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    St. Germain

    There are followers and promoters of St. Germain today who lie and cheat with the best priestly blowhards. The Stardoves and Elizabeth Clare Prophet (Profit - it should be) are among them. I cannot say to what extent Summit University is a fraud - they may be duped by others and no doubt that is true of many including the Masons who still use his books as part of their studies. Some of these people will tell you St. Germain is an immortal who lived before the time of Christ or to be perfectly clear before that myth was written about by his ancestors. I do suspect you can take 'his' to mean either of them. For you see St. Germain is De Medicis and therefore Benjaminite who marry throughout many eras with Merovingians. In my book on St. Germain which many sites say they allow you to read for free - but you must give credit card info to join - I quote St. Germain saying the stories of his immortality are false. That does not mean he was not a soulful immortal and Ascended Master.

    There are numerous researchers who show the connections of the Illuminati to the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn (Years after
    Crowley and Regardie) come because the Rothschilds include esotericists just as the De Medicis named St. Germain had set up the schooling system in Vienna for them as he passed the spy network and financial monopoly (These things are most connected.) to the Rothschilds. Most of these researchers do not get the esoterics behind the acts and organizations or see the Corpus Hermeticum translated and called De Brix for what this means. De Brix is like De Bruges, it is another translation of the Bruttii and a family that founded Rome and Britain which has been ruling and building sophisticated means of control or Empire ever since.

    These BEES include more than the 'bees' of Childeric which the Merovingian Napoleon put upon his Holy Roman Emperor's investiture robe. They were in Egypt and are the Royal House of Mallia on Crete in 2200 BC.There are some researchers who are cluing in to the inner sanctum of esoteric Heliopolitan or Luciferian (Druidic) Vatican types who are Hibernian double agents like St. Bernard or Robespierre, Rumford, Lafitte, Da Vinci, Dee, Columbus and all the rest. It would appear I am the only researcher who has connected Hoffet to both Sauničre and Plantard de St. Clair (Sinclair BEE) who both were leaders of The Priory of Sion like Da Vinci. This is the major reason I wrote a book on Sauničre. Because I am called an alchemist by high Rosicrucians I have known, I am in a position to know what Hoffet studied and one or more of the techniques he used in his position in the Documentation branch for the Vatican. Bibliomancy and genetic encoded information are just part of the arts and artifices in alchemy for many millennia.

    So when you read about Sauniere being introduced around the esoteric salons of Paris by this man you are getting close to the true Da Vinci Code. It is all about Synarchy! But that does not mean George Bernard Shaw and his London School of Economics venture was not well-intentioned, anymore than it means Annie Besant (One of a very few female Masons) did no good work with Krishnamurti or in establishing India. It does not mean Yeats or Stein knew the role they played in this Hegelian Dialectic that truly is 'Charmed'. But I am pretty sure Hoffet and his ilk have used The Charm of Making on these people just as it has been used on me. It does make me wonder what role Plantard played at Lake Leman with Kissinger, Baruch and the Rat Lines reconstruction of Europe as well as what he was doing with the Gestapo before they returned him to his role in the French underground during the war. It does make me want to know more about Plantard and Prince Bernhart of the Thulean Gestapo who founded the Bilderbergs with the aid of the OSS/CIA. Yes, there is a wide-ranging 'Charmed Circle' to say the least.

    The Philosopher's Stone is not just a spiritual allegory for a personal enlightenment despite what many people will tell you. They say
    these things because it is true that a spiritual enlightenment is required if one is to make a 'Stone', and because they have not done the 'work'. Israel Regardie wrote a book called The Philosopher's Stone in which he said it was only a metaphor or allegory. Regardie is worth reading and he was the personal secretary for Aleister Crowley and the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn which some authors say is satanistic. The authors who say that are often Bible Thumpers and worse. It is Luciferian and Lucifer is the Venus light or Heliopolitan Druidic system. It is a good spiritual course and Regardie's work on the books of the HOGD that present part of that course are possibly the best books to introduce people to the Path.

    You can be certain that the De Medicis were not stupid superstitious people despite the fact that they bought the Papacy more than a few times. The De Medicis paid to have the Corpus Hermeticum translated and had their family name (De Brix) used as the title. They were not mere 'farmers' or 'bauers'. They have always been of the highest understanding. This is one of the reasons you can be sure the Rothschilds are the De Medicis. Both of these families used the same old song about being 'farmers (De Medicis) or 'bauers' which is translated as 'farmers'.

