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Thread: The Horror of Scientology

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    The Horror of Scientology

    This web site explains what happened to my brother Gord and why he failed tech training, I think. The depth of jargon and deceit is amazing, Can you imagine a Freeloader fee of $120,000 for time in prison? Maybe Canada and the US should learn about these 'intensives'. His children have been abused viciously and brainwashed beyond belief. They wear tattoos proclaiming they are slaves for a billion years in a soul contract they have signed. His beautiful daughter is sold off to men needing Visa status in the US (three times) and thus is not allowed to have children, I think she was operated on and it is permanent. His son wishes to get out but is blackmailed with his son who he hopes he can save.

    Scientology has many outreaches you will not easily recognize. It is more than just Hollywood movies. It includes subliminal programming and hypnosis. In the San Francisco area, where my brother actively 'helped' kids on drugs you have Narconon working as an officially approved aid (By the school system). In prisons all around the world including Korea and Mexico they do their vile business and have the gall to convince people like my brother that they have zero recidivism! He has donated a fortune to that lie.

    Those brave people who get out of Scientology can teach average people a lot about the value of freedom.

    A far more in depth article of mine has been picked up around the world as we see here.

    新闻与社交相关英语作文-The Afterlife and Scientology-英语 ...
    Sep 10, 2009 - 提供新闻与社交相关英语作文The Afterlife and Scientology范文参考. ... the OTO [Ordre Templis Orientalis] 'fin-de-siecle?suicidal retirement plan, ...
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    When Travolta was at a news conference after appearing in a movie detailing the Xenu fiction, he lost his cool and was enraged that the journalists laughed at the ludicrous images of Xenu which you can imagine after reading what follows. Hubbard borrowed all his ideas from other religions. Wars between aliens is not something any good Christian reading their Bible will not recall. Fallen angels and apocalypse prophecies galore, no wonder Scientology has so many gullible people - we still allow the Bible as our basic legal dogma. We still adhere to laws established by Papal Encyclicals and Canons. Our nations are founded upon The Treaty of Westphalia.

    People have a hard time believing such abject and criminal behavior is allowed in a tax free US organization.

    "I, ___________________ DO HEREBY AGREE to enter into employment with the SEA ORGANIZATION and, being of sound mind, do fully realize and agree to abide by its purpose which is to get ETHICS IN on this PLANET AND UNIVERSE and, fully and without reservation, subscribe to the discipline, mores and conditions of this group and pledge to abide by them.
    -- Contract of employment of the Sea Organization

    On the Scientology "upper level" called OT III, the Scientologist learns the great secret of "this sector of the universe," which is that 75,000,000 years ago an evil dictator named Xenu, in an effort to solve the overpopulation problem in the galaxy, shot and froze thousands of thetans, shipped them to earth, and glued them together in massive nuclear explosions on volcanos in Hawaii and Las Palmas. Remember?

    Actually there was more to the story. Xenu's brigade of soldiers were called the Loyal Officers. After Xenu had finished implanting all the frozen souls blown up on the two volcanos,

    ...the Loyal Officers revolted and captured Xenu. He was imprisoned in a mountain top on planet Earth (on the island of Madiera) and placed inside a wire cage with an eternal battery (where he remains today). In the battle between the Loyal Officers and Xenu's renegades, most of these planets were turned into billiard balls. Earth was a radioactive cinder, and became known as "The Evil Place."

    That's why nobody ever comes here except renegades and criminals who are dumped here....

    The entire concept of the Sea Org was said by Hubbard to be "a regathering of the Loyal Officers." This time he and his most trusted officers would not fail. They would "decontaminate" Earth, and later this entire sector of the Galaxy, from the devastation inflicted by Xenu and his renegades. (1)

    The motto of the Sea Org (organization) is "We Come Back." Every Sea Org member believes in his heart that he or she is a member of an ancient organization which once before tried to save the earth, but failed.

    They believe, as Hubbard has told them, that this is their last chance. If they fail now to rescue this planet from certain impending nuclear devastation, then it will be too late. The souls on this planet will be doomed for trillions of years into the future.

    Sea Org members believe themselves to be "the cream of the cream of Scientology." In a bulletin called "The Sea Organization," Hubbard writes:

    If almost any person in the Sea Organization were to appear in a Scientology group or Org he would be lionized, red-carpeted and Very-Important-Personed beyond belief.

    For the Sea Organization is composed of the "aristocracy" of Scientology.

    These people, alone and on their own are all stars in the sky of their areas.

    It is like one of the old regiments of gentlemen where any private would be, in another but common regiment, a colonel...

    The Sea Organization is composed of people who alone would excite great admiration but who together, well organized, can actually get the job done.

    And although our lowest deck hand could be a "duke" only all of us together could get on with the job.

    And that's how and why ... the Sea Organization came into being and why we are here....

    Life in the Sea Org has never been easy. Members work hours that would seem impossible to an ordinary mortal. Pay is low, rewards are few, but there is the satisfaction of knowing that one is working for the salvation of souls and rescue of the planet.

