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    Mummies Alive - Druids

    I watched some of the series 'Mummies Alive' dealing with two 2400 year old bog princes they called kings. The bodies as usual were well preserved so forensic analysis of the method of death shone a light on the rituals of what they called sun-worshippers and snickered about belief in making a king responsible for the weather and overall good circumstances of the whole community. They should have said meritocracies and results would be a better form of government today.

    The bodies were found 40 miles apart and had their heads removed while their arms were fastened behind their backs. Being that they likely knew each other and were so close together we can be certain they were not King-Bairds in charge of any major division of the pan-tribal Keltic peoples. In fact they may not even have been the head of a major clan or family. The torque on the neck was something most men might have and they found no real valuable appeasements for the gods they said the ritual killings were for.

    I could make just as good a case for the killings being a result of an act against the good of the larger Irish society and a judgement handed down through Brehon Law by the lesser dirfine. Lesser than the council of six King-Bairds. By this time the old Keltic or Irish Cultural Age was becoming unravelled as their colonial enterprises were being attacked by uprisings and the Phoenician bureaucrats who ran the trading empires or emporiae. In fact the time of these ritual killings is almost an exact time when Carthage saw the same practices and the leader had to forfeit his oldest child's life to satisfy the citizens that the gods or other dimensional forces were not pissed off at them. Shortly after this period the wealthy leaders started paying or forcing other families to give up their kids.

    There were yearly tributes to the gods throughout the whole of the Mediterranean (Frazer's Golden Bough, Plutarch etc.) and all the former colonies which still allowed Phoenician business monopolies to flourish. A more detailed article under the title Killing Red-Heads recounts this happy celebratory event in honour of Apollo or other gods who are the identical image and myth of Osiris. Osiris and Isis (The name is proof of Irish origin per MacDari and other linguists.) were on an ancient Council of Six before the Great Pyramid was built. Perhaps they were the original founders of Egyptian colonies as long ago as we have evidence of deep hole mining there. Manetho even suggests a date which dovetails with this 30,000 year old evidence.

    Another mine off the coast of Massalia (present day Marseilles near Rennes and a natural pentagram which also had a Druidic University) at the four hundred foot deep level also pre-dates the 5400 era creation of both the North Sea and Mediterranean. I mention this because the TV archaeology professors and presenters said they forensically proved one of these so-called kings had Southern European hair preparations for his Mohawk style tonsure or haircut. That same style is found in Lanning's (Columbia University 20 year study includes Keltic plaids and tartans) work in Lima, Peru dated to about the 2nd C. BCE. Massalia was founded by the Phoceans around 500 BCE who had the first metal coinage. That is very important because it showed the Bee symbol of the House of Mallia which archaeology shows us on Crete in 2000 BCE and with cistern technology to match the Shardana in Egypt and near Miletus in Asia Minor during the Trojan Worldwide War.

    The Bees are the Merovingians and Benjaminites including Childeric whose grave had a robe of Bees in metal which Napoleon used at his investiture as Holy Roman Emperor. Childeric and his southern French kingdom exists at the same time as King Arthur near Glastonbury where we also find Merovingian glass from southern France around the 5th C. AD.

    The Milesians are Kings in Ireland and they are sons of Mile (ML) in both Crete and Egypt as noted above.

    This site correctly notes that the language of the Keltoi was outlawed. That is Ogham and many variations or dialects therefrom. In fact the Druids had a bounty put on their heads by three Roman Emperors and Rome itself was founded by the Brutti who also founded Britain which still can be seen in the name for what once was one of the Emerald Isles and a Keltic spiritual homeland before the formation of the North Sea as well as after it. As I have said Celt is a Roman epithet or curse upon the Kelts. It means hammered tool and celts are indeed important from the time when metals found laying on the ground (float ore) could be hammered into swords and tools. Of course more recent historians like David Hume mean something the Romans intended people to understand 'drunken tools' or fools. So sad it is that epithets and icons or archetypes get continued by the victims of said psychological programming. There are many things about this site I could argue about including any use of the word Celt for a people. But you will see a history that includes Alexander the Great working with Kelts and other colonies having to answer to them. At the same time these bog princes went or sent to southern Europe for their head ointments. When Rome really got powerful after the Empire was weakened and SPQR or the people no longer shared in the bounty; they sent operatives like Patrick to personally burn books including the far larger law book called the Senchus Mor which gets boiled down from memory into the Brehon Laws.

    "Another group of Celts migrated eastward along the Danube towards the Black Sea, and settled in Transylvania (Rumania). When Alexander the Great started on his raids of conquest (ca. 335 BC), he first had to curb turmoil occurring among some tribes north of Macedonia. These were the Scordisai and several other Celtic tribes. It was during a party of reconciliation with these tribes that Alexander asked what they feared the most of all things in the world, and they answered with the famous words : “The only thing we really fear is that the sky will fall down on us”. {It is known today as the Keltic Creed.} Alexander had expected them to answer that they feared him most of all, so they diplomatically added : “But we judge the friendship of a man like you higher than anything else.”

    When Alexander died in 323 BC, his enormous empire fell apart. It was finally split between three of his generals. At the same time the Celts began moving south into Illyria (Illyrian refugees were granted asylum in Macedonia), and founded a Celtic kingdom in Thrakia (Bulgaria) in the year 297 BC. They moved further south into Greece, and sacked the Temple of Delphi of inconceivable treasures before they withdrew.

