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Thread: A million years BEFORE Atlantis!

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    A million years BEFORE Atlantis!

    Economics ends up as the final arbiter in so many arguments about how to plan for our future. If we don`t know our past how can we go forward. History is, as some wise man said - prologue to the present. We are lied to incessantly by high-falutin talking heads and we need a new broom or maybe a hammer. Not the expensive hammer that might cost thousands of bucks as the Golden Fleece award done by US Senator William Proxmire used to tell us about. Just a simple whack a mole mallet might even do. A good debate was held between C. H. Douglas and many dismal economists including John Maynard Keynes. I recommend it highly.

    Have you heard Ted Turner wants to reduce the people on Earth BIG TIME. Yes, and guess who he doesn't want. It isn't just him. De-population has been done with vile intent many times and places. There is no One Pie and we can create many new pies. But we might just fail to get humanity together on this as Hawking says (We have just this century to survive if we do not colonize space.). And maybe we have reached a similar crossroads before on Earth. There are OOPARTS which are hard to explain such as a Cyborg (Prosthesis of a high degree and little more can be proven but it is possible the mind was interacting with the mechanics just as we now do.) from before 4,000 BCE and the Dropa stones from 9,000 years ago.

    Given that we might have modern humans or at least civilized humans as much as 2,000,000 years ago - it is plain stupid to keep talking about just 10,000 years. Even if it is a million years of civilization we have all reason to think advancements in the very distant past far outstrip what we have been taught. I prefer this to alien intervention given the Prime Directive. (he-he)

    This next link to Wikipedia is far closer to what I think is real. The researcher referred to has gone further and proposes up to ten species of hominids or variations have resulted. The Denisovan example (He is from near the cyborg and a mysterious concrete map covering many acres.) would prove his contention as would the Hobbit which may be connected to his Mungo people and which I found cliff drawings there which lead me to posit just that. I cannot say he has continued to develop these theories. I have seen him forced to back off some of what is said here - and I hope he continues his free-thinking research.

    This article demonstrates the extent to which TV and academia lie to humanity.
    It gets a lot right about Zahi Hawass.

    My lady most adept was a Boddhisattva seeker like myself. She knew Bhakti, Tantra and Agni Yoga and how to abandon herself as well as bring it all under scrutiny in retrospect. In Tree of Life terms you could say she combined Hod and Kether even in her dance. Getty Lee saw it when she was part of his opening act under Jerry Manfredi (Doors) with his group Abraxas. Abraxas is an ancient Egyptian system for combining both ends of every topic or issue (Dialectics if you will).

    And one of the places energy stores information is the soul according to research on the fruit fly recounted in this excerpt from a good book. But it is also in our genes which the Head of the Human Genome project (Dr. Collins) said when he said we have a history book in our genes. But not all information in that book is as simple and clear as the written word.

    Recent research on our so-called junk DNA shows how electrical or magnetic fields variable and dynamic allow great attunement; and over time I believe, genetic information transfer. You could say the Earth Energy Grid and alchemical forms like the oroborous (the serpent with it's tail, seen by one researcher in this book and partial segment from this link) or caduceus seen all over the world in symbols is mirrored in our genes. Which came first? Did our thought impact our body just as we see in positive thinking and healing? Was it part of evolution? Some people are saying it is proof of God. Heaven may be within as Pope John Paul II said in 1999 and many mystics have said throughout written history and before. This book has Heaven in the title and draws all constructs from every religion into it - fairly and ecumenically. Will science teach us how to live in Brotherhood? No? This knowledge is ancient and manipulated throughout the ages, I say.

    You might disagree and say yoga, astrology and other uses of it have never been this exact - and it may be true we have some proof here that is new but the old disciplines used it better than we are - if you consider what Futurescape demonstrates we are about to do in manipulation of the World Mind by making people into tools to soulfully achieve a 'Matrix' - the movie. The Verbal Tradition may have started before the species began to speak. As far as our genetic history book - I think it did. I have said it was in the Akashic and collective since we were apes - for many years. I referred to animal clicking noises as a language in interviews kept here at W-M. The porpoise communicates with similar sounds and humans had sign languages as well. That qabala or verbal tradition is very old to say the least. Guess who kept the Verbal Tradition in most cultures - the poets or bards - BRDs - my family.

    The following quote comes from Stealthskater and links in his material which I have posted here. The caduceus may be older than Egypt and along with the Ankh (see Pavlita Generators) may have allowed many ancient secret technologies including VRIL connections to Pentagon Dodecahedron Earth Energy which is mirrored outside our atmosphere.

    What about the chakras or vortices of energy (or "wheels of lights") that are described in New Age literature as well as (supposedly?) ancient VEDIC_ARYAN literature of the Far East? I have read in one book about the soul being described as a TUBE that runs along the axis of the spine and has certain areas or NODES of ACTIVITY where these spinning wheels of energy are located. SUPPOSEDLY when all of these wheels are spinning in the right directions and at the correct rate of rotation,, there is an ENERGY SPIRAL or FLOW that is achieved that can bring about or is pure consciousness. Is there a correct spin ratio between chakras that would allow full consciousness to be achieved? How would an ordinary human go about attaining these correct spin ratios? Would all of these spinning vortices need to be aligned and spinning at the same speed?

    I wonder if these concepts are also related to the idea of the spinal cord as a caduceus coil? A caduceus coil is an electromagnetic coil that has electricity flowing in both directions. It is symbolized by 2 serpents winding around a tube (i.e., the AMA symbol). Could the spinal cord have some intrinsic relationship to the soul and the functioning of consciousness? If we look at the word "spinal", we can break off the "al" a the end and get the word SPIN. The word "spinal" is very close to the word SPIRAL. Maybe we could think of the BRAIN and SOUL as a computer system. A parallel "processing" computer. The brain could be the computer that the soul runs on or maybe we could call the soul/consciousness a CADUCEUS COMPUTER (just an idea).

    I have also heard quite a bit about counter-rotating energy fields that possess a CERTAIN GEOMETRIC SHAPE (TETRAHEDRON). Supposedly these counter-rotating energy fields possess some kind of mathematical relationship between their individual rates of rotation. Also one field is usually (in the literature) said to be electric in nature and rotating to the right. The other is magnetic and rotating to the left. What would this correct rate or spin ratio between these 2 energy fields be? Could it have something to do with the PI ratio? Maybe the PHI ratio or the GOLDEN MEAN? If there was a 2:3 or 3:2 ratio, then that would be very close to the GOLDEN MEAN SPIRAL. Maybe something else?

    Tetrahedronal energy fields. Resonant Rotating Field. Pentagonal energy fields.

    Now maybe there is more than one kind of soul or consciousness. And not all humans are really the same "UNDERNEATH". Maybe some have different spiritual physics based on different patterns of energy, and the human body is merely a "suit" that is worn by different types of spiritual entities. The human BODY as a SUIT? Something worth thinking about.