    I think there is a good possibility that Sauničre happened upon a 'Stone'. It might even have been the 'Stone' used by
    Nostradamus or Leonardo. Nostradamus was protected by the De Medicis and Leonardo was one of their employees. It is even possible that Sauniere was able to influence the future he saw in the 'Stone' in a more meaningful way than other Time (or Impeccable) Warriors like Carlos Castaneda. This explanation fits with his knowing when he would die and his being able to stop that death but having been told (By the Hapsburg Holy Roman Emperors) that he would not be allowed to choose a different date to die. In fact this explanation is the one I personally favor out of all the possible explanations for the enormous sums of money he was provided.
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    It will seem totally unbelievable for most people who read what follows, that St. Germain was the only true founder of the USA. Even this over-the-top website won't go that far - but I do. I show how he did this in one lifetime and he did a great deal more in France and England. He probably bi-located as the Professor they speak about here. Jefferson gave credit to Paine for the Declaration and I do not accept the flag fiction, the founding of Phremasonry or many other things this site says. But do read it.

    "Throughout his life, Francis Bacon's fondest hope was the, creation of a Utopia across the Atlantic, the realization of his "New Atlantis" in the form of a society of free men, governed by sages and scientists, in which his Freemasonic and Rosicrucian principles would govern the social, political and economic life of the new nation. It was for this reason why, as Lord Chancellor, he took such an active interest in the colonization of America, and why he assisted in the founding of Jamestown, Virginia. For it was in America, through the pen of Thomas Paine and the writings of Thomas Jefferson, as well as through the revolutionary activities of his many Rosicrucian-Freemasonic followers, most prominent among whom were George Washington and Benjamin Franklin, that he hoped to create a new nation dedicated to his political philosophy.

    In his Secret Destiny of America, Manly Hall, Bacon's most understanding modern scholar, refers to the appearance in America, prior to the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776, of a mysterious Rosicrucian philosopher, a strict vegetarian who ate only foods that grew above the ground, who was a friend and teacher of Franklin and Washington and who seemed to have played an important role in the founding of the new republic. Why most historians failed to mention him is a puzzle, for that he existed is a certainty.

    He was known as the "Professor." Together with Franklin and Washington, he was a member of the committee selected by the Continental Congress in 1775 to create a design for the American Flag. The design he made was accepted by the committee and given to Betsy Ross to execute into the first model.

    A year later, on July 4, 1776, this mysterious stranger, whose name nobody knew, suddenly appeared in Independence Hall and delivered a stirring address to the fearful men there gathered, who were wondering whether they should risk their lives as traitors by affixing their names to the memorable document which Thomas Jefferson wrote and of whose ideals Francis Bacon, founder of Freemasonry and Rosicrucianism, was the true originator."

    A friend I made in Philadelphia who ran WCAU radio told me his employer paid researchers of the highest acclaim to discover the truth behind Betsy Ross, Pearl Harbor and Paul Revere. His employer was Westinghouse Broadcasting and it was the year after the bicentennial. The Veteran's of Foreign Wars and The American Legion were outraged at the facts they uncovered. These fine people said "We need our heroes." I say we need less brainwashing and more movies like 'Gangs of New York'.

    This account of the creation of our first flag was first brought to light in 1870 by one of her grandsons, William J. Canby, at a meeting of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania. This took place 94 years after the event supposedly took place! Mr. Canby was a boy of eleven years when Mrs. Ross died in his home.

    In the many years since the story was told, numerous historians have conducted vigorous searches into extant government records, personal diaries,and writings of Washington and his contemporaries and none of them have been able to verify the claims of Canby. One verifiable fact is this; the minutes of the State Navy Board of Pennsylvania for May 29, 1777, say in part "An order on William Webb to Elizabeth Ross for fourteen pounds twelve shillings, and two pence, for making ship's colours,&c, put into Richards store". The minutes show that Elizabeth Ross made ship's colors for Pennsylvania state ships. Some of the facts, among others, that have been discovered by this research that cast doubt on Canby's claim are these; He asserted that the stars and stripes were in common if not general use soon after the signing of the Declaration of Independence, nearly a year before the resolution of Congress proclaiming the flag. There is no record of the flag being discussed or of a committee being appointed for the design of the flag in either the Journals of the Continental Congress or the diaries and writings of Washington around this time. Meetings with Colonel Ross and Robert Morris cannot be documented. Further, it is illogical to assume that Washington was present at the alleged meeting with Betsy Ross on the design of the flag when it is known that he wanted a national standard made for the use of the army in 1779.

