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    Earth Computer Projector

    My personal favorite book of Dr. Don Robins is The Secret Language of Stone, in it he addresses the macrochips or standing stones and megaliths which are part of an Earth Computer like our microchips are today. The following excerpt from The Dragon Project is an earlier project and book of his. He is or was much more than an inorganic chemist and went on to work at The Getty Institute on projects no one has heard about, but I suspect include what Persinger was working on with the DIA.

    "The base we chose to monitor was the Rollright Circle in north Oxfordshire which is privately owned by Pauline Flick who granted us unlimited access. The Rollright Circle was particularly interesting in that it was adjacent to an isolated menhir (single standing stone), the Kingstone; and a collapsed dolmen (burial chamber), the Whispering (or Five) Knights. The site was replete with legends of movement and of people being petrified, and had never been excavated. Although the site contained the three primary megalithic structures—circles, menhir and dolmen—there was evidence that it once had been far larger. Another menhir, the Gough Stone, had stood until recently near the Kingstone (it was marked on an Ordnance Survey map of the 1920s), and two other circles had been located within the area, all now vanished under centuries of agriculture. There were also indications that the Kingstone itself had not been an isolated stone but part of a larger, now vanished structure.

    Our programme now acquired an identity. It was to be called the Dragon Project, a title suggested by John Steele. The dragon is one of the symbols of the Chinese art of geomancy, and is equated with “Earth currents”. It was to prove a potent symbol for recruiting specialists and volunteers.

    In October 1978, Mike Roberts, the project’s electronics specialist, produced a sensitive, wide-band ultrasonic detector which was ruggedly constructed. I decided, as consultant to the Physical Monitoring Programme, to try it out at Rollright at dawn since this was when the zoologist had recorded the anomalous ultrasound. Duly arriving at Rollright before dawn on a foggy, dew-drenched morning in late October, I walked around the site clutching the detector rather self-consciously, fully prepared to pretend that it was a transistor radio should I encounter a stray visitor. The detector showed a flickering, minimal background but in the vicinity of the Kingstone I observed a rapid regular pulsing. This ultrasound effect was noticeable for some yards around the Kingstone but was not evident in the vicinity of the circle or the Five Knights. It faded soon after dawn.

    This initial reading was extremely puzzling: it raised more questions than it answered. Could it be that the transducer was picking up a radio signal, spuriously, or was it a real effect? If real, did it come from the stones themselves, or from the site? Over the next year we monitored the stones fairly regularly at dawn and noted the location, relative strength and duration of the mysterious pulsing around the site. Activity seemed to be greatest at the equinoxes, but we could measure no activity (above the background activity) at the solstices.

    As time went on the drawbacks of the detector became increasingly apparent although it was, of course, intended only as a preliminary probe. We began to raise money for a more sensitive (Mark II) detector with recording capability and substantial internal screening, to exclude signals from extraneous sources. Always, we wondered whether the regularity of the pulsing could be from an external source, such as a radio emission. We also considered whether the ultrasound could be coming from stresses in the nearby Rollright fault, which is a well-documented geological phenomenon. But when we monitored the fault line we found nothing distinguishable from background, and in many control locations, which included city streets, back gardens, mountain tops, and bridges over rivers, close to and distant from Rollright, we observed only weak random background signals. Even near to a radio transmitter we never obtained this strange regular pulsing we had found at Rollright. We deferred serious speculation about the function of the ultrasound until we could obtain substantial, and independent, corroborative evidence that it was a real effect...

    During 1979 we started Geiger counter readings, both at Rollright and at the control sites that we had monitored for ultrasound. We used a robust portable rate-meter, and recorded the count rate manually. Slowly we established the count rate profiles around the different components of the megalithic site and although we saw some variation above and below the average background rate of around 22 cycles per minute there was no clear evidence that the rate in the circle deviated from the background range. We began to think that any significant differences might show up only in a detailed statistical analysis. In February 1980, we carried out a month-long round-the-clock monitoring effort; February being one of the times of the year when ultrasound activity is greatest. John Steele suggested that we should give this project a code name: Operation Merlin 1, or OM1. We were fortunate to have the offer of help from several volunteers who could expect no tangible reward other than a minimum contribution to their expenses. {168}

    Geigers in Ireland

    The project took a great step forward in the autumn of 1980 when the Threshold Foundation funded the establishment of a coordinating office. The foundation also underwrote expenses of equipment and travel for the next year. And though problems of finance had at times appeared insuperable, 1981 brought a trickle of results. Rodney Hale, an internationally respected electronics engineer, had constructed the prototype improved Mark II ultrasonic detector which had extensive screening against radio interference, and he independently duplicated our observation of the pulsing at Rollright. Using the detector in the unscreened mode, he also noted an anomalous radio emission at ground level in the vicinity of the Kingstone.

    Moel ty Uchaf, which Paul Devereux monitored in freezing conditions, showed a Geiger anomaly in the circle; and one of the original OM1 monitors, John Merron, took the Geiger counter to Ireland and observed anomalous recordings at several ancient sites."

    A good video to watch.

    "I set forth with the zest of my twelve years (though time has never dimmed my delight in new scenes and strange faces). Reaching Benares, I proceeded immediately to the swami’s residence. The front door was open; I made my way to a long, hall-like room on the second floor. A rather stout man, wearing only a loincloth, was seated in lotus posture on a slightly raised platform. His head and unwrinkled face were clean-shaven; a beatific smile played about his lips. To dispel my thought that I had intruded, he greeted me as an old friend.

    “Baba anand (bliss to my dear one).” His welcome was given heartily in a childlike voice. I knelt and touched his feet.

    “Are you Swami Pranabananda?”

    He nodded. “Are you Bhagabati’s son?” His words were out before I had had time to get Father’s letter from my pocket. In astonishment, I handed him the note of introduction, which now seemed superfluous.

    “Of course I will locate Kedar Nath Babu for you.” The saint again surprised me by his clairvoyance. He glanced at the letter, and made a few affectionate references to my parent.

    “You know, I am enjoying two pensions. One is by the recommendation of your father, for whom I once worked in the railroad office. The other is by the recommendation of my Heavenly Father, for whom I have conscientiously finished my earthly duties in life.”

    I found this remark very obscure. “What kind of pension, sir, do you receive from the Heavenly Father? Does He drop money in your lap?”

    He laughed. “I mean a pension of fathomless peace—a reward for many years of deep meditation. I never crave money now. My few material needs are amply provided for. Later you will understand the significance of a second pension.”

    Abruptly terminating our conversation, the saint became gravely motionless. A sphinxlike air enveloped him. At first his eyes sparkled, as if observing something of interest, then grew dull. I felt abashed at his pauciloquy; he had not yet told me how I could meet Father’s friend. A trifle restlessly, I looked about me in the bare room, empty except for us two. My idle gaze took in his wooden sandals, lying under the platform seat.

    “Little sir, don’t get worried. The man you wish to see will be with you in half an hour.” The yogi was reading my mind—a feat not too difficult at the moment!"
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    Beyond the Dragon Project proof of energy varying and dovetailing with astronomical or astrological events and megaliths being part of a computer type of information matrix - we now have Gaia Theory developed by James Lovelock and Lynn Margulis and others including Hawkins whose work on Crop Circles I have covered - here. It is more than just some Green initiative and Bucky Fuller saw how consciousness in even the marble under a sculptor's tools can be worked with.

