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Thread: Jefferson, Paine, - Miscegenation and Men

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    It was far more reasonable to talk about limiting the population on Earth to half a billion in the time of Thomas Paine than it is today. We are totally capable of feeding and taking care of more than ten billion people on this planet as I see it. But it will require a plan. Paine and others in Rosicrucian Councils of Three or the Royal Society did make a plan - and we MUST attempt such a far-reaching plan again in the present. The VigilantCitizen website has a slogan which reads "Symbols rules the world, not words nor laws". I suppose most people find this ludicrous but I don't. The information on the Georgia Guideposts and Rosicrucianity going back to Thomas Paine dovetails with many threads I have posted.

    I can forsee certain advances in technology which some people will decide should not be shared with all humans - and some others will want to share it with their animal friends.

    Imagine the use of gene transfer technology when we know how to enhance the soul or brain uses, or even just the specific gene that allowed Einstein's brain to be larger!
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