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    They admit in this article when asked about other matters that HAARP can "enhance communications to surveil" you for any and all purposes. An earlier version of HARP was run at Trenton AFB by Bull - remember the Iraqi weapon on a rail? His watchdogs were many because he was a gifted inventor who had a history of independent thought and a willingness to go against the CIA. One of these watchdogs was a Canadian Colonel working with MI5 who my oldest brother talked with. I told my brother things which he confirmed. Reichean orgone designs definitely were stolen from Wilhelm. I believe they were used at Roswell and the flexible metallic material was also taken to Trenton. Satellites have non-lethal weapons which can implant thoughts and more than just surveil you. As a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee Dennis Kucinich tried to stop funding any initiatives of this sort. See the thread Frequency Fence.

    HAARP: Secret Weapon Used For Weather Modification, Electromagnetic Warfare

    : http://www.globalresearch...fare/20407

    Global Research, January 18, 2015

    Global Research and 1 August 2010

    HAARP: Secret Weapon Used For Weather Modification, Electromagnetic Warfare

    “It isn’t just conspiracy theorists who are concerned about HAARP. The European Union called the project a global concern and passed a resolution calling for more information on its health and environmental risks. Despite those concerns, officials at HAARP insist the project is nothing more sinister than a radio science research facility.”
    – Quote from a TV documentary on HAARP by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC).

    HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) is a little-known, yet critically important U.S. military defense program which has generated quite a bit of controversy over the years in certain circles.Though denied by HAARP officials, some respected researchers allege that secret electromagnetic warfare capabilities of HAARP are designed to forward the US military’s stated goal of achieving full-spectrum dominance by the year 2020. Others go so far as to claim that HAARP can and has been used for weather modification, to cause earthquakes and tsunamis, to disrupt global communications systems, and more.

    Major aspects of the program are kept secret for alleged reasons of “national security.” Yet there is no doubt that HAARP and electromagnetic weapons capable of being used in warfare do exist. According to the official HAARP website, “HAARP is a scientific endeavor aimed at studying the properties and behavior of the ionosphere, with particular emphasis on being able to understand and use it to enhance communications and surveillance systems for both civilian and defense purposes.” The ionosphere is the delicate upper layer of our atmosphere which ranges from about 30 miles (50 km) to 600 miles (1,000 km) above the surface of the Earth.

    The HAARP website acknowledges that experiments are conducted which use electromagnetic frequencies to fire pulsed, directed energy beams in order to “temporarily excite a limited area of theionosphere.” Some scientists state that purposefully disturbing this sensitive layer could have major and even disastrous consequences. Concerned HAARP researchers like Dr. Michel Chossudovsky of the University of Ottawa and Alaska’s Dr. Nick Begich (son of a US Congressman) present evidence suggesting that these disturbances can even cause tsunamis and earthquakes.

    Two key major media documentaries, one by Canada’s public broadcasting network CBC and the other by the History Channel, reveal the inner workings of HAARP in a most powerful way. The very well researched CBC documentary includes this key quote:

    “It isn’t just conspiracy theorists who are concerned about HAARP. In January of 1999, the European Union called the project a global concern and passed a resolution calling for more information on its health and environmental risks. Despite those concerns, officials at HAARP insist the project is nothing more sinister than a radio science research facility.”

    read more: http://www.globalresearch...fare/20407

    to understand haarp:

    Image result for haarp imagesImage result for haarp images
    go here:

    ^^^to see more images of haarp and read the various related articles about harp

    Most people who are believers (in anything) are probably not well aware of how their opinions are generated. Our schools are media outlets for claptrap and worse. Our media is a joke - George Orwell was bang on about 1984. People really don't want to hear about Persinger working to collect mental images from enough people to allow his masters (Jack Verona of the D.I.A. which has a budget bigger than the C.I.A.) to project alien abduction thoughts through the earth to people over large areas of that earth. People want to believe "everyone has a right to their opinion" - "evolution is just a theory" - "whatever works for you, doesn't mean squat to me" - "I learned everything I need at school and on the knee of my grandpappy".

    I think I have put enough confessional material (Fukayama for one) and factual material before people regarding the use of religion and the so-called occult to control people throughout history. I don't know if people believe they had a remote killing weapon in the time of the Borgia Popes (The tepaphone) or that the staffs of Moses were part of the same genre. Hell I don't even know if there are any humans here who can think anymore. Snowden has his people protected with a Faraday cage to interfere with and neutralize incoming energy. In the past there were things the mind of an adept could do - but HAARP and satellites plus ground based Frequency Fence technology has the ability to make any adept unable to breathe - if not now; by 2020.

    Is the US building stations to create the force field Tesla said he could create to protect a country? Will these stations protect Earth from aliens? I don't think so.

    This seems to be more than mere mind control to me. Bruce Cathie wrote about Omega Stations making high yield atomic weapons far more potent - I don't think this is what these stations are all about, but maybe that is a little bit of it. Nuclear is not nearly as dangerous as many other things - including non-lethal weapons (IMHO). I wonder about the name Omega - "the end" as in "I am the Alpha and Omega; the beginning and the end." Are we in for a planned apocalypse de-pop? Will these stations control weather which also impacts tectonic movements? When I read here - that underground facilities include nuclear powered energy I think that it is also going to protect some important people like the facilities surrounding Washington built for over a million IMPORTANT people.

    I don't blame Tesla for the uses made of his science - even though he worked in Black Ops like Montauk. But I do wonder if Pine Gap is the same as Omega Stations and more able to do what Russia's Tesla Tower can do. Russia never had this kind of money.
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    The military use of propaganda is not new by any stretch of the imagination. People who accept nations and Empires as a natural and good outcome are in need of a slap in the face (and more).