    But I think that the question that begs to be asked is; Why have so many generations of Americans come to accept this legend as fact? After Canby's death, a book written by his brother George Canby and nephew Lloyd Balderson was published in 1909. The book, The Evolution of the American Flag, presented in more detail the claims for Betsy Ross made by William Canby in 1870. Among other things, the authors describe the formation of the Betsy Ross Memorial Association, and reproduced a painting by Charles H. Weisgerber depicting the alleged meeting of the committee of Congress with Betsy Ross. The picture, entitled Birth of Our Nations Flag, is actually a composite portrait made up of from pictures of her granddaughters and other decendants. The artist took liberties with history by painting the stars in the flag in a circle. This painting, incidently, stirred a great deal of public interest in the subject when it was first exibited, at the Columbian Exposition in Chicago in 1893. Following this, money to purchase the Betsy Ross house in Philadelphia was raised by selling ten-cent subscriptions to the American Flag House and Betsy Ross Memorial Association, incorporated in 1898. Each contributor received a certificate of membership that included a picture of the house, her grave in Mt. Moriah Cemetery in Philadelphia, and a color reproduction of the Weisberger painting. This campaign gave the legend wide publicity and the Weisberger painting was reproduced in school history textbooks thoughout the United States!

    In the days of Betsy Ross we did not have the benefit of a frenetic press corps to witness, probe, and record the events of the day. Careful historians do not accept the legend and neither should we. At the same time, there often seems to be a wistful regret, best expressed, perhaps, by President Woodrow Wilson when asked his opinion of the story. He replied, "Would that it were true!""
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    Wikipedia has a lot of nothing to say about St. Germain but they do get it right in reference to his legend and myth. I am 100% certain he is not Francis Bacon and I suspect people who are Baconians foment such stories. When creating new myths which a person has special access to or is mediumistically getting messages from (LIKE Ballard and Stardoves) that person almost has the same cache or acclaim that the ascended master does. I am also sure Bacon did not write most books of Shakespeare although there are some books written which are under the name of Shakespeare which might have been written by others including De Vere whose family is still in charge of the Dragon Court I post articles from here all the time.

    "St. Germain, as one of the Masters of the Ancient Wisdom, is credited with near god-like powers and with longevity. It is believed that Sir Francis Bacon faked his own death on Easter Sunday, 9 April 1626, attended his own funeral and made his way from England to Transylvania where he found lodging in a castle owned by the Rakóczi family. There, on 1 May 1684, Bacon, by using alchemy, became an immortal occult master and adopted the name Saint Germain and became one of the Masters of the Ancient Wisdom, a group of beings that, Theosophists believe, form a Spiritual Hierarchy of planet Earth sometimes called the Ascended Masters. Thus, according to these beliefs, St. Germain was a mysterious manifestation of the "resurrected form" (or "resurrection body") of Sir Francis Bacon.

    Some write that his name St. Germain was invented by him as a French version of the Latin Sanctus Germanus, meaning "Holy Brother."[1][2][3] In the Ascended Master Teachings (but not in traditional Theosophy), the Master R, or the Master Rakóczi, also known as the Great Divine Director (a term introduced by Guy Ballard in the 1930s) is a separate and distinct being from St. Germain – the Master Rakoczi is regarded in the Ascended Master Teachings as a name used by the Great Divine Director when he was functioning as Saint Germain's teacher in the Great White Brotherhood of Ascended Masters.[4]

    Literature about St. Germain[edit]


    There are several "authoritative" biographers who usually do not agree with one another. Probably the two best-known biographies are Isabel Cooper-Oakley's The Count of St. Germain (1912) and Jean Overton-Fuller's The Comte de Saint-Germain: Last Scion of the House of Rakoczy (1988). The former is a compilation of letters, diaries and private records written about the Count by members of the French aristocracy who knew him in the 18th century. Dr. Raymond Bernard's book The Great Secret – St. Germain is biographical and covers many aspects of the Counts' life including his conflation with Sir Francis Bacon and the author of the Shakespearean opus. Manly Palmer Hall in his The Secret Teachings of All Ages, describes some of the same attributes as Dr. Bernard, including the attribution of the writings of Shakespeare to a great adept like Francis Bacon, who could be amalgamated with the Count of St. Germain.

