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    Shamanic Living Today

    There is much to be recommended in shamanism - it is what we need to re-learn and that which started our cultures a very long time ago. I think it originates with the animals we evolved from. Consider how much better off we would be if psychiatry was helpful and giving a way of living. Those two things are intricately involved with each other - in extended communities. Mental health includes being open and caring. It does not help to categorize and alienate or marginalize. That is true whether you look at the individual or a society bent on spending money to manage those that have been marginalized. Shamans are not Democrats or Republicans, and once they practise priestcraft or politics they become mere shadows of what they can BE.

    It is hard to capture the synchronicity of this next post. I can only assure you that I was working on integrating these things for this book and this post from a healer came through in answer to my directed thought or intent-ional request. Intent is a vital element of magical operations. Here is my response to this post I believe helped me integrate these thoughts.


    Yes, the energy lattices are most interesting.

    Last night I was writing about the homeopathic tincture that when diluted enough times has none of the actual original poison in it and yet that poison lattice or intelligence remains. There is some rudimentary consciousness, such as allows the muon split in deep mines at Sudbury to communicate, in all energy. It is affinitely connected across space and time as I have written about at great length before. I was discussing the Cyanide in peach pits that Laetrile utilizes, to be specific.

    Now I find this response including a sigil visualized in another dimension by a healer on this seldom used site. By your thought of healing and taking the negative energy of the sick person away from them and encasing it where that energy will not return you are doing something like Dr. Masaru Emoto has scientifically replicated with water crystals. Crystalline structural intelligence is a major part of the shaman's work throughout over more than a million years as I see it. In his work we find the crystals respond to music or thought and convey a range of emotions or beauty. Your thoughts are an evidence of synchronicity that helped me clarify my thoughts this morning. Integrating all these things is something I will now do."

    Paracelsus said "Diseases have a cure in nature if one looks for it." And he did find cures no others were able to do. In fact Paracelsan medicine is what real science is all about. Observe nature (reality or God) and conclude how or discern the truth. Here is another lesson being re-learned.

    "Published Tuesday, March 31, 2015 10:17AM EDT
    Last Updated Wednesday, April 1, 2015 10:10AM EDT

    A stomach-churning concoction of mashed-up garlic, wine and stomach bile that was used to treat eye infections over 1,000 years ago just might hold the key to killing antibiotic-resistant superbugs today, say British researchers.

    The discovery was made thanks to a curious Anglo-Saxon and Vikings Studies professor at the University of Nottingham, named Christina Lee. She wanted to test one of the strange-sounding potions listed in "Bald’s Leechbook," a 9th century textbook written in Old English that is preserved in the British Library.

    So she enlisted the help of microbiologists from the university’s Centre for Biomolecular Sciences to recreate one of the recipes for treating styes, those annoying eyelash follicle infections.

    Related Stories

    Superbugs could kill 10 million every year by 2050

    Antibiotics breakthrough could offset problem of drug-resistant bacteria

    Report calls for Canada to ban common antibacterial chemicals

    To their amazement, the researchers found that the mixture was highly effective at wiping out MRSA, or methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus, a bacterial strain that causes thousands of hospital-aquired infections. In fact, they say, it performed as well as, if not better than conventional antibiotics.

    In order to recreate the recipe, the researchers had to grind together garlic with a variety of onion called cropleeks, along with wine and "bullocks’ gall," which is old-fashioned terminology for bile from the stomach of a cow.

    The recipe said to let the mixture stand in a "brass vessel" for nine days, wring it through a cloth "and about night time apply it with a feather to the eye." As brass vessels were hard to come by, the team used glass bottles instead and added in squares of brass sheeting.

    They then tested the resulting mixture on MRSA samples grown in a lab on human collagen. They also tested it on mice with MRSA-infected wounds.

    To the researchers' astonishment, the mixture was able to kill off most of the bacteria in both models.

    Interestingly, when they tested each of the ingredients alone on the bacteria, none had any effect. But when combined together as explained in the recipe, only one bacterial cell in 1,000 survived.

    University microbiologist Steve Diggle says he was astonished to find the recipe worked.

    “When we built this recipe in the lab, I didn't really expect it to actually do anything. When we found that it could actually disrupt and kill cells in S. aureus biofilms, I was genuinely amazed," he said in a statement.

    Fellow microbiologist Dr. Freya Harrison says the finding is an important one, given the growth of antibiotic resistance and the lack of any new antimicrobial agents on the horizon.

    She says her team is now seeking more funding to extend this "fascinating" area of research, looking to the past to find modern weapons against our most difficult pathogens."
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    NATURE WORSHIP: - It is called Witchcraft or other shamanic attunements akin to the kind of ethic and awe the great and beautiful (FREE) North American Indians had before the arrival of the 'civilized' men from the Old World.

