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Thread: Animal Magnetism, Hypnosis dangers

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    Animal Magnetism, Hypnosis dangers

    You probably have seen Nicholas and Alexander; it was on TV this week again, I read the book decades ago. The monk Rasputin was able to maintain the health of the Royal child when no amount of doctors could. He had learned a lot about sex in a monastic remote monastery which was shut down after he had been there for just one year. I should have written a book about him - I know a great deal about him and have read his daughter's biographical account among many other things. He was poisoned and had his penis cut off (it has been kept and can be seen), then shot many times by scared Royals, then rolled up in a carpet and taken to a hole in the ice. When his body was recovered an autopsy was performed. He died of drowning.

    Anton Mesmer threatened the establishment when he used hypnotism and other techniques that Rosicrucians like Ben Franklin did not want to be used by common folk. Franklin sat on the panel that censured Mesmer. Mesmer could mind-fog and did it in front of skeptical science types on a train. He sat in a cabin with many other people when the conductor came and asked for their tickets the skeptics asked why he didn't demand proof of payment from that gentleman. The conductor said he saw no person where they pointed.

    Today we see in the mind or brain dumping on Futurescape that electrical forces or fields thereof affect the nerve ends to allow many things. We all know electricity is not considered quackery when used in medicine today. Though it was along with hypnosis in my lifetime. There are many threads I have put here which address all of this.

    The Past Masters of Mesmerism & Hypnosis | Mind Motivations

    May 9, 2009 - Historical illustration of Mesmer mesmerizing a client ... In 1785, Puységur taught a course in animal magnetism to the local Masonic .... He said that he was trained in hypnosis by his grandfather, a friend of Rasputin, while still ...
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    Recent research on our so-called junk DNA shows how electrical or magnetic fields variable and dynamic allow great attunement; and over time I believe, genetic information transfer. You could say the Earth Energy Grid and alchemical forms like the oroborous (the serpent with it's tail, seen by one researcher in this book and partial segment from this link) or caduceus seen all over the world in symbols is mirrored in our genes. Which came first? Did our thought impact our body just as we see in positive thinking and healing? Was it part of evolution? Some people are saying it is proof of God. Heaven may be within as Pope John Paul II said in 1999 and many mystics have said throughout written history and before. This book has Heaven in the title and draws all constructs from every religion into it - fairly and ecumenically. Will science teach us how to live in Brotherhood? No? This knowledge is ancient and manipulated throughout the ages, I say.

    You might disagree and say astrology and other uses of it have never been this exact - and it may be true we have some proof here that is new but the old disciplines used it better than we are - if you consider what Futurescape demonstrates we are about to do in manipulation of the World Mind by making people into tools to soulfully achieve a Matrix.

    The following quote comes from Stealthskater and links in his material which I have posted here. The caduceus may be older than Egypt and along with the Ankh (see Pavlita Generators) may have allowed many ancient secret technologies including VRIL connections to Pentagon Dodecahedron Earth Energy which is mirrored outside our atmosphere.

    What about the chakras or vortices of energy (or "wheels of lights") that are described in New Age literature as well as (supposedly?) ancient VEDIC_ARYAN literature of the Far East? I have read in one book about the soul being described as a TUBE that runs along the axis of the spine and has certain areas or NODES of ACTIVITY where these spinning wheels of energy are located. SUPPOSEDLY when all of these wheels are spinning in the right directions and at the correct rate of rotation,, there is an ENERGY SPIRAL or FLOW that is achieved that can bring about or is pure consciousness. Is there a correct spin ratio between chakras that would allow full consciousness to be achieved? How would an ordinary human go about attaining these correct spin ratios? Would all of these spinning vortices need to be aligned and spinning at the same speed?

    I wonder if these concepts are also related to the idea of the spinal cord as a caduceus coil? A caduceus coil is an electromagnetic coil that has electricity flowing in both directions. It is symbolized by 2 serpents winding around a tube (i.e., the AMA symbol). Could the spinal cord have some intrinsic relationship to the soul and the functioning of consciousness? If we look at the word "spinal", we can break off the "al" a the end and get the word SPIN. The word "spinal" is very close to the word SPIRAL. Maybe we could think of the BRAIN and SOUL as a computer system. A parallel "processing" computer. The brain could be the computer that the soul runs on or maybe we could call the soul/consciousness a CADUCEUS COMPUTER (just an idea).

