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    My lady Lydia was a Hawkins of the ancestry of the great privateer 'Black Jack' just as thousands of miles away in Ottawa (We met in Las Vegas.) a cousin of my sister-in-law who was about to come work for my family's company was living. They looked like twins and that was a powerful co-incidence of synchronous energy in itself. When I saw him I asked him if he was related to the privateer and he was amazed that I knew this. Our meeting was a 'trip' of grandiose proportions that makes another book I have written seem so weird it would only be regarded as fiction (that book is called 'The Nos Feratu').

    In this meeting with Lydia, I was able to exhibit some control that later was almost non-existent and nearly rendered my soul. Rendered has many meanings and when applied to the butcher and his trade, it is close to what kind of lard or jelly (fish) my heart was 'feeling' after a few months that were wild beyond my own vivid dreams. The setting of the story began at the 'Shark Club' in Las Vegas one night just before I turned forty, about eleven years ago. I was in the process of buying a home in Las Vegas after moving from Los Angeles where I had been involved with a basic and ordinary woman (totally honest, and without my having even talked about an 'US') who had another amazing 'gift'. Her special talent was total sensory recall of the physical body. Yes, my life has been a myriad maze of the paranormal and sexual interplay of what most people would call 'fantasy'. In the relationship with Lydia she was honest and totally in control with no reason for me to even grasp at the smallest of straws to think there could ever be an 'US'.

    Truly this is going to be HARD to do, and at the same time if one connected the components already covered they would be well on their way to understanding what might have happened or what Lydia could do. On the first night we met she told me she could de-materialize and that some day she would not return. The major reason for continuing to exist in this realm was her hopes to have a child with her husband. I had read 'Cosmic Consciousness' by Richard Maurice Bucke; the noted turn-of-the-century psychiatrist who along with Walt Whitman was instrumental in ending the use of strait-jackets in asylums, when I was just a teenager. In fact a friend's older brother used to call me 'The Cosmic Kid'. In this book he recounts how a person de-materialized 29 times before all the skeptics, police and scientists of the early 20th century at McGill in Montreal. That person eventually didn't re-appear in the other room as he had always done. In the pursuit of understanding these things I had read or talked with numerous people about the Indian's ability to turn around three times and discorporate at the appointed time in which they were to leave this earth. The Indians who can do this in India are usually of the Sai Baba level and those who do it in North America are of the shaman/witchdoctor training. Bruce Lee and his attempt to do these things associated with 'Kime' and a whole host of things like Carlos Castaneda who seems to say he is still doing the back and forth trip; made this bit of apparently incredible knowledge not as fantastic to me as you would imagine. But for it to be happening to me at a time when I had just been talking to a young man from New Zealand about how I was structuring my life's growth in the cosmic realms and decreeing said growth, was a further confirmation that I was worthy of this unique encounter. Some would use the words 'Heaven Sent'.

    My family has heard this story a few times and they think I am close to insane or definitely deluded even though they have lots of similarly 'weird' things to recollect from their own experiences in my life. Many of the experiences are so threatening to them that they experience knee-jerk 'Denial'. Others become rationalized into co-incidence and/or the realm of Deepak Chopra and some 'unknowable'. There is nothing that is unknowable except for those who would keep their heads in the sand, I am frequently heard saying.

    It has taken me years to grasp the inter-connections that may have gone on, as we continue to talk about all that went on. My limited adeptness is a factor that makes it hard to understand why I was so blessed (or cursed) and it causes me many hours of thought each month as I read and learn more about what our world is comprised of. She promised to show me the reality whereof de-materialization comes from - it was years later that I realized what I thought was joint astral travel initiated by her was actually part of what she promised. On the occasion of her taking me astrally (in an instant) to a stream leading to a lake in Switzerland, I had witnessed fish jumping out of the stream as if they recognized her spiritual body (solar or astral). When next I had seen her I tested her on the point and she recounted how they always did this and it was what she called 'flipping' because they would turnover in the air before they re-entered the water. My question of her had not mentioned the fish but just the lake and mountains. This Lake is supposedly the favorite lake and area for the great occultist Aleister Crowley who she left me at the junction of the stream and the lake to meet with. His spirit may not be just Aleister as we have covered and it would suggest he had a purpose beyond the obvious negative one we know about while on this earth. (That is irrelevant to this story but important to others we are thematically developing.)