    "The Gaia Hypothesis finds its roots in longstanding insights regarding a living planet. For example, Scofield in Scientists Debate Gaia explores over two dozen expressions of the concept of a living Earth in Western natural philosophy, including animism, hylozism, psyche, pneuma, pantheism, sympatheia, anima mundi, and world soul (Scientists Debate Gaia, 2004, p. 157 - See inset). Many affirm that indigenous and traditional cultures feature intact connections and patterns with a living earth focusing on wisdom and intuition (Golley, p. 35; Scofeld, 2004, p. 157) at a nexus point of knowledge, practice, and belief (Berkes, p. 163). These insights, scientific and cultural, parallel and harmonize with more ancient indigenous and earth-based insight regarding the living nature of the planet. See also Ecospirituality and Ecophilosophy forms of Gaian Methods for further exploration of these concepts.

    The Gaia Hypothesis is a collaborative brainchild of chemist James Lovelock and microbiologist Lynn Margulis and depicts the Earth system as a living, self-regulating, meta-organism continuing optimal life conditions through complex planetary controls. A novel-to-me point of the Gaia Hypothesis is that if a scientist were to imagine what conditions on the Earth would be expected simply due to its planetary size, composition, and distance from the Sun (etc.), the scientist would expect to find a dead, lifeless planet without the temperature, moisture, and other conditions (including those optimum for complex life) found on Gaia Earth.

    Lovelock's Gaia: The Practical Science of Planetary Medicine (2000) offers fabulous visual examples and visualizations for the "geophysiology" that Lovelock explores as part of the fleshing out of the Gaia Hypothesis. His extended metaphor for the Earth as having a physiology includes later chapters on "The People Plague," fever as a metaphor for global warming, and exfoliation as a metaphor for deforestation. Lynn Margulis's radical visionary insight of symbiosis as the central gyre for evolution has, over the past twenty years, brought endosymbiosis and symbiogenesis from an unaccepted fringe theory to evolutionary doctrine. For Margulis, symbiogenesis (not mutation) is the source of innovation in evolutionary change (2006). She has uncovered how mitochondria and chloroplasts demonstrate that collaboration rather than (neo-Darwinian) competition drive evolution. Her early work on eukaryotic evolution demonstrating global regulatory mechanisms was pivotal in the Gaia Hypothesis (2002). Margulis advocates for collaborations with biology, chemistry and other fields in order to pursue the truth about the complex self-regulatory emergent property of the planet as alive (2006).Therefore Gaia Hypothesis research methods are at their heart inter- and transdisciplinary."

    The following quote comes from Stealthskater and links in his material which I have posted here. Any thing I gave him or he took from my work and added to, always makes me proud. He did great research. The caduceus may be older than Egypt and along with the Ankh (see Pavlita Generators) may have allowed many ancient secret technologies including VRIL connections to Pentagon Dodecahedron Earth Energy which is mirrored outside our atmosphere.

    What about the chakras or vortices of energy (or "wheels of lights") that are described in New Age literature as well as (supposedly?) ancient VEDIC_ARYAN literature of the Far East? I have read in one book about the soul being described as a TUBE that runs along the axis of the spine and has certain areas or NODES of ACTIVITY where these spinning wheels of energy are located. SUPPOSEDLY when all of these wheels are spinning in the right directions and at the correct rate of rotation,, there is an ENERGY SPIRAL or FLOW that is achieved that can bring about or is pure consciousness. Is there a correct spin ratio between chakras that would allow full consciousness to be achieved? How would an ordinary human go about attaining these correct spin ratios? Would all of these spinning vortices need to be aligned and spinning at the same speed?

    I wonder if these concepts are also related to the idea of the spinal cord as a caduceus coil? A caduceus coil is an electromagnetic coil that has electricity flowing in both directions. It is symbolized by 2 serpents winding around a tube (i.e., the AMA symbol). Could the spinal cord have some intrinsic relationship to the soul and the functioning of consciousness? If we look at the word "spinal", we can break off the "al" a the end and get the word SPIN. The word "spinal" is very close to the word SPIRAL. Maybe we could think of the BRAIN and SOUL as a computer system. A parallel "processing" computer. The brain could be the computer that the soul runs on or maybe we could call the soul/consciousness a CADUCEUS COMPUTER (just an idea).

    I have also heard quite a bit about counter-rotating energy fields that possess a CERTAIN GEOMETRIC SHAPE (TETRAHEDRON). Supposedly these counter-rotating energy fields possess some kind of mathematical relationship between their individual rates of rotation. Also one field is usually (in the literature) said to be electric in nature and rotating to the right. The other is magnetic and rotating to the left. What would this correct rate or spin ratio between these 2 energy fields be? Could it have something to do with the PI ratio? Maybe the PHI ratio or the GOLDEN MEAN? If there was a 2:3 or 3:2 ratio, then that would be very close to the GOLDEN MEAN SPIRAL. Maybe something else?

    Tetrahedronal energy fields. Resonant Rotating Field. Pentagonal energy fields.

    Now maybe there is more than one kind of soul or consciousness. And not all humans are really the same "UNDERNEATH". Maybe some have different spiritual physics based on different patterns of energy, and the human body is merely a "suit" that is worn by different types of spiritual entities. The human BODY as a SUIT? Something worth thinking about.

    SOME SPIRITUAL ENTITIES COULD POSSESS A TETRAHEDRONAL-BASED PHYSICS WHILE OTHERS COULD BASED ON THE DODECAHEDRON-PENTAGONAL based PHYSICS. Also, different types of spiritual entities could have souls based on different wavelengths of energy. Also, different biological types of humans or human looking beings may exist in our Universe or even within our own population on Earth. These different species may have different types or ALIEN souls. (There are two perfect tetrahedral in the Great Pyramid according to Bucky Fuller.)
    If we do possess a spiritual consciousness, why do we seem to have such "limited access" to it? Why don't any of us normal or average humans have access to our soul? How would one go about acquiring full access to this device? Are there certain wavelengths of brain activity or "window frequencies" that could facilitate such a task? Or is there something in the way from our environment? Perhaps all of the electromagnetic pollution in the 60-Hertz frequency range.

    Einstein was ridiculed for proposing negative gravity and schools certainly weren't talking about it (or any real science to speak of) when my nephews were in school. Bucky and Gödel both worked with him at Princeton.

    The symmetry in design noted in all of nature from the Nautilus Shell to clouds are of interest to sacred geometry.

    <iframe width="480" height="270" src=";wmode=opaque" frameborder="0"></iframe>
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    And all the while we see druggies like Hancock and people claiming engineering know-how (Dunn is good) who say aliens were involved. The worst conspiracy types like Icke will say anything and never use reason. Sitchin is a religious fruitcake and Hawass made off with sh^tloads. Search for his name to see facts to that end. They make a load of money selling this BS. I understand how that is reason enough for some people.