    "Stiff ethics" has always been the norm in the Sea Org. The practices of overboarding, security checks, confinement in chain lockers or bilge tanks served on the ships as ethics remedies to bring the recalcitrant or dissatisfied into line. There is no reason to believe that things are much different now.

    Overboarding was begun by Hubbard after one of the Sea Org members on the Apollo mistakenly untied the wrong hawser, setting the huge ship adrift in a foreign harbor. That unfortunate person was immediately tossed over the side of the ship on Hubbard's order. From that time on, overboarding became a regular practice on the ship.

    One witness describes this practice:

    Students and crew were lined up on deck in the early hours every morning. They waited to hear whether they were on the day's list of miscreants. Those who knew they were would remove their shoes, jackets and wristwatches in anticipation. The drop was between fifteen and forty feet, depending upon which deck was used. Sometimes people were blindfolded first, and either their feet or hands loosely tied. Non-swimmers were tied to a rope. Being hurled such a distance, blindfolded and restrained, into cold sea water, must have been terrifying. Worst of all was the fear that you would hit the side of the ship as you fell, your flesh ripped open by the barnacles. Overboarding was a very traumatic experience. (2)

    The chain locker was a small compartment at the bow of the ship where the excess chain attached to the anchor was wound up and stored. It was a cold, dark wet area frequently inhabited by rats. It was into this compartment that people would be lowered as a form of "ethics," or punishment. It was a dangerous form of punishment, since at any moment the chain could be released, and the person in the chain locker, if not careful, could be caught in the outgoing chain.

    In several cases, children were put into the chain locker as punishment for misdeeds. In one case Hubbard ordered a five year old deaf mute girl into the chain locker "to cure her deafness." In another case a four year old boy was kept in the chain locker for two weeks because he ate some telex tape. His mother was told that he was actually a very old thetan in a young body, and should not be given sympathy because of his young body. (3) This is a common conception of children in Scientology."

    Three years ago my brother and his son were at the cottage and all of us knew my brother was reporting on his son to handlers who could make it so his son would never again see his son. The mother is a top Scientology person's child, etc., etc. ad nauseum.
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    There are nations who have Scientology designated as a criminal organization. It is indeed criminal but so are many religions; I say the nations who gave it tax free status are criminally negligent of not protecting their citizens and not upholding basic human rights.


    After watching "Going Clear," an HBO documentary on Scientology, I am now convinced that their "religion" is not a cult, as I had thought for many years, but actually it is an organized crime operation.

    It is a "religion" founded by a huckster (L. Ron Hubbard) and is currently run by a despot (David Miscavige). Their methodology for keeping people brainwashed is simple, but there is a complex system at work to build on a brand and keep cash flowing in.

    Scientology does have its cult-like qualities such as its own special lingo for simple terms such as "suppressive persons" for those who doubt them and "auditor" for a person who basically acts as a psychiatrist. But you do not amass a billion-dollar empire without instilling fear, cravenly keeping secrecy at a high level and having an effective way of getting other people's money into your pockets.

    To make your way along "the bridge to total freedom" toward some sort of enlightenment, those who join Scientology have to pay to learn about your own "religion."

    To talk with an "auditor" and achieve the next level in the Escher-like set of steps it takes to learn about Xenu, it will cost you. One former "auditor" said some sessions can cost as much as $1,000 an hour and people have been drained of their life savings along the way.

    Just like any good crime syndicate, you want to keep your business model under wraps lest someone rat you out for being the criminal you really are while you soft-peddle yourself as some kind of saint.

    Scientology has perfected the practice.

    Do you see advertisements for their "religion"? Are they on street corners handing out flyers? Are their announcements in the papers or online encouraging you to come on in and see for yourself if their brand of spirituality is right for you?

    Of course not.

    Yet they are somehow self-sufficient enough and bring in enough business that they can remain out of the public eye while they bankrupt their own members.

    Bafflingly, the Scientology movement continues to grow.

    Their own website does not list how many members there are in the organization, but that "10,000 Scientology churches, missions, related organizations and affiliated groups minister to millions."

    That is a pretty good-sized base in which to financially and psychologically destroy your own membership while filling your own coffers.

    How do you keep from letting anyone in your syndicate change their mind and go running to the cops? You do that by blackmailing them.

    The "if you rat us out we have something 10 times worse to tell them about you" gambit has been around for centuries and it is a well-documented tactic used against those who have tried to get out of Scientology. Those divisive nuggets are picked up and stored by your auditor on your journey across the bridge.

    If someone on the outside tries to tell you that what you are doing is mind-bogglingly stupid, the organization is right there to tell you that they will take care of you, and that those pesky "suppressive persons" don't pay your rent and put food on the table, the organization does. They tell you that without them you would be nothing and it is the outsiders who do not understand what you are searching for.

