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    Hello Robert,

    My name is Moe and the reason I'm writing you is to request an interview with you in the next month or two for my podcast on It would be an honor to speak with you about your great work.

    If you are interested, I will send you a follow up email to you with some dates and times so we can set a day that will work well for the both of us.

    Thanks for your time!

    Best regards,



    The Order of the Gnostics @

    Order of the Gnostics - Gnostic Warrior

    Learn about the ancient teachings of Gnosis from the modern Order of the Gnostics on Gnostic Warrior.

    Philip Gardiner is always worth reading. Moe should interview him, too.

    These are some of the highlights of a connected story of Milesian/Phocaean/ Phoenician architects who allow 'his'-story to confuse the masses. It is still going on and we must try to change it. There was a better time if one is concerned for freedom and ethics, and there is no Malthusian 'one pie' to worry about. Creative potential can develop new pies!


    ALPHABET COMPARISONS: A key to the greatest heresy of the ages.



    -the Dead Sea Scrolls say there are two spirits - 'truth and error'
    -the Britannica 'Ogham' cover-up is disgusting and as wrong as the Scale of Nature
    -the bounty on the heads of Druids


    -prostitution for the temple was required of women but why not men
    -"Together our voices accumulate the power to topple the systems that condone violence, incest and rape." - The Courage to Heal by Bass & Davis
    -"If your parents refused to tell you about sex because of their religious beliefs...that is religious sexual abuse." - Fr. Leo Booth
    -The cover-up or poor scholarship of Byblos, on the Persian Gulf which was a Phoenician base to help the Sumerians become civilized, and where the Egyptians bought ocean-going ships in 2900 BC according to the World Book
    -Psychoanalysis by 'experts' on the 'Confessions' of St. Augustine which brought us the 'Original Sin' or 'women are the harbingers' of his own evil
    -Priestly interpreters of the soul within that connects us all are into making sheep for their flock rather than empowering humanity. -The Qabala or Verbal Tradition which formed part of Jesus' learning.
    -'Love and Living' by Thomas Merton displays the truth of Mayan beauty.


    -Mariae is the sister of Moses who 'discussed the problem of the whitening of the stone in a few days.' (Stone = The alchemical Great Work)
    - Rabbi Silver gives insight to the lengths those in need of sheep will go to defend their position and keep their 'flock' ignorant. -". .Thoth-Hermes and Imhotep-Asklepios… these two cults and elements in the two Moses stories" have 'numerous similarities'
    - Rabbis agree -The Old Testament of Augustine who merely interpreted Genesis (falsely) was written by a woman ('The Book of 'J").
    -There was no such word as Essene. A debate on derivations provides some interesting connections from Bible and Dead Sea scholars. -"For the Essenes we have only what was said about them by outsiders writing in a different language and for people who knew nothing at all about them." -'The Dead Sea Scrolls' by Millar Burrows
    -Jesus and his father were wise 'arch-tectons' in the Septuagint which is the Greek Bible once thought to be the first Bible, not poor carpenters.
    -Hyam Maccoby, 'a leading Talmudic scholar' says "Paul alone created a new religion through his vision of Jesus as a divine Savior who died to save humanity."… taken "from Gnosticism and the mystery cults."
    -"Jesus' threat to the Temple was not subversive... of Jewish religion, but it was a real threat to the quisling regime of the High Priest. (Appointed by Rome)… rather it was the Jews who were framed by the Gospels."


    -"The sacred books of 'the subject peoples had a special place in this systematic project of collection and translation, because religion was, for those who wished to rule them, a kind of gateway to their souls.” (2)
    -"… the bearded white gods South America's shadowy legends say brought knowledge and culture to Andean tribes.” (3)
    -Ogham as a sign language and Huna as a spiritual enhancement language like chanting.
    -Homer's 'DNN' are the original settlers of Greece and the De Danaan are the 'Ogygia' or 'ancient ones' of Keltic colonizing culture. -"Some scholars now feel that the early Hebrew Bible shows an enormous amount of influence from Canaanite and Phoenician sources...Through the Bible the entire civilized world has fallen heir to Phoenician literary art.” (6)
    -"The group that emerged by the time Dido arrived was culturally diverse, ruggedly independent and, as Herodotus has emphasized, often given to animistic religious practices, which means simply that they may have venerated natural phenomena…" -'Carthage' by top scholars, on the Berbers.
    -Velikovsky supported by Einstein comments on the top Egyptologist Sir Flinders-Petrie - "This script was known in Egypt for a thousand years; it was never used to write down an Egyptian text…"
    -Barry Fell from 'America BC.'-"The rise and fall of Celtic sea power has been strangely neglected by most historians and archaeologists as to prompt much skepticism when first I began to report Celtic inscription in America. 'I can't say I've ever heard that the Celts were seafarers,' was a typical comment."
    - watch the movie 'Spartacus' and see him talk to Keltic sea captains [Seleucids] who controlled the Mediterranean.-Mystery Hill, N.H.
    -"Simon Magus himself was of the race of the Gaedhils of Erinn.” [B]A Celtic Reader' [/B]-"Iberian or Megalithic people of Britain introduced the immigrant Celts to the Druidic religion."
    -in 2600 BC, the Beaker People came to Britain and they are Kelts from Old Danube or Hallstatt. -CHART - Phoenician Brotherhood - Enterprises and Colonies.