    I trust you can understand my confusion and uncertainty about all of this and why it was happening to me. My approach to knowing has seldom involved ritual and never been of the harmful to others (intentional) variety. I do adhere to the Law of the Magi dealing with 'Right Thought= Right Action' even though I do not follow the 'Keep Silent' part of the law previously mentioned. But I have been aware that very little of what science has said is impossible is true and few if any constants are constant.

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    Around this time our 'connection' was very strong and I would be driving on my way to Los Angeles in the pre-dawn as the sun shone on the mountains mentioned in the Area 51 or 'Black Ops' entry. This is when she enhanced my awareness of the conscious aspects of what the Indians know is great wisdom in the ageless mountain spirit. I could feel her as she did her morning meditations and know her in ways that were closer than she might have been if she were beside me. We seldom saw each other in person and my infatuation or obsession with her was TOTAL! On a couple of occasions I imagined I sensed Castaneda's 'amber rays' but that might have been the affect of the sunrise over the mountains in the half-dew of the desert. It was an awesome beauty and glorious feeling in toto. At the time all this 'closeness' and beauty was inundating me with wonder and awe but it didn't rise to the level where I doubted my sanity like Carl Jung experienced when he had visions of the coming World War I during his early life. It is interesting that the psychotherapy or psychoanalysis field is revolving back to Jung again and yet I haven't read any who deal in depth with his cosmogony recently in such a manner as to explain why it works. They are returning to it and the archetypes in a mere superficial manner. There is a definite genetic influence that the genome project and its 'History Book' might lead to us knowing why these things work in scientific terms.

    Bruce Cathie is a good source for grasping the harmonic of light that is universal and part of the basic fabric of our consciousness as well. There are many technologies which I demonstrate were used in building the Great Pyramid. You wouldn't build a building today using only one method would you? Here is the best answer to moving the obelisks that are proven to have been quarried. But many of them could be moved by other means. The risk of fractures in such moves would be far less if they had this method. I have read where the US government seized records of Leedskalnin and Wilhelm Reich, whose orgone is very similar to the cosmic force at work in this description. I have proposed they used this knowledge in affecting the weather on the Roswell balloons.

    The Harmonic of Light is why the highest illumination or enlightenment and NDEs are often accompanied by white light and how things travel at faster than light speed through what is naively called ESP. Near Minneola Rd. between Baker and Barstow there are some mountains that became my friends as I learned about the 'amber rays' that connect all energy from Castaneda and was involved with an adept who developed a mountain climbing sutra. It is also the site where Louis Leakey found 200,000 year old arrowheads near the shore of the once Salton Sea.

    Readers of Scientific American will know there are five separate cosmological constructs currently being refined by the astrophysicists and their colleagues. In 1999 the most important data and scientific discovery resulted from the pictures taken by the Hubble Telescope. The center of the universe as we can visualize the known or non-parallel dimensions aside from the warp and woof of matter to anti-matter (both of which can co-exist) despite the once considered impossibility of this reality. I personally can conceive there have been adepts like Mahiri Lahasay or Vivekananda who did what the earlier Druids did. My above mentioned adept took me to one of the dimensions she went to when she dematerialized.

    One night I was aware that Lydia and I would never see each other again and I engaged in my meditative/mantra exercise (Yes, you could call it a ritual, but it was not designed to usurp and it was 'open' to whatever happened in RIGHT THOUGHT, so I can defend what I said about no ritual.). I reached out with all my love to all I had ever loved or had ever loved me. I was hurting and needful. I was certainly sorry for my weakness that had caused me to be unable to maintain a relationship with the only married woman I'd ever 'known'. Intellectually I understood all the ground rules right from the start but my heart could not feel her awesome beauty and know I would never really have her in my life. True, what I had was more by far, in a spiritual sense, and it should have been enough.

    Perhaps some day I will figure out how to integrate these thoughts without talking in the first person about things that happened in my life. How, that might happen seems beyond me without the use of a fictional presentation. That is not what it was, or is! Perhaps it is 'too serious' and I will be able to tone down the intensity of the life I have lived as time goes by; maybe then it will be more palatable, or credible or literary.

