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Thread: Magic, Thaumaturgy

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    A response to the last post in another forum made a good point about will being problematical if karma applies. Here is my reply.

    You raise a very important point.

    And I think you are "on point" Trismegistus even. Humour there! (The On Three Points site is the forum I was responding to.)

    For example we could evaluate Aleister Crowley who probably did battle with Gurdjieff who I mentioned in the opening post.

    In his Liber and in his life (as carried forward into Scientology, where his soul may continue through a ritual battle) we have
    "Do what thou Wilt is the only law."
    In truth it is actually only part of one of the three Magian Laws. This is why Hermes was Trismegistus (Thrice Great). Not that I think any person can do that in a lifetime of study. To know all three laws fully is something even a great alchemist like Jesus or Frater Albertus cannot achieve. But in the soulful continuum of Perdurabo - which Crowley said he was. It might happen once in a generation of humans - might!

    That law is different since Pandora's Box was opened at the start of the Atomic Age and atom-mysticism became a word applied to the likes of Bohr and maybe even Sir William Crookes. Notice I said 'opened' not discovered. The law was "Know, Will, Dare, Keep Silent" or "Scrire, Potere, Audere, Tacere". I say (Following Fulcanelli) that the Tacere part no longer is operant, in our collective Magian aether or WHOLE.

    My key Law is "Right thought = Right ACTION". Each word can have different emphasis and provide different insight. It works in reverse and you get what you refer to as Karma and at a simpler level was The Law of Retribution in pre-Pauline Christendom. I do not just believe in karma or limit it by belief. I LIVE it! I have said I am a flux for 'what IS'. Be that as it may, I use mySELF as an illustration to make clearer the matter of Karma. The Mayans said 'Do not put your self in front of your SELF.' There are even more ways to play with words and the emphasis in this saying which amounts to the same thing as Right thought = RIGHT action. A saying attributed to Jesus (a title not the translation of Yeshua) is 'He who IS, least selfish, is MOST selfish.' It will take me all of this life to fully grok this one paragraph. You can also enjoy SEEing what Shak-his-speare meant in 'To be, or NOT to be.'

    Getting back to Crowley and his claim to being Perdurabo, the soul continuance of many adepts you would probably regard as magicians rather than avatars or great sages. These souls are said to include, Edward Kelley, Cagliostro, Eliphas Levi and maybe even a member of the US founding or secret steering group known as The Rosicrucian Council of Three. That person would be Paschal Beverly Randolph. The Randolph Royals include the first President of the United States (Not George Washington as all media say) Peyton Randolph. I am told this Council of Three is no more - and that is an opinion about words I do not share. Mere words for labels do not mean the same steering committee does not exist. The so-called (not true though) New World Order was created by a Council of Three including St. Germain. That group of three was higher than the Rosicrucian Council of Three when the Enlightenment Experiment was carried out in the Revolutions they managed in France and America. I have written about four books which it takes to cover this one paragraph. The US Council of Three was Thomas Paine, George Clymer and Ben Franklin. Later it included Abraham Lincoln when Paschal Beverly Randolph was in it.

    Perdurabo means a soul in perpetuity. I am inclined to believe there is a collective soul which has many lesser souls with no true recollection of prior lives in that conscious state we call being alive. I am (again for example) not fully aware of prior incarnations although psychics have often told me I am an old soul and I do get things by 'tapping in' and through Bibliomancy etc..Seth Speaks was a watershed book for me, and since I read it forty years ago I have learned nothing in it was likely 'channelled'. So do I believe Crowley actually knew his soulful continuum while alive? In his meeting with Gurdjieff written about by more than one person - I say we find Crowley is a loser. In his life I say he was a loser. In his life your word or level of understanding karma does apply - but in his soul, is that true? Did he experience all his soul wanted to grok (Fully know from Stranger in a Strange Land)? I say he may indeed be Perdurabo but that might mean Hubbard is truly evolved - which if Crowley won their long distance battle (which ended with Crowley innards wrapped around and around yet no incision on his body) - and I do not think Hubbard was evolved and even less so than Crowley. I am sorry for the last sentence, it is dense. Could Crowley have lost such a battle to a man he feared because Hubbard drew down Babalon or Baphomet as the alchemist Jack Parsons reported to Crowley in their OTO Thelemic organization? Could Hubbard have a magic energy greater than the self-avowed triple six? Yes, Crowley may have been that weak, but Crowley also was reaching near his physical end of life and he may have allowed himself to be in Hubbard.

    In magik (not magic of the prestidigitation sort) we have 'will' becoming INTENT. Decrees being powerful prayer beyond belief. Creative realization (Bucky) and manifesting of reality.
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