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    Continuing with the Intro to one of my books on Gnostics - Jesus and the Gnostic Cathars.


    -"Colombia's outstanding archaeological remains occur along the Atlantic coasts of Santa Maria. Here were found abundant evidences of a sprawling public works' system, cities and ceremonial centers, paved roads, efficient irrigation and sophisticated agricultural practices… resembles… Hal Saflieni, in Malta…" Ancient American, Vol. 5. -Aristotle's 'Strange Things Heard' says the Carthaginians didn't allow people to go to America anymore in order to keep their population?

    -Necho II of Egypt engages Phoenicians to travel for two years for him. We later show books that identify this time and the place they went in South America. -Cyprus and the importance of mining led to an original Mt. Olympus. -Recent report of l.5MM old 'well made wooden throwing spears' should make archaeologists swallow hard as they try to maintain our ignorant cave man heritage with spears from just 20,000 years ago(Asimov). From an unrelated article in Scientific American by linguists. -Mayan knives from pre-Columbian times were better than iron and made from meteorites - Mircae Eliade’s 'The Forge and the Crucible'. -Solid state chemistry and Don Robins the top dog in a science being used that relate to the lattices that encode information in stone.


    -"Geophysiologists warn that if the planet does function like a body, the Earth may have the equivalent of vital organs and vulnerable points." (l) British atmospheric scientist James Lovelock and microbiologist Lynn Margulis are able to see what 'representational deities' were all about. -ILLUSTRATION: THE TREE OF YGGDRASIL - Cosmic Fire (Bel) and Cosmic Ice are in the Aristotelian concept borrowed from Shamans and they are in the sephirah of the Hassidic 'Tree of Life', which Jesus studied. -Heraclitus "conceded the existence of an over-riding, all-encompassing unity, in which the apparently contradictory opposites are all linked to one another, in a single, regular, cohesive system of balanced, harmonious measure and just order."- the 'Logos', the 'I Ching' and Miletus. -Men and women both can live in harmony with this order according to Heraclitus who Michael Grant (top classical scholar) says: "This inertia, resulting in a total non-recognition of the truth (shared by anti-feminists… had learned about many things which had failed, however to bring them real understanding.” -Tacitus - "So obscure are the greatest events; as some take for granted any hearsay, whatever its source, others turn truth into falsehood, and both errors find encouragement with posterity." -Rennes le Chateau = Jesus in PLAID swaddling clothes, “Tau - (Hebrew) St. Anthony's cross; a T-shaped cross patterned after the last letter of the Hebrew alphabet meaning the end of the world..." -"Essentially the Sea Peoples theory was a convenient and plausible invention of the 19th century, designed (largely by historian Gasten Maspero) to fit very limited facts.” (14) -Lies about Pyramids as tombs for 'freaky' Pharaohs are debunked. The almost intact Keltic ship on the Giza plateau has a 40 Ton displacement and is not a funerary barge, with sails to go a few hundred yards. -Druidic 'Cabiri' and the Cauldron of Ceridwen = Cosmic Egg and shamans -ILLUSTRATION: THE 'TRAVELERS' - 6,000,000 years of man and how the ethnic and cultural growth seems likely to have occurred with a conservative archaeologic perspective included.


    -Quintus Fabius Pictor led Livy to try to make sense of a myth that has truthful roots in the 'Aeneid' of Virgil and the 'Iliad' of Homer. Both are shown support in true history and from the Phocaean/Milesian roots of Ireland. A consistent picture emerges with real historical and aristocratic families who became forced to accept EMPIRE when Brutus failed to maintain the Republic. -1800 BC. brought the (carbon-dated) Nuraghe of Barumini, Sardinia as Jacquetta Hawkes talks about the "'tombe di giganti' in which the inhabitants of the nuraghi buried their dead." and "It is difficult to avoid the terms of medieval castle architecture in describing the nuraghi." There are over 6500 on Sardinia. -"Picti is invariably translated = ‘Redshanks’,” epithets become history. -Crete had the royal house of Mallia and was the origin or related to the Milesians when we know the code of Ogham and its use of vowels and doubling or reversing of letters.


    -Mircae Eliade says: "There appears to be an unbroken continuity of folklore traditions, Taoism and alchemy: The Taoist alchemist is the successor of the hunter of medicinal remedies, who, from time immemorial, went off into the mountains with a calabash to collect magic seeds and plants." Yet character assassins employed by the hegemony say alchemists are hermits who sought only gold for avaricious needs. -The Hubbell photos of the center of the universe bring us proof of energy coming through from other universes and much more that mystics have known. -The cover-up of Da Vinci's alchemy and how he saw the 'bicycle' is exposed in-depth though scholars avoid it. -These concepts are not in conflict and do not need to create stress or threaten anyone in search of truth. The 'Zen' of the moment is not designed to promote ignorance and lack of concern for our collective history or our soulful potential. -“The 'Bardo Thodol' ('Liberation by Hearing, on the After-Death Plane') is among the sacred books of the world, unique. As an epitomized exposition of the cardinal doctrines of the 'Mahäyäna' School of Buddhism, it is of very great importance, religiously, philosophically, and historically. As a treatise based essentially upon the Occult Sciences of the 'Yoga'…" (15) -We know the War department contractors are working on Pyramid technologies and yet it isn't being exposed to the general public. -Ossianic legends of pre-Egyptian culture who founded Egypt are explored. -Dark Matter is not the regulating force causing the increasing outward velocity of the universe. Tesla's non-force 'info-packets' and Bearden's energy from vacuums are related to the 'one-dimensional harmonic force'. -The 'Triads of Bardism' 'enlighten the darkness'. -Pythagoras knew the truth of the Sphinx but has been portrayed a 'fool'.


