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Thread: Aleister Crowley - St. John's Apocryphon

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    Aleister Crowley - St. John's Apocryphon

    Here we have a major league prophecy from Mega Therion or Crowley. I quote a little from it, but I also say it was his way of duping people - and himself. That does not mean you cannot learn a great deal from Crowley.

    "“Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.”

    1. Here you find terms such as “church”; “gods”; “magick”; “saints”; “power”; “worship”; “devotion”; and so on. Here nothing is as it seems.

    2. Here divine genius may be realized within; and achieving that, one may expand the mind without, to the realization of the infinite, via the union of Samadhi.

    3. Here is atheistic Gnosis of Apotheosis.

    4. Here all religious approaches may be modified to fit an overarching Thelemic Law designed to serve the interests of woman & man, not an idealistic, immaterial god.

    5. Here saints are those who have realized some measure of genius, be it artful, musical, scientific, or expressive — whatever have you.

    6. Here worship-like practices are utilized neither for propitiation nor for superstitious aims, but to open various pathways of the mind for (a) the realization of hidden potential inherent in all, and (b) the transmission of praeterhuman awareness on a cosmic level through that open channel of greater self-awareness within.

    7. Here magick is not the bewitching of cattle but the stirring of Supernal Potential, and vitalization of creativity as well as realization of greater self-empowerment.

    8. Here sacraments are not impossible elements of spiritual contrition, but rather devices of celebration of the natural human/animal condition.

    9. Here is no place for outrageous spiritual superstitions.

    10. Here ideas like sacrifice are abhorred as blasphemous self-abnegation. Here happiness, bliss, merriment, freedom, promiscuous indulgence, are virtues.

    11. Here is no one way. Here is no authority. Welcome to the Holy Thelemic Church.

    “Love is the law, love under will.”"

    The Templar flag Columbus and da Gama traveled under was the dominant economic (and therefore if for no other reason) force in the three centuries before they set sail. Not just in Europe as we have shown, but in the entire world, these progeny of the Phoenician Brotherhood ended feudal socio-political strangleholds and opened the way for new possibilities. For these reasons and the eventual weakening of the church influence and Inquisitions (though that is what the church started against THEM!) we can truly be thankful.

    This superficial evaluation is only one aspect of what we analyzed with input from all available quarters and presented a real and true threat from the continued macho or competitive nature of those in pursuit of power. Their progeny has lost much of the righteous underpinnings of the Templar zeal. Needless to say their influence has not been exposed in the cultural history of our various media including schools. Therefore constant harping on the subject is somewhat warranted. I only seek to set the stage for their specific history and influence on the time of Marco Polo and another 'fiction' that was used to create the impression that there was a need for 'discovery' of the 'New World'. The idea that the land of the Dragons in China was not part of a world order continues to the present. There are many perspectives on the origin of the Templars and why they were given Papal 'carte-blanche' but let me quote Gardner again to see something far more ancient than most scholars purporting to know when Templars or Masons became a part of our cultural fabric. He is talking about a re-structuring of much more ancient mystery schools at this juncture.

    "It has long been a customary Jewish practice to hang meat for blood-letting before cooking and consumption, but in contrast the Christian faith is especially concerned with the figurative ingestion of blood. In the Christian tradition it is customary to take the Communion sacrament (the Eucharist), wherein wine is drunk from the sacred chalice, symbolically representing the blood of Jesus, the life-blood of the Messianic line. Could it be, therefore, that the modern Christian custom is an unwitting throwback to some distant pre-Noah rite of actually ingesting blood? If so, then since we also know that the chalice is a wholly female symbol which has always been emblematic of the womb, might this even have been an extract from divine menstrual blood which, as we have seen (Chapter 10), was revered as life-giving 'Star-Fire'? The answer to these questions is yes, that was precisely the custom - but it was not so unsavoury as it might seem. (1) Few of us think to enquire about the ultimate sources of many of today's bodily supplements, and those in the know are generally reluctant to tell us. The premarin hormone, for example, is made from the urine of pregnant mares, while some forms of growth hormone and insulin are manufactured from 'E.coli', a human faecal bacterium.

