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Thread: De-Population - Proof!!!

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    De-Population - Proof!!!


    Judgment and detective work requires thinking about possibilities. One of the things I'd been thinking for a long time relates to the use of the Plague and other biologics against the North American people. I knew about Fort Pitt years later; they used the bubonic fever bugs on blankets given to women in a cold winter to infect a whole Indian nation. It was clear to me if they would do that when the Indian threat was minimal they would have used it before that when they first invaded Paradise. De Soto's meanderings had always seemed calculated to infect as many Indians as possible. The mindset of social engineering and 'sins and demons' or the 'Flat Earth' fear-mongering about monsters being somewhere other than the Vatican shows the kind of control and greed. The Treaty of Tordesillas makes it clear they intended (in the dictated words of Rodrigo Borgia as Pope Alexander VI) to spread the Inquisition through the whole world.

    Motive, opportunity and modus operandi or prior acts were all present but I couldn't prove anything without the smoking gun. I wrote how odd it was that Columbus had dogs at the front of his troops and brought them all the way across the ocean. Usually dogs are not great weapons unless (?) they are carriers of fleas from the rats on board ship. Other people I discussed this with still said the Catholics did not know what caused the Plague and their own people were indiscriminately felled by the same pathogen. Good argument, I thought - but still I knew different, and thus I continued to research.

    Froissart and others calculated the European total at over 75,000,000 people. A war on the citizens and population control to scare the totality of European people! The Flagellants were a Catholic sect who burned whole ghettoes (like concentration camps) of Jews who were blamed for this Plague. I knew Paracelsus cured the whole city of Stertzing, Austria in 1524 and that he was drawing on earlier alchemic and homeopathic knowledge. But by this time other epidemic diseases were working on the few remaining Indians of North America. So what, Columbus flew the Templar flag like Da Gama, a papal astronomer and a friar cosmographer arranged his trip, and the result was horrific. This is not proof. Now, I have the proof that they knew about the plague and how to stop it as well as the words of Churchill saying it was done with design and for a reason he thinks is good.

    "The first Western reports of the Black Death actually came in 1347. It broke out among the troops of the Kipchak Khan, ruler of one of the fragments of the disintegrating Mongol empire. His army was besieging the Black Sea port of Kaffa when it was ravaged by the plague. In one of the first recorded instances of biological warfare, the Khan ordered his siege artillery to fling infected corpses over the city walls... In the next six years the dreadful disease roared across Europe in what has been rated the worst calamity experienced by the Western world at that time... A generation after Genghis Khan, Rubruck reported that 'there are plenty of marmots there, which in those parts they call sogur and of which in winter twenty or thirty at a time collect in one hole and sleep for six months: of these they catch a great number.' He also recorded the fact that whenever a Mongol was very sick, a warning sign was put up over his tent advising that it contained an ill person and that no one should enter." (10)
    He also described how they moved away from camp sites when black rats were seen and the sterilizing of clothes and bathing of people. The rats get the Plague from the Marmots and it is a weaker strain at that point - but still able to kill. It is only recently that we are able to understand the Plague itself more thoroughly than the shamanic smiths of the Mongols. Clearly this is rising to the level of proof given the fact that Rubruck was a top Catholic scholar whose writings were in the hands of his superiors. It is hard to believe that military people didn't savor such a weapon or use it when needed and we know they did at Fort Pitt centuries later. The other major disease that was used against Americans is smallpox. Homeopaths knew how to cure it long before the English allowed noted historian Gibbon to take the scab and inoculate himself. I am certain that 8th century homeopaths like Maimonides understood these cures and I think long before that it was part of the medicine bag of healers throughout the world. So the only missing ingredient is intent and Churchill provides that in his book titled The Island Race.

    "Philosophers might suggest that there was no need for the use of the destructive mechanism of plague to procure the changes deemed necessary among men." (11)

    "Changes deemed necessary" - yes, he is one of the inner sanctum as was his father. Winston approved the use of WMD's against Mesopotamia when he was the Colonial Secretary.

    Tell me what kind of war reparations do Indians (Word origin - from Columbus's journal - "In-Deos" meaning 'with God')
    deserve? Tell me if nations deserve Sovereign Rights over people? Tell me why schools teach the virtues of Manifest Destiny programs including the founding of nations in the Americas. Tell me why you don't see Movies telling you this truth.
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    First we have a somewhat questionable video but it is followed by quotes from leaders who believe we must de-populate humans in large numbers. Some of this was bad scholarship and most of these people would be happy if there was a chance to make a plan to raise everyone's quality of living. I don't think we need fewer people for any reason except that they are not productive or happy. There is a huge need for more people in space and there is no ONE PIE or shortages of any items other than the ability to plan and ask questions.