    At this time in history, Asia Minor was a patchwork of different peoples and states, all of which had been subjugated by Alexander, but which, by now were beginning to claim their independence back. One of these states was Bithynia in the northwestern corner of Asia Minor. In the year 278 BC there was a struggle for succession to the throne in the country between the brothers Zipoetes and Nikomedes. Nikomedes sought support from the Macedonian king Antigonos Gonatas, who recruited 3 Celtic tribes – the Tolistoboians, the Tectosagians and the Trocmanians, altogether 20,000 men. They swiftly secured victory for Nikomedes. After this there was nothing more the Celts in Bithynia could do, so they started collecting taxes (galatika = Celtic tax) from the Greek city-states along the coast. Finally they were subdued by the Syrian king Antiochos, who used elephants in his attack against the Celts.

    Along the coast of Phrygia – another of the many states in Asia Minor – a new kingdom was established in the year 281 BC – Pergamon. They made an agreement with the Celts. They were allowed to settle in the interior parts of Phrygia if they promised to live in peace. This country was later to be known as Galatia, and the three tribes claimed their own part; the Tolistoboians settled in the upper part of the river Sangarios, the Tectosagians east of these, and the Trocmanians further east, around the city of Ancyra (today’s Ancara). The Celts however did not keep their promise for long, and they managed to beat Antiochos in a battle near Ephesos in 265 BC, before they continued ravaging along the coast of Asia Minor. Finally they were subjugated by the strong king Attalos of Pergamon. Little by little however, they adjusted, keeping up their traditional farming practices for many centuries. The language was Celtic until 600 AD. A Christian missionary – St. Jerome – travelling through Asia Minor at the time, said the language reminded him of an accent spoken in Treveri, a Celtic tribe in the Rhinelands.

    In Britain Celtic influence is obvious from around 750 BC. Archaeological traces of the Hallstadt Culture can be seen from 500 BC, and from 300 BC a new wave of immigrants brought La Tène culture with them."

    The Culdees from the middle east or middle eastern jews returning therefrom make an appearance around this era too.
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    In the TV show you will see engineered roads going all over the bogs. Other roads that did not need to float were also built and Rome later built upon those stone roads. Academics and propagandists of course claimed all knowledge as Roman while engaging in their propaganda which our schools quote as fact to this day (Flat Earth never was a reality among a maritime nation of people like the Phoenicians who followed the King of Ireland named Finn (Ph is 'F').

    Imagine a world where psychic ability was enhanced from an early age - which it was during many eras prior to Empires who sought malleable subjects. Imagine teaching adepthood technology outside the black ops government and secret societies. James Joyce provides a portal of sorts to view the pre-Empire culture and if you have not seen Campbell speak about Joyce you are in for a treat.

    Druidic University:

    Long before there was a Rome or Eternal City there was a Druidic University near Rennes-le-Chateau. Just as we saw Oxford University was built at the same location the Pheryllts (Druidic Alchemists like the Cabiri discussed by Lewis Spence) had a university you will find many locations sacred to the Kelts are usurped by Rome/Bruttii. Chartrés is one of the most intriguing of these sites. Rome made it a custom to build on the old cultures roads and churches or other sacred sites starting with Constantine and Heliopolis. I highly recommend Fulcanelli's Les Mysteres des Cathedrales if you can find it and if you are able to intuit code. Here is a little wisdom from a man who mentions Fulcanelli. The language of the region Saunière grew up in is in fact 'of Occamy' or Alchemy. It is Langue D'Oc (camy) or Languedoc. In fact the whole region is sometimes called by this name. When he mentions the Language of the Birds he is addressing the Bardic Troubadours of the Hibernian system. It is BRD and my last name.

    Vincent Bridges is on the right track as he knows the Green Languages and the Language of the Birds which was originally BRD in vowel less script and symbols that became language or alphabets. Thomas Carlyle and his Cant is there too. Here is what Mr. Bridges says which ties Jesus into the forum of adept Hibernians or Gaedhils.

    "It was also the "green language" of the Freemasons ('All the Initiates expressed themselves in cant,' Fulcanelli reminds us) who built the art gothique of the cathedrals. Ultimately the "art cot," or the "art of light," is derived from the Language of the Birds, which seems to be a sort of Ur-language taught by both Jesus and the ancients. It is also mentioned in the Sufi text, entitled "The Conference of the Birds," by Attar the Chemist. In de Tassey's French translation of this work, which Fulcanelli references, the "conference" of the title is translated as "language." De Tassey goes on to explain the complex linguistic metaphor beneath the simple fable. Fulcanelli uses the same method to decode the alchemical meaning of the cathedrals." (3)

    The Sufi were allied with the Cathars and those Sufis who escaped the Crusade which the 'Hounds of hell' perpetrated upon them went to join the Bogomils in the Balkans where problems still continue and a Library/Museum was recently targeted by the US bombers. This library held their sacred books.