    There have also been numerous French and German biographies, among them Der Wiedergänger: Das zeitlose Leben des Grafen von Saint-Germain by Peter Krassa, Le Comte de Saint-Germain by Marie-Raymonde Delorme and L'énigmatique Comte De Saint-Germain by Pierre Ceria and François Ethuin.

    Occult biography[edit]

    A book titled The Great Secret, Count St. Germain, by Dr. Raymond Bernard purports that St. Germain was actually Francis Bacon by birth, and later authored the complete Plays attributed to Shakespeare. He also contends, as does the Saint Germain Foundation in Schaumburg, Illinois, that Francis Bacon was the child of Queen Elizabeth and Lord Dudley but that it was kept quiet. According to the theory, Francis was raised by the Bacon family. Yet, throughout the Shakespearean canon, there are numerous hints that the author knows of his true birth, as revealed in the explicit clues in the text of the plays themselves, in pictures, as well as the cipher code that he employed."
    My research convinces me QEI had children and I suspect Sir Walter Raleigh is the father of one. Other women in the Royal lineage had children when they were not married or their hubby was not acceptable to the Church. King James had a half-brother who was a top wizard and maybe even a Satanic worshipper. This person was kept busy in Edinburgh. Wikipedia has these words to say about Raleigh - I trust you can read between the lines.

    "Raleigh was born to a Protestant family in Devon, the son of Walter Raleigh and Catherine Champernowne. Little is known of his early life, though he spent some time in Ireland, in Killua Castle, Clonmellon, County Westmeath, taking part in the suppression of rebellions and participating in the Siege of Smerwick. Later, he became a landlord of property confiscated from the native Irish. He rose rapidly in the favour of Queen Elizabeth I and was knighted in 1585. Instrumental in the English colonisation of North America, Raleigh was granted a royal patent to explore Virginia, which paved the way for future English settlements. In 1591, he secretly married Elizabeth Throckmorton, one of the Queen's ladies-in-waiting, without the Queen's permission, for which he and his wife were sent to the Tower of London. After his release, they retired to his estate at Sherborne, Dorset."

    The extreme cases of denial and brainwashing from science are not done by scientists. Usually it is people who failed in advancing their scientific career who will be found beating a drum of reductivist thinking which reduces life to only that which THEY can easily understand. They seek to empower themselves and assure themselves that no one knows what intuition or consciousness is better than they do. They do not observe and conclude, rather they use direct inference and conclude nothing which they and their forbears have said can be challenged.

    Here we have another outgrowth of the Wiki craze, called rationalwiki, giving us room to laugh or think. Remember we have machines sending thoughts across continents now, actual proof of words being sent from mind to mind. Of course we have always had fakirs and liars in both camps (see threads 'Darwinism Evolving', on Jung, Third Eye, shamans, Re-Discovering the Mind etc.).

    "Scientific testing has shown time and time again that psychics under controlled conditions never perform better than wild guessing.[3] Intuition is inherently fallible, often what seems intuitively correct is simply wrong. Intuitions and first-impressions do not perform better than empirical research and proper scientific analysis unless you can prove otherwise. Cats have been shown to exhibit freakishly high levels of intuition; however, their communication is limited to meowing and urinating, so non-cat scientists remain baffled.

    [edit] Confirmation bias

    See the main article on this topic: Confirmation bias

    When you want to believe that something is true, you will go out of your way to find confirmatory evidence in favor of that particular belief while blocking out other lines of evidence or competing contradictory explanations. When you make a guess and that guess turns out later to be true, someone who believed in intuition would blurt out "My intuition told me so!" while blocking out the other, more simplistic, possible explanation: that they had simply guessed correctly."
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    The importance of St. Germain (Rakoczi) being a de Medicis adopted son who might also be genetically kin to this powerful family can not be overstated. It is also obvious that academia wants no discourse about real things and prefers to characterize him as either a charlatan or outright mythological creature. That latter characterization is easily made if one listens to those who say they think he is their Ascended Master while they put words in his mouth. It is a lot like what happened to Yeshua Bar Joseph, after he was taken down from the cross. The facts are:

    1. He passed the de Medicis spy and usury monopoly to their kin at Hesse Castle and helped them develop a new crest and name - Rothschild! That spy network enabled Lord Nathan Rothschild to own the British Treasury after the Battle of Waterloo. Two official Rothschild biographies have them proudly bragging about it. That spy network was once Templar and Catherine de Medicis supported Catharism as did the Templars. She was a matron for the Illuminati or Alumbrados including Nostradamus who has also been made a mythological character through the titillating effort of groupies.

