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Thread: Brain/Spirit Enhancing Machine(s)

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    Brain/Spirit Enhancing Machine(s)


    From over five decades of study in the realm of psychic phenomena; and subsequent partnerships in modern Integrated Systems Digital Network (ISDN) development as a Project Manager and marketing person; I have seen a lot of what might have been and would could be possible. Last year a TV mini-series named Futurescape seemed poised to explain and explore the current state of technology beyond what I would have thought and government would allow. In the final analysis that effort was not given free rein or needed funding and was cancelled. It did raise a most intriguing possibility which dovetails with what I have sensed was going on due to a study of Teilhard de Chardin and Buckminster Fuller as well as far more ancient concepts. Use or manipulation of the World Mind.

    Obviously if that can be done the prospects are unlimited for health, military, invasive surveillance and what they said could 'manifest reality' or make any possibility real. That is also what Gravitational Wave Theory seems to be about to prove as researchers say metaphysics (super Physical unlimited potential) will be the ruling paradigm. It makes the God Particle discovered the year before (actually it was a theory long existing) all the more important. In July of 2015 another announcement of relevance came forth - the discovery of a new particle they call the Pentaquark.

    Given that Murray Gell-Mann who named and proved the existence of the Quark is also an Orisha worshipper or Voudou student, there is a lot we can give serious attention and speculation about. The Orisha dimensional entities or demons are extremely ancient and became archetypes from the moment Dream Dancing humans imitated chimps doing their dance, in my humble opinion; backed by research from the likes of Mircae Eliade and Carl Jung. This month scientists discovered a pentaquark which makes one ask did Gell-Mann travel into the atom and see the Pentagon Dodecahedron lines of energy Carlos was taught to see.

    These Archetypes or Memes are mirrored in mathematical observations of nature starting with Phi in the Nautilus Shell seen in the Great Pyramid, Mandlebrot Set math seen in heart research of recent date and Fibonacci theory which has gained favor in stock market trading. I can show Max Tegmark and William Dembski (Intelligent Design) are saying many similar things as they argue or take out each other's laundry. In one of the three sayings or Laws of the Magi this design is encapsulated in the Tabula Smaragdina (Emerald Tablet) of Hermes Trismegistus. That is the Law commonly known by these words 'As Above, So Below'.

    His last name means 'thrice great' because he became fully conversant with the three Magian Laws. He may only be a mythical character, and I say that because I have studied these things all my life and written more books or words therein than he did, and yet I know I have at best came far enough to only claim to know (not fully) one Law. My especial Law is 'Right thought = Right action'. I propose to amalgamate ancient and modern study under the following headings with a view to building a simple psychotronic generator such as Pavlita did in the last century using the symbol we call the Egyptian Ankh. Symbols do focus energy, but I first will have to lay out some of why I am sure about that little and yet key item. The articles which will go into this thread will number over forty and then if someone wants I can answer what questions I can and try to bring people together to make a first step. I once laid out a thousand dollars to someone who did a little but got taken into personal projects and little was achieved, science has advanced since then and now I think I know better how this can be used.

    The Cosmic Thought Field:

    - "Unsheathing the Soul" by Daniel Matt from The Essential Kaballah.

    A modern scholar by the name of Daniel Matt provides us with this description of the process. There are forms of meditation in every culture and concept of man and his relationship with the soul. Many of them have little to do with symbols or intellectual processes such as Mr. Matt provides in what follows. This particular ritual is contentious to some because it mentions the feminine aspect that is incorporated into the ancient knowledge of the Sphinx and was obliterated for many millennia by the Jehovah promoters who wanted men to dominate. The Shekhinah were once female goddesses in the Judaic religious complex. Our 'feminine' soul, can open doors to major insights beyond the intellectual or social conventions.

    "UNSHEATHING THE SOUL PREPARE to meet your God. Prepare to devote your heart. Purify your body and select a special place where no one else in the world can hear your voice. Be totally alone. Sit in one spot in the room or the loft, and do not reveal your secret to anyone. If you can, do this by day, even for a little while, but the best way is to do it at night {Melatonin production increases at night-thus 'night-worker' is the meaning of melatonin.}. As you prepare to speak with your Creator, to seek the revelation of his power, be careful to empty your mind of all mundane vanities. Wrap yourself in your 'tallit' and put 'tefillin' on your head so that you will be filled with the awe of Shekhinah, who is with you at this moment. Wear clean garments, all white if you can. All this helps immensely in focussing your awe and love. If it is night, light many candles until your eyes shine brightly.

    Then take hold of ink, pen and tablet. Realize that you are about to serve your God in joy. Begin to combine letters, a few or many, permuting and revolving them {This would be good training for people early in life and getting to know new languages.} rapidly until your mind warms up. Delight in how they move and in what you generate by revolving them. When you feel within that your mind is very, very warm from combining the letters and that through the combination you understand new things that you have not attained by human tradition nor discovered on your own through mental reflection, then you are ready to receive the abundant flow, and the abundance flows upon you, arousing you again and again.

    Now turn your thoughts to visualizing the Name and its supernal angels, imagining them as if they were human beings standing or sitting around you, with you in the middle like a messenger about to be sent on a royal mission, waiting to hear about it from their lips, either from the king himself or from one of his ministers. Having imagined {N.B.} this vividly, prepare your mind and heart to understand the many things about to be conveyed to you by the letters being contemplated within you. Meditate on them as a whole and in all their detail, like one to whom a parable, a riddle, or a dream is being told, or like one perusing a book of wisdom, pondering a passage beyond his grasp. Interpret what you hear in an uplifting manner, approximating it as best you can {Chant}. Based on what you understand of it, evaluate yourself and others. All this will happen after you fling the tablet from your hands and the pen from your fingers, or after they fall by themselves due to the intensity of your thoughts.

    Realize that the stronger the mental flow, the weaker become your limbs and organs. Your entire body will begin to tremble violently. You will think that you are about to die because your soul, overjoyed at what she {N.B.} has attained, will depart from your body. Consciously choose death over life, knowing that such death affects only the body and that thereby the soul lives eternally. Then you will know that you are capable of receiving the flow. If you then wish to honor the glorious NAME by serving it with the life of body and soul, hide your face, fear to gaze at God, and come no closer, like Moses at the burning bush. Return to the physical dimension, rise, eat and drink a little, inhale a fragrant aroma. Return your spirit to its sheath until another time. Rejoice in what you have, and know that God loves you.” (1)

    Visualizing the colours of the light and breathing from Yogic disciplines is a much more commonly thought of meditation. There are as many ways to meditate as there are trees in the forest. Each one is different if only by the fact of each person being different.