    Like any good crime syndicate, they will go after their enemies for even the smallest slight against them and look to make an example of them.

    That retaliatory and vengeful stance is what got them the key piece of their empire.

    During the '80s and early '90s, the group as a whole and thousands of its members sued the Internal Revenue Service with the end goal of gaining the tax-exempt status every other religious organization receives. Not declaring millions to the IRS means you get to turn those millions into billions.

    Dovetail those litigation tactics with a smear campaign and the promise to drown the IRS in paper for a decade, and Scientology got what it wanted.

    In 1993 the government gave it the tax-exempt status that has turned it into the biggest crime syndicate in the history of mankind. Miscavige stood in front of thousands of followers in Los Angeles in his nice crisp tuxedo and declared that "we won the war." It promptly withdrew all its litigation.

    The biggest difference between an actual crime syndicate who terrorizes a city or a neighborhood is that it is stealing from and brow beating others to fill its own coffers. Scientology robs, brow beats, brainwashes and isolates its own followers while depositing their checks.

    This is a "religion" that is not even a half century old and based on the ramblings of a man who wrote pulp fiction books and converted it into a theology, but in that short amount of time it has accumulated BILLIONS that is now all in the hands of Miscavige. It is all done under the guise of being a religion, when it is really a criminal operation.

    Scientology is not benevolent with its money. It is not out doing good deeds in the community or giving back to those who helped build it up. It builds idyllic centers for itself and keeps every dime it brings in.

    Even a criminal family tries to keep up appearances by building an addition to a church or giving back to the community on bingo night, but not Miscavige.

    Hubbard went broke creating his hokum "religion" in the 1950s, but rebranded it, added some new mumbo-jumbo to it and again set forth to make money. Money was his only intent then and remains so to this day, which is at the heart of every criminal organization around the world."

    Actually this is a very weak piece of journalism. Hubbard was 'offed' by Miscavige and his death was quickly followed by cremation while authorities were trying to do an autopsy, they couldn't get the body. Hubbard had been jailed for years in a Scientology prison where he was allowed to get his favorite drugs. At his death his wealth was close to a Billion dollars.

    The journalist appears to be honest when he says his source was watching an HBO episode. The brainwashing is NOT simple and includes occult methods, it is as L. Ron Jr. called it 'soul-cracking'. They have continued to refine the occult methods and they are already using technology such as you can see on Futurescape. If the USA allows this organization to do that - you need to examine why you think they (The USA) won't do it to you or your loved ones.
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    In the interest of being fair - I often say Scientology has stolen a lot of good ideas and is better than most religions with aliens or other boogeymen. Actually all non-theistic religions are better but most people would have a hard time saying which religion is non-theistic. Here is a good thing we could all agree with, I hope. It is what the Scientology web site says right up front.


    It means that Scientologists want to rid the planet of insanity, war and crime, and in its place create a civilization in which sanity and peace exist. In order to do this, they must help individuals become free of their own individual aberrations and insanities and, hence, regain their inherent goodness."

    But I know Scientology is after money and not doing anything more than lying about helping people in their prison and school outreaches, or anywhere else. They have had the bare-faced gall to say that their prison programs have zero people going back to prison, and if that were true it would mean they were killing all of the people they work with.
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    A response to the last post in another forum made a good point about will being problematical if karma applies. Here is my reply.

    You raise a very important point.

    And I think you are "on point" Trismegistus even. Humour there!

    For example we could evaluate Aleister Crowley who probably did battle with Gurdjieff who I mentioned in the opening post.

    In his Liber and in his life (as carried forward into Scientology, where his soul may continue through a ritual battle) we have "Do what thou Wilt is the only law." He took it from the Hellfire club motto over their door and a saying from Rabelais. Like most occultists he stopped learning when he had power enough to abuse people.

    In truth it is actually only part of one of the three Magian Laws. This is why Hermes was Trismegistus (Thrice Great). Not that I think any person can do that in a lifetime of study. To know all three laws fully is something even a great alchemist like Jesus or Frater Albertus cannot achieve. But in the soulful continuum of Perdurabo - which Crowley said he was. It might happen once in a generation of humans - might!

    That law is different since Pandora's Box was opened at the start of the Atomic Age and atom-mysticism became a word applied to the likes of Bohr and maybe even Sir William Crookes. Notice I said 'opened' not discovered. The law was "Know, Will, Dare, Keep Silent" or "Scrire, Potere, Audere, Tacere". I say (Following Fulcanelli) that the Tacere part no longer is operant, in our collective Magian aether or WHOLE.

    My key Law is "Right thought = Right ACTION". Each word can have different emphasis and provide different insight. It works in reverse and you get what you refer to as Karma and at a simpler level was The Law of Retribution in pre-Pauline Christendom. I do not just believe in karma or limit it by belief. I LIVE it! I have said I am a flux for 'what IS'. Be that as it may, I use mySELF as an illustration to make clearer the matter of Karma. The Mayans said 'Do not put your self in front of your SELF.' There are even more ways to play with words and the emphasis in this saying which amounts to the same thing as Right thought = RIGHT action. A saying attributed to Jesus (a title not the translation of Yeshua) is 'He who IS, least selfish, is MOST selfish.' It will take me all of this life to fully grok this one paragraph. You can also enjoy SEEing what Shak-his-speare meant in 'To be, or NOT to be.'