    Before considering this ancient practice in detail, it is worth reminding ourselves that the edict to abstain from blood came not from Enki the Wise but from Enlil-Jehovah, the god of wrath and vengeance who had instigated the Flood, wrought havoc in Ur and Babylon and endeavoured to deceive Adam with regard to the Tree of Knowledge. This was not a god who liked people and the Sumerian records are very clear in this regard. If he forbade the intake of blood, this was not likely to have been an edict for the benefit of Noah and his descendants - it was most probably to their detriment.

    The menstrual Star Fire ('Elixir Rubeus') of the goddess, being essentially regarded as fluid intelligence, was symbolically represented as the all-seeing eye {The circle with a dot again.}, or as the fiery cross (the 'rosi-crucis') {The Circle with the cross.}, precisely as depicted in the Mark of Cain. The emblems were later used by the mystery school of ancient Egypt, particularly that of the priest-prince Ankhfn-khonsu (c.2170 BC {Check out Crowley's Book of the Law and the name at the end of it.}, which was formally established as the Dragon Court by the twelfth-dynasty Queen Sobeknefru.

    Another of the most prominent mystery schools was the Great White Brotherhood of Rameses III (c. 1450 BC) - so called, it is often said, because of their white raiment, but actually named because of their preoccupation with a mysterious white powder {Through 'high-spin' atomic attunement able to levitate the pyramid blocks, he says.}. According to the Supreme Grand Lodge of the Ancient and Mystical Order Rosae Crucis, there were thirty-nine men and women on the High Council of the Brotherhood, who sat at the Temple of Karnak in Luxor. (2) A branch off this Order became more generally known as the Egyptian Therapeutae, who in Heliopolis and Judaea, were identified as the Essenes. (3) It was into this White Brotherhood of wise therapeutics and healers (the original Rosicrucians) that Jesus was later initiated to progress through the degrees, and it was his high standing in this regard which gained him the often used designation of 'Master'... 'essaios': that is, something secret or mystic. (In the Norse tradition, the gods are called the 'Asen', the guardians of purity, and the word has a similar root.)...

    In the hermetic lore of the ancient Egyptian mystery school, this process of achieving enlightened consciousness was of express importance, with spiritual regeneration taking place by degrees through the thirty-three vertebrae of the spinal column {Including the tail bones or sacrum and coccyx.} until reaching the pituitary gland which invokes the pineal body. The science of this regeneration is one of the 'Lost Keys' of Freemasonry, and it is the reason why ancient Freemasonry was founded upon thirty-three degrees." (4)
    Though they have impressive pedigrees and lots of nice myths I am sure their knowledge is limited by the lack of ethics entailed in the elitist attitudes and acts of their members. Levitation and use of cosmic thought field potentials including one dimensional harmonic force and the probable 'Lost Chord' pre-dates these people, in my mind. MacDari is a Masonic linguist who suggests this time was even before the building of the Sphinx, and he says Phre-Masonry of the Lord Sun God Iesa was an early Brotherhood of Man that Jesus was named after. Gardner admits to 'pre-Noah' knowledge and probably has an open-mind about earlier roots, but his story focuses on the Bible and the Pendragon Grail legends.

    1) Pritchard, James B. (ed), 'Ancient Near Eastern Texts Relating to the Old Testament', Princeton University Press, NJ, 1955, pp. 63 and 160.

    2) Lewis, H. Spencer, 'The Mystical Life of Jesus', AMORC, San Jose, Cal., 1982 pp.191-2. This Crowleyan group created by H. S. Lewis later tried to suppress their sex magic rites and has split into two groups. They now advertise and try to make money for their current leader who I've heard is facing some legal issues.

    3) Ibid, pg.194.

    4) Genesis of the Grail Kings, By Sir Laurence Gardner, Element Books, Bantam Publishing, London, 1999, pgs.126-9.
    Pierre Auguste Belmont who is the benefactor of the Eastern Star masonic outreach as well as The Preakness was a Rothschild agent like J. P. Morgan.
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    I do not see the inconsistency these authors say Crowley has in reference to St. John's work.