    All white people come from the same place - the Caucasus. That is why the name Caucasian. Of course our history prepared by propagandists and priestly manipulators wanted us to go to war for them against our brothers after a time James Joyce says is 5,000 years ago. So where the Druids came from is anywhere you find Caucasians - from Urumchi and India to China with their D'Ainu friends and so on. It is about time we stopped believing in lies meant to set us upon each other, don't you think? Consider that they traveled far and wide as DNA proves and you will see their burial customs everywhere in this simple-minded link. In the TV show they had an ornate gold urn found in Denmark which they said proved blood rituals which somehow tied in with the cutting off of a left nipple. You will see why people on that urn are being lowered into the urn - after cremation in this link. But I can confirm sects like the Godnarian Druids did more than the celebrations of a Wicker Man or Wake that sees happiness and respect for the dead who people know still are with us spiritually. There was a time when people paid those going to their death on the other side of the bog well shown in the TV show, paid them so the dead would do them a good deed from beyond. I document many different treatments in different areas of interest. For example there was no need for a death penalty if you were on an island - ostracism usually worked.

    Here is my first published book for you for free. It is DENSE and chock full of links and quotes from all manner of experts. It is an attempt to do an outline of a whole new history of mankind since the advent of white people which some insight on what went before. If I did it today I would have so much more proof including new hominids and DNA showing the Ainu (DNN) all over the world. My later books are simpler and easier to read.

    Dan Millman and Wayne Dyer both draw upon the writings of Carlos Castaneda whose guru was a Toltec (Druid) named Don Juan. The Druids and gymnosophists are very similar and might even be of the same root philosophy and region. Yoga is attributable to the gymnosophists. I like how Dan writes in The Way of the Peaceful Warrior, which reminds me of Carlos' Impeccable Warrior who has to lose himself to know what he is. The Mayan saying goes "Do not put yourself in front of your SELF."

    From "The Way of the Peaceful Warrior" Book by Dan Millman

    "You are a very nervous fish, fleeing every large ripple . Later, you became used to the ripples but still had no insight into their cause. You can see that a magnificent leap of awareness is required for fish to extend the vision beyond the water in which it is immersed to the source of the ripples.

    A similar leap of awareness is required of you. When you understand the source clearly, you'll see that the ripples of your mind have nothing to do with you; you'll watch them, without attachment, no longer compelled to overreact every time a pebble drops. You will be free of the world's turbulence as soon as you calm your thoughts. Remember - when you are troubled, let go of your thoughts and deal with your mind."
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    I have already put this in other threads here, a couple of months ago. It is relevant to this thread and deserves to be read in many different contexts and settings.

    Of course L. Ron Hubbard was a crazy fool for doing all the ritual killings he did, but what about the world leaders who feign to practice what Druids might have done?

    "Bohemian Grove is 'the greatest men's party on Earth', according to once-regular attendee Herbert Hoover. A secret little getaway for America's male upper crust, the 2-week long annual retreat in Monte Rio, California, has all the luxuries you'd expect of an elitist clique: outdoor plays, an orchestra, delicious food and beverages, public urination, streaking, and human sacrifices, to name a few. Nestled in beautiful redwood forests, every Republican president since Coolidge has partaken in the gala, as well as a host of other huge names in business and politics. {Many of the discussions in the two week festival end up becoming the tenets upon which the bureaucracy and media begin to act.}

    Little is known about its origins. The Bohemian Club was founded, according to its PR people, in 1872 by "five newspapermen, a Shakespearean actor, a vintner and a local merchant" from San Francisco. The male bonding funfest at the Grove itself began in 1879, near the Russian River. It wasn't long before this yearly custom became an annual tradition which has continued for over 120 years. Members enjoy opera, literature, and music." (1)
    Perhaps the human sacrifices are just mock shows or theatre macabre in the style of Masonic rituals like the killing of Hiram Abiff but there are people who have escaped who say otherwise. Churchill was made a Druid in a well known presentation at Blenheim Palace and Thomas Paine correctly notes that the Masons derive their system from the Druids. This is true for all Luciferians or Heliopolitans who like to trace their history to the early shamanistic scientists and subsequent Chaos Scientists. There is little likelihood that any of these so-called Druids are anything like the Druids who formed the beneficent leadership of the Brotherhood on Earth in the time before Empire. People who like my research and who have sought to spread my message have taken umbrage when I tell them this; if they consider themselves Druids or other neo-New Age cults.

    And the Washington Post link gives us footage from Alex Jones and a whole lot to think about. I especially find the comment about the Atomic Bomb interesting because I am near to certain that the Japanese were sacrificed in hopes of seeing the US become THE dominant world power; The government of Japan had offered to surrender long before the Tokyo raid and subsequent bombing of Hiroshima. All they wanted was to be sure that Hirohito (A god for their people.) would not be tried for war crimes.

    "Two future U.S. presidents, Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon, are pictured with Harvey Hancock (standing) and others at Bohemian Grove in the summer of 1967. (Ernest Orlando Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.) Correction: This article originally stated that the Bohemian Grove encampment begins today. It begins in mid-July.

    Every July, some of the richest and most powerful men in the world gather at a 2,700 acre campground in Monte Rio, Calif., for two weeks of heavy drinking, super-secret talks, druid worship (the group insists they are simply “revering the Redwoods”), and other rituals.

    Their purpose: to escape the “frontier culture,” or uncivilized interests, of common men.