    2. He was a major planner of a revived World Order proclaimed on the US dollar Bill. This included the Enlightenment Experiment which brought us the French Revolution, the USA and Russia.

    3. His occult courses are still used by Masons. His Vienna schools saw Hitler's father learn a lot and Hitler studied these matters for five solid years in Vienna. Hitler was Jewish/Rothschild/Benjaminite. See Langer's book on The Mind of Adolf Hitler' The Secret Wartime Report for the OSS/CIA.

    4. He knew wisdom and you can too. What he knew is more than the myth-making groupies know and there is nothing magical or ascended about it, though Ascended he probably was.

    Here is a book giving insight to his relationship with the de Medicis.

    Given that I have written about soul-continuance and an experience with the Andersons of the reformed Masonic order (Anderson's Constitutions) I should also know the occult arts which Bacon (both Roger and Francis) knew. Indeed Crowley/Hubbard and Perdurabo is a form of immortality I spend a lot of time on in Hitler v. Frabato and "The Charm of Making" which a top Rosicrucian said made Franz Bardon credible.

    Therefore I should allow those who say St. Germain is immortal a little slack even though he said he was not immortal. And these people definitely keep secret knowledge in their families for many millennia. Thus I do connect Vlad the Impaler with St. Germain and I will allow Bacon has spiritual connections with this continuum. In further research I find others who have compared the Oculist manuscript with the Voynich - the plot thickens as they say. It gets more interesting when we see Roger Bacon had a copy of the so-called Voynich Manuscript. It would take a very long time to copy but that was indeed often done. If Bacon only had a copy - when was the original done and upon what system of knowledge was it developed?

    "After that section, it has a story about them "founding" Freemasonry years earlier as a joke (not historically possible) and then gives an in-depth account of the Masonic Master Mason ritual

    We only know about it because of a curious Cypher document called the Copiale, which was translated by Christine Schaefer, Kevin Knight, Beata Megyesi and Andreas Onnerfors. To read about the process of deciphering, see WIRED magazine, Dec 2012 pg 210 -218 and ;New York Times Oct 25, 2011 ;

    Read it in English here -

    It had been compared to the still unbroken the cryptic Voynich manuscript, copies of which were owned by Roger Bacon; John Dee; Athanasius Kircher; Terence McKenna; and which can be viewed at the Yale Beinecke Rare Book Library in New Haven. It is a MUST SEE at if you can't make it to New Haven.

    Roger Bacon experimented with magnification by lens in 1262. Although lens had been laid on books for magnification since ancient times in Nineveh, Babylon. Leonardo da Vinci made some sketches which indicate an understanding of the principles involved in 1508. Johannes Kepler explained the science in 1604; René Descartes described the mathematics in 1636. Sir Isaac Newton stuck a blunt needle in his own eye to write OPTIKS in 1704."

    Lenses are found in archaeology in La Venta, Mexico and Ecuador dating to before the Queen of Sheba whose emerald lenses were probably made from Amazonian emeralds brought from Solomon's ships.

    That takes us upon a veritable virtuous circle like the Oroborous. Please spend a day or three perusing these links and books.

    Practice of goetia - Psychic Investigations - Free forums

    Jun 12, 2014 - 6 posts - ‎3 authors
    Goetia is a form of magick to summon non-human entities(mostly ... Later a new edited version came out called "The Book of Goetia of Solomon the King" by the occultist Crowley. ... used in the evocation of the seventy-two spirits of the Ars Goetia.' .... The Practice of Palmistry by Comte De Saint Germain!

    Dragon Tales 1* - TRIANGLE BOOK OF St. GERMAIN

    THE DRAGON TREASURES of Saint Germain .... Germain is akin to The Red Dragon or Grand Grimoire, with the Powerful Clavicle of Solomon and of ...... Robert Turner - Ars Notoria ... S.L. MacGregor Mathers - Lemegeton II - Theurgia Goetia"

    St. Germain used the sigil of Solomon in the Rothschild logo or shield - which names translates to 'Red Shield' like Red Dragon mentioned above. They are all most certainly Dragons of the Dragon Court or Great White Brotherhood.

    A small sampling of any occult or ascended master work is always a joy for me.