    "The Bible, by various authors unknown. The Hebrew and Greek Originals are of Qabalistic value. It contains also many magical apologues, and recounts many tales of folk-lore and magical rites.

    This small and simple quote by Crowley in his ―Curriculum of A.'. A.'.‖ says more than may be readily apparent to most Thelemites. But then again, most Thelemites don‘t really seem to even know about Crowley‘s deep knowledge of the Bible. And without reading both John‘s Apocalypse and Liber CDXVIII very carefully, one can‘t easily see how Thelema is truly a further development of the New Testament revelation; indeed as Motta says, a correction to the distortions that have come through time.

    Crowley indeed takes this one step further in his description of that lack of understanding in light of the message of John‘s Apocalypse. He viewed the controversial document, which itself, barely made it into the Christian canon, as authentic prophecy; the problem being that its interpretation by people at the start of the Piscean Age was too difficult for a document that actually addressed the start of the Aquarian Age, which he heralded as the Aeon of Horus. He writes in the Book of Thoth:

    The seers in the early days of the Aeon of Osiris foresaw the Manifestation of this coming Aeon in which we now live, and they regarded it with intense horror and fear, not understanding the precession of the Aeons, and regarding every change as catastrophe. This is the real interpretation of, and the reason for, the diatribes against the Beast and the Scarlet Woman in the XIII, XVII and XVIII-th chapters of the Apocalypse…

    And so important symbols such as the Beast and the Great Whore have come through Christianity in the most negative light. Yet, two other problems ultimately come to the fore; the first being Crowley‘s inconsistency with his assessment of this controversial and single piece of Christian prophecy. In Liber CDXVIII we read:
    All I get is that the Apocalypse was the recension of a dozen or so totally disconnected allegories, that were pieced together, and ruthlessly planed down to make them into a connected account; and that recension was re-written and edited in the interests of Christianity, because people were complaining that Christianity could show no true spiritual knowledge, or any food for the
    best minds: nothing but miracles, which only deceived the most ignorant, and Theology, which only suited pedants."

    Jesse James had more than a gun. Cecil Rhodes' had more than a psychic vision. You will probably think this group you read about is some form of evil, or bad act. It may have been a very important group in the final analysis, and you will have to go a lot further than these words I give you before you will know why that is true.

    Was Colonel House a member of the FOGC? You can judge. Is it just an American Rosicrucian group? No, it operated (maybe still does in Thelemic societies) in 99 places around the world. It may have had a presence in the Golden Dawn and certainly it had an influence there.

    This link does not know a great deal but what it says is important.

    Much of what Henry Makow is all about I oppose. He does tell some truth and you should read this. He does not seem to know that Lincoln was a member of the Rosicrucian Council of Three which was a major part of the formation of groups like the FOGC. All of them are collectively known as the Freemasonic Order of the Golden Centurion - a centurion is derivative from one hundred, but the final member of these '99' groups is a demon. In order to have one hundred groups you would have all these demons with one final demon or boogeyman.

    The author of this piece at Makow's site is a lot closer to explaining what goes on and he is right about Skull & Bones as well as many Merovingians like the founder of Skull & Bones therefore.

    And how far does it go?

    It goes very deep, indeed. Remember as you read this, Ben Franklin was associated with electricity in your common understanding from myths taught as covers to hide deeper truths. He was on the panel debunking Mesmer - I show the panel was not so concerned with proving he was a fraud as they were trying to keep secrets - secret.
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    So write it down it might be read, NOTHING is better left unsaid. That is a quote from someone important in my youth - maybe Shine on Brightly by Procol Harum. It is up to you to decide if this is nothing.

    I have been called 'the best' reader of Tarot by many who I read for, I never charged or accepted (when offered) any money. I said it was a blessing and I was a conduit or flux that happened to work and which did not always work so well. I would congratulate the person on having centered themselves well which I always had them do before each reading as they held the cards and concentrated on their question.

