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Thread: Yeats and the Golden Dawn

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    And why is this Hellfire Club important in the understanding of how abusive mere dilettantes with a little (EMPHASIS) knowledge of so-called occult matters will get? The Golden Dawn became the personal plaything of Aleister Crowley (not to suggest he had no knowledge) and Crowley's motto which became the motto of Hubbard's Scientology is seen all over the Hellfire Club in the following article. His works or books say he got it from a channelled Egyptian priest Ankhfonza do-do or whatever! Do what thou wilt - sure; but don't let your weenie wilt as the games begin. The monasteries were full of this behavior for centuries and the Cistercians like Bernard (see thread Does Society Need a St. Bernard) are proper places for Medmenham and bedlam.

    " In 1750 though Dashwood leased Medmenham, a tumbledown 13th-century abbey, originally built by the Cistercian Order, close to his place in West Wycombe.

    He rebuilt the abbey and had a motto from Rabelais reading “Fay ce que voudras”—“Do What Thou Wilt”—carved over the door. And they were in business, the business being pleasure."

    A Royal Prince is likely the person known as Jack the Ripper and the Masons probably covered up the whole mess for him. But remember also these people did great things in the Royal Society which created the Enlightenment Experiment.

    But how do we become all we can be (BE!) is we do not push the envelop or envelope that which is beyond our own ego and soul? I do not agree we should destroy those who do not develop their soul or know their ego as Anton LaVey did likely recommend. His saying "why is stupidity not painful", rings true to me.
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    A couple of months or so ago I saw a TV show addressing what was found in Franklin's basement. I smiled while I watched them do the usual denial of what I write here.

    Ben Franklin will always appear to be a great man and he was that indeed. But he was not just the founder of America or The Enlightenment Experiment. He was one of the founders of the current New World Order which is not new at all, along with Pierre Dupont de Nemours with whom he negotiated the armistice to end the British campaign against their former colony. This in fact lead to a union and alliance that still rules the world but in a far more complete manner than the British Empire ever did. I have dealt with many intrigues he was part of and I have personally enjoyed conversing with his descendants. His drawing of the line to include Isle Royale as part of the United States is very important as any reader of my book on the Old Copper culture will know. He was a man who enjoyed his sex and the rituals of the Rosicrucian Dragons a great deal more than most. In the following quote from an article in The Guardian we see 'trepanning' again. Of course the authors might think this is only part of some anatomical research but I suspect it is part of sexual and psycho-spiritual rituals just as I have shown occurred in these nether regions of esoteric behaviour for many millennia. The trepanned head of the Merovingian King Dagobert allowed him greater psychic attunement and despite Franklin having been part of the witch hunt against Anton Mesmer and his use or exposure of these secrets I know Franklin understood what trepanning really was suited to achieve. And I know they are reported to still eat human thalami at some meetings of the Skull and Bones Society. Sir Laurence Gardner makes it clear that store bought desiccated animal sources do not serve their needs as well as human brain parts do.

    "Benjamin Franklin's house: the naked truth

    Restoration reveals secrets of American campaigner

    Maev Kennedy, arts and heritage correspondent

    Monday August 11, 2003
    The Guardian

    Some time in 2005 visitors will be able to visit the tall narrow Georgian house in the heart of London where Benjamin Franklin once sat stark naked by the large first floor sash windows, "air bathing" and thinking about bifocals, electricity, economics, American politics, British diplomacy, or how to get the fire in his back room to draw better.

    It is a fair bet that however passionately interested the visitors are in the political history of American independence, and the intellectual history of the Age of Enlightenment, what will transfix them is the windowless basement room, once part of the garden.

    As restoration work by the Friends of Benjamin Franklin House began on 36 Craven Street, a Grade I listed house rescued from the brink of tottering collapse, a small pit was found in the basement room. A human thigh bone was found.

    The coroner and the police were notified. Excavation continued. More human bone surfaced. And more. And more, until more than 1,200 pieces of bone were recovered.

    Since the bones were too ancient to trouble Scotland Yard, they are now in the care of the Institute of Archaeology, where experts have already determined that they range from an old man to a human baby. Several skulls have been trepanned, and arm and leg bones chopped through.

    The most plausible explanation is not mass murder, but an anatomy school run by Benjamin Franklin's young friend and protg, William Hewson. He had been a pupil of the most brilliant anatomist of the day, William Hunter, but the two fell out and Hewson started his own anatomy school - at the home of his mother-in-law Margaret Stephenson, just off the Strand, where Benjamin Franklin was also a lodger for 16 years.

    He had a rich source of subjects at hand: the resurrection men could deliver bodies stolen from graveyards to the Thames wharf at the bottom of the street, while there was a weekly public execution at the gallows on the other side of the garden wall.