    - Newton and Faraday research the Aether
    - Wilhelm Reich's Orgone Energy (used in Black Ops at Roswell)
    - Shakespeare's 'Cosmogony of the Spheres'
    - The Tree of Life and northern Tree of Yggdrasil

    The Earth Energy Grid and Pentagon Dodecahedron:

    - Tesla's Wireless Energy System and Unified Force Field
    - Dr. Don Robins and his Dragon Project research on the megaliths he call Macrochips which like modern microchips enabled an Earth Computer
    - Vril power and the Vimanas
    - Bruce Cathie's Harmonic of Light and the Omega Stations now being completed

    The Harmonic and 'The Lost Chord':

    - Pythagoras given credit for the Octaves of Orpheus and Bards like Homer and Abaris (Rabbi) the Druid
    - The Caduceus and Kundalini serpents of ancient genetic knowledge transfer and healing arts
    - Om and Ogham to Runes and the Tao te Ching and other divinatory systems
    - Suggestopaedia and how Porpoises calm and help Autism and Alzheimer's patient
    - Schumann Resonance

    The above are already well covered in my book Ancient Technology and 'The Lost Chord' with a few updates as recent science (noted above) has proven. It covers more than this first simple machine will strive to achieve. I will add many articles under the headings above, and leave it to humanity to decide if only Black Ops should be doing this research.
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    I often quote The Wonder Child by Peter Lorie et. al. They have broached the subject of a Cosmic Thought Field and the Thalami research that is bringing more credibility to the importance of the Pineal or 'Third Eye' that appears on the US dollar bill on top of the Pyramid. This gland or part of the functioning that our brain physiology allows to create the kinds of benefits psychics or mystics report as 'tapping in', 'direct cognition'(MacDari) and its akashic or other contacts is most relevant to understanding what really was involved in the magic or worship that went on in Neolithic and earlier human cultures. These researches have military and other government programs that all people must learn about. Rep. Dennis Kucinich has tried to table a Bill to stop the implementation of psy-ops or Non-Lethal Weapons in SDI or space based programs. I applaud his intentions and hope we don't allow our leaders or bureaucracies to ever get the ability to 'psychocivilize' mankind without proper oversight. Project Phoenix is an umbrella designation from the days of von Neumann that people might want to research along with the work of Persinger, Bearden and Delgado.

    Up until the start of the 20th Century there was a strong cadre of scientists like Michael Faraday and Sir William Crookes who knew integrating the humanities with hard sciences provided the greater insight or wisdom.

    The quantum physicists have taken it further in many ways but they were ridiculed by the 'know-nothing scientists' (Kaku) who had only a targeted or single disciplinary approach to knowledge. The quantum physicists were called 'atom-mysticists', and though that is a positive thing to say today (IMHO) it was quite the opposite in Einstein's era.

    We can demonstrate the paradigm has been academically controlled through the efforts of people who want to keep the soulful knowledge to themselves in many ways. The Palmer Raids brought tyrants like J. Edgar Hoover into the mix. Anything that questions the foundation of nations and its extension of Divine Right of Kings (now corporations with immortal status - see Chomsky) will not only not get funding it will be aggressively countered and lied about.

    Professor Morowitz of Yale (see Rediscovering the Mind) began a call for appreciation of the ancients and John Wheeler backs Lynds but by and large I find I am attacked and persecuted for proposing alchemical wisdom and integration. Imagine a world where psychic ability was enhanced from an early age - which it was during many eras prior to Empires who sought malleable subjects. Imagine teaching adepthood technology outside the black ops government and secret societies.

    The Iowa State courses mentioned here were attended by my wife after a lot of prodding by myself. Her report to me lead me to believe the Accelerative Learning technique left out a great deal of what Dr. Milan Ryzl included and which was reported by Psychic Discoveries author Ostrander. When Ryzl came to speak to psychologists at the Sacramento Inn about five years before my wife took the above noted course in the summer of 1978 I was involved with one of the attendees. Because I was able to describe in detail what she was hearing him say - she said I was controlling her mind. She had also been losing weight. She was a very psychic person who was a subject in controlled experiments for Dr. Richard Alpert and she was a member of Esalen.


    'A New Theory Linking Stones and Crystals With Psychic Phenomena'

    This is a sub-title of the work of Dr. Don Robins who authored The Secret Language of Stone. He does a lot of excellent and well-respected work including work with the Getty Institute and London's archaeological establishment. His doctorate in solid state chemistry allows us to listen more closely to what otherwise would be best seen in the annals of science fiction. His work in developing electron spin resonance equipment has enabled us to do things like the recent dating of refined drugs in the camps of Neanderthals back to 90,000 years ago. In my first encounters with his work on The Dragon Project, I knew there was much more I needed to learn; in order to understand concepts or systems like feng shui and ley lines. We will explore these things in the words of other authors, but first I must present a lot of Dr. Robins' efforts. I am hopeful or near certain that the reader will agree the apparent mystical aspects of this book are warranted if we are ever to understand the genesis of our culture and the people who lived in Neolithic time and before.

    He introduces us to the fuller appreciation of a chasm that separates our present paradigm from the spiritual one that existed until very recently in large parts of the world. It opens the doors wide, to make us appreciate the manifesting nature of energy and our part in what Bucky Fuller dubbed 'creative realization'. It is not all a bed of roses as we see him deal with the Hexham Heads. The ether that is all around us has coalescing energy and/or consciousnesses that can pass from object or mind and back to the other. The ritualistic or other conditions to imbue these energies with a purpose is what may be involved in this most extraordinary case that I think is similar to the Mothman in respect of localized elemental force entities. It might even prove to have some connection with the knowledge encoding process that our genetic make up includes.


    Please feel free to quote me at will - there's a first time for everything!

    I am beginning to see that we have quite a bit in common, as I have thought many times as well about the primordial Word, and about the esoteric aspects of music and harmonics. Concerning your namesake, I remember reading once (I cannot remember the source) that the most ancient of the bards were so talented and practiced with the art of sound that they could directly control people - to the point of lethality if it was required (self-defense, I hope!). This harkens back to the stories of the Anunnaki and the Aelves - the ancient 'gods' and their hybrid offspring; so I would not be surprised if you were descended from this ultra-elite group (and not alone by your name - your varied interests also speak volumes in this regard).

    My father was a music professor and taught - among other things - the physics of string oscillation and mechanical harmonics; as I grew older I became interested in the subject as well. I look forward to a time when I might be able to understand such things at a level deep enough to understand and/or develop techniques that would branch out to adjacent fields (as learning, linguistics, control technology, etc.).

    The subject of Solresol immediately reminds me of The Sound of Music ("Do - a dear, a female dear..."); the movie had an impact on my mother - who was also a music teacher at home (piano) - and she briefly made each of her students aware of the simple do-re-mi method of remembering the standard major scale. But I didn't know that there was a linguistic application - and I don't think my parents knew, either.

    My youngest sister went to live in Hong Kong when she was 19 (as a missionary), and ended up speaking both Cantonese and Mandarin; it was from her that I learned the quasi-musical component of the Chinese languages. She explained that most Chinese words have what I would call 'relative tones' (by relative I mean not exact notes, but simply tones relatively lower or higher than others). This made me wonder what part music might have played in the fundamental lives of the very ancient Chinese people.

    My wife is from Ecuador and so I've been slowly learning Spanish for a number of years; I have concluded that Spanish is a generally inefficient language - it takes more syllables in Spanish to say the same thing in English (which is even more frustrating in music composition, which requires the composer to compress intended meaning into as few words as possible, and to conform words and syllables into the tight musical structure of the song). Now, as you bring up Solresol and it's tonal component, I am suddenly stricken (again) by the idea of compression (and the necessity of compression in the development of 'a perfect language').

    The general idea of compression is one of desired efficiency; every idea should be transmitted from one person to another with as few 'components' as possible, arranged within the dimension of time. In most spoken languages, phonetics provides the only component. In Chinese and Solresol, musical tone has been introduced as another component - a component that can be used for further compression of meaning within time (although I know almost nothing about either Chinese or Solresol, so I don't know if the tonal component is used for maximum efficiency within the time domain). My point is that tone can be used to promote efficiency of oral communication, if the linguistic engineer understands how to use it in such a way (it's actually quite simple - a singular vowel/consonant combination can be used to represent new and different meanings when spoken at a different tonal levels).

    I strongly suspect that the 'Language of the Birds' employed such methodologies not only for the sake of efficiency, but also to provide an added utilitarian vector - that of direct acoustic control...

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    I think most people who will read this will not accept what I am saying here without doing a lot of checking into the facts.