    Joan is the name of the woman who could recall the actual physical experiences of her life completely as if they were happening again. In every sense of the word 'experience' she could feel what I had done to the psychic point on her upper arm, while we were engaged in another technique. It was like an orchestra in one session with all the instruments being played on one person's body. To say the least it had been 'fun' for me; but she had become enthralled with me, as I was with Lydia. It had been six months since my move and I had not given her my phone number. The morning after I had been sending my love to Lydia: Joan called in a state of near hysteria. She had called the operator in Las Vegas and gotten all the phone numbers for Robert Bairds. There were over four of them but she had reached me on the fourth call. Her friend Melanie who had been with her the night we met at a jazz bar called Bourbon Street in Lakewood near Long Beach California had told her to call me. She felt I was the only person who could explain what had happened as Joan had been sleeping at her house the night before. This was probably due to the fact that I had been able to 'connect' with both of them during a palm reading on the night we met.

    Her descriptions of the events were difficult for me to explain until I connected her experience with what I had been doing. The time was the same (around two in the morning) and the ghostly apparition had been turning side to side as I do when my arms were up at either side of my body as conductor/receivers of the energy 'above (hands up)' and 'below (hands down) '. I told her the apparition was my solar body or 'double' and that she had reached out for me as I was reaching out. She took this in an altogether too personal manner and I had to correct her. I told her that her screams hadn't been heard because she was asleep at the point she thought she was screaming. The metallic sounds of the scraping of the bed on the floor were not possible given the lack of metal in either the bed or the floor. I told her this was the moment she was brought back suddenly and astrally from her dream state. This sound sometimes is reported in the writings on the subject. So in some way (I didn't reach this conclusion while I knew or could reach Lydia to check it out.) Lydia had referred my love and energy to the person who most loved me. As to whether or not she did this consciously, I can't even guess. If she did do it with wisdom I would have been wise to let myself fall in love with Joan, I guess. Melanie had not heard her screams or any noise and the light of the soul or solar body had come as if through closed blinds and stayed for almost the five minutes I had been doing my 'exercise' while Joan had observed in a terrified state in the bed.

    That is what happened and there have been many times while I study science and reality that I've thought about which particular powers or forces and bodies were at work and what part some higher conscious entity (such as the Tribunal or Council) might have had in bringing these kinds of occurrences into my life. Many mystics and psychics have told me that my purpose or job in this 'go around' is to prepare (in conjunction with others) the coming civilization of spiritually-focused people. That is an onerous responsibility and I have only recently taken it seriously. That, of course makes the writing of these things important even if only as a way of creating the 'template' and integrating thought as a part of the 'World Mind'.

    Wow! Maybe Jung was right to doubt his sanity and maybe I should give it more serious consideration you might say?! You would not be alone if you said just that, I assure you. But much like what Malcolm Muggeridge said when he commented on society and our drugging and materially-focused paradigm - Jesus would be in a jail or a mental institution if he were alive today. Yes, the 'experts' may call me a witch while I do say I have followed the life of Jesus and studied as he did, with discipline and open heart. You can decide whether 'witches' are the only ones who actually seek all the truth available and try to live with 'Right Thought'. For myself I can think of many labels and beliefs which have such aspirations and I find merit in many who don't even aspire so high or with that level of meaning. To call me a witch and refuse to consider seriously the message of the mystics in all faiths and sciences is ultimately a fool's game. Socrates or some other ancient Greek alchemist said: 'A fool thinks he is a wise man; a wise man knows he is a fool!' Each door we open to learn more of the real nature of nature leads to many more doors.
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    There are people who have a hard time communicating through ESP and they have often been told it is not possible. Some of them are told it is evil or witchcraft and get it beaten out of them - even to this day!

    Is ESP an important point to be proven if we are to see ancient humans in a different light. Many humans had no speech lobes including Neanderthals who developed speech lobes through intermarriage around 150,000 years ago (despite what some journalists say who don't do research and accept whatever a distinguished group says as Gospel).

    Not that I regard a word transmission as important as a thought which words often cannot express.

