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Thread: We Can Change The World

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    Among the many contributions of great men like Alfred North Whitehead you will often find them commenting or contributing to educational issues and social ethics. These words often quoted from Whitehead by Ralph Nader are the essence of what Esalen is all about. "Duty arises from our potential control over the course of events. Where attainable knowledge could have changed the issue, ignorance has the guilt of vice."

    One of the most hands-on and knowledgeable (creative and productive like his friend Ivan Illich) people you could learn about is Professor John McKnight. Listen to him tell a little of his storied life.


    There are good things done by the hegemony. The Shriner's Hospital is one fine example to be sure. But when these organizations took control of the institutions of charity things started downhill fast. I am pretty sure that no open-minded person could read my books on Synarchy and not be fairly certain that the Catholic Church and the hierarchy of elitists that include the Shriners and lesser Masons are in fact run or managed by the same people. But to recap briefly I advise that the interested person could check out St. Columba acting as Arch or 'High' Druid at the Synod of Drum Ceatt and then follow the Isle of Druids (Iona) monastic Order into the Cistercians and other Inner Sanctums or bowels of this behemoth. There they will find Hibernians like St. Bernard who walked both sides of the Cathar issue and helped create the Grail legends to cover up the facts of secret trade the Cathars and family of Jesus or other paladins were engaged in. Along this path are many good people including St. Columba and Pelagius as well as those Cathars who wanted to bring humanity out of the Dark Ages. It is not a black and white simple matter to be sure. There is no 'easy' answer especially when sophisticated power elites have the arm of academia to twist or coerce through funding their projects.

    The level of na´vetÚ never ceases to amaze me. My own family has treated me as a pariah or paranoid at times. The good Masons who tell me how they do good work actually cannot see the small percentage of the massive wealth that goes to fund the window-dressing operations. They see millions go to these causes and do not see the trillions going elsewhere or they take the 'trickle-down' they are allowed to feast upon and think how much better off they are than the rest of life on earth who is not sold out to this game of corrupt and soulless cretins who would rather wield power than see all life on earth be wealthier than they are. Yes, it is possible to make everyone a very wealthy person. People become supporters and proselytizers for nations (Divine Kings outgrowth) or dogma (Manifest Destiny) and feel important as they exercise their 'Right' to be more than their wife or child. The Cycle of Violence and laws that maintain it and the wars or religions (tax free) are all a part of this game or Hegelian Dialectic in the Platonic or top-down hierarchy.

    The pride in the face of the bible-thumper who never studied to be an adept like Jesus and needs to believe only God's 'only begotten' can do the things he (Yeshua) and his family have often done is far more than merely false pride. It endangers the soul of all life on earth. The census continues to ask questions that support this lawful (horrific) cause. Here is a fine example of how this infects our picture or management of society. It comes from 19th Century Trinidad but Jedi students in Australia or England know the same thing goes on in the 21st Century. The church that thinks ecumenicism is when Christian denominations agree, is a church that needs to be taxed and found guilty of much more than supporting pedophilia or destroying the Native culture, such as has been happening in the courts of Canada.

    "The grant was based on the proportion of adherents in the Christian community. No religious census of the population was taken in 1861, 1871 and in 1881. Roman Catholic members of the Legislative Council opposed an inquiry into the religious persuasion of the people for the fear that the results might lead to a reduction in their allotment of the Ecclesiastical Grant. [The Maritime Presbyterian, Vol. II, No. 6, June 15, 1882, p. 165]" (6)

    As my research and personal trip or way of learning continued I saw connections and areas of grayness at the edge of what esotericists are doing. I wondered why there was a need to manipulate people rather than simply saying the truth. I was very na´ve to be sure. But I still wonder when the time will be right to state the connections including what the Luciferians are doing at Damanhur and Findhorn or in the design of social gaming and programming through these games. Lucis Trust is a Luciferian outreach - and a very good plan is developing there.

    It is not just amusing to see the incessant bitch-slapping of interdenominational fighting over the souls of sheeple. It sickens me deep in my soul.

    It gets worse as you research more deeply into the creation of these constructs that separate us from each other and the collective or oversoul that might be what we call God. Scientology or the Mormons, surely have people who act without the usual hypocrisy; and you can say they have become totally under a near hypnotic control. In fact the Scientologists have created a slave robot culture. But when compared to so many other cultures that have war at the top of the actual agenda - who knows - maybe we should all join these new religions which were started by the Masonic 'Octopussy'.

    One author on the cult trail called newswithviews is Chuck Baldwin. He says what Augustine knew a long time ago and which has a catholic credo in honor of him: "Now, all of the church members out there who have been forgiving of their ministers for not speaking out on the issues by saying things like, “He really doesn’t understand what’s going on,” need to reevaluate their leniency--if they are intellectually honest, that is--and if they truly care about the future of their country.

    Church member, admit it: that pastor of yours who refuses to speak out on the issues KNOWS the Bible speaks to these issues, and he is DELIBERATELY refusing to teach those Biblical principles to you and your family.

    So, we are not dealing with IGNORANT pastors; we are dealing with DELIBERATELY DISOBEDIENT pastors. They are PURPOSELY CHOOSING to remain silent. Will that make any difference to the Christians in the pews who say they want their pastor to take a stand but are willing to overlook his “ignorance?” Probably not. But, at least, we now know what the real issue is, don’t we?