    'I tried sending through an attachment from a fellow researcher who is working on the Kaballah as derivative from Qabala which is an ancient Verbal Tradition such as kept by the Bairds or bards and the Bardic Tradition for over 25,000 years. He finds my history is supportive and I see his sets of codes in English and other things of great value. The particular piece is 19 pages on just the letter 'E' without getting too verbose or using illustrations, which he has lots of. The Gematria is not a specialty of mine although I am pretty good at pre-history languages and not bad at Green Languages and alchemical allegories in the Jung from Silberer subset derived from alchemy or Hermetics. That has usages in psychotherapy and mind control which they call Neuro Psycho Linguistics and other words and systems they often do not understand; it once was called Dream Analysis but they have gone far along the path of programming the mind. Kind of funny how psychiatrists say they do not believe in a soul and yet they use these archetypes from our collective soul.

    So as Dion Fortune did say - Kabbalah is 'twisted'. They have built these constructs or dimensional energy designs so that Masons and other 'traveling men' as some call them (astral travels) will think they have stumbled upon a great truth through their 'visions'. After all; who can imagine that elementals and dimensional energies are subject to such design engineering - eh? As Jung says in his forward to The Tibetan Book of the Dead - the Hindu will see Shiva and that hierarchy whereas the Christian will go through the Bardol stages of Afterlife and see the likes of Gabriel then Jesus.'

    Here is a correspondence from the fellow researcher mentioned above. His name is Dennis Fetcho or The Fetch.

    "No I haven't seen any of your recent stuff. Been travelling a lot these past few months. Spent a month in the hospital in Montreal from an attack in December that left me unable to move for a few weeks due to the multiple fractures suffered. Some of my advisors called the attack a military style hit with the intent to kill. Missed hitting my head on the streets, but the rest of the body took a licking!

    Yeah. Had drinks with one of Jordan's top masons while in Amman and he was so impressed that he wanted to confer an honorary degree on me... as he said, "If only it were in my power". I have many ideas in mind and one is to infiltrate Masonry and fuse it with "right thinking" based on my Isisian Code System which I know would be very accepted in such an environment.

    It is easy to destroy a paradigm through decay within. I think it is a favored "Jehovian strategy!"... lol"

    "The members of the secret F.O.G.C. {from the words of a top Rosicrucian friend this means the Freemasonic Order of the Golden Centurion.} Lodge, greatly feared in occult circles, had gathered for a general meeting in Dresden. The Meeting hall was in a large villa, hidden in the midst of a private park behind a tall hedge and large trees. The Grand Master of the lodge had invited ninety-eight of the ninety-nine members to attend. Long before the meeting commenced, the members had taken their places at two long tables.

    All conversation in the hall became muted when the Grand Master entered accompanied by his second-in-command, who acted as Secretary. There was a platform opposite the hall's entrance where the Grand Master sat down behind a desk. He rang a bell and at once there was complete silence. He addressed the brethren of the lodge in an intense penetrating voice:

    'My dear brothers, I hereby open today's meeting and I am pleased that you have accepted my invitation. As you know, according to the laws of the lodge a general meeting such as this is only declared in very special cases. You may have already noticed that Brother Silesius is not present. Unfortunately, he has been found guilty of betraying lodge secrets and, as Point Number One of the agenda, we will discuss his sentence. Point Number Two concerns Frabato the Magician, who is becoming so well-known here in Dresden.

    'My dear brothers, you all know that Brother Silesius has reached the twenty-fifth degree of initiation in our lodge, and therefore must have been fully aware of his offences. His excessive zeal seduced him to reveal to one of his friends the rituals we use to invoke the elemental beings. According to the laws of our lodge, the breaking of an oath and the disclosure of secrets are punishable by death...

    Although the verdict had deeply shaken the Grand Master, he quickly regained his composure and continued in a calmer voice.

    'Since Point Number One of the agenda has been settled, let us now deal with the case of Frabato. Some of the brethren present attended his performances and were able to convince themselves of his abilities at close range. It has been proven that he works without the aid of conventional tricks. His experiments succeeded beyond all expectation; yes, they were even better than what many of our own brethren would be able to accomplish. Hermes, one of our more versatile brothers, paid a visit to Frabato in order to test him. He will now tell you of his experience.

    The distinguished gentleman who had visited Frabato late at night now rose from amongst the brethren.

    'I chose the best astrological hour for my visit to Frabato. I also took into account the correspondences of the elements in order to place myself in a strong initial position. Besides this, I hoped he would be exhausted after the performance he had just given; that would have been to my advantage. I explained the unusual time of my visit by telling him I had a journey to make which could not be postponed. Upon hearing this, Frabato looked at me sharply and then smiled faintly without uttering a word.

    'I then painted a very colorful picture of our lodge membership; pointed out its many advantages, and promised him a large sum of money from our funds should he decide to join. But Frabato completely ignored my proposals and started to talk about his journeys, his performances and successes in many cities and towns. He was able to arouse my curiosity so strongly that I almost forgot the reason for my visit.

    In time I interrupted him and tried to direct his attention to my offer, He rose and pulled a suitcase out from under his bed saying, 'Now let us have a look at what the Akashic records have to say about your lodge.'

    'As you know, my dear brothers, I am well acquainted with occult methods and practices; therefore I was determined to use all my powers to prevent Frabato's experiment. But as soon as the notion entered my mind, he said to me, as if by chance, 'Dear Mr. Hermes, my experiments depend purely upon my will power and cannot be influenced or prevented by you. They will succeed whether you actively appose them or not.'

    'I felt that Frabato could see right through me, and surmised that I would have no chance against him, so I watched his preparations intently {Intent is a key attribute to be developed.}. First he cleaned his hands carefully, took a small bottle out of his suitcase, and applied a few drops to his hands. No doubt it was prepared from the essences of certain plants, {Perhaps Belladonna and lilac extract which have long been part of the shamanic medicine bag, mixed with a little blood of the practitioner in order to aid genetic attunement at a solar or molecular and animal state consciousness.} for a pleasant fragrance permeated the room. He then took a small lamp out of a little box and put it on the table. Then, from a second box, he brought forth a glass ball about twenty centimeters in diameter and placed it on a stand on the table. When I asked him what purpose this glass ball served, Frabato laughed and replied, 'If there were any clairvoyants in your lodge, and if they really possessed the knowledge which you attempt or pretend to have, then they would know that this is a magic mirror. This sphere contains a liquid, the particular composition of which requires not only patient work but excellent magical abilities as well.'

    'I was enraged; but I tried to control myself, for I felt that nothing remained hidden from this man.

    'I am going to show you a film, and then you can judge for yourself whether it is really advantageous to be a member of your lodge,' he continued.

    'I watched each of his movements attentively, to be sure that he was not employing any tricks. He rolled up the sleeves of his shirt and sat down beside me in front of the sphere. Then he stretched both his hands towards the glass ball, his fingers slightly splayed. A grayish-white light escaped from the tips of his fingers and was absorbed by the sphere which, a few moments later, began to illuminate everything with a fluorescent ball of light the color of a fiery opal.... I was by that time in some suspense as he said:

    'Next we shall look behind the scenes of your esteemed Grand Master's life.... The color of the Grand Master's face changed a few times. When Hermes began to describe some of the more startling events of the Grand Master's life as revealed to him in the magic mirror, the Grand Master discreetly gave him to understand that this was not desirable. Hermes understood and skillfully moved on to more general topics. {The same was done for eight of the top members of the lodge.}
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    SYNOD OF DRUM CEATT (494 - 5):

    It is interesting to observe that the dominant cleric of the Catholic Church at this Synod was Columcille who we know as St. Columba. He was trained (like many) at the Isle of Druids or Iona. His legend includes many witnesses of him affecting the wind and the rain in a battle with a proscribed Druid of the hinterlands of Scotland. At this Synod he seems indeed to be acting as the high or 'arch' Druid when he saves 1200 Bards or Bairds from further deprecation of their status. Peter Berresford Ellis in his book The Druids recounts some of the possible connections which suggest many Druids trained the Romans in order to save Ireland from invasion or as part of some political bargain. I have developed this in other books. He does not come right out and say it as well as Ovason does in The Secrets of Nostradamus.