    Not that I feel the need to explain how it is possible to explain a person de-materializing. I have spent forty years contemplating it and ever more intently after Lydia. Here is a situation currently worrying to the likes of Bill Gates, and Musk which could apply in a fluctuating matter from anti-matter kind of virtual reality.

    "We may be a simulation ... creations of some supreme, or super-being," muses Britain's astronomer royal, Sir Martin Rees, a staunch advocate of the multiverse theory. [6]

    This theory is stoutly supported in a publication entitled: “ARE YOU LIVING IN A COMPUTER SIMULATION?” [5] BY NICK BOSTROM, Department of Philosophy, Oxford University HTML

    This paper argues that at least one of the following propositions is true: (1) the human species is very likely to go extinct before reaching a “posthuman” stage; (2) any posthuman civilization is extremely unlikely to run a significant number of simulations of their evolutionary history (or variations thereof); (3) we are almost certainly living in a computer simulation. It follows that the belief that there is a significant chance that we will one day become posthumans who run ancestor-simulations is false, unless we are currently living in a simulation. A number of other consequences of this result are also discussed.

    Our Virtual Reality Universe Written by Ian O'Neill Universe Today HTML [7] reflects on Brian Whitworth's hypothesis;

    What if the Universe was in fact a simulation? A product of some information processor, creating space and time, energy and matter? What if the Big Bang was the whole simulation booting up, beginning billions of years of space and time calculations? Can we possibly understand our consciousness as a subroutine in an advanced number crunching machine? A new paper published by the Centre for Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science, University of Auckland, asks us to keep an open mind and suggests if we look at the complexity of physical laws of our known universe, many paradoxes may be explained if we view our physical reality as a virtual reality.

    If we were living in a Virtual Reality; how would we know? If this is in fact some artificial reality created by a technology; who created it; what is the technology composed of and how to we test this theory?"

    Would you agree that a real power of the mind is the ability to cause the wind and rain to behave as you wish? The Yamabushi shamans who arrange healing firewalking (see thread Firewalkers) do the smoke moving which I have seen Wiccans and Native shamans do. But St. Columba did it as an Arch-Druid demonstrating his power to another Druid in a well-known historical account. I have been party to something similar as well.

    14. You speak with great reverence about an adept lady you knew who was a Boddhisattva like yourself. She learned a great deal in Thailand and married an Arhat. Are you merely a dilettante compared to this designer of Sutras or disciplines who could DO more (by far) than you?


    In this article you will see alchemy was the dominant philosophy in Burma for a millennium before the introduction (Should I say government backed like Asoka did earlier in India - which is a good thing, because Buddhism is VERY alchemic.) of Buddhism around the 12th C. AD. Theraveda Buddhism is derived from and almost part of the Therapeutae of Pythagoras who as you now know was an alchemist. In Phuket, Thailand of the present you can see a yearly ritual march of people using the alchemical fire and not being burned as they walk down the street in this processional. (Please read Firewalkers thread here.)
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    This link says alchemists could not transmute metals and it does not know that chemistry was not how it was done. It would occur by attunement with the ingredients in conjunction with psycho-kinesthetic movement of atomic structures. Shamans galore attuned with plants to learn how to make medicines - still do. Christopher Dunn says ultrasonic drills made the fitted rock of the so-called sarcophagus in the Great Pyramid. Could amplified sound do what amplified light (lasers) can do. I think Archimedes also worked with re-directing and amplifying light and his burning lenses were used as weapons in a battle for Syracuse on Siciliy. I doubt he could have generated enough heat to cause the vitrification of rock as seen in places from Edinburgh to Sacsayhuaman, that required nuclear fission or Brown's Gas (Like Napalm - Greek Fire). I had that debate on a cell diffusion forum and got the support of a professor of chemistry.

    The paper also has thoughts on de-materialization leading to a most fantastic potential - the creation of a small black hole. I have heard this has been done and that it is a way to accelerate space vehicles as one places the black hole in the direction one wishes to travel and gets sucked into it's energy vortex.

    But this link has a lot of creative insights on free energy or the disposal of atomic waste through transmutation.