    "Man can kill or vivify his faculties by negligence or by abuse. He can create for himself new faculties by the good use of those which he has received from Nature. People often say that the affections will not be commanded, that faith is not possible for all, that one does not re-make one’s own character. All these assertions are true only for the idle or the perverse. One can make one’s self faithful, pious, loving, devoted, when one wishes sincerely to be so. One can give to one’s spirit the calm of justness, as to one’s will the almighty power of justice. Once can reign in Heaven by virtue of faith, on earth by virtue of science. The man who knows how to command himself is king of all Nature.

    We are going to state forthwith, in this last book, by what means the true initiates have made themselves the masters of life, how they have overcome sorrow and death; how they work upon themselves and others the transformation of Proteus; how they exercise the divining power of Apollonius; how they make the gold of Raymond Lully and of Flamel; how in order to renew their youth they possess the secrets of Postel the Re-arisen, and those alleged to have been in the keeping of Cagliostro. In short, we are going to speak the last word of magic.

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    A tincture is a slow working upon ingredients which can often kill a person if ingested. By working the dilution to ensure a thorough mixing each time it is diluted so each time every molecule in the complete solution is exposed to the original strong chemical or active ingredient like Mercury. Through further dilution and attunement in each dilution the shaman of old and the alchemist of recent times (Homeopaths like Hippocrates) gets to know his work and makes each effort to attune with any natural substance easier for his soul to tap-in with.

    Paracelsus cured the Royals of Europe of their syphilis through tincture of Mercury. Mercury poisoning will easily occur and Tycho Brahe later tried to do this to cure himself (It is possible he was trying to make a Stone like Paracelsus is known to have had. But that takes years not weeks. Brahe did not apparently die a slow death.) Paracelsus said every disease and affliction of man has an origin and solution in Nature.

    St. Germain was the equal at least, of Paracelsus. He apparently (Many witnesses including Voltaire.) precipitated a jewel in just two weeks for the French King who he mentored. I think St. Germain did the same attuning he had learned to do with tinctures and kept in his mind and SOUL the energy needed to make the perfect jewel. I think he then allowed this energy to work on a solution of matter or coal slush to get the matter to fit the mind created jewel.

    The following modern research shows the same kind of energy at work. The Pentagon Dodecahedron I have written about in all so many threads here is a mixture or co-agulation of cosmic (astrological) and Earth Energy (Gaia). It can be expressed as Magnetism such as Mesmer's Animal Magnetism and electricity.

    "Water molecules cause biological systems to prefer left-handed chiral centres, say scientists from Israel. All amino acids found in living organisms have left-handed chirality, even though left- and right-handed amino acids should chemically be the same. Meir Shinitzky and colleagues at the Weizmann Institute of Science believe the humble water molecule to be responsible.

    Shinitzky dissolved polymers of left- and right-handed amino acids in water, and measured the pH at which they denatured from helices to random coils. This was 0.2 to 0.3 units higher for the right-handed molecules, which implied they were less stable. The effect disappeared when heavy water (D2O) was used.

    The group discounted undetectable impurities in the water as the cause. ‘In most of our experiments with heavy water, where the differences are virtually eliminated, 20 per cent light water was still present,’ said Shinitzky.

    Water molecules exist in two forms, ortho-H2O and para-H2O. The interchange between these forms in liquid water is very slow, taking minutes, so an average form is not established. There is also a tiny difference in the magnetic fields of left-handed and righthanded chiral centres.

    Shinitzky’s group suggests that the different interactions between the weak magnetic field of ortho- H2O and the magnetic fields of left- and right-handed amino acids is sufficient to account for the pH measurements.

    This is a controversial explanation, because the energy difference between molecule types is tiny yet the effect on denaturing is huge according to Jeanne Crassous at the University of Rennes, France. Crassous said she would like to see the results and the role of water impurities corroborated by another research group.

    Shinitzky’s next step is to compare the structures and catalytic activities of left- and righthanded biological molecules. ‘The ultimate challenge is the possibility that the function of a mirror-image biological system would be inferior to its natural counterpart,’ he said."
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    "Practical Spiritual Tools - The Great Divine Director's 33-Day Novena
    The purpose of this novena is to access and put into action our individual divine plan, the divine plan for our local study groups, our organization, and the planet as a whole.

    Saint Germain has given us a method of finding what is the will of God for our life and our divine plan. He suggests we give prayers to the Great Divine Director for direction in our affairs.