    The Bardic verbal tradition is kin to the Qabala, Tao and shamanic systems throughout the world. Scientific American and National Geographic know North America (Jan/Feb 2001 issues) was visited from 30,000 years ago by Europeans. The degree of world trade has not been addressed in any major academic institution I know about, although Prof. Cyclone Covey at Wake Forest and Steve Omar in Hawaii join Fell, Kelley and others in addressing what we will cover to some extent, again. Ovason says the following on page 383 of his book that explodes all the previous poor scholarship dealing with Nostradamus.

    "There is even some indication that the mystery schools of Imperial Rome had ordained that Ireland should remain untouched as an un-Romanized periphery on the edge of the map of the Imperium. It was intended by the initiation schools {who go back to a re-organization by Tuthmosis in Egypt and before.} that this map would correspond to the future Christian world. It had been part of the destiny of Rome to establish the ground for the development of the spiritual mysteries of the future - which was to be the new initiation schools of Christianity. {Thus St. Columba said 'Christ is the new Druid'.} Although the Roman soldiery did reach Ireland, they did not take over its cultural life, nor destroy its Druidic priestcraft, in the way they seemed to have destroyed it in England, Scotland and (to a lesser extent) Wales. Thus, something of the great pre-Christian mystery wisdom survived in Ireland, and it was for this reason that it continued as the main esoteric centre of European cultural life. This is why Ireland became a refuge for esoteric Christianity {Through languages like Uncial they created many Bible myths or dogma and the language Insular they developed grew into English.} - for what we might even term pre-Roman Christianity. What we now tend to see romantically, through the eyes of later poets, as the twilight of the Celts was really the dawn of esoteric Christianity, which has yet to speak in the future of Europe. {Hitler tried to bring this forward in a perverse manner as he called himself 'the torch-bearer of Jesus'. The Dauphin tried to do the same with Merlin's prophecy of the maid of Lorraine.} The ancient Druidic wisdom which had served the soul-life of the North, had already begun to give way to, or integrate with, the Christian Mysteries - to those mysteries which we would probably now call Celtic Christianity."

    And the Rosicrucians of the Masonic Lodges have maintained much of the ritual and knowledge even if most of them are not able to decode the rituals, symbols and words they speak. It may surprise some people to see German historian C. Besoldus (1577-1638) claiming that the name Huns came from a Keltic word meaning 'Great Magicians'. Surely this is what the Druids and 'smiths' were able to do. They were even able to create spiritual visions of such force that whole armies would shudder and quake, then run from the field of battle. This book is much more than a statement on the nature of propaganda and yet it can only begin to cover all our human potential might have allowed or might yet allow.

    When did the potential of consciousness become useful? A long time before there was a word for alchemy most likely. Here are some links of value to any person.

    Many priests appeared to be great diviners because of their astronomical knowledge of events including eclipses. This kind of fake out was still being done in the last century and you could even say all the apocalypse crap of Christians talking about Mayans predicting the 2012 spiritual re-alignment as the 'end of days' is the same thing. But it often had ghastly results as in the case of Pizarro's men hacking and hewing thousands to death because their leader told his army that could easily have killed all the Spaniards, to lay down their arms. History seldom tells you about the written agreement between this leader and Pizarro done about a year earlier on the occasion of Pizarro arriving in South America. The leader had used the Cosmic serpent astronomy as his reason for predicting the arrival of a new age. Sometimes this was done over a century in advance as in the case of the Holy Romans who worked with Aztecs to alter the Mayan calendar to predict the arrival of what Cortez brought to fruition on the first day of wheat - the return of the white g-ds.

    The Greek oracles were often in an hallucinatory state due to gases coming up from the earth according to recent archaeology. They really didn't need to hallucinate to repeat what they had been paid to say in order to assist getting people to venture out in new expeditions to colonize or defeat some other place.

    If you go back a lot further you find priesthoods attuned to helping people and improving many conditions. The trust developed by ancient shamans was usurped by religions with interpreters running nations. The currently running Expedition show on TV had the Atacama giant and Nazca Lines mystery on a recent episode. It said what I said - lines over water aquifers and people using spiritual rituals to draw energy to bring water to the surface. The rituals include alignment of the designs to the sun and stars (like Venus or the morning star) and the Earth Energy Grid like all other megaliths.

    The following link is selling the I Ching as the earliest divinatory system. It is derived from Ogham as are the runes. The author of the site says the Chinese invented paper - it occurs naturally on trees in Central America - better than papyrus which is also older than they say for Chinese paper. Yes, maybe the Chinese refined something a little more. But if you read the whole article you see more BELIEF and little truth. That is not to say I disagree with the thrust of the article - we do indeed benefit from knowledge developed by humans over more than a million years before the advent of writing alphabets which Plato noted lead us away from wisdom and discipline.

    The Dream Dancers of Africa probably saw chimps dancing around 5,000,000 or more years ago. The ingestion of hallucinogens is a logical source for divination origins. Here is a very early divination system which may be as old as dancing.
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    Ptolemy's Harmonics

    To say I understand the math of this ancient alchemist would be an over-statement but I am sure his Harmonic and Tesla's research are synchronous. I draw the reader's attention to the astronomical involvement and remind us all that Pythagoras's octaves are central to the Therapeutae system he learned from Abaris (Rabbi) the Druid's educational system. Orpheus before Pythagoras learned these Bairdic arts as did many long before them. The Antikythera located the planetary bodies and had (like other astrolabes) astrological aspects to harmonizing or locating metals in the Earth. It may have been an As Above, So Below computer just because of the planets and Earth connections. But we must look beyond this to ascertain all that can be done through harmonization of the Cosmic and Earth energies. We have Tesla as a partial guide to what can be achieved. I am placing a complete thread here because I think we are not seeking the direction it takes - but it may have value and I could be wrong.

    My perspective is this:

    a) The all inclusive first matter referred to by Plato is the Logos or Harmonic which is like String Theory's one-dimensional harmonic force which is the substrate for all matter and energy. It has knowledge akin to a tincture and is ordered even if Chaos is apparent.

    b) The first sounds are in every sound (substrate, or dimensional bandwidths) but a cascade can occur with proper direction and heal or do the opposite - see Tepaphone.

    c) The Circadian Rhythms of Nature and the Mandelbrot designs along with the Nautilus shell PHI illustrate the natural existence of energy flow which may result in things like Crop Circles which reverberate from ancient DNN arts later called Bardic or Bairdic and which exist in Ogham's five dialects. In fact through shamanic attunement (at-one-ment) all knowledge is available as Paracelsus said about a cure for every disease is available in nature.

    d) As one becomes aware of the As Above one learns it is within or So Below. This is not my forte among the three Magian Laws. But RIGHT THOUGHT requires a comprehension of it. There is no idea or discipline which trained attunement can not add to - in RIGHT ACTION or what Teilhard de Chardin called Templates and Bucky called creative realization.

    What happens when psychic surgeons and faith healers do their thing; like the minister who healed Evander Holyfield who had been barred from boxing? Energy is at work – but how? Is there consciousness in every atomic constituent or only in the god particle or quark, maybe it isn’t consciousness in atomic components that healers attune with and it is just their mind. But how do average people heal themselves and their loved ones so often, when they don't even know the role they play in healing?

