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    The Pentagon Dodecahedron was so secret you have to address the question - why? The tectonic plates of the Earth upon which the megaliths are built would provide fantastic and amazing sources of power.

    I wonder if Dr. Robins or other solid state physicists have considered the quartz shields or surfaces in megalithic Neolithic times; as a healing source or functionary support. We know electricity and animal magnetism is not quackery as it was said to be while I was growing up. It is used in healing sports injuries and more. But could it have been used to alter genes and affect psychic power through headgear like the mental enhancing helmets we see in Futurescape or Persinger's God Helmets? The headgear of the Pharaohs and Vikings or Keltoi are attuning or focusing designs. In this thread Earth Computer Projector we have seen Dr. Robins say more fantastic things than this.

    "Piezoelectric energy can be harvested by converting mechanical vibrations into an electrical charge, or by placing a material under significant strain through heavy pressure. These harvesters generate electricity based on the amount of force used in compressing or deforming a material, as well as the amount and type of deformation on the material’s crystal structure and the speed or frequency of compressions or vibrations to the material. The potential for piezoelectric energy harvesting is therefore much greater than alternative energy harvesting technologies, with the components capable of delivering up to 70 per cent of their charge.

    While quartz and ferroelectric crystals, such as tourmaline and Rochelle salt, are good examples of piezoelectric materials, ceramic lead zirconate titanate – more commonly known as PZT – is the most widely-used piezoelectric material used for energy harvesting. A key advantage of PZT materials is that they can be optimised to suit specific applications through their ability to be manufactured in any shape or size.

    Furthermore, PZT materials are resilient, chemically inert and resistant to high temperatures and other atmospheric pressures – all key benefits considering the greatest opportunity for piezoelectric energy harvesting is in industrial applications. PZT products can be deformed repeatedly to generate energy and power devices, with typical applications being sensors and industrial equipment.

    The piezoelectric effect was discovered by Jacques and Pierre Curie in 1880. The French brothers learned that by subjecting certain crystals to mechanical strain, they became electrically polarised, with the degree of polarisation proportional to the applied strain. The Curies also realised that these same materials deformed when exposed to an electrical field, which is now known as the inverse piezoelectric effect.

    But how do piezoelectric ceramic materials generate power through the conversion of mechanical energy into electrical? The smallest of deformations can produce a measurable charge. As a result, a PZT cylinder can generate voltages that are high enough to draw a spark across an electrode gap. The energy created can then be stored in a capacitor and used to power a circuit or another application. However, there are a range of factors which govern the performance of any power generated in this way, including the shape of the PZT transducer, the style in which the transducer has been installed and the nature of the electrical load. {Remember we have archaeological proof of ceramics from about 30,000 years ago, and quartz mining at Manitoulin Island from long before that.}...

    One of the greatest future challenges for piezoelectric energy harvesting is the ability to convert energy from broadband frequencies, harnessing a number of different sources of vibrations at various frequencies to produce a consistent supply of electric charge. Nevertheless, the opportunities for piezoelectric energy harvesting going forward are considerable – an exciting prospect for those seeking efficient new ways of generating power."

    In his book Giza Power Plant Christopher Dunn tells us the Great Pyramid is a generator aligned to astronomical energy sources. In the Caves of Hathor deep underground there are no signs of candle or fires producing light and yet elaborate drawing including tubes with wires leading to them are there. When did electro-plating gold on other metallic surfaces begin? Not what we are told by academia I suggest.

    Man is very inventive and adventuresome, and one source of power and computer design is the Antikythera which is still being studied. It is definitely an astrolabe but a great deal more. I say Ogham as well as the Universal Sound Om have origins dating to Marshack's accurate lunar calendar (See Neolithic Calendars). Dunn addresses ultrasound tools which made the so-called sarcophagus in the King's Chamber so highly accurate in terms of fit (1/150th of an inch). Is it really ridiculous to suggest the ancients had energy connecting a priesthood in various parts of the world along with the Ark of the Covenant as an electrical generating device (See thread on it)? A harmonics engineer at the U of Toronto built an ark following the directions in the Bible. It generated power and the Harmonic still is used to generate power (See threads galore on Tesla including the Omega Stations like HAARP.

    "Man achieves the height of Wisdom when all that he does is as self evident as what Nature does." - I Ching

    There are many strange potentials in the following and some probably have validity.
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    There are (of course) many threads this link gives input to.


    The human psyche is a living ecosystem of flowing psychic energy and is conceived as a bipolar system embracing a series of opposites, eg anima / animus, light / dark, conscious /unconscious. These opposites create a tension, which is the source of psychic energy that needs to flow unimpeded to create a smooth flowing dynamic system. If this flow is impeded when one of the opposing forces is repressed an unresolved tension grows in the psyche. This creates disease within the individual and also in society in general.

    In today's civilization the vast majority of people are dominated by the unconscious so that disowned modes of behavior and thought are unconsciously acted out in terms of dogmatic thinking and inflexible attitudes towards religion, sex and human interaction in general with plans for globalization based on fear, control and scarcity. These projections are sustained by adhering to blame and victim-consciousness rather than looking within and healing their own personal hologram.

    The number of successfully individuated or self-realized people is remarkably few and is one of the main walls of the matrix. Things that prevent individuation include - lack of community; people in separation, focus on materialism, lack of introspection / meditation, overuse of medication to maintain egoic consciousness and lack of teenage rites of passage or initiations so that the process is often delayed until later in life when the neuroanatomy is less able to undergo structural change.

    Psychiatric Drug Facts -

    Psychiatry: An industry video -

    Bruce Levine -

    Is Psychiatry a Scam - - ("

    DNA - Gateway to Scalar Energy based Healing -

    1. DNA emits and absorbs light (information) : Low-level light emissions are a common property of all living cells with up to 100 photons of light emitted every second for every square centimeter of area - equivalent to the intensity of a candle at a distance of about 10 kilometers. DNA is the source of this photon emission.

    6. DNA produces wormholes in space:

    Wormholes are tunnel connections between different areas in our time-space universe and between our time-space universe and parallel universes, through which information can be transmitted outside of the constraints of space and time. DNA can cause magnetized wormholes in vacuum space. These wormholes are microscopic equivalents of the Einstein-Rosen bridges that appear in the vicinity of black holes. Quantum tunnels (which are similar in concept to wormholes) enable objects to pass through barriers that are impassable according to Newton’s classical laws of physics.