    Getting back to Crowley and his claim to being Perdurabo, the soul continuance of many adepts you would probably regard as magicians rather than avatars or great sages. These souls are said to include, Edward Kelley, Cagliostro, Eliphas Levi and maybe even a member of the US founding or secret steering group known as The Rosicrucian Council of Three. That person would be Paschal Beverly Randolph. The Randolph Royals include the first President of the United States (Not George Washington as all media say) Peyton Randolph. I am told this Council of Three is no more - and that is an opinion about words I do not share. Mere words for labels do not mean the same steering committee does not exist. The so-called (not true though) New World Order was created by a Council of Three including St. Germain. That group of three was higher than the Rosicrucian Council of Three when the Enlightenment Experiment was carried out in the Revolutions they managed in France and America. I have written about four books which it takes to cover this one paragraph. The US Council of Three was Thomas Paine, George Clymer and Ben Franklin. Later it included Abraham Lincoln when Paschal Beverly Randolph was in it.

    Perdurabo means a soul in perpetuity. I am inclined to believe there is a collective soul which has many lesser souls with no true recollection of prior lives in that conscious state we call being alive. I am (again for example) not fully aware of prior incarnations although psychics have often told me I am an old soul and I do get things by 'tapping in' and through Bibliomancy etc.. Seth Speaks was a watershed book for me, and since I read it forty years ago I have learned nothing in it was likely 'channelled'. So do I believe Crowley actually knew his soulful continuum while alive? In his meeting with Gurdjieff written about by more than one person - I say we find Crowley is a loser. In his life I say he was a loser. In his life your word or level of understanding karma does apply - but in his soul, is that true? Did he experience all his soul wanted to grok (Fully know, from Stranger in a Strange Land)? I say he may indeed be Perdurabo but that might mean Hubbard is truly evolved - which if Crowley won their long distance battle (which ended with Crowley innards wrapped around and around yet no incision on his body) - and I do not think Hubbard was evolved and even less so than Crowley. I am sorry for the last sentence, it is dense. Could Crowley have lost such a battle to a man he feared because Hubbard drew down Babalon or Baphomet as the alchemist Jack Parsons reported to Crowley in their OTO Thelemic organization? Could Hubbard have a magic energy greater than the self-avowed triple six? Yes, Crowley may have been that weak, but Crowley also was reaching near his physical end of life and he may have allowed himself to be in Hubbard.

    In magik (not magic of the prestidigitation sort) we have 'will' becoming INTENT. Decrees being powerful prayer beyond belief. Creative realization (Bucky) and manifesting of reality.
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    CCHR is like Narconon and other Scientology scams or outreaches. They say they do great things in [prisons but I am sure they lie. In the matter of mental health they are creating problems and making people who have money give it to them, through brainwashing of various kinds and modalities including appeals to alternative medical approaches which have some merit. The meritorious elements get support only as far as it helps promotes the illusion of real results. In the San Francisco area school system my younger brother was associated with teaching Scientology principles to students. It is a feeder group giving Scientology credibility, the same is true for allergists or nutritionist approaches they have good people to support and in return those people say good things about Scientology. I have been intimately involved with people who were helped by Scientology in getting off drugs through sweating, saunas and hard work. One person thought it was something they might have made her work six years too long at, as she was spending time every day doing chores for Scientology. She had nothing good to say about it other than she had been using marijuana and some harder drugs and no longer was into that lifestyle.

    There is no doubt Scientology sells a program on psychiatry that has value to consider. But do not give them money for lies. They may have some facts about psychiatry or Hitler - because they use techniques borrowed therefrom. If you believe they produce better results than other approaches I beg to differ. Drs. Breggin and Cohen (authors of The Pill May Be Your Problem) are the source of the class action suit against psychiatry that got damaged by the passing of Patriot Act II. Scientology claimed it was their law suit, and they certainly joined the class action.

    Here is CCHR on the web with a good article to start a real evaluation of the matter if you wish to fairly examine the matter.

    "By Beverly Eakman, Author, Educator
    Former Editor-In-Chief, NASA’s Newspaper (JSC)
    October 30, 2009

    It’s zero hour in America. Do you know where your country went?

    Now that America’s education system and parenting “experts” have brainwashed a generation of now-grown schoolchildren-cum-parents into believing that what we once called personality quirks, character flaws and moral issues are, in essence, mental disorders, politicians have taken the ball and run with it. Law enforcement agencies and the judicial system are in the process of adopting Stalinist and Mao-inspired methods of controlling dissidents at home.