    SOME SPIRITUAL ENTITIES COULD POSSESS A TETRAHEDRONAL-BASED PHYSICS WHILE OTHERS COULD BASED ON THE DODECAHEDRON-PENTAGONAL based PHYSICS. Also, different types of spiritual entities could have souls based on different wavelengths of energy. Also, different biological types of humans or human looking beings may exist in our Universe or even within our own population on Earth. These different species may have different types or ALIEN souls. (There are two perfect tetrahedral in the Great Pyramid according to Bucky Fuller. https://thetruthbehindthescenes.word...e-of-atlantis/)

    If we do possess a spiritual consciousness, why do we seem to have such "limited access" to it? Why don't any of us normal or average humans have access to our soul? How would one go about acquiring full access to this device? Are there certain wavelengths of brain activity or "window frequencies" that could facilitate such a task? Or is there something in the way from our environment? Perhaps all of the electromagnetic pollution in the 60-Hertz frequency range.
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    Now I will present a person who parrots rather than thinks and who asserts things about others (Like Clyde Winters who linguistic expertise is established and who was on a cell diffusion site I was on.) that are largely untrue. He asks for DNA evidence - perhaps Berber blood in the Pima Indians will do. I have other evidences galore from every discipline of science; and from the Pacific as well as the Atlantic travellers. I would love to debate one of these hacks with a Moderator present who could access fact and call out lies as they are uttered. Maybe Watson - the IBM thinking machine would be necessary. He is right to debunk aliens but that is a cover story used by Hawass too - see above post.

    The Hadji Ahmed and Piri Reis maps show a lot more knowledge of this area than academics thought existed - but some people always knew.

    Next up is National Geo saying they have pinpointed when humans first mated with Neanderthals. It is good that they are finally admitting it happened but to say they have the first? NONsense and ego!!!!!

    This link has another recent hominid discovery and scientists who seem to continue trying to maintain the old theories despite all the recent facts. They do admit they might be wrong and that is refreshing. And this from a little earlier than Denisovan and a new Iberian find - who knows how many and when it started. More DNA facts.

    Einstein was ridiculed for proposing negative gravity and schools certainly weren't talking about it (or any real science to speak of) when my nephews were in school.

    Is ESP an important point to be proven if we are to see ancient humans in a different light. Many humans had no speech lobes including Neanderthals who developed speech lobes through intermarriage around 150,000 years ago (despite what some journalists say who don't do research and accept whatever a distinguished group says as Gospel).

    Not that I regard a word transmission as important as a thought which words often cannot express.

    This link will take you to a book that appears to be very worthwhile and covers many topics we have here, I have invited the author even though I have not read his book.

    How many have heard about brushite and Murrhine vases? There have always been people who had more knowledge and knew it empowered them.

    To say the thought of Thoth originates in an era long before Atlantis is easy. People who wrote soon after humanity was recovering from the Great Flood caused by the meteor hitting Earth around 8350 BCE had little written words to refer to. The multitude of explanations for things they no longer knew how to build or only vaguely remembered must have taken years to re-kindle an understanding of. I think it was an easy thing for the few who remembered to gain power in their clan over other people. And because of the need to ensure survival of extended families who still feared the diseases and possible re-occurrence of cataclysms we got a great deal of different interpretations of the verbal traditions or qabala. I also have difficulty with the sons of darkness and other vile (anagram is evil) concepts created to 'engend-er' fear. Yes, it almost puts fear into our genes!

    "There exists an innate division in human consciousness which allows a unified force of dense, dark vibration (sons of darkness) to thrive in our veiled, binary dimension. While consciousness (light) does not have stages - we have stages of awareness of it. The fall from consciousness, the state of highest vibration, to unconscious, the dark ocean of unconsciousness, has been the source of human pain and fear for eons. The veil that covers our emotions and memory of the fall from consciousness (light) remains tightly in place as an act of grace. But, although veiled, the battles rage behind the veil of unconsciousness and periodically we get a glimpse of the nature of our true inner being. What is the battle?

    “Long, long ago in the days of the first man, warfare began between darkness and light. Men, then as now, were filled with darkness and light, and while some in darkness held sway, in others light filled the soul. Aye, age old is this warfare, the eternal struggle between darkness and light. Fiercely it is fought through all the ages using strange powers hidden to man... Adepts there have been filled with the blackness, struggling always against the light; but others there are who, filled with brightness have ever conquered the darkness of night...” Translation by Doreal, The Emerald Tablets of Thoth-the-Atlantean"
    The site which the above comes from has the name San Graal or the Grail and Royal Blood. This is a good thing to grasp if you seek for the knowledge of the family of Jesus (Which is a title) or the Merovingians.
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    The following quote is a review I found on for a book I have only read about but seems to confirm many other things. The book is written by a former Chair of Material Sciences at Stanford and I think it fits the work of Dr. Don Robins as well as other Intelligent Design researchers we have discussed.

    "Mind Over Matter -- Proven!, June 11, 2002
    Reviewer: Dave Stein, Scientific Editor, Frontier Perspectives

    In striking contrast with many books focused on next-generation physics, mathematics, biology, psychology, or medicine, Conscious Acts of Creation combines a brilliant theoretical model with several rigorous experiments that explore the influence of human intention on physical reality - in living as well as inanimate systems. It is in these convincing demonstrations that the principle "as above, so below" comes to life. Even more profoundly, the book establishes that repetition of the experiments in given locales can dramatically increase the power of the locales to reproduce the results - with some locales retaining their conditioning or "charge" for more than a year! These findings lend plausibility to that which mystics know as "sacred space."

    A postulated theoretical model provides a launch point for interpreting the experimental results. Its major cornerstone is an eight-dimensional biconformal base space with two four-dimensional, Fourier transform related subspaces. One subspace corresponds to our everyday world, whereas the other subspace is a reciprocal or inverse "etheric" space - roughly analogous to k-space but with additional postulated properties including superluminal "velocities" (presumably in inverse units) and interchanged roles of electricity and magnetism. The model incorporates nonlocality, a scientific principle that may someday prove to be the underpinning for phenomena such as parapsychology and distant healing. Furthermore, the authors note similarities between their model and models proposed by other scientists, some highly prominent. Granted, the model becomes more speculative when it associates even higher dimensionalities with emotion, mind, and spirit. Even then, however, it remains consistent with various esoteric teachings, and it may yet provide the empowering mechanism for manifestation of intention (where the two subspaces, in some ways mutually symmetric, appear to play asymmetric roles) and in otherwise connecting science with spirit. Readers who disagree with the postulated model will nonetheless benefit from the authors' brilliant insights.