    Benjamin Franklin, who was interested in absolutely everything - he was lucky to escape killing himself or his guests at the demonstrations of electricity he was wont to give during dinner parties - must have attended the public dissections. {For Dragons like the later Skull and Bonesmen who like Pierre Dupont de Nemours and Rufus King would be into the same ritual I trace and Gardner admits to.}

    Hewson died young of blood poisoning after he cut himself during a dissection.

    Franklin eventually returned to the United States, but was estranged from his abandoned family, and separated from the illegitimate son who shared his London years when Franklin declared for American independence and the son was exiled for his loyalty to England.

    The house was less than 30 years old when Franklin came to London and rented the best first floor rooms, where he was visited by all the leading figures in radical politics, science and philosophy." (2)

    Franklin was also a member of The Hellfire Club and you should know about John Dee and the Necronomicon as mentioned in this excerpt.

    "John Montagu, Lord Sandwich (the face in the halo) and George Selwyn, (a close friend of Horace Walpole who visited in 1763) were among the inner circle of twelve. One of the female members, Lady Betty Germaine, became a particular friend of Walpole's; through her Walpole acquired one of Dr. Dee's celebrated scrying stones, the Angelic Stone, now in the British Museum. Mary Wortley Montagu, Lord Sandwich's grandmother and a member of the earlier Hellfire Club, was also said to have been a member.

    Satirized in the novel Chrysal, or the Story of a Guinea by Charles Johnstone, and referenced in Charles Churchill's The Candidate, these Medmenhamites were a probable influence on Matthew Lewis's The Monk.

    Benjamin Franklin joined the group on occasion and collaborated with Sir Francis to revise the Book of Common Prayer or Franklin Prayer Book still in use in America. Franklin was also associated with the radical Lunar Society which included Erasmus Darwin, Richard Edgeworth (Maria Edgeworth's father), and William Godwin's friend, Joseph Priestley." (2)
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    When we see Ciara wearing Golden Dawn garb should we think the aliens or Illuminized Dragons who wrote the alien origin Annunaki stuff are large and in charge? Should we see the Rosy-Cross and Jesuit in league with other Enlightened users and abusers of esoteric or Magian wisdom as a good or bad thing? All perspectives in the 'play both ends against the middle' game are worth considering. The following author has a good part of it. But there are and were higher groups including many I have detailed including The Pilgrims, Councils of 3 and 300, FOGC and on and on.

    "In my book over {sic - about - he appears to have originally written this in German} the Bavarian Illuminati it was established that the Gold- und Rosenkreutz [Golden and Rosy Cross] were the enemies of the Illuminati and vice versa. Why? 1) They were competitors for initiates; 2) Illuminati were rationalists and outright worshippers of reason, while the Rosicrucians pursued mysticism and theosophy and indulged in all manner of practical occultism (sťances, theurgy, thaumaturgy, astrology, sorcery, kabbalistic magic and alchemy), which the Illuminati frowned upon, to say the least; 3) and the fact that the Rosicrucians were also aligned with the obscurantists of religious orthodoxy, the Jesuits, and recruited members from among its ranks.

    A short overview of the “esoteric transmission” from the Golden and Rosy Cross can be had here. The Golden Dawn’s grade system is identical to that of the earlier 18th century secret society, and they benefited from “the entire esoteric corpus of this essential Rosicrucian order.”

    The 18th Century Golden and Rosy Cross had a system of nine degrees – juniores, theoretici, oractici, philosophi, minores, majores, adepti, magestri, and magi:

    Elaborate initiation ceremonies were used to mark passage from one to another. The order met in circles (Zirkel) composed of a maximum of nine members; each circle included Rosicrucians of various rank, with the chairman (Zirkeldirektor) usually being an adeptus at least. … Several Zirkel were placed under the control of an Oberhauptdirektor. The highest officials were several Grosspriors, the Vizegeneral, the General, and the Magus, though nothing is definitely known about the mode of operation, or even the existence, of top echelons of the Rosicrucian Order (Klaus Epstein, The Genesis of German Conservatism, Princeton University Press, 1966, p. 107).

    I don’t think it’s likely that the Golden and Rosy Cross had a membership comparable to that of the Bavarian Illuminati (2,000 to 3,000), however, Epstein, in a note on the same page, mentions a membership estimate claimed for the Rosicrucian order (in 1777) of 909 juniores, 844 theoretici, 833 practici, 822 philosophi, 799 minores, 788 majores, 777 adepti, 77 magistri, and 7 magi."
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    My oldest brother is an avid reader and when he read some of the following he remarked on Marx but also a mysterious American who has been written out of history - who influenced the Fabians. He should know (because I have told him) that Marx and Engels received $50,000 from Jean Lafitte to publish The Communist Manifesto. You will find Lafitte mentioned in the thread A List of Alchemists. You won't find any truth written about him ever getting out in American schools or anywhere else.