    DNA accesses information via these wormholes, passing it to 'consciousness', so enabling one to gain access to information that is outside one’s knowledge base. {I call this dimensional contact and genetic information transfer of a very high level.} This process is known as hypercommunication. Inspiration, intuition, telepathy, and channeling are manifestations of activated hypercommunication.

    In nature there are many examples of hypercommunication...

    Hold on to your hat! No kidding this could actually knock your hat off. Outside your body (in your aura or part of your solar body) you have five chakras to go with the seven in your body that co-ordinate the inner chhi and nerve energies (Which Eastern thought knew thousands of years before modern neuroscience.). The people who built the stupas and temples knew a thing or two about these energies also. The Irish and Keltic menhirs and megaliths we have said have piezo electric charges also act as antennae as the Pyramid collects solar and earth grid energy. And we have many threads on the cultural to mind-body evolution and at -one -ments where this will apply. It will also apply to the psychotronic generation through the ankh in the Pavlita generator and the caduceus coiled Kundalini serpent on staffs like the medical groups have and which staffs of ancient esoteric adepts had that were enhanced into the Tepaphone. The shem-an-na conical stones also have similar design.

    "The cosmic energies of the heavens above are sometimes channeled into the buildings and megalithic structures of earth using an antenna-like conical structure (i.e. a Spire). On ancient religious architectural buildings like the stupa or pagoda, the mast/yasti/horin is the conical structure that functions as the antenna of the building....

    The bending of the spine of the pagoda is derived from the knowledge that came to the Far East from India and India derived it from the Egyptians/Aryan Scythians/Israelites. The spine of the pagoda and the pagoda itself move in a very serpentine manner, which hints at the presence of the Danites {DN?} among the founders of this style of architectural design....

    Jacob’s ladder is the spine/axis mundi of the Earth and the human bodies of the Israelite and gentile followers of Christ, who yield their vessels to the influence of the spirit of the Most High God, I AM. According to scripture, God does not dwell in temples made by the hands of men but his church is the human bodies of those same Israelites and gentiles who yield their will to his, and Christ is the cornerstone of the temple (Ephesians 2:20). However, for pagan temples and the bodies of those who yield their mind’s to the Anti-Christ, the keystone/cornerstone or spine of their build is the backbone of the god Ptah/Osiris....

    The energies of specific celestial bodies that are channeled into the temple of Osiris/Baal effectively transform the minds and bodies of the individuals exposed to the energy. The shape of the building, in this example, a stupa or gab H1354, magnifies that energy inside of the temple chamber and quickens the process of “enlightenment”. This enlightenment can be defined as a unification of the mind and body of man (the human/physical temple) with the mind and body of the spirit/god/energy of the temple. These temples are typically built in specific locations that align with particular energies that aid the process of transformation and enlightenment....

    By chance or design some people, due to their proximity to the alignments, are more influenced by its energies. Perhaps in the distant past this was planned for spiritual leaders, like druidic priests – key occurrences of their lives such as conception, birth and spiritual initiation occurred at strategic locations along the alignments, such as Avebury, during times of peak energy activity. For them, their body’s cells are exposed to a maximum level of energy. The very liquid crystal structure of billions of cells within their bodies resonates with the energy emanating from the fault lines....

    “The Laver of Water of Purification refers to the Waters of Binah, the Female Power refelcted in the Waters of Creation.” (p. 61 GD Second Knowledge Lecture) In the Practicus Ritual, the symbolism of the Stolistes, the Cup of Water is discussed:

    The Cup of the Stolistes partakes in part of the Symbolism of the Laver of Moses and the Sea of Solomon. On the Tree of Life, it embraces nine of the Sephiroth, exclusive of Kether. Yesod and Malkuth form the triangle below, the former the apex, the latter the base. Like Caduceus, it further represents the Three Elements of Water, Air and Fire. The Crescent is the Water which is above the Firmament, and the Triangle the consuming Fire below, which is opposed to the Celestial Fire symbolized by the upper part of the Caduceus....

    The conical crown channels the energy of energy frequency of Nimrod/Osiris/Baal/Buddha and the wearer becomes the embodiment/temple of the god. The knowledge of how to unite/resonate with a god/energy was guard secret and perhaps adds another aspect to the idea of “divine right” of rulership. In the Hindu/Buddhist practice of Vastu Shastra, it is believed that the temple not only is symbolic of the house of the deity on earth but it is the actual deity itself. The human body is a temple, so, adorning it in certain regalia will change the shape/reception of the antenna and temple/body. This will allow the body to channel a particular energy frequency, through oscillation, transforming the human bod/temple into the deity. This is one way that god-kings ruled by divine right or divine rite, for on certain people possessed the divine knowledge/mysteries of metaphysics and occult rites."


    So you can see form has it's place in the memes and icons of all things. The Pharaoh's hats, the Witch's hat and your dunce cap all focus energy to your Third Eye or Pineal gland we have said was also in the caduceus and looks like a pine cone. Your pineal gland has crystals and acts like a crystal radio set of old as the book The Wonder Child told us people like Gazzaniga and Edelman are researching. Any pressure or energy approaching the Thalami are processed and used by the adept. It was so effective that the Chanes of Central America boarded their kids head to make it separate the brain hemispheres to allow the cosmic energy direct access to the Thalami and Third Eye. Dagobert's trepanning was for this reason and not what academics tell you, he was a Merovingian King of France. One of the reasons laid out by Gardiner for the need of the fresh human thalami is those crystalline structures including Rhodium and Iridium.
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    Does it make sense to incorporate so much power in one machine? Might we be able to make the Manna Machine again - soon?

    Michio Kaku

    If you are a scientist in the present day, and you do not believe in telepathy and many more paranormal facts - you are going to have to address what Kaku says about you. He calls such people "know-nothing scientists".

    "Theoretical physicists are not known for their rock star appeal. Scientists are not inherently cool by our modern standards because so often the average person does not understand what it is they do. Michio Kaku is working to change that and in the process, he has become a bit of a superstar in his own right. Michio sat down with Deepak Chopra for's program One World to discuss his illustrious career, his latest book, and the conscious mind; an interest that they both share.