    “In an interview in 1989 at the Nils Bohr Institute in Copenhagen, where Bohm presented his views, Bohm spoke on his theory of wholeness and the implicate order. The conversation centered around a new worldview that is developing in part of the Western world, one that places more focus on wholeness and process than analysis of separate parts. Bohm explained the basics of the theory of relativity and its more revolutionary offspring, quantum theory. Either theory, if carried out to its extreme, violates every concept on which we base our understanding of reality. Both challenge our notions of our world and ourselves.

    He cited evidence from both theories that support a new paradigm of a more interrelated, fluid, and less absolute basis of existence, one in which mind is an active participant. ‘Information contributes fundamentally to the qualities of substance.’ He discussed forms, fields, superconductivity, wave function and electron behavior. ‘Wave function, which operates through form, is closer to life and mind…The electron has a mindlike quality.'” (3)

    A small sampling of any occult or ascended master work is always a joy for me.
    "Faith is an openness and trusting attitude to truth and reality, whatever it may turn out to be. This is a risky and adventurous state of mind. Belief in the religious sense, is the opposite of faith - because it is a fervent wishing or hope, a compulsive clinging to the idea that the universe is arranged and governed in such and such a way. Belief is holding to a rock; faith is learning how to swim - and this whole universe swims in boundless space."
    - Alan Watts

    "Man can kill or vivify his faculties by negligence or by abuse. He can create for himself new faculties by the good use of those which he has received from Nature. People often say that the affections will not be commanded, that faith is not possible for all, that one does not re-make one’s own character. All these assertions are true only for the idle or the perverse. One can make one’s self faithful, pious, loving, devoted, when one wishes sincerely to be so. One can give to one’s spirit the calm of justness, as to one’s will the almighty power of justice. Once can reign in Heaven by virtue of faith, on earth by virtue of science. The man who knows how to command himself is king of all Nature.

    We are going to state forthwith, in this last book, by what means the true initiates have made themselves the masters of life, how they have overcome sorrow and death; how they work upon themselves and others the transformation of Proteus; how they exercise the divining power of Apollonius; how they make the gold of Raymond Lully and of Flamel; how in order to renew their youth they possess the secrets of Postel the Re-arisen, and those alleged to have been in the keeping of Cagliostro. In short, we are going to speak the last word of magic.


    The Pentagon-Dodecahedron was a representation of earth's tectonic plates. The ancients built a network of megalithic structures upon it for many purposes related to enhancing their psycho-spiritual needs up to and possibly including what led to the vitrified rocks. Mystery Schools say this about it.

    "Masonic Symbolism of the Arithmetical Number Five and Its Plane Geometric Construct the Pentagram and Solid Geometric Construct the Dodecahedron
    Stanley J. Bransgrove*

    For presentation to the California College of the Societas Rosicruciana in Civitatibus Foederatis

    The number five [1] and its byproduct, the pentagram, have symbolic prominence and have been attributed extraordinary qualities. Possibly before ancient Sumerian astronomers observed the curious natural phenomena that of the seven visible planets, only Venus traced a regular geometric pattern, a pentagram in eight-year cycles, this number and figure may have already achieved symbolic import. We can confirm at least that what was observed above, was repeated by man here below. In examining remaining monuments of this distant past we find evidence that in fact the symmetry of the pentagram was utilized in mans most important architectural edifices. We may also interpret the stone work of this initiatic tradition in light of literary references to such western traditions such as those of the Pythagoreans, Jews, Christians, Druids, as well as the Lataif of Sufi tradition, and Hindu Tattwas. The pentagram served the Pythagoreans as a salutation and a symbol of health. Medieval masons considered it a symbol of deep wisdom and integrated its proportions in ecclesiastical edifices. In recent times, professor Matila Gyrka called the pentagram the "gateway to absolute independence;" "symbol of deep wisdom;" and an "ideal archetype of dynamic growth." It is not surprising that we find such symbolism reoccurring in speculative Masonry and Masonic Rosicrusianism." (1)
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    I asked Munck to decode the simplest of the pyramids for illustration in this article. He chose the Kukulkan Pyramid at Chichen Itza in the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico:

    Like the other pyramids of the Western Hemisphere, the Kukulkan Pyramid at Chichen Itza is a terraced monument, as opposed to being a true pyramid form such as we see in Egypt.

    In the picture above notice that the pyramid shows us nine terraces. This is the first number we use to assemble our formula for the decoding process.

    The second number is 365, Kukulkan has four staircases, one on each side of the monument, on each staircase are 91 steps. For the four, that totals 364 steps with the top platform of the pyramid being the 365th step, giving us our second number, 365. There are four sides, and four staircases. We now have all the numbers shown by the architect and can put the decoding formula together: 9 terraces x 365 steps x 4 sides x 4 stairways = 52,560; 52,560 is also arrived at by multiplying the numbers given in the ancient grid coordinates for Kukulkan: 119 degrees x 42 minutes x 10.51620648 seconds = 52,560.

    When the world's pyramids were built, their longitudes were reckoned from a very ancient Prime Meridian (0/360 longitude) that ran from pole to pole across the Great Pyramid at Giza. This a full 31 degrees, 08 minutes, 00.8 seconds to the east or our modern Greenwich Prime Meridian. (Factor in the 31 08 00.8" longitudinal variance.)

    Hence, those other three numbers of 119, 42, and 10.51620648 shown above, are the elements of Kukulkan's original longitude which multiply to its GRID longitude which was left to us in the 4-4-9-365 message conveyed by the Kukulkan itself. Kukulkan shows us where it is.

    And if Munck is right, so do a number of other pyramids and earthen mounds. So far, he's decoded 270 earth mounds and pyramids, some of which require factoring in multiples of Pi and numerical constants.” (9)

    The following great insight and compendium includes how Form Forces operate in ancient and modern science. Icons, symbols and Memes join Archetypes and the consciousness in all matter as we continue down this rabbit hole.

    The eventual use of these things we are addressing might include a Samadhi tank with music piped in or a booth where sound and light join an energy field to heal and wash over a person while gaining huge educational materials including new languages.

    When Tesla worked on the Philadelphia Project or Montauk he supposedly was working on the attention point to focus the mind of time travellers so the body sitting in the chair would summon the astral self back in a way which would be healthy. Many 'travellers' would suffer major health issues including death. The completion of this thought might best be understood by a study of Carlos Castaneda and his assemblage point mentioned herewith.

    A new book by Carlos was something I looked forward to as I learned how to learn and activate aspects of learning beyond the normal waking state logical paradigm. I miss the excitement!

    "In this book Carlos recapitulates the lessons of all his earlier books, subsuming the various techniques under the "position of the assemblage point." What he learned from Don Juan Matus in the early books that dealt with drug trips on mescaline and Jimpson Weed, he learns again as movements and shifts of his assemblage point. The variety of altered states of consciousness that Carlos was whiplashed into and out of so abruptly by Don Juan and Don Gennaro were the results of masterful manipulations of his assemblage point by these two trickster sorcerers.

    Don Juan explains the assemblage point as a visible vortex of energy, a convergence of the visible lines of force that form a luminous egg around a living being. The location of the point where the lines assemble is determined by and determines a person's world. A Quaker would have a different position of his assemblage than a Methodist would, a football player a different position than a librarian, etc. Each set of beliefs we hold determine our assemblage point. A change in belief systems can move our assemblage point, and a change induced in our assemblage point can drastically alter our world in time, space, and belief systems.

    Don Juan and friends had moved Carlos' assemblage point many times throughout the adventures chronicled by Carlos in his earlier books. They usually adjusted his assemblage point by striking him on the shoulder blades. Carlos would immediately enter an altered state and sometimes a completely different world. In this book Don Juan teaches his pupil how to move his own assemblage point for fun and profit . . . and terror. Terror is an ever present element in Don Juan's teaching forays with Carlos, and the reader is never sure whether the danger to Carlos was ever as real and life-threatening as Don Juan said it was. After all, Carlos does survive every one of them, and he is obviously convinced that the dangers to him are real.