    Mysticism aside, the postulated "mind over matter" mechanisms include a possible role for variation in atomic and molecular ground state energies. The observed space conditioning is discussed in the context of gauge symmetries. Rounding out the model are the insightful discussions of augmented electromagnetism (which the authors associate with Qi), inner self-management techniques such as Qi Gong and Yoga, and even the existence of two phases of liquid water. In Chapters 9 and 10, the authors become futurists as they suggest possible implications of reciprocal space engineering for medicine, pharmacology, communications, and manufacturing.

    On the experimental side, the authors set the example in thoroughness and scientific rigor, although the in-depth discussion of the protocols as well as the order of topics may impact the book's readability. A mitigating factor is the brilliant introduction to gauge theory and the elucidation of several other topics including self-sustained oscillations, crystallography, and reciprocal space. In fact, the book is a mini physics course that presents various principles of electromagnetism, thermodynamics, solid-state physics, and quantum mechanics in a readable and understandable way. Also included is a brilliant discussion of enzymes, coenzymes and the electron transport chain as they relate to the experiments.

    Scientists, healers, and others who investigate or work with subtle energies will appreciate the authors' insights on repeatability of experimental results. In the mainstream scientific community, replication of results is a test for credibility; yet consistent results in healing, dowsing, remote viewing, and ESP are often elusive. Armed with successful demonstrations of space conditioning, the authors shed new light on this longstanding issue - although they discuss other factors, both geocosmic and human, that can also impact repeatability of results.

    Conscious Acts of Creation makes a convincing case that the powerful effects of intention and emotion can no longer be disregarded - in healing, in scientific research, or even in everyday life. The authors' findings may indeed have profound consequences for the concept of scientific "objectivity." More significantly, this book will take the reader beyond the realm of the everyday world and will expand one's view of himself or herself as a co-creator of reality. It is for this reason that Conscious Acts of Creation is essential reading - not only for scientists, engineers, and health care practitioners (both mainstream and complementary) but also for others who seek to maximize their human experiences. Conscious Acts of Creation indeed heralds and points a way ahead for 'the emergence of a new physics.'"

    Water Crystals Respond:

    Dr. Masaru Emoto has shown some really fantastic interactions not unlike Tiller's experiments in lattice formation and interactions between mind and other energy around us.

    "My efforts to photograph ice crystals and conduct research began to move ahead. Then one day the researcher - who was as caught up in the project as I - said something completely out of the blue: 'Let's see what happens when we expose the water to music.'

    I knew that it was possible for the vibrations of music to have an effect on the water. I myself enjoy music immensely, and as a child had even had hopes of becoming a professional musician, and so I was all in favour of this off-the-wall experiment.

    At first we had no idea what music we would use and under what conditions we would conduct the experiment. But after considerable trial and error, we reached the conclusion that the best method was probably the simplest - put a bottle of water on a table between two speakers and expose it to a volume at which a person might normally listen to music. We would also need to use the same water that we had used in previous experiments.

    We first tried distilled water from a drugstore.

    The results astounded us. Beethoven's Pastoral Symphony, with its bright and clear tones, resulted in beautiful and well-formed crystals. Mozart's 40th Symphony, a graceful prayer to beauty, created crystals that were delicate and elegant. And the crystals formed by exposure to Chopin's Etude in E, Op. 10, No. 3, surprised us with their lovely detail.

    All the classical music that we exposed the water to resulted in well-formed crystals with distinct characteristics. In contrast, the water exposed to violent heavy-metal music resulted in fragmented and malformed crystals at best.

    Can words affect water, too?

    But our experimenting didn't stop there. We next thought about what would happen if we wrote words or phrases like 'Thank you' and 'Fool' on pieces of paper, and wrapped the paper around the bottles of water with the words facing in. It didn't seem logical for water to 'read' the writing, understand the meaning, and change its form accordingly. But I knew from the experiment with music that strange things could happen. We felt as if we were explorers setting out on a journey through an unmapped jungle.

    The results of the experiments didn't disappoint us. Water exposed to 'Thank you' formed beautiful hexagonal crystals, but water exposed to the word 'Fool' produced crystals similar to the water exposed to heavy-metal music, malformed and fragmented." (4)

    What laws of science or lattice formation are at work here? How connected is life and what amount of soul or 'chhi' is in all things? Could the ancients and even more materialistic man of the present use these energies to find water or minerals?

    And if there were ancients who attuned with their DNA which modern research assures us contains a history book - anything is possible; including what you will read herein -
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    The Hill of Tara might be the oldest man made pyramid in the world. According to legends recounted to me by my Ogham mentor who grew up near here reading menhirs and other megaliths. Along with his sister they learned all five dialects of Ogham. No one else has learned this to my knowledge. He was a consultant to the Huntington Library when I met him. He is probably dead now but as he said it was accepted that Hebrew came from the same Phoenician root all other Mediterranean languages came from. Many things he told me and much of the book he asked me to re-write has subsequently been proven. The link that follows covers more of these proofs which come long after we said they would.

    Here is another developed divinatory system I think is almost as old as Ogham and because I know people traveled from Europe to China for at least a million years (Even some interpretations of the Out of Africa theory agrees) I know there was cross-pollination of the all important divinatory knowledge including Ogham.

    And then we have Britannica who appear willing to allow they don't really know much about anything related to Ogham and Runes. They should contact the Runic sub-committee on origins. They should read Gimbutas and know it is a good source for Old European scripts going back to the 7th Millennium BCE and glimpsing into greater antiquity. It makes me red in the face when people quote Wiki or Britannica and look no further. I hope anyone seeing Runes or Ogham can see it relates to sign languages and tally systems or Marshack's ancient lunar calendar which is at least 20,000 years old. It is archaeologically accepted as such after he fought 25 years to make people see the truth and that it was not mere farm implement scratches like all Ogham appears to be for those who are paid to never do research on it.

    The issue of a humanzee is not the end of the story. We can create the hybrids you see in astrological signs like my own - Sagittarius. I once saw an archaeological report on the site of the original Olympics that seemed to indicate some creature could jump so far it could hold the ball in a football game and get a field goal! Minotaurs and Centaurs might (!) have existed!

    Indeed Edgar Cayce saw these things in his channelling readings on Atlantis which if true was before the time we can reasonably say humans existed on Earth. There was no lost continent unless you go back to Gondwanaland morphing into what now exists.

    What we need is a system which can help people - not alienate them against their soul, their fellow man, their creative potential to have purpose. We had an 'extended family' before Empire. We can plan for success and not get taken down all so many garden paths.

    Jesus said:
    "If your leaders say to you, 'Look, the kingdom is in heaven, then the birds of heaven will precede you. If they say to you, 'It is in the sea,' then the fish will precede you. Rather, the kingdom is inside you and it is outside you. When you know yourselves, then you will be known, and you will understand that you are the children of the living father. But if you do not know yourselves, then you dwell in poverty, and you are poverty.’”
    (From The Gospel of Thomas found in Dag Hammadi in the postwar period.)

    “Do not put yourself in front of your Self.” – Mayan saying.

