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    The NOVA people have good information for the standard out in the open crowd, who really do no research.

    Futurescape did not explore all it could. The show was cancelled partially because of lack of funds to do it in the first place. They re-used the same scene over and over - in one case 16 times. It did not flow and should have had more interaction between the presenters.

    Here is part of an interview with James Woods (a former MIT student and science geek). You should already know Scientific American spent many months and indeed over three years debunking airplanes AFTER Kitty Hawk.

    "Debbie Myers [general manager] from the Science Channel made this happen … I would bring up ideas that I thought were a little ridiculous — reading people’s minds, traveling to other solar systems, extending life by hundreds of years, etc. And you will see in every episode the possibility of those things happening in the near future — literally around the corner.

    In 1885, a geek was born. And that happened to be my grandmother. And in the year 1900, when she was 15 years old, her teacher in her class asked all the students to get up and give a speech about the future of something wondrous for mankind. And my grandmother very sincerely got up and gave a speech that one day, man would fly into the sky in a horseless carriage. And the teacher, a numbskull, said, “You’re being clearly insincere,” and made her stand in a corner with a dunce cap on.

    And if I could do one thing in life, it would be to take that moron and show him a photograph of the Wright Brothers flying through the sky in a horseless carriage at Kitty Hawk. And the reason why I did this show is for every person who ever dreamed of those possibilities. This is what that show is dedicated to and to people like you, who care about those dreams and make them possible."

    I know I can prove Mind Control is already far more in use on a global scale than anything Futurescape showed. I wonder if the show intended to expose that fact - and thus did not get the backing it needed.

    I mentioned the research captured from the Japanese at the end of WWII. Here you can see the nature of why weapons in space have a serious future impact on your life. In fact they can target a mailbox and read it, and they could do that many years ago. YOU should know if you do something they really do not like they can eliminate YOU. You might ask why they do not use space weapons in the Middle East or to assassinate certain people. I will be happy to explain why, starting with de-stabilization has been their goal in that region since Israel was created. Decades ago I knew they had accurate lasers in space that could burn a 200 foot deep hole in the Earth. Now it is far worse.

    They did use minor psy-ops on a bunker full of Saddam's men. That bunker was huge, had tanks and such. It was built by Germans who knew about space based lasers. After two weeks of microwave or rudimentary machines like used at Ruby Ridge or Waco; the elite fighting force of Iraq surrendered without a shot being fired.

    I mentioned Kucinich and the Russians unsuccessful attempts to stop space based mind control and death rays etc.

    "In 1993, Defense News announced that the Russian government was discussing with American counterparts the transfer of technical information and equipment known as "Acoustic Psycho-correction." The Russians claimed that this device involves "the transmission of specific commands via static or white noise bands into the human subconscious without upsetting other intellectual functions." Experts said that demonstrations of this equipment have shown "encouraging" results "after exposure of less than one minute," and has produced "the ability to alter behavior on willing and unwilling subjects." The article goes on to explain that combined "software and hardware associated with the (sic) psycho-correction program could be procured for as little as U.S. $80,000." The Russians went on to observe that "World opinion is not ready for dealing appropriately with the problems coming from the possibility of direct access to the human mind." "

    I mentioned the research captured from the Japanese at the end of WWII. Here you can see the nature of why weapons in space have a serious future impact on your life. In fact they can target a mailbox and read it, and they could do that many years ago. YOU should know if you do something they really do not like they can eliminate YOU. You might ask why they do not use space weapons in the Middle East or to assassinate certain people. I will be happy to explain why, starting with de-stabilization has been their goal in that region since Israel was created. Decades ago I knew they had accurate lasers in space that could burn a 200 foot deep hole in the Earth. Now it is far worse.

    I am tempted to post a thread here titled - Idiots are the Reason Humanity is Doomed. Because people here do not read "Encyclopedias of information" nor respond to it, and only put this one little remark from Guyatt's excellent research from a long time ago.