    Michio's new book, The Future of the Mind: The Scientific Quest to Understand, Enhance and Empower the Mind explores many questions that a generation ago, only philosophers were discussing in the abstract. Today, he is making these things a reality. "Telepathy, telekinesis, uploading memories, photographing a dream, we've done it." He told to Deepak. But there are still vast mysteries in the human brain that science has yet to uncover.


    "If you take a look at the neurons of the brain, each neuron is very complicated, connected to ten thousand other neurons but they're just neurons," Michio explains. "They're just either on or off but when you put one hundred billion of them together all of a sudden you get consciousness." Science is still trying to fill in the gaps between what each of these neurons does and how that translates to consciousness. So much of our own existence is understood because others are conscious of our existence. It's a complicated idea but Michio has a way of explaining his work that makes it accessible to the average person; you don't need an advanced degree in physics or biology or even philosophy to follow along.

    Michio's research has fascinating connections to eastern philosophy and it is this connection that makes his discussion with Deepak so interesting. Here are two men, with vastly different backgrounds, discussing the intersection of their interests in consciousness and bringing together different disciplines to examine the same mysteries. It is no wonder that both Deepak and his guest Michio Kaku are held in such high esteem.

    This is a blog series produced in partnership with One World, a video series with Deepak Chopra and NEWSWIRE.FM. To view the full video and subscribe to all the episodes click here."

    It would not surprise me if the ancients had technology such as what follows before the great meteor caused the near extinction of humanity in 8350 BCE. It might even have existed when the double kiln was constructed at Dolni Vestonici around 30,000 years ago. This is effectively a VRIL Machine and there are lesser designs which include psychotronic enhancements. Pavlita developed one.

    The machine with a Wankle exterior (Like the RX 7 engine) to the inside of the cement, which had an interior moving device such as shown in a link which follows, had energy symbols including the ankh to add etheric energy and earth polarity to cause power for moving objects - which he did.
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    You might think my comment about the Manna Machine means I accept myths in the Bible as having merit. Yes, but in code and never when they seek to diminish others as this account does. I have extensive design work in my book on Ancient Technology and 'The Lost Chord".

    "If the Zohar describes a manna machine then this must be consistent with the Bible narrative. First, let’s look at the pivotal events associated with the Biblical manna.

    In the middle of the second month of the Exodus the manna is first mentioned; it is said to form from the morning dew on the ground, every day except the Sabbath. Note, this is also the first appearance of the Sabbath, it is directly linked with the production (or lack of it) of the manna. Why should this be? Why should an all powerful God not be able to make manna seven days a week and have to resort to a more awkward double ration the day before? Is it really just to have a day of rest?

    Another problem is how did all the Israelites manage to scoop up the manna, each getting an equal measure, and not getting a load of sand and grit in it? The Bible makes no mention of any problems of this sort, instead manna rationing all goes very smoothly. The only problem that does occur is that the Israelites complain of having to eat the same boring food continuously,[1] which gives the account even more authenticity. Human imagination rarely, if ever, comes up with something truly original, so I find it impossible to believe that manna was just invented, a concept without any precedent. Besides, there’s no reason to invent it, as it doesn't have any symbolic significance, it is simply just part of the story.

    No-one knows what this manna could have been. The name seems to be derived from the Hebrew for “What is it?”. If the Israelites were indeed wandering around the wilderness for years then they would need some food supply, so there is every reason to believe that this manna is based on fact. The only current explanation is that it was the secretion of an insect that lives on the tamarisk tree in Sinai. This produces white globules containing glucose, the Bedouin call it “Man”, however the total yearly collection from the entire region would only be enough to feed one family.[2] This theory is unacceptable, it is just scholars clutching at straws because they have no other explanation. This site is presenting evidence for an alternative explanation and the strange events during the Exodus back it up.

    Once at Mount Sinai the problems really start for Moses and his Israelites. First there is the totally implausible story of the worship of the Golden Calf. Is it at all likely, with Yahweh up on Mt. Sinai, that all the people will give their gold to Aaron so he can make a statue? How is Aaron supposed to have the skill or resources to do that? And when the furious Moses comes back down he smashes the stone tablets God himself has just said to have made, with arrogance like that you’d at least expect God to give Moses a severe reprimand! But no, not even a complaint, and Moses goes on to kill some 3000 Israelites as punishment but spares Aaron. Then he is said to grind up the statue, mix the powder with water and force the Israelites to drink it.[3] How on earth can that happen? The principle for panning for gold relies on the fact that gold is very heavy and sinks to the bottom, it cannot be mixed with water.

    On the other hand, this is a strange incident to invent, it hardly gives the Israelites a glorious history. Perhaps instead, the answer is that Moses caught the Israelites worshipping the Ancient of Days, and with its obvious symbolism it is not hard to imagine the people parading naked before the LORD. No wonder Moses was angry, from then on the Tabernacle was created and set up well away from the camp. This was just a double walled tent which allowed the priests to carry out their functions in absolute secrecy, a secrecy which has continued ever since.

    The next serious problem happens when Moses is making the second set of tablets, which he did (not God) in the Tabernacle’s Holy of Holies. He took them up the mountain and by the time he returned his face was so badly burnt everyone was afraid to go near him. From then on he always wore a veil, except when he entered the Holy of Holies.[4]

    Moses is not the only one to get burnt, in fact all the main characters during the Exodus get either burnt or scarred. The most serious case involved Aaron’s two sons who were training to be priests. They went into the Holy of Holies holding metal incense burners. Immediately a fire leapt out of Yahweh and killed them on the spot.[5] One suspects Aaron wasn't too impressed and he said nothing. It is significant that this account clearly implies Yahweh himself is inside the Holy of Holies.

    Also both Aaron and Miriam get a skin disease as punishment for criticising Moses,[6] an affliction that others would also suffer. Finally Moses quells a rebellion by getting the rebels to offer incense to the LORD. Not surprisingly a flame leaps out and kills them.