    -'Cleopatra' - "This book is about them, but it is also about politics - sexual, racial and constitutional - and about morality, neurosis and desire. Above all it is about propaganda and the persuasive power…” (1) -Jack Kerouac's 'Some of the Dharmas' brings us 'The Cause of Sorrow'. -"Meanwhile, in early 1985, researchers at the University of Colorado announced that they had discovered a lost city in Northern Peru. The name? Gran Pajaten! How many times can you discover a city, especially one discussed in tourist guides?” -Savoy -"The magnitude of the Gran Vilaya ruins, consisting of over 80 interconnected city-type layouts composed of some 23,950 structures to date,." (1985 in South America) Is this where the Ostrogoths went after Italy as the 'Chronicle of Akakor' says was the case in 570 AD.? -Hitler was an indolent scatophagist and pawn who would have gladly kept England and America strong, if they had only given to him what they gave to the criminal genius Stalin. In fact he would have wanted less than Poland and the other 50,000,000 Eastern Europeans who feared the same treatment the 32,000,000 Ukrainians were already getting from Stalin. -The 'Grail' legends as a useful managers tool and coded study of the Merovingian dynasty of Benjaminites who are not Israeli and wish to revenge themself on those Tribes they tried to help.


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    -Those who call him Messiah are righter than they know.
    -Mishnaic Law of the Judean teachers would not have allowed Jesus to be a teacher (rabbi) without having a wife.
    -"the archetypal Roman shouldered the White Man's Burden, the arduous but fabulously profitable task of governing those whom, despite all evidence to the contrary, the Romans judged incapable of governing themselves." (Lucy Hughes-Hallett from 'Cleopatra')
    -Jesus and His Curricula Vitae:
    -Joseph of Arimathaea - Another Phoenician!
    -"The excavations of Thomas W. Jacobsen at the Franchithi Cave on the Bay of Argos... by 13,000 - 11,000 B.C. and that the cultivation of hybrid grains, the domestication of animals, and organized community tuna hunts had already begun." (Britannica) Yet there are those who say we couldn't travel the ocean when obsidian had to be brought from a distance, at this time. They like to intimate we couldn't travel the oceans for a reason when they say (NY Public Library's Chronicles) the earliest recorded sea travel was in 2600 BC to Lebanon.
    -What entitles unproductive half-witted inbred psychopomps and sadists to lounge around making deals to improve their power over people? The Divine Right of KINGS?!?!


    -Blood was a vital psychic or spiritual and ritualistic ingredient that communion is based upon according to Gardner and those who still do the Star Fire Ceremony with Crowley's 'blood of the moon' or female hormone
    -'To drink like a Templar' became a common… Sir Walter Scott portrays them as bullies... not established to protect pilgrims."
    -Genghis Khan was a gifted 'smith' and listener who learned a lot that his progeny built upon; and did unto others before they did unto him.
    -Marco Polo was a 'slaver' who worked with Catholic cowards whose need for concubines and slaves was enough to allow the Mongols to conquer a recently Christianized Russia. Greek Fire was available to them.
    -"According to the Supreme Grand Lodge of the Ancient and Mystical Order Rosae Crucis, there were thirty-nine men and women on the High Council of the Brotherhood, who sat at the Temple of Karnak in Luxor. (2) A branch of this Order became more generally known as the Egyptian Therapeutae, who in Heliopolis and Judaea, were identified as the Essenes. (3)…Jesus was later initiated..." -Illustration; The Pyramid Propaganda:


    -Bernard Mandeville brings us the Fable of the Bees which Childeric, Napoleon and the Sarmoung Brotherhood of the esoteric secret groups including the Merovingians (and the Melchizedek Mormons) use as a main symbol. He says 'Virtue is just a pretence which man has invented for his own advantage.'
    -Fukayama deals with Plato and Hegel, though appropriately notes the real master philosophy of politics - 'Machiavelli was the founder of modern political philosophy, who believed that man could become the master of his own earthly house if he took his cues not from the way men ought to live, but the way they actually live.'
    - Fukayama the social engineer, would have us believe there is little chance of another 'Holocaust' (in 1992 he wrote this, before the Rwanda genocide) or 'communist resurgence' and placates the American public with a plethora of half-truths. The Durants document the true nature of continuing cycles and 'Dark Ages' brought about by class and economic or power re-adjustments.
    - The Pope’s 1995 encyclical spoke of a worldwide culture of death.