    Only a few, short years ago, what was held up as independent thinking, speaking one’s mind, and robust dialogue is now decried as a prelude to terrorism. Our nation’s leaders are pulling off communist-style thought-control by implying that any words uttered in print or out loud that run contrary to “accepted wisdom” (and that can change in a “New York Minute”) is the result of mental illness.

    Don’t believe it? Well, “google” this:

    A recent report out of Missouri labeled “not-for-public-distribution” (circulated anonymously by a shocked and patriotic police officer) specifically describes supporters of the three presidential candidates as potential “militia”-influenced terrorists and instructs police to be on the lookout for bumper stickers and other paraphernalia associated with, of all things, the Constitution—such as “Campaign for Liberty.” Even a few Members of Congress were implied to be security risks themselves (potential domestic terrorists). The document, entitled “The Modern Militia Movement” (February 20, 2009), emanated from the Missouri Information Analysis Center (MIAC), one of several so-called “Fusion Centers” established by the federal government around the country.

    Most people are probably not familiar with the term “Fusion Center.” These were originally intended to allow local and state law-enforcement agents to work alongside federal officers after 9/11 so that terrorist-related activities could be identified, then pounced upon by all three entities at once. “Fusion Center” offices, therefore, incorporate local, state and federal law-enforcement personnel, a strategy which, prior to the launching of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), was deliberately avoided to maintain independence and preserve impartiality. Predictably, these Centers got out of hand and fell into what is referred to as “mission creep.”

    Mission creep is defined by Wikipedia as:

    “the expansion of a project or mission beyond its original goals, often after initial successes…. [I]t is usually considered undesirable due to the dangerous path of each success breeding more ambitious attempts, only stopping when a final, often catastrophic, failure occurs. The term was originally applied exclusively to military operations, but has recently been applied to [other] fields, mainly the growth of bureaucracies.”

    Ongoing improvements in tracking and monitoring of opinions via magazine subscriptions, charitable gifts, school and household surveys, and other computerized data collection has made political prediction on hot-button topics that much easier to secure. “Predictive computer technology” (already a staple of school assessment testing) entails analysis by behavioral psychiatrists with concurrent degrees in statistics. This same capability has greatly accelerated mission creep among the nation’s Fusion Centers.

    The PBS News Hour (not known for its conservatism or, for that matter, for being “alarmist”) recently reported on how political dissidents in China are forced into to psychiatric hospitals Video: Chinese Dissidents Committed to Mental Hospitals. In the segment, aired September 13, 2009, the manner in which complainants (called petitioners), whistleblowers and outright protesters are “managed” bears an eerie resemblance to a policy shift right here in America. States’ rights (or the 10th Amendment) are among the first casualties of a top-down, federal effort to minimize, and eventually suppress, dissent.

    Psychopolitics is as the art and science of asserting and maintaining dominion over the thoughts and loyalties of individuals, officers, bureaus, and “the masses,” via various techniques ranging from “group dynamics,” “cognitive dissonance,” “de-sensitization,” “super-imposing alternate value structures,” “artificial disruption of thought,” the Delphi Method, the Tavistock Technique, to negative or positive “reinforcement.” If you don’t recognize any of these, don’t feel too badly, because they are not part of any school curriculum. The people who created them are, for the most part, unknown in our own country, except among those groomed by extremist political organizations to become “change agents,” professional agitators or “provocateurs.” The pioneers of psychopolitics, including attitude prediction, include individuals such as Wilhelm Reich, Kurt Lewin, Theodor Adorno and Erich Fromm (Germany); A. S. Neill, A. J. Oraje and John Rawlings Rees (Great Britain); Antonio Gramsci (Italy); Anatoly Lunacharsky and Georg Lukacs (Russia); G. Brock Chishom and Ewen Cameron (Canada); and the U.S.’s own Ralph Tyler and Ronald Havelock.

    Although psychopolitics originated under Vladimir Lenin as “political literacy” and “polytechnical education” in the old Soviet Union, and was carried to the free world via Peter Sedgwick (1934–1983) a translator for Victor Serge, author of PsychoPolitics and a revolutionary socialist activist as well as a member of the Communist Party of Great Britain, the term psychopolitics found its way into the American lexicon via Isaac Asimov, a master of the sci-fi genre. But psychopolitics is no science fiction adventure, and never was.

    By the 1970s, a slew of enablers were establishing a system of numerical codes for so-called mental disorders that would accommodate computerization. This lent legitimacy to what would otherwise have been considered “questionable illnesses.” The goal was to ensure that medical professionals, the media and government accepted these terms as they might “diabetes,” thereby ensuring that the mental illnesses so codified would remain indelible, beginning with the youngest and most vulnerable.

    The long-term game plan of psychopolitics is the conquest, usually by proxy, of enemy nations through “mental healing,” better known as “re-education.” This entails what we know as “encounter groups,” extensive self-disclosure surveys and peer pressure to conform. If all that doesn’t work, if certain individuals are still not amenable, then the first step is marginalization as “mentally unbalanced.”