    A Progressive Meritocracy

    That is a good way to describe what The Enlightenment Experiment sought to achieve - but failed as Jefferson noted in his letter to Lafayette which I often quote as he describes the 'rogues' who destroyed the effort. The Athenians did not invent or perfect and maybe did not even come close to having a democracy. Aristotle went to Carthage and found it was more democratic and that was a weakened or watered down remnant of Phoenician and Pan-Tribal Keltic organization.

    Does a life have meaning if it leaves a better world rather than evidences of ego and needs for power over others? Is love something real and soulful or is it a pact between weak people seeking to support selfish goals? What religion or educational environment teaches how to parent for maximization of human potential and how to grow closer to the oneness of all consciousness in a collective or World Mind? Will the new technologies demonstrated in the series Futurescape actually bring this World Mind into the governance of all resources and people?

    There are a lot of good ideas worth considering in this site. I say they do not fully know history and yet I could agree they know the recent history of a not new world order which has duped and enslaved people for about 5,000 years in most of this world. There have been large areas of the world that were largely meritocratic and even more empowering of the individual than they appear to be. But I think they are on the right track, as they say we need:

    "A New Politics - The Replacement of Democracy by Meritocracy.

    A New Economics - The Replacement of Predatory Free-Market Capitalism with Productive Social Capitalism.

    A New Religion - The Replacement of the old, failed and false Mythos religions by the world's only rational Logos religion: the religion of ontological mathematics that delivers a dialectical metamorphosis (via mathematical optimization) of all human beings into gods.

    A New Social Order - The Replacement, through 100% Inheritance Tax and the abolition of all means for private individuals to pass on overwhelming financial advantages and privileges to other private individuals (family members) at the expense of the Commonwealth, of the Dynastic Family Elites that rule the world. Any transaction between private individuals that involves a vast transfer of wealth which allows unelected, unaccountable people to wield decisive influence over the Commonwealth is a subversion of the Commonwealth, and the precise means by which the 1% have come to rule the 99%. Anyone who is on the side of the people must oppose private inheritance. If you support inheritance, you are a supporter of the dynastic elites, a traitor to, and an enemy of, the people. You believe that people should get something for nothing, that people should be rewarded not for their own efforts but for those of others (their parents). You believe in parasitism and rewarding failures, incompetents, people with no backbone who can't stand up for themselves and make their own way in life. No one who accepts an inheritance has any self-respect, or is worthy of any respect. They are family versions of welfare scroungers, taking money for nothing.

    A New Dispensation: The World must be Rebooted. The only way to reboot it is to bring to an end the control of the vast bulk of the world's assets by a tiny private elite who stand outside the political process and yet completely dominate that process. Capitalist Democracy has nothing to do with democracy and everything to do with the capitalist control of the people. In other words, capitalist democracy is rule by rich capitalist oligarchs. The ancient Athenians invented democracy precisely to overthrow such people. They would be spinning in their graves if they could see what "democracy" now is - rule by the super rich cynically and wickedly being presented as rule by the people. Capitalist democracy is the biggest con since Abrahamism, the other primary means for deceiving and enslaving the people.

    A New Science - The replacement of Scientific Materialism by Ontological Mathematics.

    What is ontological mathematics? Mathematics is not a human construct like the English language. It's the language of existence itself and is a precondition for human life. Human beings don't invent mathematics, they tune into it, they discover it, they are everywhere immersed in it. We exist in a cosmic ocean of mathematics.

    Mathematics, ontologically, is energy - precise mathematical energy defined by analytic sine and cosine waves. These constitute the ultimate dynamic information system.

    Energy comes in specific bundles known as monads. There are countless monads, and each of them is an uncaused, uncreated, autonomous, immortal, indestructible information system - a soul! A soul is a 100% mathematical entity. It's a pure sine and cosine energy system. It's a self-optimizing information system.

    A soul is both an object and a subject. To other souls, each soul is an object. To itself, a soul is a subject. It subjectively experiences information. A computer - a human mathematical construct - processes information but does not experience it (because a computer is not alive). A monad is an eternal, natural, living, mathematical entity. It not only receives, generates and processes information, it also experiences all of that information. It senses it and feels it, and it seeks to optimize it - ultimately to solve its own inner equation and become God.