    Since Ernest Rutherford ‘split the atom’ in 1919, we have known that bombarding atoms with particles such as neutrons or protons can convert one element into another. This generally requires nuclear reactors or particle accelerators with kilometres of tunnels and huge superconducting magnets, but Ledingham and colleagues have used a laser to do the job. True, the laser is a huge one. Called Vulcan, and housed at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in Oxfordshire, it is the most powerful laser in the world and the size of a small hotel. But laser technology is progressing fast, and within 5 years lasers nearly as powerful as Vulcan could be small enough to fit on a table top. And this could bring the power of transmutation to the masses.

    Ledingham and his colleagues have used Vulcan to add protons to gold nuclei to create mercury. But there is more to the new alchemy than turning one heavy metal into another. In a paper accepted by the Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, the team holds out the tantalizing possibility of neutralizing dangerous radioactive waste. They used Vulcan to convert iodine-129, an isotope that remains active for millions of years, into iodine-128, which decays in minutes.

    To carry out the transmutation, the researchers fired a picosecond laser pulse at a gold target. The intense energy of the laser beam blasts the gold atoms into a plasma of free nuclei and electrons, which then emit gamma rays as they pass through the rest of the target. These intense gamma rays collide with the atoms of iodine-129, shaking the nuclei so violently that a neutron is squeezed out.
    Transmuting nuclear waste has long been considered an attractive way of dealing with the ugly by-products of nuclear power. Researchers in France, which uses nuclear energy to supply 80 per cent of its electricity, are obligated by law to investigate transmutation. The US also has an active research programme into this kind of alchemy, and the British government is considering whether to start one. Until now, the only options have been modified versions of nuclear reactors, in which neutrons released during fission collide with the unwanted isotopes and break them apart. But many anti-nuclear groups see this as a ploy for reviving nuclear power.
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    “The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education.”
    - Albert Einstein

    Imagine a world where psychic ability was enhanced from an early age - which it was during many eras prior to Empires who sought malleable subjects. Imagine teaching adepthood technology outside the black ops government and secret societies.

    The Iowa State courses mentioned here were attended by my wife after a lot of prodding by myself. Her report to me lead me to believe the Accelerative Learning technique left out a great deal of what Dr. Milan Ryzl included and which was reported by Psychic Discoveries author Ostrander. When Ryzl came to speak to psychologists at the Sacramento Inn about five years before my wife took the above noted course in the summer of 1978 I was involved with one of the attendees. Because I was able to describe in detail what she was hearing him say - she said I was controlling her mind. She had also been losing weight. She was a very psychic person who was a subject in controlled experiments for Dr. Richard Alpert and she was a member of Esalen.


    At some point I will have to create a thread on Esalen It is most important and because it has so many prominent members of the Establishment as well as this semi-secret research group my lady was a part of - many conspiracy nuts have imagined all manner of bad things. Joseph Campbell was a person who learned a lot and shared a lot here.

    "Most of us know Esalen mainly through public workshops advertised in the
    catalog. But there is another, usually quieter, Esalen that’s by invitation only: the
    hundreds of private initiatives sponsored now by Esalen’s Center for Theory and
    Research (CTR). Though not well publicized, this other Esalen has had a major impact
    on America and the world at large. From its programs in citizen diplomacy to its
    pioneering role in holistic health; from physics and philosophy to psychology, education
    and religion, Esalen has exercised a significant influence on our culture and society."

    EDUCATION AS HYPE (POLITICS): - Just a brief entry on a highly complex subject that deserves whole books which I have written about extensively. The ex-NHL goalie and Ralph Nader lawyer by the name of Ken Dryden wrote a book called In School. The back flap of it has this tidbit for your consideration: "Ken Dryden tackles what he sees as the education debate's retreat to a safe, unthinking - and ultimately - black and white ground of issues and policies at the expense of people. Ultimately he discovers that good teachers teach people and not just subjects." (16)

    One of the most taught AGAINST things has to do with the soul. I think comparative religion and Yoga should be taught.

    EGO - ALTER: - The whole field of academia and education owes a great debt to individuals like Jacquetta Hawkes and her second husband J. B. Priestly. The next little quote is a great insight into their personal beliefs taken from a Reader's Digest publication.