    "A Guide to Nature Spirituality Terms
    Selena Fox

    Founder and leader of Circle Sanctuary, an internationally linked Nature Spirituality resource center and Shamanic Wiccan church based in Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin. Animism: ancient philosophy that views everything in Nature as having an indwelling spirit/soul, including the plants, rocks, waters, winds, t tires, animals, humans, and other life forms.

    Animism is the foundation of shamanism and has been considered the earliest form of human religion on planet Earth. {Sorry, philosophy students, who are often told Aristotle and his work 'Anima' is original, these same students aren't told about his Secretum Secretorum which is an alchemic treatise covering what he was taught that he sent to his pupil Alexander the Great.}

    Earth-Centered Spirituality: honoring the spiritual interconnectedness of life on planet Earth, often as Mother Earth or Gaia, but sometimes as a gender neutral Earth Spirit. Sometimes called 'Earth religion' and 'Gaian' (Gaean) religion. Related Eco-Christian form is Creation- Centered Spirituality.

    Ecofeminism: feminist environmental philosophy that draws parallels between the oppression of women and the oppression of Nature by patriarchy and which advocates the spiritual and political liberation of both. Goddess Spirituality: revering Nature and honoring the Great Goddess in one or more of Her many forms. Usually polytheistic and sometimes multicultural in practice. Usually incorporates feminist perspectives. Heathen: Another name for Pagan. Many contemporary practitioners of Teutonic nature religions prefer this term for themselves and their spirituality.

    Nature Religions: religions that include an honoring of the Divine as immanent in Nature. May be premodern, modern, or postmodern in philosophical orientation. Usually polytheistic, animistic, and pantheistic. Include traditional ways of various native peoples of the Americas, Africa, Asia, Australia, Polynesia, Europe, and elsewhere; religions of ancient Pagan cultures, such as Greek, Egyptian, Roman, Minoan, Assyrian, Celtic, Teutonic, and others; and contemporary Paganism.

    Nature Spirituality: honoring the spiritual interconnectedness of life not only on planet Earth but throughout the Universe/Cosmos; ,ore encompassing term than Earth-Centered Spirituality because it also includes Celestial religions; used by some as synonymous with contemporary Paganism and by others as also including interfaith blends, such as those that combine Paganism and Eco-Christianity or Eco-Buddhism. {Is nature worship doing the denominational rag and differentiating itself with real intent to discriminate of claim special status?}

    Neo-Pagan: Contemporary Pagan.

    Pagan: pertains to a nature religion or a practitioner of an ancient and/or contemporary nature religion; also used to refer to a Nature Spirituality, Earth-Centered Spirituality, and/or Goddess Spirituality group or practitioner.

    Pantheism: the Divine as immanent; the Divine is in everything and everything has a Divine aspect.

    Panentheism: Pantheism that also includes a transcendent component conceptualized as the Sacred Whole or Divine Unity. {Use and misuse of language allows epithets and degrading remarks to minimalize or depreciate very similar concepts. Is it not better to say religion is 'what you DO?' and not what rationalistic construct that might move your thought at some moment?}

    Polytheism: honoring Divinity in two or more forms. {Does that include the three as one or one in three 'Trinity' originally taken from the Triune Nature of Man?} Can be belief in/worship of multiple aspects of a particular deity; of the Divine as Goddess and God; or of many Goddesses, Gods, Nature Spirits, and/or other Divine forms. Some, but not all, polytheistic nature religions acknowledge an all- encompassing Divine Unity. {This seems more 'open' and less than the kind of anthropomorphing that ego often does.}

    Shaman: an adept who serves as healer and spirit world communicator for her/his tribe or community. Sometimes known as a 'Medicine person'. This role is tribal culture/community defined.

    Shamanic Practitioner: someone learning and working with shamanistic healing practices for self-development, and in some cases, also for helping others. Sometimes known as a 'Medicine worker'. This role is self-defined.

    Shamanism: animistic spiritual healing practices usually involving trance (ecstatic) and spirit world journeys by adepts. Forms of shamanism include 'Traditional', which are rooted in specific indigenous tribal people's cultures, and 'Multicultural', which are contemporary forms that integrate old and new spirit wisdom from more than one culture. {Does this seem to be an 'open' and positively ecumenical spirituality? Why would there be any problem if anyone and indeed everyone started to learn all wisdom?}

    Wiccan Spirituality: contemporary paths rooted in one or more nature folk religions of old Europe. Also known as the Old Religion, the Craft, Wicca, Wicce, Ways of the Wise, Neo-Pagan Witchcraft, and Benevolent Witchcraft.