    "All of us are born for a reason, but all of us don't discover why. Success in life has nothing to do with what you gain in life or accomplish for yourself. It's what you do for others."
    - Danny Thomas

    "I'm sorry, but I don't want to be an emperor. That's not my business. I don't want to rule or conquer anyone. I should like to help everyone if possible - Jew, Gentile - black man - white." - Charlie Chaplin, born the same year as Hitler.

    "The other shape, If shape it might be call'd, that shape had none, Distinguishable in member, joint, or limb; Or substance might be call'd that shadow seem'd; For each seem'd either; black it stood as night, Fierce as ten furies, terrible as Hell, And shook a dreadful dart; what seem'd his head The likeness of a kingly crown had on. Satan was now at hand; and from his seat The monster, moving onward, came as fast With horrid strides; Hell trembled as he strode." -- John Milton

    “Reality is a shared Hallucination.” – Howard Bloom

    "I have had dreams, and I have had nightmares. I overcame the nightmares because of my dreams." - Dr. Jonas Salk Discovered The First Vaccine Against Polio

    “Fear not, nor be dismayed at the appearance that is darkness, at the disguise that is evil, at the empty cloak that is death, for you have picked these for your challenges. They are the stones on which you choose to whet the keen edge of your spirit. Know that ever about you stands the reality of love, and each moment you have the power to transform your world by what you have learned.”
    One by Richard Bach who is the son of Marcus Bach and the erudite knowledge which came therefrom is in all of his books.

    "Every Cause has its Effect; every Effect has its Cause; everything happens according to Law; Chance is but a name for Law not recognized; there are many planes of causation, but nothing escapes the Law." - The Kybalion

    “What things soever ye desire, when ye pray believe that ye received them, and ye shall have them.” – Mark 11: 24 quoting Jesus see also Psalms 82: 6 and John 10: 34

    Speaking at the meeting of the IMF in the year 2000, Vaclav Havel emphasised that the “the crucial task is to fundamentally strengthen a system of universally shared moral standards that will make it impossible, on a truly global scale, for the various rules to be time and again circumvented with still more ingenuity than had gone into their invention.”

    “Art is a dialogue we have always carried out with the unknown. We have come to distinguish the contours of the unknown through the unconscious, through religion and magic and we may soon begin to understand such totally modern emotions as the feeling that we belong to the future, that our civilization is the sum of others.” – Andre Malraux.

    The urge to save humanity is almost always a false front for the urge to rule. - H.L. Mencken

    "The clergy converted the simple teachings of Jesus into an engine for enslaving mankind and adulterated by artificial constructions into a contrivance to filch wealth and power to themselves...these clergy, in fact, constitute the real Anti-Christ.” – Thomas Jefferson

    As this author says (somewhat tongue in cheek) all books of the Bible and this cult are corrupt. Savior = save your ($$)

    Aristotle referred to happiness as the most we can achieve. Demons and gods were interchangeable in the time of Homer when people had far less institutionalized manipulation of their thoughts and soulful understandings. If mankind doesn't get these hallucinations or CONstructs out of the ether and away from the dreams that ordinary people can be affected by - will mankind ever shake the hold of cults and religion? The supposed quote from Jesus in the above link is what Futurescape says machines can allow us to do now. We can "manifest" reality or "creatively realize" what occurs. The people controlling the machines will have more power than all the priests of antiquity.
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    New Dawn Magazine brings us another great article which touches on all so many threads.

    Secret Mysteries of the Sun Revealed

    February 15, 2014 By davidjones

    PP 41-45 Sun WPurdin_FIG10


    From 1209-1249 one of the worst genocides in history was conducted against the Cathars, a heretical sect in southern France. Pope Innocent III, promising gold and indulgences (the remission of punishment due for sins) in exchange for the blood of the Cathars, sent 30,000 crusaders into France to massacre the Cathars and their supporters.

    The Cathars were hunted, tortured, burned at the stake and savagely murdered by the Church’s hired killers. Estimates place the total number of Cathars and sympathisers murdered between 300,000 and 1,000,000 men, women and children. Throughout this bloodbath, an amazing phenomenon was witnessed. The Cathars did not express fear, anger or pain, but only bliss, despite the most horrendous atrocities committed against them. What were they on?

    According to William Henry in Mary Magdalene: The Illuminator, it was a psychoactive substance produced by the brain – the Cathars had learned the techniques necessary to produce it from the secret teachings of Jesus. It was called Christos (anointing oil) by the Essenes, who passed on their secrets to Jesus from Moses, who had obtained them in Egypt from descendants of the banished Atonite priests of Akhenaton.

    These teachings involve the power of the sun and the power of the spoken word and constitute what I call “the mysteries of the sun.” They were part of the Egyptian, Babylonian and Greek mysteries, and the Gnostic teachings of the early Christians and secret societies. They have been given to every culture by great adepts as means of enlightening the minds of the people and freeing them from the darkness of ignorance and superstition.

    In this article, I will briefly examine the life and teachings of the founders of various mystery schools in the Middle East and Mediterranean area from the Pharaoh Thutmose III to Omraam Mikhail Aivanhov. There were other mystery schools in India, China, Peru and elsewhere, but the ones I have chosen represent a continuity that spanned millennia and formed the spiritual roots of the Judeo-Christian heritage.

    The story of the mysteries of the sun is as old as mankind and as new as the latest scientific breakthrough. In 1882, Ignatius Donnelly published Atlantis: The Antediluvian World. In this book, he argued convincingly that Atlantis had established colonies in Peru, Egypt and elsewhere and that the mythologies and mysteries of these peoples represented the original religion of the Atlanteans, which was a form of sun worship.

    He wrote, “The religion of the Atlanteans, as Plato tells us, was pure and simple; they made no regular sacrifices but fruits and flowers; they worshipped the sun. In Peru a single deity was worshipped, and the sun, his most glorious work, was honoured as his representative. Quetzalcoatl, the founder of the Aztecs, condemned all sacrifice but that of fruits and flowers. [We can see how far the Aztec religion degenerated over the centuries to the low point of human sacrifice by the time of the Conquest.] The first religion of Egypt also was pure and simple; its sacrifices were fruits and flowers; temples were erected to the sun, Ra, throughout Egypt. In Peru the great festival of the sun was called Ra-mi.”

    Between pre-dynastic Egypt and the eighteenth dynasty, the “pure and simple” solar religion of Egypt became very corrupt and complicated. There were several sun gods and a whole host of minor gods. The priesthood was rich and powerful and the people depended on them for magic amulets, praying to the gods on their behalf and giving them a proper elaborate send-off into the afterlife. Fruits and flowers were no longer fitting sacrifices; animals took their place.