    The report goes on: “Why the disconnect? According to Barna, the answer is simple. He suggests asking pastors how someone would know if their church is ‘successful’--which he did.”

    "‘There are five factors that the vast majority of pastors turn to [when asked that question],’ he explained. ‘Attendance, giving, number of programs, number of staff, and square footage.’”

    There you have it: pastors are more concerned about being “successful” than they are being truthful. They believe if they tell their congregations the truth, their churches will not be “successful.” And it is so refreshing to see Barna directly ask pastors what “success” means to them. So, now we know (as if we didn’t know before; but, at least now there is definitive research to back it up). The vast majority of pastors believe church success lies in:

    • Attendance
    • Giving (money)
    • Number of programs
    • Number of staff
    • Square footage (of facilities)

    Shazam! Where did pastors come up with this definition of “success?” You know where: from men such as Joel Osteen, Rick Warren, Bill Hybels, et al.

    The megachurch phenomenon of the last several decades transformed how pastors think and behave. Pastors read the “successful church” books and publications; they attend the “successful church” conferences; they watch the “successful church” videos, etc. They, then, try to mimic the tactics and strategies they have been taught. And if there is one constant theme promulgated by the likes of Osteen, Warren, and Hybels, it is pastors must avoid controversy like the plague. Again, one must realize that the goal is NOT being faithful to Biblical principles; the goal is building a “successful” church as noted above."

    It isn't just the Catholic Church who radicalizes any talk of a real one God. All Christian denominations can be found promoting more divisiveness and further spreading of their vile Gospels which were created by Rome and Empire to blame Jews for 'killing our Saviour'! 'Save your' money rather than donate to groups like this.
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    In his book Humans in Universe Bucky tells a little of the story about Einstein's support for his earlier book. I hope the link will open for you - there is so much everyone can learn from how these two great thinkers worked and collaborated. I have heard that Einstein's publisher sent Fuller's book (already referred to him by Einstein) to top physicists including the University of Pennsylvania, in Philadelphia. They all determined Bucky did not understand relativity. Einstein had to set his publisher straight and told him Bucky was one of only seven in the whole world who understood it. In this excerpt you will see Bucky more than understood it - he explained to Einstein how Einstein came to the conclusions and the method behind his thinking.

    "Cosmography (1992)[edit]

    Cosmography : A Posthumous Scenario for the Future of Humanity

    The dark ages still reign over all humanity, and the depth and persistence of this domination are only now becoming clear.

    This Dark Ages prison has no steel bars, chains, or locks. Instead, it is locked by misorientation and built of misinformation. Caught up in a plethora of conditioned reflexes and driven by the human ego, both warden and prisoner attempt meagerly to compete with God.

    All are intractably skeptical of what they do not understand. We are powerfully imprisoned in these Dark Ages simply by the terms in which we have been conditioned to think.

    Doing the right things for the wrong reasons is typical of humanity. Precession — not conscious planning — provides a productive outcome for misguided political and military campaigns. Nature's long-term design intervenes to circumvent the shortsightedness of human individuals, corporations, and nations competing for a share of the economic pie. Fundamentally, political economists misassume an inadequacy of life support to exist on our planet. Humanity therefore competes militarily to see which political system... is fittest to survive. In slavish observance of this misassumption, humans devote their most costly efforts and resources to "killingry" — a vast arsenal of weapons skillfully designed to kill ever more people at ever-greater distances in ever-shorter periods of time while employing ever-fewer pounds of material, ergs of energy, and seconds of time per killing.

    We must progress to the stage of doing all the right things for all the right reasons instead of doing all the right things for all the wrong reasons. {This is my personal Magian Law ascendant. Right Thought = Right Action}

    In spite of all humans' innate interest in the interrelatedness of all experience, long ago these world-power-structure builders learned to shunt all the bright intellectuals and the physically creative into specialist careers. The powerful reserved for themselves the far easier, because innate, comprehensive functioning. All one needs to do is to discover how self-perpetuating is this disease of specialization is to witness the inter-departmental battling for educational funds and the concomitant jealous guarding of the various specializations assigned to a department's salaried experts on each subject in any university.

    Every child has an enormous drive to demonstrate competence. If humans are not required to earn a living to be provided survival needs, many are going to want very much to be productive, but not at those tasks they did not choose to do but were forced to accept in order to earn money. Instead, humans will spontaneously take upon themselves those tasks that world society really needs to have done.

    Dear reader, traditional human power structures and their reign of darkness are about to be rendered obsolete."

    There is more truth in the life of Bucky than in any religion (IMHO).

    "Inventors are among the few people on this planet who have the ability to change life for all of us. When this ability is combined with a true love of mankind's and the planet's future, it is truly a sign of a great soul. Richard Buckminster Fuller, inventor, engineer, architect, mathematician, designer, poet, and philosopher was a great soul and visionary who believed technology could save the World.