    A noted religious scholar of the 19th Century who I might be related to if his family landed in Virginia after the Mayflower. Wrote many books including things I definitely have some Karmic debt to balance or erase. His name is Robert Baird and his children wrote many books on the Huguenots who are part of the remnants of Catharism after the horrors of the Crusades mounted against them, called the Children's Crusade. This Robert Baird bought the myth of Jesus as the only begotten son of God and the Immaculate Conception. And he continued the crusade against cathari freedoms for people - especially women.
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    "Historical Jesus research is becoming something of a scholarly bad joke. There were always historians who said it could not be done because of historical problems. There were always theologians who said it should not be done because of theological objections. And there were always scholars who said the former when they meant the latter." (1)

    These words from De Paul University's John Dominic Crossan might not make headline news but they are important insights to the 'historical problems' and 'theological objections' which still cause war and conflict or prejudices to the present day. Those things are the stuff of headlines still emanating from the land so full of holes due to things like the Holy of the Holies in that disgusting Holy Land! We must discover why little is done to elucidate the arts of social engineers known as 'experts' in history, theology and journalism. Pardon my passion - but it disturbs me greatly to see all human and other sentient life so enslaved by this Holy conflagration. We can be so much more - if we would DO as Jesus and other desposyni did. There are despots in these groups of the Merovingian or family of Jesus however.

    I hope my positive portrayal of the knowledge systems historically represented herein will allow people to understand the uses and abuses of the life of Jesus by those who continue to empower themselves rather than enable the soul 'within'. Collectively the soul of good people can overthrow the 'radical aristocratic' or Neo-Platonic top-down oligarchy. We must create! What we create is the work of the Creator.

    Leo Strauss and his students still run the US policy of our present day. Lincoln was another of the 'beneficent paternalists' who thought we could not understand what really was best for us. Here are a few words from Thomas J. Di Lorenzo in an article titled 'Leo Lincoln'.

    "Lincoln's cynical political manipulation of religion was the perfect Straussian subterfuge. It was the perfect propaganda tool for sugarcoating a bloody and imperialistic war of conquest. Little wonder that contemporary Straussian neocons think of Lincoln as 'the greatest statesman in world history': He was an extreme nationalist; an enemy of constitutionally limited government and genuine natural rights; a skilled political conniver, manipulator and deceiver; and a phony religionist. Perfect."

    I hope I am not guilty of projecting my own life or beliefs (if I have any) onto the Cathari Gnostics and far more ancient peoples of shamanic background, who developed the disciplines which Jesus and his kin learned for many millennia. Will HIS - story play a role in 'his' - story? I refer to this 5,000 year 'nightmare' which Joseph Campbell quotes James Joyce talking about when he did the foreword to Marija Gimbutas' Language of the Goddess.

    The War on Women is a large part of what must be addressed. History is a poor teacher if you do not study to separate the motives and means from the lives lost in often aggrandized hero worship or cultish national - 'isms'. I guess it would be hard for me or anyone not to have a bias of some sort but I think I am more 'open' than most.

    Crossan is a well established or connected academic with a lot of support from top Bible scholars and the mainstream theological community. But don't expect them to start encouraging actual education of what Jesus studied any time soon. I think you will see that I come from the Tradition which the family of Jesus and Solomon were part of, for a long and illustrious history.

    My purpose is not to justify or simply revise our image of the ancients and what knowledge has been lost. The peasant or plebe must become aware enough to see we are able to fight City Hall. WE must learn to make history and change the ethic of our leaders. If not - history will repeat, like cucumbers on a sour stomach. Thomas Carney or Marshall McLuhan and many others have made it clear that we are 'managed'; but McLuhan was unable to get the truth out when he wrote his books according to his recent biographer who says McLuhan knew the secret societies that are 'behind the scenes' and own the media. Plato is just one of many who observed that the advent of the writing alphabet which the Phoenicians gave their colonies or trading partners actually led to a decrease in knowledge and disciplined wisdom. So whether or not Jesus was a writer has little to do with his wisdom. Whether he was a peasant or a prince, he was not going to learn wisdom without effort and introspection. Here is an entry from my Heroes and Villains Volume in an Encyclopedia:

    PLATO: - This man is as important to you as Jesus, and both of them have the same legend of Immaculate Conception associated with them. I can prove the Greek's Danaus colonizers are the DN or DNN of Homer. They became the Semites in Anatolia too; and it is acknowledged that Plato is the descendant of Solon. I can show Ptolemy trying to make himself historically part of the De Danaan hero family of Hercules through the works of Manetho and it may be true - who knows? The study of these two men whose noble lineage seems related through more than just the legend of Immaculate Conception; as Moses and Sargon the Great (a millennium earlier than Moses/Akhenaten) are related with the baby in the basket amongst the bulrushes, is of utmost importance. History may in fact be the most powerful tool to form the actions of the masses or society as a whole.

    Throughout the many books I have written about the Hyksos Phoenician Kelts or the esoteric Mystery Schools associated with them, there is documentation of the growth of hierarchy and power or greed. The conflicts may have been part of the Jesus story. Who knows if the sage or alchemist named Plato really believed everything he wrote. How much was he advised or instructed to write? I am near to certain he knew his Atlantis story was a pure fiction designed to cover up the earlier model culture based upon egalitarian ethics with women in an equal if not preferred position. Jesus was probably named after (though his given name Yeshua is not) the concept of Brotherhood called Iesa, as linguists can demonstrate.