    Enter Pharaoh Thutmose III. A younger son of Amenhotep I, he owed his rule to the intervention of the priesthood of Amen-Ra who, in a religious ritual invoking the will of Amen-Ra, appointed him pharaoh, even though he was not in line for the succession. Thutmose realised that the priesthood was becoming too powerful and sought to curb their power by outwardly paying obeisance to Amen-*Ra, but secretly worshipping Aton and supporting a separate priesthood of Aton at Heliopolis who were loyal to the throne.

    Under his rule, Thutmose III permitted the common people to indulge in all their fanciful beliefs and superstition such as magic amulets. He believed that a gradual change in the existing religious beliefs could be more easily and permanently accomplished by establishing a secret mystery school, the students of which would put into practice higher standards. He wanted to gradually infuse into Egyptian religion from the top down those mysteries, myths and rites that would raise the people to a higher understanding and morality.

    Thus, in 1489 BCE he founded a secret mystery school, the Order of the Rose Cross, which the Rosicrucians claim descent from and which still exists today. Members of this mystery school were called the Therapeutea, meaning “physicians of the soul.” The sungazing Essene sect of Alexandria later adopted this name and the rosy-cross symbol.

    William Henry, in The Healing Sun Code, linked the rosy-cross and the Rosicrucian secrets with the “rising of the Healing Sun, the source of life and wisdom.” I recently talked to a woman who studied Egyptology for 25 years and knew about Thutmose III and the Rosicrucians. She told me that she once knew a Rosicrucian lady, who every time she felt ill would face the sun and do a special breathing exercise in which she would breath in the fire of the sun to burn impurities in her body. She lived to be very old. This technique was part of the secret teachings of the Rosicrucians, which they were very careful not to reveal to the uninitiated.

    Another technique used by Thutmose III and members of his order was the use of healing rods while sungazing (see Figure 1). These were copper and zinc tubes that contained hardened coal and magnetite respectively. They were reintroduced to the world by the Russian mystic Count Stefan Colonn Walewski, who was a member of a sungazing mystery school in the Caucasian Mountains. They amplify the current that passes through the body between the sun and earth while sungazing, enhancing meditation and quickening healing and the development of psychic powers.

    Thutmose III’s son and grandson continued with the mystery school and the cult of Aton, but it wasn’t until his great grandson, Akhenaton, took the throne that things came to a head."
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    The next link is a very complex analysis of many issues and origins thereof. Religion is well documented but a certain lost tribes of Israel, Hamitic or Rasta influence is accentuated. So let me say a few things about it first The Berber or Bedouin intermarried with Hatti or Stuarts who are Royals for many millennia but initially there was no primo genitor or familial inheritance of the royal posts. In fact royals were often put to tests like the gauntlet or killed to appease the forces of nature (gods). I accept a great deal of what is said but I say Egypt was founded by the mixed race Brotherhood of Man called Iesa and the portico in the Great Pyramid has this name over it. They are the Phoenicians and are called Hyksos by local Egyptian tribes who did not have the technology to build the Great Pyramid or in earlier times develop the agriculture which disappeared for a thousand years in a period when the Hyksos were not there (long before the building of the Great Pyramid). They had an alphabet for people (Not hieroglyphs or tally system cuneiform crap) in the savannah before it became a desert called the Sahara. The Phoenician elites are Benjaminites and Merovingians who drafted the Hebrew Bible in the Diaspora at Babylon which was NOT a forced treatment of Jews. (See thread and archaeological proof from the last year which is great news for my history.) Hyksos means 'foreigners' or aliens and the root of all Bible myths is here. That is what Professor Albright of John's Hopkins said and he is the Father of Biblical archaeology.

    The Nubians still fought next to their 'brothers' at the fall of Carthage and you know about the Costa Rican spheres and La Venta heads of the Olmecs.

    The author of the link mentions Scythians which is another name for northerners, Hyperboreans etc. (see thread). Travellers and corporate trading Empires or Emporiae are well known Phoenician connections. He mentions Sargon and Akkadians - Plato is one and he could have covered another myth of the Bible there. Plato is immaculately conceived. His work on the elite families or Merovingians and Benjaminites is not accretive or does not add anything for me. I had hoped when he went into the Borgias and Ptolemies before them that he would have evidences I could implement to a guess I have about them being the same family. This author goes too far in attributing blackness to Shakespeare or King James but do remember the Moors of Spain invaded England and many do get the blacker color. This cross-pollination happened long before the Spanish Armada too. In fact the Island of Sicily (Mafia) and Malta is cross-bred Negroid BIG Time. I prove Bacon was not the author of Shakespeare but was a man who knew him and published his work while secretly putting a coded cypher in the books to be later decoded and to thus lay his claim for posterity.

    On the metaphysics including Imhotep and alchemy - I give the author a B+. On the Pyramidal astronomy - the same. In short you will have a hard time finding a better encapsulation.

    But the start is very weak - DNA and those spheres covered by Cremo. Yes, the pygmies are early humans but not that old (Ten million for their ancestors perhaps). The spheres got into those mines by earlier miners such as the 45,000 year ago mines nearby which later had people from Crete and a White Lady of Brandberg connection. (See Thread) I have two other possible explanations for those spheres - time and dimensional. They are troubling to be sure. So do read past the start and keep an open mind at all times, please.
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    A very heated debate in academic circles is of great interest to any person who wonders about human origins and evolution. It is a theory that should overturn almost everything academics have said and the Out of Africa story or part of it that says it was recently that we came from Africa - relatively. Alan Thorne who we mentioned above has been a large part of it. If correct we evolved in as many as ten different regions and at varying speeds of culture and brain size as well as body size. Lake Mungo remains have not been as available as I would like. Native religious or cultural concerns have prevented us from knowing as much as we could. The man may have been six and a half feet tall. They are not related genetically to aboriginals and appear to be well over 40,000 years old (Maybe 60,000 or even 100,000).

    The use of red ochre in the burial is different than the local usages. These people appear to have been thoroughly modern as far as cranial capacity and brain design. I think the Beothuk burial at L'Anse Amour from 5500 BCE is the same in every respect. Yes I also think humans have travelled the whole earth for that long and I have proof from every part of this planet that this started 250,000 years or more ago. I believe I can make a case for a million years of ocean travel.