    Example: A study by the National Institute of Mental Health and the National Science Foundation, funded by U.S. taxpayers to the tune of $1.2 million, announced on 1 August, 2003, that adherents to conventional moral principles and limited government are mentally disturbed. NIMH-NSF scholars from the Universities of Maryland, California at Berkeley, and Stanford attribute notions about morality and individualism to “dogmatism” and “uncertainty avoidance.” Social conservatives, in particular, were said to suffer from “mental rigidity,” a condition which, researchers assert, is probably hard-wired, condemning traditionalists to a lifelong, cognitive hell, with all the associated indicators for mental illness: “decreased cognitive function, lowered self-esteem, fear, anger, pessimism, disgust, and contempt” (Jost, J. T., J. Glaser, et al. (2003). “Political Conservatism as Motivated Social Cognition.” Psychological Bulletin 129(3): 339-375 online at"
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    The first four links are out of whack in one way or another. Scientology is good at one thing - for sure. They do have a program to attack and eliminate people telling the truth about them. It is a program with many levels or sub-sections like everything they do. They make it seem they even know what words mean and develop new words as well. If you do not understand what is said - it is not (despite how they act) your problem.

    The RPF was created by LRH in 1974 for people who were in ethics
    trouble and not getting handled, as well as for R/S-er's [the
    criminally insane]. The RPF rules and regulations are all covered in
    the "Flag Order 3434" series. The basic issue which gives the outline
    of the RPF is Flag Order 3434. There are numerous other issues as
    more rules and regulations were made. These issues are all in a
    series (i. e. F.O. 3434-1; F.O. 3434-2, etc.). I believe they were up
    to around F.O. 3434-30 by the time I left.
    The idea of the RPF is to "rehabilitate" people who are out-
    ethics [not behaving], SP's [Suppressive Persons] and/or psychotic.
    The RPF is a totally "self-sustaining" unit. In other words, it
    handles all of its own tech, ethics, etc. The senior person is called
    the RPF Bosun. Directly under him is the RPF MAA. Under him are the
    section leaders, and then the section members. There are 5-8 people
    in each section, and each one is numbered "Section A", "Section B",
    etc. Each section is assigned different "cleaning stations" and
    projects to do. The only exception to that is the "Tech Section,"
    which doesn't work on projects because they have to handle the co-
    auditing in the RPF.
    The RPF operates on "two watches." While one watch is on
    study, the other watch is on work. When I was first sent to the RPF,
    the Clearwater Bank building (Scientology owned) had just burned down,
    and my section was assigned to "salvage the SO-1 files" (SO-1 files
    are all the letters people write to LRH). [SO-1 stood for Standing
    Order #1 wherein Hubbard ordered all letters addressed to him would be
    answered by him. They were not, in reality. They were answered by
    the SO-1 Unit who were all given training in duplicating Hubbard's
    signature exactly.]
    I was up at about 5:45 A. M. and we mustered in the Fort
    Harrison garage. We took roll call, and then went to do "Cleaning
    stations" (cleaning the bathrooms and hallways of the F. H.). Then we
    had breakfast, then roll call again, then went to study for 5 hours.
    After that we went to work on handling the SO-1 files. We did that
    until about 10:30 or 11:00 P. M. Then we had another muster and then
    went to bed. Then there was a bed-check of everyone.
    The rules of the RPF are:
    1. No walking. You had to run all the time.
    2. You were not allowed to speak to anyone outside the RPF.
    3. You were not allowed to originate any communication,
    written or otherwise, to anyone outside the RPF, unless there was an
    emergency situation, or unless you cleared it with your RPF's seniors
    4. You were not allowed to go anywhere by yourself, unless
    authorized to do so. Even when going to the bathroom, someone had
    to go with you. You would also get in trouble if you saw anyone start
    to go off by themselves and didn't go with them, then report it.
    5. You had to call all RPF seniors "Sir." If there was some
    reason you had to talk to someone outside the RPF (and got permission
    for it), you had to call them "Sir" when speaking with them.
    6. All letters you wrote had to be put in a stamped, unsealed
    envelope, then dropped in a box in RPF room. The RPF MAA then
    read all out-going mail. You are not allowed to send anything
    directly out of the RPF, including and especially, personal letters.
    7. You are allowed only in "RPF designated areas," which, for
    me, was the Fort Harrison garage (it is a spiral 4 story garage), and
    the RPF course room, right off the second floor garage. You were not
    allowed to go anywhere else, the only exception being during morning
    cleaning stations when you cleaned the rest of the Fort Harrison.
    8. Had to wear dark blue boiler-suits or dark blue shirts and
    9. Were not allowed "luxuries" (their word for it) such as
    music, seeing T. V., (at one point half dozen people were sent to the
    RPF's RPF for having seen some T. V. in a room they were in when they
    were sick) playing cards, perfume, etc.--anything like that.
    10. There is an F.O. 3434 series called "Rocks and Shoals."
    There are penalties one gets for anything they do wrong such as non
    compliance to an order, not calling a senior "Sir," walking instead of
    running, missing a spot on a mirror you were cleaning, etc. The
    penalties consist of doing so many laps, sit-ups or push-ups. The
    laps are running up and down the garage ramp.
    When I first arrived in the RPF, I went to the RPF MAA (Master-
    at-Arms, in charge of "ethics") and was given forms to sign. I don't
    remember what I signed. I don't remember reading them. I only
    vaguely recall one of them which was something about how I entered the
    RPF voluntarily to be able to get redemption, and that I'm being
    treated well, being taken care of, etc. I don't remember at all
    what else I signed. For one thing, I was still in a state of shock
    and confusion at being in the RPF. They were forms to go to the G. O.
    [Guardians Office] - I do remember that much.
    The next step in "routing into the RPF" is to work out with the
    RPF MAA what your condition is on the 1st dynamic (yourself). The RPF
    in itself is your "liability" on the 3rd dynamic. The 3rd dynamic is
    the group dynamic, that is, your relationship to others. That's why
    the RPF is sort of an amends project. When you complete the RPF
    program, you have to get every staff member in the Flag Land Base to
    sign your liability formula [Written steps which show you have atoned
    and done amends for your evil deeds against scientology and are ready
    to resume useful participation in the group.], and then you're
    considered out of the RPF. The condition of the 3rd dynamic,
    acceptance of the group, is thereby fulfilled.
    To complete the RPF, one has to co-audit the RPF program during
    the 5 hour daily study time they are allowed. The auditing program at
    the time I was there consisted of:

    1. Classified Confessional [Security Check, a list of questions
    you must answer about your evil deeds]
    2. Expanded Drug Rundown including a full battery of objectives
    3. Word Clearing Method I

    4. Any other Expanded Dianetics

    5. Expanded Dianetics including full R/S handling

    6. Conditions and Exchange by Dynamics [various other
    brainwashing procedures employed by scientology].
    Everyone in the RPF has a "twin" whom they co-audit with. Each
    person not only has to complete the RPF auditing program themselves,
    but they must audit someone else fully through it. So "twins" audit
    each other.
    The actions are learned (how to audit) by what is called the
    "Read it-Drill it-Do it" (RDD) basis. You read the necessary HCOB's
    [Hubbard Bulletin] on how to audit the action, then drill it and get a
    check out on it by the RPF Tech Supervisor, then go audit it. The
    auditing is set up like the old Saint Hill style - everyone audits in
    the same room, lined up, or on separate tables all over the place. At
    first it was hard to get used to doing that, but after a while it
    stops bothering you, and then you really don't care if everyone hears
    all the crazy things you say in session because you know everyone else
    around you is just as crazy as you. This is the general thought of
    people there.
    After you're in the RPF awhile, you just learn to "accept the
    fact that you're crazy and that's why you're in the RPF".
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    Consider this - why does the government not do more to end this nightmare? Could it be that Scientology has "the goods" on the government? It is not just a matter of not wanting to lift up the tail of a skunk as some people say. Some nations have acted, but the US still gives Scientology your money, by not taxing them. It is often compared to a prison but from what I have seen - there are elements of far greater control, even more than what went on in concentration camps. There you could at least have your own mind.

    " Frequently PC's [people undergoing auditing] would go nuts in
    their auditing, and start hollering and yelling and crying and
    carrying on. So the Tech Supervisor would just move the co-audit
    outside and they'd continue auditing in the garage.
    We received $4.00 a week here. If we needed to buy soap or
    cigarettes or something like that, we'd give a list of what we needed
    and the money to this guy who would go to the store once a week for
    the RPFers to get the things we needed. We were not allowed to go
    ourselves. We weren't allowed to step foot outside the building!
    I was actually only "on the decks," working on projects for a
    few months. I then became the Tech In Charge of a watch. After a few
    months of that I began having trouble sleeping, and my auditing was
    becoming weird. My mind was starting to fall apart. I was used to
    late night work, from being a Messenger, so I requested to become an
    RPF C/S (Case Supervisor): I'd read over all the sessions each night
    and "grade" the auditor and tell him what things to run the PC on the
    next day. The C/Ses had to work at night so the PC folders would be
    ready the next day for auditing. This was approved, and I became a
    C/S, which I continues until I left the RPF.
    When I was first in the RPF, we ate on a table set up in the
    garage. But as winter came around, it was a bit cold, and it was also
    "bad PR" [Public Relations] for the FCCI's [persons undergoing
    auditing at Flag] who saw us. FCCI means Flag Completed Case
    Intensive. They are public scientologists who were paying for
    services at Flag. The FCCI's would always walk past us on their way
    to and from their cars. So we were moved into the "lower" staff
    dining room and ate there after the staff finished eating.