    Reviewer: MsGordon - ★ - October 17, 2014
    Subject: Conspiracy theories based on lies aren't helping our cause!
    There’s plenty of facts about what these genocide-happy people that should concern us. But you completely delegitimize your argument on the subject when you hack a video to prove your point. It’s so obvious the way you cut him off at the end that there’s more to the story, and I had to find a full version and watch the whole thing to make sure I got what he was really saying.

    Lying to scare us is really lousy and makes you look like mindless fools. It’s not hard to figure out what Bill Gates is talking about when one listens to the context of his speech. He’s no angel—the man believes the overpopulation myth and is foolish in that way (and others), but lying about him makes you the real loser here. Just listening to the clips you have, it’s obvious he’s not intending genocide by vaccines and GMO’s. This man is doing much with his money and mind to help the poorest of the world. Sadly, he does it in part thinking if those people are better off they’ll have fewer children.
    If we would all work HARD to find the facts and deliver them in a professional, honest way, we’d have a MUCH better chance of getting our message out. And vaccines, Monsanto, etc. are not the evil some want to believe!

    Listen to reason:

    I am in a fun mood - I guess. Here is a better way to address any issues of over-population which might be real due to a lack of societal planning.

    Have you heard about the 24 hour orgasm? Yep, a California group (members I knew) adapted Bhakti Yoga and Tantra to have that experience most sublime.

    “If a man has intercourse once without spilling his seed, his vital essence is strengthened. If he does this twice, his vision and hearing are made clearer. If three times, his physical illnesses will begin to disappear. The fourth time he will begin to feel inner peace. The fifth time his blood will circulate powerfully. The sixth time his genitals will gain new prowess. By the seventh his thighs and buttock (muscles and meridians) will become firm. The eighth time his entire body will radiate good health. The ninth time his life-span will be increased.”
    –Canon of Taoist Wisdom

    These few words from the author of The Jefferson Bible and the separation of church and state show just how much he knew about the media (includes pulpit and schools) and the way it deceives and subverts any real thinking.

    "Single acts of tyranny may be ascribed to the accidental opinion of a day; but a series of oppressions, begun at a distinguished period and pursued unalterably through every change of ministers, too plainly prove a deliberate, systematic plan of reducing [a people] to slavery." Thomas Jefferson
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    American Eugenics

    "When you are right you cannot be too radical; when you are wrong you cannot be too conservative." - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. ~ January 15, 1929 - April 4, 1968

    "There are plenty of problems in the world, many of them interconnected. But there is no problem which compares with this central, universal problem of saving the human race from extinction." - John Foster Dulles (Chairman of the Rockefeller Foundation and advocate of Eugenics against non-whites.).


    Abortion has been a very contentious issue to say the least. It is just a small part of the overall eugenics agenda and need for proper governance of the resources on our planet. Irving Fisher combines both of the main themes of this book. As a crusader for his Skull & Bones brethren and benefactors like the Rockefellers he actively and openly tried to maintain that eugenics is for the good of the people. We must give credit to the arguments he made. We really should act less like the Nazis who try to silence real dialogue as we approach this subject. Things are not simply black and white and a lot of what he said deserves our serious open-minded evaluation. He is the patron saint of supply-side economics and the father therefore of Reaganomics. It is all part of the One Pie ideology which the masses have bought because the noble elites are not interested in enabling real empowerment and resource application; including each human being who can create. Yes, CREATE; but they tell us they speak for the CREATOR! We must question these authorities who front for Divine Kings under the guise of 'The Greater Good' which has led inexorably to a Manifest Destiny against all life outside their materialistic focus.

    It is only through my research on a total new framework of man's cultural evolution over the last twelve years that I have gradually come to realize that the nobility of what is called the Jew is the same as the noble houses of Scotland and all other European nations. These nations follow the footsteps of Divine Kings and a Manifest Destiny dogma which is deceit and a conspiracy or plan I have dealt with in other books like The Rising Roman Empire so I will try not to cover the same ground too much. They do not always agree and sometimes their front man has to be assassinated as in the case of St. Paul or John F. Kennedy but we will try to stay clear of those highly contentious issues.

    The social engineers in many disciplines were involved in both Nazism and Communism and these academic paladins did not integrate or see the bigger picture of those who funded and directed them in most cases. Linguistics played a large role in the formation of the Aryan dogma of a Reich reborn; but it was pure sloppy and ego-driven extrapolation based on very little knowledge as Joseph Campbell has well documented in other books. Linguistics and most specifically Ogham, a root language, is also a part of my research. The symbol of the Gestapo known as the sig-rune like all Runes is from Ogham and other ancient Teutonic or Hyperborean knowledge systems.


    This article appeared in the London Times (November 1998).

    Research into "ethnic bombs" is the creation of biohazard at the highest level. It amounts to the fulfillment of every worst fear that ever was raised by the research related to the Human Genome Diversity Project.


