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Thread: The Origin of Christianity

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    My above brother is a person who thinks he might be the reincarnation of Simone Weil who took her life via a hunger strike around the end of the war. Her compassion and insight is honest.

    As Simone says - she is not even worthy of the sacraments and other ritualistic dogma of the crutch she wanted to have hold her up. On page five of Waiting for God she goes so far as to be exposed as a non spiritual person much less than a true mystic - which few fool-owers of dogma ever truly are.

    MacDari wrote about the people who sit in pews and lose all insight in their buttocks - it requires a great deal to get past Kundalini to what he called "Direct cognition".

    My brother says Weil ascended in the manner of Vivekananda and had great siddhis including her writing insight and usages.

    Thus I am moved to correct him and his interpretation of almost everything he says. I quoted her saying otherwise - but he said she was being 'silly'.

    Here is an email addressing TS Eliot on Simone Weil. I will next address her ascendance.

    He was PAID to preface the book you are addressing.

    He says he did not know her and that her "prejudices" and "violence" are obvious,

    So is he - and he also says it. I will continue this research even though I know YOU will not learn. Here are Eliot's words in the matter from his preface to her book. He also admits her work is not known and is hard to understand.

    That is not a bad thing but it is what I said - not incisive and just as she said it was. It is not 'silly' to use your word addressing her feigning humility. I would never use the word humility as you do. I have too much hubris. Hubris and humility are like 'mensch' as I see them - very complex! Another word used by Eliot to indicate his lack of study of her - which he admits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    "The only kind of introduction which could merit
    permanent association with a book by Simone Weil would
    be — like that provided by M.Gustave Thibon to Gravity
    and Grace 1 — an introduction by someone who knew her.
    The reader of her work finds himself confronted by a
    difficult, violent and complex personality; and the
    assistance of those who had the advantage of long
    discussions or correspondence with her, especially those
    who knew her under the peculiar conditions of the last
    five years of her life, will be of permanent value in the
    future. I lack these qualifications. My aims in writing this
    preface are, first, to affirm my belief in the importance of
    the author and of this particular book; second, to warn
    the reader against premature judgment and summary
    classification — to persuade him to hold in check his own
    prejudices and at the same time to be patient with those of
    Simone Weil. Once her work is known and accepted, such
    a preface as this should become superfluous."
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    For people who might actually read this dialogue with my brother who pretends to understand so many things he does not including Camus who said Weil "had a madness for truth". I hasten to add a reference to an actual scholar's work on her. I do not take words used by Camus like "madness" as evidence of her great wisdom or mystical insight. I do not take Nevin's analysis of the Jewish "tormented history" and culture lightly. I know the CON used by the Kabbalists very well - I know the Kabbalah's roots better than they do! Judaism is all about Kabbala or to quote a book title on the matter by another scholar named Daniel Matt who wrote both The Essential Kabbalah and The Zohar: The Heart of Jewish Mysticism. Clearly Weil did not ascend in a mystical manner - death by self immolation is a sign of insanity which assuredly came to her as she grew weak and traumatized. If insanity of this sort entitles one to be called a great mystic - and there is great courage and commitment in it - then so be it.

    "Over fifty years after her death, Simone Weil (1909-1943) remains one of the most searching religious inquirers and political thinkers of the twentieth century. Albert Camus said she had a "madness for truth." She rejected her Jewishness and developed a strong interest in Catholicism, although she never joined the Catholic church. Both an activist and a scholar, she constantly spoke out against injustice and aligned herself with workers, with the colonial poor in France, and with the opressed everywhere. She came to believe that suffering itself could be a way to unity with God, and her death at thirty-four has been recorded as suicide by starvation.

    This extraordinary study is primarily a topography of Weil's mind, but Thomas Nevin is persuaded that her thought is inextricably bound to her life and dramatic times. Thus, he not only addresses her thoughts and her prejudices but examines her reasons for entertaining them and gives them a historical focus. He claims that to Weil's generation the Spanish War, the Popular Front, the ascendance of Hitlerism, and the Vichy years were not mere backdrops but definitive events.

    Nevin explores in detail not only matters of continuing interest, such as Weil's leftist politics and her attempt to embrace Christianity, but also hitherto unexamined aspects of her life and work which permit a deeper understanding of her: her writings on science, her work as a poet and dramatist, and her selective friendships. The thread uniting these topics is her struggle to maintain her independence as a free thinker while resisting community such as Judaism could have offered her. Her intellectual struggles eloquently reveal the desperate isolation of Jews torn between the lure of assimilation and the tormented dignity of their communal history.

    Nevin's massive research draws on the full range of essays, notebooks, and fragments from the Simone Weil archives in Paris, many of which have never been translated or published.

    Originally published in 1991.