    There certainly was a Brotherhood of Man ethic but it may have never achieved the kind of harmony in society which is now necessary to overcome the inequities and hierarchical threats posed by excessive Neo-Platonic manipulation. Clearly there were some attempts by the wise Solon to protect the rights of women and yet by Plato's time this ethic had not a shred of support left to be seen. Why did this insecure macho ethic evolve in the Mediterranean world to this degree? Just five centuries before Plato we see his fellow nobles in Tyre are allowing a favored descendant of Jezebel to found Carthage in 814 BCE. How much can we blame poor Plato for all the hierarchy anyway? He just wrote the rationale for what all these nobles or elites saw as the proper way to structure this society.

    Jesus may have been a zealot seeking to establish a country or kingdom like David (his ancestor) or he may have harkened back to a time when Brotherhood existed, as most Cynics really saw must happen. Seneca and all the other rich or poor Cynics clearly saw man must think and learn for himself, or else things would continue to grow ever more class and racially differentiated. I think Jesus had the Gnostic training of ecumenism and was not into the Kingdom of Israel zealotry as much as he was against Rome and Empire in general, even if he was a zealot at some point in his life. I also think Plato was no where near as elitist or Fascist as his succeeding philosophic school up to Hegel and Fukayama today have become. In fact I think Plato would have preferred universal education and enablement of citizens as the foundation for his Republic. But let's be real! Even today it is hard to find interested and open-minded 'thinkers'."

    Easy answers sought to explain what humanity has feared or regarded through superstition as gods are not the kind of things that allowed adepts to know themselves and their soul. The structures of power and priestly prevarications are rife even in the halls of supposed fair and academic institutions. Pardon me for disagreeing with the likes of Fukayama and others who would have us believe in 'absolute' religions of any form. As a human with the ability to consciously apprehend his or her environment; we must all eschew these black and white answers that our education has expected us to regurgitate in order to get better grades.

    I have attempted to open a window to view what is called PRE-history. Just before the era I focus upon in this book there was a city in Anatolia or present day Turkey before the Black Sea was created. Jacquetta Hawkes called it 'precociously' modern or advanced in her Atlas of Archaeology. This might easily be less advanced than the cities that were inundated in 5500 BC alongside the freshwater lake that we are now able to reach under the Black Sea. That area is central to what became the Iberian corporate ventures or the Phoenician Brotherhood. There is a great deal we do not know and may never know about the things known to ancient people and where we came from. Hopefully you will find your own creative juices flow as you travel this high road of speculative Imagineering based on current archaeology rather than accept the tenured propaganda of past history as written by and for Empire-builders.

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    Whether or not there was a town with a well, and that town was called Nazareth in the time Yeshua bar Joseph lived on earth, is really less material or important than the people and the things they may have learned. I do believe the family of Jesus has made a great deal of good inputs to humanity over time. I think he and they deserve our respect as well as our genuine fear of elitism or the power motives they have exhibited. There are no 'easy' answers and the most we can do is hope to improve our lot by learning from our shared past or history. Learning about more than mere dates and names is required. I do honor the memory of those burned at the stake and there will be times you might find my invective a little over the top - please excuse me if I offend any of your gentler sensitivities. Just remember the genocide of the Cathar 'parfaits' as they walked arm in arm with their children into the fires set for them by the Dominican 'Hounds of Hell'.

    We can (!) re-distribute the ego's needs for honor that lead to the structures of Mediterranean patronage or cronyism. We do not need to read good anthropologists like John Davis in order to know what still runs everything around us. Please do not simply respond to my effort as if I am a mere and simple 'conspiracy theorist'. Those who call me that kind of thing are often weak-willed sycophants or just the thing people see when they look in the mirror; if they have not studied what is possible and why things are the way they are. Put another way - in the words of the scholar Peristiany: "The punctiliousness of honour must be referred to the code of an exclusive and agonistic microsociety; that of honesty to an inclusive, egalitarian macrosociety." Let us work together and end this ideology of gloom that insists humans can be no more than the 'beast with red cheeks' or some other object Machiavellians and politicos merely 'manage' as if we are 'money-trees'.

    It should be obvious that the 'spin' I will put to the facts exists just as it does with any other writer. You may consider me a Utopian in the typology of Bryan Wilson or as one who "... 'presumes' some divinely given principles 'of reconstruction,... more radical than the reformist alternative, but unlike the revolutionist option, insists much more on the role human beings must take in the process'..." (2)

    From an interview by Bill Moyers with the scholar Paul Woodruff of the University of Texas on NOW, we have a little of the ancient understanding of 'representative deities' and the forces in reality they knew they could not fully capture, and were in awe of the beauty therein.

    "PAUL WOODRUFF: Yeah. When people are powerful, they-- they tend to fall into habits of acting as if they were divine. The-- the glitch, of course, is power corrupts. But what-- what the Greeks are noticing is that it corrupts in a very particular way. You think that you can't go wrong. You think that you can't be mistaken. You think that because you are not likely to be mistaken, you don't have to listen to other people. And those are all signs of tyranny and they're all signs of hubris. They all indicate a lack of-- of - of respect for the difference between human beings and-- and gods, which is the essence of reverence.

    BILL MOYERS: So reverence is something other than the worship of God.

    PAUL WOODRUFF: On my view, yes. And this came to me as a surprise, actually, because I had always been taught that for ancient peoples, reverence was sacrificing the appropriate number of goats or sheep or cattle or chickens or whatever so that the plague will be averted or we won't have an earthquake next year or whatever. What people have called "do a deus," "I give to the god, the god will give back to me."