    Our sleeping arrangements were bad. The guys slept in what was
    used as the RPF course room during the day. It was an old storage
    room, with no windows. They would throw their mattresses on the floor
    at night, and the room was filled with wall-to-wall mattresses.
    When I was originally in the RPF the girls slept in a hallway
    near an elevator shaft, leading to the garage. The mattresses covered
    the floors there also. We were later moved to an old locker room in
    the Fort Harrison, with no windows. They let us turn the vents on
    during the night to keep from suffocating but the door was closed to
    prevent someone from blowing [leaving]. An RPF MAA or someone "high
    up" in the RPF, would sleep near the door, and of course bed checks
    were done nightly. There were also F. H. [Fort Harrison Hotel]
    Security Guards constantly policing the F. H. plus an "RPF Guard" in
    the garage at night.
    In December, 1978, we were moved to a storage area in the
    garage. It was a partly wooden, partly cement, enclosure built
    against one of the garage walls. It was build to be a storage area,
    but as the RPF grew so large, it was made the RPF girl's sleeping
    area. Wooden bunks were built, that were about 1/2 to 1/3 the size of
    a regular twin bed. The bunks were built 3 and 4 stacks high, and
    were put in there side-by-side. Our "mattresses" were pieces of foam
    cut to fit the bunks. It was like crawling into a hole to get into
    bed. You couldn't even sit up because of the bunk above you, and it
    was difficult to try to turn over because they weren't wide enough.
    The worst problem was that being in the garage, we inhaled all the car
    fumes when cars would go through, in addition to the noise of cars
    that FCCI's and staff would make driving in and out.
    We had routine visits from Fire and Health Officials in
    Clearwater. Somehow, the G. O. seemed to know in advance when they
    were coming, and were warned. When they arrived, we stacked
    mattresses, boxes and all sorts of junk in our sleeping space, to make
    it look like a storage area. The officials apparently never suspected
    that people were actually living there. If an official surprised us,
    the G. O. would take him around other F. H. areas while we received
    the message to make it look like a storage area. The staff lodging in
    the Fort Harrison was pretty bad also. Many staff and students had 6-
    8 beds in a small room. When officials came around, those rooms were
    locked or signs put on them "Confessionals in Progress" so no one
    would go in, and the G. O. would randomly show them other rooms with
    only 2 or 3 beds.
    I find it very difficult to describe what happened to me
    mentally and emotionally in the RPF. I spent the first few weeks
    getting one security check after another. The first was a security
    check on anything I had done or told anyone while I was "blown" and
    any overts while I was at WHQ [Western Headquarters, La Quinta, CA?].
    After that, I received a visit from the G. O. and was accused of
    taking money from the WHQ. I was security checked on that. Then I
    received a special security check written by the CMO on everything I
    had been involved with or knew as a Messenger.
    After all that was finally over, I was given a "twin" and
    started on my RPF auditing program. At this point, I realized I was a
    List 1 R/Ser [totally psychotic, suppressive person] because the
    person I was 'twinned' with was a List 1 R/Ser. According to RPF
    rules, only List 1 R/Sers could twin with List 1 R/Sers. This order
    is one of the F.O. 3434 series. Obviously I had R/Sed on one of the
    sec checks and was now considered a threat to LRH.
    This really shocked me, because I know List 1 R/Sers were
    SP's and therefore I was Suppressive Person, which according to their
    policies meant I was evil and psychotic. It took me weeks before I
    could "accept" that I was an "SP." I finally realized and accepted
    the fact that I was an SP, psychotic and needed the RPF. It was my
    only hope for salvation.
    This thing of "psychosis" is very much imposed on you in the
    RPF. When I didn't think I could handle the RPF, I talked to the RPF
    MAA about it and he had me read policies on R/Sers and psychosis and
    psychotics. Then he explained how the RPF is set up in a way to
    handle psychotics. Because psychotic people cannot follow orders, or
    complete cycles of action (in other words, finish anything they
    start). You are told that the RPF rules are there to keep everyone's
    psychosis under control long enough to audit and handle them.
    At musters people told "success stores," such as: "Today I
    realized why I'm in the RPF. I realized that I really am psychotic
    about many things and that I really have to handle it. And all I can
    say is thank you LRH, for giving me this chance to get handled and
    "Today in my auditing we handled a psychosis I've had for
    trillions of years, and we ran it back to the basic and it just blew.
    I know I'll never have that psychosis again."
    "I just finished handling an ethics cycle with the MAA and it's
    probably the best thing that's ever happened to me. I found that my
    ethics have been out ever since I got into Scientology, and because my
    ethics have been out, the tech wasn't going in on me so I wasn't
    getting the gains that I should have been getting. Well, I can now
    say that I really am Scientologist, and I know that LRH's tech is the
    greatest in the world."
    Everyone at musters would cheer and clap. These are just
    examples of some of the things people said.
    Within the RPF, is the RPF's RPF. This is where people who
    haven't realized that they need the RPF, are sent."

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