    There are many other names to search on this site. Sanderson, Munck, Coleman, Cathie, are just a few who have shown a real understanding of the Earth Energy Grid or Pentagon Dodecahedron. The reason Robins was recruited to Getty and black ops is he actually thinks, is educated and has many patents. How many do Hancock, Icke, Sitchin, Temple, West et all have?

    I have not thoroughly investigated the merit of what this site says. I do agree there are what can be termed special vortexes by a name like Chakra. I would agree design influences on earth and from all sources interact on our bodies. I guess what I am saying is Caveat emptor.

    Eugene Mallove would be so happy!!!!!

    ""Ere many generations pass, our machinery will be driven by power obtainable at any point in the universe. . .it is a mere question of time when men will succeed in attaching their machinery to the very wheelwork of nature." - Nikola Tesla

    Imagine a world with abundant, compact, inexpensive, clean energy. Global warming has been reversed. The air is clean. Power and gas stations have been put to other uses, and the unsightly grid system has been dismantled and recycled. An unusual type of energy makes all this possible. It does not come from the sun, wind, rain or tides, nor is it a fossil or nuclear fuel taken from the ground or chemically synthesized. In some cases the source appears to be everywhere in space-time, invisible and infinite. In others, nuclear transmutations seem to be miraculously taking place at room temperature accompanying the release of energy.

    Incredible as this scenario appears, we shall see in this article that laboratories around the world are repeatedly tapping into this abundant energy. Some leading theoretical physicists are beginning to understand why and how this is possible. Several companies are in the beginning stages of bringing workable devices to market that clearly produce more energy than what is needed to run them (so-called overunity devices)..

    Research Breakthroughs and Commercial Developments According to knowledgeable observers, we should focus our attention on six new technologies:

    (1) plasma-type devices;
    (2) solid-state electromagnetic devices;
    (3) ) hydrogen gas cells;
    (4) super motors based on super magnets;
    (5) cold fusion or "new hydrogen energy" (the Japanese name for cold fusion);
    (6) hydrosonic or cavitation devices."

    I met Blue Harary at the Psychical Research Foundation over 40 years ago. He was working on the early stages of what we hear so much about today but which is a very ancient investigatory technique including Remote Viewing. How much is objective and how much is subjective or run through the cultural rose-coloured glasses I cannot say. An older woman who was a top Remote Viewer with Ingo Swann impressed me about these things and with her wisdom a little over a decade ago.

    And for those who watched The Da Vinci Code and wondered when the Rose Lines were situated through Paris or if they are connected to Karnac in Egypt which was built after Carnac in Brittany - you might want to read this book.


    “It’s a true art to travel beyond the veil and bring back coherent information for the rest of us to learn from and that will help us in our personal search for higher states of consciousness” (Rhasya Poe, Lotus Guide, July 2011)

    “Chris Hardy is one of the most intrepid explorers of the frontiers of consciousness. The Sacred Network provides its readers with a blueprint for their development both as individuals and as members of the human species.” (Stanley Krippner, Ph.D., professor of psychology, Saybrook University, and coauthor of Personal Myth)

    “A scientist mind meets a visionary sage in author Chris Hardy. She foresees our individual souls weaving networks that will connect all over the world. One of the most creative and original books of our times.” (Allan Combs, professor of transformative studies, California Institute of Integral Studies, and coed)

    “Few among us are willing to follow our thoughts and intuitions until they bloom with discovery. Chris Hardy has devoted her life to finding out what lies beyond the veil and bringing it back to us so that we might share in her vision. The Sacred Network is nothing less than fascinating.” (Linda Dennard, Ph.D., associate professor of Political Science and Public Administration at Auburn U)

    “Chris Hardy has been exploring the complex relationship between mind and matter over her entire career as a researcher and consciousness explorer. Now, with The Sacred Network, she’s provided the definitive work on ley lines and other physical locations of power and their relationship to the psyche.” (Robin Robertson, Ph.D., clinical psychologist, associate professor at the California Institute of In)

    About the Author

    Chris H. Hardy, Ph.D., a former researcher at Psychophysical Research Laboratories in Princeton, has spent many years investigating psi capacities, altered states of consciousness, and the mind at large. She has authored 17 published books, including Networks of Meaning. She lives in France.
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    This husband and wife team start off with an excellent quote full of insight from a man who learned about the Great Pyramid more than any alive in the present.

    ""The experience of life in a finite, limited body is specifically for the purpose of discovering and manifesting supernatural existence within the finite."
    Attributed to Pythagoras

    "We've entitled our current exercise in planetary grid research A New Synthesis" — and indeed we hope it is. All that may be new about our work is that we have simply found a unique blend of the previously "unblended" ideas of others. Those others are true visionaries in the areas of unexplained earth phenomena, human history, discovery, and the art-science of geometry (earth measure). Over the last year and six months, we've received literally hundreds of letters from researchers all over the globe — who are seeking a comprehensive explanation for a continuum of phenomena and events which traditional science emotionally rejects as "impossible", "hallucinatory," and/or "unquantifiable."

    Yet the events continue to be catalogued, with many reports suppressed or labelled "fraud" by orthodox scientists. Worldwide networks of questioning theorists persist and grow with each report. We will try to mention as many of our correspondents as we can within the text of this article. Several contributors, listed at the end. have truly transformed our view of this work.

    In 1200 A D., a new energy began to move within the cultures of the West. After centuries of obedient reflection within the established order of Roman Christianity, the spirit of individualism and exploration began to emerge. The 14th century great plagues of Europe, in which one fourth of the Continental population had died — with three out of four persons afflicted, had awakened in the West the archetypal imperative to "control Nature or die!" By the 15th century, Leonardo da Vinci and the multi-disciplined geniuses of the Renaissance had rediscovered the lost scientific principles of pre-Christian Greece and Rome, and had invented the "view point" of the individual within their perspective drawing and painting systems. Paintings and public murals now began to put the individual at the center of a "world view" which, for the first time in centuries, conveyed the notion that through individual effort and analysis, the person — the viewer — could come to order and "control" the often hostile natural environment.

    This "individual point of view" (perspective view point on "horizon") required "detached awareness" (standing distant from that which is viewed) and a consummate dedication to visual detail and analysis in order to "render an in-depth perspective." The writing and journalism of today still ring with the Renaissance archetypes.

    Now it is 500 years later, and Leonardo's manifest symbol of individual view point and detachment has brought us to viewing video discs of the earth as seen from the moon. It has also brought us to the uneasy conclusion that our pre-Renaissance imperative to control Nature (literally "that which is born") or die has ushered us into a technological malaise where most of our man-made "natural" control systems are in crisis — especially those systems which exploit, pollute, or dramatically disturb the biospheric processes of the earth.

    Just as the perspective pictorial systems of the Renaissance artists "brought into focus" the unspoken cultural archetypes of their time, we feel that the current network of planetary grid researchers (of whom we are a part) may be on a similar path toward developing a unifying symbol of a new earth: a paradigm as transcendent over our passing "Iron Age" as the Renaissance was over the Dark Ages.