    Then I-- but as I-- as I tried to translate this term and understand what it meant and why it was so important to the tragic poets like Sophocles, I realized that had nothing to do with it. Oedipus and the other tyrants are not in trouble because they didn't sacrifice enough chickens. It didn't have anything to do with that. It was about their attitude towards themselves and their-- their failure to realize that they were not truly godlike." (3)

    I have not read a lot of Alan Watts, because people have always told me I sound like him. I promise that even if you think that someone sounds like you or thinks as you do - this is one book that will challenge many things that we all must question. Here is one of many things said by Watts which I agree with.

    "Faith is an openness and trusting attitude to truth and reality, whatever it may turn out to be. This is a risky and adventurous state of mind. Belief in the religious sense, is the opposite of faith - because it is a fervent wishing or hope, a compulsive clinging to the idea that the universe is arranged and governed in such and such a way. Belief is holding to a rock; faith is learning how to swim - and this whole universe swims in boundless space." - Alan Watts

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    Dear Moe

    I have some concerns and would like you to post some things at World-Mysteries regarding what your impressions about 'worms' or demons are. We may have lots to discuss if you are open minded but I am not interested in trying to explain the science behind energy forms and CONstructs to someone who is a dogmatic individual. I am open to possibilities including portalling through informational wormholes but I give demonic energy forms as little energy or consciousness as a worm has. Actually I am kidding, a worm has more.

    I respect the Gnostic history which includes Cathars and early Keltic religions we could call Christian or in the mode of Jesus. Jesus is a title and Yeshua Bar Joseph or members of his family who built the Great Pyramid of Iesa are entitled to that title. It stands for Brotherhood just like Asklepios, Mani and others tried to build. I am posting this under the Communication heading where I have hopes we can honestly discuss these matters before any interview. I have been through set-up interviews by 'true believers' before and they can be fun - but I do not need said 'fun' anymore.

    It is fair to call any wise person an ecumenicist and humanist. The Gnostic revivalists are ecumenical but there are some 'elements' of apocalypse thinking and having to be something before being accepted into a hereafter of purpose. I prefer to think the wise people like Carl Jung would say we all are perfecti (As the Cathars did) if we work at it, and all are worthy of acceptance without some test for having sinned. So when I see Jung being termed a Gnostic I agree and disagree.

    "The "Lost Gospels" refer to the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Nag Hammadi Library, both discovered in the 1940s. The Nag Hammadi Library consists of writings found by two peasants who unearthed clay jars in 1945 in upper Egypt. These did not appear in English for 32 years, because the right to publish was contended by scholars, politicians, and antique dealers. The Dead Sea Scrolls, discovered in clay jars in Palestine by a goatherder in 1947, weathered similar storms. The first team of analysts were mostly Christian clergy, who weren't anxious to share material that frightened church leaders. As Dr. Hoeller shows, they rightly feared the documents would reveal information that might detract from unique claims of Christianity. Indeed, the Dead Sea Scrolls and Nag Hammadi Library both contradict and complement accepted tenets of the Old and New Testaments.

    As to the connection with Jung, Dr. Hoeller states, "Jung knew that the one and only tradition associated with Christianity that regarded the human psyche as the container of the divine-human encounter was that of the Gnostics of the the first three centuries of our era. For this reason he called for a renewed appreciation of this ancient tradition, and particularly for a return to the Gnostic sense of God as an inner directing and transforming presence." Dr. Hoeller goes on in his preface, "His sympathetic insight into the myths, symbols, and metaphors of the Gnostics, whom by his own admission he regarded as long-lost friends, continues as the brightest beacon of our day...""
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    I will not be doing the interview he requested. He indeed is into hallucinations about worms and other matters.

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    So, Moe said he has followed my work showing the Gnostics originate with the Great Pyramid builders which MacDari clued me in to. Why then do all so many sects of Gnosticism today stink of the same Roman Gospel propaganda and racism against Jews and anything more ancient?

    Please read about how many sects there were at the time of Rome and give serious thought about Imhotep/Asklepios being the pre-dominant intellectual thought system in the millennium BEFORE Christianity which I have proven in references which precede this post and in threads addressing Rosicrucian origins back to Tuthmoses. Of course I took it far further back with the likes of Eliade to when man first became a shaman/alchemist. Ask how Thoth/Hermes can only start with some Christian or Roman people when you see this obvious lie proven false when they include the Corpus Hermeticum or Asklepios as a Gnostic source. The reason Empires seek to make it appear THEY originated great knowledge should be patently obvious - to make themselves divine kings or the controllers of all souls!

    There is a lot of truth told in the following link about the era of Rome and the multitude of Gnostic sects in the link I now give you.

    The Rising Roman Empire is a book I wrote and put the picture of Shrub on it's cover. I have done books on Napoleon who was a pawn in an attempt that almost succeeded in all of Europe through the children of Josephine (Merovingian she was). I gave people a chance to see what Saunière was doing in that same Cathar region from whence Nostradamus came just after the Cathars were terribly wiped off the map. There has always been these forces of intellect and spiritual knowledge lined up against corrupt bureaucrats and Empire; sometimes they work together and often they go to war on each other. Can we ever unite and end Nationalism and racism supported by Divine creatures who deserve the boot and not the crowns they wear or Bees Napoleon dug up from the grave of Childeric to put on his investiture robes when he was crowned the Holy Roman Emperor? And yes, Hitler was another pawn in the same gambit to do something great - unify Europe and cut down all the nobles and bureaucrats scurrying to get table scraps or suck at the teat of real power. But the mere mention of Hitler as a pawn makes most people think I am the racist and a Holocaust denier - this is how sick the truth can become.