    Israel planning 'ethnic' bomb as Saddam caves in

    by Uzi Mahnaimi and Marie Colvin

    ISRAEL is working on a biological weapon that would harm Arabs but not Jews, according to Israeli military and western intelligence sources. The weapon, targeting victims by ethnic origin, is seen as Israel's response to Iraq's threat of chemical and biological attacks.

    Yesterday Saddam Hussein, the Iraqi leader, backed away from the brink of war and agreed to resume co-operation with the inspection teams seeking his suspected chemical and biological weapons plants.

    Kofi Annan, the United Nation secretary-general, said he believed Iraq had met UN requirements. As Britain and America stood by to bomb Saddam, however, Tony Blair's office said compliance must be unconditional.

    The White House, which is threatening Iraq with the biggest onslaught since the Gulf war, said President Bill Clinton's advisers were assessing whether Iraq's offer was adequate. The Pentagon is ready to bomb within days.

    Last week Downing Street warned Labour MPs that Saddam could be only weeks away from completing the construction of offensive biological weapons mounted on Scud missiles. Israel was hit by Scuds during the Gulf war and fears it would be the prime target.

    In developing their "ethno-bomb", Israeli scientists are trying to exploit medical advances by identifying distinctive genes carried by some Arabs, then create a genetically modified bacterium or virus.

    The intention is to use the ability of viruses and certain bacteria to alter the DNA inside their host's living cells. The scientists are
    trying to engineer deadly micro-organisms that attack only those bearing the distinctive genes.

    The programme is based at the biological institute in Nes Tziyona, the main research facility for Israel's clandestine arsenal of chemical and biological weapons.

    A scientist there said the task was hugely complicated because both Arabs and Jews are of semitic origin. But he added: "They have, however, succeeded in pinpointing a particular characteristic in the genetic profile of certain Arab communities, particularly the Iraqi people." The disease could be spread by spraying the organisms into the air or putting them in water supplies.

    The research mirrors biological studies conducted by South African scientists during the apartheid era and revealed in testimony before the truth and reconciliation commission.

    The idea of a Jewish state conducting such research has already provoked outrage in some quarters because of parallels with the genetic experiments of Dr Josef Mengele, the Nazi scientist at Auschwitz.

    Dedi Zucker, a member of knesset, the Israeli parliament, denounced the research yesterday. "Morally, based on our history, and our tradition and our experience, such a weapon is monstrous and should be denied," he said.

    Some experts said that although the concept of an ethnically targeted weapon was feasible, the practical aspects of creating one were enormous.

    Dr Daan Goosen, head of a South African chemical and biological warfare plant, said his team was ordered in the 1980s to develop a "pigmentation weapon" to target only black people. He said the team discussed spreading a disease in beer, maize or even vaccinations but never managed to develop one.

    However, a confidential Pentagon report warned last year that biological agents could be genetically engineered to produce new lethal weapons. William Cohen, the American defence secretary, revealed that he had received reports of countries working to create "certain types of pathogens that would be ethnic-specific". A senior western intelligence source confirmed last week that Israel was one of the countries Cohen had in mind.

    The "ethno-bomb" claims have been given further credence in Foreign Report, a Jane's publication that closely monitors security and defence matters. It reports unnamed South African sources as saying Israeli scientists have used some of the South African research in trying to develop an "ethnic bullet" against Arabs.

    It also says Israelis discovered aspects of the Arab genetic make-up by researching on "Jews of Arab origin, especially Iraqis".

    The British Medical Association has become so concerned about the lethal potential of genetically based biological weapons that it has opened an investigation, which is due to report in January.

    Dr Vivienne Nathanson, who organised the research, said: "With an ethnically targeted weapon, you could even hit groups within a population. The history of warfare, in which many conflicts have an ethnic factor, shows us how dangerous this could be."

    Porton Down, Britain's biological defence establishment, said last week that such weapons were theoretically possible. "We have reached a point now where there is an obvious need for an international convention to control biological weapons," said a spokesman.

    Additional reporting: Matthew Campbell in Washington, Hugh McManners"

    It was far more reasonable to talk about limiting the population on Earth to half a billion in the time of Thomas Paine than it is today. We are totally capable of feeding and taking care of more than ten billion people on this planet as I see it. But it will require a plan. Paine and others in Rosicrucian Councils of Three or the Royal Society did make a plan - and we MUST attempt such a far-reaching plan again in the present. The VigilantCitizen website has a slogan which reads "Symbols rules the world, not words nor laws". I suppose most people find this ludicrous but I don't. The information on the Georgia Guideposts and Rosicrucianity going back to Thomas Paine dovetails with many threads I have posted.
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    Peace in the Middle East - whoa that is a toughie.

    You have millennia of sheople being led around by the nose while abusing their mothers and daughters on both (or all eight or nine) sides of the issue and then there is all that oil that corpserists backing the US are in need of.

    I suspect there needs to be real ecumenicism and the religions must be forced (which will require Bush or someone also admitting all religions say the same things) to say so. And then it will take years of re-programming before the land so full of holes and ass-holes begins to deserve any recognition as a Holy Land rather than a playground for Holy Empires.