    What may make the proposition even more fascinating is the parallel analogy that — just as the driving force behind the creative energies of the Renaissance was the rediscovery of Greco-Roman science/philosophy; so with our planetary grid theorists, the driving force behind most research efforts is the continuing flow of evidence, both physical and metaphysical, that the existence of Pre-Egyptian civilizations — some with highly advanced technologies — is now no longer speculative, but a necessary assumption for developing any comprehensive archaeological treatise.'

    We believe that the planetary grid is an ancient model that brings control through comprehensive understanding and not through detached myopic analysis/manipulation. The contemporary video artist/philosopher Dan Winter expresses the idea beautifully.

    "Our destiny is to encounter our embracing collective mind with increasing intimacy and resonance. We awaken to a love life, in which personal love expands to planetary love — through this touching new body of mindfulness. A new body of mind crystallizes among us."2

    Illustration #1

    These stones on display at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, England suggest a life of creative intellectual synthesis for the Neolithic craftsmen who crafted and "wrapped" them with leather thongs.

    Planetary Grid Researchers: Prehistoric to Present

    The oldest evidence of possible planetary grid research rests within the Ashmolean Museum of Oxford, England. On exhibit are several hand-sized stones of such true geometric proportion and precise carving that they startle the casual viewer. Keith Critchlow, in his book Time Stands Still, gives convincing evidence linking these leather-thonged stone models (see illustration #1) to the Neolithic peoples of Britain — with a conservative date of construction at least 1000 years (ca. 1400 B.C.) before Plato described his five Platonic solids in the Timaeus.

    And yet, here they are — the octahedron, icosahedron, dodecahedron, tetrahedron, and cube all arrayed for comparison and analysis. Other multi-disciplined archaeological researchers like Jeffrey Goodman3 and A.M. Davie4 have dated the stone polyhedra to as early as 20,000 B.C. and believe they were used as projectiles or "bolas" in hunting and warfare. Davie has seen similar stones in northern Scotland which he attributes to the early art of "finishing the form" of crystalline volcanic rocks which exhibit natural geometry. He dates these artifacts to at least 12,000 years before Plato (ca. 12,400 B.C.). Critchlow writes, "What we have are objects cleany indicative of a degree of mathematical ability so far denied to Neolithic man by any archaeologist or mathematical historian."

    In reference to the stones' possible use in designing Neolithic Britain's great stone circles he says, "The study of the heavens is, after all, a spherical activity, needing an understanding of spherical coordinates. If the Neolithic inhabitants of Scotland had constructed Maes Howe (stone circle) before the pyramids were built by ancient Egyptians, why could they not be studying the laws of three-dimensional coordinates? Is it not more than a coincidence that Plato as well as Ptolemy, Kepler, and Al-Kindi attributed cosmic significance to these figures." Yet another historian, Lucie Lamy, in her new book on the Egyptian system of measure gives proof of the knowledge of these basic geometric solids as early as the Egyptian Old Kingdom, 2500 B.C.

    We agree, in general, with all the above researchers that the crafting of sophisticated three-dimensional geometries was well within the capabilities of Pre-Egyptian civilizations. With the concept that knowledge of these geometries was necessary to the building of stone circles and astronomical "henges" — we also agree — and would add that we have evidence that suggests that these hand-held stones were ' 'planning models,'' not only for charting the heavens and building calendrical monuments {See thread Pre-Neolithic Calendars}, but were also used for meteorological study; to develop and refine terrestrial maps for predicting major ley lines of telluric energy; and, in conjunction with stone circles, were used to construct charts and maps for worldwide travel long before the appearance of the pyramids.

    Take another look at the five Neolithic stones. Notice the placement of points on not only completed intersections where thongs connect — but on the ' 'open comers'' where thongs might be added. The central figure, the dodecahedron, has all twelve centers of its pentagonal faces marked with points for further 'wrapping" — as with the cube figure to the far right. Its corners are defined similarly by marked open points. Now note the tetrahedron, the second figure from the right Its four vertexes or corners, which traditionally define four triangles, have already been bisected by a second array of thongs defining another tetrahedron overlapping the first at midpoints. It is our contention that these stones were not wrapped and marked with leather to facilitate their use as "bolas" or projectiles. The stones and their varied nets are too delicate and complex to have been used as hunting and warfare shot.

    Their appearance struck us initially as ritual objects similar to the decorative reed spheres found in Southeast Asia; or as religious symbols such as the mysterious bronze and gold spheres found in France and Vietnam — which some say depict the ancient text of the Tao Teh Ching. {See thread Ogham and Aymara} It may well be that all of these hand-held objects served similar planning and mnemonic functions for the people who treasured and crafted them. (See illustration #2)"
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    The crop circle enigma is not always a hoax. I am not able to see how someone could do a massive design overnight in the cases where the plants have their stems broken from within. Yes, that is the case in what I consider the real crop circles. The wheat or other plants have the stalk exploded from within and the stalks can be bent at a distance up the stalk which would not happen if the use of weighty rollers was applied to them. Thus we are able to speculate many things but I see no reason for it to be aliens or at least not a visit in physical form by extra-terrestrials.

    There are many segments of this book that cover the science of energy and its lattice designs that I think relate to this phenomena. The designs are sometimes advanced mathematical theorems and there are many Keltic designs. The Kelts or their Druids and shamans were in tune with the Earth Energy Grid and that Grid is part of the larger Cosmic Thought Field that Affinity connects across universe. Thus if it is a message from some intelligence inside the Earth's 'event horizon' or local area network of dimensions we would expect to see Keltic designs if the Druids were in fact making representations of their attunements.

    Why this simple factual and historically based observation is not made by other authors is beyond me. But I am constantly amazed by people's ability to deny the simple and obvious that is around them all the time. I can see why the media and paid hacks in academic circles do not wish to integrate history and ancient advanced sciences like Harmonics into their writings. The governments do not want the truth of the ancient Brotherhood to become common knowledge. They benefit greatly by the common perception that man is advancing and improving and man once was stupid and superstitious or a barbarian and hunched-back cave dweller. But I am the proud part owner of artifacts that go back to the pre-Ice Age period which show giraffes and lions as well as kaleidoscopic stones that function as books or almost a video. Thus I am in possession of a form of proof seldom seen in the annals of propaganda called scholarly or academic.

    There are many possible ways that these rocks or other artifacts could be made. All the ways are outside of what we credit the ancients with having. Lasers, sound rays or sonic drills, and the ability to alter the structural make up of matter through spiritual or mental attunement are possibly involved. Intelligence or consciousness does associate or coagulate and form banks of energy similar to each other. I first wrote about this some four decades ago as a teenager trying to explain the phenomena of ghosts and elementals.

    When a muon shielded from cosmic rays like gamma rays was split in the deep mines formerly used by INCO at Sudbury in Canada something occurred that I think relates to this. They energized one half muon and the other one that had been connected with it responded. Do we therefore have the right to say all energy is connected by what might be called ESP? Is this Intelligent Design or Affinity at work?

    What level of connectiveness is man capable of if mere sub-atomic muons have such a medium for communicating? Is this important enough to consider and learn as was once done? String Theory tells us that all matter is comprised of or built from 'one-dimensional harmonic forces'. Is this the LOGOS written about in the Bible (BBL in vowelless script that all languages once were)? Is the tower of Babel (BBL like the Bible and Byblos) that my Phoenician Kelts put into myths as the Father of Biblical Archaeology says is the case; when he says "The Bible is a Phoenician literary legacy"?