    Witch: some Wiccan practitioners use the word "Witch" for themselves in connection with their spirituality to bring back its pre-Inquisition use in Europe as a term of honor and respect, meaning "medicine person/medicine worker," "shaman/Shamanic practitioner," "wise woman/man," "priestess/priest of the Old Religion." Other Wiccans refuse to use the word "Witch" because of later negative definitions of the word which led to its use as a tool of Pagan genocide and religious oppression in Europe and North America for hundreds of years. {Do you know when it ended? Did it end when Blasphemy Laws were overturned in England in 1951? Some would like you to believe it ended when the last person was burned at the stake in Seville, Spain in the early 19th century. It still exists in career and government as well as social situations. Therapeutae like Jesus and Pythagoras or other syncretic religions are definitely the real models of discipline that are "Witches"!} During the "Burning Times" of the Middle Ages, bigots in power changed its definition, making it a term linked with evil, and used it as a brand to mark and exterminate folk healers, {The supposed one god church actually believed illness was created by "sins and demons". The guilt trips are more refined as time allows more control and programming through the destruction of open discussion and free-thinking.} those who refused to convert to state-sanctioned forms of Christianity, political rivals, and others. Contemporary usage of the word "Witch" by non-Wiccans is diverse but in recent years has been changing in academia and elsewhere to reflect the growing public awareness and understanding of Wiccan Spirituality's reclaiming of the word." (1)

    IT is the position of the American Psychiatric Association that trances, and possessions, are mental illness. They do not study or deal with the soul and most avoid discussion of it. Anthropologists seek to make Trances an area of specialized study and these scientists (?) want to create a legal and druggable disorder called 'Trance Possession Disorder Syndrome'. Real disorders including hallucinations do exist, and are treatable by witches and shamans. Vitamin B is often a missing ingredient in the nutritional intake and stresses or coping skills must be learned. Compassion is better than drugs and even massage or acupuncture work better in many studies such as one done at the U of Toronto in 2000. This author may be right when she says there is a "growing awareness" but that awareness may be something worse than she knows.

    In fairness to psychiatry they are equal opportunity drug pushers and will drug a Christian with visions, too. There are many instances of religious obsessiveness and out of control behavior. One of the worst, is believing you have the right to lie to people about things like ECT in order to meet societal goals.

    The TV channel Nature produced a show on the origins of music and the biological and archetypal impact it has had on our evolution and emotional wherewithal. Along with reed instruments from as long ago as 60,000 years that obviously show sophisticated development of technology, they had the cave operas of those who rubbed and drummed on stalactites. They posited that the tree-swinging hominid that like the Sumatran Gibbon co-ordinates community for protection through territorial chants, is not so much less aware as most of our great Lockean influenced academics seem to be. These animals also learned what plants are dangerous and what plants alter your spiritual consciousness. You can see it when your puppy goes outside for the first time and chews on some grass to settle its tummy. Our genes contain a lot of information or the ability to tap-in to much knowledge. The buzz you get from 'weed' is the buzz coming from your Thalami and Third Eye or Pineal gland that has a crystal radio receiver and grains or crystalline structures. Crystalline structures like quartz were known to be useful in the Lost Chord of the Druids and more ancient shamans. There are magnificent quartz caves in Central America and other places that would have been used by early hominids for a certainty. We are taught math as if there are constants and yet it is questionable at least, whether there is truth in these assertions. If we started out with more questions it is possible our children could teach us due to the fact that some of them are more attuned and less programmed by our NONsense according to an excellent book titled The Wonder Child.
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    Deepak Chopra has a little input of value to balance my overly passionate comments.

    "If bliss is basic to life, there should be a physical counterpart for it in the body, and indeed there is. According to Ayurveda, the body's counterpart to pure joy is a subtle substance called 'ojas', which is extracted from food once it has been perfectly digested. Like the doshas, ojas is just on the edge of being physical; one could call it a subtle substance that registers on both mind and body. The final and most valuable result of eating a good diet is to extract every drop of this subtle substance from your food. That enables the cells to "feel happy," to experience the cellular equivalent of bliss. {Do you think attuning and visualizing with the process helps?}

    Twenty years ago, the idea of a happy cell would have made little sense in scientific terms. Now we know that the body in fact is capable of generating a complex network of chemicals (neurotransmitters, neuropeptides, and related molecules) that the brain uses to communicate emotions throughout the body. It is also known that a single meal can change the brain's biochemistry quite radically. A brain chemical connected with feelings of well-being, such as serotonin, goes up and down in response to the food being digested in the intestinal tract. This has opened up the exciting possibility of a "food pharmacy" to correct depression, anxiety, and other mental disorders, just as fiber helps to control cholesterol.