    The art of dreaming per Don Juan begins with seeing your hands in your dreams. This is usually the first step offered in any book on "lucid dreaming." In my first few efforts at following Don Juan's instruction, I did not notice my hands while I was dreaming, but a curious thing happened afterwards: in remembering my dreams, I saw my hands during the dreams.

    The Art of Dreaming is the crowning achievement of the works of Carlos and a tour de force. It is the most important and intriguing of all his works because of the meta-light it sheds on all the others."

    In the comedy called What About Bob with Bill Murray and Richard Dreyfus at the very end there is a scroll that says Bob became a psychologist and wrote a runaway best seller called Death Therapy. That is what Don Juan caused Carlos to face in order to know his immortal soul and essence. The scroll also says the Dreyfus character and psychiatrist is suing Bob for the rights because he tried to kill Bob. Maybe you think this is funny - and I do a little; but it is likely better therapy than what goes on in Primal Scream and the sexual role playing Daddy/Mommy or so many other modalities which might in perfect circumstances do some good - but seldom ever really do.
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    Prayer can work by making the individual focus as well as attuning forces of nature and the thought of others even at-a-distance. Decrees are far more than mere prayer - for me at least.

    And some scientists say action-at-a-distance (In reference to Einstein's use of the word.) is 10,000 times faster-than-light.

    This next article was written around the time Persinger was enhancing the Koren Helmet into what is called the God Helmet. The first link in this post is critical to understanding how far our effort might go after we do the first small machine. It details earlier work a partner of mine was involved with inside a super secret Canadian research agency.


    In 1984 I was partnered with a Cable TV engineer and founding father by the name of Ray Osborne. He was working with people developing oscillating noise loop broadband technologies. These technologies were eventually bought by the Pentagon to use in untappable secure message or information transmissions. I imagine this technology now uses the Quantum teleporting and faster than light methods put out for contract in late 2001 by Mr. Everett of the Durham Army Depot. Ray had earlier worked with the Canadian Department of Communications on a brainwave enhancing device similar to a helmet and things I had read about that the Russians believed would someday allow the mind to move mountains (even literally) according to Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain.

    Ray told me about an experiment they did with him and another person wearing a helmet with energy inputs and electrodes attached to this helmet he wore. As the experiment was about to start, Ray had a need to have a cigarette and as he reached to get one and light it up, the thought energy directed ESP (or brainwavelength ability) was sent to the person across the courtyard who was sitting in the window so they could see each other. That person was sent into a coma and his hair turned white – thus ended the experiment on that day. Ray was not part of continued experiments and I suppose they considered stopping it for a while but I cannot believe they did not continue these researches. The military loves to have these things and they would rationalize that they must have the ability to counter any enemy who might have them too.

    The Russians were the ones who tabled the removal of non-lethal weapons from the research of all signators to SALT. The Americans recently removed themselves from SALT on a uni-lateral basis. I believe SDI and HAARP are connected to these things and I fear other mind-control machines such as Dr. Persinger of Laurentian University is working on with the Earth Energy Grid will be involved. This will happen whether he and his boss Jack Verona of the Defense Intelligence Agency in the US know it or not. Los Alamos is working on a further refinement of superconductive helmetry and brain enhancements under the acronym SQUID as we see in this posting from my neuroscience forum. I do not have the original source of the posting but will follow it with another posting linkage to the University of Toronto research and related matters.

    “Magnetic measurements of brain activity could be free from noise in the future thanks to a new helmet-like device developed by medical physicists at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in the US. Magnetoencephalography (MEG) is the only technique that can directly measure neuronal activity in the brain, but it is plagued by background noise that interferes with signals from the brain itself. The new helmet could provide much more accurate information on brain function (P Volegov et al. 2004 Phys. Med. Biol. 49 2117).

    MEG is a non-invasive technique that provides detailed information on the brain in almost real time by using superconducting quantum interference device (SQUID) sensors to measure the magnetic fields generated by currents flowing in and around neurons. However, these magnetic field signals are extremely weak -- typically between about 10-14 and 10-13 Tesla -- and are therefore easily overwhelmed by background magnetic noise. Although various techniques exist to reduce this noise, none are entirely satisfactory because they can also reduce the size of the signals produced by the brain itself.

    The helmet designed by the Los Alamos team is made from a layer of superconducting lead and is placed around the SQUID sensors (see figure). The helmet needs to kept at temperatures below 8 kelvin -- in a liquid helium cryostat -- for the lead to be superconducting. The device works on the principle that Meissner currents flow on the surface of the superconductors in the helmet. These currents expel magnetic flux, therefore preventing any external magnetic fields from penetrating the helmet. Moreover, unlike previous methods, the helmet can be placed close to the head without affecting signals produced by the brain.

    The scientists have already tested their helmet on real patients and say that background noise signals can be reduced by more than six orders of magnitude, making it the most effective system to date. However, the device still needs to be improved because noise levels are still relatively high around the brim.”

    “Vortex dynamics in superconducting systems imaged by Scanning SQUID Microscopy

    Using a Scanning SQUID Microscope (SSM), we have studied vortex distributions in various superconducting systems. The excellent flux sensitivity of the SSM allows us to resolve individual vortices for low flux density. Field cooling produces quenched vortex patterns which can be disordered in strong-pinning Nb films or well ordered into a lattice in a-MoGe films with weak pinning. Surface steps alter the field-cooled patterns, with vortices formed in dense rows along the low side of steps with few vortices near the high side. We observe an asymmetry in the dynamics of vortices around the surface steps under the application of a driving force. The vortex line tension impedes vortex motion from thin parts of the superconductor to thick regions, while not affecting the opposite motion down the steps. We have also investigated the behavior of vortices in thin superconducting strips in a perpendicular magnetic field, a complex problem due to the large demagnetizing effects. These geometrical barriers are frequently encountered in transport measurements on high-Tc superconductors. Strips with transverse surface steps as well as strips with a uniform cross section have been imaged. We are attempting to correlate the observed vortex distributions with transport measurements of the vortex dynamics in the strips.”

    Sharon Weinberger's blog at the esteemed Washington Post ran this article and her research in the field of Black Ops uses of these technologies is well done to say the least.

    In order to make sense of how any number of desired effects including healing and learning can be brought about in our machine(s) we need a better grasp on what consciousness is. Maybe we don't absolutely have to know for certain but it will help. There is also a lot to learn about wire-heading or the God Helmet which we might apply in achieving any great result.
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    Max Freedom Long was a student of Bingham who is credited with the discovery of Macchu Picchu. He attended the Firewalk (which when healing as Campbell reported in the thread Firewalkers) that his Professor did and because we hope to apply elements of the mind-body and spirit or soul aspects of human existence we need to grasp these things as well as we can. But Max was also the man who put the language of the Hawaiian people into an alphabet and understood how this chanting harmonic language attunes people to the energy around and within us.

    It is good to see William James is having a return to favor. He was a great inspiration to Jung who quotes James' book Pragmatism frequently.

    "Why are top scientists from the fields of neuroscience, biology, psychology, physics, computation, and philosophy increasingly interested in researching human consciousness?

    Because the quest to solve the puzzle of human consciousness ”the very essence of our being” is one of the great problems of modern science.

    For 2000 years, the questions surrounding human consciousness - how the everyday inner workings of our brains give rise to a single cohesive 'reality' and a sense of an individual 'self' - have been the province of philosophers from Plato to Descartes to Spinoza.

