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    Santa Claus

    Thor Heyerdahl deserves a thread of his own - which no doubt I will do someday. The Boch Saga also deserves a thread of its' own. I wish I had read Thor's posthumously printed book on the Vaner so I could do one on that ancient culture which may be called The First Reich and which Conan the Barbarian draws from.

    This is a good article from the Dragon Court.

    "Science and Mythology

    by Bo Olsson


    from BockSaga Website

    recovered through WayBackMachine Website

    The most astounding news in the field of modern historical research is without comparison the discovery of an ancient history and mythology revealed in Finland at the Swedish Institute of Folklore and Storytelling in Helsinki for first time in the years of 1984/85.

    This historical Saga contained a huge but scientific and commonsense body of information about a small tribe of people called the Aser who became trapped in the Baltic area during Ice-Time.

    According to this old Saga, taped by the institute in 1984 and 1985, the Aser people survived in the area of southern Finland during eons of time, developing the characteristics of arctic man, today called Caucasian.

    In order to survive they had to keep animals domestically, drinking their milk and eating their flesh to endure the 6-7 month long winters. Thus we can explain why Caucasians have less pigmentation, as a special adaptation to the dark and cold climate. Simultaneously we find an explanation for the Caucasians' affinity for meat and animal fat, as well as their digestive systems' adaptation to diary and milk-protein.

    Eighteen years ago when this Saga of the Bockströem Family finally was revealed, there wasn't a soul within the scientific community who would label it anything but "fantasies" and "hallucinations"!

    And of course,

    • Who could believe that the heartland of the Atlantean and the Caucasian culture was the same as the Aser and the Vaner of Oden (Wotan) as told by the old Norse Sagas?

    • And who would believe that the heartland of these arctic people was placed in the land of Finland, as described in the Finnish-Carelian language and the mythology of Kalevala?

    Even if the Kalevala is the world's most complex and extensive body of mythological information with more than a million points of "factual character", it was impossible to even think that it had originated in Finland itself.

    Even though Bockströem was an old and highly respected Finnish family, it became a matter of prestige for the official academia to contradict and even ridicule the information given by the spokesman of the Saga, Mr. Ior Bock.

    This old oral story-telling tradition presented statements that went far beyond the official history of Finland which considered Finnish culture before 1200 AD to be the most remote and primitive in all Europe.

    According to the Bock Saga as told in 1985, the predecessors of the Aser were living in Finland already BEFORE ICE-TIME.

    The Saga of The Ring

    The Saga even tells how once upon a time the earth tilted, resulting in a huge mass of water turning into "damp".

    The "damp" became concentrated around the magnetic poles causing it to condense and turn into ICE! While this happened within the time-frame of months, it wasn't possible to escape the enormous ice-cap that eventually covered the whole of the arctic world, all the way south to the Pyrenees, Alps, Caucasian and Himalayan mountains, as well as along the Rockies in North America.

    During and after this deluge a small group of people living in the Baltic area was able to survive inside the limited area of the Gulf of Vinland (Land of the Vine), also written Finland.

    The gulf-stream arrived from Mexico to Biscay, pressed through the English Channel and then it accelerated into the Oslo-fjord-area before turning EAST. It spiraled into the East Sea and curled up in the Botnic Bay and Gulf of Finland, where it escaped over the Carelian waterways into the White Sea.

    The heat of the gulf-stream through these waters made it possible to survive in the Finnish archipelago inside a strictly limited area while all the surrounding land was completely covered by massive ice.

    During the following eons of time the Aser (below video) were able to adapt, survive and develop a completely new way of life based on an extensive use of fire, wooden houses, fishing and domestication of animals as well as the extraction of minerals to create more effective tools and objects of aesthetic and culture value."
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    Recent human artifacts in South China date to 2.4 million years ago. Alan Thorne showed Nanking Man was 750,000 years old. He posited up to ten different hominid species and is being proven correct.

    Clyde Winters has a wealth of information available through his site. His insight and academic knowledge is most enlightening but unfortunately it may take centuries to be accepted. I especially hope you can read his thoughts on the discourse and cultural interplay with Urumchi (Tocharian is also like Luwian of Crete and maybe off Cuba) and the Tamil regions.

    If your mind is not opened after seeing what he has to say - then your mind is not ever going to become open.

    All of Polynesia and most of the western Americas have Ainu blood (recent DNA maps) and they are not Europod or Chinese. They also populated many other areas including what Joan Price of the AIA showed is the Fox and Sauk Indians near Lakes Michigan and Superior. They traveled the important routes to this important resource for longer than they have been in China. Her Professor Emeritus named Scherz documents the early routes when the rivers ran north to the Arctic and Hudson's Bay etc.

    What follows is instructive to what Gimbutas discovered even though it is much later in time. We are in need of research into who made up the Vikings after a Mayan body was found in Denmark. In fact we need to know the true history of Pirates - I suspect they have a lasting connection of a lot longer than any Empire.

    I have often wondered about my stamp of Epirus with the Skull and Crossbones. Is this a site for the ancient Phoenician Pirates and is the group at Yale connected?

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    The story of the Temple dig and what might have been found is hard to believe. Ior Bock was almost murdered and he was robbed by a social worker who was found guilty. Police Raids found LSD and other drugs, the government approved or allowed the underground tunnels to be archaeologically destroyed by explosives - and a lot more. Maybe it was all a myth in the first place like Santa Claus but the Laplanders weathered the Ice Age and stayed in their homeland so anything they did would not surprise me.

    In the following jpeg you will see a shaman's drum with pictographic markings including a building with a cross or steeple on top. In North America these representations of man and how the energy of the cosmos enters man are done in rock kiosk forms. There are near runic and half Ogham art glyphs including what could be a "p' or Fupark (AKA futhark). It could be a tract but does not have enough symbology due to repetition of the teepees or something which looks like teepees. Nat Geo and S-A have said people crossed the Ice to America as much as 30,000 years ago.

    This is taken from art done when Carl Linnaeus returned from Lapland in Northern Sweden a long time ago.

    Lucius Seneca has some dots to offer in a history no witness can aver or testify about. You can call it pumpkinification is there is truly such a word.

    "One must be born either a Pharaoh or a fool. If I choose to answer, I will say whatever trips off my tongue. Who has ever made the historian produce witness to swear for him? But if an authority must be produced, ask of the man who saw Drusilla translated to heaven: the same man will aver he saw Claudius on the road, dot and carry one. [Sidenote: Virg. Aen. ii, 724] Will he nill he, all that happens in heaven he needs must see. He is the custodian of the Appian Way; by that route, you know, both Tiberius and Augustus went up to the gods. Question him, he will tell you the tale when you are alone; before company he is dumb. You see he swore in the Senate that he beheld Drusilla mounting heavenwards, and all he got for his good news was that everybody gave him the lie: since when he solemnly swears he will never bear witness again to what he has seen, not even if he had seen a man murdered in open market. What he told me I report plain and clear, as I hope for his health and happiness."
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