    There is a broad brush introduction to some serious questions YOU must answer before an even greater conflagration wipes humanity off this planet or speck of dirt hurtling ever-faster through infinity (seen in the Oroborous Please do not take this as some prophetic apocalyptic warning you can find fool-owers ranting about.

    1. Ask yourself why Paul and the Gospels could ever have been truly accepted by Cathars and women made chattel by Rome? Know any person selling Cathars as supporters of Rome or any Roman propaganda are sheep for Rome and purveyors of the immaculate and only-begotten fiction which made Salvation and Easter the pre-dominant control mythos. It allowed a Northumbrian murderer (English King) to seize all the assets of the Celtic Christian Church.

    2. That was not the teaching of what the Cathars sang about as they and their kids were marched into fires set for them. They sang hymns to "the living love of Jesus". True, there would be many who had no clue about why they had to appear to believe in dogma which Rome was enforcing through Heresy Trials and what eventually befell this great cultural attempt to bring back Brotherhood. Iesa = Jesus and is a title used in a long standing family of powerful people we can trace generation by generation back to David but which we can intuit and show through sciences like archaeology and DNA to exist when the Great Pyramid of Iesa was erected. I have provided a glimpse of these facts here in a book called Irish Wisdom which took me years and my fortune (twice over) to elucidate and prove. Please do not go forward without the disciplined questioning of the great sages like Pythagoras and Socrates (Read the thread Abaris (Rabbi) The Druid.

    3. Pythagoreans or the Therapeutae of Tuthmosis a millennium before him taught their skill and discipline to the family of Jesus (Merovingians) including Yeshua and Mary at her father's Alexandrian estate near the Great Library a Ptolemy alchemist built when Alexander placed him on the Pharaoh's throne in the same manner the Hyksos did a millennium earlier (and more). Know the goodness of this discipline taught by James the Righteous at Qumran has Magian roots back 40,000 years to near the Mummies of Urumchi and the present day Great Wall of China. Question (no hold their feet to fires) any proselyte who dares to subvert good acts (as Pauline Christianity in the guise of a Pope being the Lord's sole representative) or your personal responsibility to do the work of G-d within (see John 10:34). Know WE are all g-ds and we all must strive to BE what we can BE.

    4. The tools of thought and wisdom are many but the forces of CON men and their CONstructs are arranged to waylay the traveller just as the Templars did (in some cases) to Pilgrims going to their Holy Land - so full of holes made by weapons and proselytic syphlitic assholes. Paracelsus used Hermes' knowledge (Mercury is another name of Hermes) to cure the nobles of Europe who spread disease and pestilence including syphilis and the Black Plague to de-poopulate (I leave this type or Freudian slip for good reason) this earth. I have the motive, facts and science PLUS a confession found in the words of Winston Churchill. There is no black or white truth it is like the Oroborous or Abraxas of Egypt. If you cannot understand good people do bad things you will also be made for shearing and put in a flock for sheople. The Templars fought alongside Esclaramonde du Foix the great female Cathar General at Montsegur just before their own great leader Jacques de Molay was roasted for hours on a spit until his brain exploded through his skull. My own namesake (Robert the Bruce or Robert de Bruges - see Brutti and Pythagoras's Bruttium) then was joined on the field of battle at Bannockburn by Templars whose fleet he managed in trade with the Americas which gave the Cathars (Read my book Columbus: The Itinerant Cathar) who also engaged in secret trade to the Americas enough wealth to provide free medicine and free education to all.

    5. Do not accept me a some oracle of truth which those before me in my family have done - such as Robert the Bruce who re-created the Templars in the Societas Rosicruciana en Anglia (Soc Ros). Research until YOU know Abraxas and Brotherhood in your every waking moment of Right Thought = Right Action.

    Or simply Make LOVE not War!
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    I realize that in common parlance anyone who says they are Christian is a Christian - but hang on to your wallet when you hear it. This guy seems a great Christian but not a person who has studied the life of the actual historical Jesus named Yeshua Bar Joseph or the things his family have learned over many (Many) millennia. Anyone who quotes the Gospels is also a persecuting racist such as John Stennis was as the head of the House Un-American Activities inquisition of Hollywood studio owners and Jews in general when he said "They Killed Our Savior". Of course the fact that the Gospels were written by Romans to persecute Jews and maybe only one of the Apostles was alive (at best) when they were written should make anyone fearful of the wrath of a decent G_d. Putting words in the mouth of dead people is bad enough but when Roman Christian fathers continued putting words in the mouth of G_d (like Augustine's Original Sin calling 'women the harbinger' thereof) you could expect a chilling reception up above if you also quote any part of this vile effluent.

    I prefer this kind of proselytizing which at least is thought-provoking.