    Rebirth of an Inventor

    In 1927, 'Bucky' Fuller had little reason to be optimistic about the future. The year found Bucky jobless and broke with a wife and newborn daughter Alegra, to support. His first daughter Alexandra had died four years previous and Buckminster Fuller was still living in mourning. He had attempted suicide and was drinking heavily. In the darkness of that year, Buckminster Fuller went through a spiritual rebirth that changed the course of his life. He decided to dedicate his life to finding out how much difference one man could make in the world. Renouncing personal and financial gain, Buckminster Fuller entered two years of seclusion to begin in his own words: "the search for the principles governing the universe and help advance the evolution of humanity in accordance with them... finding ways of doing more with less to the end that all people everywhere can have more and more."
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    Hopefully we will employ the false memory technology to the point that people who are innocent won't be jailed and people like politicians are vetted before taking on the run for office - you can probably think of some good applications. How about using it before getting married or signing important contracts? We could almost do away with lawyers and courts would not be backed up and cost us an arm and a leg. No - that kind of thing won't happen because people won't demand it or make plans to run our society with ethics.

    The NYTimes raises some good questions in this article. We actually have machines reading the minds or body language at borders and you can be sure the uses are very diverse. Will it be long before we have thought police acting before an actual crime occurs?

    I know the legal profession does not want to see the neurosciences being used to do their job.

    "John Danaher

    There has been much fascination in recent years with the potential legal implications of discoveries and technologies in the neurosciences. One example of this fascination relates to the development of technologies for brain-based lie detection. There has also, in recent years, been a Law Reform debate concerning the appropriate test that should be applied when deciding which kinds of scientific evidence should be admitted to Irish courts. It has been argued, in particular, that Irish courts should begin to employ a
    Daubert-style reliability test when admitting scientific evidence. This article addresses the appropriateness of such reliability tests, along with the potential forensic uses of neuroscientific technologies, by analysing and drawing lessons from a recent US decision dealing with the admissibility of brain-based lie detection evidence.

    1. Introduction

    This article sets out to kill two birds with the one stone. The first “bird” is the potential legal impact of recent developments in the neurosciences. The second “bird” is the need for some sort of formal reliability test when it comes to the admissibility of scientific evidence in Irish courts. The “stone” is an analysis of the recent American case of

    U.S. v Semrau which dealt with both of these issues.

    As regards the potential legal impact of the neurosciences, a superficial glance at the academic literature reveals a growing fascination with this topic. Societies have been formed, journals have been founded, projects have been undertaken and articles have been written, all exploring the legal and ethical issues arising from new brain-scanning technologies, cognitive enhancers and the like.

    One particularly interesting and pressing example of the legal impact of neuroscience comes from brain-based lie-detectors. These are explained in more detail later in this article. The basic idea behind these detectors is that modern brain-scanning technologies can be used to determine whether someone is lying or telling the truth. The concept has been around for some time, but in recent years two US-based companies have been set up and have begun offering this technology for forensic uses. One of those companies—Cephos Corporation—had their..."
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    Humor can be a great way to address things which need real discussion. Unfortunately these things need more than just discussion and prioritization must be at the top of any realizable agenda.

    Obama White House correspondents speech.

    A book written in 1972 and used by a political party trying to oust the incumbents (does not matter which - both are run by the same corrupt bureaucrats in league with money seeking power elites) called None Dare Call It Conspiracy made a lot of people wiser. About a decade after it was printed I got a copy and was surprised to find the urban legend about people having been hired to destroy every copy was still true - it disappeared from under the driver's seat in my car parked in Toronto in 1979. Nothing like this has ever happened before or after. In truth the book was a half-assed piece of weak research but it was better than most in that era. Here is a person from recent times writing a review about it. People today should check out a book by Jim Marrs who I helped research - addressing the Fourth Reich - America! His earlier book Rule By Secrecy is great too.

    By bernie TOP 100 REVIEWER on Oct. 30 2013

    Format: Paperback
    This is one of those books that have people polarized. Anyone who attempts to balance this with three stars will get from both sides.
    The first paragraph of the introduction lets you know what you are in for:
    The story you are about to read is true. The names have not been changed to protect the guilty. This book may have the effect of changing your life. After reading this book you will never look at national and world events in the same way again.
    I pretty much keep up with events and try to make connections. However I leave it up to the authors (Gary Allen with Larry Abraham) to make their point.
    This book has eight chapters:
    One...Don't Confuse me with the Facts
    Two...Socialism---Royal Road to Power For The Super-Rich
    Three... The Money Manipulators
    Four...Bankrolling The Bolshevik Revolution
    Five...Establishing The Establishment
    Six...The Rockefellers And the Reds
    Seven...Pressure From Above and Pressure From Below
    Eight...You Are the answer.
    If this book was written today I doubt if a word would be changed. But what a field day there would be with new additions."

    I just blew my running nose into some toilet paper after watching Gentleman's Agreement again. I threw it into the toilet and flushed it away just as I would have liked to flush away any memory of all the bigotry and hypocrisy that I have endured watching what people do to the supposedly weaker people all around them. This movie and it's script won all manner of awards and deserves to be used in schools along with many other great movies - if we wanted to change the ethic which rules our society.

    No way I can hold a candle to the author's skill and it won't help me to say they shouldn't have stopped with anti-Semitism and racism. The einsteinian professor who pointed out there are no Jews that science can prove and no god his science could accept was a delight to hear as he pointed out the differences between Zionism and brotherhood. Gregory Peck's fiancÚ or John Garfield as the Jewish buddy telling her that is what a man wants in a wife - a buddy to help him deal with the hard times - I can't say there was any one moment that made me well up and sniffle.

    I feel the same way when I engage in my fight against misogyny or the supposed mentally ill and disabled victims of the same ego and upside down stinking-thinking. I can write a mountain of words proving alienation and corruption are problems beyond the blame of any one group or ideology. I can lay out a plan that would answer all the problems and even give a decent attempt at prioritizing those problems so everyone can believe we can change the world. But I can't really make much difference. I have tried so long it hurts.