    "In 2001, mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) from the Lake Mungo 3 (LM3) skeleton was published and compared with several other sequences. It was found to have more than the expected number of sequence differences when compared to modern human DNA (CRS). A portion of the mtDNA of LM3 survives in modern humans as a segment found in chromosome 11.[21]

    The divergence of the LM3 sequence before the MRCA of contemporary human sequences is indicated by its grouping with the Insert sequence (Fig. 1B), which other reports have suggested diverged before the MRCA of sequences in living humans

    Comparison of the mitochondrial DNA with that of ancient and modern Aborigines has indicated that Mungo Man is not related to Australian Aborigines. The results indicated that Mungo Man was an extinct subspecies that diverged before the most recent common ancestor of contemporary humans. These results, if correct, may support the multiregional origin of modern humans hypothesis.[21][22]

    These claims are both scientifically and politically controversial and have been met with a general lack of acceptance in scientific communities, the sequence is criticized as there has been no independent testing and some of these differences may be due to posthumous modification and thermal degradation of the DNA.[23][24][25][26][11] Authentication tests need to be performed before the results can be accepted but further testing is unlikely as the indigenous custodians, the Paakantji, the Mathi Mathi, and the Ngiyampaa, are not expected to allow further invasive investigations.[27]"

    There is also a heated debate about human speech origins. I have read that Neanderthal skulls showed no room for speech lobes until about 150,000 years ago. I considered it a reasonable assumption that inter-breeding was happening to cause that alteration but I wonder if Homo Sapiens had speech at that time too. I think some humans did and that includes the Mungo Man and Ainu but science will still need to prove it. More importantly is the development of consciousness and critical-thinking which archaeology now shows us was around long before the academics started down the path of this debate. Why don't they integrate knowledge from all fields of human endeavour? Isn't it more important to know how humans communicated even if they did not speak the languages any better than apes? I certainly know they were highly intelligent and able to communicate and know many things a lot of these scientists don't. Like ESP, attunement with plants and all lifeforms, mathematical and artistic refinements of great things that are not alien given but might even include action-at-a-distance communication or contact with a collective consciousness (Ein Soph, aliens, ancestors soulful collective and other things that many say are not outside the realm of possibility).
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    It would not surprise me to find revisionist academia changing articles like this very soon - so I put it here to illustrate the history of human cultural origins debate.

    Human evolution (origins of society and culture)

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    It has been suggested that this article be merged into Behavioral modernity. (Discuss) Proposed since March 2013.

    Human evolution, for some scholars, is the evolutionary emergence of modern human anatomy in association with modern cognition and culture including language.

    While, for many specialists, the term 'human evolution' should be restricted to the physical emergence of Homo sapiens as a distinct species, others – notably Chris Stringer[1] and Stephen Oppenheimer [2] – argue that associated cognitive, social and cultural developments are equally legitimate topics of study.

    One theory, strongly supported by archaeologist Richard Klein,[3] is that when Homo sapiens emerged in Africa some 200,000 years ago, humans were 'modern' only anatomically, while behaviourally and cognitively they remained archaic. Klein posits a genetic mutation for language which occurred as recently as 50,000 or 40,000 years ago, corresponding in Eurasia to the 'Upper Palaeolithic' transition and in Africa to the Later Stone Age. According to this view, the Eurasian Neanderthals (along with archaic counterparts elsewhere in the world) became extinct because they lacked the necessary cognitive equipment for language. In support of this view, Klein points to the almost complete lack of evidence for art or personal ornamentation among pre-modern humans, contrasting this with the extraordinarily impressive 'symbolic' cultural artefacts – including sophisticated carved figurines and cave-paintings – produced by modern humans as they migrated out of Africa from around 50,000 years ago. This sudden mutation theory is known as 'the human revolution'; until recently, it was the prevailing view. {And I always said it was myopic and me-too ego think very close in purpose to the Scale of Nature.}

    Lascaux Cave painting
    At the opposite extreme stand archaeologists such as Sally McBrearty and Alison Brooks,[4] who argue that the original 'human revolution' theory reflects a profound Eurocentric bias. Recent archaeological evidence, they argue, proves that humans evolving in Africa some 300,000 or even 400,000 years ago were already becoming cognitively and behaviourally 'modern'. These features include blade and microlithic technology, bone tools, increased geographic range, specialized hunting, the use of aquatic resources, long distance trade, systematic processing and use of pigment, and art and decoration. These items do not occur suddenly together as predicted by the ‘‘human revolution’’ model, but at sites that are widely separated in space and time. This suggests a gradual assembling of the package of modern human behaviours in Africa, and its later export to other regions of the Old World.

    Between these extremes is the view – currently supported by archaeologists Chris Henshilwood,[5] Curtis Marean,[6] Ian Watts[7] and others – that there was indeed some kind of 'human revolution' but that it occurred in Africa and spanned tens of thousands of years. The term 'revolution' in this context would mean not a sudden mutation but a historical development along the lines of 'the industrial revolution' or 'the Neolithic revolution'.[8] In other words, it was a relatively accelerated process, too rapid for ordinary Darwinian 'descent with modification' yet too gradual to be attributed to a single genetic or other sudden event. These archaeologists point in particular to the relatively explosive emergence of ochre crayons and shell necklaces apparently used for cosmetic purposes. These archaeologists see symbolic organisation of human social life as the key transition in modern human evolution. Recently discovered at sites such as Blombos Cave and Pinnacle Point, South Africa, pierced shells, pigments and other striking signs of personal ornamentation have been dated within a time-window of 70,000 – 160,000 years ago in the African Middle Stone Age, suggesting that the emergence of Homo sapiens coincided, after all, with the transition to modern cognition and behaviour.[9] While viewing the emergence of language as a 'revolutionary' development, this school of thought generally attributes it to cumulative social, cognitive and cultural evolutionary processes as opposed to a single genetic mutation.[10]

    Engraved ochre and other artefacts at Blombos Cave, South Africa
    A further view, taken by archaeologists such as Francesco D'Errico[11] and João Zilhão,[12] is a multi-species perspective arguing that evidence for symbolic culture in the form of utilised pigments and pierced shells are also found in Neanderthal sites, independently of any 'modern' human influence.
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    The Caral pyramids are older than the ones on Giza's Plateau according to some academics. The mummies found in the Hebrides and Canary Islands have similar interment procedures to those in Peru. There are many things that show advanced technology started in Peru and it is hard to know when it all began or what kind of culture may have taught the white people known as the Chachapoyas who were still the leaders of the Incas even though history tells us they were defeated a short time before Pizarro arrived. I have presented a DNA map at W-M which shows the Ainu (DNN) in Peru and Polynesia.

    "A team of archaeologists, led by Dr Mike Parker Pearson of Sheffield University, has recently found the remains of what are believed to be two mummified Bronze Age bodies, buried under the floor of a prehistoric house at Cladh Hallan on the Hebridean Island of South Uist. The house in which the mummy skeletons were buried was part of a unique Bronze Age complex, which is as mysterious as the preserved corpses that were buried there.

    'The skeletons looked very Peruvian mummies'." (1)
    This book will explore two separate aspects or eras of the development of what Europeans think was all done in the Old World. Those eras will be post-Christianity and pre-Christianity. In both cases there will be elite white people with advanced technology and in some cases this technology seems to have originated in Peru. When we go even further back we will not be talking about white people. There are some Polynesian roots to this real history which will seem even more fantastic than the apparent outlandish claim that Peru (Puma Puncu, Tiahuanaco and the even more intriguing Pyramid complex in the Madre de Dios region that form a battery) is at least the equal of Egypt and Sumer in terms of contributing real original technology and culture. In fact the Brotherhood that colonized Sumer and Egypt might be these very people. We will try to pierce the veils of antiquity and overcome the destruction of records and evidences practiced upon South America by Empire Builders.