    Then I would suggest that we use Free Energy or alternative energy sources and begin making it clear there is an abundance of energy all around us. If we had to we could simply get Helium III from the moon for some purposes that the Tesla (Newman, Farnsworth, Fleischmann-Pons, Hutchison, Solar, Bearden and Vacuum etc) energy did not find application suitable to match the requirements. This would diffuse the arbitrageurs who love unrest more than a little and be detrimental to the oil cartels (Bushco).

    Finally and most unlikely if people continue to believe the history they are taught in school - We must remove special status for people who hide behind corporate or national veils. It was only recently that corporations were given superior rights to any individual. At the same time we must reduce national interests while increasing local autonomy. The futurists like Toffler have been right about this happening in Europe but they could have explained why the plan set in motion in the 19th Century would lead to the EEC.

    This same plan might be necessary if Nations are to continue in their present sovereign (derived from Kings who were said to be Divine) status. I would hope that will not happen but it is apparent in the words of Woolsey and Bennett that it is the plan. It is in fact the way that Kissinger Associates have laid out the NSS document that George II (shrub) calls a War on Terra.

    On the other hand if people started learning the Hegelian Dialectic of history - then real change could occur. Then standing armies would be outlawed and women would be free. How can people be educated about all the lies of Nations and leaders and yet still have some hope for mankind? Tesla hoped (in vain) that the US could develop his tech to the point that they could threaten all nations to end their armies (IMHO) but Russia was more interested in his tech and no advantage did result.

    If you read the Halakah then consider how dirty bombs and depleted uranium on the shells from tanks etc. (Developed in Canada as was Agent Orange) create a trigger or homing target for a virus developed to address that homing signal; you might understand why Israeli scientists have worked on genetic bombs or viruses to target people exposed to the genetic signal creation just mentioned. So you might ask if Tesla weapons can be turned into de-pop tools by causing cancers in areas bombarded by directed energy - areas like the Middle East. I say maybe.

    There are many ways to characterize economic theory and its major influence Synarchy or the landed class. We read about the Equestrian class in Rome and the farmers or Bauers who became the De Medicis and later the Rothschilds. All of them seem to make a good case for Physiocratic laissez-faire policies that allow the landed class or Divine Kings to continue to rape and pillage rather than create wealth and co-operation. I liken it to the Toilet Philosophy of the over-arching paradigm they foment for the plebes to consume and I call it the One Pie theory. Malthus certainly was a 'dismal economist' and he is part of something far more intrinsic in our society founded on Platonic hierarchy. Here are some more in depth thoughts from a far larger article in the American Journal of Economics that I think most people should study.

    "The population debate is essentially a struggle between "reactionary" and "radical" social thought. No one has had more of an impact on the population debate than Thomas Robert Malthus. His reactionary work, Essays in the Principles of Population, created an economics of scarcity and austerity that served to promote inequality in defense of a landed aristocracy. Malthusian theory has survived two centuries and continues to be at the center of the population debate, the controversy over the limits to economic growth, and the argument concerning the nature and causes of poverty (Myrdal, 1962, 5-6)

    Henry George, writing a century after the dismal economist, understood the ideological function that Malthusian economics served. He provided a most thorough critique of Malthus in Progress and Poverty. George's radical paradigm provided an economics of abundance and social justice. He insisted that poverty did not result from nature as Malthus contended, but rather from the social policies that protect the landed class at the expense of the poor." (4)
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    Yes, this is just one of many posts under a thread addressing various Holocausts.

    Wiping out the remnants of a worldwide culture included what happened to the Moriori Kelts of New Zealand, the Beothuk in Canada (with bounties on their heads) the Ukrainians whose alphabet was Phoenician and the thousand year plus war on Ir-Land.

    The expertise and advancement of the evolution of man and his culture is evident in one area only - that of propaganda and lying. They have learned how to suck and blow simultaneously out of every orifice of their bodies. Deceit, black ops (e.g. Kennewick Man), 'hide the ball' (e.g. the confusing array of Pyramid explanations) and secret agencies of advanced skill and esoteric expertise in all social structures that allow us to be 'managed'. JFK, Watergate, Iran/Contra or Ritalin, the program has a repeating plot that is rife with immorality and it’s ever-present greed. The maze the Minotaur went through on Crete is reproduced near Glastonbury (or vice versa like Karnac and Carnac) and it is harder to get through the maze these 'social engineers' create or are still trying to create.

    There may have been a time when the Romish plotters had a bet with their allies in Britain over who eradicated their assigned enemy first. Most people are aware of the 'Flagellants' and the Holocaust or Inquisitions against the heretical Jews. There are few who know the Irish were almost successfully eliminated and had disappeared into the bogs so the English couldn't find them. The Mayans did the same thing with the Spanish and no doubt lots of others have sought to blend in with the environment in order to avoid such persecution by becoming 'conversos' in public. Bede was probably not the first (Eusebius and others were re-writing and plagiarizing) English historian to jump all over the Irish. Hume was a great historian in this tradition of debauched prejudice too. Here is a letter from him congratulating another conspirator in this continuing plot.