    The mother just had a stroke and had read the article Peck had written about being a Jew for eight weeks. She said his father would have loved to read how he saw freedom as central to the cause of Brotherhood. He said he couldn't blame the bigots any more than the Cathies (His fiancÚ) and those who made the Gentleman's Agreements to avoid facing the problems. The problem is being polite - not facing the intensity he felt and energy he needed to address the false politeness or political correctness. LORD do I know this part in the play of life.

    But Garfield met his fiancÚ and agreed to move his family to her home where she could fight the bigots if she heard any of them talking. That is why I need to go blow my nose and dry my eyes again! The mother then said maybe the 20th Century would be the century of the people. Sorry I am to testify - things are worse, because people still think that way. Yes, the blacks and Jews are freer but remember To Kill a Mockingbird and Robert Duvall's heroic portrayal of a mental deficient. Remember Einstein was a dyslexic - remember Ritalin!
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    There are a lot of good ideas worth considering in this site. I say they do not fully know history and yet I could agree they know the recent history of a not new world order which has duped and enslaved people for about 5,000 years in most of this world. There have been large areas of the world that were largely meritocratic and even more empowering of the individual than they appear to be. But I think they are on the right track, as they say we need:

    "A New Politics - The Replacement of Democracy by Meritocracy.

    A New Economics - The Replacement of Predatory Free-Market Capitalism with Productive Social Capitalism.

    A New Religion - The Replacement of the old, failed and false Mythos religions by the world's only rational Logos religion: the religion of ontological mathematics that delivers a dialectical metamorphosis (via mathematical optimization) of all human beings into gods.

    A New Social Order - The Replacement, through 100% Inheritance Tax and the abolition of all means for private individuals to pass on overwhelming financial advantages and privileges to other private individuals (family members) at the expense of the Commonwealth, of the Dynastic Family Elites that rule the world. Any transaction between private individuals that involves a vast transfer of wealth which allows unelected, unaccountable people to wield decisive influence over the Commonwealth is a subversion of the Commonwealth, and the precise means by which the 1% have come to rule the 99%. Anyone who is on the side of the people must oppose private inheritance. If you support inheritance, you are a supporter of the dynastic elites, a traitor to, and an enemy of, the people. You believe that people should get something for nothing, that people should be rewarded not for their own efforts but for those of others (their parents). You believe in parasitism and rewarding failures, incompetents, people with no backbone who can't stand up for themselves and make their own way in life. No one who accepts an inheritance has any self-respect, or is worthy of any respect. They are family versions of welfare scroungers, taking money for nothing.

    A New Dispensation: The World must be Rebooted. The only way to reboot it is to bring to an end the control of the vast bulk of the world's assets by a tiny private elite who stand outside the political process and yet completely dominate that process. Capitalist Democracy has nothing to do with democracy and everything to do with the capitalist control of the people. In other words, capitalist democracy is rule by rich capitalist oligarchs. The ancient Athenians invented democracy precisely to overthrow such people. They would be spinning in their graves if they could see what "democracy" now is - rule by the super rich cynically and wickedly being presented as rule by the people. Capitalist democracy is the biggest con since Abrahamism, the other primary means for deceiving and enslaving the people.

    A New Science - The replacement of Scientific Materialism by Ontological Mathematics.

    What is ontological mathematics? Mathematics is not a human construct like the English language. It's the language of existence itself and is a precondition for human life. Human beings don't invent mathematics, they tune into it, they discover it, they are everywhere immersed in it. We exist in a cosmic ocean of mathematics.

    Mathematics, ontologically, is energy - precise mathematical energy defined by analytic sine and cosine waves. These constitute the ultimate dynamic information system.

    Energy comes in specific bundles known as monads. There are countless monads, and each of them is an uncaused, uncreated, autonomous, immortal, indestructible information system - a soul! A soul is a 100% mathematical entity. It's a pure sine and cosine energy system. It's a self-optimizing information system.

    A soul is both an object and a subject. To other souls, each soul is an object. To itself, a soul is a subject. It subjectively experiences information. A computer - a human mathematical construct - processes information but does not experience it (because a computer is not alive). A monad is an eternal, natural, living, mathematical entity. It not only receives, generates and processes information, it also experiences all of that information. It senses it and feels it, and it seeks to optimize it - ultimately to solve its own inner equation and become God.

    The Old World Order has utterly failed. It's time for the New World Order. Anyone who opposes a new way of doing things is a conservative, a reactionary, a counter-revolutionary, and a friend and ally of the ruling elites. The current world is designed in their image. If you want a new image that reflects you, you must support the Meritocratic New World Order that ends inheritance, nepotism, cronyism, privilege and "who you know" and replaces these with talent, "what you know" and "what you can do".

    Free-Market Capitalism - rule by the rich (by the 1%).
    Abrahamism - rule by the Devil (a "God" that orders fathers to perform human sacrifice on their sons as a "test").
    Democracy - Dumbocracy: rule by dumb asses.
    Freedom - Freedumb to be the slaves of the Devil and the rich capitalists."

    Another major group which has many tentacles beyond the Unitarian revival of the kind of things the family of Jesus studied is almost the originator of New Age philosophy according to decidedly deceived TRUE believers like the following.