    Our temerity and gall will fly in the face of 'experts' who decry postmodernized supposedly unsubstantiated assertions that seek to integrate the facts. These 'experts' continue their discovery by proclamation approaches to science and deny all facts in cases like the Kensington Rune Stone. You can and should decide for yourself, rather than accept the often disproven 'experts' whose arrogance knows few bounds. Consider the Scale of Nature that justified prejudice by putting the Hottentot and North American Indian just above the gorilla and far beneath many other supposedly civilized humans. This science was part of the basis for 'Manifest Destiny' and the genocidal treatment of Indians while dispossessing them in order to civilize them.

    Pottery and sweat houses from NW Europe, skull shaping and trepanning among the elite, Parcheesi, rubber, the wheel, gold laminating, stone masonry that is earthquake resistant, and the royal purple dye of the Phoenicians may have originated in Aztlan and its colonies throughout America. The mathematical and astronomical knowledge enhanced by telescopes seems important when one knows La Venta, Mexico has brought lenses to archaeologists' hands. The Mayans discovered the mathematical concept of zero and a decimal system that nonetheless relegated them to a low position on the Scale of Nature, even after the Pope declared the North American was human some three decades after Columbus. Long before that and back to the time of Goliath the American people were traveling to the Middle East.

    The list of inventions and cultural impacts on the whole world that originate in America are seemingly never-ending yet the Canadian Museum of Civilization and all conservative emissaries of oppression maintain there was no cultural impact! Recently it was discovered that the Mayan language was both phonetic and pictographic but Bishop Landa had clearly stated this was the case while he burned their libraries and librarians. What do you think about a map traced five hundred years ago that identifies the Bering Strait as it was 12,500 years ago? We only achieved this level of detail in 1958.

    Rituals and government like Pelota as an international court of justice and symbol of the movement of the planets around the sun originated in pre-Columbian America. Columbus's interpreters did not speak Chinese or any Asiatic tongue and we know he was an agent of a Templar group like his brethren including Vasco da Gama who flew their red cross on the sails above their heads. We are nearly certain he had maps showing the way to North America and even the Britannica ridicules the Queen Isabella story about the funding of his expedition. I am sorry for the perpetual run-on sentences when I list a few of the achievements of these courageous people we have relegated to the dung heap of history and heresy.

    Aristotle referred to happiness as the most we can achieve.

    It is easy to be happy without all the things we obsess over. The balance of our constituent selves and the possibility of participation in creating a whole or in conjunction with that WHOLE is going to be hard to beat for enlightenment. But most people over the last little blip of human existence have bought into systems that deny the whole or any sense of ONENESS. We have seen a 5000 year 'nightmare' as James Joyce wisely stated. The thoroughly amazing thing about this - it is those elites who have told us they speak for God or are Divine Kings who in fact have used or led us into this soulful wasteland. We find a similar paradigm exists in scientism which denies the observable outcomes or effects of the soul and ESP.

    Barthold Niebuhr said that bringing something back from the past or discovering anything, is a high that is akin to the greatest creativity. It is so wonderful to learn and see the way of those we have denigrated as barbarian or primitive as they frolic in the joy of adventure and oneness with Nature as they nurtured each other.

    The Heliopolitan religion or 'sun-worship' which is all over the entire world is revisited by the people like Gene Savoy who found it was well developed in Peru. He also built craft in the design of the Phoenicians from records found there. Here is a little about the nature of 'sun-worship' to think upon.

    "Long before the advent of Jesus, Mithra was said to have been born of a virgin mother, in a cave, at the time of Christmas, and died on a cross at Easter. Baptism was practised, and the sign of the cross was made on the foreheads of all newly-baptised converts. Mithra was considered to be the saviour of the world, conferring on his followers an eternal life in Heaven, and, similar to the story of Jesus, he died to save all others, provided that they were his followers." (2)
    Genetics will be a difficult thing for various historians who ardently support their tenured 'me-too think' to overcome. I get support almost every week for my history from just this one discipline of science. The claim that Australia or S. E. Asia is the origin of the first Americans has just hit the airwaves in September 2004 after I had finished writing this book. This is where I posit that pygmy people like Mungo Man who had chanting harmonic science came from and Churchward would love to see what is being shown from all so many disciplines today. Reuters carried this information -

    "We want to make headlines from heads," said Professor Clive Gamble of Southampton University. "DNA will give us a completely new map of the world and how we peopled it." (3)

    When the Incas refused to raise their arms to defend their lives against the arm-weary Spanish who hacked them to death (to kill 7,000 in one day); were they operating in 'RIGHT THOUGHT'? Were they more 'civilized' or simply heathen believers who were duped by some astrological stupidity? We think the 177 Spanish were allowed to do this by wiser people who knew the immortal soul and our part in a grander scheme of things. But it might also be a case of the Chachapoyas (white men who led the Incas) making a deal with the Spanish and allowing this to happen; then they were betrayed. I propose they were willing to courageously face the forces of Evil and greedy religious oppressors; much as the Cathars who sang hymns while walking hand in hand with their children into the fires set for them by the Dominican Catholics. We are similarly STUPID! Because we know we are like a grain of sand on John Donne's beach; and we know 'for whom the Bell TOLLS!'

    Therefore this book will not hesitate to raise questions; I have no clear and definitive or closed-minded perception about most things I hope. We are not trying to interpret GOD for you - we know we are mere amazed gazers witnessing the majesty of something far greater. The result will enable our critics or enemies to ridicule us and demean our perspectives as 'absurd'. For myself, I've often said 'The only thing I'm prejudiced about - is PREJUDICE!' I still abjure and despise such elitist empowerment of divisiveness between lifeforms. There is no room for a closed 'mind' (certainly 'soul') in LOVE, or any true pursuit of GOD (nature, reality).

    Then came the time I found that the small and troublesome lice confirm my speculations and evidences my father had noticed during his time in European war zones. There are two types of lice although they look identical. DNA shows they developed separately and diverged from one source at least 1,100,000 years ago. One time-line in the on-going research speaks to the other end of the evidences I have proposed for the arrival of people (Homo line) in the Americas. This suggests up to 1.8 million years ago. So the North and South Americas have a distinctive lice and it will be interesting to see if some remains of lice can be found on more hominids.
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    Jomon and Kennewick Debate:

    In the case of the Jomon style Ecuadorian pottery we showed how the Canadian Museum of Civilization claimed it was the best evidence of pre-Columbian cultural impact in the Americas. Then they flatly stated there was prior industry in Ecuador that led to this co-incidence. Actually ten years later it was flatly stated that there was no prior Ecuadorian pottery style or technical expertise remotely similar. This was an obvious misuse of their auspices and tax dollars to mislead the public. In fact we are moved to call them liars and worse when we consider what was done on the Manitoulin Island site and to Dr. Lee and his boss in the same institutional network.