    Descartes is remembered for his dualist theory of consciousness in which the physical body is separate from the immaterial mind (or soul), and in large part because of his famous 'sound-bite' about human consciousness," I think, therefore I am."

    However, modern brain imaging seems to indicate that it is Spinoza's concept of an integrated mind-body that is closer to reality. And psychologist William James' great work on consciousness in the late 1800s is slowly regaining the pivotal position it deserves in understanding and interpreting human behavior.

    Scientists have studied the evolution, the mechanisms and the function of the brain, but have difficulty teasing apart the complex processes that give rise to human consciousness in part because of the difficulty in measuring individual subjective experience.

    Nobel-award winning researcher Dr. Francis Crick, who devoted the last 15 years of his life to the study of consciousness, wrote the following in his foreword to Christof Koch's The Quest for Consciousness: A Neurobiological Approach:

    "Solving the problem of consciousness will need the labors of many scientists, of many kinds, though it is always possible that there will be a few crucial insights and observations. ... A few years ago one could not use the word 'consciousness' in a paper, for, say, Nature or Science, nor in a grant application. But thankfully, times are changing, and the subject is now ripe for intensive exploration."

    In fact, technological advances in brain imaging have given scientists a new range of tools to more accurately observe and measure the apparent causes and manifestations of consciousness. fMRI (functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging) produces vivid images of the areas of the brain that respond to a variety of stimuli. Instead of trying to measure a purely subjective response, such as "that made me feel good," scientists can also see what part of the subject's brain is responding, for how long, and to what degree.

    Many scientists believe that we are beginning to learn how a subjective, personal experience can be observed objectively. For the scientist, this makes all the difference between valid research and speculation.

    In addition to major scientific publications, such as Science and Nature, the scientific journal Consciousness and Cognition reports scientific research relative to the study of consciousness and cognitive processes. Trends in Cognitive Sciences also often features research bearing on the question of consciousness. And the Journal of Consciousness Studies contains a wide variety of reflections by academic scholars and researchers in anatomy, computation, physiology, psychology, artificial intelligence, religion, philosophy and more."

    And a different debate occurs in many other places you can explore.

    Joseph Campbell was best friends with J. Krishnamurti who was close with David Bohm. Our religious leaders sometimes attempt to include science in their rationalizations of faith. If they are Buddhists they are probably right as often as not, the Tao is very scientific according to Capra and others, and you could say Qabala is scientific if you stretch yourself a little. Mostly we have a disconnect and religion is the poorer for it. When religions were in control of all education and claimed total control of science (not so long ago if you read the initial post) it was a very DARK Age. I hope those of us who detest what was done in the name of God will forgive the weak and deceived among us - enough to let them enjoy the benefit of a collective whole and true spirituality.

    What happens when psychic surgeons and faith healers like the minister who healed Evander Holyfield who had been barred from boxing? Energy is at work - but how? Is there consciousness in every atomic constituent or only in the god particle or quark, maybe it isn't consciousness in atomic components that healers attune with and it is just their mind. But how do average people heal themselves and their loved ones so often?
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    Jung tried to form a group of adepts including Marie Von Franz (who some consider to be an alchemist like Jung and Silberer - maybe Reich too). He never succeeded fully but he wanted to access various occult (Tarot was one of the systems under use with them) to combine energies. I think he would have known it was action-at-a-distance which allows time viewing and we all know he had clairvoyant or time viewing experiences he tried to understand all of his life. The symbols in Tarot and mandalas or other systems are almost certainly able to focus energy at least as well as the Ankh which has the four entry points for primary forces except the to[p one forms a circle and entraps energy that might seek to exit from it. Thus a feedback loop may be operating in the Pavlita Generator we hope to add to.

    So much of what I hope can be achieved requires commonality of word meaning or a semblance of similar meaning when we talk about consciousness (collective or UN) and soul or SELF. The following piece from a student delving into the matter mentions the word love. It is a connecting force for sure, and I have always enjoyed how Sartre described the experience, when he said - "LOVE is absent space."

    I am certain that the Mayan people are descended from the Magan culture or Mohenjo Daro civilization of India. I have loads of proof from many hard disciplines or science. It is in the Mayan origin stories and it is in what follows - their religion or spirituality. The Mayans say "Do not put yourself in front of your Self."

    "Zsolt Deak
    Institute of Transpersonal Psychology
    GLBP 9661: William James Elective:
    Seminar for Year 5 Ph.D.
    Students Term 4 | Apr 12 -May 28, 2010
    Instructor: Mark Gonnerman, Ph.D.

    Man may try to name love, showering upon it all the names at his command, and still he will involve himself in endless self-deceptions. If he possesses a grain of wisdom, he will lay down his arms and name the unknown, ignotum per ignotius, that is by the name of god.(Jung, 1989, p. 354) Final paper: The Stream of Self-concepts – antecedent and succession of William James’s Self-concept


    Jung, in this quotation, reflected to the symbolic meaning of love that relates to the union of Psyche and Eros, which is the final mystery of life. He suggested that though we know much about the cosmos, more is left ”unknown” that we can only experience and try to name it ” by the more unknown.”

    That is the quest of God for Jung, before him for William James and generations of thinkers, including one of the greatest one, Gautama Buddha. In this paper I am going to explore William James’s Self-concept, and show how it was built upon the Buddhist Anatta concept and later how it influenced Jung concepts about the Self. This comparison takes its resources primarily from Mark Gonnerman’s class, his lectures and class discussion as well as my weekly papers. Though it cannot be completed due to my limited possibilities for more comprehensive research, it may be a good start for approaching this rich topic.

    Comparison of the Buddhist Anatta and William James’s Self-concept

    Since psychology became interested in the Buddhist thought William James was frequently referenced as one of the first Western scientists who was informed by Buddhist concepts (Richardson, 2006).

    Though we cannot find detailed accounts of James’ special interest in Buddhism and its direct influence on him, I would rather assume that his genius concluded similar wisdom like Gautama Buddha with 25 centuries later synchronistically, it is fact that he studied Hinduism and Buddhism to some extent. William kept up a certain amount of reading in religious studies. By the time of Minnie’s death, he knew something about the Upanishads.

    Now, during 1870, he read several books on Buddhism and Hinduism, including Alabaster’s Modern Buddhist, volume one of Koeppen’s Religion des Buddha, Hippolyte Taine’s Le Buddhisme, Bastian’s Weltauffass der Buddhisten and Keshab Chunder Sen’s Brahma Somej: Four Lectures. (p. 126) James drew on Buddhist cosmology in framing his perceptual concept, ”stream of consciousness,” which is exactly the English translation of the Pali vinnana-sota.

    In his Varieties of Religious Experience, James (2008) also promoted for modern psychology the functional value of meditation. He wrote: “This is the psychology everybody will be studying twenty-five years from now.” James (2008), considered himself as ignorant of Buddhism, in which – however - he found lots of common with his own principles. Without speculating about the level of Buddhist inspirations on James`s thinking, a general kinship between certain aspects of his philosophy and some of the Buddhist concepts are obvious and well discussed (Gombrich, 2004; Scott, 2000; Shaw, 1987).

    One of these similarities is that neither James nor Buddha considers the self as a permanent entity or substance. Instead of this, they both agreed that the self must be a construct of processes including a momentary series of states of consciousness. The purpose of this paper is to draw parallels between James’s self-concept and the Buddhist anatta (Pali) by reviewing the Self, Chapter XII of Principles of Psychology of William James.

