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    In the earlier post comparing Pasteur's germ theory with a more inwardly focused source that Pasteur apparently came to agree with but it was not acted upon, we learned how the medical care system is more focused on control of the individual rather than helping a total individual address toxicity in his complete ecosystem WITHIN. The 'within' approach adopts the same tools or prophylactic methodology when the outside source of the disease becomes an interior reality so you can say it is not so different.

    But it is!!!

    By attuning yourself to remove toxic stress, or breathing so no simple metabolic lack of oxygen, or any other nutritional variation which upsets the balance of energy (Ayurveda) -you are into the realm of Preventive Medicine which we also saw Newsweek say all so many experts support but it did not get adopted.

    Of course, some of what might be sold under the guise of preventing disease might be a hoax; and equally true we have toxic drugs now being used which do not help and actually kill beneficial microbes (Rheumatism, Candida are good examples) or bacteria which are a delicate thing to balance because there are so many working together in our stomach or body.

    The following link takes you to a discussion outlining some things of value to consider. I do not know if the ozone treatment is good, and I wonder if it incorporates the Reichean Orgone which threatened the US medical lobby. I am not promoting that either, I know each person has to evaluate their own circumstances and look to a lot of sources when these things cause changes we find ourselves facing which upset our health.

    Risk management means different things depending on which side of the fence you are on. If you want to diminish your risk of disease - stay away from hospitals where pathogens are more virulent and plentiful! Make sure you know enough about your problem before you talk to so-called professionals that you will be able to get them to talk to you, and that they might even listen. If you cannot do this take someone with you who can.

    Our present system has little oversight and after Patriot Act II was passed it is harder by far to sue a drug company. The lawyers, of course, are thriving.
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