    Throughout the Exodus there was said to be above the Tabernacle a “pillar of smoke by day and a pillar of fire by night” (as in the banner picture above) [7]. This was always there except when it was time to break camp. An altar would not produce this effect, is it not likely that this is the fire from the nose of the Small-faced One, just as the Zohar explains?

    I will now jump to the end of the Exodus, Moses is now dead and Joshua is about to attack Jericho. However, it is now that the manna stops and Joshua does what appears to be a ridiculous act to his army: he has all the men circumcised.[8] What possible motive was so compelling to force this action? Is it not possible that the Israelites thought that the penis of the LORD was blocked so they made this gesture to encourage him to once again give the manna? From then on circumcision was made an absolutely essential part of the worship of Yahweh, before then it had only been applied in a haphazard fashion.

    The Jews claim that this tradition goes as far back as the time of Abraham; this is not true. The only cultures that practised circumcision were that of Egypt and Ethiopia. The custom came out of Egypt with the Israelites, not as part of their religion but just for medical or hygiene purposes, the religious aspect of it started with Joshua. This should be obvious for if it came before then the men in Joshua’s army should have already been circumcised. The Jews also say that the purpose of circumcision is because the foreskin is considered as a barrier between man and God. To me, that makes no religious sense, unless it is the foreskin of God that creates the barrier (for the manna). A Jewish boy should be circumcised when he is eight days old. This is significant also, for it is that day that the new seven day cycle would start on, the day on which the manna would resume after the pause for the Sabbath.

    Once the invasion of the Promised Land was under way the Ark and hence the Ancient of Days does not feature too much. A few centuries later though, there was a disastrous war with the Philistines. At first the Philistines were terrified when they saw the Israelites bringing the “Ark” into battle, it is difficult to see why a tough army should be scared of a gold box. If it was the Ancient of Days though then it is understandable. Nevertheless, the Philistines won the battle and captured the “Ark”. This was a catastrophe for the Israelites and when Eli the priest heard the news he fell back from his chair and broke his neck. His daughter-in-law, through the shock, gave birth prematurely and named her new son Ichabod - meaning the Glory has departed [9]. "Glory" is a term we are very familiar with, but its literal meaning is "heaviness". This is a strange term to use, unless of course it refers to something large that needed to be carried. The Heaviness of the LORD had been lost.

    Now you would expect this to be a tremendous triumph for the Philistines but wherever the “Ark” was taken hundreds of people died.[9] The symptoms, described in the Bible and in Josephus’ “Antiquities of the Jews”, are vomiting, diarrhoea and tumours. (The King James Bible has the affliction as emerods, but the correct translation is tumours). These are obvious radiation sickness symptoms and again seem unlikely to be invented. In the end event the “Ark” was returned, a remarkable occurrence in itself. What army after capturing a prize relic of an enemy would ever give it back out of free will? The “Ark” arrived back on a cart and ended up at Beth Shemesh. But even there it killed seventy Israelites (50070 in the Bible is thought to be a mistake). This makes no religious sense, why should God punish his own innocent people? Only when the Levites arrived with the specialist knowledge did the injuries cease."

    (See threads on the Exodus, Mt. Serabit and Phoenicians among others)
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    Gary Lachman's realitysandwich article raises hopes and also poses ethical issues resulting from our changing and mechanistic environment. He details the history of cosmic conscious through R. M. Bucke, William James, Aldous Huxley and language scholars like Owen Barfield. You must read the whole article to form any opinion about what promises to bring a truly resplendent new form of BEING beyond any Hegelian conceptualization.

    "McGilchrist argues that throughout history the two brains have been in a kind of rivalry punctuated by brief periods when they worked together. Neither he nor I am saying that we should jettison left brain or ‘survival’ consciousness in favor of the right. Both are necessary and we wouldn’t have them if they weren’t. But he does argue that there has been a gradual shift in emphasis toward valuing the left over the right, and that we are increasingly creating a left-brain dominated culture that is slowly squeezing out the input from the right. The fact that the most respected intelligences of our time – scientists – tell us that the universe is “pointless” seems evidence of this. Breaking down the whole into bits and pieces in order to understand and manipulate it (technology), we lose sight of the connection between things, the implicit meaning that the right brain perceives but which it is unable to communicate to the left, in a language it can understand. Poets, mystics, artists can feel this whole and try to communicate it, but the left brain only acknowledges ‘facts’ and dismisses their entreaties as well-meaning moonshine.

    So where does this leave us? For one thing, recognizing that the kind of consciousness associated with mystical experience and gnosis is rooted in our own neurophysiology, and cannot be dismissed as delusion, mere emotion, or madness allows us to approach the question of gnosis in a way that the proponents of episteme cannot ignore, even if they do not agree with it. If, as McGilchrist argues, the right brain holistic perception is fundamental – is, as he calls it, the Master – then we can begin to see how the left brain analytical perception rose out of it, developed as an evolutionary aid to survival. (It is, perhaps, the source of the ‘ancient wisdom’ of the Hermeticists and other mystery traditions.) We can see that our present left-brain oriented consciousness is not, as mentioned earlier, consciousness per se, but has antecedents in earlier forms of consciousness. And if we recognize, as many have, that this utilitarian focused consciousness, while working wonderfully as a tool for survival, has been gradually eliminating the kind of right brain perceptions that give life a sense of meaning, we can see that this imbalance needs to be redressed. McGilchrist points to several periods in history when, as mentioned, the two worked together, with remarkable results:

    Classical Greece, the Renaissance, the Romantic Movement.

    And in our own experience, we can find moments when this happens too: moments of insight, ‘peak experiences’, creative moments when the big picture and the detail come together, when the particular seems to express some universal, and when the whole cosmos seems to reside in our own imaginations. (Poets may receive inspiration from the right brain, but they need the left in order to capture that inspiration in words.) McGilchrist argues that the times in western history when a creative union between the two hemispheres of the brain were reached were triggered by the urgent need for them to work together. Crisis, he says, can bring about the completion of our ‘partial mind’, as the poet W.B. Yeats expressed it. We are not, I submit, short of crises. Let us hope McGilchrist is right and that the evolution of consciousness, spurred by the challenges before us, unites our two sides in a creative gnosis for the twenty-first century.""

