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Thread: 'Bucky' Fuller

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    Those examples are probably the same observation and science still is discovering the quantum entanglement which I think Lucy Ingham and others I posted here are addressing.

    So science which continues to OBSERVE and fine tune itself has no fixed BELIEF. That is what being aware of reality does - it teaches and those who study LEARN!

    Now as to G-d - yes, I do think science will give us a closer glimpse of ALL THAT IS - god. I even go so far as to say I can show how Max Tegmark and William Dembski are in fact saying pretty much the same thing. In short (like Higg's god particle) we are beginning to be able to be gods - and certainly people of the era my grandfather was born into would say only God can aspire to what we now can do - I will leave it to you to list the ways that is true.

    For the knuckle-dragging and monumentally stupid this is the debate called Intelligent Design, and Wolfy is talking about consciousness in all things - a very ancient insight with much intrinsic value. He says: "sure of its position 100% at any point in time, the particle will only ever be in the place it could be at that time. It is NEVER uncertain in reality, only to our puny minds."

    I say: The particle is not sure and the "reality" is affected by the energy we give it. Energy, even that which our brain ("puny minds|) emits is neither created nor destroyed it just changes form, place, speed and other ways and dimensions that it interacts in local and non-local environment.

    Bucky Fuller said whatever WE (the world Mind or animus mundi) visualize including the very buildings we have built, exist only because we chose those visualizations and prior cultures chose to be more ecologically in tune with WHAT IS. He proved just how such thinking leads to biospheres and geodesic domes, dymaxion maps and much more. When he wrote his first published book it required the intervention of his friend and fellow worker Albert Einstein. Bucky not only understood Relativity he saw exactly how Einstein arrived at the understanding of reality he did - step by step - teleologically.

    Einstein gave Bucky an intro to his publisher, the publisher gave the book to many top physicists mostly near his Philadelphia home base which Bucky much later came to spend a great deal of time near, as he did where I lived. (Toronto) These physicists said Bucky did not understand Relativity. Einstein probably laughed very hard along with others at the Institute of Advanced Study in Princeton, including Andre Weil, John von Neumann, and Kurt Gödel. They may even have shared a laugh with the members of the other Institute of Advanced Study near Dublin, Ir-land including Nobel Laureate Eugene Wigner. (See my article here - Re-discovering the Mind). My Ogham mentor told me that Druids there had laid out relativity to Georges Boule (the father of your computer language origins or basic bits) and knew it a long time before. That is confirmed by Fulcanelli who presented a paper to the Paris Academy of Sciences as reported by a member of Heisenberg's team. Fulcanelli showed the math in the intersecting lines of design in Le Cathedrale de Notre Dame. His intellectual kin had spoken about the Harmony of the Spheres and Druidic Lost Chord appreciated by Pythagoras the Druid for a long time.

    This Harmonic is in the Logos as I read (and wrote in my book on him) Tesla saying everything he did was in Revelations in the Bible. It was there because it had been understood by people like Pythagoras to a good degree. We have taken it further through the work of Bucky Fuller.
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    Another variation on Bucky's Observer of the observed, might look more up than down.

    Perhaps a better way of addressing ego or it's destruction (necessary before knowing) is found in a very ebullient persona named Buckminster Fuller who wasted no time on superficiality or whatever others said was correct. He took a flight of fancy into a plane overlooking a blimp with TV cameras taking pictures of people in a stadium watching a football game.

    The players were in touch with the sidelines and still had a choice about what they wanted to have happen. But there were people opposing them and they might see the signs or remember the strategies being employed. There no doubt were some viewers in the stands who had relationships with the players and others on the sidelines who had a little better insight to what might happen than the TV viewers who had talking heads telling them a lot as well. So some people in the stands actually knew less than the far away viewers who also had pictures from near field and on field reporters. Each different level or height of ascension is able to see more and yet also less detail. There are many choices to be faced.

    The people in the blimp had a very different picture in front of them (or we would hope so if they wanted to live to see another game). Because the detail is not as important as the up close viewers (even the coaches) think. The people in the blimp gain more insight and go father in the transit of life. The people in the plane may not even bother to notice the ants on the field anymore than the players stepping on real ants and they play.

    Bucky saw the universe from his plane, he looked every which way possible!

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    Robert Anton Wilson told Timothy Leary about Fuller's math with supported what Leary was observing in his research and formulating. It engenders many so-called occult pathways for energy and wisdom (which is an energy or conscious connection thereof) or spirit. Science is getting closer to making these things understandable and useful - maybe even using to too cause the World Mind to do as we (They, more likely) want. Where you find Leary talking about four families of elements existing extra-terrestrially I say you should regard them in a similar way to the Yogic stages of enlightenment which Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs focused on the lower elements or layers of, stages, families and layers being similar.

    The minimum number of entry points for a mandala is four and usually it turns into eight which includes the secondary forces. The universal Harmonic mirrored in the Trees of Life have one extra force which is invisible or integrative as you saw in the Enneagram. It is called Kether in the Hebrew or southern Tree. I may be wrong but through spirit or consciousness we can attune to the Kether and more quickly understand all of our learning style's potential such as Howard Gardner of Harvard now has developed. It really does not matter if this is a brain function we can map, because it has already been used. It works! In yoga they say we have seven chakras inside and five outside. I am going to say the five outside ones coalesce into the Third Eye and makes the eight stopping points of the Mudras and Mutras in another language. It is like the clock with your eyes closed for fifteen seconds on each stage until the whole circle is finished and then you look straight up to the Third Eye between your eyes. But that would leave me wondering where the invisible integrative force is in the chakra map which does mirror the neurophysiological charts even though it was understood many millennia ago. Is there a spirit force upon which the body rests - within the DNA? There is more work to bring all these things into science and maybe through science all people will be able to learn what only the highest adepts can do - take their whole body energy into other realms.