    Does anyone care to see and study these artifacts with me? Other correspondents of mine have similar rocks they go so far as to call a Philosopher's Stone. One of them is a genetic researcher and the ancients attuned to the interior designs of the animals they bred which I have spoken or written about for those same four decades. Genetic knowledge transfers from person to person when the genes are passed in sex and procreation. This is written about by the esoteric schools of thought as fact for millennia. The Hobbit or Bonobos and so many other things are part of this - possibly? What do you think? Nah - I am just a nutcase.

    If one person researching the stories related to the Grail and almost every religion can say for certain that any other person is above error or being duped - then that person is mistaken, too. In the last few months (see Gnostic thread) I learned worms are dragons too. Here is a source in myth from a long time ago which Moe of the Gnostic Warriors (he created) hallucinatory belief comes from.
    David has been mind-fogged and sees these reptoids too.

    About a decade ago I ran into a guy who said he was astrally taught by both Hassidim and the Mayans like Don Juan and Don Miguel. In short all these things have energy that traps and tricks average people into BELIEF through the dream state - that is an informed opinion but it is not my total or fixed opinion.


    I found the idea of Gabriel being a fallen angel quite odd, so I noodled around a bit on the net to see if I could find out why that's come about - apparently he didn't fall with the others, this was a separate thing. He was punished for a short period by God. I couldn't find out much about what he'd actually done, except for this:

    'I read this in Norma Goodrich’s Merlin, on page 79, where she quotes Moses Gaster, who in turn quotes a Rumanian manuscript. (Rumanian manuscript 71):

    The Archangel Gabriel was dispatched to take away the soul of a widow, but when he found her suckling twins, he left her soul alone.
    God punished Gabriel for disobedience, by sending him for a stone at the bottom of the sea. But when the Archangel cut it in half, he found two "worms" (dragons) inside.

    "If I feed worms," said the Lord, "do you think I would let twins starve?" God punished the erring angel for thirty years, and took the woman’s soul.

    At the end of thirty years the Archangel laughed three times:
    at a dying Abbot buying new shoes
    at a beggar sitting on treasure, and
    at a governor and bishop riding in pomp and circumstance, not knowing they were twins of the widow. {Sons of the widow is a Masonic code for Mariae and her alchemy, IMHO}

    This version of the story also parallels the story in Vita Merlini. In fact, this Gabriel version even has a beggar instead of a diviner sitting on top of the gold. However, the major focus of this story is the underwater dragons, which don’t occur in Geoffrey’s Vita Merlini, but in his History of the Kings of Britain. Also, this version is missing the wedding that is cause for mourning because the husband is killed.

    In Robert de Boron’s Merlin, the stories of the laughs and the underwater worms are reunited, which makes me suspect Robert de Boron did not merely use Geoffrey of Monmouth’s works as a source, but investigated the legends himself.'

    Now, obviously this is a quote from a work of fiction, but it references a story told by Moses Gaster, who is a real person, and he did legitimate research. I'm not sure what it says about the nature of God, or the nature of Gabriel for that matter!

    If you wiki Moses Gaster, he collected a lot of old manuscripts. He also wrote a book of ritual magic called the Sword of Moses. If you wiki Sword of Moses you can link to an online copy of it. Haven't had a look yet as ritual magic doesn't really paddle my canoe, but it may be brilliant, who knows?
    One thing I do know is that Merlin came from a legend which goes back to Dolni Vestonici if not before - 29,000 years ago - is these people (DNN and keltoi) travelled all over the world and archaeology, genetics and many other sources make me (as well as my name and Bibliomancy) an expert.

    As an expert in this particular branch of archaeomythology I often feel overwhelmed by the extent of the con games, and other ways of separating people from their money and mind. This Archangel Gabriel is also a source of Mohammad's visions that lead to Islam. Do I think adept Hassidim and Donmeh or Great White Brotherhood of Master Craftsmen types have participated in manipulating the energy ether to make people see what they themselves come to believe from the impact of prior ritualistic mind fogging? I certainly do. Do I think the energy builds up a consciousness of some sort after a couple of millennia of inputs? Maybe... I am not certain.
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    The forms and structures in nature at places like Bell Rock near Sedona are vortices of energy which include the interplay of air and earth.

    A detailed analysis of what we call Vortex energy. Is this the same vortices we have on the Earth Energy Grid at places like Sedona?

    "Vortex energy entering other dimensions

    The strong economical interest in fossil energy production has most likely caused the elimination of any further development of real alternative energy. It is odd, that alternative energy in common is applied to old fashion energy sources such as wind and water. Real alternative energy studies are abandoned by the scientific communities either by lack of funding but most likely by the fear of being the laughing stock.

    The following is a very brief introduction to some of the "crazy" pioneers in vortex energy, Additionally, an attempt to give some theories behind those experiments, that present science denied as possible. Kaluza's unified 5th dimensional unified theory, ZeorPointEnergy, Tesla's bifilar coils and scalar waves

    Already in the 19th. Century, Michael Faraday made some remarkable but little known discoveries in regard to spinning magnets. Faradays discovery was simple, but totally revolutionary. If a bar magnet is set spinning, the differential in velocity, down the radius, of each turning magnetic element, sets up a magnetic vortex. This effect is more pronounced with a series of bar magnets radiating from a central spinning hub, or a spinning, magnetic disc.

    At a certain threshold of angular velocity, the magnetic vortex sets up an inter-dimensional energy portal through a vortex resonance.

    This simple arrangement is the operating principle of most "free energy" machines.

    In the 20th. Century a number of inventors, including Bruce de Palma and Adam Trombly, had worked with N-machines or Uni-polar generators.

    In the early 1930’s in Austria, Victor Schauberger, e.g. fabricated conical pipes of special materials, which contained a corkscrew turbine. Operated by an electric motor, the spiral turbines screwed water into a vortex flow and directed the water onto a conventional water turbine coupled to a generator.

    Schauberger claimed, that as the water was screwed faster and faster, it suddenly began to produce enormous amounts of energy. Coupled to a dynamo, the turbine began to produce more electricity than the input motor was consuming. The system quickly went out of control as the apparatus tore itself away from its mountings and smashed itself against the ceiling.
    When Schauberger experimented with air turbines, he found the same thing happened. Regardless of the medium, vortex motion seemed to generate energy, apparently out of nowhere, and also produced a powerful anti-gravity force.

    John R. Searl, a British electrical engineer, had similar experiences in the beginning of the 1950`s. He constructed an arrangement of spinning discs to generate and spin an electric charge. His apparatus consisted of a segmented rotor disc, which was set spinning at great speed through electromagnets at its periphery. The electromagnets, energized from the rotor, were intended to boost the electro-motive force. The generator was about one meter in diameter.
    To begin with, it produced the expected electric power, but at an unexpectedly high voltage. This quickly exceeded a million volts producing a crackling sound and the smell of ozone.

    In Searl’s own words: "Once the machine has passed a certain threshold of potential, the energy output exceeded the input. From then on the energy output seemed to be virtually limitless".