    Whereas this site has discourse of greater interest and value (IMHO).

    For those who listen to the media lies on the History Channel this week dealing with the World Wars - I ask you to consider there is truth available if you will look past what your ego thinks is your own thoughts.

    Here is some of it in the words of people other than myself, so that you will know I am not the only researcher who cares what happens to humanity.

    "Page 123:

    The top Communist leaders have never been as hostile to their counterparts in the West, as the rhetoric suggests. They are quite friendly to the world's leading financiers and have worked closely with them, when it suits their purposes. As we shall see in the following section, the Bolshevik revolution actually was financed by wealthy financiers in London and New York. Lenin and Trotsky were on the closest of terms with these moneyed interests both before and after the Revolution. Those hidden liaisons have continued to this day and occasionally pop to the surface, when we discover a David Rockefeller holding confidential meetings with a Mikhail Gorbachev in the absence of government sponsorship or diplomatic purpose."

    Let me make it clear - Trotsky was an honest and compassionate man who did a lot to try to make good changes. When I may seem to be down on the Rothschild banksters, or ecclesiastical elites I am just as much against those who necessitate such behavior. That includes ignorant conspiracy theorists who maintain they have an inalienable right to bear arms and children. The Cabots and the Lodges made a lot of money through mining coal and such with slave laborers from Ireland - and that is bad; but they also did great things when they fostered the Rumford Institute for Mutual Instruction which we see in this doctoral thesis. Mutual Instruction and making room for students to teach each other and co-operate rather than always competing is an ethic still largely missing from our schools.
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    From the last link above we see more of what happens behind the scenes. It isn't that the Illuminati including the Rothschilds are not trying to make improvements in society all the time. But sometimes they do bad things as is the case with Lord Nathan Rothschild threatening a Romanoff Czar who gave a real Parliament to serfs in the mid-19th Century. That same Czar put the Russian navy in front of British ships trying to aid the South in the Civil War. It was against Rothschild interests to have America and Lincoln become a dominant world power. They liked to play both ends against the middle as I have documented on many occasions. They may not have known Stalin would become the ogre he was, and Hitler too. But in the end we have a unified Europe which is better than what we had.


    One of the best known Russian revolutionaries at that time was Leon Trotsky. In January of 1916 Trotsky was expelled from France and came to the United States. It has been claimed that his expenses were paid by Jacob Schiff. There is no documentation to substantiate that claim, but the circumstantial evidence does point to a wealthy donor in New York. He remained for several months, while writing for a Russian socialist paper, the Novy Mir (New World) and giving revolutionary speeches at mass meetings in New York City. According to Trotsky himself, on many occasions a chauffeured limousine was placed at his service by a wealthy friend, identified as Dr. M. In his book, My Life, Trotsky wrote:

    The doctor's wife took my wife and the boys out driving and was very kind to them. But she was a mere mortal, whereas the chauffeur was a magician, a titan, a superman! With the wave of his hand he made the machine obey his slightest command. To sit beside him was the supreme delight. When they went into a tea room, the boys would anxiously demand of their mother, "Why doesn't the chauffeur come in?" (Leon Trotsky: My Life, New York publisher: Scribner's, 1930, p. 277)

    It must have been a curious sight to see the family of the great socialist radical, defender of the working class, enemy of capitalism, enjoying the pleasures of tea rooms and chauffeurs, the very symbols of capitalist luxury.

    On March 23, 1917 a mass meeting was held at Carnegie Hall to celebrate the abdication of Nicolas II, which meant the overthrow of Tsarist rule in Russia. Thousands of socialists, Marxists, nihilists and anarchists attended to cheer the event. The following day there was published on page two of the New York Times a telegram from Jacob Schiff, which had been read to this audience. He expressed regrets, that he could not attend and then described the successful Russian revolution as "...what we had hoped and striven for these long years". (Mayor Calls Pacifists Traitors, The New York Times, March 24, 1917, p. 2)

    In the February 3, 1949 issue of the New York Journal American Schiff's grandson, John, was quoted by columnist Cholly Knickerbocker as saying that his grandfather had given about $20 million for the triumph of Communism in Russia. (To appraise Schiff's motives for supporting the Bolsheviks, we must remember, that he was a Jew and that Russian Jews had been persecuted under the Tsarist regime. Consequently the Jewish community in America was inclined to support any movement, which sought to topple the Russian government and the Bolsheviks were excellent candidates for the task. As we shall see further along, however, there were also strong financial incentives for Wall Street firms, such as Kuhn, Loeb and Company, of which Schiff was a senior partner, to see the old regime fall into the hands of revolutionaries, who would agree to grant lucrative business concessions in the future in return for financial support today.)

    When Trotsky returned to Petrograd in May of 1917 to organize the Bolshevik phase of the Russian Revolution, he carried $10,000 for travel expenses, a generously ample fund considering the value of the dollar at that time. Trotsky was arrested by Canadian and British naval personnel, when the ship, on which he was traveling, the S.S. Kristianiafjord, put in at Halifax. The money in his possession is now a matter of official record. The source of that money has been the focus of much speculation, but the evidence strongly suggests, that its origin was the German government. It was a sound investment.