    In Ayurveda {A very ancient herbalistic shamanic process related to Nyaya Yoga said to date back to 6000 BC.} we can bypass the bewildering complexity of brain chemistry. Nature has given us ojas, a single substance for happiness that the body makes all the time." (2)
    For me Nature worship of the modern variety is whatever works (!): and the wholistic integration of the mind body operating system that has knowledge. Science has learned such things as the lymph system and chakras act to bring soulful knowledge to our soulful potential. Shamans used drugs which they refined and which have been stolen by modern drug companies (except Shaman Corp of San Francisco). The drug companies remove natural agents which carry important ingredients including ayýrvedic `“jas` or soulful energy as well as other carriers that nature developed as our body evolved. Our metabolism does not adjust to new combinations which the drug companies concentrate and make toxic soups from. This is especially problematical when more than one intense supplement or drug is employed, sometimes off the counter drugs alone can upset the proverbial applecart.

    YEAST DESENSITIZATION: - "When you take antibiotics, especially if you take them repeatedly, many of the friendly germs in your body (especially those in your digestive tract) are 'wiped out.' Since yeasts aren't harmed by these antibiotics, they spread out and raise large families (the medical term is 'colonization').

    When yeasts multiply, they put out toxins which circulate through; your body, weaken your defenders and make you sick.

    YEAST OVERGROWTH WEAKENS YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM. Yet, it is only one of many factors. 'Nutritional deficiencies' caused by inadequate intake and/or poor absorption of essential amino acids, essential fatty acids, complex carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals also weaken your immune system.

    So do 'environmental chemicals'. Included among these are home, industrial and farm chemicals and poisons, tobacco, lead, cadmium, mercury and many others. 'Food and inhalant allergies', or a heavy load of 'environmental molds', also adversely affect your immune system. Emotional stress or deprivation may also weaken your immune system." (2)

    We have already mentioned the importance of the food additives and other ways man has found to make his life less wholesome in the pursuit of materialistic efficiency. The matter of yeast was also mentioned in respect of my own life's major medical problem. It really amazed me to find that the yellow dye in the vitamins that a doctor had told me to take (a specific brand rather than a naturally derived Vitamin C with no additives) could cause me to develop a raging allergy. It was just as surprising to find a Dr. by the name of Moores, in Indianapolis was able to almost cure me of difficulty in taking yellow dye #5 or tartrezine. It is a common additive in many things that doesn't even have to be listed on labels. The same is true with many other harmful additives that people are allergic to. The treatment wasn't easy and involved avoiding yeast completely for the first month or so. Gradually I was able to return to eating yeast by the end of six months and after a total of three 'booster' shots. He said it cured 80% of ALL allergies!

    THAT would surprise anyone! But to think when I went to the top Canadian clinic to get a booster shot they knew nothing of this treatment that would help 80% of their patients -THAT IS surprising - or should I use a word like disgusting? It has been almost 20 years and I've had no serious allergic reaction and can drink pop with yellow dye and only feel flushed. To think I nearly had to have my throat cut open due to huge hives and now the problem is gone, makes me especially thankful to Dr. Moores. But it seems the industry that benefits from the pain and suffering of people driven to allergic reactions is keeping this treatment under wraps because I don't find it mentioned in the expert book just quoted. Dr. Crook has many books on the subject or allergies and he seems a fair person. Perhaps the politics of the profession are explained in the next quote. Who CARES?! Why not help the people with this treatment?

    "Allergists resemble people who belong to opposing political parties or who are members of the various religious denominations (Biblio. An 8-page review of the food allergy controversy is presented in the Medical News section of the August 12, 1983 issue of the 'Journal of The American Medical Association' 250:701-711, 1983). Although most allergists test and treat their patients with allergy extracts, their methods differ considerably." (3)

    This is not just another billion dollar boondoggle. It impacts people and the quality of their lives in torturous ways. Beyond the issue of allergic reactions and additives that cause hives or bodily immune responses there is a whole area of environmental medicine that causes cells to enlarge when histamines generated in response to foreign agents act to inflate the size of the cells. It is highly likely this causes distress and mental impacts of a major variety that minimize the potential of an optimum machine that the human body and all its attendant energy bodies, including the soul, can be or achieve.
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    Everyone is at an alternate stage on their otherworldly way and need various types of motivation and educating at distinctive focuses in life. Some may oblige affectability to autonomy, others need to be a piece of an aggregate and appreciate the public experience that runs with a religious custom or the knowledge that is bestowed from a religious expert.

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