    "The English novelist J. B. Priestly, who is married to the well-known archaeologist Jacquetta Hawkes, related this experience to Arthur Koestler in a letter dated February 7, 1972:

    'My wife bought three large lithographs by Graham Sutherland. When they arrived here from London she took them up to her bedroom, to hang them up in the morning. They were leaning against a chair and the one on the outside, facing the room, was a lithograph of a grasshopper. When Jacquetta got into bed that night, she felt some sort of twittering movement going on, so she got out and pulled back the clothes. There was a grasshopper in the bed. No grasshopper had been seen since. No grasshopper has been seen at any time in this house. ('Research in Parapsychology', W.G. Roll, R.L. Morris, and J. D. Morris, eds. p. 209)"
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    Given the real possibility associated with adepts, and bi-location or de-materialization, do you think modern scientific research will be able to send sentient robots with a human's brain through time or do you think our soul travels through time or at faster-than-light speed?

    It is the only way to explain many things I have learned and experienced.

    In my book Chichen Itza - Time: I recount how I was sent a message to a turned off computer while I was away seeing the Pyramid at Chichen Itza. The message was the first page of a treatise on Time Travel by a person who I could find no evidence existed. Here is a report which validates this as a possibility.

    "According to the physicists’ calculations, the Higgs singlet may be able to travel in a fifth dimension (a dimension beyond our four-dimensional universe). But for this theory to hold true, our universe needs to abide by the laws of “M-theory,” a theory that requires there to be 10 or 11 dimensions (basically an extension of string theory).

    In M-theory, our Universe is only one of many universes that can be envisaged as layers of an onion skin, each layer being a different universe. The skin that represents our Universe is known as a “brane” and it is stacked atop other branes as part of the “bulk.”

    In the bulk, some forces, such as gravity, are predicted to permeate from one brane to the next. The details of M-theory are complex, and as yet unconfirmed, but the high-energy collisions inside the LHC may produce artifacts (such as short-lived micro-black holes) that reveal the presence of these predicted extra dimensions.

    So, assuming M-theory describes the real nature of our Universe, how could we detect a Higgs singlet? If this particle only travels in a fifth dimension, time in our Universe isn’t of consequence to that particle, so it could be created by the LHC in the fifth dimension, and when it decays, its “decay particles” (i.e. everyday particles that the Higgs singlet will create after it dies) will be detected at an arbitrary time.

    This arbitrary time could be in the past, before the particle was even generated, or even in the future. Therefore, if physicists see particles spontaneously pop into existence before an LHC collision even occurs, that could be indicative of the Higgs singlet decay particles appearing in our universe. Simple!

    SLIDE SHOW: Top 5 Time Travel Methods from the Movies

    But what of the Grandfather Paradox? If a Higgs singlet can pop into existence before it is created, wouldn’t that cause all kinds of kinks in the space-time continuum?

    “One of the attractive things about this approach to time travel is that it avoids all the big paradoxes,” Weiler said. “Because time travel is limited to these special particles, it is not possible for a man to travel back in time and murder one of his parents before he himself is born, for example. However, if scientists could control the production of Higgs singlets, they might be able to send messages to the past or future.”

    So, the upshot is that a person couldn’t go back in time to kill his or her grandfather (because only Higgs singlets have time-traveling abilities). But, if an assassin could manipulate a signal consisting of time-traveling Higgs singlets, they could send a message to someone else to kill their (or someone else’s) grandfather!"
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    The book Autobiography of a Yogi made a big impression on me and many people in the Love Child or Hippie movement of the 60s. It is now available to read online for free. It is so silly to say there is much of value in it. Some people compare it to getting a chance to read the innermost thoughts of an adept like Jesus or the Buddha.

    "“I was pleased that you got my telepathic message.” Master’s voice was calm, entirely normal. “I have now finished my business in Calcutta, and shall arrive in Serampore by the ten o’clock train.”

    As I still stared mutely, Sri Yukteswar went on, “This is not an apparition, but my flesh and blood form. I have been divinely commanded to give you this experience, rare to achieve on earth. Meet me at the station; you and Dijen will see me coming toward you, dressed as I am now. I shall be preceded by a fellow passenger—a little boy carrying a silver jug.”

    My guru placed both hands on my head, with a murmured blessing. As he concluded with the words, “Taba asi,” 1 I heard a peculiar rumbling sound.2 His body began to melt gradually within the piercing light. First his feet and legs vanished, then his torso and head, like a scroll being rolled up. To the very last, I could feel his fingers resting lightly on my hair. The effulgence faded; nothing remained before me but the barred window and a pale stream of sunlight.