    The Old World Order has utterly failed. It's time for the New World Order. Anyone who opposes a new way of doing things is a conservative, a reactionary, a counter-revolutionary, and a friend and ally of the ruling elites. The current world is designed in their image. If you want a new image that reflects you, you must support the Meritocratic New World Order that ends inheritance, nepotism, cronyism, privilege and "who you know" and replaces these with talent, "what you know" and "what you can do".

    Free-Market Capitalism - rule by the rich (by the 1%).
    Abrahamism - rule by the Devil (a "God" that orders fathers to perform human sacrifice on their sons as a "test").
    Democracy - Dumbocracy: rule by dumb asses.
    Freedom - Freedumb to be the slaves of the Devil and the rich capitalists."

    Another major group which has many tentacles beyond the Unitarian revival of the kind of things the family of Jesus studied is almost the originator of New Age philosophy according to decidedly deceived TRUE believers like the following.

    Whereas this site has discourse of greater interest and value (IMHO).

    I mentioned have a Royal who might have been Jack the Ripper, Albert was a "Rupert". Apparently DNA on a victim's shawl might prove it was a Polish Hairdresser. I can imagine how such blood could get on her shawl during the cutting of matted hair soaked with you know what. I also know the management of alibis for Royals is such that they can be in many places at once, and I do not think they bi-locate.
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    It is obvious from any cursory glance through the armageddonconspiracy website that you have a very occult or Crowleyan mindset and someone who is trying to piggyback or usurp Illuminism just as Crowley did for most of his life. But that does not mean the history being spoken about has no merit or that the ideals he says deserve attention are not worth considering. No doubt the way truth is treated is often not kind or with an open mind. Sad indeed! There have been many attempts to revive pre-Empire modes of social governance throughout what we call history. The people who have tried time and time again have met heresy trials and the stake or worse. Some of those attempts include:

    1. Gnosticism
    2. Cynics like Jesus and Seneca or the Gracchi
    3. Asoka who tried to free his people from theistic manipulation,
    4. Manicheanism
    5. Catharism with a real major effort by the Illuminated Alumbrados as I have laid out in many threads,

    The English 'social justice' movement which was so much a creation of the Golden Dawn as we have seen in the above posts was the least aggressive and effective unless you attribute communistic regimes to it - and they were not communism. Unfortunately my oldest brother reads out of date academic books and seldom seeks to find the root of any movement towards social justice. Here is my last response to him.

    Marx was in no way an originator of any real thought. Emerson (Unitarian is pre-Christian Christianity before Arias and can be said to be Druidic or Bairdic) was influenced by Carlyle but Carlyle was just following Swift, Goethe and Hibernians like Blake and Burns. He says no biographer of his would ever get his life right. The Communist Manifesto was paid for by Jean Lafitte ($50,000 - 25 years before it became a big thing). Carlyle created England's public libraries which in itself tells you how desperate the state of knowledge had become under the management of society.

    Social justice as you put it was the rule before Empire - it was 'extended family', and died with Religions (Empire). You can see the demise of women's rights as the end of social justice if you want. People are always reading crap and professors who are not integrating real history but are academics who follow the current fads and Empire propaganda.

    The following excerpt from an attempt to get dialogue on real issues is OK and it goes on to make a lot of useful connections and integrations. Swedenborg was a person who greatly influenced Westcott and many of the founders of the Golden Dawn - Masons like Carlyle's father who ultimately steered his son away from Calvinism or the Knox Presbytery of his wife and her family who were leaders thereof.

    "The New Age: A Survey and Critique


    George D. Chryssides is senior lecturer in religious studies at the University of Wolverhampton. His many books on contemporary religion include Exploring New Religions (Cassell, 1999), The Elements of Unitarianism (Element, 1998), The Advent of Sun Myung Moon (Macmillan, 1991) and The Path of Buddhism (St Andrew’s Press, 1988).

    The New Age is an elusive phenomenon. It is recognisable in its manifestations, but it is harder to define its essence, scope and boundaries. When one examines the contents of a New Age shop it is difficult to tell what its various items have in common. The shelves boast Tarot cards, runes, dowsing rods, incense, essential oils, crystals, angel cards, dream-catchers and images of Arthurian heroes. The books on sale cover subjects as seemingly diverse as the I Ching, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sufism, feminism, gay rights, ecology and self-improvement, and business skills ranging from time management and leadership to neuro-linguistic programming. Mindful of this diversity, I aim in this article to trace the development of the New Age, its salient features and its relationship with the dominant culture and religion of the West.