    Toward a Psycho-Civilized Society by David G. Guyatt

    "Experts said that demonstrations of this equipment have shown "encouraging" results "after exposure of less than one minute," and has produced "the ability to alter behavior on willing and unwilling subjects." The article goes on to explain that combined "software and hardware associated with the (sic) psycho-correction program could be procured for as little as U.S. $80,000." The Russians went on to observe that "World opinion is not ready for dealing appropriately with the problems coming from the possibility of direct access to the human mind." "
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    Within ten years from 2015 we will have a worldwide network of mind controlling devices and energy capable of killing individual targets. We will no doubt use these 'surveillance weapons' (Officials at HAARP said their installation is for security and surveillance when asked if it could assist in addressing the Tundra melting about to cause more Global Warming than all cars and human pollution from at least the last century.). HAARP and the Omega Stations along with satellites, and ground based Frequency Fence technologies have been used already. Pine Gap in Australia provides evidence of the use of 'black' Tesla technology.

    In a full reading of what follows you will see Remote Viewing and black ops hiring of people like Jacques Valle along with other well-known advocates of Ufology.


    [1] Interestingly, this capability is now confirmed in recent press reports in regard to LTL weapons.

    [2] For a fuller account of the Nazi experiments refer to Resonance No 29 November 1995, published by the Bioelectromagnetic Special Interest Group of American Mensa Ltd., and drawn from a series of articles published by the Napa Sentinel, 1991 by Harry Martin and David Caul.

    [3] In particular the publication of John Marks "The Search for the Manchurian Candidate" and Walter Bowart’s "Operation Mind Control" (Fontana Books, London 1979).

    [4] Walter Bowart.

    [5] See Delgado’s "Physical Control of the Mind: Towards a Psychocivilised Society", "Intracerebral Radio Stimulation in Completely Free Patients" in Schiwitgebel & Schwitzgebel (eds.). Speaking in 1966, Delgado asserted that his research "supported the distasteful conclusion that motion, emotion and behaviour can be directed by electrical forces and that humans can be controlled like robots by push buttons." (Think 32 July-August 1966). Delgado was funded by the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI). It is believed he still works as a consultant for the US government.

    [6] My italics.

    [7] See "Mind Control and the American Government" by Martin Cannon, LOBSTER 23.

    [8] See "Neural Manipulation by Radar" by Armen Victorian, LOBSTER 30, and also Time Magazine, July 1, 1974 "Mind Reading Computer."

    [9] Marks notes that the vast bulk of CIA key documents were illegally destroyed, in 1973, at the order of the then DCI, Richard Helms. Other writers have noted the psychological profile of Sirhan Beshara Sirhan noting a virtually impregnable "amnesia" which lasts to this day. In 1968 Dr. George Eastabrooks (considered by some to be the grand-daddy of hypnosis in warfare) told a reporter at the Providence Evening Bulletin that he had conducted extensive hypnosis work on behalf of the CIA, FBI and military intelligence. He went on to say that the key to creating an effective spy or assassin rests in "creating a multiple personality, with the aid of hypnosis", a technique which Eastabrooks considered as "child’s play. He went on to suggest that "Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby could very well have been performing through hypnosis." Of interest in this context was a book written by Lincoln Lawrence (a pseudonym), a former FBI agent who revealed the existence of a 350 page CIA document that outlined a technique termed RHIC-EDOM (Radio Hypnosis Intra -Cerebral Control - Electronic Dissolution of Memory. Certainly many of the above cited CIA programmes were dedicated to electronically inducing amnesia. The case studies of Dr. Ewen Cameron in this context remain the most notable and the most chilling. )

    [10] See his autobiography "The Scientist".

    [11] Anna Keeler in Full Disclosure 1989.

    [12] Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) report released under FOIA. Also see Anna Keeler. Capt Paul E Tyler, MC, USN paper entitled "The Electromagnetic Spectrum in Low Intensity Conflict" (CADRE 1986) is also relevant in this connection. Tyler’s observation are, understandably, shrouded in "maybes and what ifs" but is non the less instructive when placed in context to PANDORA and other projects.

    [13] In an interview with John Marks. CIA veteran Miles Copeland admitted to a journalist prior to his death that "The congressional subcommittees which went into this sort of thing got only the barest glimpse." Likewise, hypnosis expert Milton Kline, a veteran of covert experimentation in this field confirmed in 1977, that his work for the government continued.

    [14] See A. J. Weberman’s "The Story of Mankind Research Unlimited, Inc." Covert Action Quarterly, issue 9, June 1980.

    [15] Ibid. Cited from "leaked" and/or "stolen" documents.