    I sincerely hope he and Mc Gilchrist are correct about our brain structure changing to allow integrating and that the resultant integration will allow soul or spirit to inform the brain or mind. I suspect we have the means to make this a machine reality even if it is not biological. That means we will be second rate sentient beings on our own planet if we do not adapt or mutate.

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    This E-book is a compilation of Notebooks 4 & 5 out of a 5-part series. 4 & 5 are being released first because not only do they stand alone, they highlight the work of J.J. Thomson and Charles Proteus Steinmetz.

    After Eric Dollard’s presentation of The Power of the Aether as Related to Music & Electricity, which was delivered at the 2015 Energy Science & Technology Conference, more work relating to J.J. Thomson was requested since the presentation ended with an overview of the clarified Thomson equations, which are foundational to the study of the Physics of the Aether.

    Get your copy now:

    Thomson is credited with the discovery of the electron, but it was his studies into the Aether physics and the Faraday Tubes, which led him to that discovery. Much of this history is covered up and discarded in conventional material and these notebooks delve into this history.

    Thomson also had the most quantitative theory of an electrified theory and this is what Dollard is expanding upon in these notebooks.

    The 5-part notebook series is an extension of the presentation that he gave at the 2014 Energy Science & Technology Conference called The Extraluminal Transmission Systems of Tesla and Alexanderson, but it is available in a package with The Power of the Aether as Related to Music & Electricity because it ended with the J.J. Thomson equations.

    Get your copy now:

    I do not know if this person knows what he is talking about. I see many things I agree have been covered up or kept secret and yet they are not and never truly were as secret as he thinks. Here is a little of what I really have difficulty with his presentation. Maybe his word usage "substation of God" refers to the Manna Machine - I need to get into it more over the next few days.

    "Dark Ages to Renaissance

    All of this information went underground in the dark ages and most of the proponents for this were killed. At this time, we were given the first Theory of Relativity that declared that instead of being in a heliocentric universe, we existed in a geocentric universe. This was proposed by Ptolemy and it was enforced with an iron fist for a millennia resulting in the death of many philosophers.

    In the middle ages, neo-Pythagorean and neo-Platonic thinking was reawakened and there was light at the end of the tunnel leading back to Universe Alpha. This was the period at which the cathedral and pipe organ and the development of music started to take hold. This was when the substation of God was reinvented and music was composed for cosmic purposes. This led to the renaissance, which was the re-awakening of classical thought."
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    In a brief listen to the video I find the word lattice and a lot of discourse about modes and tones which I think (!) might connect with what Pythagoras developed from earlier design energy which was evident in the Hypogeum on Malta and elsewhere, These lattices on Malta were also in Italy where Elizabeth Wayland-Barber had worked before going to Urumchi. She said there were plaids there too. Plaids may indeed show energy through colors and variations as well. That connects with Cymatics which we have also discussed.

    Yes, we do not know many things but the Gregorian monks of medieval time and Father Ernetti's (See thread on the Chronovisor) expertise in that area all might connect. I only intuit some of this stuff, and I do wish I could do the math, it might belong in the Mandala thread as well. I do think Wagner's music helped to attune Hitler and his audiences - an extreme example perhaps.

    I still think they are overdoing the connection with "re-awakening classical thought".

    There also is the work of Dr. Robins addressing the macrochips in stone and specifically the megaliths. He details electrical potential and piezo-electric affects which we have some modern research on as well. Here is more from Wikipedia on this. It will also relate to what I have said about lattices and Mandalas. Their illustration of the chemical sodium chloride is one I wonder about in relation to Natron salts used in Polymerization for Pyramid stone (see Poured in Place). We often hear or read about ancient people using sound or harmonics in building the megaliths. It could be they knew how to activate certain potential energy in the material in order to cause specific bonding. I am also aware of the levitating rock theory but I have investigated it enough to know it is not connected even though it might have application at some points in conjunction with a push. I say this because apparently the levitational effect was variable or fluctuating.

    "The Madelung constant is used in determining the electrostatic potential of a single ion in a crystal by approximating the ions by point charges. It is named after Erwin Madelung, a German physicist.[1]

    Because the anions and cations in an ionic solid are attracting each other by virtue of their opposing charges, separating the ions requires a certain amount of energy. This energy must be given to the system in order to break the anion-cation bonds. The energy required to break these bonds for one mole of an ionic solid under standard conditions is the lattice energy.

    Contents [hide]
    1 Formal expression
    2 Generalization
    3 Application to Organic Salts
    4 References
    5 External links

    Formal expression[edit]

    The Madelung constant shall allow for the calculation of the electric potential Vi of all ions of the lattice felt by the ion at position ri

    V_i = \frac{e}{4 \pi \epsilon_0 } \sum_{j \neq i} \frac{z_j}{r_{ij}}\,\!

    where rij =|ri - rj| is the distance between the ith and the jth ion. In addition,

    zj = number of charges of the jth ion

    e = 1.6022◊10−19 C

    4 π ε0 = 1.112◊10−10 C≤/(J m).

    If the distances rij are normalized to the nearest neighbor distance r0 the potential may be written

    V_i = \frac{e}{4 \pi \epsilon_0 r_0 } \sum_{j} \frac{z_j r_0}{r_{ij}} = \frac{e}{4 \pi \epsilon_0 r_0 } M_i

    with M_i being the (dimensionless) Madelung constant of the ith ion

    M_i = \sum_{j} \frac{z_j}{r_{ij}/r_0}.

    The electrostatic energy of the ion at site r_i then is the product of its charge with the potential acting at its site

    E_{el,i} = z_ieV_i = \frac{e^2}{4 \pi \epsilon_0 r_0 } z_i M_i.

    There occur as many Madelung constants M_i in a crystal structure as ions occupy different lattice sites. For example, for the ionic crystal NaCl, there arise two Madelung constants – one for Na and another for Cl. Since both ions, however, occupy lattice sites of the same symmetry they both are of the same magnitude and differ only by sign. The electrical charge of the Na+ and Cl− ion are assumed to be onefold positive and negative, respectively, z_{Na}=1 and z_{Cl}=-1. The nearest neighbour distance amounts to half the lattice parameter of the cubic unit cell r_0=a/2 and the Madelung constants become

    M_\text{Na}=-M_\text{Cl} = {\sum_{j,k,\ell=-\infty}^\infty}^\prime {{(-1)^{j+k+\ell}} \over { (j^2 + k^2 + \ell^2)^{1/2}}}.