    Preliminary Orientations

    Few researchers would care to make an estimate of the number of New Agers either worldwide or in any given country. Harold Bloom suggests that there are thirty thousand in the United States,1 while the Canadian census of 1991 revealed a mere twelve hundred self-defined New Agers—a minuscule 0.005 per cent of the population. Despite the wide prevalence of the New Age, which manifests itself in the United States, Canada and Europe and made marked inroads into Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, the New Age is a movement rather than a membership organisation, and its eclectic character entails that seekers can make use of its facilities without abandoning their prime religious allegiance.

    The expression “New Age” refers overtly to an astrological phenomenon. Astrologers typically regard the earth as being dominated by one particular zodiacal constellation at any given time. Each zodiacal period is believed to last for approximately two thousand years. The era from which the earth is currently emerging is the Age of Pisces, and the dawning age—the New Age—is the Age of Aquarius.

    Two important points need to be made in this regard. First, the change-over from one zodiacal age to another is gradual rather than sudden, since there is no precise dividing line between one constellation and another. Hence, views differ as to when—or indeed whether—the New Age has begun. According to some, the change-over has long since occurred, possibly as early as 1898; according to others it is still awaited (the remotest estimate I have found is 2915), while others declare that the earth is “on the cusp”.

    Second, whatever the precise date of the change-over, it is significant that the two thousand–year period of Pisces coincides with the Christian era. The Age of Aquarius is thus a post-Christian age, and it is notable that, despite the wide variety of stock held in New Age outlets, there is little, if anything, that is recognisable as traditional Christianity. Although organised religion is not explicitly disparaged, it is given little encouragement: spirituality rather than religion is the hallmark of the New Age. Paul Heelas writes, “Some see the New Age Movement as a New Religious Movement (NRM). It is not. Neither is it a collection of NRMs.”2

    The New Age, therefore, offers no set times and places for religious worship; it prescribes no single definitive spiritual path; and it offers no creed to bind its adherents together. Indeed, one way of encapsulating the contrast between New Age spirituality and the Christian faith is to suggest that the former emphasises seeking while the latter gives higher regard to finding. Jesus is recorded as saying, “Seek and you will find” (Matt. 7:7). By contrast, the New Ager appears to prefer the spiritual journey itself rather than any destination, and seems to gain satisfaction from exploring—either successively or simultaneously—Buddhism, aspects of Hindu spirituality, Sufism, Taoism and, most recently, Native American shamanism. Whether the seeker comes to focus on any of one these spiritual paths is a matter of individual choice. While a few may wish to do so, others see them as stages on life’s spiritual journey, and others still (perhaps the majority) are eclectic.

    The New Age is not averse to taking on board some Christian elements. However, the Jesus of the New Age is either someone who preached a gospel that is consistent with Buddhism, or someone who travelled to India, Nepal and Tibet—either in his early pre-ministry years or else after his Palestinian mission, having survived the crucifixion. Angels have become a source of theological embarrassment in many mainstream Christian circles, but they have enjoyed a comeback in recent New Age thinking. The New Age angels are often part of a spiritual hierarchy consisting of gnomes, elves and fairies. Of the various elements of historical Christianity, the mystics secure a much higher regard among New Agers than the early Church Fathers or the shapers of the present-day Christian faith. There are absolutely no signs of Augustine, Anselm, Luther or (least of all) John Calvin.

    Consistent with the New Age’s complexity, its founding figures (if one can indeed speak of “founding”) are various. They possess one important feature in common, however: they are either outside the Christian mainstream or (as in the case of Swedenborg and Emerson) on its fringes."
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    My Brother made a half-assed decent response as follows.

    I think the Fabians, if not the rest of the social democratic movement, were saying the same thing.

    Penning is the name of the Cambridge author of Origins of the Labour Party. Even Annie Besant was part of his anti-aristocratic aristocracy. Churchill in Famous Contemporaries seems to have the highest regard for, and does the best job of describing, Shaw. But he paints him as someone who lived the opposite of what he pretended to stand for. He does this, however, without malice and possibly even as part of his respectful obeisance. (which recalls Shaw sending Winston 2 tickets for opening night of, I believe, Pygmalion, with a note, "bring a friend, if you have one", to which Churchill gave his thanks saying he couldn't make it for opening night, but would come the second night "if there is one").

    I hadn't known where Fabian came from (a Roman leader who waited, and struck when it was best to do so. Various factions from time to time quit the British Fabians deploring impatience, or deploring unwillingness to hit back, saying this, in both cases, was "unFabian"). The whole thing was probably as much a dating club, Lunar Society, Transcendentalists, or Boston Brahmins group, as anything else. Lovely ladies would come to meetings till they picked up a Russell or the like for a spouse, and then stop coming. I suppose this at least got them out of their parents efforts to marry them off elsewhere, and saved them from being posted to India, Canada, or the like.

    MY similarly half-assed reply is this.