    The Great Divine Director is a master of great attainment who is working closely with Saint Germain to bring in the new age of Aquarius. He directs great beams of light from his heart and has crystallized this light into dazzling jewels of light. He wears these jewels as a belt around his waist that hangs to below his knees. You will notice reference made to this blue belt in his mantra."

    The Introduction to my book Hitler v Frabato and "The Charm of Making" written long before Futurescape hit the airwaves or the Omega Stations expanded to make a complete coverage of our planet might seem prophetic or an evidence of stupidity beyond any religion. I wrote it in the most open manner I could, to go along with Franz Bardon and a religion akin to Urantia Books and many other cults. It mentions Campbell and ancient knowledge of civilized cultures that co-incided with Neolithic cave dwellers over 462,000 years ago by his calculations. He would greatly increase that number if he had lived another fifteen years to when I wrote this book near the start of this millennium.

    You can read a lot of it for free at Scrib' It appears to have been put there by a Rosicrucian with interests in A Course in Miracles who was a follower of Franz Bardon and went or goes by the following name. Perhaps the language of the Rosicrucian document or book mentioned is Hungarian and maybe he is a Bavarian near where much of Bardon's book was set. I got it taken down. In either case it is near Prague where many alchemists have labored over many years. It is influential throughout the Hapsburg Holy Roman Empire up to the Dragon Knights including Vlad the Impaler of the Holy Roman church, which it can be said he saved from Moslem invaders. But most important is St. Germain who was also born in Transylvania.

    A Rózsakereszt Szerzetének hitvallása - Confessio Fraternitatis R.C.


    Google translator tells me that the Szerzetenek word means singing monks but the phrase means Religious creed of the Rosy Cross.

    You would have to know alchemy to know why Thomas Paine was a foundational scientist in the field of what religion called superstition and we call science today. Here he is talking about some of the most para - normal and unbelievable fictions you will ever encounter large groups of people swearing is real. (From The Age of Reason Part 2) Paine was almost equal to St. Germain in many areas and maybe even more so in political machinations leading to the Revolutions.

    "When I am told that the Koran was written in Heaven and brought to Mahomet by an angel, the account comes too near the same kind of hearsay evidence and second-hand authority as the former. I did not see the angel myself, and, therefore, I have a right not to believe it.

    When also I am told that a woman called the Virgin Mary, said, or gave out, that she was with child without any cohabitation with a man, and that her betrothed husband, Joseph, said that an angel told him so, I have a right to believe them or not; such a circumstance required a much stronger evidence than their bare word for it; but we have not even this — for neither Joseph nor Mary wrote any such matter themselves; it is only reported by others that they said so — it is hearsay upon hearsay, and I do not choose to rest my belief upon such evidence.

    It is, however, not difficult to account for the credit that was given to the story of Jesus Christ being the son of God. He was born when the heathen mythology had still some fashion and repute in the world, and that mythology had prepared the people for the belief of such a story. Almost all the extraordinary men that lived under the heathen mythology were reputed to be the sons of some of their gods. It was not a new thing, at that time, to believe a man to have been celestially begotten; the intercourse of gods with women was then a matter of familiar opinion. Their Jupiter, according to their accounts, had cohabited with hundreds: the story, therefore, had nothing in it either new, wonderful, or obscene; it was conformable to the opinions that then prevailed among the people called Gentiles, or Mythologists, and it was those people only that believed it. The Jews who had kept strictly to the belief of one God, and no more, and who had always rejected the heathen mythology, never credited the story."
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    Hitler was not the only person trained in schools set up by St. Germain. I was invited to speak to such a school/ashram by a top Rosicrucian who had St. Germain's masonic texts for sale in his bookstore around 2007.

    In continuing that search I find substantiation of what I wrote in my book on St. Germain and an explanation for his close association with the Hessians who were instrumental in the American Revolution and in creating a fortune for Mayer Amschel Rothschild. His mother was a Hessian!

    "Many researchers believe that St. Germain was the son of Francis II of Transylvania. Francis II's second wife was Charlotte Amalie of the House of Hesse. Princess Charlotte Amalie Wanfried-Hesse (German Prinzessin Charlotte Amalie von Hessen-Eschwege, Wanfried; Wanfried , 1679 . March 8 - Paris , 1722 . February 8 ), Transylvania Princess by marriage to II. Rákóczi, a nun after her husband's exile....