    The people that gather at Bohemian Grove — who have included prominent business leaders, former U.S. presidents, musicians, and oil barons — are told that “Weaving Spiders Come Not Here,” meaning business deals are to be left outside. One exception was in 1942, when a planning for the Manhattan Project took place at the grove, leading to the creation of the atom bomb.

    A spokesperson for Bohemian Grove say the people that gather there “share a passion for the outdoors, music, and theater.”

    The club is so hush-hush that little can be definitively said about it, but much of what we know today is from those who have infiltrated the camp, including Texas-based filmmaker Alex Jones. In 2000, Jones and his cameraman entered the camp with a hidden camera and were able to film a Bohemian Grove ceremony, Cremation of the Care. During the ceremony, members wear costumes and cremate a coffin effigy called “Care” before a 40-foot-owl, in deference to the surrounding Redwood trees.

    Bohemian Grove’s spokesperson calls the ceremony “a traditional musical drama celebrating nature and summertime.” The spokesperson also said that while Jones’ comments are inaccurate, the footage is real."
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    There are top scholars addressing Stonehenge (Said to be built by Druids who still worship there - but these are not the Druids you are looking for.) who note that MesoAmericans had a very similar culture, in the same era of about 5,000 years ago. I quote every aspect of technological study and science, culture and chicanery all to no avail. People still want to blame aliens from some Bible Narrative for all the obvious advancements around the world which were here long before the churchians said we existed - as they interpreted for an all-knowing and infallible GOD.

    Human Cultural Evolution:

    If we think about it at this juncture, clearly there is little to commend this Judaeo/ Christian/Islamic God if he is represented by the people who led this church. Pagans have a far better history and stand foursquare and 'head and shoulders' above this God of this often re-written Bible. The separation of man from his soul; man from his equal (woman); man from Nature and man from most all that is good; is all I see! Maybe Melchizedek or some other Biblical character (like the Mormon secret society is named after) will be raised up and made a new savior. Maybe it will be John the Baptist (the Johannites and Benjaminites) or it might even be one of the censored people of the Bible like Jasher who will be re-cycled and make it appear they've changed. Whatever it is, I don't want the same structure and would like to see people DOING what Jesus did. Thinking for themselves and communing with his soul 'within' to touch the beauty in all nature!

    We can't expect people to read such a totally different picture of history and not challenge our ideas. We are including the best scholars we can and yet there will be many who are so threatened they will say all kinds of bad things about us. We know that there are risks and that the 'powers that be' will not help make this 'stuff' become common knowledge. The Hermetic 'cults' of Egypt and Greece that were so popular when people were allowed to follow knowledge (more) in the early Hellenistic times were from Isis and Osiris. They were the founders of Egypt who were not Gods. Like Moses and Jesus who the rabbis tell us became the object of hero worship so it has often been with great people once they are dead. Priests take the peoples' good opinion of their heroes and turn them into 'cults' with themselves as the key interpreters.

    Readers who study hard and have an open mind will find a veritable mine field of 'stuff' to try to sift through in order to find any essence of truth. I see some great truth might exist as I contemplate the naturally growing nanotubes and lattices or helixes that all energy manifests through. The whole universe vibrates according to an intelligent design such as mathematically demonstrated by Dembski. There is no reason to have made Darwin out to be a pure evolutionist. His Theory of Love is just as important. Although he was forced to differentiate himself from Lamarck he was in fact inspired by him. Few enough are the scientists who see there are divergent forces at work in all truthful outcomes. The quality of energy is as important as the quantity of energy, in whatever forces impact mutation. It is not unreasonable to say there is a collective force with purpose in some Divinely Providential construct. It is folly however, to think a mere human might fully comprehend it. That kind of ideology smacks of religious claptrap, I know. Nonetheless I propose there is merit in Dembski and all open-minded evaluations of what might be. We are often seeing the science or present fad therein proclaims an absolute proof that is subsequently proven false. I like the atomic physicists who were called atom-mysticists at first. Neils Bohr was one of them and he observed something like the following:
    "A great truth has an opposite, which is also true. A trivial truth has an opposite which is only a falsehood."
    We have endured the 'experts' of mechanistic professionalism far too long. Their ego has made them cling to fads and fictions with the most ignorant among us. When Edison's phonograph was presented to the Paris Academy of Sciences they throttled the presenter as they claimed he was a ventriloquist. At the end of the 19th Century a Patent Office Official said they should close down because everything that could be discovered had been already patented. This is the kind of sunshine law that all bureaucracies should install but not because they are right about no more inventions being possible. Even worse is the early 20th Century Britannica proclaiming torture was a thing of the past in 'civilized' Europe? Clearly we must do our own thinking.

    "Although Darwin was in the habit of repudiating violently any intimation that he had profited from Lamarck, we have already seen that he was acquainted at an early age with English versions of the latter's work and in 1845 there is a reference in an unpublished letter to Lyell (Biblio: In the possession of the American Philosophical Society, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.) regarding 'my volumes of Lamarck.'" (1)

    Lamarckian evolutionary theory allows for the mix of creation and the impact of directed creative and psychic or soulful participation. If God is everything and we all act in concert, there is a powerful collective force to be reckoned with. We might even change the nature of our Noble leaders by holding them in the light. Let us not cling to theory that faith or fad alone limits and selects facts to fit the prevailing 'norm'. Dembski must not be censored and censured by the biologists who fight to maintain their stranglehold on evolutionary theory. Charles Fort and Arthur Koestler are as wise as any who have 'observed' in the last century and they would not encourage such censure, I am sure. Creation should not be laid at the feet of God and we are part of God, we must act responsibly and with right action and thought. Come with me, and bring an open-mind that you can assimilate and later test. I will endeavour to see the 'light' in all its harmonizing glory. Barthold Niebuhr put the adventure in these relevant words:

    "He who calls what has vanished back again into being, enjoys a BLISS like that of creating."