    I remained in a half-stupor of confusion, questioning whether I had not been the victim of a hallucination. A crestfallen Dijen soon entered the room.

    “Master was not on the nine o’clock train, nor even the nine-thirty.” My friend made his announcement with a slightly apologetic air.

    “Come then; I know he will arrive at ten o’clock.” I took Dijen’s hand and rushed him forcibly along with me, heedless of his protests. In about ten minutes we entered the station, where the train was already puffing to a halt.

    “The whole train is filled with the light of Master’s aura! He is there!” I exclaimed joyfully.

    “You dream so?” Dijen laughed mockingly.

    “Let us wait here.” I told my friend details of the way in which our guru would approach us. As I finished my description, Sri Yukteswar came into view, wearing the same clothes I had seen a short time earlier. He walked slowly in the wake of a small lad bearing a silver jug.

    For a moment a wave of cold fear passed through me, at the unprecedented strangeness of my experience. I felt the materialistic, twentieth-century world slipping from me; was I back in the ancient days when Jesus appeared before Peter on the sea?

    As Sri Yukteswar, a modern Yogi-Christ, reached the spot where Dijen and I were speechlessly rooted, Master smiled at my friend and remarked:

    “I sent you a message too, but you were unable to grasp it.”

    Dijen was silent, but glared at me suspiciously. After we had escorted our guru to his hermitage, my friend and I proceeded toward Serampore College. Dijen halted in the street, indignation streaming from his every pore.

    “So! Master sent me a message! Yet you concealed it! I demand an explanation!”

    “Can I help it if your mental mirror oscillates with such restlessness that you cannot register our guru’s instructions?” I retorted.

    The anger vanished from Dijen’s face. “I see what you mean,” he said ruefully. “But please explain how you could know about the child with the jug.”

    By the time I had finished the story of Master’s phenomenal appearance at the boardinghouse that morning, my friend and I had reached Serampore College.

    “The account I have just heard of our guru’s powers,” Dijen said, “makes me feel that any university in the world is only a kindergarten.”

    1.The Bengali “Good-by”; literally, it is a hopeful paradox: “Then I come.”

    2.The characteristic sound of dematerialization of bodily atoms."

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    If one can understand or attune to the energy around us and become one with it, as you see in books by Richard Bach and others - I thought why not make matter conform to visualizations without the need to build them in conventional ways. If one can de-construct the molecules should one mot be able to make them solid from the energy? I still see issues with this even though I can see many reports of de-materialization have credibility. Maintaining structure I somehow explain (to myself mostly) requires constant inputs along the design parameters. Thus all St. Germain may have done is alter an existing less pure diamond which already had the necessary maintaining forces in place.

    The precipitation of a jewel by St. Germain de Medicis for the French King is a miracle and more for those who deny the Philosopher's Stone and all manner of things they will never experience in this material world. Yes, some will contend such things are in fact hallucinations and if you take one thing and only that one thing it is hard to explain in scientific terms. The fact that we can alter molecular structure and make gold from other matter and replicators are being refined will not convince most people that such things have been done for millennia. This I understand. But I also understand that the energy in all things and in the amber rays connecting all things, has design, consciousness and potential. Here is an account by Yogananda, which made me know an open mind makes more sense than a closed mind.

    "“‘My guru, what can I say?’ I murmured brokenly. ‘Where has one ever heard of such deathless love?’ I gazed long and ecstatically on my eternal treasure, my guru in life and death.

    “‘Lahiri, you need purification. Drink the oil in this bowl and lie down by the river.’ Babaji’s practical wisdom, I reflected with a quick, reminiscent smile, was ever to the fore.

    “I obeyed his directions. Though the icy Himalayan night was descending, a comforting warmth, an inner radiation, began to pulsate in every cell of my body. I marveled. Was the unknown oil endued with a cosmical heat?

    “Bitter winds whipped around me in the darkness, shrieking a fierce challenge. The chill wavelets of the Gogash River lapped now and then over my body, outstretched on the rocky bank. Tigers howled near-by, but my heart was free of fear; the radiant force newly generated within me conveyed an assurance of unassailable protection. Several hours passed swiftly; faded memories of another life wove themselves into the present brilliant pattern of reunion with my divine guru.