    Trotsky was not arrested on a whim. He was recognized as a threat to the best interests of England, Canada's mother country in the British Commonwealth. Russia was an ally of England in the First World War, which then was raging in Europe. Anything, that would weaken Russia - and that certainly included internal revolution - would be, in effect, to strengthen Germany and weaken England. In New York on the night before his departure Trotsky had given a speech, in which he said: "I am going back to Russia to overthrow the provisional government and stop the war with Germany." (A full report on this meeting had been submitted to the U.S. Military Intelligence. See Senate Document No. 62, 66th Congress, Report and Hearings of the Subcommittee on the Judiciary, United States Senate, 1919, Vol. II, p. 2680.) Trotsky therefore represented a real threat to England's war effort. He was arrested as a German agent and taken as a prisoner of war.

    With this in mind we can appreciate the great strength of those mysterious forces both in England and the United States, that intervened on Trotsky's behalf. Immediately telegrams began to come into Halifax from such divergent sources, as an obscure attorney in New York City, from the Canadian Deputy Postmaster-General and even from a high-ranking British military officer, all inquiring into Trotsky's situation and urging his immediate release. The head of the British Secret Service in America at the time was Sir William Wiseman, who, as fate would have it, occupied the apartment directly above the apartment of Edward Mandell House and who had become fast friends with him. House advised Wiseman, that President Wilson wished to have Trotsky released. Wiseman advised his government and the British Admiralty issued orders on April 21st, that Trotsky was to be sent on his way. ("Why Did We Let Trotsky Go? How Canada Lost an Opportunity to Shorten the War", MacLeans magazine, Canada, June 1919. Also see Martin, pp. 163-164.) It was a fateful decision, that would affect not only the outcome of the war, but the future of the entire world.

    It would be a mistake to conclude, that Jacob Schiff and Germany were the only players in this drama. Trotsky could not have gone even as far as Halifax without having been granted an American passport and this was accomplished by the personal intervention of President Wilson. {Actually it was Colonel Edward Mandell House who RAN Wilson - see thread The Most Important Man of the 20th Century} Professor Antony Sutton:"

    Schiff and the Rockefellers then made the Fed, which along with other central banks serves the purpose stated by Mayer Amschel Rothschild shortly after St. Germain de Medicis founded their family by giving them the secret agency network once held by the Templars. He said he didn't care who ran nations so long as he printed their money. That was at Hesse Castle where the likes of Goethe also founded the Bavarian Illuminati, and where William of Hesse hired mercenaries to fight to make the American Revolution what it was - not a democracy but a new order akin to far older attempts to manage people. The fact is - people are corrupt and really don't want Enlightenment so they do what they do even if wiser people try to steer them towards what would be far better. It is no simple matter to see how hard it is to manage the world through agents like Pierre Auguste Belmont, J. P. Morgan, John Jacob Astor, Salomon Rothschild and the like.
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    If all heroes are politicians and warriors

    If men are worshipped and women just buriers

    Their children wept over going off to war
    Or even worse the casket they bore

    Of loved ones and brothers even when in arms

    No easy chance to know the score

    Never developing the real charms

    of soul entwined
    a life refined

    So sad I am to see the mayhem
    So glad I'll be when really free

    To see what soulful union is to BE
    When no more world of war for me!

    The poems written from the heart are more heroic than most histories promote. Howard Zinn of Harvard is great as he writes of heroes among all people. But this author has a point of view I love and share.

    Virginia Woolf said, “My greatest adventure was undoubtedly Proust. What is there left to write after that?” Who are you to argue with Virginia Woolf?

    You may have seen the movie WHO'S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLF yet not remember anything she wrote, so here is a sample of her great insight on nations.

    "Therefore if you insist upon fighting to protect me, or ‘our' country, let it be understood, soberly and rationally between us, that you are fighting to gratify a sex instinct which I cannot share; to procure benefits which I have not shared and probably will not share; but not to gratify my instincts, or to protect myself or my country, ‘For', the outsider will say, ‘in fact, as a woman, I have no country, As a woman I want no country. As a woman my country is the whole world.' And if, when reason has had its say, still some obstinate emotion remains, some love of England dropped into a child's ear by the cawing of rooks in an elm tree, by the splash of waves on a beach, or by English voices murmuring nursery rhymes, this drop of pure, if irrational, emotion she will serve her to give to England first what she desires of peace and freedom for the whole world." (3)

    Our teachers are at the forefront of both change and repressive paradigm engineering. If you can think back to a good teacher who uplifted the life of every child and knew a philosophy of abundant hope and wisdom - you are truly fortunate. It could happen as easy as taking back the government's right to maintain curriculum conformity, and allowing or mandating various approaches; and allowing the children to choose which teacher to learn from. Those teachers would have internet followers and full classrooms. The administration would have to use the other teachers who fumble along selling what they were told was educational, as security guards and janitors; if this was first done on a trial basis of one school per city and the doors were open to adults seeking spiritual growth. Eventually the wisdom dispensers would earn more than the schlepp slingers. The long debated chit system would make a teacher with a large following rich; great charismatic teachers would spring up and fewer frauds in spiritual and religious groups would also come to pass. No doubt it would take some refinement and continued legal or other changes.

    There are a whole lot of emotions involved in entitlement thinking and society needs to address it BEFORE sending out the police. It won't likely be in church or at homes, where the problems are as apparent as in legislatures. So we must hope teachers can do this without authority to change curriculums. Thankfully it takes only one or two teachers in every school to get some traction in the discourse between kids. As you read what this good doctor has to say I beg you to apply it to all matters considered inalienable; guns, borders, religious freedoms etc..