    [16] Ibid.

    [17] Despite his apparently Democratic credentials President Clinton is not a reformer in this regard. In lock-step with all previous administrations dating back to the 1930’s, President Clinton’s administration is heavily composed of individuals who are members of the CFR or the Trilateral Commission (or both). There is some evidence to suggest that President Clinton had a special and close connection to the Central Intelligence Agency during his days as Governor of Arkansas. Terry Reed, and ex CIA agent has revealed that Clinton was an Agency "asset" during the period he worked for the CIA. This may not be as preposterous as it appears in view of the "Starr Commission’s" decision to investigate this aspect of the President’s past.

    [18] In connection with "enhancing abilities of friendly forces" see numerous articles and exposť’s on Col. John B. Alexander. Alexander, a former Commander of Green Berets special forces was a member of the US "Phoenix" assassination programme in Vietnam. Until recently he was Director of Non lethal programmes in Los Alamos National Laboratory, but has since resigned following, it is believed, an undue amount of negative press. He remains NATO’s adviser on NLD. Alexander wrote a book an article ( and later co-authored a book entitled The Warrior’s Edge) published in Military Review in which he outlined a number of hitherto "fringe" subjects - including telepathy - that should be brought in to the battery of future weapons. Alexander is dedicated to the development of a super-human soldier with enhanced abilities leading to an "invincible warrior." In his book he likens such a soldier to be a JEDI KNIGHT, from the film Star Wars (Project Jedi). He has powerful sponsors including Vice President Al Gore. Alexander is cited as being the grand daddy of NLD. He is known to be heavily engaged in mind control and psychotronic projects. See Armen Victorian "Psychic Warfare and Non lethal Weapons."

    [19] In this connection the work of Dr. James Lin of Wayne State University should be noted. Lin has written a book entitled "Microwave Auditory Effects & Applications" in which he states "The capability of communicating directly with humans by pulsed microwaves is obviously not limited to the field of therapeutic medicine."

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    [20] Refer to Dr. Robert Becker who has stated "Such a device has obvious applications in covert operations designed to drive a target crazy with "voices" or deliver undetected instructions to a programmed assassin." In 1974 Dr J F Scapitz filed a plan to explore the interaction of radio signals and hypnosis. He stated that,

    "In this investigation it will be shown that the spoken word of the hypnotists may be conveyed by modulate electromagnetic energy directly into the subconscious parts of the human brain - i.e. without employing any technical devices for receiving or transcoding the messages and without the person exposed to such influence having a chance to control the information input consciously."

    Schapitz’ work was funded by the DoD. Despite FOIA filings his work has never been made available. Also it is interesting to note the date of 1974, which almost exactly mirror’s the period when the USSR commenced its own programme that resulted in "Acoustic Psycho-correction technology."

    [21] During October 1994 Dr. Ross Adey visited London to address a conference on the health implications of EM fields. At that time this writer was collaborating with a well known documentary film maker to make a documentary on this subject. I approached the conference organizers, given a free invite and assured that I would be permitted to speak with Dr. Adey privately. Additionally I assured the organizer that any meeting would be strictly confidential and off the record if Dr. Adey would feel more comfortable with that. In the event Dr. Adey declined to meet with me and my complimentary invitation to attend the conference was rescinded. Dr. Adey said the subject was "too technical?" to discuss.

    [22] Much similar effects have been reported, for instance, at the Women’s Peace camp at Seneca, in New York state.

    [23] Psychic phenomena studies were, in fact, part of classified Pentagon programmes dating back over two decades. Two separate "teams" conducted advanced experiments. One team operated out of SRI and the other from the NSA’s Fort George Meade facility in Maryland. During that time, Major General Albert N. Stubblebine, Director of US Army Intelligence and Security Command oversaw a programme dedicated to "remote viewing" where operatives were tasked with, amongst other things, tracking Soviet "Boomer" submarines. Stubblebine is presently Chairman of the Board of Directors of PSI-TECH a private company specialising in remote viewing and other activities. Col. John Alexander is also on the board. The company also employs Major Edward Dames (ex DIA), Major David Moorhouse (ex 82nd Airborne), and Ron Blackburn (former microwave scientist and specialist, Kirkland Air Force base).. PSI-TECH operate in the private sector and have received a number of classified government contracts.