    “My solitary musings were interrupted by the sound of approaching footsteps. In the darkness, a man’s hand gently helped me to my feet, and gave me some dry clothing.

    “‘Come, brother,’ my companion said. ‘The master awaits you.’

    “He led the way through the forest. The somber night was suddenly lit by a steady luminosity in the distance.

    “‘Can that be the sunrise?’ I inquired. ‘Surely the whole night has not passed?’

    “‘The hour is midnight.’ My guide laughed softly. ‘Yonder light is the glow of a golden palace, materialized here tonight by the peerless Babaji. In the dim past, you once expressed a desire to enjoy the beauties of a palace. Our master is now satisfying your wish, thus freeing you from the bonds of karma.’ 4 He added, ‘The magnificent palace will be the scene of your initiation tonight into Kriya Yoga. All your brothers here join in a paean of welcome, rejoicing at the end of your long exile. Behold!’

    “A vast palace of dazzling gold stood before us. Studded with countless jewels, and set amidst landscaped gardens, it presented a spectacle of unparalleled grandeur. Saints of angelic countenance were stationed by resplendent gates, half-reddened by the glitter of rubies. Diamonds, pearls, sapphires, and emeralds of great size and luster were imbedded in the decorative arches.

    “I followed my companion into a spacious reception hall. The odor of incense and of roses wafted through the air; dim lamps shed a multicolored glow. Small groups of devotees, some fair, some dark-skinned, chanted musically, or sat in the meditative posture, immersed in an inner peace. A vibrant joy pervaded the atmosphere.

    “‘Feast your eyes; enjoy the artistic splendors of this palace, for it has been brought into being solely in your honor.’ My guide smiled sympathetically as I uttered a few ejaculations of wonderment.

    “‘Brother,’ I said, ‘the beauty of this structure surpasses the bounds of human imagination. Please tell me the mystery of its origin.’

    “‘I will gladly enlighten you.’ My companion’s dark eyes sparkled with wisdom. ‘In reality there is nothing inexplicable about this materialization. The whole cosmos is a materialized thought of the Creator. This heavy, earthly clod, floating in space, is a dream of God. He made all things out of His consciousness, even as man in his dream consciousness reproduces and vivifies a creation with its creatures.

    “‘God first created the earth as an idea. Then He quickened it; energy atoms came into being. He coordinated the atoms into this solid sphere. All its molecules are held together by the will of God. When He withdraws His will, the earth again will disintegrate into energy. Energy will dissolve into consciousness; the earth-idea will disappear from objectivity.

    “‘The substance of a dream is held in materialization by the subconscious thought of the dreamer. When that cohesive thought is withdrawn in wakefulness, the dream and its elements dissolve. A man closes his eyes and erects a dream-creation which, on awakening, he effortlessly dematerializes. He follows the divine archetypal pattern. Similarly, when he awakens in cosmic consciousness, he will effortlessly dematerialize the illusions of the cosmic dream.

    “‘Being one with the infinite all-accomplishing Will, Babaji can summon the elemental atoms to combine and manifest themselves in any form. This golden palace, instantaneously created, is real, even as this earth is real. Babaji created this palatial mansion out of his mind and is holding its atoms together by the power of his will, even as God created this earth and is maintaining it intact.’ He added, ‘When this structure has served its purpose, Babaji will dematerialize it.’

    “As I remained silent in awe, my guide made a sweeping gesture. ‘This shimmering palace, superbly embellished with jewels, has not been built by human effort or with laboriously mined gold and gems. It stands solidly, a monumental challenge to man.5 Whoever realizes himself as a son of God, even as Babaji has done, can reach any goal by the infinite powers hidden within him. A common stone locks within itself the secret of stupendous atomic energy;6 even so, a mortal is yet a powerhouse of divinity.’

    “The sage picked up from a near-by table a graceful vase whose handle was blazing with diamonds. ‘Our great guru created this palace by solidifying myriads of free cosmic rays,’ he went on. ‘Touch this vase and its diamonds; they will satisfy all the tests of sensory experience."

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