    "“It's My Right to Be Happy!”

    Lewis’ statement reflected an underlying belief about entitlement that was now threatening the survival of his relationship with Laura. During their three-year marriage he had often felt disappointed with her, and his frustration finally reached a boiling point. His recent anger outburst toward Laura prompted her to call the police. The two policemen who responded did not seem to be impressed with Lewis’ effort to defend his anger with the explanation “It’s my right to be happy.” After evaluating the situation the policemen discussed with him the need for self-control, warned him about the potential for violence, and encouraged him to pursue professional counseling. Another trip to their residence would probably result in his arrest. To get rid of the policemen Lewis promised to seek professional help although he knew that he would never carry through with the promise, simply because he was not the real problem. He believed that Laura was the one who was failing to do what she should do to make him happy through accommodating and satisfying what he wanted. Her treatment of him seemed unfair, and he was not happy.

    During the three-year marriage Laura’s frustration level also continued to escalate. She was growing weary of Lewis’ unrealistic expectations and the double standards he set up for their relationship. She knew that their relationship was very unhealthy, but her efforts to get Lewis to work on the marriage had been fruitless and futile. From her perspective Lewis was blind to his entitlement mindset that fed his self-centered attitude and selfish actions. Tragically, both spouses felt hopeless and saw little happiness in the future of their relationship. In their marital journey Lewis and Laura had collided with the Entitlement Roadblock.

    When Laura first met Lewis she was not aware that he was traveling through life on the Entitlement Highway. Like his co-travelers Lewis believed that he possessed an inalienable right to happiness regardless of personal effort or life’s circumstances. Because of his entitlement mindset he frequently felt frustrated and angry as people and circumstances were not cooperative with his expectations and requirements. Driven by his inner belief system Lewis continued to create suffering for himself and for everyone with whom he had a personal relationship."
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    Trotsky was a good man doing the best he could do, as far as I am concerned. When I may seem to be down on the Rothschild banksters, or ecclesiastical elites I am just as much against those who necessitate such behavior. That includes ignorant conspiracy theorists who maintain they have an inalienable right to bear arms and children. The Cabots and the Lodges made a lot of money through mining coal and such with slave laborers from Ireland - and that is bad; but they also did great things when they fostered the Rumford Institute for Mutual Instruction which we see in this doctoral thesis. Mutual Instruction and making room for students to teach each other and co-operate rather than always competing is an ethic still largely missing from our schools.

    There can be no doubt that humanism's goals since before Pythagoras have no better champion than Thomas Paine. Though written long ago this treasure of a book is available for you to read and I give a little excerpt from it now.

    "Both the American and French Revolutions were but prominent incidents, or crisis-stages, in the irrepressible struggle for human rights which commenced when nature implanted in her highest organism, man, that instinct which points to the goal of development; that unconquerable desire for perfect and sufficiently-lasting or " eternal " happiness, which indicates the common aim and attainable end of science, of art, and of all natural, materialistic, or intelligible activities : — that thirst for liberty which can be satisfied by nothing short of the revolution which will remove all constraint — which will accomplish revolution — and thus justify Luther, Rousseau, Paine, Foumek, and all other revolutionists. Of this crowning revolution, the text-book is "The Positive Philosophy" of Auguste Comte.

    Had Thomas Paine been seconded as valiantly when he made priestcraft howl, as he was when he hurled defiance against kingsly despotism by this time would really, instead of only nominally, have lain as low as did its minions at Trenton and Yorktown. The land over which the star-spangled banner waves would not have become the prey of corrupt, spoil-seeking demagogues, nor would Europe now tremble at the nod of a military dictator.

    Not but that priestcraft itself has a sub-structure, all but "super-naturally" profound, which must be sapped before justice can be more than a mockery, freedom aught but a mere abstraction, or happiness little else than an ignis fatuus. But man should have continued the great battle for his rights when the soldiers and author-heroes of liberty were in the full flush of victory ; instead of making that vain, mischievous and ridiculous {except as provisional) compromise with the human inclinations, called duty; and falling back on that miserable armistice between the wretched poor and the unhappy rich, for the conditions of which, consult that refinement of treachery, misnamed a constitution, and that opaque entanglement, absurdly entitled law. Can right be done and peace be maintained, under institutions whose ultimatum is to give half a breakfast to the million, and half a million or so the balance of mankind, conditioned on such anxiety on the part of the latter, lest they be added to the million before dinner-time, that dyspepsia, rather than nutrition, "waits on appetite?" Is man irremediably doomed to a condition which, at shorter and shorter intervals, forces him to seek relief in one of those saturnalias of carnage and devastation which throws progress aback, menaces civilization even, and yet but partially and temporarily mitigates human ills? Is this the whole sum, substance and end of revolution? It appears to me, that they who believe this, and who admire and commend Thomas Paine from their stand-point, dishonour his memory far more than his professed enemies do or can."

    There are so many great people in this Club of Budapest that you might hope it will join with other Clubs like Rome and Athens someday. Maybe a new Enlightenment Experiment such as Paine and the Royal Society brought for us will again happen? I think we need it.