    During the Gulf war the company was approached by DoD with a request that the company’s remote viewers be tasked with tracking and locating Iraq’s Scud missiles. Col Alexander and C.B. Scott Jones (who has previously worked for the US government on mind control technology) both share an interest in Unidentified Flying Objects. The highly regarded New York Times journalist Howard Blum revealed in his book "Out There" that there is, indeed, a DoD UFO working group within the DIA. I mention this aspect only to demonstrate that the military and intelligence community are not averse to experimenting in and expending prodigious amounts of tax dollars on some of the "weirder" areas of life. The remote viewing teams were disbanded following the Oliver North fiasco by the Secretary of Defense who was concerned at the potential bad publicity. Thereafter, Psi-Tech was formed and the work continues.

    [24] Refer Martin Cannon. Lobster 23 "Mind Control and the American Government." Martin is an independent and objective researcher who has spent a considerable amount of time and personal money in researching this subject. See earlier reference to Dr. George Eastabrooks, footnote 3.

    [25] On October 24-27 1995, the Counter-Drug Technology Assessment Center held a symposium at Nashua, New Hampshire. Subjects discussed included the "transition of advanced military technologies to the civil law enforcement environment. These include advanced tracking, tagging, radio frequency and other "non-intrusive" technologies.

    [26] I have certain caveats in citing this material. Firstly, I have written to Dr. Horvath and the two other scientists referred to in the Spotlight article. To date none have replied either to confirm or deny their comments? One of them, Steve Aftergood is highly reputable and is known to me indirectly. The other two are not known to me at all. It is also important to point out that Spotlight is an ultra right wing publication and one must, therefore, take these citations with due caution. On the other hand Spotlight shares a considerable "ethos" with some far right elements of the military and intelligence community who are in a position to know about these developments and for their own reasons may have made this information available.

    [27] See Brian Freemantle’s "The Octopus" Orion Books Ltd, 1995.

    [28] See Walter Bowart’s "Operation Mind Control" recounting some chilling stories involving Vietnam veterans. In particular the case of "David" and ex US Air Force officer who had his memory "erased" following his term of service.

    [29] See the Collected Works of Carl Gustav Jung for a background to the psychology of "projection".

    [31] Aggravated by narcotics related crime - presently estimated to between $500 - $800 billion a year, thus an industry outstripping all other "business sectors" with the possible exception of the weapons industry. These figures extracted from Brian Freemantle’s "The Octopus" Orion Books Ltd, 1995.

    [32] The present economic reality (and that for the foreseeable future) is that the once abundant life-style for large segments of western citizens will continue to erode. This will inevitably lead to dissatisfaction that will increasingly manifest itself in civil disturbance. Economically powerless to change direction, governments may possibly resort to authoritarian remedies, fuelling greater unrest and a repetition of the vicious cycle. This model is based on the clear evidence that "nations" no longer possess the economic might to "buck" the markets. The globalization of finance and the internationalization of "free markets", has led to (or perhaps resulted from?) giant "stateless" Trans National Corporations. Collectively, TNC’s far outweigh the economic power of any one sovereign state. Under the combined onslaught of TNC’s acting in concert, (referred to as "market trends") even G7 (in the form of combined Central Bank intervention) is often rendered powerless. Under this scenario the future does not bode well.

    TNC’s will continue to accrue to themselves an increasing proportion of the world ’s wealth, whereas nation states will grow increasingly reliant upon sovereign indebtedness to finance themselves or gradually assume "Third World" economies . The burden of "servicing" sovereign debt is met by a combination of fiscal measures, primarily increased domestic taxation (direct, indirect and more hidden measures) and decreased expenditure. Both measures impact heavily on the poorer classes and yet generally benefit the TNC’s who remain large tax recipients.

    Effectively powerless, the political structure in sovereign states will have little alternative but to present to its citizens, a facade of being in control if it is to remain in power. Bereft of economic muscle, old-fashioned real "muscle" (in the form of soft-kill-technologies) are likely to become more meaningful to the rule of law concept. It is, therefore, self evident that LTL weapons will thus be directed at the "rebellious" poorer classes . The Mexican "Chiapas" are an early warning sign of how these socio-economic factors are likely to impact in the future. Mexico today, the United States tomorrow, and thereafter? See Noam Chomsky’s World Orders Old and New for a more comprehensive analysis of the TNC global phenomenon.