    Jungian psychoanalysis is borne from visions he saw, in many ways. His knowledge and scientific method was of the highest calibre. In this Tarot site we have a person worth reading talking about Jung's knowledge of the Tarot.

    "Dierdre Bair recounts in Jung: A Biography (Little, Brown, 2003, p. 549) that in 1950 Jung assigned to each of the four members of his Psychology Club an ‘intuitive, synchronistic method’ to explore. Hanni Binder was to research the Tarot and teach him how to read the cards. They determined that Grimaud’s Ancien Tarot de Marseille “was the only deck that possessed the properties and fulfilled the requirements of metaphor that he gleaned from within the alchemical texts.” Hanni Binder’s work amounted to very little as can be seen from her report preserved at the Jung Institute in New York. The group disbanded around 1954.

    What was behind Jung’s attempt to gather all this material? Marie-Louise von Franz recounts in Psyche and Matter (1988) that toward the end of his life:

    Jung suggested investigating cases where it could be supposed that the archetypal layer of the unconscious is constellated*—following a serious accident, for instance, or in the midst of a conflict or divorce situation—by having people engage in a divinatory procedure: throwing the I Ching, laying the Tarot cards, consulting the Mexican divination calendar, having a transit horoscope or a geomantic reading done. If Jung’s hypothesis is accurate, the results of all these procedures should converge. . . . [*a Jungian term meaning ‘the coming together of elements in the unconscious so that they form a consciously recognizable pattern of relationships.’ Christine Houde adds, “The constellated material is activated in the psyche of the individual where it attempts to erupt into the field of experience.”]

    “[This investigation would consist of] studying an incident (accident) by the convergence . . . of a multitude of methods, with the help of which we could try to find out what the Self “thought” of this particular accident. . . . The generally rather vague formulations of divinatory techniques resemble these “clouds of cognition” that, according to Jung, constitute “absolute knowledge.”

    Von Franz further explains that Jung’s “clouds of cognition” represents an awareness on the part of our conscious intelligence of a far vaster field of information, an “absolute knowledge,” within the collective unconscious. These images, on the part of a “more or less conscious ego,” lack precise focus and detail. Thus, the realization of meaning has to be “a living experience that touches the heart just as much as the mind.” She continues:

    “Archetypal dream images and the images of the great myths and religions still have about them a little of the “cloudy” nature of absolute knowledge in that they always seem to contain more than we can assimilate consciously, even by means of elaborate interpretations. They always retain an ineffable and mysterious quality that seems to reveal to us more than we can really know.”*

    On 9 February 1960, about a year before he died, Jung wrote Mr. A. D. Cornell about the disappointing end to his grand experiment:

    “Under certain conditions it is possible to experiment with archetypes, as my ‘astrological experiment’ has shown. As a matter of fact we had begun such experiments at the C. G. Jung Institute in Zurich, using the historically known intuitive, i.e., synchronistic methods (astrology, geomancy, Tarot cards, and the I Ching). But we had too few co-workers and too little means, so we could not go on and had to stop.”

    The experiment proposed by Jung is discussed in the Journal of Parapsychology (March 1998): in an article titled: “The Rhine-Jung letters: distinguishing parapsychological from synchronistic events – J.B. Rhine; Carl Jung” by Victor Mansfield, Sally Rhine-Feather, James Hall. The authors conclude:"

    I was close on the quote from Procol Harum - maybe the album was Shine on Brightly.

    ""In Held 'Twas In I"