    Then something really spectacular happened. As the generator continued to increase in potential, it lifted off the ground and broke free of its mountings and the engine. It floated in the air, all the time spinning faster and faster. The air around it glowed pink with ionization and nearby radio receivers were switched on spontaneously due to electromagnetic induction. Then the apparatus accelerated off into space and was never seen again.

    An American inventor, Joseph Newman, has also found that "free energy" could be obtained from vortex motion by electromagnetic fields spinning. Like other vortex generators, Newman’s apparatus appeared to produce energy out of nowhere – at least from the known dimensions, yet his version did not go out of control."

    Further thought from the above treatise dovetails with much of what I have written here about mind control.

    "Dr. Thelma Moss at UCLA determined the brainwave patterns for
    various emotional and physical states. These patterns, recorded on a
    chart recorder in two dimensions, can be projected into a subject to
    produce a desired effect. The projected pattern is again three
    dimensional and thus a structured Shape. Dr. Michael Persinger has
    found that thoughts occur in the brain as three dimensional forms, which
    are reduced by instrumentation to two dimensional patterns.
    The Egyptian god Thoth was keeper of the Words of Power, used to
    produce controlled phenomena when spoken with the correct intonation
    and pronunciation. In the case of Isis healing her child of a fatal
    scorpion bite, the use of a specific word of power caused the poison to
    be expelled from the body and the lifeforce to return. Other legends and
    myths also refer to the use of such words of power.

    The words of power produced a three dimensional pattern which would resonate with the
    aether to produce a desired effect or reality in matter or energy.
    Edward Leedskalnin, builder of the famous Coral Castle in Homestead,
    Florida claimed he had rediscovered how the Egyptians built the
    pyramids. We must take him seriously because he left the entire castle
    as a physical proof of his ability to move large stones without the use of
    equipment. Neighbors said he 'sang' to the stones, but there was never
    an eyewitness to testify to this technique. Perhaps he discovered the
    words of power that could be used to produce an aether and gravity
    deflection pattern leading to levitation.

    One of the greatest problems with Shape Power at its current stage, is
    the lack of instrumentation that can directly detect quantified changes in

    The esoteric word in the scientific proofing this month that the brain is part of the lymph (psychic points) system, was a very deep and good term, which means formerly science had no reason to examine things like soul and our attunement ability. That too will take time, and an even longer time for us to attune with the Vortex Energies that were once more connected through the worldwide megaliths. I am just happy to see these things coming to pass. Gravitational Wave Theory could add so much. Maybe we could even learn to THINK away the temperature rise that will cause the water levels to rise.

    Legend has it that a Stele brought to the Miami Planetarium when I was living there forty years ago, was a functioning energy conduit to save Earth. It had been used to keep an ancient comet or moon headed at Earth from colliding with us for a thousand years. I was the only individual there when it was taken off the truck even though it had been announced in the media. I told the employees of the Planetarium what it and it's magnetic properties were for. They thought I was crazy, and had no interest in learning how our energy can attune to other energy.

    The Gnostics are traceable to at least the builders of the Great Pyramid which the Septuagint (Greek Bible) intimates when it says the family of Jesus and Joseph were "arch-tectons" or architects. This was the hardest thing to confirm from the writings of Conor MacDari along with the fruit of 'direct cognition' which comes from this harmony. This video gets it right about 'direct experience'.
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    You will see all manner of factual (supposed) statements about travelers having no way to tell the latitude and longitude in ancient times. There were Torquetums and Tanawas as well as astrolabes. All the Flat Earth NONsense insisted upon by the Christians should be expunged from our consciousness along with all attributions to primitive savages (except for their own behavior).

    "Known since ancient times, astrolabes use stars for a variety of measurements. They can be used among other things to tell what time it is; to determine when sunrise and sunset will be; to determine latitude; and to quickly locate celestial bodies in the sky.

    The astrolabe, due to be returned in a small ceremony Wednesday, is in outstanding condition, Kylsberg said. An intricate mix of astronomical knowledge and metal craftsmanship, the piece is about the size of a pancake, and engraved with the name of its builder, Martinus Weiler.

    “It's as good today as it was in 1590,” he said. “It still can be used, if you know how to work it and do the calculations.”

    German scholar Petra Schmidl of Bonn University, who studies astrolabes, described them as a “two-dimensional model of the three-dimensional world.”

    They were used by Greeks and Hebrews, were improved by Islamic scholars, grew in popularity in Europe during the Renaissance, and were finally replaced by better tools in the mid-17th century. Today fewer than 2,000 astrolabes survive."

    They are using a limiting description of what an astrolabe is. Earlier technology even includes mere sealskin upon which the fur moves to guide the mariner.

    Alfred North Whitehead is a panentheist luminary and philosophical genius with the heart of a true mystic like the great sages and alchemists of the dark and hidden past. I especially like these brief words of his.
    "Mathematical physics presumes in the first place an electromagnetic field of activity pervading space and time. The laws which condition this field are nothing else than the conditions observed by the general activity of the flux of the world, as it individualises itself in the events."

    Would you agree that a real power of the mind is the ability to cause the wind and rain to behave as you wish? The Yamabushi shamans who arrange healing firewalking (see thread Firewalkers) do the smoke moving which I have seen Wiccans and Native shamans do. But St. Columba did it as an Arch-Druid demonstrating his power to another Druid in a well-known historical account. I have been party to something similar as well. I would have loved to see some school teaching this while I was living in this physical shell.

    Exposing propaganda is important in my work.

    The Antikythera is like many lesser astrolabes - able to assist in navigation, I refer the reader to a thread here on ancient navigational equipment found in the West Irian caves near Indonesia. You might also find a little truth in this link which addresses far later uses of the stars in navigation by the Phoenicians who ran most trade and had pirates throughout the Mediterranean since over a millennium before Necho II of Egypt engaged some of them to circumnavigate Africa (and probably went to the Amazon (see the thread Paraiba Stones).

    There are many sites or people talking about Phoenicians and Canaanites or Khazars and Zionists as well as Jews - and they are idiots!

    They say that Monarchists are against democracy and leave you to learn whether this is true of all Royals and as if it was true amongst early Phoenician cultures including Carthage. They throw words around as poorly researched as any you will find - it is almost as bad as the religions they attack or say are in league. We have such a poor educational environment - it is no great surprise to see all the nonsense - after all everyone has an opinion - but is it informed? Will we ever get a progressive creative plan to manage society without religion and political intrigue? Plato seems to have been right about democratic systems which enforce the lowest common denominator effect upon all life on Earth. I wish it were not so - but we need a hierarchy and good decision making cadre as long as people choose to act like they know stuff without research.