    Allow me to interject - that Shaw got duped by Stalinism and thought it was communism or something close to the ideals represented in real democracy for the people or the People's Party. It never was a People's Party as evidenced by Rothschild money given to Trotsky and the German government giving $10 million to Lenin and Stalin, who probably killed Lenin. The Russian Revolution is a farce as regards a real revolt and the backing of it wavered back and forth for decades as the Brits and American corporate agendas saw ways to make money on either side. We have discussed this in regards to your acquaintances who fought in the War and those whose families were engaged in the White vs Red Bolshevism.

    Again however, you have not looked behind the curtain and thus are re-gurgitating various fictions and attributions of those who also have no knowledge of what is behind Annie Besant and her mentor Blavatsky or Alice Bailey and the Luciferians who are now called Lucis Trust.

    For those who listen to the media lies on the History Channel this week dealing with the World Wars - I ask you to consider there is truth available if you will look past what your ego thinks is your own thoughts.

    Here is some of it in the words of people other than myself, so that you will know I am not the only researcher who cares what happens to humanity.

    "Page 123:

    The top Communist leaders have never been as hostile to their counterparts in the West, as the rhetoric suggests. They are quite friendly to the world's leading financiers and have worked closely with them, when it suits their purposes. As we shall see in the following section, the Bolshevik revolution actually was financed by wealthy financiers in London and New York. Lenin and Trotsky were on the closest of terms with these moneyed interests both before and after the Revolution. Those hidden liaisons have continued to this day and occasionally pop to the surface, when we discover a David Rockefeller holding confidential meetings with a Mikhail Gorbachev in the absence of government sponsorship or diplomatic purpose."

    There is a wealth of information including a free book of mine available at this site. They also have a course from the Golden Dawn which I recommend.
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    I hope there are some real scholars taking advantage of this research I am drawing together. The excerpts I have chosen show the extent to which the church was running politics and also the extent to which the church feared real spirituality represented by William Blake and other revolutionaries like Paine. The central figure in the particular writing may be Theosophy as it relates to Emmanuel Swedenborg and Masons - but the root of these insights and the heresy trials are all a factor. It shows why there still were Inquisitorial trials in Spain at this time. It shows why Blasphemy Laws in England still existed when I was born. It shows why people are encouraged and prevented from exploring real truth and factual explorations in the present day.

    "In the late 1780s and early 1790s, when Blake sought out Swedenborg and other mystical and occult sources, he was also a radical in politics. Most noticeably, he wrote a eulogy to The French Revolution (1791), which was originally planned in seven books, and celebrated the liberation of the thirteen colonies in America: A Prophecy (1793). Traditionally, scholarship has separated Blake’s interest in occultism from his political radicalism. One branch of Blake studies (originating with another great poet of the occult, W.B. Yeats, and reaching its apex in Kathleen Raine), sees Blake primarily as a researcher of mystical sources; whereas a line fathered by David Erdman glosses over the mystical influences in order to draw a picture of a political Blake, whose writings reflect directly on contemporary events in a straightforward manner. However, studies by E.P. Thompson, Jon Mee and Marsha Keith Schuchard have encouraged us to bring these two lines together. [4] The essay at hand proceeds from the historical precepts brought to light by these scholars and aims to show that the rationalistic ideologies of Voltaire or Thomas Paine were not alone in fuelling radical or revolutionary programmes. What I intend below is a historical investigation of how the reception of how Swedenborg’s esoteric teaching was absorbed into the socio-cultural matrix of the late eighteenth century to become a platform for opposition politics. This, in turn, will give us cause to re-evaluate the motivation behind the “radical” Blake’s affiliation with the Swedenborgians in the New Jerusalem Church.

    .... In Divine Love and Divine Wisdom (1788), which Blake owned and annotated, Swedenborg elucidates at length how the Divine in the natural universe has been obscured by the churches. He complains how “all the Things of Religion, which are called Spiritual, have been removed out of the Sight of Man,” by “Councils and certain Leaders in the Church.” They have mislead Christians to “blindly” believe that being born to a “natural” world, they cannot perceive anything “separate from what is natural.” To preserve their worldly privileges, these religious tyrants have conned their subjects into believing that the “spiritual” world “transcend[s] the Understanding.” They deceive man with the explanation that “the spiritual Principle to be like a Bird which flieth above the Air in the ∆ther where the Eye-sight doth not reach”; but, Swedenborg counterattacks, the spiritual principle of the world (“By the Sight of the Eye is meant the Sight of the Understanding”) is visible to those who break the mental restrains superimposed by the churches. The spiritual world is “like a Bird of Paradise, which flieth near the Eye, and toucheth it’s Pupil with it’s beautiful Wings, and wisheth to be seen.” [14]
    .....a reviewer in the Monthly Review of May 1787 assessed Swedenborg’s doctrines for their appeal to radical thinking:

    'They are the harmless ravings of a spiritual, but disordered fancy … the Baron’s writing will neither create a schism in the church, nor a rebellion in the state … for Swedenborg knew nothing of that dark and dangerous fanaticism which under the specious pretence of a spiritual commonwealth, endeavoured to sap the foundations of all lawful government … Let men enjoy their influxes: let them converse with their angels … If they suffer us to sleep in peace, let them dream on. (435)'

    We see here how the memory of the constitutional havoc wrought by sectarianism in the previous century haunted the public imagination of a politically unstable age. The conclusion reached by the reviewer is however comforting. In comparison with the fanatical religious sectarians who gave their support to Cromwell’s Commonwealth, Swedenborg’s writing is acquitted. It does not constitute any real danger; Swedenborg is seen as too eccentric to excite insurrection among the people. Yet the need to assess Swedenborgianism for its potential threat to monarchy and the Government is an indication that the early members were those who were believed to be likely to be taken in by democratic ideologies.

    After the Revolution in France had struck fear into the hearts of English conservatives, evaluations of Swedenborgianism were not always so favourable. In the debate over the dissenters’ campaign for repeal of the Test and Corporation Acts, some Anglicans feared that amendment of the current laws would result in an uprising among: the numberless multitude of Presbyterians, Independents, Anabaptists, Antinomians, Muggletonians, Swedenburgians [sic.], New-Light-Men, Sandemanians, {Which included Faraday - see thread} and the various motley description of modern Schismatics aided by the Turks and Infidels of all names and nations, with Lord George Gordon at their head and Jewish priests sounding the horns of sedition in his train. [15]

    Interestingly, Swedenborgianism is erroneously seen to originate with seventeenth-century sects, which were popularly connected with the social upheaval of the Civil War – although Swedenborg’s theosophical writings, of course, appearing nearly a century later. The comparison with the radical Lord Gordon, the instigator of the “Gordon Riots” in 1780, only reinforces the sense of political danger the Swedenborgians were seen to constitute.
    Masonic Swedenborgianism

    The prevalence of an unmistakable political dimension in Swedenborgianism warns us not to limit the scope of our understanding of Blake’s motives for seeking out the New Jerusalem Church only to questions of theology. There are undeniable links between the reading of Swedenborg and radical activity, centered on a branch of radical Freemasons who operated internationally, but gathered in London. [16] However, it has been obfuscated largely due to the historian on the early developments in the New Jerusalem Church, Robert Hindmarsh."
    Pierre Auguste Belmont who is the benefactor of the Eastern Star masonic outreach as well as The Preakness was a Rothschild agent like J. P. Morgan.
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    Yes, Thomas Paine, Jonathon Swift and other Illuminized people including Carlyle and Goethe are connected. I wonder too about Blake and Lucis Trust.

    The link expresses these thoughts about Wilson before it serves up his actual book (read it quickly - cause they sometimes disappear).

    Back Cover:

    "I was astonished and delighted. . . Wilson managed to reverse every mental polarity in me, as if I had been pulled through infinity." -- Phillip K. Dick

    One fateful evening in a suitably dark, beer-soaked Swiss rathskeller, a wild and obscure Irishman named James Joyce would become the drinking partner of an unknown physics professor called Albert Einstein. And on that same momentous night, Sir John Babcock, a terror-stricken young Englishman, would rush through the tavern door bringing a mystery that only the two most brilliant minds of the century could solve. . .or perhaps bringing only a figment of his imagination born of the paranoia of our times. An outrageous, raunchy ride through the twists and turns of mind and space, Masks of the Illuminati runs amok with all our fondest conspiracy theories to show us the truth behind the laughter. . . and the laughter in the truth.
    "[Wilson is] erudite, witty, and genuinely scary." -- Publishers Weekly

    "A dazzling barker hawking tickets to the most thrilling tilt-a-whirls and daring loop-oplanes on the midway to higher conciousness." -- Tom Robbins

    "Wilson is one of the most profound, important, scientific philosophers of this century -- scholarly, witty, hip, and hopeful." -- Timothy Leary

    "Wilson's ultimate tale of conspiracy: Read this book to fathom your own paranoia!" -- Clifford Stoll, astronomer, author, The Cuckoo's Egg, graduate, Buffalo Public School #61

    "Robert Anton Wilson is one of the leading thinkers of the modern age -- providing an answer to the vision gap." -- Barbara Marx Hubbard, World Future Society
    On going to check my spelling of Jonathon I saw when I put Swift in quotes and Green Languages in the general browse that my work here comes at the top of a list of over 10,000 google hits.