    Thor Heyerdahl was such a person. His insight changed a lot of academic attitudes as he proved many things held sacred were anything but correct. We need to provide far better reason for a change in opinions than the prevailing paradigm if only because they have such a stranglehold on opinion. The propagandists have many writers and academics at their beck and call. This has been true for many millennia, and they have had the ability to destroy most evidence that would disprove their fictions or myths. That is one reason why linguistics and botany or other forensic tools are the best evidences for our effort to present an alternative history. Even when a 99% archaeological certainty that fits facts and established criteria to keep much truth out of the realm of accepted evidence - such as the Roman statue or head found in Mexico - there are those who debunk it or make it seem unimportant.

    My personal knowledge of statues at Chichen Itza convinces me there were many Etruscan and Greek artisans at work in Central America. If you ever go there be sure to drop in on the Villas Archaeologique. As you read Heyerdahl in the following quote be cognizant that five separate forensic labs have concurred that cocaine from Peru was part of the diet the mummies of Egypt enjoyed. Balabanova was well aware of the implications of this upon world history. That is why she had all the other labs test her results. Lanning provides artefacts detailing those involved in this trade. These secrets were very important to the potion makers or pharmacists of the ancient world. Hallucinatory drugs probably started the Phoenicians down this road a long time before Egypt. Our artefacts and evidence on stone and bas-reliefs includes the ancient handshake of the Phoenician enterprise that I think Moses and his family benefited from for a very long time.

    "Preconceived opinions on the lack of maritime activity in pre-Spanish America have also affected the botanical discussions of the origin of the common garden bean, 'Phaseolus vulgaris'. Last century Knicke, in a paper on the home of the garden bean, pointed out that this crop plant was formerly generally accepted as having been cultivated in Europe by the ancient Greeks and Romans, under the name of Dolickos, Phaseolus, etc. The cultivation of the same bean among the Aborigines of America was therefore explained as the result of its post-Columbian introduction."

    That was totally disproven so academia just went on saying the same old things about anomalies and co-incidences or that there is no proof of pre-Columbian culture taking hold in the Americas, just a few ships going off course in a storm at best.
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    If you have read any posts of mine about Ogham and the Pentagon Dodecahedron you are getting to 'glimpse the waves of the marvellous' to quote a head man of the Priory named Hugo. You are seeing why I diss the current revivalist Druids and their simple ego and power games. You are getting to see what a Baird is - and which I have learned only in the last 25 years, despite having that family name. I sometimes know there is genetic info transfer going on - and I wonder if our Akashic or Ein Sof human concepts and ET contacts are this genetic info transference that also plays out through the ether in crop circles with all those Druidic math designs.

    Here is a thought I would love to discuss with Bucky and other members of the Institute of Advanced study at both Princeton (Godel and Einstein) and Dublin (Wigner et. al) where my Ogham mentor said Boulean math was given by Druid science. And you can be absolutely certain that the Druids understood the Earth Energy Grid more than any scientist today. It has one charge and the Ether has another as Tesla used to develop Wardenclyff and wireless energy transmission. One charge is the 'I' and the other charge is the 'O' in your bits of computer data from Boule. Read up on my posts covering I O Torus as well as Ogham. Believe me or not, the Druid science went past mere fortune and divination such as Ogham does (Tao Te Ching and Runic derivatives) - to actual manifestation or what Bucky called 'creative realization'.

    But the major power source Tesla was working on is a Unified Force field leading to dimensionsal energy tap-ins which he said caused him to see past, and future simultaneously. In my book on him I explain his work on the attention point to overcome deep psychological and even matter dysfunction. Tesla used the Earth Grid and air or ether forces - he used what works and did not abide stupid academic me-too think. The possibility of energy sources in ancient times that no historian working for the paradigm will discuss grows more realistic every day. Dr. Don Robins described megaliths as macrochips - he was a very accomplished person in archaeology whose inventions bring us better means to date artifacts and many other things. The Dragon Project researchers included Cambridge mathematicians using magnetometers. It is near to certain that attunement sciences and metaphysics was more developed before the Carolina Bays event destroyed most cities and killed most humans. Today you will hear scientists working on Gravitational Wave research say metaphysics is more real than old physics. The pentagon dodecahedron allowed major energy flows through the megaliths - it had twelve major center points and our Mr. Brown has calculated three of them. Ivan Sanderson added more and I think Mt. Yamato or another part of the Antarctic is one as well. Everyone agrees (most real thinkers) that the Great Pyramid was central to it but it was built long after the people with the real knowledge had used smaller structures there to affect many things including advanced psychic ability.