    And all the other things Laszlo is doing are equally important.
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    It is my opinion that life on Earth is endangered by ignorance and the imposition of falsehoods upon the souls of people. Ecumenicism is something many theologians in committees or in personal conversations say they want. The Catholic Church thinks ecumenicism means burying the hatchet and letting Lutherans back into the fold and even though they no longer formally declare Judaism as a heresy their acts say otherwise. You might think what you are about to read is no longer the position of this ghastly enterprise - but this is what still passes for truth in the dogma of the most horrific institution the world has ever known.

    Pope Pius IX wrote, in the 1864 Syllabus of Errors, that:

    "Divine revelation is perfect and, therefore, it is not subject to continual and indefinite progress in order to correspond with the progress of human reason.... No man is free to embrace and profess that religion which he believes to be true, guided by the light of reason... The church has the power to define dogmatically the religion of the Catholic Church to be the only true religion...It is necessary even in the present day that the Catholic religion shall be held as the only religion of the state, to the exclusion of all other forms of worship... The civil liberty of every mode of worship, and full power given to all of openly and publically manifesting their opinions and their ideas conduce more easily to corrupt the morals and minds of the people... The Roman Pontiff cannot and ought not to reconcile himself or agree with progress, liberalism and modern civilization."

    All things truly wicked start from innocence.”
    ― Ernest Hemingway

    “More generally, as I shall repeat in Chapter 8, one of the truly bad effects of religion is that it teaches us that it is a virtue to be satisfied with not understanding.”
    ― Richard Dawkins, The God Delusion

    “Being ignorant is not so much a shame, as being unwilling to learn.”
    ― Benjamin Franklin

    If you were a true researcher of history and philosophy you would see all religions are started by the same people or tell the same stories for codifying laws and managing people. As Arthur C. Clarke said "religion was a necessary evil, but was so much evil necessary". Religion and nations or Empire go hand in hand as Fukayama proves in The End of History and the Last Man. Can society today get on the same page and address real issues that keep us away from Divine Providential creative potential or the work of G-d (YHVH, Cali, Krishna, Buddha, dog or cat). Is it possible to get past the need to feel superior to our neighbors due to our own insecurities?

    If you have a child you would take a bullet for - as the Esquire article following, suggests. And you are not a suicidal drug-user yourself who has already been mind-phucked by having drugs pushed down your throat, as many people I tried to help have been. Why don't you do something to the terrorists? You would probably do something if a terrorist attacked your family or you were asked to go to war to protect your family from a boogey man who has also been mind-phucked. Does any of this sound like 1984 by George Orwell? Do you remember thinking when you read that good and prophetic book that YOU would do something? These terrorists have a 'smiling face' and tell you they are trying to help your kid. As the song says - 'smiling faces, tell lies, they don't tell the truth'. Ronald Reagan was right to observe that the scariest thing you'll ever hear is "I'm from the government and here to help you."

    "Imagine you have a six-year-old son. A little boy for whom you are responsible. A little boy you would take a bullet for, a little boy in whom you search for glimpses of yourself, and hope every day that he will turn out just like you, only better. A little boy who would do anything to make you happy. Now imagine that little boy—your little boy—alone in his bed in the night, eyes wide with fear, afraid to move, a frightening and unfamiliar voice echoing in his head, afraid to call for you. Imagine him shivering because he hasn't eaten all day because he isn't hungry. His head is pounding. He doesn't know why any of this is happening.

    Now imagine that he is suffering like this because of a mistake. Because a doctor examined him for twelve minutes, looked at a questionnaire on which you had checked some boxes, listened to your brief and vague report that he seemed to have trouble sitting still in kindergarten, made a diagnosis for a disorder the boy doesn't have, and wrote a prescription for a powerful drug he doesn't need.

    If you have a son in America, there is an alarming probability that this has happened or will happen to you."

    Don't believe for an instant that ADHD is the only label you will face in your own life or that of those you love. The government in Canada has authored TV programs saying ECT is like a pacemaker for the brain and it re-starts the natural biorhythms for old people.
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    I am so disgusted when I see the Vatican telling us how to save our children from mental issues. The obsessive compulsive dogma drivel is exactly what causes fixation thinking or lack of true thinking.

    You really MUST read all of this article to see how bad things have gotten in our world. Ritalin is just one way the bureaucrats, drug lobbies and the perverse de-population types are paving the way for total control or a Matrix. It has not gotten better and it is getting worse.

    "From a societal viewpoint, the findings can be summed up this way: Increased treatment led to more unhappiness and depression, worsening relationships with parents, and a decline in educational outcomes. The increased prescribing of stimulants took a toll on Quebec society, in the form of worsening outcomes for children diagnosed with ADHD.

    This study is a valuable addition to the long-term outcomes literature for ADHD. We already had the MTA study, funded by the NIMH, which failed to find that stimulants provided a long-term benefit on any domain of functioning. We already had a ten-year study by Western Australia, which failed to find any long-term benefit. Now we have this new Canadian study. The “evidence base” for long-term outcomes with stimulants is becoming ever more robust, and thus we come to the very question that I raised at the Vatican conference: If the drugs do not provide any long-term benefit, and we know they can cause adverse effects, then, over the long-term, isn’t this a story of harm being done?

    The answer to that question, of course, is yes. And given that we are talking about a medical practice that is affecting so many children in the U.S. and around the world, if research is indeed showing a lack of long-term benefit (and thus of harm), then such findings need to be publicized. This is a pursuit of profound moral dimensions, and yet, having come back home from the Vatican conference, which I attended with such high hopes, I now see it more than ever as a task that is so very difficult to achieve."

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