    [Glimpses of Nirvana]
    In the darkness of the night, only occasionally relieved by glimpses of Nirvana as seen through other people's windows, wallowing in a morass of self-despair made only more painful by the knowledge that all I am is of my own making ...
    When everything around me, even the kitchen ceiling, has collapsed and crumbled without warning. And I am left, standing alive and well, looking up and wondering why and wherefore.
    At a time like this, which exists maybe only for me, but is nonetheless real, if I can communicate, and in the telling and the bearing of my soul anything is gained, even though the words which I use are pretentious and make you cringe with embarrassment, let me remind you of the pilgrim who asked for an audience with the Dalai Lama.
    He was told he must first spend five years in contemplation. After the five years, he was ushered into the Dalai Lama's presence, who said, 'Well, my son, what do you wish to know?' So the pilgrim said, 'I wish to know the meaning of life, father.'
    And the Dalai Lama smiled and said, 'Well my son, life is like a beanstalk, isn't it?'
    Held close by that which some despise
    which some call fake, and others lies
    And somewhat small
    for one so tall
    a doubting Thomas who would be?
    It's written plain for all to see
    for one who I am with no more
    it's hard at times, it's awful raw
    They say that Jesus healed the sick and helped the poor
    and those unsure
    believed his eyes
    - a strange disguise
    Still write it down, it might be read
    nothing's better left unsaid
    only sometimes, still no doubt
    it's hard to see, it all works out"
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    Is Kaballah 'twisted' as Dion Fortune said. It is all the rage today and this detailed study of it will give insight into the religion it serves as a basis for - the Judaeo/Christian/Islamic complex. Is religion a psychiatric symptom? Do seers and sages laugh when they look down to find that witch they burned at the stake or forced to drink Hemlock for learning - is now ascendant? The astronomical knowledge origins are more ancient than almost all other sources of civilization and the evolution of man. It leads many who are deceived to think religions have been correct about all manner of miracles or prophecies. You need to read this if you need to know, qabala or your religion. It addresses Aeons or eons and yugas or what came from observing the dog star Sirius and a lot more.

    So how do we go from here to the Paris working where Crowley and others had every imaginable sex act with a nobleman who thought he loved Crowley - to the Paris Four and all manner of rumour about androgyny and alchemy including even letters from Thomas Mann?

    A good starting point is what Crowley said to Parsons when he heard Hubbard was going to bring Babalon to his beck and call. Crowley thought this impossible. Parsons said Hubbard was the best Thelemic he had ever seen - and that includes Crowley. I think his ritual was done in a manner like Drawing Down the Moon - which I have been part of in Wiccan Circles. After returning home from this ritual I was remotely accessed or some form of "union" occurred. There are many sources for this, and I have chosen this one because of it's pretty pics and many other articles. You will find the Pyramid Crowley loved as he did his time in Egypt. The Scientology bridge over the Abyss is here - the ONE and unification therewith, the grail, re-incarnation and many other archetypes that you might wonder who appropriated Jung or Crowley (of course all very ancient).

    "Babalon as the Gateway to the City of Pyramids

    Within the mystical system of Crowley, the adept reaches a final stage where he or she must cross the Abyss, that great wilderness of nothingness and dissolution. Choronzon is the dweller there, and his job is to trap the traveler in his meaningless world of illusion. However, Babalon is on just the other side, beckoning. If the adept gives himself to her—the symbol of this act is the pouring of the adept’s blood into her graal—he becomes impregnated in her, then to be reborn as a master and a saint that dwells in the City of the Pyramids. This process is beautifully described in the 15th Aethyr of The Vision and the Voice:

    As the dancer whirls, she chants in a strange, slow voice, quickening as she goes: Lo! I gather up every spirit that is pure, and weave him into my vesture of flame. I lick up the lives of men, and their souls sparkle from mine eyes. I am the mighty sorceress, the lust of the spirit. And by my dancing I gather for my mother Nuit the heads of all them that are baptized in the waters of life. I am the lust of the spirit that eateth up the soul of man. I have prepared a feast for the adepts, and they that partake thereof shall see God.

    The concept contained within Babalon is that of the mystical ideal, the quest to become one with all. This process necessarily requires refusing to deny anything, becoming perfectly passive the world, allowing all experience to come forward, abandoning oneself into the deluge of sensation. Through this, the mystic comes to direct contact with life, formulating the wine of the Graal, being the distilled understanding derived from raw experience. This process clearly has its analogue in the career of the lady of the night."
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    Let's see if the actual apocryphon is anything like what Crowley said. Because this document clearly states God is within every person Crowley can indeed assert what he says. Here is a part which makes the God within most clear, after having some hallucinations or magical myth telling. The interpreters speak volumes about how it was kept secret and make reference to an Academy - which I take to mean academics. They waffle around about how secret it was and only properly prepared souls could gain this insight. I suggest if they did far less waffling maybe more people would see it is easy enough if one does what is moral and has no fear of sins or demons - because those are things used by priests in their games (like Crowley).