    I have also heard quite a bit about counter-rotating energy fields that possess a CERTAIN GEOMETRIC SHAPE (TETRAHEDRON). Supposedly these counter-rotating energy fields possess some kind of mathematical relationship between their individual rates of rotation. Also one field is usually (in the literature) said to be electric in nature and rotating to the right. The other is magnetic and rotating to the left. What would this correct rate or spin ratio between these 2 energy fields be? Could it have something to do with the PI ratio? Maybe the PHI ratio or the GOLDEN MEAN? If there was a 2:3 or 3:2 ratio, then that would be very close to the GOLDEN MEAN SPIRAL. Maybe something else?

    Tetrahedronal energy fields. Resonant Rotating Field. Pentagonal energy fields.

    Now maybe there is more than one kind of soul or consciousness. And not all humans are really the same "UNDERNEATH". Maybe some have different spiritual physics based on different patterns of energy, and the human body is merely a "suit" that is worn by different types of spiritual entities. The human BODY as a SUIT? Something worth thinking about.

    SOME SPIRITUAL ENTITIES COULD POSSESS A TETRAHEDRONAL-BASED PHYSICS WHILE OTHERS COULD BASED ON THE DODECAHEDRON-PENTAGONAL based PHYSICS. Also, different types of spiritual entities could have souls based on different wavelengths of energy. Also, different biological types of humans or human looking beings may exist in our Universe or even within our own population on Earth. These different species may have different types or ALIEN souls. (There are two perfect tetrahedral in the Great Pyramid according to Bucky Fuller.)

    If we do possess a spiritual consciousness, why do we seem to have such "limited access" to it? Why don't any of us normal or average humans have access to our soul? How would one go about acquiring full access to this device? Are there certain wavelengths of brain activity or "window frequencies" that could facilitate such a task? Or is there something in the way from our environment? Perhaps all of the electromagnetic pollution in the 60-Hertz frequency range.

    The caduceus was more than just a staff or emblem of power. I think it focused energy and was useful in healing. You will see some of it's more ancient designs in this thread.

    The Gaedhils like Simon Magus were with the Gnostics. They are from Hyperborean regions where the Megaliths are older in underwater Carnac than Karnac in Egypt. In fact the elites of all white people are to be found in cahoots or corporate ventures to this day. Philip Gardiner's The Shining Ones documents some of this and he wrote that shortly before I contacted him.

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    The brain has crystals inside the Thalami and pineal gland that create a buzz such as one gets when high on weed. The form or shape of a central part of the best caduceus is the pineal (pine cone appearance) gland. Crystals are going to show a lot more meaning in the fields of science - soon. I expect dysflexion batteries and the dilithium crystal propulsion you see in Star Trek will be all the rage.

    Please excuse the miss-spelling of energy in this website's title.


    We have mention of many good historical references including Anton Mesmer in this site.

    The father of modern hypnotherapy is Anton Mesmer who enthralled his patients during the aftermath of the Enlightenment Experiment which freed France and the USA from elements of feudal control (In order to make a more corrupt middle class - you might say, if you read Jefferson's letter to Lafayette or consider what Franklin did on a panel to evaluate Mesmer, while he used similar ancient techniques all the time.). Mesmer's ability to affect observers or the mind included being able to become invisible to any specific person or persons. It is an old and very ancient form of hypnotism. The Cleopatra we all know a lot about (HA!) was said by a Roman who disliked her (Cicero) to have a voice that could similarly enthrall and seduce people. She was an alchemist like many in her family.

    One use of hypnotism in medicine is similar to acupuncture. A person being operated upon can be de-sensitized from localized pain and thus not have to be given powerful and potentially deathly drugs by druggies like anaesthesiologists often are. From an excellent site called researchgate where you can read the pdf file this comes from - and see how few places thoroughly test or really control their emplyees, we have.