    Madelung Constant for NaCl

    This graph demonstrates the non-convergence of the expanding spheres method for calculating the Madelung constant for NaCl as compared to the expanding cubes method, which is convergent.

    The prime indicates that the term j=k=\ell=0 is to be left out. Since this sum is conditionally convergent it is not suitable as definition of Madelung's constant unless the order of summation is also specified. There are two "obvious" methods of summing this series, by expanding cubes or expanding spheres. The latter, though devoid of a meaningful physical interpretation (there are no spherical crystals) is rather popular because of its simplicity. Thus, the following expansion is often found in the literature:[2]

    M = -6 +12/ \sqrt{2} -8/ \sqrt{3} +6/2 - 24/ \sqrt{5} + \dotsb = -1.74756\dots.

    However, this is wrong as this series diverges as was shown by Emersleben in 1951.[3][4] The summation over expanding cubes converges to the correct value. An unambiguous mathematical definition is given by Borwein, Borwein and Taylor by means of analytic continuation of an absolutely convergent series.

    There are many practical methods for calculating Madelung's constant using either direct summation (for example, the Evjen method[5]) or integral transforms, which are used in the Ewald method.[6]"
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    Mitch Horowitz has had some excellent exposure on TV as he talks about the aetheric world and things like Quija and other "woo".

    He may be on to the back of the camel seeking for truth or he may be like one of the twelve blind men feeling different parts of the elephant - which we all are, at times. I think he is correct about The Secret and the many early books from positive-thinkers being less "woo" than what has become the craze or hype. But what is a history of the people who also wrote and did so little actual study worth so many of them are just hawking wares or selling new religions or cults. I do not denigrate great people like William James by some of his people are neither early, nor historical (to use Gertrude Stein's application of that word - derived from James' mentorship.

    "They are right about my commitments. Since the 2014 publication of my One Simple Idea, a history of and analysis of the positive-thinking tradition, I have grown more dedicated to exploring the use and viability of the core mind-power thesis, which is: thoughts are causative.

    My aim is not to disembark from “serious” esoteric traditions (more on that in a moment); nor is it to discontinue my work as a historian. Rather, I am specifically interested in formulating a tough-minded, intellectually defensible, and useful distillation of New Thought ideas. I try to locate New Thought’s ancient antecedents in Hermeticism and a wide range of religious traditions, as well as in modern expressions such as Transcendentalism, Idealism, Pragmatism, Christian Science, and the work of nineteenth-century experimenters like Phineas Quimby, Emma Curtis Hopkins, and Horatio Dresser, up through twentieth-century mystical voices such as Neville Goddard, Vernon Howard, and Ernest Holmes.

    But make no mistake: I am not interested in intellectualizing New Thought. I am interested in using it. And, if I’m able, in helping my neighbor to do the same.

    I have a deep and abiding love for what might be considered “sensationalized” works of metaphysics, such as Think and Grow Rich, How to Win Friends and Influence People, It Works, Psycho-Cybernetics, and others. I feel an absolute conviction that many of these popular works possess a touch of magic. That is, amid certain dead ends, exaggerations, and foolishness they also evince tremendous insight, workable ideas, and a theology of results, tested in the experience of the individual author and his readers.

    I can say no such thing about many contemporary expressions of traditional or esoteric spiritual traditions. “There’s no short cut,” a good and brilliant man once told me within an intensively learned and beautiful esoteric community. My response is: “I don’t know that.” I haven’t tested that thesis. When an individual is starved for understanding – or for the solution to a life-depleting problem – extraordinary things become possible. William James called it a “conversion experience.” Others call it “awakening” (a term that I find too portentous, as it implies permanency, whereas the search for change is filled with switchbacks and frustration). Of this much I am certain: the inner key to almost any program of legitimate self-development lies in the depth of the individual’s hunger. As an Arab proverb goes: “The way bread tastes depends on how hungry you are.”

    I have witnessed individuals who have dedicated (and in some cases depleted) decades of their lives in the service of serious traditions – yet in a moment of anxiety or even a minor mishap they evince the same brokenness that I do. And I ask why. And I ask you the reader (and myself) not to jump to any handy answer to that. Just maintain the question.

    Above I used the metaphor of “bread.” The implication is that a tradition must be nourishing – it must offer sustenance and not counterfeit bromides. Can this be said of New Thought and its adjunct traditions? Should you run off and read a popular work like The Power of Positive Thinking? My answer is yes.

    New Thought and the positive-thinking traditions are, very simply, Applied Transcendentalism. The mind-power equation is an effort to live within the stream of Divine potency using the medium of thought; to fulfill the dictum of Romans 12:2 by being “transformed by the renewing of your mind;” to use the aspirations of thought as a means of bridging worldly and higher life; to tap the creative potential inherent in our relation to the Highest Source. Positive-mind metaphysics – and much of the American metaphysical tradition – sees a very thin line of separation between mental and spiritual experience. This is the influence of New Thought.

    I am also committed to New Thought for reasons of spiritual belief. I share Alcoholics Anonymous founder Bill Wilson’s ideal that a “Higher Power” – as understood by the individual – can bridge gaps, crises, and inabilities in our lives, especially when cognitive efforts fail. This led a critic in the Wall Street Journal to contend that “Mr. Horowitz isn’t interested in research.” I am interested – I explore biological, neurological, and quantum physics research in One Simple Idea and elsewhere. But I also believe that a blind spot exists in many of our research models, which is that when we discover a biological or physical correlation to an event we assume that it’s the only thing going on. We fail to consider that there may be lots of causes and correlates – that the thing occurring biochemically may be triggered by varying factors: physical, psychological, and extra-physical, if such a thing exists. I contend that it does exist. For one thing, I cite data (sometimes hastily dismissed or overlooked) from decades of legitimate psychical research. I may be wrong about extra-physicality; but we don’t advance the cause of our understanding by narrowly proscribing the antecedents we consider.