    In the research on Pine Gap we have submarines with antennae being powered at a great distance - VRIL antennae receiving power from the Megalithic power plant could do likewise. Indeed we have a modern day effort to use the Earth Energy Grid. Tesla probably would roll over in his grave. The Pentagon dodecahedron and Earth Energy Grid is now a lot more powerful. Imagine an antennae flexing with nanotubes and superconductive material that is insulated, reaching into a black hole or other dimension to bring back energy to travel beyond warp speed.

    Is there a discipline of greater integration than alchemy - no. Why do academics talk about it and know nothing about it?

    Given that the Arab Encyclopedia addresses Pythagoras as an alchemist and Abaris headed the studies he was engaged in - I am confident Abaris was an alchemist.

    If you need more than my word on it - it is another which joins many others including Eliade which I have given before this.

    "Alchemy is a rich and complex esoteric tradition that has flourished world-wide since the beginning of recorded history, if not earlier. There are three main traditions: Western Christian, Indo-Tibetan and Chinese Taoist. Within this diversity there are many common features, which are analyzed, organized, and brought together in this comprehensive dictionary of terms, symbols, and personalities.

    This dictionary is the distillation of many years' research into the extensive arcane literature. It is a reference work to guide the readers through the labyrinth of pre-Newtonian science and philosophy. The dictionary covers not only the materialist dimension of the search for the elixir of life and the transmutation of metals, but also the inner search for the gold of mystical illumination.

    Jung called alchemy "the projection of a drama both cosmic and spiritual in laboratory terms". This opus alchymicum goes beyond the bare analysis and interpretation of terms to present a harmonic, integrated vision of man and nature, which may help to heal the fragmented world view of modern science."
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    The naming of people or putting epithets or derogatory associations together with them continues to this day. I can honestly say the Druids had a scientific viewpoint in relation to what might be called gods by academics and even those who write increasingly positive portrayals of the Druids (Bairds). In this book excerpt we see them termed superstitious because academics today would say it is superstitious to raise a Queen like Boadicea to the status of a god. Heck she couldn't sing a good rap song or do standup like Obama as far as I know. In the not to distant future someone will look back on the 21st Century and say we made John Lennon a god.

    But that is not the argument I would use. I would say the Druids were able to do more political damage, understood actual etheric forces better than all but modern quantum physicists who they also would beat the pants off if it came to actual manipulation of those "superstitious" forces. That is why Rome and it's Empires that followed including those still in power to this day - had to eradicate Druids and the laws that allowed people (average everyday people) to benefit from all that nature's bounty can provide. Those laws had a lot of green initiatives and no one could own nature.

    Mummies galore are herein found.

    I have not read the following but it looks like it does explore a lot of relevant matters to our attempt to bring all religion under one roof.

    This is indeed an open-minded and scientific although humorous road to peek into. It includes DNA studies and a skull some want to say is Jesus.

    The Phoenician or Irish Cultural Age (according to Masonic linguist Connor MacDari) language schools understood the magic of words and symbols better than we do today. The Phoenicians (trans. followers of the Irish King Finn and his Fianna) are the mythological Atlanteans and much more from myth is attributable to them. The Father of Biblical Archaeology says the Bible is a Phoenician literary legacy. All the languages of the Mediterranean came from the Phoenicians and I draw a connection to Peru and other places in the thread Ogham and Aymara. The Red-Headed League of Megalith Builders are Phoenicians and it now seems possible that the DNN or Ainu did genetic interbreeding with Denisovan Man and Neanderthal to make those red-heads.

    In this site and link you will see how the myth begins and more evidence of what I say.

    "THE ISLAND OF ATLANTIS was a mythical realm of the far West which was sunk beneath the ocean by the gods to punish the people for their immorality.

    The name "Atlanteans" was also given by the Greeks to the Phoenician colonies along the Barbary Coast of North Africa (i.e. around Mount Atlas). Diodorus Siculus describes their Titan-mythology and wars with the Libyan Amazones. Plato may have the same nation in mind, since he names the second Atlantian king Gadeiros after a famous Phoenician colony near the Straits of Gibraltar."

    This book seems a little too proud of Britain but the Brutti who founded Britain are very important and people from the area of what is now named after them - Britain did travel to places like Egypt.

    Is Avaris in Egypt named after Abaris (Rabbi) the Druid or vice versa?

    Similarly but better than OBOD or the Society of Bairds, Ovates and Druids who are wanna-bes and wanna-BEEs.

    Perhaps I should not be so harsh on them because they emphasize Britain and have not done the research to take it back a lot further. They get a few things as correct as any do, and are worth a read.

    "After Hu Gadarn, Aed Mawr is said to have set up The Druid Order about 1,000 B.C., with three Archdruidic sees and thirty-one other centres of learning. Classical tradition, however unreliable, agrees with this in speaking of the reception of the founder-philosopher of Greece, Pythagoras, into The Druid Order in Marseilles in about 529 B. C.

    It has also a legend, already old to Herodotus, who disbelieved it, {My reading of Hecateus sees him as confirming the great wisdom, language knowledge and other arts demonstrated by Abaris.} that visiting Pythagoras came one Abaris, from the land of the Hyperboreans he being a priest of Apollo, speaking perfect Greek and “fit for the reception of wisdom.”

    Passing over these more doubtful figures which approximate to myth, more sober traditions and records agree in attributing to the Druids an elaborate and lengthy wisdom teaching with several grades, and an influence over princes and Celtic tribal peoples alike.

