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    Those examples are probably the same observation and science still is discovering the quantum entanglement which I think Lucy Ingham and others I posted here are addressing.

    So science which continues to OBSERVE and fine tune itself has no fixed BELIEF. That is what being aware of reality does - it teaches and those who study LEARN!

    Now as to G-d - yes, I do think science will give us a closer glimpse of ALL THAT IS - god. I even go so far as to say I can show how Max Tegmark and William Dembski are in fact saying pretty much the same thing. In short (like Higg's god particle) we are beginning to be able to be gods - and certainly people of the era my grandfather was born into would say only God can aspire to what we now can do - I will leave it to you to list the ways that is true.

    For the knuckle-dragging and monumentally stupid this is the debate called Intelligent Design, and Wolfy is talking about consciousness in all things - a very ancient insight with much intrinsic value. He says: "sure of its position 100% at any point in time, the particle will only ever be in the place it could be at that time. It is NEVER uncertain in reality, only to our puny minds."

    I say: The particle is not sure and the "reality" is affected by the energy we give it. Energy, even that which our brain ("puny minds|) emits is neither created nor destroyed it just changes form, place, speed and other ways and dimensions that it interacts in local and non-local environment.

    Bucky Fuller said whatever WE (the world Mind or animus mundi) visualize including the very buildings we have built, exist only because we chose those visualizations and prior cultures chose to be more ecologically in tune with WHAT IS. He proved just how such thinking leads to biospheres and geodesic domes, dymaxion maps and much more. When he wrote his first published book it required the intervention of his friend and fellow worker Albert Einstein. Bucky not only understood Relativity he saw exactly how Einstein arrived at the understanding of reality he did - step by step - teleologically.

    Einstein gave Bucky an intro to his publisher, the publisher gave the book to many top physicists mostly near his Philadelphia home base which Bucky much later came to spend a great deal of time near, as he did where I lived. (Toronto) These physicists said Bucky did not understand Relativity. Einstein probably laughed very hard along with others at the Institute of Advanced Study in Princeton, including Andre Weil, John von Neumann, and Kurt Gödel. They may even have shared a laugh with the members of the other Institute of Advanced Study near Dublin, Ir-land including Nobel Laureate Eugene Wigner. (See my article here - Re-discovering the Mind). My Ogham mentor told me that Druids there had laid out relativity to Georges Boule (the father of your computer language origins or basic bits) and knew it a long time before. That is confirmed by Fulcanelli who presented a paper to the Paris Academy of Sciences as reported by a member of Heisenberg's team. Fulcanelli showed the math in the intersecting lines of design in Le Cathedrale de Notre Dame. His intellectual kin had spoken about the Harmony of the Spheres and Druidic Lost Chord appreciated by Pythagoras the Druid for a long time.

    This Harmonic is in the Logos as I read (and wrote in my book on him) Tesla saying everything he did was in Revelations in the Bible. It was there because it had been understood by people like Pythagoras to a good degree. We have taken it further through the work of Bucky Fuller.
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