    "4 And [I asked] to know.

    He said to me, "[The Unit]y is a monarchy [with nothing] ruling over it. [It is] the Gold and] Father of the All, the [h]oly, the invisible, [who ex]ists over the All, the one who [. . .] incorruption, [exist*ing as] pure light, into which it is not possible for any light of the eye to gaze.

    It is the Spirit.

    It is not appropriate to think about It as god or that It is something similar. For It surpasses divinity. It is a dominion having nothing to rule over It. For there is nothing existing before It nor does It have need of them.

    It does not need life. For It is eternal. It does not need anything. For It cannot be made perfect as though It were deficient and only required perfecting. Rather It is always totally perfect.

    It is light. It cannot be limited because there is nothing before It to limit It. It is inscrutable for there is no one before It to scrutinize It.

    It is immeasurable because there is no other to measure It as though (anything) exists before It. It is invisible because there is no one to see It. (It is) an eternity existing forever. (It is) ineffable because no one has comprehended It in order to speak about It. (It is) the one whose name cannot be spoken because no one exists before It to name It.

    It is the immeasurable light, the pure one who is holy and unpolluted, the ineffable one who is incorruptibly perfect. It is neither perfection nor blessedness nor divinity, but It is a thing far superior to these. It is not boundless nor is It limited, but It is a thing far superior to these.

    For It is neither corporeal nor incorporeal. It is neither large nor small. It is not a quantity. It is not a creature. Neither is it possible for anyone to know It. It is not something pertaining to the All which exists, rather It is a thing which is better than these—not as being superior (to others as though It is comparable to them) but as that which belongs to Itself.

    It does not participate in an aeon (as a constitutive part of it). Time does not exist with regard to It. For whoever participates in an aeon would have to have had it prepared for It by others. And time was not delimited for It since It does not receive from another who sets limits. And It does not need (anything).

    Nothing from the All exists before It.

    All It asks for is Itself alone within the perfect light. It will contemplate the unmixed light, the immeasurable vastness.

    (It is) the eternity who gives eternalness, the light who gives light, the life who gives life, the blessed one who gives blessedness, the understanding which gives understanding, the ever good one who gives good, the one who does good-not such that It possesses but such that It gives—the mercy which gives mercy, the grace which gives grace.

    5 What shall I say to you about the immeasurable light?

    What is incomprehensible (can only be expressed as) the likeness of the light. In this manner, I will speak to you as far as I will be able to know It—for who could know It infinitely?"

    But there be monsters! If one reads enough of the myths one will wonder what is clear and how much "LIGHT" is shed into shadows created by the imagination of people wishing to lord it over others. The Gnosis or wisdom tree has too many branches and it needs pruning. When one person imagines a great and fearful beginning another person argues it and so on. Eventually you get a whole corpus of corpulence and flatulence, as I see it. Archons and immortals or angels and demons, worms and serpents all about out of chaos but somehow there was something other than chaos or it's original darkness which god created the firmament from. Yes, that darkness was actually a shadow of something else!
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    We also have insights from the Greek Qabalah and Crowley as to interpretations of The Logos which I consider to be the source for the science of Harmonics brought anew by Tesla who says all he ever achieved was from Revelations in the Bible.

    " 14The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the One and Only, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth. 15John testifies concerning him. He cries out, saying, "This was he of whom I said, 'He who comes after me has surpassed me because he was before me.' " 16From the fullness of his grace we have all received one blessing after another. 17For the law was given through Moses; grace and truth came through Jesus Christ. 18No one has ever seen God, but God the One and Only,[e][f]who is at the Father's side, has made him known.