    There they allowed a site to be built upon as a tourist camp when numerous experts were able to demonstrate a minimum of 30,000 year old tools. The crucifixion and hounding of Lee and the Director of the Museum was intense. The same intrigues are at work when we see the Kennewick Man site visited by US Army Corps of Engineers helicopters and crews the day before a Congressional Bill would have protected the site. The pylons, trees and earth have destroyed the likelihood of finding the probable additional knowledge the site might have offered but consider the intent and who might be behind this. 60 Minutes couldn't get an official response or even an unofficial response from the Corps. Science magazine ran an article that didn't even mention the actions of the Corps or the Congressional Bill. We have demonstrated significant cultural and technical exchanges between the supposed New World and the Old World in spades! The Jomon pottery is just one of over a hundred things and genetics makes the telling of the true story of the Adena and others most intriguing. Intriguing from the viewpoint of the questioner who asks: "Why are they lying to us?"

    The following article or letter in the National Post from Saturday June 16, 2001, is from an author whose book is a good deal better than the 'expert' whitewashes of the Canadian Museum of Civilization.

    "Author has a bone to pick with reviewer
    By Elaine Dewar

    I read with interest Richard Morlan's review of my book, Bones: Discovering the First Americans, done in tandem with James Chatters' Ancient Encounters: Kennewick Man and the First Americans (June 2). However, I looked in vain for a declaration that I had interviewed him and written of his work in 'BONES'. This would have provided readers with sufficient context to make up their own minds about the reviewer's objectivity.

    Morlan, a highly regarded paleoenvironmental scientist at the Canadian Museum of Civilization, follows the fashion among some of his peers, who make light of the work journalists do in bringing scientific discoveries before the public. But science is like any other public endeavour: it only benefits from transparency. Without it, the bullies tend to gather at the gateposts, suppressing new work. As 'BONES' demonstrates, this has been a constant problem in the study of native American origins.

    Morlan made it clear to me that he is a dissenter from the widely accepted theory {Not since 1991 when Dillehay destroyed this theory and yet here you see how long it takes for people to catch up. She can certainly be forgiven as she is not an archaeologist but since National Geographic and Scientific American in early 2001, came out with even older proof – she should have a better way of putting this.} that the first Americans entered the New World from Siberia at the end of the last Ice Age (about 12,000 years ago), walking from Asia over the exposed Bering land bridge, down an ice-free corridor between two giant ice masses covering almost all of Canada. With Jacques Cinq-Mars, Morlan has published on finds of animal remains more than 25,000 years old which -- were altered by human beings, found at an Arctic site called Blue Fish Caves. In 'BONES', I note the claims made for Blue Fish Caves have not been widely accepted because, more than twenty years after the material was uncovered, all the results have still not been published.

    Morlan is also one of a group whose work I refer to, who correctly published radiocarbon dates on bone tools found along the Yukon's Old Crow river. These were originally dated at about 30,000 years old but were dated again using a better method and found to be embarrassingly youthful--between 3,000 and 1,300 years old.

    Morlan lauds Chatters' fictionalized account of an encounter with Kennewick Man, who is described as 'a descendant of the founding people... injured by a spear thrown by a person whose society has just arrived through the newly opened ice-free corridor.' {Chatters was the person to whom police took the original bone finds when they thought it might be a recent homicide. Some reports have him as a coroner and others as an archaeologist. He is part of a lawsuit to allow science access to the bones and wishes to cast doubt that native Indians are the first hominids.} None of the above is known nor can it be. {A Tennessee archaeologist of renown is part of this lawsuit and National Geographic says he thinks Kennewick Man might be of the same stock as the white or proto-white men of Japan called the Ainu who are from Jomon.} Kennewick Man was not discovered with a note attached explaining that his ethnic derivation differed from the person who stabbed him.

    However, the journalist is slapped around for failing to adopt Morlan's views. Morlan asserts that I never seriously explore 'the idea of an entry long before the last ice sheets advanced, when people could easily have found an ice-free corridor.' In fact, I do report Niede Guidon's evidence that people lived in northeastern Brazil 50,000 years ago {Is this before there were white people or are there proto-white people too? A French linguist says he can trace 50,000 years of linguistic development in South America.}, and her conjecture that they may have come across the southern Atlantic from Africa. I explore the work of Tom Dillehay at Monte Verde and Scotty MacNeish at Pendejo Cave, both of whom asserted the first Americans must have come very early across the Bering Strait (when the land bridge was under water).

    Morlan says the duration of any recognizable ethnic group is probably measured in centuries, {Is this an adaptation of the 'No Cultural Impact' party line? The foreigners were sacrificed or wiped out by savages.} yet some who compare ancient and mitochondrial DNA see a wonderful continuity between the genetic makeup of native American bones found in 3,000-year-old cemeteries and those of native Americans still living nearby.

    {'Ideas' from CBC radio had a genetics expert talking about 35-70,000 year development on Vancouver Island in a constant ethnic group, last year. There is a huge genetics research effort being done on America that I've heard comes from Harvard or MIT that will go a long way to settling this issue.}

    Morlan says Chatters has provided us with a 'remarkably thorough' understanding of Kennewick Man and his place in history. {Remember Chatters is part of the lawsuit with the Smithsonian whose efforts are identical to the Canadian group Morlan represents and Dewar is an 'outsider'.} But there is no written account of the Americas that dates back 9,500 years. He notes that other scientists studied the Kennewick remains after Chatters, but doesn't explain that they used better instruments than Chatters was able to acquire in the short time the bones were in his lab, and that they differ from Chatters in several vital respects.

    {An unimportant point when one considers the Smithsonian has two other skeletons in their possession that are almost as old, as well as the Aleutian Island mummies.}

    One of those scholars, Joseph Powell, believes that the first North Americans have changed over time, slowly coming to look as they do today, while Walter Neves, Powell's Brazilian colleague, comes to the opposite conclusion. Neves believes the first Americans were replaced 8,000 years ago by people who looked as native Americans now do. Neves helped Chatters write his first paper comparing Kennewick Man's skull to modern populations around the world.

    But all this is context Morlan wants us to ignore. {If she looked into the on-going disinformation and 'hide the ball' through confusion pattern more, she might see why someone wants this pubescent dialogue.} Thus, he dismisses as 'irrelevant' the core of 'BONES', which tells the stories of those who do this science and how generations of scholars suppressed evidence to uphold the accepted anthropological party line.

    Morlan seems to believe the politics and history of science have no bearing on findings. But if he reflects on the difficulty faced by dissenters, he will discover science is done by human beings whose enmities, passions, mistakes, blinkers, mentors and ethics frame what they see in the world. These things can never be irrelevant.” (9)

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