    A UNC Press Enduring Edition -- UNC Press Enduring Editions "
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    If you do not see the relevance of this debate on the topic at hand you need to study. Catholicism was Weil's most preferred sect of the larger cults inside Christianity should be evident as should Judaism be. But also Qumran had Hindu and Buddhist inputs. In fact the family of Jesus was widely traveled and had always been wise and wealthy - even before Sol - o - moon.

    Now we see a similar cultus inside the wild insanity of Hare Krishna and Vivekananda who can be said to be the actual reason they still exist - if they do. I know they do for my brother who once took me to one of their vegetarian restaurants which I think allows you to eat and just leave a small (!) donation.

    And this insanity should be so obviously similar to all the cults of religions who never actually study and learn but love to beat each other over the head (and kill) with their egos.

    Permalink Reply by Amit Kapoor on April 11, 2011 at 10:33pm

    Hare Krishna Shravan prabhu,

    Please forgive me but one should not write anything which do not have any proofs. If somebody is in to Krishna Conciousness (a Vaishnava) he should be more concious about the feelings of all souls. A pure Vaishnava never induldges in such talks.

    I don't know how far it is true that Prabhupada ever said such thing but even if it is true still i would say that we should not immitate him. He is a liberated soul, his purpose on earth was different. He was specially very strict against mayavadis. But we are not at his level. so kindly think multiple times before writing such words and kindly always mention the reference of Prabhpada's dated lecture, quote or book else many people cannot just accept whatever you write.

    And about Ramakrishna paramhansa, everyone knows that he was an exalted devotee of devi Kali. He even claimed to have met chaitnaya Mahaprabhu and Lord Nityananda in mayapur. His daily prayers included the prayers that O' mother kindly remove your illusion from my mind so that i can worship supreme lord. read in one of his books few years back. Yes i agree neither he was Lord Vishnu , nor he ever claimed. so even if we do not accept his philosphy we should not intentionally disrespect him,it is not the attitude of a Vaishnava.

    Your servant

    Amit Kapoor

    VolunteerPermalink Reply by Shravn Prabhu Sacramento CA on April 14, 2011 at 6:19am

    Amit Prabhu,

    I have no disrespect for Mr Ramakrishnaji.

    Kirtana or preaching means, just passing on the information AS IT IS, as spoken by our Acharyas. I cannot sugarcoat it because I have respect for Ramakrishna Paramahamsa.

    I used to read his books when I was a in school. One of his saying (perhaps from scriptures) that impressed upon me was "Human birth is so rare, that we must not waste it, but use it in God realization"

    Not sure why you think I disrespected him.

    Permalink Reply by Naveen on September 10, 2012 at 1:59pm

    Hare Krishna Amit Prabhu,

    You dont even have a doubt that Srila Prabhupada said about RamKrishna Paramhamsa.Even if Srila Prabhupada said it has to be true. You cant judge anyone by your defective vision so accept the authority Srila Prabhupada the only saviour of all fallen souls.
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    The book titled Gifts of the Jews by Cahill received the blessing as accurate from all of the major Christian denominations.

    In it he documents what 'devoted ones' means - and it is not unlike what follows. Well actually what follows is far more moral and decent.

    "The Independent

    Gabriel Samuels

    5 hrs ago

    The Chinese government continues to illegally harvest organs from millions of its innocent prisoners despite saying it had ended the practice two years ago, a decade-long study has alleged.

    Experts estimate between 60,000 and 100,000 prisoners of conscience are executed annually and have their hearts, livers and other organs removed to use for transplants.

    In all, approximately 1.5 million have had their organs removed at 712 liver and kidney transplant centres across China since 2000, with over 300,000 of those taking place at unregulated centres.

    The report also found many surgeons had simply “lost count” of the quantity of transplants they had been asked to perform on a daily basis, with some having undertaken as many as six liver removals in one day."

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    My brother the Catholic, Hindu yogi and person seeking to hide from his actual bad acts - has used the rationalization process to detail how all good things are in every cult - nature and so forth. Here is my reply.

    All rationalizations to hide the horror show of religion are as dust in the wind to a person who actually studies.

    Those who only go for what they get - which they think they need - are also some day going to find they got screwed.

    Real study has to do with real life - and books or names and dogma are anathema to wisdom.

    When evaluating each religion it is unwise to accept any which are doing BAD things and upon which are based immoral acts throughout history. This Cycle of Violence against all les autres whether women, races or classes is a farce; even a child should easily see is deceit.
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    My brother Russ has found many things in Simone Weil's work which confirms what I have told him - though she does not have the abundance of disciplines and proofs through over two millennia I have. Here is one of value from her Roots book.

    Then this (on progress) "the modern superstition in regard to progress is a byproduct of the lie thanks to which Christianity became turned into the official Roman religion."

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