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Thread: The True Cause of Global Warming. Electro/Geomagnetic Reversal & Pole Shift.

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    The True Cause of Global Warming. Electro/Geomagnetic Reversal & Pole Shift.

    This is a MUST READ!!! NASA scientists have revealed the truth to what is NOW happening to this world. Earth Warming & Increased Earthquake and Volcanic activity & much worse to come!! Read this, know the truth.

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    Cut all the public funding of the Warmists and you will end Global Warming tomorrow.

    This scam has persisted for more than 30 years and it will never stop for as long as its proponents are well paid from the public trough to keep screeching about it.

    You want to stop the man-made Global Warming fraud? --- then cut off their public funding and start prosecuting the main proponents for their theft of taxpayer money.

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    The true cause of Global Warming is caused by the government installations called H.A.A.R.P. You can also Google the internet for more information. Basically, H.A.A.R.P. has a number of its installations around the world and what it does is send billions of watts of electricity into the ionosphere: electrical sphere that surrounds the planet and pushes the Earth's atmospheric enveloped out from forty to sixty miles. This is actually what has disrupted the weather patterns around the world for the last three decades. This is also what cause the crop circles to manifest in very intricate patterns around the world; whereas, before they were but splotches on the turf. Look up the history of crop circles.

    Normally when the ionosphere has too much electricity it releases that energy out into space or through lightning storms or balls of energy that descends into the oceans or onto the earth without harm. NOW because of H.A.A.R.P. there is a great deal of energy constantly being emitted into space or back on to earth: this is what I believe is causing Global Warming. It is my belief that the extended atmospheric sphere cannot NOW be reduced and if it is not maintained the government fears that the bubble will burst. SO IT HAS BECOME ONE BIG NEVER-ENDING VICIOUS CYCLE.

    The original purpose for H.A.A.R.P. was to make it easier to spy on any nation in the world: i.e. anybody in the world electronically and it was also to disrupt all electrical technology in any particular city in the world: i.e. Consider the infrastructure of Iraq after the American Forces took over. The technicians could not get the infrastructure back online because H.A.A.R.P. fried the circuitry of the computers that ran the whole infrastructure.
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    Al Gore made it obvious that the government was privy to global weather changes 30 years ago, and he cashed in..
    My brother as a very young child , 40 years ago was also privy to pole shifting and impending future doom and gloom..Go figure eh?

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    I appreciate the work of all people who share information with others. Great forum.

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    This last Friday there was a show that aired on H2 after Ancient Aliens. It was called "The Devils Graveyards". It would behoove you all to do your best to see the show. It is so informative, it is just astounding how much these researchers have discovered.
    I can't believe there are still people around that do not believe in global warming. How stupid is that?

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    The Greenland Ice shows that earth has had more pollution than now at times like the start of the Iron Age. In any event the earth atmosphere and oceans can be harvested for metals and useful ingredients of pollution through nanotechnological methods now. But that isn't happening and the tundra is melting and will release far more greenhouse gases (methane) than the cars do. Estimates of water level increases will mean huge dykes will have to be built near Gibraltar and Suez. It would be cheaper to have self-replicating nanites at work - but soon!
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