    "I see you entertain a great doubt with regard to the authenticity of the poems of Ossian. You are certainly right in so doing. It is indeed strange that any men of sense could have imagined it possible, that above twenty thousand verses along with numberless historical, could have been preserved by oral tradition {Lies on paper are more easily maintained or referred back to.} during fifty generations, by the rudest, perhaps of all European nations, the most necessitous, the most turbulent, and the most unsettled. Where a supposition is so contrary to common sense, any positive evidence of it ought never to be regarded. Men run with great avidity to give their evidence in favour of what flatters their passions and their national prejudices. You are therefore over and above indulgent to us in speaking of the matter with hesitation." (2)

    Yes, ego of men and their need to flatter their national prejudices are a fact of life, and not just with 'verbal tradition'. In many ways the ancient egalitarian peoples had less political and social reasons to lie, and they supported equality between all people. The Englishman who wrote this could be one of those arrogant even shockingly self-centered blankity-blanks who think God is his right hand man. The author of this letter was regarded by Edward Gibbon (who wrote the 'Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire') as England's greatest historian. He is David Hume and his intellectual progeny and fallout are directly connected to the far less but just as influentially prejudicial words of the great Encyclopedia. This letter is a masterwork of insipid prejudice and a deceit of monumental proportions.

    We know for a fact that Hume is speaking the kind of vile invective that allowed Gibbon's friend Lord Sheffield to benefit so much from the rape of Ireland. Sheffield was a paid off absentee landowner and key political player in Britain's impoverishment of Ireland. This buying of support by giving lands in other nations claimed by 'Divine' or other debatable 'Right' has a long history in European monarchistic management. These authors of hatred and war, prejudice and ignorance, have unclean hands and obvious conflicts of interest. They were called the cause of the Rwandan genocide of the last decade in lock-step and clear order as Number one and two criminals. Number one was the Catholic Church and then the Anglican. They are not separate from their government or secular authority as the recent Canadian court awards make evident. The Catholic request for government to make payment with them for the billions they owe the Indians or the insurance companies the government works with that are paying up are all part of the menagerie.

    Sein Fein was the name of a cultural revival newspaper and society began by Prof. MacManus and others. Now it is a guerilla or terrorist organization. Why do the Irish fight amongst themselves and believe in Catholicism (south or Eire) that practices the same usages as the English Anglican Church? Why is the Protestant North that feigns to abhor those usages engaged in fighting for the English? The English gave them their land and brought them there from Scotland, while making trade and taxation deals with them to ensure they remained loyal and prospered. Is the church promoting hatred and divisiveness? Sure it isn't engaged in secular matters, what with the separation of church and state and all that kind of fiction!

    "Naturally, of course, the first thing that people in power should do, for a country facing starvation, was to forbid the export of foodstuff from Ireland. But, as Englishmen, having this source of supply cut off, would then have to pay a higher price for their corn, the British Government, 'could not interfere with the natural course of trade'. 'But' the Viceroy Lord Heytesbury, reassured the dying ones, 'there is no cause for alarm-the Government is carefully watching the course of events!" (5)

    What a wonderfully careful Government it was, too. The movie Far and Away portrays a little of the situation and Michael Collins with Liam Neeson states there had been 700 years of war in its opening scroll. The English sent scientists to discover the effects of blight on potato crops as well as the effects of starvation on people, despite their lesser 'civilized' nature. They didn't even return a reasonable portion of the taxes they collected from Ireland during the Famine. The papers in London ridiculed and satirized (in the inimitable English intellect of Hume et. al.) the 'unsettled' or adle-brained drunken Irish, who could offer no more resistance.

    "As they were unable to pay rack rent to the absentee landlord, thousands of the starving ones were thrown out, and other thousands threatened to be thrown out of their wretched homes, to perish on the roadside. In consequence frenzied poor men shot a few of the vilest of the land-agents and landlords. At the opening of the Parliament in January '46, Queen Victoria, addressing her 'Lords and Gentlemen' observed, with deep regret, the fearful situation In Ireland-adding-'It will be our duty to consider whether any measure can be devised, calculated to give peace and protection for life there.'