    According to Mark Gonermann (class notes) anatta (Pali) is often translated as “no-self,” but this confuses many American Buddhists who have been schooled into a culture that emphasizes individual effort and achievement. Such an emphasis often overlooks the ways individuals exist only in relation to whatever else is around them in both the material and spiritual worlds. This kind of misunderstanding may also come not simply by translation. The anatta is a rare teaching of Buddha, less interpreted by him and a difficult issue for even the Buddhist scholars.

    Here I will not go into details because this would go way beyond my competencies and also the scope of this paper. In short, anatta (Pali) or anatma (sanskrit) means literally that there is no Atman, which is the eternal, unchanging spiritual substance of Hindu philosophy. For the Hindu Vedanta, Atman is identical with Brahman, the Godhead, or the divine substance of the universe that is immanent and permeates every living being.

    As many writers interpreted, in this teaching Buddha denied Atman as superpower (Self), which would flow through the individual (self). Here, he rather taught that the self is impermanent, a construct that is aggravated by the five skandhas (in Sanskrit: rupa, vedana, samjna, samskara, vijnana; in English: form, sensation, perception, habit, consciousness) in each individual. Basically, scholars consider the anatta, no Self (with capital) doctrine that is the major conceptual difference between the Buddhist and the Hindu religions."
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    The following quote is a review I found on for a book I have only read about but seems to confirm many other things. The book is written by a former Chair of Material Sciences at Stanford and I think it fits the work of Dr. Don Robins as well as other Intelligent Design researchers we have discussed.

    "Mind Over Matter -- Proven!, June 11, 2002
    Reviewer: Dave Stein, Scientific Editor, Frontier Perspectives

    In striking contrast with many books focused on next-generation physics, mathematics, biology, psychology, or medicine, Conscious Acts of Creation combines a brilliant theoretical model with several rigorous experiments that explore the influence of human intention on physical reality - in living as well as inanimate systems. It is in these convincing demonstrations that the principle "as above, so below" comes to life. Even more profoundly, the book establishes that repetition of the experiments in given locales can dramatically increase the power of the locales to reproduce the results - with some locales retaining their conditioning or "charge" for more than a year! These findings lend plausibility to that which mystics know as "sacred space."

    A postulated theoretical model provides a launch point for interpreting the experimental results. Its major cornerstone is an eight-dimensional biconformal base space with two four-dimensional, Fourier transform related subspaces. One subspace corresponds to our everyday world, whereas the other subspace is a reciprocal or inverse "etheric" space - roughly analogous to k-space but with additional postulated properties including superluminal "velocities" (presumably in inverse units) and interchanged roles of electricity and magnetism. The model incorporates nonlocality, a scientific principle that may someday prove to be the underpinning for phenomena such as parapsychology and distant healing. Furthermore, the authors note similarities between their model and models proposed by other scientists, some highly prominent. Granted, the model becomes more speculative when it associates even higher dimensionalities with emotion, mind, and spirit. Even then, however, it remains consistent with various esoteric teachings, and it may yet provide the empowering mechanism for manifestation of intention (where the two subspaces, in some ways mutually symmetric, appear to play asymmetric roles) and in otherwise connecting science with spirit. Readers who disagree with the postulated model will nonetheless benefit from the authors' brilliant insights.

    Mysticism aside, the postulated "mind over matter" mechanisms include a possible role for variation in atomic and molecular ground state energies. The observed space conditioning is discussed in the context of gauge symmetries. Rounding out the model are the insightful discussions of augmented electromagnetism (which the authors associate with Qi), inner self-management techniques such as Qi Gong and Yoga, and even the existence of two phases of liquid water. In Chapters 9 and 10, the authors become futurists as they suggest possible implications of reciprocal space engineering for medicine, pharmacology, communications, and manufacturing.

    On the experimental side, the authors set the example in thoroughness and scientific rigor, although the in-depth discussion of the protocols as well as the order of topics may impact the book's readability. A mitigating factor is the brilliant introduction to gauge theory and the elucidation of several other topics including self-sustained oscillations, crystallography, and reciprocal space. In fact, the book is a mini physics course that presents various principles of electromagnetism, thermodynamics, solid-state physics, and quantum mechanics in a readable and understandable way. Also included is a brilliant discussion of enzymes, coenzymes and the electron transport chain as they relate to the experiments.

    Scientists, healers, and others who investigate or work with subtle energies will appreciate the authors' insights on repeatability of experimental results. In the mainstream scientific community, replication of results is a test for credibility; yet consistent results in healing, dowsing, remote viewing, and ESP are often elusive. Armed with successful demonstrations of space conditioning, the authors shed new light on this longstanding issue - although they discuss other factors, both geocosmic and human, that can also impact repeatability of results.

    Conscious Acts of Creation makes a convincing case that the powerful effects of intention and emotion can no longer be disregarded - in healing, in scientific research, or even in everyday life. The authors' findings may indeed have profound consequences for the concept of scientific "objectivity." More significantly, this book will take the reader beyond the realm of the everyday world and will expand one's view of himself or herself as a co-creator of reality. It is for this reason that Conscious Acts of Creation is essential reading - not only for scientists, engineers, and health care practitioners (both mainstream and complementary) but also for others who seek to maximize their human experiences. Conscious Acts of Creation indeed heralds and points a way ahead for 'the emergence of a new physics.'"

    Water Crystals Respond:

    Dr. Masaru Emoto has shown some really fantastic interactions not unlike Tiller's experiments in lattice formation and interactions between mind and other energy around us.

    "My efforts to photograph ice crystals and conduct research began to move ahead. Then one day the researcher - who was as caught up in the project as I - said something completely out of the blue: 'Let's see what happens when we expose the water to music.'

    I knew that it was possible for the vibrations of music to have an effect on the water. I myself enjoy music immensely, and as a child had even had hopes of becoming a professional musician, and so I was all in favour of this off-the-wall experiment.

    At first we had no idea what music we would use and under what conditions we would conduct the experiment. But after considerable trial and error, we reached the conclusion that the best method was probably the simplest - put a bottle of water on a table between two speakers and expose it to a volume at which a person might normally listen to music. We would also need to use the same water that we had used in previous experiments.

    We first tried distilled water from a drugstore.

    The results astounded us. Beethoven's Pastoral Symphony, with its bright and clear tones, resulted in beautiful and well-formed crystals. Mozart's 40th Symphony, a graceful prayer to beauty, created crystals that were delicate and elegant. And the crystals formed by exposure to Chopin's Etude in E, Op. 10, No. 3, surprised us with their lovely detail.

    All the classical music that we exposed the water to resulted in well-formed crystals with distinct characteristics. In contrast, the water exposed to violent heavy-metal music resulted in fragmented and malformed crystals at best.

    Can words affect water, too?

    But our experimenting didn't stop there. We next thought about what would happen if we wrote words or phrases like 'Thank you' and 'Fool' on pieces of paper, and wrapped the paper around the bottles of water with the words facing in. It didn't seem logical for water to 'read' the writing, understand the meaning, and change its form accordingly. But I knew from the experiment with music that strange things could happen. We felt as if we were explorers setting out on a journey through an unmapped jungle.

    The results of the experiments didn't disappoint us. Water exposed to 'Thank you' formed beautiful hexagonal crystals, but water exposed to the word 'Fool' produced crystals similar to the water exposed to heavy-metal music, malformed and fragmented." (4)

    What laws of science or lattice formation are at work here? How connected is life and what amount of soul or 'chhi' is in all things including our DNA? Would the work of Dr. Robins apply in crystalline semi-conductor chip synchronicity with New Grange? Could the ancients and even more materialistic man of the present use these energies to find water or minerals? Astrolabes like the Antikythera combined both Earth and astronomical inputs.

    Having met Jose Silva (founder of Silva Mind Control) around 1974 and having taken a course on healing from his daughter as well as many other contacts over many decades - I recommend his approach.
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