    [33] Especially some classes of EM weapons that are viewed as having a capability to remotely modify behaviour or attack higher functions.

    [34] See Department of Defense Draft directive dated January 1, 1995 outlining taking objectives for Non Lethal Weapons.

    [35] See Noam Chomsky’s and Edward Herman’s "Manufacturing Consent" (Pantheon Books, New York, 1988). The authors exhaustingly detail the widespread role of the media to propagandize "elitist" objectives whilst downplaying or ignoring altogether "hard news" that doesn’t fit the "propaganda model". As a result domestic "consent" is engineered both by the absence of information that doesn’t fit the "model" and by exclusively featuring stories or hard news that do. The impact of these techniques effectively restricts political and economic debate, sidelining contrary viewpoints. Thus the authors argue that democracy has already been replaced and that, de facto, a one party state has been crafted.

    [36] This so called "soft kill" ability is politically desirable."

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    From a friend

    Just letting you know the Doc Zone I'm watching is one you'll probably be interested in if you haven't already seen it. All I know is it 2015, but not certain if its new or not.

    It's called Deluged by Data and about the latest technology available for collecting data on ourselves from cloths with the technology built right into the fabric to headsets that run current through certain parts of the brain (I assuming) to instill a particular mood.

    Pretty interesting actually. Nothing I'm into using myself, but it appears there's a huge market for it as folks are tracking their personal stats for everything from health related stuff to sex and everything inbetween... and of course it's just in its infancy.

    Anyway, just thought I'd let you know. I'm sure you can find it online if you wanted to watch it.

    Because its such a main stream program I'm sure they're only scratching the surface, but it was still interesting what of it I saw. There is a whole group of folks called Quantified Self. It's actually a movement to incorporate technology into data acquisition on aspects of a person's daily life in terms of inputs (e.g. food consumed, quality of surrounding air), states (e.g. mood, arousal, blood oxygen levels), and performance (mental and physical). Such self-monitoring and self-sensing, which combines wearable sensors (EEG, ECG, video, etc.) and wearable computing, is also known as lifelogging.

    Other names for using self-tracking data to improve daily functioning are “self-tracking”, "auto-analytics", “body hacking”, “self-quantifying”, self-surveillance, lifelogging, sousveillance, and Humanistic Intelligence. In short, quantified self is self-knowledge through self-tracking with technology. Quantified self-advancement have allowed individuals to quantify biometrics that they never knew existed, as well as make data collection cheaper and more convenient. One can track insulin and cortisol levels, sequence DNA, and see what microbial cells inhabit his or her body.

    I think its a bit extreme to the point of weird, but they're mostly smart techie types, so it amuses them and makes them happy. In fact the use it all as a kind of bio feedback analysis to enable them to optimize themselves and some of them are convinced its enabling them to be "happy" all the time because it enables them to "fine tune" every aspect of their lives from the food they eat to the people they call friends... LOL.
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    There are people in all walks of life who eagerly await a way to control other people like ISIS or racists or maybe even serial rapists and pedophiles in the church. It could happen soon and maybe it will not be across the board applications of these technologies. I really like how this site is approaching it. That does not mean there is nothing to be concerned about.

    I recall Princeton recently put their PEAR random generating world mind enhancer to death but in league with Esalen they are proceeding to put what Teilhard and others before him knew - into action. There is a lot of the Bard or poet in all of this. Enjoy!

    "McGilchrist argues that throughout history the two brains have been in a kind of rivalry punctuated by brief periods when they worked together. Neither he nor I am saying that we should jettison left brain or ‘survival’ consciousness in favor of the right. Both are necessary and we wouldn’t have them if they weren’t. But he does argue that there has been a gradual shift in emphasis toward valuing the left over the right, and that we are increasingly creating a left-brain dominated culture that is slowly squeezing out the input from the right. The fact that the most respected intelligences of our time – scientists – tell us that the universe is “pointless” seems evidence of this. Breaking down the whole into bits and pieces in order to understand and manipulate it (technology), we lose sight of the connection between things, the implicit meaning that the right brain perceives but which it is unable to communicate to the left, in a language it can understand. Poets, mystics, artists can feel this whole and try to communicate it, but the left brain only acknowledges ‘facts’ and dismisses their entreaties as well-meaning moonshine.

