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Thread: Nazi UFOs in Antarctica

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    Nazi UFOs in Antarctica

    Nazi UFOs in Antarctica:

    In 2003 or thereabouts I began a five year active role in Jim Marrs official website. At that time I was researching Lake Vostok and the work of Sister Serghetti a Franciscan linguist. One of the whistleblower sources covered what was deep under the Antarctica ice at Lake Vostok. Jim and I had a good relationship and he valued my research into political and secret societies.

    I had also met a high ranking former Waffen SS person while living in Belize in 1998. He told me about his life back in Toronto where we both lived. I knew things about his neck of the woods and the Mafia inner sanctum at the Bayview Country Club near his home. My business had dealt with the Toronto Harbour Commission he was a director of. He felt he knew my oldest brother or had heard about his role in the Military. My brother is a member of a US and Canadian association of staff officers one can call secret. His inaugural meeting was held at Wright-Patterson AFB and he asked them what was in the notorious Hangar there. I had lived in Dayton and bought a car from someone who worked there. I had followed the path of Roswell remains there for decades. My brother also has said he was a Sar-tek. I do not believe he was at that level of fitness but he was capable of the technical and educational requirements. I thought he was talking about an estranged branch of Bairds (since my great grandfather died and his brother cheated my grandfather who at the age of twelve was raising his family). That family ran AG Baird a company which my grandfather felt he deserved a share in. I had worked for the company which did their audit. In the present this family has a son who is a high ranking Canadian politician who has the same name as my older brother.

    Most pertinent was this former Waffen SS man's wife who was with him on a couple of occasions when we talked. I could see she was from a wealthy family and I think her maiden name was Krupp. He was the head of the German Auto Club in Canada and he confirmed my suspicion that like what you will soon read from Jim Marrs, the German political machine and money was in many places especially South America. Belize also had a German presence and historical figure of note associated with the regatta my yacht was to take part in if I had stayed there.

    "Later, special services seized a confidential letter of Captain Schäffer to his friend, Captain Wilhelm Bernhard who obviously planned to publish his memoirs. The letter was dated with June 1, 1983.

    It runs as follows:

    Dear Willy,

    I was thinking if it is reasonable to publish your manuscript concerning the U-530. The three submarines that took part in that operation (U-977, U-530 and U-465) are currently at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. Isn't it better to leave them there? My old friend, think about it! Think please how then my book will look when you publish your memoirs (after, WWII Heinz Schäffer wrote a book named "U-977").

    We all made an oath to keep the secret; we did nothing wrong, we just obeyed the orders and fought for our loved Germany and its survival. Please think again: isn't it better to picture everything as a fable? What results do you plan to achieve with your revelations?

    Think about it, please.

    Even 40 years after the events, Heinz insisted that Bernhard mustn't say the truth. Is it possible that the submarines delivered something more dangerous to the continent, not Hitler's documents?

    Could it be the bacteriological weapon traces of which were discovered in Antarctica as unknown viruses in the permafrost last year?


    If you had been a Wehrmacht soldier at the bombed-out railroad station in Poltava, a city in the Ukraine, during the summer of 1942, you may have seen a very strange-looking military unit on the march, heading for a waiting passenger train.

    The unit consisted of women, all of them blond and blue-eyed, between the ages of 17 and 24, tall and slender, their sensational figures encased in striking sky-blue uniforms.

    Each woman wore an Italian-style garrison cap, an A-line skirt with the hem below the knee, and a form-fitting jacket with the insignia of the SS. You might have thought the SS had recruited a platoon of high-class call girls, but the truth was far stranger than that. You would have been looking at Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler's latest brainstorm - the Antarktische Siedlungnsfrauen [Antarctic Settlement Women or ASF].

    The story actually begins in 1938, when the German seaplane carrier Schwabenland sailed across the South Atlantic, bound for Queen Maud's Land in Antarctica.

