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Thread: 2 unknown Poussin's paintings: key of RLC mystery and Poussin's secret

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    2 unknown Poussin's paintings: key of RLC mystery and Poussin's secret

    2 unknown Poussin's paintings: key of RLC mystery

    There is a great mystery Rennes le chateau with strange priest Sauniere . Nicolas Poussin is in the center of this mystery . Many people believe since long years it's the "BERGERS d'ARCADIE" which give the answer!but there has been no answer in this painting just some hypothetic answers . There is 6 years I've received from my mother 2 paintings which were in my family since a long time . They came from a priest Henri Gasc ,priest in a church Notre Dame de Marceille near Rennes le chateau . He was my ancestor.Since 6years we 've discovered that these paintings were of Nicolas Poussin and were the key of the Rennes le chateau's mystery and the key of Poussin's secret .
    We have found many symbols and many hidden symbols in these paintings ,which give the answer at all the questions about this mystery . I tell about all this story and my discoverings in my site

    There has been a reportage on the greatest french TV to explain my discoverings . These 2 paintings have been found in a crypt of the church where Gasc was priest . near Rennes le chateau . He has discovered the secret in these 2 paintings and has passed on the secret in parchments, these famous parchments which have been founded in Rennes le chateau's church by Sauniere . There has been no luck discovering by Sauniere , but these parchments have been placed here, to be found and pass on the secret . Read my incredible story which explains this fabulous mystery ....
    In these paintings there is a code to find the answer at this secret . There is a hidden message and a hidden picture in each painting.You must find it to understand. .
    The Poussin' seal is a boat ,in conection with Argonautes . This Poussin's seal is in connection with Poussin's secret . Look my painting!

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    Valuable information delivered by an english researcher and has my own discoveries. Sacred geometry used by Poussin and da vinci was a secret message.This decoding method used by the English come together with my own information made by a French researcher here always in sacred geometry. We must not forget that it is english that highlighted the mystery of Rennes le château. These latest revelations confirm well that the paintings are the key to this puzzle!

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    My site is now in ENGLISH . IN LINK PAGE you have an interview at ARQA .IN THIS INTERVIEW i explain why these paintings are the key of this mystery .
    You find an explication about TAROT used by Poussin in these paintings with other occult sciences as kabbale and numerical table.
    perspective (as Durer)and optical science . I give explications about it interview .I explained about "chariot" and "barque de pierre"
    at bugarach' s church near RLC THERE IS STAINED GLASS which is very similar ,( subject with a "barque ",and about tarot ),with one of my paintings

    very particular stained glass in a church with the boat calls out to questions me because it is in connection with my two unknown paintings of POUSSIN paintings.

    Boat, argonautes, astronomy and there are number the other hidden details which are connected with this stained glass which is the card(map), THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE. As if by chance this stained glass in connection with this card(map), represents a boat and was put in a church! In my painting the Christ is in the boat! The Christ sends back to the church and the boat and the mast à la carte of the wheel of fortune and to the church, the characters What are almost without face in the boat of my painting(except the Christ), what could paint Poussin when the subject demanded it (".. POUSSIN in the field of the treatment(processing) of the shade(shadow) and the light, and in the dramatization of the lighting. As at Rembrandt, the light plays a moral role, it illuminates the face of the Christ and those of the apostles, curiously evoked by ovals in trembled outlines (we know that POUSSIN will occasionally be allocated by a shiver of the hand from the beginning the forties ")The wheel of fortune bound connected to the boat, to the mast and when we look at all the present symbols in this biblical painting this card(map) of the WHEEL bound(connected) to the ainting has a whole logic. Pierre's boat it is also the Great Bear and thus the wagon(trolley) .la card(map) of the wagon(trolley) is between that of the death and the wheel of fortune!
    Solar symbol is the wheel of births of successive deaths across the cosmos, that is, in human terms, the continuing instability and the eternal return. And this movement which sometimes rises and sometimes falls, it is the very movement of Justice (Arcane 8), who wants to maintain balance on all levels and does not hesitate to temper the destruction and death the triumph of creative achievements, as highlighted again the tenth issue of this arcane, between the Chariot (arcanum 7) and Death (arcanum 13). (Source: Dictionary of Symbols by Jean Chevalier and Alain Gheerbrant). look at the site and also links to pages interview with T Garnier F Gasc

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