    The simple reader, who knows not the way of the British with Ireland, would here naturally come to the conclusion that the tender-hearted gentlewoman, full of sympathy… was directing her Parliament to try to save a multitude of lives. But this would be a mistaken conclusion. She was here referring to the handful of Anglo-Irish landlords and agents, whose lives must solicitously be protected whilst, in trying times, they were endeavouring to hack and hew their usual pound of flesh from the walking skeletons in the bogs and mountains of Ireland. Some of these thoughtless ones were in danger of slaying a landlord rather than see him slay their famished wife, or hollow-eyed children. Hence the good Queen advised her 'Lords and Gentlemen' that a stringent Coercion Bill was needed, and must be provided to relieve the unfortunate conditions prevailing in Ireland. [3]
    [3]-Notes: Among other benefits which the excellent Bill proposed to confer upon the suffering people, it rendered liable to fourteen years transportation away for anyone found out of his own house after the sun set in the evening and before it arose in the morning. In the operation of this beneficial Act many things occurred, that to an outsider might seem strange. For instance John Mitchell records such happenings as that of a quiet respectable farmer, who on a summer evening, when the sun was near setting, strolled a short way down the road to pay his working-men and walking back when the sun had just sunk-though it was still broad daylight-was arrested for heinous crime against 'the Queen and Constitution of this realm.’" (6)
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    I probably would agree with Bill Gates about the need to lower the number of people on Earth even though I do not accept the Malthusian ONE PIE theory that backs up such recommendations. I do agree (in other words) that if we are not going to make productive and creative use of the humans on Earth by space colonization or many other useful things including helping each other achieve enlightenment or what Futurescape suggests they will do with the emergent World Mind control technology. I really think the lack of meaningful plans or even any discussion about the technology speaks to why there is a need to reduce the inalienable rights to abuse other life on earth by having kids who are wards of the state or raised to be suicide bombers and other perverse uses including what women are allowed to do, or not allowed to do, in most countries.

    In short - even though I post this link which says nothing about the above issues - I do think about whether they might be right.

    And will people really keep having kids they don't know how to care for, don't have money to pay for said care, live longer, etc.?

    I really don't need to comment, do I.
    "We are still a decade or two away from the next industrial revolution—one that will brought on by advances in molecular manufacturing, sophisticated AI and advanced robotics—but the early signs are already starting to be felt. According to GOOD magazine, the middle class is disappearing on account of increasing automation. The article quotes MIT economist David Autor who argues that:

    ...a leading explanation for the disappearance of the middle class is "ongoing automation and off-shoring of middle-skilled 'routine' tasks that were formerly performed primarily by workers with moderate education (a high school diploma but less than a four-year college degree)." Routine tasks, he explains, are ones that "can be carried out successfully by either a computer executing a program or, alternatively, by a comparatively less-educated worker in a developing country."
    The culprit, in other words, is technology. The hard truth-and you don't see it addressed in news reports-is that the middle class is disappearing in large part because technology is rendering middle-class skills obsolete.

    People say America doesn't make anything anymore, but that's not true. With the exception of a few short lapses, manufacturing output has been on the rise since the 1980s. What is true is that industrial robots have been carrying ever more of the manufacturing burden on their steely shoulders since they appeared in the 1950s. Today, a Japanese company called Fanuc, Ltd., has industrial robots making other industrial robots in a "lights out" factory. (That's the somewhat unsettling term for a fully automated production facility where you don't need lights because you don't need humans.) That's where we're headed.

    It's not just manufacturing, either. Automated call centers are replacing customer-service agents. Automated checkout stations are replacing grocery-store clerks. When the science of computer vision advances sufficiently, we'll have algorithms, not humans, evaluating X-rays at airport security checkpoints and screening user-generated content for sites like Facebook."

    You may have seen the movie WHO'S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLF yet not remember anything she wrote, so here is a sample of her great insight on nations.

    "Therefore if you insist upon fighting to protect me, or ‘our' country, let it be understood, soberly and rationally between us, that you are fighting to gratify a sex instinct which I cannot share; to procure benefits which I have not shared and probably will not share; but not to gratify my instincts, or to protect myself or my country, ‘For', the outsider will say, ‘in fact, as a woman, I have no country, As a woman I want no country. As a woman my country is the whole world.' And if, when reason has had its say, still some obstinate emotion remains, some love of England dropped into a child's ear by the cawing of rooks in an elm tree, by the splash of waves on a beach, or by English voices murmuring nursery rhymes, this drop of pure, if irrational, emotion she will serve her to give to England first what she desires of peace and freedom for the whole world." (3)

    The following is a response to someone saying he thinks all the technologies being developed are going to be good for humanity or end up with a better lifeform running things on Earth. I can agree with the latter but I don't want to have human souls only on display in Zoos or Museums. My concerns about developing brain manipulation and artificial intelligence are the same concerns I have with the War on Women or any number of other ethical issues.

    Maybe the so-called nymphs in the Voynich Manuscript or the Caves of Hathor tubes were souls just like the Well of Souls you see in Indiana Jones.

    I wouldn't want anyone to worry about these things that ARE happening. I want people to DO something about it, such as inform themselves and make a plan for proper asset allocation and resource management. But that is not happening except in the arenas where robots are going to replace humans. The politicians and general media don't worry - so why should you?