    "The Law of Octaves was first suggested by Pythagoras in ancient Greece. Having observed that the eight notes of the conventional Occidental musical scale were governed by definite mathematical relationships, Pythagoras proceeded to create a whole cosmology based on 8s. In this octagonal model Pythagoras made numerous mistakes, because he was generalizing from insufficient data. However, his work was the first attempt in history to unify science, mathematics, art and mysticism into one comprehensible system and as such is still influential. Leary, Crowley and Buckminster Fuller have all described themselves as modern Pythagoreans.
    In China, roughly contemporary with Pythagoras, the Taoists built up a cosmology based on the interplay of yang (positive) and yin (negative), which produced the eight trigrams of the I Ching, out of which are generated the 64 hexagrams.

    In India, Buddha announced, after his illumination under the Bodhi tree, the Noble Eightfold Path. Patanjali subsequently reduced the science of yoga to eight "limbs" or, as we might say, eight "steps."

    The game of chess appeared, somewhere in the East, with a grid based on 8x8 (64) squares.

    Kepler discovered the laws of planetary motion serendipitously, while trying to make the planets fit into the Pythagorean octave.

    In the 1860s, English chemist John Newland showed that all the chemical elements fall into eight families. Since Pythagorean mysticism was unfashionable at that time, Newland was literally laughed at and rejected by the Royal Chemical Society. In the 1870s, with much more detail than Newland, the Russian chemist Mendeleyev proved once and for all that the elements do, indeed, fall into eight families. His Periodic Table of the Elements, an octave of hauntingly Pythagorean harmony, hangs in every high-school chemistry class today. (The Royal Society later apologized to Newland and gave him a Gold Medal.)

    Nikolai Tesla invented the alternating current generator which unleashed the modern technological revolution after a series of visions in which, among other things, Tesla "saw" that everything in the universe obeys a law of Octaves.

    Modern geneticists have found that the DNA-RNA "dialogue"—the molecular information system governing life and evolution—is transmitted by 64 (8x8) codons.

    R. Buckminster Fuller, in his Synergetic-Energetic Geometry, which he claims is the "co-ordinate system of the Universe," reduces all phenomena to geometric-energetic constructs based on the tetrahedron (4-sided), the octet truss (8-sided) and the coupler (8-faceted with 24 phases). Fuller argues specifically that the 8-face, 24-phase coupler underlies the 8-fold division of the chemical elements on the Mendeleyev Periodic Table.

    In 1973, unaware of Fuller's coupler—which I called to his attention later—Dr. Leary began to divide his 8 circuits into a 24-stage Periodic Table of Evolution (see diagram). Leary also began attempting to correlate this with the Periodic Table of Elements in chemistry.

    The eight families of elements are:
    8.Noble Gases
    The first four families, Leary argues, are terrestrial; that is, they are heavy and tend to fall to Earth. The second four families are extraterrestrial; that is, they tend to float off into space. Similarly, he says, the first four circuits of the nervous system are terrestrial; their function is to control survival and reproduction at the bottom of the 4,000-mile gravity well in which we presently live. The second four circuits, then, are extraterrestrial; they will come into full play only when we live normally in zero-gravity—in free space."

    If you know nothing and are only beginning to learn about reality - the study of two great men in the 20th Century can shed light on everything you need to know. They knew and had direct cognition of an enlightened sort which went back to the dim past. In fact Tesla once thought he must have communicated with aliens because of the antiquity of the knowledge.

    "Both men were, and remain, extraordinarily influential in their respective fields: Tesla in physics, Vivekananda in Hinduism. {Vedanta and Yoga.}

    The idea that the pair did become friends and attempted to find commonalities in their seemingly polar-opposite pursuits, does sound improbable. Yet, their friendship is well-documented, as is their attempt to work out a mathematical proof for the ideas central to their respective ideologies—how the universe works, and that matter and energy are in fact one. Their ideas and their unity of thought are remarkable on more than one level. Not only do they demonstrate accord between science and religion, they also bring to light the fact that scientific ideas accepted as cutting-edge modern today, were actually divined thousands of years ago."
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    A friend watched a TV show on Einstein and after a lot of discussion about whether Time Travel was discussed here is my response.

    Further into the Rabbit Hole of a top mathematician named Lewis Carroll.

    They were not calling it Time Travel based on what you just said. That was his "theory on Time" as you said.

    If they introduced Godel who continued on (all this is at W-M) with his work they would still only be on the theory and not the obvious connection that exists when you actually do Astral Travel as considered in the Beatles song mentioning everything is all right on Venus and Mars tonite. THAT would have worked to demonstrate the mind and soul are connected across spacetime. This was what Sir Martin Rees was discussing after Hubble took pics near the origin of THIS universe. He had previously supported Event Horizon variable Time throughout universe in scalar topo mapping with balloon analogy. Also not TIME TRAVEL, but getting close and part of the dimensionality.

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