    “The Druids,” says Ceasar (Gallic Wars, Bk. 6 ) “preside in matters of religion, have the care of sacrifice and interpret the will of the Gods. They have the direction and education of youth… In almost all controversies… the decision is left to them… The Druids never go to war, are exempted from taxes and military service.”

    The young “are taught to repeat a great number of verses by heart and often spend twenty years upon this institution… They (the Druids) teach likewise many things relating to the stars and their motions, the magnitude of the world and our earth, the nature of things and the power and prerogatives of the immortal gods.”

    Britain not Gaul, was the centre or holy land of this formidable body and although Bardism compromised, disastrously for itself, with the Roman power in Gaul, here Druidism fought the invaders tooth and nail.

    How far it was really driven out one cannot tell; it remained strong in Scotland, Wales and above all Ireland, whence the Christianised Druids returned as the missionaries known as Culdees and probably formed the background of great missionaries such as St. Columba (Columcille) who founded the Celtic Church in Britain.

    The Arthurian traditions are clearly Druidic in their earlier forms, being part of a mystery teaching which includes the Welsh mythology."
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    The TV show on Mummies yesterday had a girl found high atop a mountain with an active volcano which they unearthed and determined came from the so-called Incas. The rulers were Incas - not the people. The rulers were white people in league with Pizzaro's type. There is proof of over three thousand years of continuous trade with the so-called Old World. There is proof of contact for ten thousand years before that. And tell me why normal academics don't say where the people came from in the first place or deny all proofs older than their history (based on the Flat Earth lie of religion) says. Anywho - enough of my usual rant. This girl shocked the discoverers because her hands looked like she was freshly placed there - they said she looked as if she were asleep. They made no mention of Peruvian mummies found in the north of the Emerald Isles or the Canary Islands funerary practices which are identical. They did not explain how ancients who they say had no metal working or advanced culture could know these things BEFORE Europeans did - or even consider that as a possibility. Heck, these dense dolts don't even talk about Incas and Mayans being from similar source trading ventures. DNA is wrecking their denial however - the Ainu blood is all over Peru and I hope more research shows what I believe to be the case with the Mayans.

    Not only do I have proof of metal-working in Peru - I have proof of smelting iron and making a crowbar. It gets almost redundant and boring yet, everytime I see a TV show my blood boils anew. The Caral pyramids are older than the ones on Giza's Plateau according to some academics. The mummies found in the Hebrides and Canary Islands have similar interment procedures to those in Peru. There are many things that show advanced technology started in Peru and it is hard to know when it all began or what kind of culture may have taught the white people known as the Chachapoyas who were still the leaders of the people ruled by Incas even though history tells us they were defeated a short time before Pizarro arrived. I have presented a DNA map at W-M which shows the Ainu (DNN) in Peru and Polynesia.

    "A team of archaeologists, led by Dr Mike Parker Pearson of Sheffield University, has recently found the remains of what are believed to be two mummified Bronze Age bodies, buried under the floor of a prehistoric house at Cladh Hallan on the Hebridean Island of South Uist. The house in which the mummy skeletons were buried was part of a unique Bronze Age complex, which is as mysterious as the preserved corpses that were buried there.

    'The skeletons looked very Peruvian mummies'." (1)

    The situation in science regarding Easter Island is wrapped up in genocidal efforts by Catholics from Peruvian conquerors and a concerted effort to deny certain very real possibilities including early inhabitants as far back as Rongorongo from Ilavarta. Wikipedia does not say it is from Ilavarta or Mohenjo Daro. Nor do most scholars want to discuss ocean travel from before the time of Sumer or their Cradle of Civilization theory which is a pile of Biblical you-know-what.

    Here is what Wikipedia has to say: "
    Rongorongo, a system of glyphs discovered in the 1800s, is believed to represent an older version of the Rapanui language. However, the decipherment of rongorongo is an ongoing process and it is not yet clear whether or not Rongorongo is a form of writing or some other of cultural expression."
    Linguists I have read say the same Rongorongo is found in Central America as well as northern India. I have shown good scholars demonstrating that Buddhist influences on the Mayan and Mayan influences on India such as the origin of the mathematical concept of zero prove what is also proven through numerous cultural similarities that Professor Scherz found his Indian (not casino Indians) students noticed.

    Other entries on Wikipedia go further and seek to deny any connection with the Indus Valley from 4,000 and more years ago. As per usual they also call natives liars and anyone who believes natives could actually read Rongorongo something similar or amateur. "In the late 19th century, within a few years to decades of the destruction of Easter Island society by slave raiding and introduced epidemics, two amateur investigators recorded readings and recitations of rongorongo tablets by Easter Islanders. Both accounts were compromised at best, and are often taken to be worthless, but they are the only accounts from people who may have been familiar with the script first-hand."

    I said Ilavarta was in touch with far away places through ocean travel over six thousand years ago. Perhaps I should say the Magan culture nearby has traded with South Asia for a long time and I wish the digs near the mouth of the Persian Gulf where this culture was located weren't being destroyed. Silly old me, I recall many early alphabets had no vowels and 'h' was just a sound made by the aspiration of tongue and cheek. I also know 'y' in many scripts looked like the waves of the ocean and 'g' came therefrom by writing it quickly I suggest. Yep, silly old me - I see Magans and Mayans have common roots. But I actually listen to Mayan native origin stories about three brothers coming from the West over the ocean.