    No one is insisting on a political platform to plan with a bottom line or make needed legislation to protect humanity from Sovereign Nations (Manifest Destiny and Divine Kings). The Club of Athens says this Westphalian Order that rules us must change - and I agree. But I bet not one in ten thousand persons on Earth have any idea what the Treaty of Westphalia says. Instead we have ignorant conspiracy theorists encouraged by media to make all history questioning seem insane.
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    Hitler or his designers of the concentration camp had the Armenian genocide to thank for the concentration camp. The Germans weren't going to simply incarcerate their Jews as the Americans and Canadians (others too) did to Asian people who had been citizens of their countries in many or most instances. They did not wish to continue the ghetto which held large numbers of people who could be used to raise taxes upon or steal from. That was long the situation for Jews and Armenians alike. Today we have debates in America and Israel about whether what happened was a true genocide. What garbage!!!!!

    "In April 1915 the Ottoman government embarked upon the systematic decimation of its civilian Armenian population. The persecutions continued with varying intensity until 1923 when the Ottoman Empire ceased to exist and was replaced by the Republic of Turkey. The Armenian population of the Ottoman state was reported at about two million in 1915. An estimated one million had perished by 1918, while hundreds of thousands had become homeless and stateless refugees. By 1923 virtually the entire Armenian population of Anatolian Turkey had disappeared.

    The Ottoman Empire was ruled by the Turks who had conquered lands extending across West Asia, North Africa and Southeast Europe. The Ottoman government was centered in Istanbul (Constantinople) and was headed by a sultan who was vested with absolute power. The Turks practiced Islam and were a martial people. The Armenians, a Christian minority, lived as second class citizens subject to legal restrictions which denied them normal safeguards. Neither their lives nor their properties were guaranteed security. As non-Muslims they were also obligated to pay discriminatory taxes and denied participation in government. Scattered across the empire, the status of the Armenians was further complicated by the fact that the territory of historic Armenia was divided between the Ottomans and the Russians."
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    It might be "fun" to parse or de-construct an account of the voyages of De Soto in the matter of his continuance of the De-population of the Americas. In this particular enterprise it is good to see the dogs again. Dogs carried the Black Plague which had already made the Taino of Cuba near to extinct. In the journal Columbus says these people were the most beautiful humans he had ever seen and I think that is because they were a mix of many peoples from all over the world who had come to the Caribbean for millennia.

    The Pope in Rome (the center of the universe) was not willing to allow these people had a rudimentary soul until 1524. I have proof the catholic heathen horde knew the effect of the Plague since the trip of William of Rubruck to the Altaic region of the Great Khan over a century earlier and that is just the start of a far more horrific holocaust than any you have been taught in school. Yes, Columbus brought dogs in his first visit along with trinkets like mirrors. Yes, they knew they were not going to China where men had traded easily by land for many millennia.

    I forget which journal Colon (from whence we get the nice word colonization) as he called himself wrote this. He reported to at least three separate and competing groups including the Vatican, Knights of Christ or Templar types, and the Queen and King of Spain who had a Papal Bull over their head which Rodrigo Borgia could have exercised many times to end their reign and lives. The Bull was for incest. I ask you to count how many pejorative words of a heinous sort and how many major lies you find in this one paragraph from a larger and most disgusting account we have been told is history. The number of priests who sought gold or commanded troops to kill people is beyond disgusting. Around this time Mayan libraries and librarians were being burned everywhere they were found (Per accounts of Bishop Landa). These priests also had the task of destroying crosses and other heraldry which would show the proof of far earlier voyages from Europe.

    "June 1539: Gratified at the appearance of Jean Ortiz, who became his interpreter, De Soto gave him clothes and arms, and placed him upon a good charger. The Adelantado was now ready to penetrate the interior. His troops were provided with helmets, breastplates, shields, and coats of steel to repel arrows of the Indians; and with swords, Biscayan lances, rude guns called arquebuses, cross-bows, and one piece of artillery. His cavaliers, mounted upon two hundred and thirteen horses, were the most gallant and graceful men of all Spain. Greyhounds, of almost the fleetness of the winds, were ready to be turned losse upon the retreating savages; and bloodhounds, of predigious ferocity, were at hand to devour them, of the bloody Spaniards deemed it necessary. To secure the unhappy Indian, handcuffs, chains, and neck collars abounded in the camp. Workmen of every trade, with their various tools, and men of science, with their philosphical instruments and crucibles for refining gold, were in attendance. Tons of iron and steel, and much other metal were provided by the munificence of the commander and his followers. A large drove of hogs, which strangely multiplied upon the route, together with cattle and mules, was also attached to the expedition. The establishment of the Catholic religion appears to have been of the objects; for. associated with the army, were twelve priests, eight clergymen of inferior rank, and four monks, with their rolbes, holy relics, and sacramental bread and wine. Most of them were relatives of the superior officers. Never was an expedition more complete, owing to the experience of De Soto, who, upon the plains of Peru, had ridden down hundreds in his powerful charges, and had poured out streams of savage blood with his broad and sweeping sword! It is not within our scope to detail the bloody engagements which attended the wanderings of this daring son of Spain, upon the territory of the now State of Florida. Everywhere, but especially in narrow defiles, the natives showered clouds of arrows upon the invaders. Strong in numbers, and made revengeful by the cruelties inflicted by Narvaez, they had determined to fight De Soto until his army was destroyed or driven from their soil. Nowhere in Florida did he find peace. {As if he wished to!} His gallant troops, however, were successful. The Indians, often put to flight, and as often captured, were laden with chains, while the ponderous baggage of the expedition was unfeelingly thrown upon their backs for transportation. When in camp, they were made to pound corn, and to perform the most laborious and servile drudgery."

