the edge of the maps were in point of fact sitting on thrones in Rome, and saying the Mayans had no soul until 1524 when a Pope allowed they might have more soul than an ape. The Churchian or Heathen horde were burning libraries and librarians in Central America as well as witches and heretics elsewhere.

    5. The Mayan calendar short count tracks the effects of the sun upon the Earth - and little if anything is more important to our existence. It traces the transit of Venus whereas the long count tracks Sirius. Venus is the morning star and is also known as Lucifer or the light-bearer. In real truth the Luciferians and Heliopolitans are the same people (See Ba'albek's shining ones). Sun also is connected with Son in the writings of these people we know as Phoenicians and who the Father of Biblical Archaeology correctly says gave us the enduring legacy of any beauty in Biblical mythology.

    6. The actual prophecy calls for a spiritual focus to begin in 2012 or at the end of that cycle which was materialistic. Beckett calculated a 24 year difference in the sidereal movement of Sirius. That is a very accurate ancient confirmation of a 25,000 year Mayan prediction. Thus the actual date for a spiritual awakening to begin is 2036 or thereabouts.

    7. How were the Mayans this accurate? How were the people who built the Great Pyramid so accurate that one author today (Don Barone) says the Giza designs give accurate data on the size of and relationships of our solar system's planets. Did the energy of the Earth (Earth Energy Grid or Pentagon Dodecahedron, see last week's discovery of a pentaquark) and Cosmic Thought Field of Newton's aether interact as Tesla technology proves? Is the Biblical Logos or "In the beginning was the word." a very ancient (Long before the Hebrew Bible and at least as old as Hebrew itself.) understanding of what modern String Theory says about all matter being comprised of one dimensional Harmonic force? Harmonic force and word sound, is this a connection to ancient radio-telemetry observatories in places like the Caracol at Chichen Itza?
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