    "Physician substance abuse is a significant societal
    problem that affects all aspects of medical care.
    Previous studies of addiction, which have included
    alcohol abuse, have projected that 10%–14% of
    physicians may become chemically dependent at
    some point in their careers (1– 4). When alcohol is
    excluded from such assessments, the incidence of
    drug dependency is estimated to be between 1% and
    2% (1,5– 8). However, the incidence of physician substance
    abuse is not equally distributed across all medical
    subspecialties. Specifically, reports suggest that
    the incidence of chemical dependence may be most
    frequent among anesthesiologists (7,9). For instance,
    although anesthesiologists represented only 3% of
    physicians in 1983, 13% of physicians treated for substance
    abuse at one center during this period were
    anesthesiologists (9). Because published data are
    sparse and rely on potentially inaccurate or limited
    reporting methods, it is difficult to determine whether
    the published incidence in fact reflects the true incidence
    in our population.
    Further concerns about controlled substance (CS)
    abuse derive from the fact that the largest rate of
    complications resulting from addiction occur early
    in a career. A recent study by Alexander et al. (10)
    reported that the most frequent rate of drug-related
    deaths for anesthesiologists occurred during the
    first 5 yr after medical school graduation. Factored
    another way, drug-related causes of death produce
    more than 2000 yr of life lost before age 65 for
    anesthesiologists (10)."
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    The ‘As Above, So Below’ law that is the combination of micro and macrocosmic reality likely comes from Hermes Trismegistus, a Babylonian who became a Pharaoh of Egypt according to the Arab Encyclopedia. Barrett is probably right about him being a legendary amalgam of people, but so what? In the time of Shakespeare the cosmogony relating the alchemic Dictum of Hermes was known as the Harmony of the Spheres. This Dictum is pictured on the back of Barrett’s book Secret Societies as taken from ‘Macoy’s Cyclopedia’ of things Masonic. Is there a better proof of the micro or Below element of this Magian Law than the splitting of a muon about a decade ago in the deep mines near Sudbury? When one side of the muon was energized the other side responded - I say all matter and even the ether itself has consciousness and the ability to communicate.

    Hypnosis and Ritual, blackboards to balls:

    There are many symbols and artistic creations that are able to contact the mind and set its archetypal memories or information systems in action. It is clear that animals have always found the place where legs meet to be an enjoyable spot and it wasn’t all a learned response. We have a vestigial obsession or primal urge that accentuates the importance of certain aesthetics which are part of the archetypal knowledge. Millions of years of conditioning reinforce the lines and constructs of such things across a wide range of forms that become or became templates of the energy flow. Which came first - the form or the thought? On other occasions we see the mind is involved or affected into becoming hypnotized beyond relaxation. I suspect the mind or brain functioning is able to be affected by these symbols or suggestions which are difficult for people to consciously intercept through the interface with the Thalami and their crystalline structure.

    Boredom in classrooms can actually make students more receptive to implanted attitudes or acceptance of the prevailing attitudes that the paradigm re-inforces or ‘enforces’. In these mental states of semi or full hypnotic trance, the mind becomes conditioned and almost thinks the programming came from ‘within’. Suggestopaedia is a technique developed by biophysicist Dr. Milan Ryzl that broadcasts over the barriers created by conscious processing. It could have great potential for good or bad application in education and learning. I can see how it might have something to do with meditation and the Thalami amplification to affect brain use. In the short span of 15 minutes a person can have over 90% recall of a new language some two weeks later if I remember the research as spoken about in 'Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain'.

    However, my first wife took a course in teaching using this method and from what I saw of the course material they took away the music and chair that put a person into the altered state before beginning the information. I suppose it is another example of co-opting good ideas and making it seem like they have been tried. What good this does is beyond me. It isn’t as if humanity would not be better off if people could learn and take pride in thinking, is it? The co-operative learning that emphasizes all learning styles from linear logical to spatial creative is being employed similarly although I hear the US has some teachers who are actually using the full technique. Hypnotists I have read, actually say the authoritative symbols like a blackboard can and do cause hypnosis.

    Some of the symbols on stelae and megalithic structures would have power as well as the sacred or worshipful intent that minds can generate through increased expectation and belief. Who has not ‘felt’ the presence of past souls or thought therefrom in an old home? This ambience of textural sponges which soak up the energy is in all matter and its lattices of molecules. It makes the stone become more powerful as the ‘energy wells’ that Dr. Robins speaks to are filled to capacity. Someday we may be able to access some of this knowledge or understand the process as a result of the effort of solid state chemists or physicists with an open mind. The ancients had more than a million years of observing and relating and they often didn’t have someone to tell them it was this or ‘that’, they just knew or ‘felt’ and observed. The Information Age inundates us with even more information and some of us are unable to focus and process the resultant data overflow. Is this part of a standard operating procedure employed by social engineers today? It can be called ‘BS baffles brains’ or the ‘Big Lie’.