    “The estate of (Illuminatus) Landgrave Karl von Hessen-Kassel (1744-1836) was an occult-masonic initiatory retreat. The world’s foremost expert on the 18th-Century Golden and Rosy Cross, Dr. Christopher McIntosh: The head of the Asiatic Brethren in the 1780s and 1790s was the Landgrave Carl von Hessen-Kassel, one of the most fascinating and influential figures at the time in the world of Masonry, Rosicrucianism and hermetic studies. He not only belonged to innumerable orders and rites, but he was a practicing alchemist and was a friend of the mysterious French alchemist, the Comte de St. Germain, whom he harbored during the last years of St. Germain’s life on his estate Louisenlund in what is now Schleswig-Holstein, which he turned into a great center of Masonic and esoteric activity.” (Sursa)"

    Thus when she went into the convent he was adopted by distant cousins named De Medicis. I previously had no explanation for why he was adopted as a near teenager or aged 12. There were people who feared he would lead a Revolution against the Austro-Hungarian Empire who had forced his father into exile. We also find he is related to the Royal Dragon bloodline through Europe. The fact that Sauniere had the top Hapsburg at his funeral and enforcing his end at that time per an agreement of some kind, makes me wonder of Sauniere might have been able to put the Royals in a better position against the Holy Roman Empire.

    Scrib'd has an author whose extensive searches for answers might yield (at a minimum) a great number of inter-relationships and intrigues. There are so many intrigues and players in these games it can be hard to name which ones are winning at any time. The author of what follows is Hamad Subani who along with his thesis advisor has suffered the pains of disinfo and marginalization. I have read enough to know he is an honest seeker but I am not sure his information is complete enough to draw any conclusions from. We all have limits to how much we can research but he points out many university people have been let go or worse when they do anti-establishment work and research. I recommend his work on esoteric German or Nazi symbology and the people behind it. He has extensive research on US officials which include Woodrow Wilson creating the present sate of American domination of the world as we know it. I saw no reference to him being a mere puppet for Colonel House and other bankers I have connected the whole matter with.

    I will continue trying to read it (I am not allowed to copy it. The gibberish that results looks intentionally corrupted.) as relates to many entries on Japan and intrigues therewith. He documents Chamberlain worked with Roosevelt to bait the Japanese into attacking Pearl Harbor - I do not think Chamberlain was all that involved as I have made clear the importance of other players including Churchill and Mountbatten, who I do not think would have told Chamberlain much of anything. But he was an excellent puppet and all parties were concerned about the British King who was pro-Nazi which he demonstrates (like Russian Bolshevism) was an Illuminati (read Rothschild) effort. But he does not paint all Jews as culpable - like me he demonstrates there are more Jews being used as fall guys and patsies. In short there are intrigues within intrigues and you should never assume you are smarter than those who make these intrigues.

    I heartily endorse his whole book - you will learn a great deal no matter how much you think you know about either side of any issue relating to the first 50 years of the 20th Century.

    He mentions the following book and says it is well researched. I have seen the TV shows and I always doubted that Hitler (like most of those helped to South America by the Pope and his top people - which has been proven and confessed to) did not escape.

    "We now have a serious and well researched book by H. D. Baumann and Ron T. Hansig entitled "Hitler's Escape" in which he makes a very convincing case that Stalin was correct in his statements to his western Allies in 1945, telling them that Hitler (and Eva Braun) were still alive. One of the authors' startling revelations is, that the man present in the last days of April inside the bunker was, in reality, a double of Hitler. There even is a photograph of the corpse of the double taken by Russian investigators.

    Hitler's death, at the end of World War II, assumed to be by his own hand, remains unproven. This assumption was the result of, what many conceive as, a conspiracy by the Western Powers, bowing to political pressures and to fight nazism, to come up with Hitler's suicide story. This then would explain Hitler's disappearance from Nazi Germany after Germany's defeat.

    Even if one takes the years later submitted Russian report on Hitler's autopsy at face value, there still remains the fact that there was no trace of the corpse of Eva Braun, Hitler's mistress and later wife. This alone disproves the double-suicide theory now part of German history.

    Based on the well-documented revelations, this book can rightfully be called "the biggest detective story of the twentieth century". "
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    Partially because St. Germain was raised in the Ottoman sphere of reference and later worked to establish occult groups of learning in Vienna I place this doctoral thesis here for the truly serious scholar trying to make sense of how a history of one group is usually different than that of their neighbors. In other words lies get told like the man going fishing and depending on which person in the boat the story can be unrecognizable.

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