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Thread: "Lost" Artifact

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    "Lost" Artifact

    Don't know how you feel about spiritual/psychic sources. Supposedly I made and guarded an artifact like the Rosetta Stone, and guarded it in many lives. I was told a man found it while helping build a gas station. Took it to another man for appraisal. The man who found it "mysteriously" died. And the appraiser got tired of trying to figure out what it was. He put it in a wooden box and on a shelf in his office. I feel ties to Egypt. And was told there is a person in Peru who has answers I need. Also, that I "know" where gold is. But I don't "know" anything. Just bits and pieces I've received over the years.

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    I put some stuff here under Carlton Brown's blog about the Pyramid relating to the Hexham Heads which include a taxi driver who made them as exactly as if they were druidic. There is a whole lot more to that story but I think you are involved in a tap-in attunement. I also think there is merit to genetic info transfer.

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