    “The object of crystal gazing is, as has been said, the induction of a kind of hypnotic state giving rise to hallucinations of a visionary nature, the reflection of light in the crystal forming ‘points de repère’ for such hallucinations. The value of elaborate ceremonies and impressive rituals thus lies in their potency to affect the mind and the imagination of the seer.

    So far, the mystery of crystal vision is no mystery at all. But the remarkable frequency with which, according to reliable witnesses, visions seen in the crystal have tallied with events happening elsewhere at the same moment, or even with future events, is a fact for which science has not yet found an adequate explanation.

    It has been suggested that if telepathy operates with greater freedom during the hypnotic state, so it may be also with the self-induced hypnosis of crystal gazing. And this, though it cannot be said to cover the entire ground, is perhaps, on the whole, the best explanation yet offered.” (1)

    Some crystal balls do not work well, if at all. The Bavarian area of the world had a lot of alchemists in Prague with Rudolf and the crystal balls from that region are the best according to knowledgeable sources I studied with. There could be a connection and I have a couple of theories as to why this is the case that I won’t put forward at this juncture. Because of the present science including knowledge of Free Energy and other cosmogonic or physical studies done since 1984, when the above quote was written; there is a great deal more we can speculate about in these regards; without seeming as ridiculous to those who follow scientific advances. The 300 X speed of light proof is most important to all paranormal research. They used cesium gas but in the past, quartz was the possessor of the most effective harmonic lattice in nature.

    I often quote The Wonder Child by Peter Lorie et. al. They have broached the subject of a Cosmic Thought Field and the Thalami research that is bringing more credibility to the importance of the Pineal or ‘Third Eye’ that appears on the US dollar bill on top of the Pyramid. This gland or part of the functioning that our brain physiology allows to create the kinds of benefits psychics or mystics report as ‘tapping in’, ‘direct cognition’ (MacDari) and its akashic or other contacts is most relevant to understanding what really was involved in the magic or worship that went on in Neolithic and earlier human cultures. These researches have military and other government programs that all people must learn about. Rep. Dennis Kucinich has tried to table a Bill to stop the implementation of psy-ops or Non-Lethal Weapons in SDI or space based programs. I applaud his intentions and hope we don’t allow our leaders or bureaucracies to ever get the ability to ‘psychocivilize’ mankind without proper oversight. Project Phoenix is an umbrella designation from the days of von Neumann that people might want to research along with the work of Persinger, Bearden and Delgado.

    A New Theory Linking Stones and Crystals With Psychic Phenomena’

    This is a sub-title of the work of Dr. Don Robins who authored The Secret Language of Stone. He does a lot of excellent and well-respected work including work with the Getty Institute and London’s archaeological establishment. His doctorate in solid state chemistry allows us to listen more closely to what otherwise would be best seen in the annals of science fiction. His work in developing electron spin resonance equipment has enabled us to do things like the recent dating of refined drugs in the camps of Neanderthals back to 90,000 years ago. In my first encounters with his work on The Dragon Project, I knew there was much more I needed to learn; in order to understand concepts or systems like feng shui and ley lines. We will explore these things in the words of other authors, but first I must present a lot of Dr. Robins’ efforts. I am hopeful or near certain that the reader will agree the apparent mystical aspects of this book are warranted if we are ever to understand the genesis of our culture and the people who lived in Neolithic time and before.

    He introduces us to the fuller appreciation of a chasm that separates our present paradigm from the spiritual one that existed until very recently in large parts of the world. It opens the doors wide, to make us appreciate the manifesting nature of energy and our part in what Bucky Fuller dubbed ‘creative realization’. It is not all a bed of roses as we see him deal with the Hexham Heads. The ether that is all around us has coalescing energy and/or consciousnesses that can pass from object or mind and back to the other. The ritualistic or other conditions to imbue these energies with a purpose is what may be involved in this most extraordinary case that I think is similar to the Mothman in respect of localized elemental force entities. It might even prove to have some connection with the knowledge encoding process that our genetic make up includes.
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