    I also saw this book by eminent scholar Harold Bloom - addressing Shake - hes- speare's "informal language".

    Here is a brief and cogent commentary which reflects on a larger issue we know a great deal about - teaching.

    Jamie 's review
    Feb 26, 08

    5 of 5 stars

    All the love and joy had been sucked out of this book for me after teaching it. Then, my love was renewed thanks to Baz Lurman and TNT.

    "Do you bite your thumb at me sir!?"

    I have not seen TNT's treatment - and I may sound extremely arrogant - but I am near to certain it does not address wee Willy as an alchemist like Hugo who did a memorable appreciation of Shakespeare I often quote. Hugo is another mysterious leader of the Priory of Sion. But do not pay heed to conspiracy when all things are in fact a con's-piracy. It is so sad that Jean Lafitte (an alchemist according to some - including me) created better governance than all the social political hacks in university teaching that which they know little to nothing about - including the Physiocrats.

    Finally for this opening post I put an homage to what brought me to this book - The Golden Dawn. I wonder if Wilson knows as much about these matters as I do. He might even know more.


    The characters and events in this novel, like those in ordinary life, are partly real and partly the product of somebody's disordered imagination. The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and the Ordo Templi Orientis were (and are) quite real, and the magickal exercizes described are capable of producing results similar to those in our story. The Great God Pan, The King in Yellow, and Clouds Without Water are all real books and the quotations from them are accurate. All details of assassinations and other political events are taken from standard reference works such as the Britannica and are as reliable as such sources generally are. {Which he and I know is questionable.} The author solemnly warrants and guarantees that there are no flat lies and only one hidden joke in the above two paragraphs.


    The chessboard is the world, the pieces are the phenomena of the universe, the rules of the game are what we call the laws of nature. The player on the other side is hidden from us. -- Thomas Henry Huxley, Collected Essays

    One great difference between Chemical and Alchemical processes is that Alchemy only employs a gradual heat continually but carefully increased, and does not commence with violent heat. -- Israel Regardie, The Golden Dawn
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    Adam Mc Lean's obituary for Israel Regardie is fair and well presented. This man was nothing like Crowley at any level, but I could be wrong in terms of where they now reside.

    "Dr. Francis Israel Regardie died in March 1985. It appears that though he had not been well for some time he had remained actively working. Regardie's contribution to western occultism was considerable and indeed he influenced two or three generations of occultists. Although he wrote many books out of his own inspiration, the major event in his creative life was the compilation and publication of the Golden Dawn material (the first edition of which was issued in 1937). Regardie had been very close to Aleister Crowley, acting as his secretary for a while, and was a practising occultist and member of a working lodge.

    In the 1930's he recognised the value of the Golden Dawn material he had access to and realised that this current of occultism was in great danger of dying out, for it was then pursued by its aged members in an atmosphere of great secrecy. Regardie felt that the esoteric material, the rituals and order lessons he had in his possession, should be published, but he agonised as to whether this was the best course of action. He eventually decided to publish and the strong revival of interest in the Golden Dawn system certainly has vindicated him. Those who work with this current recognise they owe him a great debt for making this material available. It seems that Regardie profited little from this, indeed he was badly treated by publishers of this great work on the Golden Dawn, and he additionally suffered the loss of many of his manuscripts and source material through a theft. The unfair way he had been treated by publishers hurt him deeply, but happily during his last years, a American benefactor made possible the publication of a new edition of the Golden Dawn volume, which was substantially rewritten by Regardie. He continued to work even well into his eighties and during the last few years also collaborated in producing a set of Golden Dawn Tarot Cards.

    Apart from his occult magical work, Regardie was well known as a therapist practicing various techniques evolved from psychotherapy and esoteric lore for healing the psyche of his patients. He thus also contributed towards the rapproachement between depth psychology and esotericism that we have witnessed over the past decades. Through his long life Regardie achieved a great deal indeed. He avoided the trap of setting himself up as a guru, though many American occultists would readily have made themselves his acolytes. He was too wise, too canny, to go in that direction, and all his life he preferred rather to be seen as a channel for the transmission of esoteric ideas and traditions, than to project himself as their source. The books in his own name - the Tree of Life, Garden of Pomegranates, the Philosophers' Stone, Art of True Healing, the Middle Pillar - reveal quite clearly he saw himself in this role of transmitter of the occult tradition. Francis Israel Regardie certainly lived a life of great value, inspiring and encouraging through his books and the personal help he gave to individual acquaintances, the continuing growth of interest in the esoteric teachings."
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