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    Which great emancipator or heroic adventurer who "discovered" your country did you idolize as you were fed lies while growing up? Did you think about where all the wealth of prior cultures in the Americas went; and how easily the deal was done with Pizzaro? Just a year before a small troop of his men hacked and hewed over 17,000 men to death because their Sun God told them to lay down their arms and accept the prophecy laid out in their sacred teachings. No you were not told that part of the story, or that the Prince of Palenque before this was a white man as proven by the archaeologist who opened his tomb. You were told LIES! And you still are persecuting the program or following it up, as you drive three cars or have TVs in every room.

    I could be wrong, but is John Dee saying King Arthur (that most noble myth claimed as British - who is probably a Merovingian like Merlin Ambrosianus) claimed the Bering Strait region of the Americas and Russia for the Crown? There is evidence in British Columbia presented by a former minister of government (Bawlf, if I recall) that the Brits were already mining gold here at this time. I am referring to the time of John Dee but as you know I believe long before that the Aleutians were a route for the Lake Superior copper and iron, thanks to Professor Scherz of the University of Wisconsin and an article in Scientific American about the Baidarka. Yes, DNA of the people living on Vancouver Island as stated on CBC radio a decade ago - shows 70,000 years of continuous human habitation here (where I am living now, but not much longer). So much for Clovis lies, yet it is still making the rounds in schools.

    This letter between Dee and the master map expert Mercator is most interesting, and all the more so when you consider what I just told you. Before Dee we had Francis Bacon as the master spy and manipulator as well as the probable son of QEI. He owned land in Nova Scotia or maybe I should call it Norumbega. His utopian books were probably based on what white people called Inca (Sun God is what that word means - see Chachapoyas white people like Virachocha, Xolotl, and many more) had done in building the largest (and peaceful) Empire in the world.

    Yes, it is just another 'brick in the wall' of thousands of proofs we have been lied to as we still live off the backs of great people whose wealth and acumen far exceeded our heathen Manifest Destined genocides, employing weapons of mass destruction like the Plague. No - I am not talking about Fort Pitt which happened centuries after the deed was done.

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    When I see Cistercians helping develop Hitler or at the site of an early use of The Plague to eliminate the beautiful people of Bountiful (North America) I wonder who was behind the effort. In this case I have only the probable fact of an infestation and maybe it did not spread too far because the Nipissing shamans had good medicine and insight. It involves another hotly contested anomaly in our history of lies - the Kensington Runestone.

    Scott Wolter of America Unearthed appears to have been at the Radisson Hotel when the Midwest Archaeological Society met and brought experts from Norway and engineers as well as chemists to study and agree the KRS is authentic. He is a Duke University scholar and Kehoe might be related to the scholar who showed the Ertebolle Pottery of Scandinavia was brought to the Americas millennia before this.

    "KRS story with a wealth of historical information to produce a new interpretation of the origin and subsequent movements of the KRS. Very succinctly, Reiersgord theorized that the Scandinavian explorers were Cistercian monks from Gotland, along with some Norwegian sailors and navigators, and the “ten men red with blood and tortured” were victims, not of an Indian massacre, but of an outbreak of bubonic plague. (The plague, or Black Death, had swept through Europe shortly before the date on the KRS: 1346-50, and continued to flare up for decades after that.) Reiersgord’s scenario could account for the rapid decimation of Native Americans long before the westward migrations of European settlers, the Dakota legends of a pre-Columbian visit by white men with iron tools and weapons (see below), and other mysteries of American history.3 Finally, recent geological studies by Scott Wolter have shown that the weathering of the KRS inscription indicates at least 200 years of exposure before its discovery in 1898.4 If so Ohman (or any other alleged nineteenth-century hoaxer) could not have incised the inscription, and dating it before 1700 reduces the opportunity, means, and motive for such a hoax to the vanishing point. If this geological finding holds up, all the objections to “aberrant runes” and anachronistic words will be rendered irrelevant. The KRS will have to be accepted as a genuine fourteenth-century document, and its odd words and phrases will eventually be added to dictionaries of medieval Scandinavian.
    3 "
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