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    "Lost" Artifact

    Don't know how you feel about spiritual/psychic sources. Supposedly I made and guarded an artifact like the Rosetta Stone, and guarded it in many lives. I was told a man found it while helping build a gas station. Took it to another man for appraisal. The man who found it "mysteriously" died. And the appraiser got tired of trying to figure out what it was. He put it in a wooden box and on a shelf in his office. I feel ties to Egypt. And was told there is a person in Peru who has answers I need. Also, that I "know" where gold is. But I don't "know" anything. Just bits and pieces I've received over the years.

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    I put some stuff here under Carlton Brown's blog about the Pyramid relating to the Hexham Heads which include a taxi driver who made them as exactly as if they were druidic. There is a whole lot more to that story but I think you are involved in a tap-in attunement. I also think there is merit to genetic info transfer.

    These heads are on the cover of Dr. Robins book The Secret Language of Stone. He goes into great detail in this book about piezo-electric affects in stone megalithic computer-type macrochips (see thread on Earth Computer).

    This excerpt says a chemist looked into them, it mentions quartz which was a source of piezo-electric light and strange effects for millions of years which humans observed. Quartz was mined on Manitoulin Island over 100,000 years ago and I believe this pure quartz was taken to Ireland to cover New Grange. That is Solid State chemist and inventor as well as many other excellent credentials including the Dragon Project - Dr. Don Robins.

    "Bizarre phenomena included poltergeist activity and the proclivity for the heads to move around by themselves. The heads themselves were about six centimetres in size: one was called “the boy” due its masculine, skull like appearance and the other, “the girl” {Robins called it 'the hag' which hearkens to the old crone of wisdom cultures like Wicca.} because it had long hair and female features carved into it. The final straw came when one of the family’s children and a neighbour witnessed a terrifying creature, “half-sheep, half-human” and the front door opening by itself.

    Dr Anne Ross, an expert on stone heads, came into possession of the Hexham Heads after they were sent away for analysis. In recounting the strange circumstances, Dr Ross remembered a strange coldness emanating from the heads and taking an instant dislike to them. She initially concluded they were Celtic.

    That night, Dr Ross woke around 2 or 3 AM, noticing the intense chill of the bedroom and the feeling that ‘something’ was there. She was alarmed to see a six feet tall half-man, half-wolf figure lurking by the door. The being left the room, followed by Dr Ross, descended the stairs and leapt over the banister, before heading to the back of the house. Investigations found nothing there.

    Four days later, Dr Ross’ 15 year old daughter was terrified by the sight of the werewolf hiding on the stairs when she came home from school. The wolf again jumped over the banister and disappeared into the music room. Dr Ross’ daughter followed, but couldn’t see the wolf in the room. After this, the entire family, including the cat, saw or heard the werewolf, always slinking down the stairs and jumping over the banister. Once, Dr Ross’ husband, who was ill in bed, had his dinner taken up to him by his daughters, which was slightly hindered by the werewolf standing on the stairs.

    The family associated the strangeness with the Hexham Heads and were desperate to get rid of them. Dr Ross worked on them as a matter of priority, halting her other work. Eventually the heads were passed on to other experts. One refused to take them on the spot, having had previous bad luck when he had stone heads stored in his car boot. The Hexham Heads were then investigated by a chemist, who discovered that they had a high level of quartz."
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