    I do seem to integrate a lot of different studies, more than most academics. Here we have something from a ceramics Museum which tells us sea-trade with India and Vietnam is a lot older than you might think and yet it leaves open the likely fact of far more ancient trade. Maybe it is part of my need to prove mankind is an asshole by being one myself, you might say.

    "Vietnam is one of many Asian countries having a long-standing and famous tradition of ceramics production. Vietnam also is one of three countries including Vietnam, China and Japan that exported ceramics developed in other countries. The manufacture of Vietnamese ceramics has been formed and developed from the 1st to the 3rd centuries and strongly developed since Vietnam had won their freedom in the early 10th century."

    The whole situation becomes clearer when you get actual Sumerian records saying they were a colony (not of aliens) of people out of Dilmun or where the Phoenicians built and sold ships in 2800 BCE to the far away Egyptians. In another colony of theirs where Memphis was a key administrative center. That would be about half way between their Byblos sites in Lebanon and on the Persian Gulf. Then you will see Tocharians mentioned in the next site. That is a language of The Mummies of Urumchi near the Great Wall of China and Temujin's Altaic and Ainu homeland. That language is most like Luwian or Crete's ancient script which reports say are on the urban structures at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico near Cuba.

    The legends of the Keltoi say they had four main administrative centers. One of them is always Crete, but I suspect Urumchi area was one from 20,000 BCE to 500 BCE when Professor Scherz's student Joan Price of the American Institute of Archaeology demonstrates they left and came to join earlier settlers near Wisconsin and became the Fox and Sauk Indians (Casino type). It is entirely possible that it was not Urumchi but rather Ulan Bator as Churchward says civilization began there 200,000 years ago. They are close to each other but we have little in the way of archaeology near Ulan Bator before we found Denisovan Man recently. For more on this you should read my thread on the Ainu (DNN of the Kelts or Kets, I now propose.).

    And then there is the Mongolian Blue spot to think about. As you read this blog please remember the spots disappear or they are not what is relevant.,537413,537413 Also remember there are lots of proofs for the Mormon history of pre-Columbian peopling of the Americas - we have hundreds here. Check out Cyrus Gordon for more.
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    Next up - The Spirit Caves of Nevada which tie-in with Poverty Point heights of people and other red-heads or Phoenicians all over the map.

    "Oldest North American Mummy Volume 49 Number 5, September/October 1996
    by Lara J. Asher

    A mummy excavated in 1940 and stored at the Nevada State Museum in Carson City was recently dated to ca. 7420 B.C., making it the oldest mummy ever discovered in North America.

    Donald Tuohy and Amy Dansie of the Nevada State Museum say the mummy, a male about 45 years old, was one of several gathered from caves in Nevada's Churchill County. Its excellent state of preservation had led earlier researchers to believe it was ca. 2,000 years old. Dansie and Tuohy were astonished when radiocarbon tests of hair and bone and two mats covering the body yielded dates more than 7,000 years older.

    Discovered during salvage excavations in advance of a guano-mining project, the mummy was found lying on a fur blanket dressed in a twisted skin robe with leather moccasins on its feet and a twined mat sewn around its head and shoulders. A similar mat was wrapped around the lower portion of the body and bound under the feet. Skin remained on the back and shoulders as well as a small tuft of straight dark hair, which changed to reddish-brown when exposed to light and air.

    The man may have died from complications associated with a skull fracture or abscessed teeth, according to Gentry Steele of Texas A&M University, who examined the body. Fifty-eight other fiber and fur artifacts were found in the cave, including two bags containing cremated human remains. The style of weaving used in the textiles, known as diamond-plaited matting, marks the earliest stage in North American weaving technology. "People were more settled than we thought," says Dansie, noting the time it must have taken to gather the fibers and weave them into mats. "
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    "1. Self Mummifying Monks

    Mummifying yourself is somewhat macabre by today’s standards, but these priests saw this as a form of enlightenment. In 794 AD, Buddhists from the esoteric school of Shingon began the three part process of mummification, which took around ten years. The first step was to live entirely on nuts and grains to rid the body completely of fat: the lack of fat means decomposition is greatly reduced. During this time, monks would endure extreme hardships, like meditating in icy mountain streams for hours on end.

    By the time step two is reached, the monk is a walking skeleton, but nevertheless their diet is restricted even further to bark and roots from pine trees. At this stage monks also begin to drink tea made from the sap of the urushi tree; an extremely toxic substance normally used to varnish furniture. It causes vomiting and dehydration, but more importantly, it ‘lacquers’ the innards, preventing insects from ingesting the monk after his death.

    In the final stage, the monk enters a coffin. There is a small hole to enable breathing and the monk rings a small bell every day to alert fellow monks he is still, somehow alive. Once the bell ceases to ring, the coffin is sealed.

    After 1,000 days, the coffin is re-opened to see how effective the mummification process was. Of the thousands of monks underwent this excruciating process, only 24 monks were successful, the most recent of which was discovered in January 2015. The 200-year-old mummified body was found in the lotus position in Mongolia. The select few that triumphed are said to be living forever with Buddha; those that failed are praised but are thought to have returned to the wheel of reincarnation. "

    This video is hype and entertainment but worth a listen.
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