    The Treaty of Verona and The Treaty of Westphalia require a whole lot more reading than you will easily do. They are vital to any understanding of recent history and maintain such horrible concepts as Manifest Destiny and Divine Right of Kings over all of humanity to this day. Since no one here is really involved in learning I will probably not get to explain the matter in detail. Let me say it is more than any mere browsing session will bring forth. It is no conspiracy theory. The Club of Athens is a recent creation which addresses the NEED for changes in Sovereign Rights. The conspiracy freaks who talk nonsense about Guelph Black Nobility and racist attacks on Khazars or Jews are equally misinformed. There is truth mixed in with ignorance in what you will find - including within the video I am about to post for you. The Club of Rome is not against democracy and neither are the Illuminati - despite the need for good government which seldom can be achieved in societies with few informed people. That is the crux of the problem - ignorance! Who is to blame - religion and schooling or parenting. But what about those inalienable rights?

    This author gets it right in some respects vis a vis the Club of Athens having shortcomings. Yes, we need a lot of input and there is an outline including coffee houses to get that happening. But even though there is tacit Canadian Government backing the effort is doomed and nothing much is happening.

    In this book we see Pope Sylvester making an homunculus or talking head (Which is not a computer as they suggest). It touches on artificial Intelligence in ancient eras.
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    Although I do not go so far as to say we have too much Tesla - it is true we do not have enough Reich. And it is even more true that we don't have enough Faraday which you can read Reich used to develop his orgone accumulator in the following article. Both Reich and Faraday had a more realistic and integrated spiritual philosophy. Orgone energy or cosmic thought fields and Pyramid Power such as Leedskalnin used is very interesting to say the least. Orgone is what works with Epigenetics and Emotu's water crystals.

    "The Ether is Not Stationary.

    A Stationary Ether was disproved by the Michelson-Morley Experiment. What Was Left Was a Dynamic Ether Too Difficult to Describe with 19th Century Mathematics,

    Why Einstein’s Math Became Popular, & Where Wilhelm Reich’s Orgonometry Comes In.

    The dilemma of a resurgence of interest in Nikola Tesla’s works with little regard for, or understanding of those of Wilhelm Reich is manifold. Increasing specialization in electronics compartmentalizes related sciences of common root in philosophy. A greater focus on electrical theory as a means to manipulate nature, while omitting naturalist observation, defeats its own purpose. Not only did Reich invent math for solving problems on the ether, in simple, common terms, he unified diverging branches of “sub-atomic” physics with the more grandiose cosmological sciences. Reich unified biology with physics itself, from a basis in medical psychiatry. Of the countless mental & physical illnesses related to emerging technologies that are proving unsafe, many could be avoided if more people were aware of Reich’s pre-kindergarden-like math, orgonometry, which bridges electro-physics to life energy sciences such as holistic medicine.

    The existence of a primary life energy, orgone, at the root of all other energetic phenomena, calls into question our electro-chemical theories of neurology, diet, renewable energy and green technology. Many developers of over-unity technology may be familiar DC pulsed motors, but how many are working on ones that run on cosmic life energy?

    The problem of rampant social disease, fascism and authoritarianism, can hardly be resolved by studying the works of an engineer in the habit of dealing with Nazis, whose inventions include a “Death-Ray,” the pre-cursor to our modern “Particle Beam Accelerators.” If anything, Reich’s theory of the emotional plague and the emotional desert, exemplified by James DeMeo’s saharasian hypothesis, coupled with subjective impressions of oppressive feelings by those studying “nuclear” and other forms of electromagnetic radiation in The ORANUR Experiment, offer a clue as to why electrical power first gained popularity in the hearts of 19th Century empire. Electricity is still fundamental to the power elite’s social structure, while the gentle bio-energetics of orgonomy & other life energy sciences are continued humbly by grassroots, peaceful orgnizations, and persecuted by power brokers & drug companies, as in China Falun Gong, homeopathic medicine & orgonomy.

    Einstein was involved, not only with Leopold Infeld in the botched job of reviewing Reich’s infamous To-T experiment, but also with Robert Shankland in concealing Dayton Miller’s positive results for the Michelson Morley Experiment on Mt. Wilson. Einstein’s involvement with Robert Shankland in concealing Miller’s positive results protected not only his & Shankland’s positions as tenured professors, but also protected mainstream physics from the public knowledge that the available math wasn’t sophisticated enough to accommodate nature. As is often the case, fact is discarded in favor of theory, when the theory is easier to describe in simple terms. But the ether is not stationary! A stationary ether was disproved by the Michelson-Morley experiment. What was left was a dynamic ether too difficult to describe with 19th Century mathematics, which is why Einstein’s math became popular, & why Wilhelm Reich’s orgonometry is such a valuable, if overlooked, contribution to biophysics.

    Tesla, imperfect, human, is a fascinating character who need not be overlooked for his important role in history, but neither should he be idolized as a great savior or revered as a polymathic genius, when his inventions that spawned modern radio & television became the heart of the propaganda machine used to enslave people’s minds to this day, out of his own willingness to work with shadow government operatives, like J.P. Morgan who funded Hitler & ended betraying Tesla worse than had Edison or Westinghouse. If there is one lesson the reader can learn from Wilhelm Reich in this regard, it is that hero-worship & idolatry are core aspects of the emotional plague and fascism of any color, red (Soviet) or black (Nazi) as Reich termed them in the 1933 book that landed him on both Hitler’s and Stalin’s Death Lists, The Mass Psychology of Fascism: Reich being hated by some because he rejected the hero worship of the public, is a paired function of the emotional plague with Mussolini’s being hated for accepting public idolatry. Neither Reich nor Mussolini ended well, but it was the emotional plague of mankind that put them both on pedestals, then tore them down."
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    In this book you will hear how ley lines turned former skeptic and archaeologist Dr. Don Robins around.

    In this book you will see the quartz as a basic computer according to Dr. Robins. He did not include just quartz in that analogy but it is fair to say he did. Wikipedia asserts the same, but it is far more complex and as this says you get images projecting from the past which look like Werewolves as reported by everyone in Dr. Ross's family and others we will see mention about. If the History Channel ever starts exploring real interesting things other than their alien crud they could do the Hexham Heads and Lycanthropes, Sasquatches, etc. with my input. These projections are what Gnostics see as worms, and all so many other things including Christian Dragons, devils, serpents, Annunaki and more.

    In this book you have reference to a Druid Prince which was a mummy worked on by Robins and Ross who wrote a good book on it. You will also see the Romans doing human sacrificing and making women copulate with animals in their Forums to entertain their exalted citizenry. No wonder they took so heartily to Christendom (once they changed it from a far better form.) and crucifixions.

    In this Dowsers forum you find Robins miss-spelled and reference to me.

    Here you see a lot of shamanic connections to Merlin, Dr. Don and Paul Devereaux who we have seen good mention about before.

    And as you search further you will see new books forthcoming on the Hexham Heads, and more about the disappearing Dr. Robins. I have good reason to believe he went into Black Ops in LA near where my sister-in-law's brother lived and I often visited when I lived there.

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    Tesla claims to see the future and past and that one fifteen second flash of enlightenment allowed him to see the Harmonic in Revelations of the Bible which lead to his inventions - all of them! Thus it is someone else who deserves the credit for all of his inventions and it is not aliens even if the knowledge bank is alien to you. The Harmonic is the Druidic Lost Chord and Pythagoras is the closest we have to a knowledgeable person on the matter in what is written down - even though he dared not write much about it as he taught what he learned from those who went before him. Yes, we hear Hecateus talk about who taught this knowledge - Abaris (Rabbi means teacher) the Druid. Did the Bible writers learn from Abaris? The timing fits. I will not dare to limit the knowledge gained and added to by thousands if not millions of adept DNN. Thus I say there is no real World's Greatest inventor. But Tesla will do for now.