    Some seekers have written to me recounting deeply negative experiences at New Thought churches – pointing out a “victim blaming” mentality in which those who suffer illness, accident, tragedy, or setback are subtly held responsible for the “thought patterns” that manifest their woes. These protestors are right. Such thinking does sometimes occur. And when it does I reject it unequivocally. In my One Simple Idea, I considered an episode in which The Secret’s Rhonda Byrne told an Associated Press reporter that people died in the Holocaust and 9/11 “because their dominant thoughts were on the same frequency of such events.” That is exactly wrong. I wrote:

    When facing ultimate moral questions, Byrne … spoke of the experience of others, describing events that she had never personally encountered or reckoned with. Opinions, like philosophies, demand verification, either by logic or lived experience. Byrne’s logic was akin to that of a person visiting a neighbor’s house, whistling for a dog, receiving no response, and concluding that the neighbor has no dog. She took no account of possibilities outside of her purview.

    And further:

    Spiritual insight arrives through self-observation—not in analyzing, or justifying, the suffering experienced by others. To judge others is to work without any self-verification, which is the one pragmatic tool of the spiritual search. The private person who can maturely and persuasively claim self-responsibility for his own suffering, or who can endure it as an inner obligation, shines a light for others. The person who justifies someone else’s suffering, in this case through collective fault, only casts a stone.

    .... Materialists call this delusion; but they haven’t tried it. And they never will. Because spiritual experience is, if it is anything at all, an exquisitely voluntary effort which cannot be learned, opined, received, or otherwise had, or even recognized, in the absence of experience. But we live in an age in which conviction trumps experience.

    I personally know journalists and academics who have visited, surveyed, observed and, ultimately, excoriated spiritual communities and traditions without even once, as a personal experiment, engaging in a discrete, hands-on experience, such as meditation. In their minds, to try is to concede intellectual weakness. But just the opposite is true.

    William James contended that the ultimate test of any ethical or spiritual philosophy is its effect on conduct. I have witnessed New Thought methods result in improved conduct and in better, happier, more effective lives. Not flawless lives or lives free of lapses, contradictions, foolishness, and even moments of cruelty and delusion. But nonetheless, a certain dignity and nobility emerges in the life of one who tries. And this has driven me to seek out, experiment with, and attempt to communicate the highest truths in New Thought, a modern spiritual tradition that I believe meets the individual directly where he or she lives, and addresses the problems of day-to-day life with utility, grace, and practicality.

    In the end, I document and work with New Thought because, for all the foibles and weaknesses dotting its history, it works. Why does it work? When does it fail? Which methods work? Which do not? What are its blind spots? Why is its intellectual culture so poorly developed? What are its most sublime insights? These questions passionately move me.

    My personal approach to studying New Thought, or any spiritual tradition, is captured by martial artist Bruce Lee, who wrote: “Research your own experience; absorb what is useful, reject what is useless and add what is essentially your own.” {Borrowed directly from Lao-Tzu who deserves the credit.}."
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    Schumann field theory has connections with the Earth Energy Grid and the work we have done in that area is here already, from varied authors. It is interesting to note the exterior weather effects as well as the wavelength of any energy bombardment used to accentuate either the brain or it's machine interfaces. I believe some of this work done of healers served a good purpose. I hope the same will become true with adapted collected thought called the World Mind.

    "Schumann’s Resonance Excess (effects of EM fields on brain activity)

    Increased geomagnetic activity appears on the days of so-called geomagnetic storms. Instability of the geomagnetic field is induced by the so-called magnetospheric micropulsations and causes W.O. Schumann’s “reasonance excess”. The strongest Schumann’s basic resonance component is the 7.8Hz vibration.

    A physical model of differences in some brain areas stimulated by different low-frequency magnetic fields was presented by Prof. Micek from the Physics Institute at the Jagiellonian University in Cracow. According to the basic thesis of the work, an EM field induces electric disorders in brain tissue which behave like a wave undergoing absorption, reflection, and refraction. These effects appear as a result of the presence of the areas characterized with different propagation speeds and their different absorptions as well as naturally limited areas like the cranium. In this model, the head is treated as a resonance system for electric courses. The electric wave is refracted or reflected. Thus Prof. Micek assumes that a standing wave appears in the system when the brain is surrounded by the cranium.

    A 'standing wave' is the result of the interference (superposition) of 2 waves of identical frequency radiating in opposite directs (direct and refracted wave). It produces “arrows” and “knots” within the area. The arrows are characterized with maximal vibration amplitude and the knots with the lack of a variable magnetic field.

    According to computer simulation evaluations of the model, a low-frequency 7-Hz field stimulates the temporal lobe areas and a 42-Hz field stimulates numerous areas around the brain.

    In this physical model, although low frequency magnetic fields stimulate the whole brain, there are however some areas with bigger stimulations. Thus with a 7-Hz field, the temporal lobes are stimulated. While at 42-Hz, all of the brain area is stimulated.
    Since in case of generalized seizures the discharges spread around all of the brain area and partial seizures involve only one area at-the-beginning, we conclude that changes of the brain bioelectric activity are significantly more frequent after a 42-Hz field application than after 7-Hz in patients with generalized seizures."

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    I suspect the use of harmonics on genes will soon prove successful and I e-mailed my willingness to assist to a top gene therapist who owns anti-aging clinics in Spain and Thailand. I told him my attunement skills added to resonance technology including light (cymatics) and sound might be enough to alter gene telomeres or what keeps them working. I suppose I am tool old and it really does not matter to me - unless it could regenerate as it will probably enable in another century. Currently they seem more into stem cell usages.

    "Hi, I just wanted to share this with you all, maybe someone can use
    this info, it's long but worth reading.