    This link and website introduction makes it sound like consciousness can be proven in a mechanistic scientific manner and some day that might be true. It has always been part of mystical knowledge and part of the metaphysicist's approach to think of the universe and each part of it as connected. The Buddhists say "All is within, the universe." I am not convinced that consciousness studies have accelerated enough to claim this level of certainty. Futurescape is saying they have machines that will allow control of the collective human mind or World Mind. I understand how they are going to do that and I have laid out the history of their efforts to that end. THAT does not mean they will succeed - and I hope they don't or that they only succeed to a degree which makes some sense.

    Maybe by 2020 when HAARP and SDI satellites are integrated with Pine Gap and other Omega Stations as well as the Frequency Fence they won't need to implant people in order to achieve effects akin to mind control. The issue still left is soul - and what it is on relation to consciousness. That is why I agreed with Bill Joy in his March 2000 Wired Magazine article wherein he disagreed with Hillis who looks forward to dumping himself into a sentient robot. I accept brain contents have been dumped onto a computer chip since SRI did it in 1999. I know they have been working on this stuff for centuries if not millennia.

    Some adepts have had mind control methods including possessions since the days of shamanic Dream Dancers over a million years ago. Religions have inculcated their sheople for a long time and some have even succeeded in taking over or cracking a soul (see L. Ron Hubbard). I still say the soul is not so easy to take over and consciousness exists in each atom of our self and selves. So as the Mayan saying goes "Do not put yourself in front of your SELF."

    Consciousness Mechanics

    Consciousness mechanics means just that—the mechanics of consciousness. Just as quantum mechanics serves to explain the behavior of quanta, consciousness mechanics serves to explain the mechanical behavior of consciousness. Consciousness mechanics is about expounding the nature of existence and the basic structure of reality, by expounding the way consciousness experiences itself. Consciousness mechanics serves as one perspective, one purview, one vantage point that delves into the relationship between existence and the general human experience.

    But what in fact is consciousness?

    Consciousness is merely the quality of self-awareness.

    As such, consciousness can also be defined as the following:

    Consciousness is that which experiences its own reality.

    Consciousness is the identity of existence.

    Consciousness is the only thing that can actually be experienced.

    Consciousness, unlike quanta, cannot be defined using mathematical terms because mathematics is an imaginary concept. Mathematics is a symbolic language that is used to communicate certain concepts regarding events within the illusion of space and time. "One plus," "two times," and "three minus" another number are expressions that describe an illusionary perception, because time itself is an illusion. More than one thing cannot ever actually exist because of two main reasons:

    1. No perceived thing is exactly the same as another. Things can be extremely similar, but nothing can ever actually be duplicated, because even a duplication contains its own unique description of it being a duplication. Every object holds a unique locational quality in space and time.

    2. Every seemingly individual thing is fundamentally all one thing. This is not a metaphysical romanticism; this is a physical axiom. From the human perspective, this is physiologically demonstrated by the fact that you can only experience an "outer world" as personal brain state. The idea of "things being separate from one another" is mechanically incorrect, because from the human perspective, there is only one momentary observation in time that keeps changing. The observer only observes one experience of itself that changes; nothing it observes can mechanically be separate from itself, or else there would be no experience of it at all—not even the experience of observation.

    Consciousness is that observer. All experiences of all events and phenomena take place within one's consciousness. Consciousness is what everything in existence fundamentally is. All notions of "energy," "matter," "waves," "thoughts," and "particles" are defined experiences of consciousness—they are just labeled observations. All that is observed is an experience of the observer's consciousness. What you perceive to be "the world around you" is an experience of consciousness. Consciousness is what the experience is!

    The experiential universe around you is but an experience within you.

    Reality is but an experience, an exploration, an unending discovery of consciousness.

    You are your reality.

    You are your experience.

    You are the Universe
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    Bioprinting of eyes by 2027 is just the tip of the iceberg in human "enhancement" facing our children and society's planners. You will see Google glasses are part of the way Futurescape explains the melding of our minds to their purposes associated with controlling the World Mind. You can be absolutely certain Ray Kurzweil as Google's science guy knows more about it than anyone you will meet.

    Does anyone think the Watchers will save Earth or most of the lifeforms on Earth from the approaching catastrophic rise in water levels? Do you think your own energy and soulful attunement can be used to save life on Earth? Of course, there will be a lot of humans who survive in bunkers and places built with your tax dollars.

    Most people will say what I suggest here shortly is impossible. They could be correct and yet if they watch Futurescape they will see technology allows use of the World Mind. And many top scientists are beginning to see very little is impossible.

    The esoteric word in the scientific proofing this month that the brain is part of the lymph (psychic points) system, was a very deep and good term, which means formerly science had no reason to examine things like soul and our attunement ability. That too will take time, and an even longer time for us to attune with the Vortex Energies that were once more connected through the worldwide megaliths. I am just happy to see these things coming to pass. Gravitational Wave Theory could add so much. Maybe we could even learn to THINK away the temperature rise that will cause the water levels to rise.

    Legend has it that a Stele brought to the Miami Planetarium when I was living there forty years ago, was a functioning energy conduit to save Earth. It was brought from Peru, and had been used to keep an ancient comet or moon headed at Earth from colliding with us for a thousand years. The worldwide megalithic grid was more functional then but we have the Omega Stations and HAARP. I was the only individual there when it was taken off the truck even though it had been announced in the media. I told the employees of the Planetarium what it and it’s magnetic properties were for. They thought I was crazy, and had no interest in learning how our energy can attune to other energy.
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