    This then combines the two planes into one; though we should be careful as the Gospel of John was written long after the disciple called John had died. Also, an apocryphon is a secret teaching and probably would have only been available to initiates of the Barbelo school. From the Apocryphon of John we also get a mythological rendering of the Barbelo cosmogony in greater detail from that preserved by Irenaeus and here presented by Sufis:

    The Apocryphon of John 4:1-16 describes through a myth/teaching narrative the Story of the AUTO-GENES/Self Brought Forth (Apocyphon of John 4:11,13-16, because G-D's Purpose is expressed through this One whose Light is More Dim for He is conceived by Pronoia/Barbelo His Morther who is the Pleroma/Sephorah/Mumkinat and His Fthr, Who as Beyond Being, Pours Himself out into H-R as Unmanifested Being, then SH- continued by Pouring Herself as Unmanifested Being into the Logos as Manifested or Breathed out Being [Apocryphon of John 4:1-3]). He, the Logos is described as a Mono-genes/the Only Brought Fourth (Apocryphon of John 4:3-4). The Logos who is called Christ/Messiah/Mashiah/Anointed One, because he is the One that the Fthr, G-D, annointed with H-S Goodness, and It was Transmited to the Logos through H-S Mother, Who is called Barbelo, Pronoia, Hagiou Pneumata/Holy Spirit (Apocryphon of John 4:5-6; Apocryphon of John 3:6,8). The Apocryphon of John 4:7-8 then mentions that Christ, the fruit of Emanation, asks for Nous/Mind for a "companion". The Nous/Mind, then Praises in Silence the Pleroma, who is Barbelo, and the Anointed One, Who is the Logos (Apocryphon of John 4:8-9). Thelema/Will is Produced by the Higher Logos/Word, who is the Son of the Hagiou Pneumata/Holy Spirit, Who is Barbelo--the Pleroma (Apocryphon of John 4:10). Then the Lower Logos/Rhema/World followed after Thelema/Will (Apocryphon of John 4:11). It mentions in the Apocryphon of John 4:13 that Hagiou Pneumata/Holy Spirit, Who is here the Male Half, of Androgynous Barbelo (Apocryphon of John 3:8), perfects the Manifested Being of Spirit (Manifesting Being) and Unmanifested Being of Barbelo, Who is the Pronoia. The Auto-genes then Stands before the Spirit, Who is Manifesting Being, Who Honors Him with Loud Praise/Doxa (Apocryphon of John 4:14). The Apocryphon of John 4:15 mentions that Son, who is also called Autogenes issued forth from Pronoia/Forethought, Who is Barbelo (Unmanifested Being), and that this Selfsame Autogenes (Manifested Being) was placed in charge of everything by the Pneuma/Spirit, Who is Manifesting Being. The Apocryphon of John 4:16 then alludes to the Secret of G-D's Inexhaustable Name currently composed of Seventy-two Manifested Huruf with a Seventy-third Harf Hidden/Concealed/Burried Deep into the Realms wraiting to be Manifested. P.S. The Auto-Genes/ the Self Brought Forth, Who is called the Annointed One, the Logos (Manifested Being) of the Pneuma/Spirit (Manifesting Being) creates by a Lesser Logos/Rhema/Speech (see Bereshit 1:3-27; Genesis 1:3-27). The Auto-Genes, the Annointed Logos appears to be a Group Soul for all the Chosen Ones of G-D annoined with H-S Goodness, such as Prophets, Imams, and the Ahl al-Bayt, who are also called the Ahl adh-Dhikr (Surah 16:43).

    In this, the Logos is divided between higher and lower planes, as well as itself being called the Christ as in the Gospel. And indeed in Gnostic cosmogony, it is the Christ that comes from the Pleroma to teach humanity of its true divinity; that it has a soul. This is also the essential inner-school or initiated teaching of the Greek mystery schools as founded by Pythagoras and developed by Plato. And so before we concern ourselves with Gnosticism, we really need to understand the teachings of this school system,"

    And as I make clear Pythagoras the Druid is a look backwards past bards like Orpheus who some academics say Pythagoras authored some of the writings we have, to the ancient verbal tradition of Qabala, kept by the BRDs - my name.

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