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Thread: The Father of UFO Technology

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    The Father of UFO Technology

    No one person is the total originator of any thought. Much of the Russian Sputnik development used an 18th Century alchemist's designs. Da Vinci had flying machines and the Abydos glyphs are there because alchemists including the Ptolemies (Cleopatra and Philometer for sure as well as one in every generation going back before Alexander put them in charge of Egypt.) drew drawings of what they "saw" in the milky bowl or Philosopher's Stone. I had a partner in Indianapolis who was taking Marine flight training at Randolph AFB when Strughold (Green of Project Paperclip and others of MK Ultra etc) was brought to live behind fences in a new concentration camp. Every nation that had said they would not bring Nazi scientists to work for them was lying. Every nation was using human guinea pigs like Mengele - Germany was the only nation with laws and regulations to follow. The founder of the Jet Propulsion Lab known as the Jack Parson's Lab was an alchemist and Thelemic associated with Crowley and Hubbard.

    George Patton knew about the secret research on these things including a nuclear bomb almost complete. He wanted to continue the war until Russia was not an issue. He did not know Russia and indeed the first world war were part of a larger plan. He had to be killed because he would not have kept his mouth shut.

    From the thread here titled, Protocols, Russia and The World Cop, we have:

    When Boris Yeltsin spoke about an experiment that 'they' wrought upon his Russian 'brethren' on June 1st, 1991; did anyone ask who THEY were? Here is what he said:

    "Our country has not been lucky. Indeed, it was decided to carry out this Marxist experiment on us -... Instead of some country in Africa, they began this experiment with us."

    The Nazi Space Program:

    Against the wishes of Von Braun (A now admitted Nazi who the US had difficulty hiding the fact though lying about it for years.) another person may even have put the first human into space. But that person was most likely a concentration camp detainee rather than the chimps later used by the US.

    Eugen Sanger also developed approaches which would allow inter-planetary space travel. Ram Jet and Ion Propulsion thus have a longer history than I had thought. Stalin tried to make him an asset for Russia and clearly knew enough to work on these technologies which I think are what goes on at places like Area 51. You could call him the Father of UFO technology.

    "After the war ended, Sänger worked for the French government and in 1949 founded the Fédération Astronautique. Whilst in France, he was the subject of a botched attempt by Soviet agents to win him over. Joseph Stalin had become intrigued by reports of the Silbervogel design and sent his son, Vasily, and scientist Grigori Tokaty to convince him to come to the Soviet Union, but they failed to do so. It has also been reported that Stalin instructed the NKVD to kidnap him.[3]

    In 1951, he became the first President of the International Astronautical Federation.

    By 1954, Sänger had returned to Germany and three years later was directing a jet propulsion research institute in Stuttgart. Between 1961 and 1963 he acted as a consultant for Junkers in designing a ramjet-powered space-plane that never left the drawing board. Sänger's other theoretical innovations during this period were proposing means of using photons for interplanetary and interstellar spacecraft propulsion prefiguring the concept of laser propulsion and the solar sail."

    The plane used to hop along the atmosphere is a lot like the Avro Arrow jet which my high school physics teacher worked on. He may even have brought these designs with him from Germany. His name was Mr. O. A. Schmidt and I used to talk with him after class and after school. He was a sweet person but made fun of for his accent and being German by students (At one point including myself.). We talked advanced physics and I would bring him books my brother was studying in his engineering classes as he shared books with me. One of the books he shared with me was the book he took the final exam questions from along with the answers. He knew I did not need to study simple formulae and foolish educational curricula. I cried years later when I heard he committed suicide and tears still come to my eyes as I type these words.

    This link really puts the boots to all the Anunnaki and related frauds.
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