    The human DNA is a biological Internet and superior in many aspects to
    the artificial one. The
    latest Russian scientific research directly or indirectly explains
    phenomena such as clairvoyance,
    intuition, spontaneous and remote acts of healing, self healing,
    affirmation techniques, unusual
    light/auras around people (namely spiritual masters), mind's influence
    on weather patterns and much
    more. In addition, there is evidence for a whole new type of medicine
    in which DNA can be
    influenced and reprogrammed by words and frequencies WITHOUT cutting
    out and replacing single

    Only 10% of our DNA is being used for building proteins. It is this
    subset of DNA that is of
    interest to western researchers and is being examined and categorized.
    The other 90% are considered
    "junk DNA. The Russian researchers, however, convinced that nature was
    not dumb, joined linguists
    and geneticists in a venture to explore those 90% of "junk DNA". Their
    results, findings and
    conclusions are simply revolutionary! According to them, our DNA is
    not only responsible for the
    construction of our body but also serves as data storage and in
    communication. The Russian
    linguists found that the genetic code, especially in the apparently
    useless 90%, follows the same
    rules as all our human languages. To this end they compared the rules
    of syntax (the way in which
    words are put together to form phrases and sentences), semantics (the
    study of meaning in language
    forms) and the basic rules of grammar.

    They found that the alkalines of our DNA follow a regular grammar and
    do have set rules just like
    our languages. So human languages did not appear coincidentally but
    are a reflection of our
    inherent DNA.

    The Russian biophysicist and molecular biologist Pjotr Garjajev and
    his colleagues also explored
    the vibrational behavior of the DNA. [For the sake of brevity I will
    give only a summary here. For
    further exploration please refer to the appendix at the end of this

    The bottom line was:

    "Living chromosomes function just like solitonic/holographic computers
    using the endogenous DNA
    laser radiation." This means that they managed, for example, to
    modulate certain frequency patterns
    onto a laser ray and with it influenced the DNA frequency and thus the
    genetic information itself.
    Since the basic structure of DNA-alkaline pairs and of language (as
    explained earlier) are of the
    same structure, no DNA decoding is necessary.

    One can simply use words and sentences of the human language!

    This, too, was experimentally proven!

    Living DNA substance (in living tissue, not in vitro) will always
    react to language-modulated laser
    rays and even to radio waves, if the proper frequencies are being
    used. This finally and
    scientifically explains why affirmations, autogenous training,
    hypnosis and the like can have such
    strong effects on humans and their bodies. It is entirely normal and
    natural for our DNA to react
    to language. While western researche rs cut single genes from the DNA
    strands and insert them
    elsewhere, the Russians enthusiastically worked on devices that can
    influence the cellular
    metabolism through suitable modulated radio and light frequencies and
    thus repair genetic defects.

    Garjajev‚'s research group succeeded in proving that with this method
    chromosomes damaged by x-rays
    for example can be repaired. They even captured information patterns
    of a particular DNA and
    transmitted it onto another, thus reprogramming cells to another
    genome. So they successfully
    transformed, for example, frog embryos to salamander embryos simply by
    transmitting the DNA
    information patterns!

    This way the entire information was transmitted without any of the
    side effects or disharmonies
    encountered when cutting out and re-introducing single genes from the
    DNA. This represents an
    unbelievable, world-transforming revolution and sensation! All this by
    simply applying vibration
    and language instead of the archaic cutting-out procedure! This
    experiment points to the immense
    power of wave genetics, which obviously has a greater influence on the
    formation of organisms than
    the biochemical processes of alkaline sequences.

    Esoteric and spiritual teachers have known for ages that our body is
    programmable by language,
    words and thought. This has now been scientifically proven and
    explained. Of course the frequency
    has to be correct. And this is why not everybody is equally successful
    or can do it with always the
    same strength. The individual person must work on the inner processes
    and maturity in order to
    establish a conscious communication with the DNA. The Russian
    researchers work on a method that is
    not dependent on these factors but will ALWAYS work, provided one uses
    the correct frequency.

    But the higher developed an individual's consciousness is, the less
    need is there for any type of
    device! One can achieve these results by oneself, and science will
    finally stop laughing at such
    ideas and will confirm and explain the results. And it doesn't end
    there. The Russian scientists
    also found out that our DNA can cause disturbing patterns in the
    vacuum, thus producing magnetized
    wormholes! Wormholes are the microscopic equivalents of the so-called
    Einstein-Rosen bridges in the
    vicinity of black holes (left by burned-out stars).

    These are tunnel connections between entirely different areas in the
    universe through which
    information can be transmitted outside of space and time. The DNA
    attracts these bits of
    information and passes them on to our consciousness. This process of
    hypercommunication is most
    effective in a state of relaxation. Stress, worries or a hyperactive
    intellect prevent successful
    hypercommunication or the information will be totally distorted and
    useless. In nature, hypercommunication has been successfully applied for millions of
    years. The organized flow of life in insect states proves this dramatically. Modern man knows it only on
    a much more subtle level as "intuition". But we, too, can regain full use of it."

    When we understand all Tesla knew we will be able to achieve much more than we imagine. The interface between time and space, the mind-body healing mechanisms and many other things he felt were real are on the table today, and may already be advancing or completed.

    When you excite an atom into a plasma state does it retain every attribute of the original atom? Does it gain new attributes which make it different or does it lose it's bonds? Like things attract and Affinity is an important aspect of our physical reality. To control the level of Affinity in plasma states might be possible to achieve even extra-dimensionally. Can you imagine what anti-matter affinity or black hole interchanges of energy might allow. I suggest Tesla intuited the use of harmonics could go this far.

    Force Fields were being developed by Tesla using Unified Force Theory despite what this report says. They might be right about this particular use of the Tesla Coil. To travel in space we might need this technology if the Alcubierre space/time bubble is not going to happen. I presume what can attract can also repeal with altered polarity.

    "The system works by remotely oscillating positive and negative charges in each nanotube, causing them to chain together into long wires. Cherukuri's specially designed Tesla coil even generates a tractor beam-like effect as nanotube wires are pulled toward the coil over long distances.

    This force-field effect on matter had never been observed on such a large scale, Cherukuri said, and the phenomenon was unknown to Nikola Tesla, who invented the coil in 1891 with the intention of delivering wireless electrical energy.

    "Electric fields have been used to move small objects, but only over ultrashort distances," Cherukuri said. "With Teslaphoresis, we have the ability to massively scale up force fields to move matter remotely."

    The researchers discovered that the phenomenon simultaneously assembles and powers circuits that harvest energy from the field. In one experiment, nanotubes assembled themselves into wires, formed a circuit connecting two LEDs and then absorbed energy from the Tesla coil's field to light them."

    Read more at:
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