    According to Russian ufologist Konstantin Ivanenko,

    "The Schwabenland sailed to Antarctica, commanded by Albert Richter, a veteran of cold-weather operations. The Richter expedition's scientists used their large Dornier seaplanes to explore the polar wastes, emulating Admiral Richard E. Byrd's efforts a decade earlier.

    The German scientists discovered ice-free lakes (heated by underground volcanic features) and were able to land on them. It is widely believed that the Schwabenland's expedition was aimed at scouting out a secret base of operations."

    A German base was established in the Muhlig-Hofmann Mountains, just inland from the Princess Astrid Coast. The area was renamed Neuschwabenland (New Swabia) and "the base was known only as Station 211.

    From the movie Schindler's List, people have gotten the idea that killing Jews was the Nazis' main concern. But in actual fact, Hitler and the SS were just as ruthless with the rest of the population in their eastern European empire, thinking nothing of shuffling large numbers of people around in their quest for a more perfect Aryan race.

    This shuffle was accomplished by a little-known office of the SS called the Rasse und Siedlungshauptamt (German for Race and Settlement Bureau) or RuSHA. In the Ukraine alone, RuSHA drafted 500,000 women for forced labor in the munitions factories of Nazi Germany.

    It was RuSHA which selected women for Himmler's unit of Antarktische Siedlungsfrauen (Antarctic Settlement Women) About half of the "recruits" were Volksdeutsch-ethnic Germans whose ancestors had settled in the Ukraine in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries. The others were native Ukrainians whom RuSHA had "upgraded" to full Aryans.

    This process was called Eindeutschung (Germanization).

    According to Ivanenko,

    There is increased popularity for the idea of a 'German-Slavonic Antarctic Reich.' It is said that 10,000 of the 'racially most pure' Ukrainians, out of half a million deported in 1942 by Martin Bormann, were transported to the German Antarctic bases during World War II, in the proportion of four Ukrainian women to one German man.

    If true, this would mean that Himmler transferred 2,500 Waffen-SS soldiers, who had proven themselves in combat on the Russian front, to Station 211 - now Neuschwabenland - in Antarctica. This may be the source of the myth of the "Last SS Battalion."

    An ASF training camp was set up in Estonia, on a peninsula near Ristna on Hiiumaa Island in the Baltic Sea. It was a combination finishing school and boot camp, where the ladies took lessons in charm and housekeeping along with their courses in polar survival. Himmler kept the camp's existence a closely-guarded secret. For "unhappy campers," the only escape consisted of a one-way train ticket to Auschwitz.

    (There is one known instance of an ASF "deserter." In 1943, Auschwitz guard Irma Griese, 22, the off-and-on girl friend of Dr. Josef Mengele, took to wearing a sky-blue ASF uniform, which she had scavenged from a pile of inmate clothing. Griese was hanged in 1946 for war crimes. The uniform's original owner must have had serious second thoughts about a permanent move to Antarctica).

    The failure of Grossadmiral Karl Dönitz's U-boat offensive by May 1943 freed up dozens of "milk cow" U- boats. These were large submarines, almost as big as tramp steamers, which Dönitz had used to supply his U- boat "wolf packs" in remote seas of the world. Himmler now put them to work carting supplies and personnel to Antarctica.

    Himmler's rationale for sending thousands of settlers to Antarctica can only be understood within the context of his mystic beliefs. As a result of his youthful reading of New Age books, his association with the occultist Dr. Friedrich Wichtl, and his membership in the Artamen, Himmler became a believer in the Hindu concept of world-ages or yugas. He believed that the current age, or Kali Yuga, would end in a global cataclysm, thereby giving birth to a new world-age called the Satya Yuga.

    By sending a Nazi colony to Antarctica, Himmler was ensuring that a remnant of the "pure Aryan race" would survive the coming cataclysm with its society and culture intact. They would then take possession of Antarctica when the cataclysm melted the south polar ice cap."
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    Here is a normal geek claim about a cover-up due to some windblown debris on Mars (IMO). Is the narrator a computerized voice translated from Klingon.

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