    In Vatican II Mary Rose D'Angelo made a great effort at removing the effect of the Original Sin dogma upon women. She documented that at the time Jesus was on his mission it was his female companion Mary and other women who kept the momentum alive. It continued after he left but eventually insecure deviates like Augustine exerted their influence and personal demons or needs.
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    I equate gnosis with wisdom acquisition and I do not see an originating point in human history for this innate desire to learn and experience all that can be. I see attempts to limit such adventure all around me today - and throughout history. I see people pissing on each other and pissing each other off - but little real growth and advancement in wisdom outside of quantum physics and places like CERN. Yes, I greatly appreciate the occasional 'Charmed Circle' or Eranos Conferences. I love all the attempts at Gnosis in it's real and true nature - but dogma - do not cross my path or darken my doorstep - or beware the Ides of March.

    High HO, Hi owe; it's off to work I go.

    More words coining things or philosophies which are at best partial and often seek to aggrandize something not new with new clothing so the pedant expressing them will appear wise and able to gain some level of trust or notoriety. Hegel or Goodchild are in this cadre of weasels working for money in a paradigm seeming more interested in obfuscation than any Socration "truth"! But I do enjoy some Derridian dogma passing itself off as different than Socrates. So allow me to interject in what Goodchild writes to applaud or question as Socrates always did.

    "We owe it to G.W.F Hegel, who coined the term ‘philosophy of religion’ for his eponymous lectures, that in truly dialectical fashion he inspired those successors who were to forge an anti-idealist thought in opposition to his work: engaged philosophy of religion. Karl Marx changed the image of thought from reflection to production: to think is to engage with life, to reproduce the conditions of existence, to participate in the social construction of reality. {Marx is the lightning rod attribution for forces he knows nothing about. Sartre would be a better person to attribute these words or ideas to.}

    Philosophy is no longer a matter of thinking about reality: it is a matter of making reality. {Always was - but religion got in the way once Hellenizing Empire became the rule of governance; perhaps due to less wisdom being given to people once writing allowed them easy access if they were interested in any particular thought.} The characteristic fault it seeks to correct is no longer false belief but false consciousness or ideology, when the content of thought is entirely separate from the effects of its practice.

    Likewise, Søren Kierkegaard changed the image of thought from one of deferring to an external, critical perspective to a matter of inwardness, of authenticity, where the hidden life of thought is judged by one who sees into the heart. Philosophy is no longer a matter of making thought conform to external reality: it is a matter of making internal reality conform to thought. The characteristic faults it seeks to correct are no longer false beliefs but hypocrisy and triviality: treating matters of great existential importance as though they were trivial, or treating matters of little existential importance as though they demanded the most careful consideration.

    Finally, Friedrich Nietzsche changed the image of thought from one that seeks to master life to one that is mastered and gripped by life. {And vice versa} Philosophy is no longer a matter of bringing life before thought: it is a matter of living in and through thought. The characteristic fault it seeks to correct is no longer false belief but the projection of the contents of thought outside of life in order to limit and control life. These are the three dimensions of engaged philosophy: to engage with the social and material conditions of existence, to engage with what matters within the heart, and to be engaged by the highest possibilities of life. {In other words to do what Divine Providence lays before you.} Such engaged philosophy is not simply a critique of religion: its practice is itself a religious task. {AKA 'wisdom acquisition'} It may be a participant in a religion, an ally of a religion, or a rival to a religion, yet it has no place to stand above and beyond religion. {It certainly has a right to stand in every position from which any question can be formulated.}

    For many, such engagement may be seen as a loss: a loss of ultimate criteria, a loss of objectivity, and even a loss of reason itself. For in our contemporary age, public discourse is as lacking in reason as ever. We are surrounded by partiality, a lack of due {According to whom?} proportion and order, wilful ignorance of pertinent information, immodesty, lack of self-censorship,

    GOODCHILD: Engaged Philosophy of Religion 53
    JCRT 12.2 (2012)

    selective interpretation, and narcissistic defence of identities and investments. Speech is constructed to serve the passions rather than serve the truth. If this passes for engagement, then in such a context the need for reason, objectivity, and ultimate criteria seems as strong as ever. So, for many, to seek a thinking that is engaged risks losing reason itself, and all the gains of courtesy and civilization based on a moderation of the passions. The aim of philosophy has always been repression of the emotions, seeking an idea that is transferable without the emotion that gave rise to it. {And the opposite is also true - see Rule of Complementarity.} Yet it is not such criticisms I propose to deal with here. For, in truth, engaged philosophy likewise participates in this repression of emotions that spring from personal investments and collective interests. But it does seek to cultivate another kind of emotion, one drawn from actual relations and interactions with life. It seeks to respond to reality rather than a concept of reality. For an engaged thought, the conscious content of the mind, including its memories, images and ideas, are merely the surface of reality: the valuable and meaningful dimensions of psychic life include its sensibility and emotions.1

    These express the actual truth of the soul. A person’s demeanour {You are what you DO not what you say you do or believe.} discloses far more about the reality of their thought than either their beliefs or their reasoning. A lack of automatic emotional reaction, an entrusting of one’s thinking to habits of reasoning that will convert an offensive stimulus into a problem: these are signs of a cultivated mind. {RIGHT THOUGHT = RIGHT ACTION should become your actual religion or DOing}On this, idealists and engaged philosophers can largely agree. Where they differ is over the role of meaning in the cultivation of thought: idealists seek to make thought participate in the elevated and universal meaning they conceive, while engaged philosophers regard conscious meaning as temporary and local, a means for the engagement between thought and life that takes place through thought but outside of thought."
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