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Thread: Scale of measurement ufo contact

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    Scale of measurement ufo contact

    The scale of measurement the government uses to rate the escalation in a formal step process for contact with extraterrestrials. I raise this question to the public, our government denies or refuses to publicly admit to E.T. contact with ours or any world government. However if we have never made contact with visitors from out of this world, then why did they invent or why do they use the scale to express the level or type of contact? Close Encounters of the first, second, third, fourth, fifth or sixth kind, just seems strange. In my opinion just based on the simple fact that the US government uses this scale discloses the fact that they have indeed made contact at some point in the past. Why invent a tool that has no purpose? If we read between the lines we can discover many truths. Such as my question, if UFOs do not exhist then why are there SECRET, CLASSIFIED documents in reference to the subject? That's the same as buying insurance on a house not yet built. When documents are declassified due to the freedom of information act you still see portions that are black lined out. For something our government would have us believe to be a fairy tale they sure treat it as if it's real. I say to you, the pressure is on and as time continues to move forward the US will disclose the truth more and more. But for now we must rely on whistleblowers to slip us our tidbits of information.
    Mr. Daniel W. Shrigley
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    Daniel, Be patient. This will all be understood in due time. The scope for which your mentality is awakening to presently is so robust and gargantuan that it would blow your mind if it were presented today. I suggest you meditate upon this condition. I go to a place called THE ENCHANTED ROCK in Texas. There I listen for silence and seek the open realms of unsolicited thought. It will come to you in a blue-white flash lasting for about one pico-second. In that flash, you will see the plan of the Physicality that you occupy. There is so much more to being here...but I too am in awe.



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