    So where does this leave us? For one thing, recognizing that the kind of consciousness associated with mystical experience and gnosis is rooted in our own neurophysiology, and cannot be dismissed as delusion, mere emotion, or madness allows us to approach the question of gnosis in a way that the proponents of episteme cannot ignore, even if they do not agree with it. If, as McGilchrist argues, the right brain holistic perception is fundamental – is, as he calls it, the Master – then we can begin to see how the left brain analytical perception rose out of it, developed as an evolutionary aid to survival. (It is, perhaps, the source of the ‘ancient wisdom’ of the Hermeticists and other mystery traditions.) We can see that our present left-brain oriented consciousness is not, as mentioned earlier, consciousness per se, but has antecedents in earlier forms of consciousness. And if we recognize, as many have, that this utilitarian focused consciousness, while working wonderfully as a tool for survival, has been gradually eliminating the kind of right brain perceptions that give life a sense of meaning, we can see that this imbalance needs to be redressed. McGilchrist points to several periods in history when, as mentioned, the two worked together, with remarkable results:

    Classical Greece, the Renaissance, the Romantic Movement.

    And in our own experience, we can find moments when this happens too: moments of insight, ‘peak experiences’, creative moments when the big picture and the detail come together, when the particular seems to express some universal, and when the whole cosmos seems to reside in our own imaginations. (Poets may receive inspiration from the right brain, but they need the left in order to capture that inspiration in words.) McGilchrist argues that the times in western history when a creative union between the two hemispheres of the brain were reached were triggered by the urgent need for them to work together. Crisis, he says, can bring about the completion of our ‘partial mind’, as the poet W.B. Yeats expressed it. We are not, I submit, short of crises. Let us hope McGilchrist is right and that the evolution of consciousness, spurred by the challenges before us, unites our two sides in a creative gnosis for the twenty-first century.""

    I sincerely hope he and Mc Gilchrist are correct about our brain structure changing to allow integrating and that the resultant integration will allow soul or spirit to inform the brain or mind. I suspect we have the means to make this a machine reality even if it is not biological. That means we will be second rate sentient beings on our own planet.
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    "Christianity posits the realization of human freedom not here on earth but only in the Kingdom of Heaven." (1)
    Fukayama tells us, and it seems to me he is interpreting what the dogma says; even though it fits his own slave and master concept taken by his evil predecessors. Right as he may be about Christianity, he is not right about the teaching of Jesus. Well, what good is there in such a belief system? It encourages no growth or potential for freedom while you are alive. It gives no insight to actual knowing of what exists hereafter, except through faith in someone telling you what is right. How can anyone accept such utter hogwash? Are we to be enslaved to such a cosmogony while alive? God grows too, and he would be dead if he didn't. All things around us in nature say change is a good thing.

    Why would a 'social engineer' like Fukayama tell us that Christianity is the 'absolute religion'? Is this more expert inducement to be a slave? Methinks there is something rotten afoot, and not just in Denmark. His knowledge of early religions is not displayed in his book. I hope to show all religions have used knowledge that when others employ it they call it occult or some other derogatory name. I will have to show certain people and families in corporate or business life are also involved in the religions to the point of controlling them.

    His judgement seems uneducated and unwise to me. His good versus evil Nietzschean dialogue is not aware of the truth plainly available in the words of the Britannica in reference to Zoroaster. They say this good versus evil thing of Christianity with a battle being won by good is there 500 years earlier in Zoroastrianism. In truth it was there in Egypt's Abraxas, and in the Keltic Creed and many other places. There is no merit in such assertions and the issuance of them from the hegemony makes me Blanche and sputter, at times. How can you say man is free only in heaven or the hereafter and hope to build positive models of behaviour? This is especially true when you can buy 'special dispensations' or simply confess in order to gain forgiveness. This is the kind of religion the Mafia would love! The cover of Cahill's book The Gifts of the Jews shows all the councils of the Christians are behind another 'Bible Narrative'. Please question such authoritarian assurances and employ your own soulful sensibilities. When you are troubled do not desist, but rather persevere and learn to see the Peace they seek to destroy or hide from you. Shalom!