    "He knew that sound not only has form…but that sound organizes matter. Clarification of ... Pythagoras used various intervals of harmonic ratios as a “medicine” for diseases of the body, mind & soul. .... SO IT'S FUTURE IS BRIGHT! Listen to a ..."

    Hippocrates was an alchemist specializing in healing and Homeopathy. I recommend reading modern day doctor Zoltan Rona as he talks about our drug pushing allopaths who are a "blip" in his Encyclopedia of Medicine.

    No discussion or study of harmonics and healing energy is complete without Tesla's work.

    "As a result of independent research on the life and teachings of Pythagoras, Dr. James B. Hopkins was inspired to commission a series of unique musical instruments for healing purposes.

    Pythagoras was credited as being the first person to prescribe harmonic frequencies and music to treat human conditions. He invented instruments and with the use of sound and vibration he was able to bring an individual’s attention to the awareness of their Divine Nature in order to facilitate the healing process.

    Dr Hopkins has spent the last seven years dedicated to recreating and manifesting these instruments for the purpose of resurrecting this ancient tradition.


    It works due to the law of physics. Resonance, entrainment, and brain wave synchronization are phenomena that enable the process to occur naturally and effortless. Imagine lying on top of a massive cello with hundreds of strings! Every string is precisely tuned to exact frequencies that generate infinite ranges of exquisite harmonic overtones. These Emanations unfold like audible fractals. The frequencies turn off the “disquieting mind” aligning your mind, body & spirit to the higher order of harmonics. Its healing effects occur on the deepest levels of our being. I play the strings from underneath like a cosmic harp. By sustaining it long enough, YOU HAVE TO SYNC UP WITH THE HARMONIC FREQUENCIES. It’s simply a law of physics and since your entire body is physically connected to the resonant sound chamber of the instrument you not only “HEAR” them, but you actually “FEEL” these HARMONIC frequencies throughout your entire body."

    “The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.” Tesla.

    So true! But as to cult people needing de-programming I ask you to ask your friends if all of society is a cult that needs de-programming even more than (Dare I say it?) Scientology. Read some of this stuff first though. Here is a site promoting Preston Nichols which might even be done by him or his semi-fraudulent (according to Jesse Ventura recently) gang. It includes a book I wrote, and addresses facts Jesse was not looking for that Preston is correctly talking about. Same with Swerdlow - attunement and mind control are a large part of what Tesla Tech is now being used for - see threads on Omega Stations, Frequency Fence and HAARP, etc.. Jesse needs a real researcher like me - but if truth ever appeared on his show he might gain traction in the minds of people. Tonight he had John Hutchison on and Thomas Bearden. I am very familiar and there is merit in their work. Bearden has jumped the shark on cancer and is arguably demented with age. Hutchison saying a whole continent can be messed up like the twin towers by directed energy weapons is outside the facts unless the unified force field energy of Omega Station (see thread) is involved. Because Jesse knows enough about HAARP and SDI lies I think his questions were too weak and it really doesn't need any hype anyway. Again he is missing the attunement science and probably not really getting good advice of the sort to know what and who is pulling the chains. Imagine if people actually started learning?

    If you have read any posts of mine about Ogham and the Pentagon Dodecahedron you are getting to 'glimpse the waves of the marvellous' to quote a head man of the Priory named Hugo. You are seeing why I diss the current revivalist Druids and their simple ego and power games. You are getting to see what a Baird is - and which I have learned only in the last 25 years, despite having that family name. I sometimes know there is genetic info transfer going on - and I wonder if our Akashic or Ein Sof human concepts and ET contacts are this genetic info transference that also plays out through the ether in crop circles with all those Druidic math designs.

    Here is a thought I would love to discuss with Bucky and other members of the Institute of Advanced study at both Princeton (Godel and Einstein) and Dublin (Wigner et. al) where my Ogham mentor said Boulean math was given by Druid science. And you can be absolutely certain that the Druids understood the Earth Energy Grid more than any scientist today. It has one charge and the Ether has another as Tesla used to develop Wardenclyff and wireless energy transmission. One charge is the 'I' and the other charge is the 'O' in your bits of computer data from Boule. Read up on my posts covering I O Torus as well as Ogham. Believe me or not, the Druid science went past mere fortune and divination such as Ogham does (Tao Te Ching and Runic derivatives) - to actual manifestation or what Bucky called 'creative realization'.

    But the major power source Tesla was working on is a Unified Force field leading to dimensionsal energy tap-ins which he said caused him to see past, and future simultaneously. In my book on him I explain his work on the attention point to overcome deep psychological and even matter dysfunction. Tesla used the Earth Grid and air or ether forces - he used what works and did not abide stupid academic me-too think. The possibility of energy sources in ancient times that no historian working for the paradigm will discuss grows more realistic every day. Dr. Don Robins described megaliths as macrochips - he was a very accomplished person in archaeology whose inventions bring us better means to date artifacts and many other things. The Dragon Project researchers included Cambridge mathematicians using magnetometers. It is near to certain that attunement sciences and metaphysics was more developed before the Carolina Bays event destroyed most cities and killed most humans. Today you will hear scientists working on Gravitational Wave research say metaphysics is more real than old physics. The pentagon dodecahedron allowed major energy flows through the megaliths - it had twelve major center points and our Mr. Brown has calculated three of them. Ivan Sanderson added more and I think Mt. Yamato or another part of the Antarctic is one as well. Everyone agrees (most real thinkers) that the Great Pyramid was central to it but it was built long after the people with the real knowledge had used smaller structures there to affect many things including advanced psychic ability.

    In the research on Pine Gap we have submarines with antennae being powered at a great distance - VRIL antennae receiving power from the Megalithic power plant could do likewise. Indeed we have a modern day effort to use the Earth Energy Grid. Tesla probably would roll over in his grave. The Pentagon dodecahedron and Earth Energy Grid is now a lot more powerful. Imagine an antennae flexing with nanotubes and superconductive material that is insulated, reaching into a black hole or other dimension to bring back energy to travel beyond warp speed.

    In the Wiki article on Platonic solids they say there have been earlier examples in places like Scotland, which have been found. It is good to see them say they have no idea when such things were understood. Then they go into trying to say who described them in written records first. It is important to remember that the totality of astrological knowledge is related and so is the Earth Energy Grid. Also keep in mind that astrolabes such as the Antikythera were used to locate valuable metals. Wiki then says these words -The fifth Platonic solid, the dodecahedron, Plato obscurely remarks, "...the god used for arranging the constellations on the whole heaven". Aristotle added a fifth element, aithęr (aether in Latin, "ether" in English) and postulated that the heavens were made of this element, but he had no interest in matching it with Plato's fifth solid.[3]"

    So obscure was Plato that he kept his life and Aristotle spoke nothing of it either. Thus they avoided the summary execution they would have suffered if they spilled the beans about the Pentagon-Dodecahedron.
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