    Vivekananda, Swami Chinmayananda or lesser gurus are not the only adepts who teach self-mastery and how the mind or brain experiences the world around us. Rishis or Mahatmas are not regarded as occultists and yet the techniques they use have been shared for thousands of years by people throughout the world. Part of the whole issue of human cultural development is the Flat Earth fiction that continues to make people think that one point of view is better than some other point of view. It is as if the people of Europe think that their own leaders did not send their best students to get the best education or import the teachers who already had learned Tantra, and the Therapeutae's arts derived from Druidism and shamanism or the Magian arts. At some level you can find adepts in the most orthodox religions. The Sufis of Islam or the Carmelites and Santerians of Catholicism come to mind but there are many mystical or occult sects in Buddhism.

    "The universe is a self-organizing system engaged in the discovery and realization of its possibilities through a continuing process of transcendence towards ever higher levels of order and self-definition. Modern science has confirmed the ancient Hindu belief that all matter exists as a continuing dance of flowing energies. Yet matter is somehow able to maintain the integrity of its boundaries and internal structures in the midst of apparent disorder.

    Similarly the cells of a living organism, which are in a constant state of energy flux, maintain their individual integrity while functioning coherently as parts of larger wholes. This ability implies some form of self-knowledge in both inert matter and living organisms at each level of organization. Intelligence and consciousness may take many forms and are in some way pervasive even in matter. What we know of life may not be an accident of creation but rather integral to it, an attractor that shapes the creative unfolding of the cosmos.

    To the extent that these premises are true, they suggest we have scarcely begun to imagine, much less experience, the possibilities of our own capacity for intelligent self-aware living. Nor have we tested our potentials for self-directed cooperation as a foundation of modern social organization. Evolution, although it involves competitive struggles, violence and death, also involves love, nurturance, rebirth and regeneration-and is a fundamentally cooperative and intelligent enterprise.

    There is substantial evidence that it is entirely natural for healthy humans to live fully and mindfully in service to the unfolding capacities of self, community, and the planet. Yet in our forgetfulness, we have come to doubt this aspect of our own being. Nurturing the creative development of our capacities for mindful living should be a primary function of the institutions of civilized societies. It is time that we awaken from our forgetfulness and assume conscious responsibility for reshaping our institutions to this end. Written by David C. Korten in the prologue of "The Post-Corporate World" Life after capitalism" (2)

    There are many people who follow greatness or need to be lead and we must investigate any who tell us about great things they have experienced. This can be very difficult because what works for one person will not work for another person for reasons of their differentness as well as the constant availability of knowledge and 'direct cognition' or what I call tap-ins. I provide a comment from one of Gurdjieff's students who saw others finding illumination in a way he personally found silly. This is an excerpt from William Welch M. D.'s remembrances of this great man who saw most humans could not think or even feel their way to actual wisdom. Gurdjieff's structured dance allowed certain parts of the mind to integrate and then connect without any obstruction from the programming and fears of their lives. This is my personal opinion that you might not agree with too. This excerpt is in relation to the ritual of bathing and saunas that Gurdjieff did while in New York shortly before he passed away.

    "I was astounded to read some years later that among the bemused adepts who participated in this droll ritual, one believed himself to have been initiated into some special level of illumination in the course of his gradual, and ultimately total, immersion. I am afraid my only illumination derived from the shuddering chill to which I never became wholly acclimated, as my fundament and its anterior appendages were finally plunged into the icy water." (3)
    The idea that a fully diluted homeopathic tincture might heal through some imprint left by Cyanide found in peach pits or laetrile is just one of the conundrums that science still struggles to face. But the fact is cyanide kills cells and results have been achieved by some people who might have attuned themselves with that small amount of Cyanide that Japanese researchers found in peach pits after the US researchers said there was no possible agent that could kill cancer cells in peach pits. The implications of this extend to genetic rituals that modern science cannot see the effects of, and other energy lattice memory or Intelligence. One of my correspondents is a genetic researcher at a university in the Midwestern United States and we both have found artifacts that indicate the use of harmonic attunement with matter in rocks and we are open to this same method being used in affecting the DNA of animal life including humans.

    Imagine the use of gene transfer technology when we know how to enhance the soul or brain uses, or even just the specific gene that allowed Einstein's brain to be larger!

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